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MARCH 2014 NO. 126

MARCH 2014 DIARY DATES 14 World Vision 40-Hour Runathon [to 15th] 16 Cricket Annual v Collegiate [to 17th] (H) 17 Y12 Tongariro Field Trip [to 19th] BOT Meeting @ 6.00pm 19 Level 3 Geography Field Trip 20 Teacher Only Day 21 Mid Term Break [School Closed] 24 Summer Sports Week [to 28th] APRIL 2014 DIARY DATES 2 TAB Achievers’ Evening (1) 5 Basketball Club Black n Yellow Day 8 Extracurricular Summer Code Photos 11 Cross-Country: Y9 Champs 12 WCRFC Club Day v St Patrick’s (Town) 1st/2nd XVs v Hastings BHS (a) 14 BOT Meeting @ 6.00pm 15 Y9 Parent/Teacher Interviews Sheilah Winn Shakespeare [to 17th] 17 Wellington College ANZAC Service [am] Tauranga Jazz Festival [to 21st] Y11-Y13 Reports Issued End of Term One 18 Good Friday TERM TWO STARTS ON MONDAY, 5 MAY (Day 5) @ 8.50am MAY 2014 DIARY DATES 3 1st XV v Gisborne BHS (a) 10 1st XV v Napier BHS (@ P.North) 13 Swimming: CSW Champs Y13 Parent/Teacher Interviews 14 Cricket Club AGM Cross-Country: Karori Relays 16 Geography: Level 1 Field Trip 17 Swimming: NISS Champs 1st XV v PNBHS (Wlg). 18 Business Studies: Y12 Field Trip [to 20th] 19 BOT Meeting @ 6.00pm 20 Junior Drama Production [to 22nd] 21 Y12 Parent/Teacher Interviews

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The Wellington College Community Newsletter

From the HEADMASTER On behalf of the Senior Management Team, I would like to extend a very genuine welcome to all members of the Wellington College community for 2014. We have begun the year with the quite remarkable news that, for the third year in a row, Wellington College students have gained not only the most number of scholarships in New Zealand but have also, once again, broken the national record. In 2011, our students led the country with 128 scholarships, in 2012 they gained 153 scholarships, and in 2013 they have won an incredible 178 scholarships. These stellar results need to be put in some perspective. • The next school after Wellington College was Auckland Grammar with 152 Scholarships. Only two other schools, Westlake Boys’ High School and Maclean’s College, won over 100 scholarships. • The top school in the South Island, Burnside High School, won 77 scholarships. • Of the top ten schools, only one (St Cuthbert’s College) is smaller than Wellington College. • Wellington College won more than four times the number of scholarships of any other school in the Wellington/Kapiti region, and won nearly 35% of the scholarships awarded in the entire region. • 89 different students from our College won at least one scholarship. This eclipses the former national record of 76 established by our students in 2012. Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9= 9=

• Jack Garden [pictured right], was named as one of the Top 10 Premier Scholars in New Zealand, an award that is worth $10,000 a year. Nine other students, Tariq Kader, Benjamin Ayto, Sam Becroft, Benjamin Davies, Andrew Hall, Peter Lecky, Barnaby McIntosh, Thomas Roughton and Eyob Zewdie were all named as Outstanding Scholars in the next echelon of 60 students, an award that is worth $5,000 a year. That means that of the top 70 students in New Zealand, ten (14.2%) came from Wellington College alone. • There are 16 regions in New Zealand named by NZQA in the scholarship results. If Wellington College, on its own, was regarded as a region, it would have come fifth in the country. • It is worth noting that, over the last five years, Wellington College students have won 658 scholarships. This total is 88 more than the next school, Macleans College, with 570 scholarships. Continued on page 2

TOTAL NUMBER OF SCHOLARSHIPS 2009-2013 (as indicated on NZQA Website) School Scholarships Outstanding Scholarships Total Scholarships Wellington College 550 108 658 Macleans College 494 76 570 St Cuthbert’s College 449 99 548 Auckland Grammar School 444 88 532 Burnside High School 361 37 398 Westlake Boys’ High School 336 48 384 Epsom Girls’ Grammar School 312 48 360 Rangitoto College 303 37 340 Palmerston North Boys’ High School 278 30 308 Mount Albert Grammar School 276 32 308


From the HEADMASTER Continued from page 1 These spectacular results do not simply happen by osmosis. They are the consequence of incredibly hard work from dedicated teachers and determined young men. Colleagues often ask me why Wellington College has achieved such unparalleled success at this academic pinnacle. I am mindful of golfing legend, Gary Player’s famous response to the question why are you so lucky? Allegedly, Player’s memorable words were the harder I practise, the luckier I get! The formidable success of our 2013 cohort is an inspiration to all current students that nothing of real value is achieved without clear vision and singleminded determination. I look forward to another great year at Wellington College in the classroom, on the sports field, in the arts and in service to our community. Roger Moses, ONZM

