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2 Years of Healthier of Living - A look back at some of our favorite communities

Wellness Real Estate Magazine™ is celebrating 2 years!


By, Sabrina Aguilar

As we reflect on the past two years of Wellness Real Estate Magazine, we are so overjoyed and honored that we have been able to be a part of sharing the exciting trends in the industry. It truly is fantastic that more and more people are embracing a more holistic approach to health and well-being. It's not just food or exercise, it's social, it's emotional, it's the environment.

It's healthy living as it's meant to be.

There has never been a better time to create a home that is warm, inviting, and healthy to live in. Now more than ever, buyers are aware of how our environment affects our health and happiness. After all, when we're not working or occupied with errands, we spend most of our time indoors. Especially if you work from home, a significant portion of your day is spent inside your house, so it's essential to ensure that your home environment is helping you not hinder you. And as we learn each month, a healthy home is so much more than just air quality or having solar panels. Even making simple adjustments like adding in more greenery, decluttering, and improving ventilation, water quality, and flow of the home, can all positively impact how you feel in your home.

This concept can be taken to a community level as well. A study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health states that there are elements in community neighborhood design that play an essential role in promoting more physical activity and, as such, improving overall well-being. People who reside in areas that are more walkable, have various transportation options, have access to green space, and have an abundance of community events are more active, and these communities report having happier residents. These are also neighborhood attributes that contribute to higher property values.

Over the past two years, we've spoken to various developers around the country who are building communities that positively affect how people live. How often do you spend time outside walking in your neighborhood? What's the nearest grocery store? Do you have access to healthy fresh produce? How do you and your neighbors meet each other and connect socially? These are all important questions forward-thinking developers ask before building a community centered around the overall well-being of their residents. These communities are intentionally designed to encourage more activity and connection by offering residents more direct access to nature and healthy food sources. In a world that is distracted with work and modern technologies, these forward-thinkers understand the importance of living a simple life rooted in connection to the land and with those around us. And I'd say, that's healthy living.

As we celebrate 2 years of wellness in real estate, we wanted to look back on some of the inspiring communities we've had the chance to feature here in the Wellness Real Estate Magazine and let you know what we love most about them. We are thrilled to see how the wellness real estate market continues to grow annually (up to 9%) and to learn what other people are defining as wellness in the home. When our built environments are intentionally designed and created to support us in a positive way, whether that means easier access to healthy food and outdoor activities, or creating a community that cultivates strong relationships with neighbors, all these things together support more positive health outcomes.

Our Favorite Wellness Lifestyle Communities

Here's a list of our favorite wellness lifestyle communities (WLCs) that we've covered so far and what we love most about them.

(In alphabetical order)

Aberlin Springs

Photo Credit: Aberlin Springs

Location: Morrow, Ohio

Also known as the first agri-community in the heart of Warren County, Ohio, Aberlin Springs is a regenerative family farm that has turned into a healthy haven for the residents that now call Aberlin Springs their home. Pop around the corner to the farm and grab organic produce, chat with the farmer, or enjoy community cooking or yoga classes with neighborhood friends. Aberlin Springs makes healthy living easy.

What we love most:

We love that it's not just people seeking connection with organic food that want to live there. Founder Leslie Aberlin told us that many parents move their families to Aberlin Springs to have a safe place for their children to roam around in nature. Remember what that was like?

Learn more at: https://aberlinsprings.com


Photo Credit: Agritopia

Location: Gilbert, Arizona

The name of this WLC says it all. Farming is the heart of this community and even has an educational foundation that helps educate residents on urban farming. Agritopia boasts a community restaurant and coffee shop that residents can easily walk to and connect with friends and neighbors. And since Glendale is a large suburb of Phoenix, residents of Agritopia are close to all the typical suburban conveniences.

What we love most:

Agritopia values and promotes social connection which can be seen by the Christian school to the senior living facility both located inside the community. We love that they are bringing generations of family together centered around healthy living.

Learn more at: https://agritopia.com

Fox Hill

Located in: Franktown, Colorado

With scenic hilltop views centered on an organic farm, residents of Fox Hill enjoy farm-to-table living at its finest. With homesites ranging from 1.5 -3 acres, residents can build the custom home of their dreams in a community that fosters connection and healthy living. Located just 30 minutes outside Denver and with views of the Colorado Rockies just outside your windows, Fox Hill offers country estate living with easy city access.

What we love most:

Farm-to-table means more than fresh organic produce at Fox Hill. Residents also have access to farm fresh eggs from hens on-site and even a hydroponic garden that is fully sustainable and fertilized by an in-house-grown tilapia farm.

Learn more at: https://liveinfoxhill.com

Fox Point Farms

Photo Credit: Nolen Communities

Located in: Encinitas, California (In Development)

Whoever says agrihoods have to be in the country hasn't heard of Fox Point Farms. Located in a beach community just 30 minutes north of San Diego, Fox Point Farm sits just 1 mile from the Pacific Ocean. It's going to center on an organic farm which will provide produce for the onsite brewery as well as the CSA boxes for the local community. Developer, Brian Grover from Nolen Communities, has set out to make Fox Point Farms a place where people can easily connect and build relationships and friendships around activity and good real healthy food.

Photo Credit: Nolen Communities

What we love most:

We love that Fox Point Farms provides a fresh new option and a whole new perspective on healthy living for Encinitas residents. Healthy habits are easy to form and maintain when there are edible walking trails and access to fresh farm produce right outside your door. Add in farming education and a brewery onsite, Fox Point Farms is destined to be a healthy and fun place to live.

