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HCANL Building Infrastructure throughout Newfoundland and Labrador

Fall Edition Newsletter, 2013


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Presidents Report

As the HCANL’s 2013 president, it is my pleasure to share our associations 2nd digital newsletter. The newsletter performs a very important function for the association and in particular I would like to thank Jim Organ, our Executive Director for his publication skills in producing our newsletter and Lorraine Richards, for her contribution to the content along with her editorial skills in supporting the newsletters publication. It has been my pleasure to serve as the HCANL president over the past year and I am delighted to see the Association move to a more current technical format with both our newsletter as well as new website. If there are any additional items you wish to see the Association address, please feel free to contact myself Jim or Lorraine.

Troy Robbins

As you read through the newsletter you will see that many issues currently affect our industry. The HCANL continues to lobby on members behalf with regard to important topics such as Occupational Health and Safety Issues, Provincial Government procurement review, late tender calls, blaster shortages and training requirements, Liquidated Damages review, ongoing discussions with Municipal Affairs and the Department of Transportation to influence positive changes to current processes; to name just some of what we are currently involved with to the benefit of all industry players. We are moving forward on some of the issues and it is fair to say that we have the ear of many of the senior people in government that will facilitate changes. Credit must be given to Jim for his lobbying efforts on our behalf, and it is through his contacts that there are many opportunities for the HCANL to effect positive changes for our industry. As in my previous messaging I would ask that all members take any opportunity to discuss the benefits of membership with any companies or suppliers to our industry who are not yet members. It is only through the participation, input and industry wide commitment of all businesses associated with road building, water and sewer, and heavy construction that we will expand our ability to drive proactive change for the good of all industry members. We look forward to and thank you for your continued support and involvement as we work towards this goal. I hope you take the time to read through this document and if you have any feedback or anything you would like to see added to either the newsletter or our new website please feel free to contact Jim Organ or Lorraine Richards through the HCANL office. On one final note please take special note of our AGM dates of January 9th and 10th at the Holiday Inn in St. John’s. Enjoy the newsletter and all feedback is Welcome. Troy


Balancing Road Safety Needs - Signage Round Table Meetings October 8th the Department of Works Services and Transportation (WST) held a round table session, in an effort to correct the extreme measures that were taken in an effort to lift stop work order issued to WST by Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), after failure of their safety audit which stopped contractors working on awarded projects. The meeting was attended by HCANL board members Leon House and Troy Robbins. The session began with WST Deputy Minister Brent Meade welcoming all parties and set the outline for which they wanted the discussions and content to follow. This was followed but the explanation of the events that led to the stop work order and the actions that the department implemented to get OHS to lift the stop work action. The floor was then turned to the invited parties for introduction and their mandate. Discussions began with the HCANL stating that the measures taken by WST have done nothing to increase the safety of the employee and has actually increased

the danger of those working on our public roadways. This was confirmed by employees of WST who stated that their road crews feel more endangered than ever and the increased signage does not make the traveling public more aware of the work sites. The HCANL stated that the majority of the traveling public do not heed signage speed limitations and adding more signs is not the answer. The RCMP and RNC both agreed that added signage was not reducing excessive speed. Discussions on what changes might work in ensuring safety and the attention of the driving public were discussed with great input from the RNC, on the use of speed signs that used radar to show the speeds of the oncoming traffic. They also informed us that these signs stored data that could be used in determining locations for speed enforcement activities. Discussions about signage and working hours and distances from actual work also took place with many possible solutions to

make improvements. Flag person issues were tabled by the RNC/RCMP and suggestions made for improvements. The meeting concluded with discussion on education enforcement and how the Traffic Control Manuel (TCM) would be a living document with changes made as they were required. Upon conclusion of the meeting it was agreed that the best changes to the TCM would be made with the parties most effected taking part in the decision making process. Brent Meade stated that the HCANL would be invited to take part in these meetings. It is the feeling from those who attended, that changes needed to take place to improve safety. But the input from the parties directly involved would be key to making a TCM that is an effective and reasonable document. We are still awaiting feedback and TCM changes resulting from this meeting. Reported by, Leon House.

Did You Know


HCANL President, Troy Robbins chairs a September 2013 Board meeting attended by Department of Works, Services & Transportation senior officials. Deputy Minister Brent Meade and Assistant Deputy Minister, Gary Gosse. Topics of discussion with TWS included the importance of early tenders as well as Worker safety on our roads and highways.