From the BOARD of TRUSTEES As we head into March, the College is well and truly settled into the new academic year. On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I would like to welcome all the new students to the school and wish them all the best for their time at Wellington College. Also, a special welcome to our International students. Our numbers of International students have grown yearon-year, a testament to the reputation of the College and the recruitment efforts of the Headmaster and Staff. Although we look forward to this year, we can also reflect on the outstanding academic success of the students who sat NCEA Levels 1,2 and 3, as well as NZ Scholarship examinations last year. The NZ Scholarship results have continued to scale new heights and is a reflection not only of the efforts of the students but the exceptional commitment of teaching staff who give their time, enthusiasm and knowledge to those students sitting NZ Scholarship examinations. The year ahead carries no shortage of challenges for the Board and College. An ERO review is scheduled for the middle of the year, fundraising for the Performing Arts Centre and Hall continues at pace and our objective of continually improving the offering of the College to its students is always there. All the best to the College Community for 2014. Peter Schuyt, Chair

Remember... School starts at 8.50am! LUMEN ACCIPE ET IMPERTI

Early Notification System (ENS)

Wellington College has a system in place that notifies parents and caregivers of their son’s non-attendance at school. This allows the school community to manage absenteeism and truancy levels. The system uses both text and email messages to alert parents and caregivers of those who are absent. We would encourage parents and caregivers to notify the school in advance (before 8.30am on the day of the absence) whenever possible of an impending absence by either phone or via email at This will allow Wellington College to compile accurate attendance data and lead to more effective communication with parents and caregivers. Other schools that use the system have commented that parents and caregivers find it comforting to know that if their child is absent from school they will most likely receive a text or email alert. As a parent, it allows increased child safety and reduced risk of unexplained absenteeism and truancy. Darrell Harvey, Assistant Principal

Self-Interest Leave A large number of students are being taken out of school for self-interest leave, often overseas trips. It is worth noting that there is a large correlation between non-attendance and low achievement.

(Section 20). • Students required to enrol must attend school. Every student of a registered school (other than a correspondence school) is required by Section 20 of this Act to be enrolled at a registered school and shall attend the school whenever it is open (Section 25).

Legislation requires that students attend school on each day that the school is open for instruction. The Ministry of Education (MOE) recommends that the code used for selfinterest leave be: E - Student is absent with an Explained, but unjustified reason. The explanation for the absence is accepted by the school as the reason for the absence, but the reason does not fit within the school's policy as a justifiable reason to take the student off school. (Even though the parents may consider the absence was justified and may have provided a written explanation). eg Billy had to stay home to look after his younger brother or we went for a two week family holiday in Australia. This includes overseas absence not approved by the Headmaster. (A parent's note does not provide justification). Attendance Matters: Legislation, regulations, guidelines and advice Legislation - The Education Act 1989 (the Act) The Act sets out requirements for students, parents, boards and principals. Students 6-16 years old must be enrolled in and attend school. Every person who is not a foreign student is required to be enrolled at a registered school at all times during the period beginning on the person’s sixth birthday and ending on the person’s 16th birthday

• Parents are responsible for their child’s regular attendance at school. Every parent of a person who while enrolled at a registered school, does not attend, commits an offence, and is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding an amount calculated at the rate of $30 for every school day for which the offence has occurred. A fine imposed for an offence against that subsection shall not exceed $300 for a first offence or $3,000 for a second or subsequent offence (Section 29). In proceedings under this part of the Act (prosecutions), the burden of proving any of the following matters in relation to a person is on the person’s parent: (a) the enrolment of the person at a school (b) the person’s attendance at a school (c) the person’s exemption from enrolment or attendance at a school (Section 34). Keeping your Contact Details Up-To-Date A REMINDER TO ALL FAMILIES Please remember to advise the College if you move home or change your email or phone number. It is essential we have your current and correct contact details in the event of an emergency.


From the 2014 HEAD PREFECT TEAM Welcome to 2014! Firstly, I would like to offer a warm welcome back to the boys and their families who made 2013 such a successful year. I trust you all had an outstanding break, and that you’re ready to take on the challenges that 2014 will no doubt throw at us. On another note, I welcome the new students to our school; both Y9s and those who have joined us from elsewhere. I hope your first few weeks at Wellington College have been enjoyable and that the transition from Intermediate or another secondary school, has been seamless. We pride ourselves on the brotherhood we create throughout the school, and I urge every Y9 boy to familiarise yourselves with both the Seniors and Prefects, who I have no hesitation in saying, they are outstanding individuals. I’m a strong believer in the fact that the tone of our school is dictated by how the most vulnerable Y9 student feels about going to school. Thus, I encourage any student who feels they are not enjoying school for whatever reason, to talk to either myself, Dr Slater, your teachers or your parents. Barrack Obama, at his recent ‘State Of The Union’ speech highlighted the point that what unites the people of America is the simple, profound belief in opportunity for all – the notion that if you work hard and take responsibility, you can get ahead. I strongly believe this to be the case at Wellington College. Our school offers a wide range of opportunities whether they are academic, sporting or cultural. However these opportunities will pass us by if we don’t seize them, take responsibility and work hard. An integral part of this concept is setting goals for ourselves. If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time. I’m aware that this quote has become somewhat clichéd, but I still believe it encapsulates the true meaning of goals.


