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WELLINGTON COLLEGE BOARD OF GOVERNORS Mr. T. H. WATSON, Chairman Mr. A. Anderson Mr. G. Matthews Mr. S. J. Bishop Councillor J. H. Turk Mr. L. Cave Mrs. J. Waddel Dr. A. E. Fieldhouse Mr. A. F. Wilton Secretary to the Board of Governors: Mr. L. J. MOCHAN.

STAFF Headmaster: S. W. HILL, M.A. Deputy Principal: A. N. B. McALOON, M.A., Dip.Apt.Ens. (Poiters) Heads of Departments: G. HALLIDAY, M.A.(Hons.), English and Commerce. A. K. HOLT, M.Sc.(Hons.), Science. A. N. B. McALOON, M.A.(Hons.), Dip.Apt.Ens. (Poitiers), Languages. R. BRADLEY, M.A.(Hons.), Mathematics. A. B. GORDON, B.A., Social Studies.

E. F. Barrington, B.Sc. C. Barry, Dip. F.A. A.B. Best, M.A. K.V. Bliss, B.Sc., Dip.Ed. P. N. Bloom, B.A. (Minnesota) R. W. Bruning, M.A.(Hons.) E. Cardale, M.Sc.(Hons.) E. N. Clayton, M.A.(Hons.) J. Craig, B.A., Dip.Ed. (London) J. L. Dighton, M.A. K. M. Donnellan G. R. Girvan, M.A. W. F. Greenlees, M.A. I. M. Henderson R. Hill, B.Sc.(Econ.) (London) G. L. Howell, M.Sc. G. R. Hunter, B.Sc. (London)

R. C. Lane G. M. Leech, M.A. R. Michael, M.A.(Hons.) L. S. Moodie, B.A. S. F. Newman, M.A.(Hons.) B. A. Paetz, M.A.(Hons.) D. E. Roberts, M.A.(Hons.), B.Mus. R. A. Sinclair, M.A. V. Snater L. J. Sutton, M.A.(Hons.) C. E. Shorter, B.Com., F.R.A.N.Z. N. Swain G. E. Thomas P. J. Walls, B.A.(Hons.) A. Weatherall, B.Sc. A. C. Yule, M.A



Editorial Older schools have long suffered in comparison with the newer ones as far as the facilities they can provide are concerned. This has been particularly true of Wellington College. For too long both masters and boys have had to put up with draughty, ill-lit prefabs, dangerously over-crowded laboratories, not to mention the inconveniences of Room 18 and the Senior Prep. Room. However, this is all to change. Recently the Headmaster announced that the College is to have a comprehensive rebuilding scheme which will bring it up to the standard of the newest schools and yet which will retain the distinctive character of the school. This is probably the first time that an old school has been completely modernised. The plan is in two phases. The first phase includes the erection of a completely new three-storey science block which will probably provide the most efficient teaching laboratories in New Zealand. This block will be erected at the back of the school where the old prefabs are now sited. At the same time all the classrooms in the main block are to be remodelled and brought up to modern standards. Old Boys will be dismayed to learn that in this phase their Memorial Hall is to be pulled down. It has been discovered that the hall is an earthquake hazard. However, we have been assured that the new hall will retain the distinctive character of the old one. During Phase One, new prefabs will have to be erected on the front terraces to accommodate the classes disrupted by the remodelling. Phase Two is the extension of the west end of the main building into a library block. In this phase the historic West School will be demolished. This plan will entail a considerable disruption of school life for the next four or five years, but the end result will be the establishment of physical facilities which will be worthy of the proud traditions of the school.


Annual Prize Giving... In his annual address, Mr. Hill noted the drop in the school roll and the fact that, because of the large sixth form roll, the school qualified to become one of the new Grade VI schools established that year. He also commented once again on the difficulties of finding staff. After detailing the record of the school’s achievements in the scholastic and sporting fields, Mr. Hill concluded by thanking all those who had assisted him during the year. “I must now pay thanks to the numerous people who have helped the school during the past year. “First the Staff. I must thank them for their loyalty and support in what have been at times very trying conditions. They fully deserve their holiday and I hope they all get away and forget about things till next year. “Although it has been mentioned by Mr. Watson, I too would like publicly to pay my tribute to Mr. J. L. Dighton, who acted as Headmaster during my absence this year. He carried on magnificently and handed over the school upon my return in excellent heart. I am sure many must have wished I had prolonged my absence a little longer, but unfortunately for all, my trip was limited to only three months. I feel that the appointment which Mr. Dighton cheerfully and willingly undertook was a fitting

demonstration of the confidence and affection with which he is so widely held. “I must thank as well the officers of the Department of Education whom I have found most co-operative and anxious to help at all times. I must especially refer to those in the Wellington Regional Office and the Superintendent, Mr. H. W. Sayers, who has been a true friend to the school. “My thanks too, Sir, go to the Board of Governors for the support I receive from them, from you and from the Secretary, Mr. L. J. Mochan. By your sympathy, understanding and encouragement you make my task a more pleasant and bearable one. “Finally a word to the boys themselves. For many this is your last assembly and a sad occasion. Tomorrow you will be Old Boys of Wellington College. May I moralise for a moment. You must forgive me this weakness. This is the only time I have a captive audience. “There is one rule I believe young men of your calibre must always keep before you if our present democratic society is to survive. That is - you must accept your responsibilities before you insist upon your rights. If you do just that you will be doing everything Wellington College hopes to instil in young men to become good citizens.”

Class Prize List 3ShC S. Papageorge 3C K. Young 3ShB N. J. Livingstone 3B M. G. Gazley 3ShA T. Meech 3A (Hing Prize) G. A. H. Craigie I. A. Hines

4GB D. J. Allen 4GA S. Arithimos 4ShB R. K. J. Allen 4B S. Bhattacharya 4ShA G. J. Warring 4A (Hing Prize) P. E. Wilton

5ShC K. Kelly 5C G. Ormrod 5ShB J. R. Harris 5B W. L. Sharrock 5ShA A. B. Smythe 5A J. Swinley U53 J. S. Croy U52 I. K. Bridge U51 S.N.Von Sturmer


Prize List - 1965

Liverton Prize for Science: D. D. Gorman, 6S Old Boys’ Prize for Mathematics: D. J. Gilbert, 6A Bertram Mitford Prize for Science: B. B. Smythe, 6A; D. J. Gilbert, 6A Christchurch Old Boys’ Prize for Literature: R. F. Renouf, 4ShB Foster-Brookes Crouch Prize for Literature: D. Barton, 3A M. Porath, 3B M. D. Twist, 3ShC Cocks Memorial Prize for Literature: J. A. Langford, 4A A. B. Withers Science Prize 4B: S. Bhattacharya Hales Prize for Music: M. S. Hope M. J. Golding Sefton Adams Memorial Essay Prize: N. C. Marsack, 6A Barnicoat Memorial Prize for English Composition: J. Read, 6B1 William Small’s Prizes for Scholarship and Character: Fifths - J. Swinley, 5A Upper Fifths - S. W. Robinson, U51 Prefects’ Awards: S. J. Clark, M. J. Culliford, D. D. Gorman, J. M. Green, K. I. Houston, N. Koenig, J.R. Martin, A. Naziris, A. Parun, B. L. Rhoades, J. K. Raine (Dep. Head Prefect), P. McK. Rodger, A. W. Thornley, M. Monaghan (Head Prefect). J. P. Firth Bowls of Honour: Head House Prefect - P. Rodger Head Prefect - M. Monaghan Levin Languages Bursary (4A): K. Anastasiadis Levin Science Bursary (4A): J. P. Fyson Richardson History Bursary (4th Form): H. A. Hines Richardson Commercial Bursary (4th Form): S. Arathimos Beetham Art Scholarship (4th Form): R. G. Burke Smith & Jackson Woodwork Prize (4th Form): L. Anastasiadis Edward Espy Martin Science Bursary 5A B. A. McKinney Oscar and Victor Gallie Scholarship: L. G. Monaghan J. F. Firth Scholarship: J. K. Raine Proxime Accessite: D. J. Gilbert Dux of the School (Lance George Memorial Medal): M. Liddell B. B. Smythe