The membership of the Heavy Civil Association of Newfoundland and Labrador invest millions on an annual basis in equipment, resources and maintenance of a skilled labour pool. As we all know skilled labour in particular is in short demand and sought after on both a provincial, national and international level. With current spending patterns in the public sector there is a history of annual spending not being committed until after the provincial spring budget. This means significant portions of planned work does not get tendered until well into our “short” construction season. Some provinces have streamlined infrastructure spending by putting in place a rolling multiyear plan and have released or committed to a portion of the Infrastructure budget in the late fall or early winter months.

This can provide benefits and cost savings to government, contractors and the skilled labour pool within the province .The HCANL’s message to government, media and interested parties continues to be A multiyear plan and early tender calls supports Increased competition. Strategic planning. More informed Investment decisions. The ability to secure and maintain a company’s labour pool. Helps to keep skilled labour working in our province. Improved productivity in the spring summer months.



Please take some time to check out HCANL’s new website Any members wishing to have their company website included in your companies information under Membership, please send a note and address along to Jim Organ at We will ensure this information is included. Also, if you have any information or news you think would be of interest to our membership or if you see something on our site you feel should be changed or updated, please forward to Jim as well. The next step in the site will be to develop a members section, where we will post information for members only (such as Board meeting minutes). This should be available in the next quarter. You will also note, we do have some limited space on the site for advertising should any member wish to post any information. Please feel free to contact Jim or Lorraine should you wish to use this space.


HAS “As in my previous messaging I would ask that all members take any opportunity to discuss the benefits of membership with any companies or suppliers to our industry who are not yet members. It is only through the

participation, input and industry wide commitment of all businesses associated with road building, water and sewer and heavy construction that we will expand our ability to drive proactive change for the good of all

industry members. We look forward to and thank you for your continued support and involvement as we work towards this goal.” Troy Robbins 5

Blaster Certification Changes POSITIVE NEWS While this is still an ongoing item for the Board and the Blaster Advisory Committee, we have recently had positive news on the Blaster Certification issue. Jim Organ has been spending considerable time meeting with the Department of Advanced Education along with Occupational Health and Safety and has been able to work with these government departments to establish a workable program for Blaster training in our province. Next steps are to meet with government to discuss possible testing and training of experienced (noncertified) workers and to work out the details of new draft certification program.


East Coast Water Testing New Fast-Return testing results working well in the Eastern Region During the past several years there has been discussion at the HCANL Board meetings outlining delays (specifically in the St. John's region) associated with contractors receiving timely, written confirmations of water sample results. Eastern Health has provided the HCANL with several hundred numbered stickers which would contain your fax number and be attached to the water sample documentation which is delivered to the Eastern Health Labs in St. John's. Any water sample results identified by the brightly coloured sticker will be Faxed back to the recipient rather than the normal procedure to place the results in the mail. (This system was used for the first time this spring and has been very effective.)

HCANL SUPPORTING OUR COMUNITY JIm and Lorraine from HCANL office receive plaque of appreciation from Kids Eat Smart Foundation for our donations to this organization.

HCANL Members Building the Foundations For our Future 7

Let’s chat about Safety Regulations

The HCANL Board continues to receive feedback from members concerning various safety regulations as well as how safety regulations are interpreted and enforced by OH&S officials. While we all agree safety is the most important issue on any work site, we do get feedback which would include

Certain safety regulations can in fact create additional safety hazards.. OH&S officials sometimes enforce to precise wording of regulations and do not allow for reasonable variances and/or unique situations.. Safety rules, regulations and enforcement are reaching a point where they add little or no additional safety benefits. Where once a company was given reasonable time to remedy certain noted safety issues on a work site, the trend seems to be more and more towards immediate work stoppage orders. The above represents recent examples of some of the feedback we have been receiving and it is the Board's view that we are getting enough of this feedback from members that it is time we attempted to develop a package of objective examples to have a clearer view for follow up discussions. To support a future meeting with government officials I would like to ask that any member with a safety regulation or enforcement issue/example which they feel would be relevant to 1) Document the issue and forward to Jim Organ at 2) Call Jim at 682 7141 to either discuss the issue over the phone or arrange a meeting to discuss the same.