Our recent Goal Setting Day hopefully would have steered us all in the right directions for the upcoming year, and I hope boys and parents alike, now have a better understanding of the year ahead and their son’s academic and extracurricular goals. It seems bizarre still, that I write this as the Head Prefect for 2014. May I just say how thankful and honoured I am to have been selected to lead the school this year. It truly doesn’t seem too long ago that I would read these articles as a Y9 student, so once again thank you to my peers and my teachers who have bestowed the trust in me to make 2014 an unforgettable year. Congratulations go to Tristan Fuli, Riva Williams and Daniel Petrovich who are the Deputy Head Prefects for the year. Already, five weeks in, these young men have supported me greatly and showed just why they are in the position they are. We also have 25 more exemplary students as Prefects, who will undoubtedly lead the school with passion, pride and courage. Again, I congratulate you on a massive achievement.

Wellington College Head Prefects, 2014 (L-R): Riva Williams (DHP), Tristan Fuli (DHP), Jack Trevella (HP) and Daniel Petrovich (DP). is on the 14-15 March. The Super 6 for 2014 consisting of Riva Williams, Riley Jennings, Umaiyan Haran, Keegan McLeod, Daniel Petrovich and myself are busy working to make this year’s event the best yet. Our slogan of ‘Making Poverty History’ sets the tone for the 2014 Runathon, as we hope to raise close to $70,000 for those less fortunate than ourselves, in Ibwera, Tanzania. I ask that every student becomes involved in this excellent event. For me, it was the first time I truly felt that I belonged at Wellington College and appreciated the school spirit we’re so well known for. Keep an eye out on the daily notices for lead-up events and other exciting happenings!

There’s no such thing as easing in to the year at Wellington College. Term One is one of, if not the busiest term of the year, with two key events taking place. The McEvedy Shield is perhaps the biggest event of the year. I love the fact that we are rated as underdogs this year, and I encourage all the athletes to have this in their minds as they compete in the event. Seeing the underdog win is always that much sweeter, and on behalf of the school I wish all the boys competing the best of luck. Show the other schools that Wellington College doesn’t just win the most scholarships in the country (178 to be precise) but we can replicate that success on the track and field.

Of course outside of these aforementioned events there are countless others. Coming back to the point of seizing opportunities, I am confident in saying that the extracurricular life of the College is what makes us so special. Make an effort to get involved in at least one sporting or cultural activity, and I assure you, your time at Wellington College will be that much better. Finally, I wish you all the best for the upcoming year. I look forward to meeting all the new students around school and ensuring your time at Wellington College are the best years of your lives. Jack Trevella, Head Prefect

The second major event of Term One is the World Vision 40-Hour Runathon, which

Our Deputy Head Prefects have also been invited to say a few words... Not only do I issue a warm welcome to all the Y9 students, but also to their families, who are now an integral part of Wellington College. To the new young men, I share your excitement in knowing what lies ahead. But more importantly, every returning fellow student has also shared your apprehension and nervousness. Take comfort in this, as we've all survived and are now your safety net. Remember that all you have to do is come and have a chat. Never have I experienced school pride as unique and as special that is Wellington College. It's an absolute privilege to be part of this school. So to the returning students, and my brothers in Y13, I'll keep it brief. No man is rich enough to buy back his past. Revere your time here, and remember that we define the College. Daniel Petrovich The last six weeks have been a great start to the school year. Although there is always going to be that struggle in the first few weeks of getting back into the school routine, students and teachers alike have shown good understanding. We are looking forward to a great Continued on page 4


From the 2014 HEAD PREFECT TEAM (ctnd) year ahead in our academic, sporting and cultural aspects of the school, especially on the back of last year’s achievements. The new students of Wellington College are always an asset to the school, and by this I mean they are all willing to contribute in their own ways. 2014’s roll shows that it is the largest it has ever been, and so I am looking forward to the biggest year the school has ever seen.

realise the special way in which the school works and cannot wait to get involved and more immersed in ‘Team Wellington College’. This is something that I would strongly encourage every new student to do, as getting involved in this school really shows you how many opportunities there are. Be assured of strong support in your success from the entire student body.

I extend a very warm welcome to the boys who have joined our Wellington College brotherhood and wish them the very best in everything they hope to achieve. Tristan Fuli I would like to welcome the students and families joining the Wellington College community this year. I have no doubt that you have begun to

To those who have returned, I hope you are well rested from your holidays and getting back into the swing of school life and getting deeply involved in what the school has to offer. Let’s all dig deep this year and make the most of 2014 - it will be great to see what we achieve. Riva Williams

The World Vision Runathon has been going in Wellington College since 1998, when the school agreed that the physical experience of running laps of the school would be a better way for a school of boys to raise money, compared to the traditional 40 Hour Famine.

like gladwrap beep tests, fear factor and netball games against the Runathon teams from Wellington Girls’ College and Wellington East Girls’ College. This will keep the excitement going in the week leading up and representatives from these two schools will also support us during the actual Runathon.