Sixth Form Scholarships: James Mackay Bursary: M. Liddell B. B. Smythe Moore Scholarship: M. Liddell B. B. Smythe Rhodes Scholarship: D. J. Gilbert J. B. Woodford M. J. Culliford Turnbull Scholarship: J. K. Raine R. Davies R. W. Gibbs J. Eriksen D. W. Joiner A. G. S. King A. W. Thornley C. G. Thorp C. & F. Beetham Scholarships: Music: (1) Piano - R. J. Earles (2) Instrumental - N. Koenig Edward Espy Martin Prizes for English: C. G. Thorp, 6A N. Koenig, 6B C. Anastasiou, 6B Edward Espy Martin Prizes for Mathematics: P. G. Cooper, 6S D. A. Rhoades, 6B Edward Espy Martin Prizes for French: M. Liddell, 6A M. R. Williamson, 6S A. E. G. Raine, 6B French Legation Prize for French: J. K. Raine Edward Espy Martin Prizes for Sixth Forms: Commerce - N. E. Parris, 6S; J. M. Green, 6B Geography - J. R. Martin, 6S; B. P. Peterson, 6B Latin - M. Liddell, 6A; J. A. S. Read, 6B German - M. Liddell, 6A; R. J. Morrison, 6S; J. A. S. Read, 6B Leverton Prizes for History: M. Liddell, 6A J. R. Martin, 6S P. Barker, 6S B. V. Preston, 6B Hales Prize for Sixth Form Art: M. Poulopoulos Stanley Hutchen Prizes for Sixth Form Science: Chemistry - A. E. G. Raine, 6B Physics - G. A. Fyson, 6B Biology - R. N. Sadler, 6S; D. J. Milne, 6B Add. Maths. - B. B. Smythe, 6A; D. J. Dellow, 6B 5

Dux-Equal of The School

- Photo by “Evening Post”, Wellington

- Photo by “Evening Post”, Wellington

B.B. Smythe

M. Liddell


Examination Results

M., Gibbs, R. W., Gilbert, D. J., Gordon, I. R., Gorman, D. D., Hamilton, D. J., Harrowfield, I. D., Hellberg, J. B., Houston, K. I., Huggard, C. S., Joiner, D. W., Kellaway, P. R., King, A. G. S., King, H. F., Koenig, N., Lendrum, A. B., Liddell, M., Macaskill, M., McLennan, A. A., Mair, P. F., Manley, B. L., Marsack, M. C., Martin, J. P., Martin, J. R., Martin, P. W., Monaghan, M. G., Morrison, R. J., Naziris, A., Norgate, K. R., Parris, N. E., Paul, J. W., Pether, M. N. C., Raba, T.. Raine, J. K., Read, G. B., Rhoades, B. L., Rodger, P. McK., Sadler, R. N., Schiff, J., Small, A. N., Smith, R. W., Smythe, B. B., Speed, R. A., Struthers, W. J., Taylor, P. T., Thornley, A. W., Thorp, C. G., Ward, D. A., Ward, R. C, Wedde, J. A., Williamson, M. R., Willmot, P. S., Woodford, K. B.

UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIPS Junior - M. Liddell. National - D. J. Gilbert, B. B. Smythe. Credit List - R. Davies, J. Eriksen, R. H. Gibbs, A. G. S. King, J. K. Raine, K. B. Woodford.

UNIVERSITY ENTRANCE Anastasiadis, A., Anastasiou, C., Arcus, J. D., Arnold, S. H., Barber, L. W., Beatson, G. R., Bell, C. T., Berry, S. P., Brace, R. A., Bradnock, P. P., Broad, A. E., Burge, W. K., Cameron, K. M., Campbell, D. O., Campbell, M. B. , Carter, C. N., Cassels, C. W., Cave, G. N., Chapman, J. W., Chesterman, E. H., Chisholm, R. P., Churchill, G. K., Clarke, A. P., Cocks, S. R. S., Cox, R. G., Davies, J. A., De Lisle, G. W., Dellow, D. J., Diment, G. R., Drury, G. M., Duncan, J. G. L., Elton, R. J., Evans, W. S., Fortune, D J. S., Freeman, F. W., Fyson, G. A., George, B. S., Gordon, R. R., Gotlieb, P. J., Green, J. M., Griffith, W. N. H., Gunn, G. M., Halliday, D. A., Hanley, R. L., Harford, D. L., Hayman, R. D., Helson, N. G., Herbert, B. J., Lleslop, J. D., Hewitt, D. C., Hill, H. R., Holmwood, R. L., Hood, T. R., Hope, M. S. P., Hornblow, J. C., Hough, C. J., Howman, J. D., Hudson, K. C., Hughes, R., James, J. W., James, K. L., Jenkins, J. R., Johnson, G. S., Keeling, W. J. P., Kelly, B. J., Laird, J. A., Lane, R. G., Lane, S. J., Laurenson, R. C., Leverton, A., Loh, J. C. K., Lorentz, J. J., MacDiarmid, S. C., Mackenzie, A. R., Macky, J. B., Maidens, J., Marks, C. W., Marshall, A. R., Marshall, K. J., Martin, M. M., Martin, R. N., McConnell, J. D., McGiath, P. J., McKenzie, A. W., McLean, J. S., McNicol, A. C. S., Mellor, P. E., Milne, D. J. M., Milson, R. T., Mitchell, P. J., Nicol, M. J., Oakey, C. A., Oram, M. A., Parun, A., Petersen, B P., Preston, B. V., Pulley, C. J., Raine, A. E. G., Read, J. A. S., Renouf, J. D., Rhoades, D. A., Rhodes, M. K. A., Richards, K. R., Rowe, G. R., Scott, D. M., Short, M. R., Somerville, C. P., Sommer, W. J., Soteros, J. J., Spiers, T. M., Stellin, C., Stephen, S. B., Stubbs, A. R., Studt, C., Thornley, R. J. R., Towns, D. R., Trendle, M. W., von Sturmer, A. E., Werren, R. J., Weston, D. V., Whitaker, J. R., White, G. V., Windsor, J. D., Woodward, I. P., Wright, E. R., Zohrab, P. D.

