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Wellman International Ever Evolving Fibre Science Across polymers, across technologies and across borders, for over four decades Wellman International has supported the needs of the European and Global Nonwovens Market Place. Originating from a predominantly polyester fibre provider, Wellman International has evolved to an 88KT fibre capacity to become a European leader across multiple polymer and fibre types including PA66, PET, PP and PLA. Our strengthened expertise and focus on specialist solutions is represented in our four key segment areas of Hygiene & Healthcare, Technical Fibres,Automotive and Home & Apparel.

Mission and Values Wellman International is a wholly owned subsidiary of Indorama Ventures PCL. All Wellman employees are proud to align themselves with and to embrace the Vision, Mission and values of our parent company.

Vision To be a world-class chemical company making great products for society.

Mission We commit to be a responsible industry leader leveraging on the excellence of our people, processes, and technologies to create value for our stakeholders.

Values The customer is why we exist We measure ourselves by our customers’ success. Through unparalleled innovation and attention to quality we aim to exceed their expectations.

Our people make the difference A company is its people and people provide the competitive advantage. We respect every voice and rely on one another to grow.

We see change as an opportunity The business landscape is constantly evolving. We embrace the challenges of change to be world-class and maintain our differentiation.

Diversity is our strength As a global company we value the variety of knowledge, perspectives and experiences in our organisation, and draw strength from these to fuel our competitiveness.

We are responsible In our pursuit of business growth and profitability we do things the right way – economically, socially, and environmentally

Ever Evolving Fibre Science With over four decades of pioneering fibre production, initially polyester but evolving into a breadth of alternative fibres and technologies to meet the expressed needs of our customers and the demands of the nonwovens market. Wellman continues to change, evolve and succeed. Wellman has thrived within this arena, applying the expertise gained within the company to the advantage of our customers and learning how to further improve and enhance the performance and efficiencies that our fibres can offer. Times have changed, market requirements, and also Wellman has changed – for the better, embracing this change and making it work for both Wellman and for our customers, setting the company up for further decades to come. Our strengthened expertise and focus on specialist solutions is represented in our four key segment areas of Hygiene & Healthcare, Technical Fibres, Automotive and Home & Apparel.

"Wellman have been the first to take on any new challenges we have put to them." NEVILLE PENTECOST - SENIOR BUYER R AW SO N S

"For TWE Group we value very highly the very professional way Wellman works with us." H U G O C H R I S T I A E N - H E A LT H C A R E & S T R AT E G I C PROCUREMENT DIRECTOR TWE GROUP

"You feel that there is a genuine interest in the wellbeing of your business and its success….." GARY STEVENSON - COMMERCIAL DIRECTOR POWNALL & HAMPSON   

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