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Saizen - Human Growth Hormone - 10 IU/VIAL

For a full profile overview of Saizen - Human Growth Hormone, click here. Also known as Saizen HGH Each Vial Contains 10IU of Saizen Human Growth Hormone Manufacturer: Various lab partners in Latin America and across the United States. SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS AND INFORMATION ★ SPECIAL PRICING FOR DOCTORS AVAILABLE, JUST CALL OR GO TO THE DOCTOR PORTAL. ★ ★ MORE AGGRESSIVE DISCOUNTS FOR ORDERS OF 5+, PLEASE CALL YOUR ADVISOR OR EMAIL US. ★

The dosage form available for Saizen - Human Growth Hormone is an injectable solution. WFN Network and its partners injection solutions are compounded under the stringent USP 797 guidelines for sterile compounding, and sterility, endotoxin, potency and pH testing is performed on every batch. Our qualityassurance process ensures the consistency and uniformity of every compound we dispense. Quantity Buy 1 Buy 5 Buy 10 Buy 25 Buy 50

Price $ 130.00 Each $ 110.50 Each $ 97.50 Each $ 84.50 Each $ 65.00 Each

Saizen human growth hormone 10 iu vial - Wellness Fitness & Nutrition Store