SCHOOL CERTIFICATE Adams, S. V., Ahradsen, J. P., Allan, R. J., Anderson, B. J., Anderson, D. G., Anslow, K. C., Atkin, W. R., Atkinson, J. B., Atmore, D. L., Baker, R. E., Ball, O. G., Beckett, C. F., Benfield, P. N., Bennett, P. M., Bevan, T. M., Bolland, N. G., Bowater, D. S., Boyd, I. R., Bridge, I. K., Bruce, S. A., Buist, M. J., Buist, W. F., Burn, D. C., Cameron, I. K., Carleton, W. A., Castle, T. J., Christie, A C., Christie, D. C., Cleverton, O., Coker, G. D., Collier, P. H., Cope, I. R., Courtney-O’Connor, D. D., Croy, J. S., de Bruyn, J. D., Dentice, P. T., Desborough, P. M.. Doctors, R. B., Dominik, A., Downs, F. G., Drake, B. J., Drake, J. W., Eng, D., Ferguson, J. G. C., Firn, L. M. P., Fisher, J. S. , Fleming, D. M. J., Fussell, H. L., Gesterkamp, D., Gifford, J. R., Golding, M. J., Gordon, D. G., Grimmett, G., Harley, R. N., Harris, J. R., Hill, D. L, Holmes, R. J., Holmes, R. W., Hughes, R. F., Hunt, J. T., Hunter, L. H., Instone, A. N., Kaiser, J. W., Kappatos, S. T., Kauser, R., Kerr, T. D., King, M. G. S., Kirkham, G. R., Kuttner, N. S., Langbein, F. T., Lindsay, G. C., Loh, P. C. K., Macgregor, F. R., Macgregor, J. W. K., Macpherson, D. J., Maddocks, G. S., Martin, D. J., Martin, P. G., McGuire, M. W., McKinney, B. A., McLennan, J. M., McLennan, J. F., McLeod, I. S., Miles, R. L., Moody, J. L., Morgan, D.F. , Morrison, B. A., Mulholland, K. B., Naulls, D. M., Okkerse, M. J. S., Oldfield, J. P. H, Page, M. J, Parker, B. D., Parun, D. A., Payton, I. J., Porter, M. K., Pratt, B.R., Press, H. L., Reid, J. R., Rickman, J. P., Rigg, D. G, Robinson, S. W., Rowley, J. N., Rutherford, J. C., Saunders, J. C., Sharrock, W. L. W., Shayle-George, P. J., Sheppard, T. M., Simpson, A. J., Skelley, R. C., Smythe, A. B., Snowball, H. M., Soteros, G. J., Speedy, P. G., Stacey, R. J., Stephenson, A., Stevenson, D. C., Stevenson, P. J., Stewart, J. D., Stone, M. C., Stratigopoulos, G., Struthers, B. I., Swinley, J., Tie, A. B. M., Tomkies, R. J. G., Turner, H. N., Twigden, D. H., Underwood, J. A. L., Vaughan, D. L., Veale, R. H., von Sturmer, S. N., Voyce, F. W., Wade, D. R., Wade, G. M., Wilde, R. G., Wiley, D A., Wilkie, C. D., Williams, H. J., Williams, J.L.,Williams, L., Wong, S. D., Woodbridge, D. M., Young, B., Baussmann, D. P., Haiselden, T. C., Morrison, J. L.

HIGHER SCHOOL CERTIFICATE Ashton, W. D., Barker, P., Black, M. J., Breitbardt, W. M., Bridges, G. M., Carman, K. L., Catchpole, N. G., Charles, G. D., Cheyne, G. A., Chong, P., Clark, G. J., Clarkson, S. J., Clement, K., Cooper, P. G., Cromie, H. J. S., Croy, G. W. H., Culliford, M. J., Davies R., Dayman, G. J., Dibley, R. H., Earles, R. J., Erikson, J., Fyson, M. H., Gandar, J. 7

- Photo by Frank Thompson Crown Studios, Wellington

WELLINGTON COLLEGE PREFECTS, 1965 BACK ROW: D. D. Gorman, A. Parun, J. M. Green, A. W. Thornley, C. J. Clark SECOND ROW: B. L. Rhoades, P. McK. Rodger, M. J. Culliford, J. R. Martin SITTING: K. I. Houston, J. K. Raine (Deputy), M. G. Monaghan (Head), A. Naziris, N. Koenig


STAFF NOTES Once again the new year saw quite a number of new masters to the College. New permanent staff members were: Mr. R. R. Hill from London (via Tiki Tiki), Mr. A. Weatherall from Mangakino, Mr. C. Shorter from Napier Boys’ High, Mr. S. F. Newman from Tamaki College, and Mr. P. J. Walls from Christchurch Training College. Relieving masters at the beginning of the year were: Mr. L. F. Mann from England, Mr. H. C. D. Manson (for Mr. McAloon, who was on sick leave) and Mr. J. H. Crawford.

In September G. L. Howell was off sick and Mrs. I, M. Campbell temporarily replaced him. Other part-timers filling up gaps during the third term were Messrs. D. Milne, T. Steiner, A. W. Short (who retired in 1945!). Next year there will be a few familiar faces gone as these people are definitely leaving at the end of the year: W. F. Greenlees, G. R. Hunter, R. A. Sinclair and A. B. Best.

During the course of the year, however, there were numerous changes. In March T. Ransom replaced T. H. Crawford in chemistry and mathematics. In May W. A. Van Dyk, here since 1962, transferred to Dargaville to do his country service. Mr. A. R. Wills has relieved since then.

Acting Headmaster While the Headmaster, Mr. Hill, was away on a Woolf Fisher Travelling Fellowship, Mr. J. Dighton took over as Acting Headmaster. In the three months that he filled the post he performed his duties with dignity and efficiency. As a mark of their appreciation, both the staff and the Board of Governors made presentations to Mr. Dighton.

In July L. F. Mann resigned and was replaced by R. D. Campbell. In the same month H. C. D. Manson and T. Ransom left.

- Photo by Frank Thompson Crown Studios, Wellington

M.G. MONAGHAN, Head Prefect, 1965 9


President: Mr. L. M. H. Cave. Vice-President: Mr. G. P. Rabey. Secretary: Mr. H. R. Hill. Treasurer: Mr. G. E. Wilde. Committee: Mesdames L. A. Marks, E. Raine, K. Rowe and Messrs. A. Anderson, P. M. Archer, J. A. Baird, B. S. Cole, K. F. Cope, C. W. Hampton, W. L. Harrison, J. H. Macky, J. B. Porath, C. F. S. Stubbs, J. H. Veale (resigned July) and J. M. Whitta.

“What the College has to Offer for Your Son”. Fourth Form Evening: Dr. S. W. P. Mirams, Director, Division of Mental Health, spoke on “Adolescence - Fact or Fiction?” Fifth Form Evening: The Headmaster, Mr. S. H. W. Hill, addressed this meeting on “Course Options in the Sixth Form” and then followed this with a short talk entitled, “Some Impressions of Overseas Schools”. Sixth Form Evening: Professor F. W. Holmes addressed the parents of Sixth Form pupils, many of whom were accompanied by their sons. His subject, which created great interest, was “The University and Beyond”.

Appointed by Old Boys’ Association: Mr. P. H. Mayer (resigned August). Appointed by College Mothers: Mesdames E. Berry and J. D. Broad. Honorary Auditor: Mr. A. L. McLean.

Auction Sale A very successful auction sale and raffle was held in October. The nett profit was £3,773/13/2. The purpose was to raise funds to provide terracing on the south bank overlooking the main sports field. It is hoped that the work will be completed early in the new school year. The success of the auction sale and raffle was due to the very generous support of parents and friends and the tremendous amount of work put into the effort by very many people, including a large number of the Firth House boarders. Although it is obviously undesirable and, in fact, impossible to list all those who gave so generously of their time in the necessary work of organisation and on the actual day of the sale, special mention should be recorded of the work of the Convenor of the Auction Committee, Mr. P. M. Archer, and of the generosity of the auctioneer, Mr. Dunbar Sloane, who not only conducted the sale free of charge but also supplied his own staff at no cost to the Association. Our particular thanks are due to these two gentlemen.

Membership of Association All parents of pupils are automatically members of the Association and entitled to take part in all activities of the Association. There is no enrolment and subscription is by invitation to families to make a donation.

Income and Disbursement The income of the Association depends upon the generosity of parents in making an annual donation and such fund raising as may be organised by the Executive. Association funds provide or contribute to amenities for the College, the cost of which would not be available from any other source. In the current year donations amounted to £217.0.0 from 337 families. The support received in this manner is disappointing particularly as last year 401 families made donations and in 1963 430 families. The number of families with sons at the College has in all these years been well in excess of 800. Disbursements made during the year: £120 to College Library, £60 for rowing skiff purchased from Aramoho Rowing Club, £25 for coffee tables for staff room, £50 towards cost of instruments, etc., for College Pipe Band; while the sum of £300 has been set aside as the Parents’ Association donation towards the cost of the grand piano which should arrive early in the new year.