Since then, we have raised more than $670,000 for World Vision - an astounding effort and we would like to thank everybody in the Wellington College community for achieving this substantial support for others.

There will be a concert on the Friday evening and Saturday afternoon with talent from Wellington College as well as that from other colleges and local groups, supported by foodstalls and other fundraising events that we encourage all families to enjoy. The programme of events will be posted soon on the newly launched Runathon website, where you can donate to the cause. You can also check out the businesses that have sponsored the event this year, see the full impact of our fundraising and check on your own team’s points. The address for this is: runathon.wellington-college.

Last year, we raised more than $55,000, the second highest amount raised by any secondary school in the country as part of the 40 Hour Famine programme. This money went to support our sponsored village of Ibwera, in Tanzania. This partnership with the community of Ibwera has been going strong since 2011 and in that time we have built four classrooms, a pit latrine with eight holes, sent 62 vulnerable children to school, set up preschools in 16 schools - the list goes on. What we have achieved as a school is amazing and really shows us how much social change we can create!

(This site can be used to make donations either to the event in general or your son’s fundraising efforts so please share this link around so we can really work together to achieve more change!) If you or your business is interested in supporting the Runathon this year, we invite you to get in touch with us at

The 2014 Runathon will start at 6.00am on the morning of Friday, 14 March and finishes at 10.00pm on night of the 15th. We encourage all students to come to the start of the Runathon as a good turnout always sets a great tone for the 40 hours that follow, then then return whenever they can! The Super Six have been working hard to make this Runathon the best so far, so we encourage all parents, students and whanau to come along and enjoy the event. There will be lead up events


Also, if you are interested in setting up a stall for the Runathon, we would also invite you to email runathonfair2014@ We look forward to seeing you all at school on the Friday and Saturday. Let’s make the Runathon 2014 the best yet!

Back: Keegan McLeod, Riley Jennings, Daniel Petrovich Front: Riva Williams, Umaiyan Haran, Jack Trevella

Riva Williams, Super Six Leader


From the Development Office

Limited Stock In the cellar at Te Mata Estate winery are barrels filled with something very special just for the Wellington College community. After a vintage described by Decanter UK as ‘the stuff of legends’, one lot of Chardonnay and one lot of Merlot/Cabernets have been put aside especially for our enjoyment to help raise funds for the Memorial Window appeal. The aim to restore the stained glass window, originally built as a memorial to Wellington College Old Boys who died in WWI, is a cause that resonates with Te Mata Estate’s Chairman John Buck – himself a Wellington College Old Boy. Organised by Development Manager, Tony Robinson, this very limited selection of wine from one of New Zealand’s most acclaimed wineries will be made available for our community in six or twelve pack cases. The 2013 vintage has already been much heralded as one of New Zealand’s greatest and these very special wines have been created to cellar perfectly until Wellington College’s 150th Celebrations in 2017. Don’t miss out on your chance to secure this limited edition. Each bottle will have an image of our Memorial Window on its back label. Two of 2013’s most exclusive wines made by one of the finest producers in the country, created and labelled just for the Wellington College community to bring the Memorial Window restoration one step closer.

Drinks & Nibbles Gathering for parents new to Wellington College

Register your order now! Please contact Te Mata Estate on 0800 836 282 or email:

THURSDAY, 3 APRIL 2014 Brierley Theatre • 6.00pm - 8.00pm

Your wine will be delivered after September 2014. You will not be billed until the wine is despatched and you will be advised in advance regarding delivery.

Please join BoT members, Headmaster, Roger Moses and Development Manager, Tony Robinson in a relaxed setting to meet other parents of your son’s peers and hear of the major developments happening in your son’s time here. Please RSVP if you wish to attend: or Telephone 802 7698.

$280 + $10 freight for a 12 bottle case $150 + $10 freight for a 6 bottle case (International shipping can also be arranged - contact Te Mata for details). Cases can be any mixed number of Chardonnay or Merlot bottles or a single variety.




INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS’ HOMESTAYS REQUIRED We are looking for caring Wellington families to provide a warm Kiwi experience for secondary school students from overseas in the 2014 academic year. For further information, please contact Kathi Scott on 802 2520 ext 821 or 021 717 449 or

Spreading the good word about Wellington Henry Shin (aged 18) from Karori helped spread the good word about studying in the Wellington region when he attended the 2014 Wellington International Student Welcome at Te Papa in February. Originally from South Korea, Henry is just one of at least 400 other international students who attended the event hosted by Grow Wellington and the Wellington City Council. The students are enrolled in secondary schools and tertiary institutes all over the Wellington region. Henry and his family first came to Christchurch in 2009 then moved to Wellington in 2010, so Henry Shin could attend Wellington College. Wellington is truly multicultural, says Henry. There’s a good balance in the mix of different cultural groups and you also get the chance to spend time with Kiwi students and friends which is great for improving your English. It’s also a really compact city where I can catch up with all my friends just by standing on Cuba Street. Henry is the third international student from Wellington College to be made a Prefect in the 20 years that the school has had international students. His calendar is ‘always full’ and he has immersed himself in the Wellington community, helping with many youth support groups and is also the High Schools’ Representative of United Nations Youth New Zealand, Wellington region.