I would ask that all members take the time to circulate this information within your organization to ensure we are able to capture an accurate overview. Thank You in advance. Jim Organ Executive Director - HCANL Tel: 709 682 71412 7141 FREE end_of_the_skype_highlightingFax:


PROCUREMENT REFORM Government of Newfoundland and Labrador – Procurement Reform Initiatives

As stated by Leigh Puddister, Deputy Minister of Procurement Reform, the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, in conjunction with Government funded entities, is working to improve and streamline the way goods and services are purchased. Over the past several months, under the Strategic Procurement Project, opportunities have been identified for Government to achieve its budgetary goals while supporting Newfoundland and Labrador’s business community and the provincial economy. These opportunities have seen the Provincial Government and its funded entities attempt to streamline requirements, take advantage of economies of scale, and collectively acquire goods and services through the use of requests for proposals (RFPs). As a result of this initiative, the Provincial Government has, or shortly will be, issuing RFP’s for the following goods and/or services. • laboratory and medical consumables and equipment; • pharmaceuticals supplied at regional health authorities; • airfare and airfare booking tool/agency; • vehicle parts; • vehicle insurance;

• bulk fuel; • bulk salt; • facilities services; and, • print services and equipment. To further improve the ease of doing business, a new e-sourcing tool has been used for submission of the above mentioned RFPs only. This tool will not be used for normal course tenders or RFPs beyond those listed above unless it is later adopted. The tool was available on the Government Purchasing Agency’s website ( once the requests for proposals were released. The HCANL has on two occasions been invited to meet with the Government Procurement Agency and provide our industries input on possible procurement changes and what it might mean for our members, the government and our province in general. While the meetings were held in confidence, I believe it is within the public domain, as per the above mentioned activity, that the marketplace could see more government purchasing utilizing RFP’s. While nothing has currently been changed with the Legislation associated with government purchasing we may see activity on this file when the house reopens this Fall. The HCANL will keep members notified of any changes and possible impacts as they are announced.

HCANL - AGM SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES NOW AVAILABLE Please Contact Lorraine Richards or Jim Organ to Arrange Sponsorship Package


Agenda_ 39th Annual General Meeting

January 9 & 10, 2014

Holiday Inn St. John’s, NL



10:00 AM


Salon E

12:00 NOON

LUNCHEON Guest Speaker

Salons C/D

2:00 PM

HCANL ANNUAL MEETING - Adoption of Minutes - President’s Report - Committee Reports - CCA Report - Treasurer’s Report; Ratification of Acts & Proceedings; Bank selection; Auditor selection - Selection of Scrutineers - Election of New Board of Directors - Items as they Arise - Voice suggestions and complaints

Conception Bay Room

6:30 PM


Salon F

7:30 – 10:30 PM

DINNER Live Auction/Silent Auction for Charities Door Prize

Salons A/B/C/D

9:00 PM - 1:00 AM




(complimentary to seminar attendees)

11:30 - 3:30


6:00 PM


Salon F

7:00 - 9:00 PM

DINNER/ENTERTAINMENT Guest Speaker: Mr. Gilbert Bennett VP Lower Churchill Project

Salons A/B/C/D

9:30 – 12:30 PM



9:30 – 1:00 A.M


(to be determined)

Salons A/B

Salons A/B



Our Winning Team

The Most Honest Team

Again this year our Tournament was a great success with record numbers of golfers. A Thursday night reception was followed by our West Coast Meeting Friday morning, the Golf Tournament Friday afternoon, and then on to a BBQ catered by Humber Valley. This year we raised some $1500.00 for the West Coast Kid’s Eat Smart Foundation which was comprised of $25.00 of each attendees registration fee going as a donation to this worthy cause.

Jim and Lorraine Present a cheque For $1,500.00 to Victoria White from West Coast Kids Eat Smart Foundation

Members enjoy some time together at the Thursday night August 8th social before Fridays Meeting and Golf Tournament




All Helping to support


HCANL president Troy Robbins chairs ARBA meeting in St. John’s The ARBA is a great venue for Heavy Civil Contractor associations to meet and share experiences across Atlantic Canada. The 4 Atlantic Provinces meet two times each year. For 2013 HCANL was host, in May and September, to representatives of the Heavy Civil Industry from our Atlantic neighbours. This forum has provided us with great feedback on what is happening in the other provinces as well as providing us with the opportunity to use this valuable information in best practises discussions with our various government meetings.


Newfoundland and Labrador Economic Snapshot, September 2013 - Slow start but will end up in first place

Laura Cooper Economist - RBC “After a significant pullback in crude oil production hampered economic growth in the province in 2012, Newfoundland & Labrador is set to enjoy renewed vigour in 2013 despite signs of lacklustre performance so far this year. Earlier weakness has persisted in the domestic economy where employment drifted lower after reaching an all-time high at the end of 2012; however, a rebound in the oil and gas industry and improving conditions for large-scale mining projects for the remainder of the year are expected to propel the province to the top of the provincial growth rankings in 2013. With oil production no longer recovering from depressed levels next year, the lingering quiescent performance in the domestic economy is expected to permeate the overall economy as growth is forecasted to ease to 1.3% in 2014 from a robust 6.0% pace in 2013 and an estimated decline of 4.5% in 2012.”