Appreciation The Executive expresses sincere appreciation to the speakers at the Form Evenings, to the Headmaster, Mr. S. H. W. Hill, and to the Acting Headmaster, Mr. J. L. Dighton, during the absence overseas of Mr. Hill, for their regular attendance at monthly meetings and the benefit of their advice and wisdom, which they so freely made available to the Executive; to Mrs. Power, Secretary to the Headmaster, for her unfailing assistance; to the Masters for their voluntary attendance at Form Evenings; to the College Mothers for serving lunches and teas at sports matches and similar functions.

Form Evenings Probably the most important activities of the Parents’ Association are the Form Evenings, which draw excellent attendances. Except for the Third Form evening these are attended by Masters, with whom parents can discuss their boys’ progress. The Third Form Evening was addressed by the Headmaster, Mr. S. H. W. Hill, who took as his subject,

College Mothers As usual, the Association has received the enthusiastic and very real support of the College Mothers. The work which they so willingly undertook in preparation for the 10

without mention of the work done by the committee for the Auction Sale held on October 2nd. For the fortnight before, under the able leadership of Mrs. de Berry, the mothers sorted, cleaned and polished the goods sent in for sale. This led to the White Elephant stall having a particularly gleaming look and making a good profit. Mothers also manned the cafeteria, books, pictures and cake stalls, all the takings being worth the extra effort. We would like to recommend College Mothers to all readers.

Auction Sale contributed greatly to the success of that event. In this regard we feel it only proper to single out Mrs. E. L. de Berry for special mention, as her efforts surpassed anything which could reasonably have been expected. The College Mothers held five Open Afternoons during the year, plus the usual Clothing Exchange immediately before the opening of the school year. The facilities which they offered for the buying and selling of good used school clothing and sports gear and the stalls which they stock as a fund-raising effort are always greatly appreciated. As a result of their efforts they were able to make a donation of one hundred pounds to the College Library this year.


The Association The Parents Association takes a real part in the life of Wellington College; it helps to provide amenities which would not otherwise be available and serves as a link between parents and College and parents and the Board of Governors. Messrs. A. Anderson and L. M. H. Cave of this Executive are both members of the Board of Governors.

President: Mr. S. J. Bishop. Secretary-Treasurer: Mr. R. B. Cathcart. Registered Office: Room 536, D.I.C. Building, Wellington. Telephone 42-269 - P.O. Box 710, Wellington. In 1965 the Old Boys’ Association held its 75th Annual General Meeting in conjunction with the Annual Dinner in the Student Union Building at Victoria University. The Association was actually formed in 1885, but went into recess for some years until 1890 when the second annual meeting was held. Since then it has expanded until the membership has reached several thousand and branch associations have been formed throughout New Zealand. The Annual Dinner in Wellington was well attended with 130 old boys present. The toast to “The School” was proposed by Rev. G. H. Yates, and replied to by the Headmaster. The toast to “Kindred Associations” was proposed by Mr. D. L. Waller, President W.C.O.B. Football Club, and replied to by Mr. M. Kennedy, President St. Patrick’s College Old Boys’ Association. The Majestic Cabaret was again the venue for the Annual Ball held in July. This function continues to be extremely popular with the younger old boys and tickets were reported to have been sold out two weeks before the function. The Association has given its support during the year to the Committee organising the College Centennial celebrations for 1967. The organisers report that their roll of old boys’ names and addresses will soon reach 5,000. It is hoped that there will be from 2,000-3,000 old boys attending the centennial celebrations. The Committee members of the Association join with the President in congratulating those boys who achieved academic success during the year and to those who left college at the end of 1965 we send our best wishes for their success in the future.


At the Annual Meeting held in March the following mothers were elected to the Committee: President: Mrs. de Berry. Vice-President: Mrs. J. Martin. Secretary: Mrs. Broad. Treasurer: Mrs. Anderson. Mesdames Tomkies, Smith, Dewsnap, Adams, Stone, Hurdley, Oakey, Miles, Carman, Chisholm, Martin, Speed, McKinney, Hill, McLauchlan, Lennie, Hampton, Rees Thomas, Catchpole and Rhoades. This Committee is pleased to report a very successful and active year. A varied programme was provided for the Open Afternoons held during the year in the College Social Hall, talks being given by very able speakers covering a range of subjects from life as lived by white women in South Africa, the work of the city mission, the change to decimal coinage and finally Mrs. Hill gave a comprehensive talk on her recent travels abroad. Facilities for buying and selling good used school clothing and the bring and buy stalls provided at the Open Afternoons gave satisfactory fund raising results. This year the College Mothers were very happy to be able to make a presentation to the school of £100 towards new library books. No report of the year’s activities would be complete 11

FIRTH HOUSE Included in this year’s intake was an unusually large number of seniors. Prominent among them was Michael Monaghan, the school head-prefect. Although we cannot take any real credit for his achievements, we would like to think that, with the others, Michael gained something worthwhile from his stay here. Of last year’s staff, only Mr. Howell, Mr. Yule and Mr. Leech returned. Two new and enthusiastic masters, Mr. Thomas and Mr. Barrington, completed the roll. Mr. Weatherall, a new schoolmaster who boarded for the year, brought a dog which became a familiar sight to the sun-bathers on the terrace. On a Saturday morning, the 6th of February, we held the House Swimming Sports. These were organised and run by the prefects and proved very successful. In the first race, the masters’ width dog-paddle, Mr. Howell was first home but was disqualified for using frog-kicks. The decision went to long-stroking Mr. Yule. Graeme Gunn had just won the senior 100 yards when the competitors in the novelty event decided to start early. Although we were robbed of a satisfactory finish by the ensuing mix up, we feel this is an innovation which should last. On the 10th of February we were visited by a very distinguished House Old Boy, Dr. Pickering. He pointed out the great changes which had taken place since he was here. The House Athletic Sports, another new and successful idea, took place on a Saturday morning. The hopes raised by many good performances were in the main borne out by successes in the school sports. Graeme Drury broke two records and Mike Monaghan took all the senior sprint titles. Five House boys gained places in the Inter-Collegiate sports. April 1st brought the usual practical jokes, the most amusing being the removal of all handles from the dormitory doors. The seniors, enjoying a welcome sleepin, proved rather hard to rouse. Mr. Thomas’s Athletic Club was again very popular both before and after the sports, being used mainly for preseason rugby training. With athletics over, rugby brought the usual fanatical training for the hopeful, bruises and broken bones for the unlucky, and cold showers for the tardy; also the distinctive sight of dirty gear in the showerrooms. Mike Monaghan (captain), Dick Laurenson, Bruce Morrison, Pete Rodger, John Saunders, Rob Sinkinson and John Wedde all made the 1st XV. In addition, Graeme Gunn and John Gandar were captain and vice-captain 12