Youth Leadership Course by the Youth Leadership Experts Calling all Y12 and Y13 students who want to: • Stand out from the crowd with a new set of skills • Understand the fundamentals of leadership and team management (the ability to lead a small team in any situation) • Practice leading in multiple scenarios (lots of practical opportunities) • Be prepared for future leadership roles in the workforce, tertiary, school, sport, community and family settings • Increase your confidence and communication skills • Be awarded certificates and a course report (great for your CV) • Learn to maintain positive attitudes, values and manners • Possible achievement of three Level 3 NZQA unit standards Future Leaders are running courses again in Term One of 2014. Instructors are members of the NZ Army Reserve, teaching leadership in a relaxed and professional environment, in a civilian capacity.

It’s important for people in communities throughout the Wellington region to welcome these young people who come to study and live here, says Gerard Quinn, Grow Wellington Chief Executive. They need to know that they are appreciated for the positive cultural value that they bring to our local communities, but also the economic value.

Our two-day Youth Leadership Courses are run in Wellington, on weekends and school holidays. The Early Bird price is $200 (book by 28 March 2014), standard price $250. Spaces are limited.

Last year international students contributed $177 million to the local economy, says Mr Quinn. We want to encourage them to stay longterm.

For more details, course dates and to book, visit or call 0800 FUTURE.



From the ARTS director • Lunchtime clubs A number of lunchtime Clubs are up and running, or about to commence. All students are most welcome. Come and try a new activity, develop your existing skills and interests and meet new people. Information is in the Daily Notices but the following are now active or in the pipeline:

at shows including An Illiad, Unmythable, Aindamar, Paniora, Tom Crean, Needles and Opium. Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival This year Wellington College will have three entries into the annual Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival. Mrs McLean is directing a Y11 production of an excerpt from Coriolanus. Keagan Fransch, one of the Toi Whakaari graduate tutors for the Y9 Drama festival will direct excerpts from Romeo and Juliet and Comedy of Errors.


In Room LC8 on Day 4. Convenor: Mr Muroya Email: • SPANISH/FRENCH In Room LC4 on Fridays. These Clubs will alternate between the two languages. Convenor: Ms Towers Email: • CHINESE In Room LC9 on Thursdays. Convenor: Mr Yu Email: • WARHAMMER In Room 204 on Fridays. Convenor: Mr Harms Email: • CREATIVE In Room 204 on Wednesdays. WRITING Convenors: Messrs Harms and Moodie Email: or • THEATRE SPORTS In Room P4 on Thursdays. Convenor: Ms Howes Email: • SCI FI Starts in Term Two. Watch this space. Convenor: Mr Blacklock Email:

Performances will be at Wellington East Girls’ College from 1416 April. We do not yet know which of the three nights we will be performing. School Production 2014: Riverside Drive The production for 2014 is the play Riverside Drive written by the late Graham Tetley. This will be only the second time the play has been staged, the rights having just become available. Set in 1950s Lower Hutt, the play deals with some of the episodes that lead to the 1954 Mazengarb report into Moral Delinquency in Children and Adolescence and shows, from the teenagers’ point of view, how the labels of ‘delinquents, hoons and harlots’ that were thrown at them, were unwarranted. The production will involve senior students only. There has been a great response to the script from the Wellington College students and from the young women auditioning from Wellington Girls, Wellington East Girls’ and Samuel Marden Colleges. The play lends itself to inventive and creative staging, includes a Gospel Choir, a rock’n’roll band and has an interesting historical context as it is set in an atmosphere of keen anticipation of the Queen’s visit in 1953. Miss Jane Armstrong will direct, Miss Katie Macfarlane will be the Musical Director and Ms Kirsty Hazledine will produce the play, which will be staged in the last week of Term Two. If any parents are willing to assist with set construction, costumes or any other aspects of production, we would love to hear from you.

• Debating Sandy McLachlan and Alex Wierzbicki will co-ordinate the 2014 InHouse competition which will involve 26 teams this year. Round One for the eight interschool teams will take place in weeks 6 and 7. • New Zealand Festival SchoolFest programme Wellington College students are attending performances in the festival with English, Drama, Media Studies, Performing Arts, Spanish, History, Classics, Latin and Music classes being present

Ms Kirsty Hazledine, Arts Director •

Students from Wellington College and WGC, WEGC and Marsden attend the rehearsals for Riverside Drive.


ABOVE: George Roberts and Titi Fereti auditioning for Sheilah Winn. LEFT: Director Keagan Fransch and Conor McDonnell auditioning for Sheilah Winn


From the SPORTS director • McEVEDY SHIELD The 2014 McEvedy Shield was a very exciting event yet again and as in 2013, we jumped out to a healthy ten-point lead early in the day, with great starts on both the track, and in the field. By the end of the day, the 179 points earned by Wellington College would have been enough to win the McEvedy Shield from 2005 to 2008. Sadly however, we were 49 points adrift which suggests that St Patrick’s (Town) are having a golden run with the standard of their athletes. They are to be congratulated on a very dominant victory.