Learn more at: https://www.nolencommunities.com

I.D.E.A District

Photo Credit: I.D.E.A. District

Location: San Diego, California

In one of the fastest-growing neighborhoods in San Diego, the I.D.E.A District is a 93-acre sustainable, mixeduse development in Upper East Village. Innovation, Design, Education, and Arts are the four pillars that the I.D.E.A District was founded upon in an effort to give young professionals a better place to live, work, and play. Creating a hub of young professionals means that there are more opportunities for inspiring conversations and for new ideas to come together. When you are surrounded by smart young minds, blooming tech companies and start-ups, healthy food, activities, and amenities right outside your door, you are setting yourself up for a great and healthy living experience.

What we love most:

We love the fact that this community prioritizes connecting young professionals. The Hub, the community's outdoor collaborative workspace, will allow residents to interact and connect with others who share their interests. The ideal environment for the development of thoughts, connections, and new opportunities.

Learn more at: https://lowe-re.com/buildings-beyond/idea1/

Mighty Buildings

Photo Credit: Mighty Buildings

Located: Rancho Mirage, California

Did you know that technology currently exists where homes can be built by 3-D robotic printing? Not only are these homes constructed in 1/2 the time, but they are using recycled materials and because components are engineered to precision, Mighty Buildings have 99% less construction waste. As an industry leader in this type of technology, you can now find Mighty Buildings in several developments including a new neighborhood in Rancho Mirage. This neighborhood is the first ever 3D-printed community in the country and is the perfect place to enjoy Palm Springs. Residents will get a first-hand look at a robotically automated, net-zero neighborhood.

What we love most:

With its focus on sustainability for its operations, construction, and it's construction materials, Mighty Buildings is doing an amazing job addressing the housing and climate crises. Their engineers also make sure to deliver high-quality homes while also reducing time, costs, and emissions during construction.

Learn more at: https://www.mightybuildings.com

North River Farms

Photo Credit: North River Farms

Located: Oceanside, California (Being Developed)

Residents of North River Farms will live in a neighborhood that centers around an organic working farm, education center, amphitheater, walking, and dog trails, maker's mark building, and restaurants. Imagine walking out your door to buy fresh produce and meet a friend for coffee without even having to hop in your car because these amenities are located right inside your own neighborhood. These community features plus weekly farmer's markets will benefit not only residents but anyone who wants to swing by. Visitors, locals, and neighborhood residents will all have access to events at North River Farms. which promotes social connection and community.

What we love most:

We love North River Farms' commitment to building a community that provides direct access to farming and education. We love that their design will benefit residents and the larger community. I look forward to hearing about their anticipated balloon festivals and even visiting the restaurants, and maker's mark building when it's complete.


Located: Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville, North Carolina offers a healthier way of life for residents of Olivette Farm. In this agricultural community, families have direct access to parks, orchards, community gardens, and organic food along the lovely French Broad River right outside their door. Finding peace and a connection to nature is easy at Olivette, and since it's conveniently located just 6 miles from downtown Asheville, residents really get to live the best of both worlds.

What we love most:

We love the story behind the co-founder's idea to create and provide a beautiful riverside farm-to-table community. Allison Smith knew just how important it was to focus on local food sources and energy efficiency. It is a standard for all homes in Olivette to be energy efficient and even produce net zero energy for some homes.

Learn more at: https://www.olivettenc.com

Photo Credit: Olivette

Rancho Mission Viejo

Located: Mission Viejo, California

Rancho Mission Viejo is a master-planned community in Orange County, CA that is known for its connection to the land, surrounded by miles of calming walking trails, herds of grazing cattle, and some lemon and avocado orchards. They also support intergenerational living, and they do this by placing age-qualified "neighborhoods" nearby by what is known as all-age residential neighborhoods. So grandparents can stay close to both their families and their own personal friendships and hobbies.

What we love most:

We love how committed the community is to provide a place where residents have abundant opportunities to get active, be social and eat good healthy food. It shows us that even on a large scale when wellness is intentionally planned for, residents will benefit in so many ways.

Learn more at: https://www.ranchomissionviejo.com/wellness


Located: outside Atlanta, Georgia

On the outskirts of Atlanta, there is a community called Serenbe where you can find small villages of people strolling from shops and restaurants or visiting the farmers market or catching the town play. You'll notice that they all are friends and connection has become a way of life for the lucky people who get to call Serenbe home. Also known as the very first agrihood in the country, Sernebe is no stranger to providing residents with farm fresh wholesome food. This idyllic setting has become an industry model for wellness lifestyle community design.

What we love most:

We just love the courage and the foresight that founder Steve Nygren had over 20 years ago to develop the first wellness lifestyle community. His ability to think outside the box and to put the well-being of the residents first over profits has opened the door to a movement that is now the future trend of real estate development. Thank you Steve! Thank you Serenbe!

Learn more at: https://www.serenbe.com

Sterling Ranch

Photo Credit: Sterling Ranch

Located: Denver, Colorado

Sterling Ranch is a master-planned community located in Douglas County, just 20 miles south of Denver, and offers residents a wonderful combination of urban and suburban living. Families can enjoy more time outdoors thanks to nearby amenities and a great location and with a free membership to local national parks, Sterling Ranch has made healthier living an easy choice. Imagine a laid-back weekend exploring the mountains and hiking trails or enjoying neighborhood events with friends, it's all good.

What we love most:

We appreciate the thoughtful planning that went into the design of Sterling Ranch. For example, community street design that allows for slower traffic and street parking makes walking and riding bikes a safer experience for all. Providing places to walk to like fitness centers, shops, food trucks, and coffee shops within each neighborhood village also makes fitting in healthier habits an easy thing to do.

Learn more at: https://sterlingranchcolorado.com

By, Sabrina Aguilar In-house writer and Marketing Strategist for WellnessRE Magazine