respectively of the 2nd XV. Our dance on the 1st of May proved more popular with the day-boys than with some of our members. However, none of the usual atmosphere was lost and even the band, “Bari and the Breakaways”, joined in the fun. The House lounge was used periodically throughout the second term by the newly formed 6th Form Discussion Group. The talks produced some extremely thoughtprovoking material for seniors, and we were glad to see our lounge put to such a worthwhile use. Two exotic and unpronounceable names on the roll finally materialised into a pair of very good-natured Thai boys, Saroj Hongladarom and “George” Bhandhugravi, who arrived during this term. Many found absorbing sports on Friday evenings. Some (also) went to basketball and fencing. There was spasmodic enthusiasm as the Gibb House game was continually postponed then at last cancelled, and we feel we were deprived of another good win. As for Saturday rugby, there was talk of a broken nose club which would have had some prominent members. In general the cold and wet Wellington weather saw us confined indoors on many afternoons. All became used to the shouts of irate card-players, and the wails of aspiring folk-singers. Sounding above everything else came the discordant “pop-tunes” blaring from the gram. Small wonder some sought relief from boredom. And then came tournament. Not quite the same excitement was noticeable as in other years although even more boarders than usual - about 40 in all - were there for both games. Despite the circumstances in which we lost the final, most enjoyed what is to be the last “social” tournament. The third term got off to a lazy, easy-going start. We welcomed to the House a third school prefect, John Martin, who eventually filled a vacated position in the House Prefects’ ranks. The masters lost two members in rapid succession, although Mr. Thomas was able to return after an operation. Indeed sickness was much a part of the third term. An epidemic of mumps stayed with us for the duration of this spell, and Dick Laurenson followed Mr. Thomas to the appendicitis ward. Mike Monaghan (capt.), John Lorentz (vice-capt.) and Tony Lendrum in the 1st XI were among the sport playing boarders, but most preferred to sun-bathe, and sometimes swot as the mood took them. Five prefects even took time off for an invigorating weekend tramp and several other parties followed their example later in the term. Also about this time the school held its monster auction. House boys put in many hours preparing the goods and

assisting in their sale and removal. In appreciation of this service the Parents’ Association presented us with £20 to be spent on amenities for the boys. From discussions on how best to spend this sum it became obvious that our most pressing need was for a second telephone. The Board have decided to bear this expense, so we fell back on our second choice, which was to make a start with a reference library. We hope this will eventuate in time to be used in 1966.

U.E. accrediting brought few surprises. The Leavers’ Tea finished the year once again. Our congratulations must go to John Weston as the first holder of the new Magill Music Cup. And finally, in direct contrast with some Saturday night check-ins - the boys had to wait for the Masters to finish their celebrating.

- Photo by Frank Thompson Crown Studios, Wellington

FIRTH HOUSE PREFECTS 1965 STANDING: J. R. Martin, A. B. Lendrum, J. M. Gandar, G. M. Gunn SITTING: M. G. Monaghan, P. McK. Rodger (Head), J. A. Wedde ABSENT: C. G. Thorp


It Happened In 1965... FEBRUARY 1 2 9 10

11 15 19 22 23 24


Boarders arrive at Firth House. School officially starts. Prefects announced. Dr. Pickering visits school. A blaze on the hills overlooking the hockey field looked threatening for a while, but to the disappointment of many it was brought under control before it could reach the school. Preliminaries for the swimming sports. Barracks Week begins. This was fated to be the last one for the College. Barracks Week ends with a demonstration of the skills learned. School detained after school. Assembly noticeably quieter today. Swimming sports.

19 22 23 24 26 27 31

The Head announced in assembly that Cadets had been abolished. Code of behaviour for the Inter-College Athletics announced - hakas banned. Intercoll, postponed. Mr. Hill announced that Mr. Dighton would be the acting Headmaster while he was overseas. Rugby weigh-in. Mr. Dighton takes his first assembly. First day of 1st XV trials. Mr. Dighton farewelled the Head. Intercoll. held - a good win for the College. W.C.O.B. Gymnasium opened. The last evidence of Cadets disappears. Uniforms collected and the army truck moved out for the last time.

APRIL 1 2 3 6

Noticeable absence of pranks today. Basketball trials held in Newtown stadium. Rowing team left for Wanganui. Embarrassing silence in verse 5 of hymn 19; the 3rd formers did not make their traditional entry. 9 6th formers go to see “Richard III”. 10 Maadi Cup rowing today. 12 Some good excuses for lateness today - Council buses did not run until 1.30 p.m. 14 Mr. Baker, an expert on the Sahara Desert, spoke on this subject to the assembly. 15-21 Easter vacation. 22 First term exams. 23 Anzac service. 25 M. Monaghan laid the college wreath at the Anzac Service held at the Cenotaph. 30 6th formers joined other Wellington secondary schools at a concert presented by the N.Z.B.C. Symphony Orchestra.

MAY 5 7 25 27

The year begins.

MARCH 2 3 4 10 11 15

Mrs. Dighton presents the sports trophies. BREAK UP. Second term begins. 4th form Parents’ Evening.


Prelims, for the athletic sports cancelled because of wet weather. Prelims, again cancelled. Prelims, finally held. Athletic sports. First XI cricket caps presented by I. N. Taylor, and team leaves for New Plymouth.

2-3 16 21


Cricket match with New Plymouth B.H.S. starts today. 14

Drama Club’s one-act plays. College A basketball team narrowly defeats Rongotai A. Mr. McAloon returned today and was welcomed in Assembly by Mr. Dighton. Wilson Whineray visited school to coach ID rugby team. The annual rugby match with St. Pat’s. This time at Athletic Park.


JULY 1 2 5 21 22 28 29 31

What is Totam? The Memorial Hall invaded by Wellington East girls today. N.A.S.C. display. Mr. Hill returns today.

The Wellington College-educated moon shot specialist, Dr. William Pickering, returned to his old school to address us on the United States space programme. Though he seemed uneasy in the presence of so many of the present pupils, Dr. Pickering’s enthusiasm for the space programme quickly out-weighed any traces of selfconsciousness. After outlining the Mariner project of which he was in charge, he went on to say that he was confident a United States citizen would land on the moon by 1970. Mr. Hill introduced Dr. Pickering to one of his old teachers, Mr. Dighton. “They hadn’t met since 1927,” Mr. Hill said, “but he recognised Mr. Dighton immediately.” Mr. Hill and Dr. Pickering later strolled through the school grounds. “So much came back to him,” Mr. Hill said. “He seemed almost a little sad as he watched all the changes to the College buildings. He really was genuinely thrilled to be back.”

Mr. Hill entertains the school with an account of highlights of his trip. 1st XV v. St. Pat’s Silverstream. N.Z. Drama Quartet presents a series of four extracts to 5th and 6th formers. Presentation of 1st XV caps. Springboks practise on No. 1 ground. 5th form Parents’ Evening. 1st XV v. Auckland Grammar at Auckland.

AUGUST 1 14 20 21-23

The Bear Trio performs in the hall. School dance. Second term ends. Rugby Quadrangular Tournament, Nelson.

SEPTEMBER 10-11 Basketball, Wellington Provincial InterCollegiate Championships. 14 Third term begins.

OCTOBER 10 16 20 21

Auction. School leavers’ dance. Speech competitions. 6th form Parents’ Evening.


Don Clarke visits the Assembly. At the same time the touring American softballers entertained the 3rd formers. 12 Last full school assembly of the year. It is announced that A. W. Thornley has been selected to join Volunteer Service Abroad. 13 A day of tension - accrediting is announced. 16 School Certificate examination begins. 29-30 Cricket, 2nd XI; and tennis, v. Palmerston North B.H.S., at College.

DECEMBER 2 9 10 10-11

End of year Sports for 5th and 6th formers. Prefects’ concert. Annual prize-giving and break-up. 1st XI v. Wanganui Collegiate at Wanganui J.C.D., 6B2.


For many years we have been assisting the Health Camps by selling stamps on the first day of issue, and total sales are usually about £30.

Dr. Pickering revisits his old school. 15


Including the raffle, nearly £4,000 was raised. This reflects great credit both on the organisers and on those people who bid so generously at the sale. The school is most grateful to all who helped to make it such a success.