Congratulations to Nicholas Crott for also equalling the Senior record in the one-length Freestyle.

There were a great many highlights despite not being victorious on the day and two in particular are noteworthy. Josh Morgan-Ranui is to be congratulated for his outstanding effort in improving the new U15 Javelin record to over 46m (46.39) which would also have won the U16 event. The top points scorer for Wellington College on the day was Islam Khaled-Abbas who amassed 15 points and also ran in the victorious U14 Relay. Our U14 grade is particularly strong and was our highest scoring grade. This augurs well for the future and we will be back stronger and more determined than ever in 2015.

The Senior 3 team lead Division 1 as do the Junior 1 team in their respective grades.

• FUTSAL 120 boys are playing in the local Futsal leagues and the results of training and experience are beginning to pay dividends. The Senior 1 team, coached by Old Boy, Said Soleimanpour is currently leading the Premier League. This promises well for success in the Regionals and Nationals.

• VOLLEYBALL Volleyball has seen a resurgence of interest at Wellington College under the direction of Mr Stefan Maschke. This year, we have entered two Senior teams and a Junior team in in the CSW competitions. Joined this term by new teacher, Mr Johnson Taeau, we were able to play two teams in the Regional Volleyball Championships and their progress during this tournament was noticeable. The College 1 team finished 13th and College 2 in tenth respectively.

Mr Chris Wells, Athletics Coach • SWIMMING

NZ Open Water Championships The NZ Open Water Swimming Champs were held in Taupo in mid-January. Four of our swimmers were involved. Devlin Forsythe and Liam Albery did outstandingly well to become National Open Water Champions in their respective events.

• TENNIS At the CSW Senior Championships, Wellington College number one, Kiranpal Pannu took out the Singles title by beating top seed Prat Keerasuntonpong in three sets in the final. Special mention to Rory Murchland (Y11) who made it to the semis where he was beaten by Prat.

In the national 5km event, Devlin Forsythe (Y12) won Gold in the 13-15 years age group. His was an excellent effort and he placed seventh overall (from 41 competitors) in the Open Men’s 5km event.

• CRICKET With the season well under way and after five games, the 1st XI and 2nd XI are facing stiff competition in the Premier Grade which appears to be shaping up as a very close race with no one team being dominant. Currently sitting in fourth place, the 1st XI are only down by one game while the 2nd XI are in equal sixth alongside Hutt Valley High School and Scots College.

In the national 10km event, three of our Y13 students took on the challenge. Liam Albery impressed to win Gold in the 16-17 year agegroup. He posted an excellent time to place seventh overall (from 19 competitors) in the Open Men’s 10km event.

In the 1st XI T20 Competition (Hunt Trophy), after three games, the 1st XI currently sit in joint first place with two others with two wins and a loss.

Hamish Trlin and Kieran Simpson also turned in strong performances. Hamish finished fourth in the 16-17 year age-group (12th overall in the Open Men’s 10km event) and Kieran finished fifth in the 16-17 year age-group (15th overall in the Open Men’s 10km event).

Notable performances from other teams to date include the 5th and 4th XIs leading the Premier 3 and Junior 2 grades respectively. The Junior 1 hold top place in the Junior 1 league.

Australian Open Water Championships Liam Albery finished 13th in the Men’s 10km Open Water Champs (held in Perth on 2 February 2014). This was a great result which qualified him for the NZ Team that will travel to the Junior Pan Pacific Championships in Hawaii at the end of August. It will also ensure that he receives his second Blue at Wellington College.

From a personal perspective, the individual making the most impact is Y9 student, Tim Campbell, who at the time of writing has made a total of 389 runs from three league games and a traditional match and has not been dismissed once. This includes three successive centuries in the local competition and a 66 not out versus Palmerston North Boys’ High School.

Wellington College Championships The following swimmers won their respective age groups: Grade

1st Place

2nd Place


Thomas Watkins

Harrison Neal


Jarod de Vos

Andrew Loverard


Devlin Forsythe

Matthew Peterson


Liam Albery

Nicholas Crott


• TRADITIONALS Versus Palmerston North Boys’ High School • Cricket 1st XI dismissed PNBHS for 136, and made 138/4 in reply. Louis Chemis scored 48 not out. 2nd XI were bowled out for 119, with PNBHS making 121/6. Y9 bowled out PNBHS for 114 and made 116 for the loss of one wicket.


From the SPORTS DIRECTOR (ctnd) Versus Napier Boys’ High School • Cricket, Tennis Golf

2013 was the first year in which we have entered and raced in the Christmas Regatta held at Lake Karapiro in December. We had a really successful regatta that allowed a much earlier opportunity to trial crew combinations. The squad made seven A finals, five B Finals and two C Finals. The best performance was Phillip Wilson and Thomas Gray, who placed second in the Boy’s U18 Pair.