TD ECONOMICS' FORECASTS The “accordion-like” real GDP growth profile for Newfoundland and Labrador looks set to continue over the next few years. After falling 4.8% in 2012, an oil-related bounce back in 2013 – combined with a pickup in investment spending partly tied to the Muskrat falls hydroelectric project – is fueling a strong recovery in the Newfoundland and Labrador economy this year. Within the crude oil industry, output is up 7% compared to the first seven months of 2012, with the Hibernia, Terra Nova and White Rose offshore oil sites back on line. Not surprisingly, the labour market has followed suit in 2013. Healthy job gains in mining, oil and gas as well as wholesale and retail trade have spearheaded a good year for job creation. Strong gains in labour incomes – outpaced by only Alberta and Saskatchewan among the provinces – have also helped to drive a strong outperformance in retail spending this year. Next year, the economic pendulum is expected to swing the other way. We forecast economic growth to come in at a much more modest 0.5% in 2014. The winding down of the Long Harbour nickel plant expansion is expected to leave investment spending relatively flat – albeit at still very high levels – following a surge in investment activity since 2010. Increased production from the newly expanded nickel plant is expected to provide some offsetting support for the economy next year. A modest pace of economic expansion is also in the cards in 2015. Oil production is expected to have a relatively flat profile over the 2014-15 period, with natural declines assumed to be offset by new production from the South White Rose field (expected to begin in Q4 of 2014). Further out, the development of the Hebron offshore site will support stronger production beyond 2017.


HCANL - AGM Sponsorship Opportunities Thursday January 9th Opening Lunch


Thursday January 9th Pre Dinner Reception


Thursday January 9th Dinner (sponsor 5 minute speaking opportunity)


Thursday January 9th Table Wine for Thursday Dinner


Friday January 10th Seminar Brunch


Friday January 10th Pre Dinner reception


Friday January 10th Dinner (sponsor 5 minute speaking opportunity)


Friday January 10th Table Wine for Friday Dinner


Sponsors will be acknowledged through Printed Table Tent Cards, Verbal acknowledgement by Event Host, On-Screen running slide show (advertising) throughout









Newsletter. AS noted above, dinner sponsors will have the opportunity for a short speech preceding Dinner. PLEASE CONTACT LORRAINE @ 364–8811 FOR YOUR AGM SPONSORSHIP REQUIREMENTS


58th Annual Canadian Technical Asphalt Associatio​n Conference The 58th Annual Conference and Annual General meeting will be held in St. John’s, NL at the Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland November 17 to 20, 2013. Please note the CUPGA workshop will take place on Sunday, November 17th starting at 13:00 with the Workshop taking place on Tuesday afternoon with the Contractor’s Workshop. The course will take place on Sunday morning, November 17th and the conference begins with the CTAA Annual General Meeting on the morning of Monday, November 18th. The link to the conference is

HCANL Charity Activity For members and other readers who may not be aware, our association members have donated, collected and contributed close to $1,000,000.00 to our principle charity (The Children’s Wish Foundation) as well as tens of thousands to other worthy causes.




the for





multiple meetings over the last year supporting the Heavy Civil Industry and Association staff.

Sitting: Leon House, Troy Robbins, Terry Dunn, Dave Brown Standing: Robert Rose, Randy Pottle, Brian Johnson, Keith Ryan Missing: Gene Coleman, Rob Payne, Brad Piercey


Jim Organ Executive Director

We are both happy to have delivered the Fall 2013 Newsletter, which is the Associations 2nd digital newsletter produced in-house. We have both had a busy year and feel that accomplishments have been made in many areas, as per the content of this newsletter. We are looking at another active year in 2014 and look forward to meeting with many of you at our upcomming AGM in January.

Lorraine Richards Operations Manager

As we are continuously looking for opportunity to improve service and deliverables to our members we would welcome any feedback or discussion on any item of interest or concern you may have. Please feel free to give either myself or Lorraine a call at any time. Enjoy the read and we look forward to hearing from you. Jim and Lorraine.


HCANL Fall 2013 Newsletter  

Newsletter for the Heavy Civil Association of Newfoundland and Labrador

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