One of the biggest events of the third term was the giant auction sale organised by the Parents’ Association. They had decided to raise money to provide seating accommodation on the terraces overlooking No. 1 rugby field. Their target was £2,000. Under the energetic direction of Mr. P. Archer, the organisation swung into operation and soon the contributions were pouring in. Material arrived by the truckload and very soon the Social Hall and the bottom gymnasium were full and the articles spilled out to fill up the space between the West School and the gymnasium. Special thanks must be given to the Firth House boys, who gave up much of their leisure time to unload and store the articles. The response to appeals for goods was so great that the Headmaster had to call a halt. The range of the goods was amazing. Fridges, bikes, furniture, pianos, books, washing machines, pictures, foodstuffs, hardware, bird-cages, toys - the list is endless.

ANZAC DAY, 1965 The school’s observance of Anzac Day was held in the Memorial Hall on the afternoon of Friday, April 24. The speaker was Mr. Malcolm Mason, O.B.E., M.C., who in his speech emphasised the horror of war and expressed the hope that none of those present would have to experience it. The service was notable for its quiet dignity.

CORSO AND RICE BOWL APPEALS The school has again associated itself with these very worthy causes. We have many requests from outside organisations for help, but to no others do we so willingly give what help we can.

SPACEMOBILE LECTURE On Friday, 2nd July, the school was visited by a travelling lecture demonstration unit called a Spacemobile. Brought to New Zealand by the American National Aeronautics and Space Administration (N.A.S.A.) and loaned to the Department of Education, the Spacemobile is a well equipped truck fully equipped with projectors and public address system, together with models of launch vehicles and spacecraft, mechanical and electronic devices, and other audio-visual materials and experimental equipment. The two lecturers, one of them, Mr. P. B. Graham, an Old Boy, gave a graphic history of space exploration and rocketry up to the present day, and then they gave a detailed account of N.A.S.A.’s present endeavours and future plans. The presentation of the lecture was slick and varied, interest never flagging for a moment. Among the distinguished guests present were: Hon. A. E. Kinsella, Hon. W. J. Scott (Postmaster General) and Mr. H. W. Sayers (Regional Superintendent of Education).

Prefects sitting amongst some of the goods at the Auction. Mr. Dunbar Sloane, the well-known auctioneer and an Old Boy, kindly volunteered his services, and what a task faced him! Quite apart from the formidable task of cataloguing the hundreds of lots, he estimated that in order to get everything sold, he would have to auction non-stop at the rate of over 100 lots an hour. The day of the auction, October 10th, was over- cast, but because of the publicity given to the event a huge number of people attended. Bidding was lively and, in general, articles went for a high price. Once again College boys did a valuable job in collecting money, marshalling cars and doing the thousand and one other jobs connected with such an undertaking. By about 4 o’clock the last lot was sold out and comparative peace descended on the school. The results of the auction exceeded all expectations. 16


P.J. O’Reilly, 6B6 17

M. Poulopoulos

Verse and Prose... THE WIND AND THE WAVES

of my radio until the voices came. It was a comfort to hear them laughing and jeering. Always keen, that’s what I liked about them best I think - their enthusiasm. “Mr. Speaker,” and “Order, order,” while I could doze, safeguarded by important people. Doze, and leave my troubles to them. I liked the way they laughed, disclaiming foolishness. “Ho ho, ha, ha, ha.” I could visualise it all. Sometimes my heart swelled in agreement: “Mr. Speaker, we must not take a short-sighted view of this problem. We must safeguard our children . . .” and I could doze some more. Warriors all, they seemed to be. It didn’t matter if some of them used bad English. They were all for me. Listening to the House became a habit. I didn’t take sides. It didn’t seem to count. They were all dedicated, far-seeing men. All this was all long ago. I listened without thinking of seeing until the other day I went up the steps and entered the large, grey building. It was all as I had imagined: great halls and red carpet. I was ushered into the public gallery. I leaned on the balustrade but was told to sit back. So there it was, and I was disappointed. Blue couches, and old men reading newspapers. One member was on his feet: “Mr. Speaker, I wish to draw the attention of the House to the recent sales of pig-meat to Australia.” “We’d send you if we thought you were good enough quality,” one member, who was reading ‘Andy Capp’ replied. “Ha, ha, ha, ho, ho, ho.” His companions echoed, “Ho, ho, ho,” but read on. Raising his wigged head, Mr. Speaker said gently, “Order, order.”

Loud howls the wind, Thunderously roar the waves; The night is black as black, Black as a grave! A brilliant flash of lightning Streaks across the sky, Silhouetting farmhouses And the country’s lie. Hissing foam and wind blown spray, Heavy waves that pound and sigh, Crag lighthouse beams Like a god-forsaken eye. The wind and the waves, These are the dreaded elements That pound against our rocky shores Until the earth will spin no more. - Dennis Cole, 3ShB.

MR. SPEAKER When I was a small boy I was fascinated by my Grandmother’s capacity for listening to the House of Parliament. This was, of course, before the advent of television, and I doubt whether such an ardent T.V. fan as she is now bothers any more. It’s a shame really, because it seemed to absorb all her attention. When she was doing the ironing, or just sitting, idly pulling whiskers from her chin, she’d say, “Lies, all lies, and the devils know it.” Always the voices went on: “Mr. Speaker, I wish to draw the attention of the House to . . .” I hated it when my grandmother was bored. She’d sit brooding out the window with dull eyes, while the wind blew and the house creaked. Later in the day it would start again: the crackle of the radio and the bustle of activity. My grandmother would go about her work with decision and concentration. “The devils,” she’d say. “They’d have soup kitchens again if they had their way.” I liked it really, always the feeling of purpose and drive in the air. Once, while she was looking out the window, with the wind blowing outside, I said, “Listen to the House, Grandma.” She laughed, and I didn’t understand, because I wanted her to become alive again. At night, in bed, I hated the dark. I would turn the dial

- J. A. Langford, 4A .

SUN RISE First a red light Seeping through the cracks of darkness Casting long shadows, Leaving behind it the doubts of darkness. The dog stirs in his kennel. Suddenly, as if from nowhere, leaps the glorious light. The grass sparkles, The black shape of the hill is now distinguishable; The stream is not just a noise in the night. It is day. - Neil Worboys, 3ShB. 18


their discussion, crammed themselves into the blue M.G. and headed for home along the deserted streets . . .

The dimly-lit coffee-bar was not having a busy time, but was by no means deserted. An old, scratched juke-box was sending out a quick-beat, discordant but rhythmic song, telling of a lost love, to an uninterested group of teenagers. This party consisted of an equal number of boys and girls aged between 17 and 19. Obviously Varsity students, they were heatedly discussing some topic of recent interest. But one of the group, a boy, wasn’t taking part in it. After studying the few decorations on the red walls of the coffee-bar - a barely- decent picture of a girl here, a poster there - he smiled contentedly to himself, remembering the day’s events . . .

“Goodnight Roy,” chorused the nine to the individual who was first to arrive home. The latter replied and passed through the front gate, up the well-kept path and out of sight. The M.G. slid off again into the darkness. As he undressed, Roy wondered hopefully if he would be able to do the same again . . . such a friendly, cheerful crowd . . . The owner of the M.G. chuckled victoriously and turned to the girl pressed against him, but addressed the eight. “I told you he had no hair under his arms.”

He had been rung up at about nine that morning by the local ’varsity hero, one whom all the girls flocked around because of his racy M.G. At first annoyed at being disturbed, then pleasantly surprised, he had been invited to come to the beach “with the gang”. Not being a very social type, because he was consciously aware of having no good looks, he was happy to let any queries ride and to join the others, glad of the opportunity to emerge from his shell. Careful with his manners, not too loud with his voice, willing to fall in with the others’ suggestions, he had found himself losing his natural shyness and even felt as though he “belonged”. Though the other boys had more tan than he, the difference was barely noticeable, even when he had changed into his swim-suit. Six hours had been spent in the warm, rolling surf and in the golden sun. He had surprised himself by being able to stand upright and surf successfully to the shore, where the breakers wore themselves out on the gentle-sloping sand . . .