1st XI: Following the historic loss to Tawa College the day before, the team was very keen to get on the bus on Sunday to travel to Napier and make amends. Napier Boys’ High School was always going to be in the firing line and that played into our hands when NBHS won the toss and elected to bat. Jack Sargentina opened the bowling and in his first over, was on a hat trick. Napier never recovered as Louis Stevens (three wickets) and Christian Martin (two wickets) bowled extremely tightly, restricting any hope of a revival. One NBHS batsman stayed around and scored 44 but he was the only one to get into double figures. In the end, Napier limped to 99 all out in the 45th over.

Every year, Summer Camp is held in the January holidays and it is a crucial part of the season. The boys were able to make up considerable distance on the Whanganui River and make huge progress on improving technique. As always, it provided the coaches a chance to trial and finalise crew combinations leading into the important end of the season. It also made for the racing of the annual Mozzy Point 5km race between the boys. After a questionable start, the U17 Quad consisting of Jack Perkins, Campbell Caird, Gus Higgie, Matthew Clay and cox Harry Russon were able to take out the race and reserve bragging rights until 2015.

Small totals are notoriously difficult to get for one or two down and so it proved again for us with only one of our top four getting double figures. This was Sam Brandwood who was pushed up the order and scored a bright and breezy 33. At 60/4, we needed a steady hand and this was supplied by Jakob Bhula and Bhavik Patel who had 37 overs to get the required 40 runs. They reached the total in ten overs and Wellington College had scored another six-wicket win. The boys spent longer in the bus coming up then they did in the field but it was a good win – and at this time of the season they need as much cricket as they can get.

The Cambridge Town Cup regatta held at Lake Karapiro is always a big regatta for the College and it marks the beginning of the business end of the season. The regatta was a huge improvement, coming off the last few seasons with the squad managing to make six A Finals and six B Finals. The results are always a reasonable gauge at how we are looking for the bigger regattas still to come, so these results were a huge plus.

Y10: NBHS won the toss and elected to bat. Wellington College, bowling first, restricted them to 95 all out in 33 overs. The best bowling was from Jake Halstead with figures of four wickets for five runs in 5.3 overs. Beck McDonald and Malin Walpola also gained two wickets a piece.

The U16 squad went away to Whanganui for a weekend in February and competed in the Whanganui Champs Regatta. They performed to a high standard and at the end of the day, left with three Gold, three Silver, and three Bronze medals. Special mention goes to Thomas Cummack who received six medals, including Gold in the U16 eight, U16 Double and also the U17 Single Scull.

With the wicket deteriorating considerably through the day, a target of 95 was always going to be a tough ask. However, after the loss of an early wicket, Gareth Severin and Nick Greenwood saw the team through to 41/3. Then Isaac Nimmo and Jake Halstead reached the required total in the 25th over without the loss of any more wickets. Jake scored a very good 17 not out and Isaac top scored with 29 not out.

125 years ago, the first college rowing race in New Zealand was held on Wellington Harbour when Wellington College, Wanganui Collegiate and St Patrick’s (Town) competed in Fours. On 23 February 2014, this milestone was celebrated by another race between the three schools. Wellington College won the quasquicentennial College race with a time of 5:21.

Tennis: Both Senior and Junior tennis teams travelled to Napier and came away with a very solid 16 – 2 win in a Singles and Doubles format. The strength of our Junior team has increased dramatically with an influx of quality players in Y9 and all Juniors won their matches convincingly. The Seniors had a closer game but still came through with only losing two matches.

Following the results from this season and the training we have done throughout, our squad is very positive and looks forward to racing at the major regattas ahead. In particular, the North Island Secondary Schools, and the Maadi Cup which, this year, be raced on Lake Ruataniwha in Twizel. Henry Morrow, Captain of Rowing • LIFESAVING Congratulations to David Long (Y9), who won a Gold Medal at the National Surf life Saving Champs in February in the Diamond Event. Ish Perkins Banse also won a Gold in the Beach Flags and Silver Medal in the Beach Sprint for his age group.

Golf: Eight golfers travelled to Napier with a wide variety of experience and handicaps. There were wins to Captain, David Van Drimmelen, James Watkins and Spencer Mcluskie, but the final result was 9-3 to Napier. We look forward to the return game next year when many of the team will no doubt have greatly reduced handicaps.

• SENIOR SOFTBALL Wellington College qualified for the NZSS Nationals by being runners up at the Wellington Regional Championship. We won three out of four games with 20 runs for and five against. The team will be working hard over the next few weeks for the next competition round.

• ROWING After a winter full of pre-season training, made up of time spent on the rowing machines, in the gym and on the water where possible, the end of the exam season marked the start of a transition into a more intense training programme as we entered the busy part of the season.


