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The Benefits of Brazilian Keratin Protein Hair Treatment A woman’s hair is one of her biggest assets, thus the obsession with not having bad hair days. If you always get victimized by this, then you probably need to consider a more permanent solution like the increasingly popular Brazilian keratin protein hair treatment. Done in a hair salon, this treatment will give you two to four months of blissfully frizz-free, no bad hair day locks.

1. What is a Keratin Protein Hair Treatment? Before booking a session for this treatment at your favorite salons in Dubai, let us first learn a bit more about the procedure. As the name implies, the treatment involves using keratin protein which is naturally found in the human hair. So what exactly does it do? The natural protein found in human hair helps prevent breakage, so the treatment will resolve falling or easily damaged hair. When you book an appointment at a hair salon or spa in Dubai which offers such treatments, the first thing that the aesthetician will do is wash your hair until it is squeaky-clean. Then, the creamy keratin treatment will be applied to the entire head. Don’t worry about having to suffer from chemical-laden scents because keratin treatments come in yummy flavors like strawberry and chocolate. After the required amount of time, the hair will be washed and Website:

The Benefits of Brazilian Keratin Protein Hair Treatment blow-dried. This seals in the protein into each strand of the hair, after which a flat iron will be used in small sections of your locks. Medium to high heat will be applied so that the fusion of the keratin protein into the individual hair strands will be complete.

2. Additional Information about the Brazilian Keratin Protein Hair Treatment Depending on what the hair salon has to offer, there are three different Brazilian keratin protein treatments which you can go for: a- Formaldehyde-free treatment which includes all-natural keratin protein. b- 2% formaldehyde treatment. c- 4% formaldehyde treatment. Don’t worry about the formaldehyde content because what it only does is help relax frizzy, curly and totally unmanageable hair. The type of keratin treatment to be used depends on how thick your hair is, and what its natural texture is. After the initial treatment at the hair salon, you cannot wash Website:

The Benefits of Brazilian Keratin Protein Hair Treatment your hair for up to 48 hours. Avoid using shampoo which contains Sodium Chloride and it is best not to soak your hair in chlorinated water. If you color your hair, it is best to get it done before the keratin treatment so that the shade will last even longer! To sum it all up, booking an appointment at a spa in Dubai for Brazilian keratin protein treatment is one of the biggest favors that you can do to unruly locks. It gives your hair a break from the heat of curling or straightening irons, and it cuts your hair styling time in half. More importantly, it eliminates the frizz which often results from unmanageable hair – so you will have gorgeous locks all the time. For more details about The Benefits of Brazilian Keratin Protein Hair Treatment Visit here Website:

The Benefits of Brazilian Keratin Protein Hair Treatment