- G. Rowe, 6B2.

MEADOW SCENES As the sun picks the pink roses of the morning The cows masticate and meditate And follow with calm eyes the farmer’s dog. Coexistence To the death rattle of a machine gun Soldiers advance through tall grass And, according to temperament shoot with grimace or smile. Politics.

Yes, it had been fun alright, and now to end off the perfect day, here he was, sitting with his friends in the coffee-bar, although slightly tired after the surf and the film they had all just seen as well; but still content. He joined in the discussion . . . In the far distance, the War Memorial clock chimed. Midnight! The band roused themselves from

- Winton Cassels, 6B1.


We Were Active... Senior Discussion Group A committee was formed early this year by 6S3 to organise and run a Discussion Group on the suggestion of Mr. S. Newman. The aim of this group was to invite people from outside the school (expert in their fields) to speak on subjects connected with our studies and interests. The original plan was to invite these experts to speak for about 10 minutes on controversial subjects, which would stimulate perhaps half an hour’s subsequent discussion. It was also our intention to fit these meetings into the lunch hour in order to gain the maximum freedom of choice in speakers and topics, for if school times alone were used, the College might be held responsible for any “rebel” opinion expressed. However, we found that the lunch hour was not long enough for our purposes, so by putting the pressure on in the right places, it was found possible to sacrifice an English period to supplement the time at our disposal. We feel this should be a regular feature of future meetings though the upper sixth should be willing to give some of its time to these meetings in order to preserve the right of choice of speakers and topics. We procured these speakers on the following topics: Mr. Richard J. Gordon, “The Racial Problem in U.S.A.”; James K. Baxter, “Teaching of Poetry in Schools”; Mr. Howard L. Trotman, “Freedom from Hunger Campaign Aid”; Dr. W. B. Sutch, “Education in New Zealand”; Messrs. M. Lockwood and S. Toogood, “Advertising Keeps the Wheels of Industry Turning”; Mr. S. H. W. Hill, “Overseas Education Systems”; Mr. Bruce Mason, “The Failure of Criticism”; Sir Kenneth Gresson, “Censorship in N.Z.”. We found that some speakers were intent on presenting a case, rather than provoking an argument, and these tended to stimulate discussion better, especially in the cases of Dr. Sutch and Messrs. Toogood and Lockwood. However, the meeting which these advertising men addressed, which promised to be one of the hottest discussions in the history of the group, was aborted because of lack of time; a case when the extra period would have been very valuable. Proof of this also lies in the success of Dr. Sutch’s talk, when the extra time was indispensable. We think that more periods should be devoted to extra curricular such as this. Dr. Sutch advocated less specialisation in secondary schools in order to produce more versatile people. The tendency, he said, was to train people for a particular subject rather than to educate them. He told us that by 1980 New Zealand’s population will be about five million,

Committee: A. N. Small (Chairman), R. W. Smith (Secretary), J. A. Wedde Staff Adviser: Mr. S. Newman


and in order to maintain or improve our standard of living we must emulate prosperous countries that have about that population now, i.e., Switzerland or Denmark. To do this we must create a more extensive and more skilled industrial complex and this can only be successfully achieved by a well-educated society. In the case of J. K. Baxter we found that he was so wellversed in his subject that his comment upon his poem, “To a Spider Making Its Nest in the Corner of a Lavatory Roof” was above the heads of most of the boys. However, a small group of boys who stayed afterwards found that with a more intimate group Mr. Baxter was a stimulating and down-to-earth character. One of our most successful speakers was Bruce Mason, who spoke on the failure of criticism. As one who is subject to much criticism, Mr. Mason found that although he was interested in the criticism levelled at his works, he took little notice of it. In New Zealand, he said, there were too few dedicated critics and most criticism took the form of consumer reports without evaluating the theme. A critic must decide what a work is saying and whether it is worth saying. Then he can decide whether or not it is put in a “lively” manner and thus an estimate of its entertainment value. All discussions depend on group participation A speaker always has to put in a certain amount of thought and preparation. It is only fair, then, that the group should do the same. This could be carried out as a class activity in deciding what problems arise from a known topic and thus some pertinent questions could be raised at the group meeting. Although teachers have a syllabus to get through, it is also their duty to educate their pupils. Discussions and other allied activities form a necessary part of the “discovery” method of teaching. As a student-run activity, we feel that the discussion group has so far been a great success. If the venture had been run by a master, its value would have been lessened. This is because a master would perhaps have invited speakers to talk on subjects biased towards our studies rather than our interests. Furthermore, the speakers were to stimulate discussion between boys, not between boys and masters. Besides this, it is well known that the enthusiasm of the master in charge of a group like this is often forced, and when the group loses its initial interest so the master loses his initial interest. For these and other reasons we believe that the sixth

Duke Of Edinburgh Award Scheme

form, not only the prefects, should have a greater opportunity to take part in school government. This should not be restricted only to the administration of extra-curricular activities. Many schools make provision for this by creating a school council - groups usually comprised of prefects and school representatives - which voice the opinions of the pupils of the school. This trains the pupil in the practice of democratic government; an extremely vital form of education which does not yet exist in this school. The principle should be taken up in this school as soon as possible. In the discussions, we tried to get away from the normal classroom atmosphere of “just another lesson”. Consequently, we are very grateful to Mr. J. C. Craig for making the Firth House lounge available to us, no matter how short the notice may have been owing to occasional forgetfulness of the committee. We hope that his cooperation can be relied upon in the future. We would also like to acknowledge Mr. Newman’s advice and help and for his undaunted initial impetus. Most of all, we thank all our speakers, for without their interest the discussion group have been impossible.

Masters I.C.: Mr. Weatherall; Mr. Hill. It has long been recognised that a school or college, as an educational institution, should help to develop and foster those features of a pupil’s personality, other than scholarship and learning, which are not catered for in the normal classroom time-table, namely, resourcefulness, initiative, leadership, confidence, perseverance, team work and community spirit. A college should also embody within its curriculum some opportunity for its pupils, especially during adolescence, to meet some physical challenge and in meeting it endure some hardship, enjoy some adventure and if possible a sense of personal achievement Finally, a college should provide opportunity for its pupils to make the best use of their leisure while encouraging them to engage in some activity which renders a public service. Organised sports do, to some extent, meet these requirements but in order to widen its range of opportunities the college has this year, experimentally, adopted the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

School Dances

The Scheme The scheme embodies a variety of activities which are character-building and to which a certain standard of achievement is attached. They provide targets to which boys can aspire, in stages, between their 14th and 19th birthdays. The standards are intended to match average abilities; they are not set so as to favour only those who are naturally gifted. They should be within the reach of most boys PROVIDED THAT THEY MAKE THE EFFORT. This matter of perseverance is one of the keynotes of the

Both dances were very successful this year, particularly the first one, and although it was held only a week after the second term examinations, much work went into it. The theme was “A Midnight in Moscow”, and much of the art work was done by Mr. Barry, without whose help the prefects could never have managed. Much of the success of this first dance was assured by the defeat of H.V.H.S. at rugby in the afternoon. It could also be said that it was an opportunity to let off steam after the exams. The Mustangs played at the first dance and despite the absence of a base guitar they provided a good mixture of modern and conventional dance music. At the school leavers’ dance the music was provided by the Wanderers. At both dances the supper was provided by the Mothers in co-operation with Mr. Harewood. Both dances were compeered by college prefects, who made a good job of this difficult task.