Mr Dave Keat, Sports Director •



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Joshua Morgan-Ranui’s record-breaking U15 Javelin Throw The Y10 Cricket Team at Napier Boys’ High School The Tennis Team at Napier Boys’ High School The Golf Team at Napier Boys’ High School The Softball team after winning the tie-break against Town




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The 1st XI Cricket Team at Napier Boys’ High School


The U17 Rowing Squad

Getting it right... The WELLINGTON COLLEGE UNIFORM With the start of the new school year, there have been a number of students who persist in wearing non-regulation shoes, sandals and socks. Students and parents should be aware of the uniform regulations which are detailed in the student diary. Regulation Black Dress Shoes (both lace up and slip on) must be black leather and able to be polished to a shine. Non-regulation footwear includes black sport shoes (whether slip on or lace up), black canvas, black basketball style slippers and trainers. Shoes with coloured stripes, stitching or other decorative features are not permitted.


Regulation Summer Sandals are only available from the Uniform Shop. Sandals must be worn with the back strap in place and not as a jandal. A number of students have taken to cutting off the back strap or are wearing slip on sandals. These are not permitted.

One of the great things about Wellington College is that we recognise differences in performance and achievement, and not the differences in personal dress standards. If you or your son is unsure of our accepted dress codes, please refer to the student diary or the enrolment information booklet.

Likewise we request that, in accordance with our clearly specified regulations, students wear long black socks and not short socks as some are attempting to do.

We have a great deal of pride in our achievements and do not wish to have this undermined by a small minority who think they can make their own rules.

There are very good high schools in Wellington that do not have a uniform code and where such matters are not required. However, as we are a uniform school with very reasonable expectations, we seek your cooperation and support that you agreed to when enrolling your son at Wellington College.

David Ashby, Associate Principal

Wellington College Uniform Shop • Tel: 802 2543 Mondays and Wednesdays • 11.00am - 1.30pm Email: Stockists of ALL regulation uniform requirements.


From the UNIFORM SHOP From ‘COLLEGE PARENTS’ A special warm welcome to all our new Wellington College families.

The winter sports season is fast approaching and we have decided to promote the school tracksuit (sizes 10 to XL) by offering a special price of $115 - normally $145 - so a great saving of $30! Sizes 2XL and 3XL can be snapped up for $50!

It was our absolute pleasure to welcome and host over 100 Y9 parents and caregivers at our traditional lunch on 12 February. This event provided an opportunity for the Y9 parents to meet and to engage with their Dean, Mr Patrick Smith, Senior Management and Support Staff.

However, as much as we are still enjoying warmer weather, do think ahead to the cooler months coming. The Uniform Shop carries polyprops (long and short sleeved), singlets, school jerseys and rain jackets. Please check our page on the College website for current prices:

Headmaster, Mr Roger Moses, Sports Director, Mr Dave Keat, Arts Director, Ms Kirsty Hazledine and Development Manager, Mr Tony Robinson addressed the parents, sharing useful information for our Y9 families. I would like to express a special thank you to all these dedicated staff members who joined us for this significant event.

We also carry good stocks of secondhand uniform and sports clothing - although some styles/sizes are popular and do not stay around for long. If you have any current uniform/sports clothing in the wardrobe not being worn, then we are happy to consider it for sale, on your behalf, if it is clean and in great condition. We will also happily accept items for donation.

A sincere thank you also go to our wonderful committee members and helpers who make these events possible. Where would we be without these ever so obliging and efficient parent volunteers?

A reminder of the shop hours: Mondays and Wednesdays 11.00am to 1.30pm during the Term. Our next Saturday opening will be 3 May, 10.00am till 12noon.

We have initiated a new idea – ‘Y9 Class Liaison’. Their role will be to plan an activity or two for the parents of their son’s form class, to enable them to connect together. We will be planning a few forums during the year on topics that will be of interest to parents.

Vicky Hughson, Uniform Shop Manager Tel: 04 802 2543 • Fax: 04 802 2542 Email: WebSite:

Wellington College is excited to be selling Entertainment™ Books and the new Entertainment™ Digital Memberships in 2014!

As soon as our new committee is formed at our AGM, we will gather momentum with this year’s planning. In the meantime, please diary our annual ‘Big Blokes Breakfast’ on Friday, 6 June. This is a popular annual event for the boys and their father/significant male figure. Check our webpage on the College’s website (Whanau tab – Our Community).

Order your new 2014/2015 Wellington Entertainment™ Membership from Wellington College and 20% of your Membership purchase goes towards our fundraising for the Extracurricular Arts Programme! Visit to order your 2014/2015 membership today.

Enjoy the sunshine - perhaps our long awaited Wellington summer has finally arrived! Christine Young, Wellington College Parents’ Committee Y9 Parent Lunch volunteers. (L-R): Kathy Dent, Andrea Van de Velden, Claire McKay, Lisa McPherson and Christine Young.

Wellington College Parents are invited to attend an evening on 'Tackling Technology' Tuesday, 18 March at 7.30pm in the College Hall. Entry by Gold coin donation. Get the confidence and skills you need to be proactive when tackling technology issues in the home. Topics include text bullying, gadget addiction, online safety, sexting and electronic gaming. For more information, please contact or 803 0325. LUMEN ACCIPE ET IMPERTI


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