Duke of Edinburgh Award candidates at Turangi. 21

will be testing and strengthening their own character. The scheme is not designed to give competition between schools but to interest and benefit the boy himself and through him the community. This year the following boys completed the first stage (Bronze) of the award and were presented with their badges by Brigadier Page: R. G. Andrews, C. J. Baird, M. H. de Berry, A. V. Dewsnap, R. H. Fogel, D. B. Graves, A. J. Hayman, W. M. McLean, K. W. Moss, R. G. Sewell, J. S. Tait, J. R. Tucker, M. E. Wiggins. These boys also completed the expedition section of the Silver Award when from November 30th to December 4th, with a new group beginning the Bronze, they camped at Turangi near Lake Taupo. From this site journeys of 15 and 30 miles were made in the Tongariro National Park area. Next year the present 3rd Forms will be invited to enter the scheme and we also look forward to the time when we present the first Gold badge under the College scheme.

scheme; another is the encouragement offered to boys to be all-rounders. There are four sections to each award: (a) Rescue and public service (e.g., a first aid course). (b) Expedition (e.g., walk 30 miles and camp two nights at different sites). (c) Pursuit and project (e.g., build a canoe). Must cover six months. (d) Physical fitness (e.g., swim 100 yards in certain time). Each of these four sections are covered simultaneously at stages of increasing difficulty. Bronze, Silver and Gold The scheme is not a competition. Boys are not competing against one another. They will discover new interests, measure themselves against a reasonable standard; they

The Library

Master I.C.: Mr. P.N. Bloom Librarian: Mrs. S.F. Kean

This year the library was used more than ever and no fact testifies to this more than the list of books lost and stolen; 262 have disappeared from the shelves during 1965. At the beginning of the year the third form parents visited the library and purchased books that were on display. These books were added to the collection after presentation name-plates were placed on the flyleaf. Sixty books were given in this way. During the year other books were given to the library by students, members of the staff and parents. A number of very fine science books were

donated as a memorial to W. G. Hamilton. 720 books were added to the library and about 250 were withdrawn. The shelves are very crowded, but early next year we will be installing four double-faced shelf units to hold stock until our new library is built. A very warm vote of thanks must go to the many boys who served as class, lunch, and after school librarians. Without these boys the library could not maintain its services to the students. Special mention must be made of the backroom boys. Day after day they work covering books, typing cards and cataloguing the new stock. The binding room crew has done an important job in repairing and recovering battered books and extending their life. Thanks, too, to the boys who have given their Friday afternoons to helping the Master I.C. plough his way through the boring task of doing the finds book. The most important person in the library is, of course, Mrs. Keane. We have, at Wellington College, a most experienced librarian and without her guiding hand the library would slowly grind to a halt. LIBRARY STAFF

THE BACKROOM BOYS OF THE LIBRARY: BACK ROW: S. J. Lane, A. George, K. L. Carman. FRONT ROW: G. Smith, S. Davidson, Mrs. Keane, R. Chisholm, M. J. Kean.

Backroom: S. J. Lane, M. Macaskill, K. L. Carman, S. W. Davidson, D. Dayton, J. C. Fletcher, G. Smith, A. Williams. Binding Room: V. L. Adams-Schneider, R. B. Doctors, G. Stratigopoulos. Special Duties: A. P. Clarke, D. A. Bartle, M. Wilson. 22

School Orchestra

on individual speakers, and stressed the need for fluency, rhetoric and voice modulation in a competition of this nature. The winner of the Junior section, the subject of which was “A Famous Soldier”, was R. F. Davey of 4ShB, who spoke on Julius Caesar.

Master l.C.: Mr. McGill The school orchestra meets on Monday lunch-times in the Assembly Hall and about twenty-five members attend. There is a strong string section and a well-equipped woodwind section. This year the orchestra played for a number of school functions including the one-act plays, Anzac Day and parents evenings. Pieces by Mozart, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky have been performed under the baton of Mr. McGill, who also coaches the string section. The individual members of the orchestra have had a good year culminating in the success of the Bear Trio. Mr. Roberts organised a wood-wind quartet - two flutes (D. Sage and M. Short), clarinet (M. Hope) and oboe (P. Wilton), which has showed some talent. R. Earles is to be thanked for playing the hymns each morning.

B. Kirkham of 6B5 won the Senior section with a very good speech on Alexander Fleming as “A Great Humanitarian”. Our sincere thanks go to Mr. Mason for so generously giving up his valuable time to acting as judge for these competitions.

Drama Club This year the Club had to be content with four one-act plays, but these brought to light some quite promising young actors. Unfortunately our main production could not go on as it clashed with perhaps the big event of 1965 - the College Auction. However, the enthusiasm generated by the four one-act plays is more than sufficient to carry over to next year, which promises to be a bumper one.

The Orchestra 1st Violins: N. Koenig, B. Rhoades, M. Golding, A. Thornley. 2nd Violins: G. de Lisle, C. Beckett, A. Brace, G. Pearce, N. Helson. ’Cellos: M. Jackson, N. Carter. Wind: M. Hope (clarinet), J. Williams, G. Ormrod (trumpet), A. Williams, N. D. Robinson (horn), D. Sage, M. Short (flute), P. Wilton (oboe). Drums: A. Broad, C. Somerville.

The first of the four one-act plays was staged by Form 6S3, under the guiding hand of Mr. Newman. It was the Oration Scene from “Julius Caesar”. Robert Earles and Ross Smith performed creditably.


Next came “Headline”, a racy American comedy with a final tragic twist. Here Brian Waddle, Evan Voyce, Mike Okkerse and Tim Sheppard stood out. Mr. Weatherall produced this play.

Prepared Speech Competitions

The third play was “Reunion” and more new talent came to light in this polished production of Mr. Sinclair. Everyone performed well - Peter Redstone, Malcolm Hope, John Doig, Paul Densham, Bruce Wilson and Mark Porath.

This year The Unprepared Speech Competitions were not held, and entries were taken for Prepared Speech only. Entries for the Junior Section were good, and it was necessary to hold a preliminary hearing, as a result of which eight speeches were selected to go forward to the finals. Entries for the Senior Section were disappointing and only eight were received, all of whom went into the finals. The finals were held in the Memorial Hall during the morning of Wednesday, 20 October, and Mr. Bruce Mason, noted literary critic and dramatist, was the adjudicator. The standard of the speakers was varied though the winners of each section spoke fluently and forcibly, there being no doubt of the correctness of their placings respectively. Mr. Mason, in his remarks, commented constructively

After an interlude by the College Orchestra under Mr. K. Magill’s baton, the evening finished with “Murder at the Play”, produced by Mr. H. Mansen. Most of the cast were taking their first steps on the stage, but nevertheless entertained the audience. Bill Evans’s gripping performance assured and inspired the rest of the cast. Thanks to loyal helpers backstage under John Struthers, and to those who looked after the front of the house and the publicity. Thanks also to the masters who generously gave their time. With so many enthusiastic young supporters, the Drama Club intends to make 1966 a “bumper” year. 23

The Observatory

Chairman was Mr. I. L. Thomsen, President of the Society, and Director of the Carter Observatory. After supper, most of the thirty present took the opportunity to visit the Observatory. The weather cleared up nicely, enabling the telescope to be used. The training of third and fourth formers in the operation of equipment has continued. There have been 10 lectures and five films given during the year, in addition to the third and fourth form lecture competitions. The Friday evening sessions were well attended, which shows the interest taken by the junior school. Membership rose to a record 22, and five boys are members of the R.A.S.N.Z. The committee met on several occasions to discuss Observatory matters. Early in the year plans were made for the renovation of the dome, which continues to be difficult to operate. Its great drawback is that more than one person is needed to operate it, thus preventing anyone (including Old Boys) from carrying out his own observational programme. The eclipse of the sun on 31 May was hidden by cloud, but other observational work has been done. The Director completed a series of Saturn drawings during the May holidays and regions of the Moon have been drawn and photographed. Other objects have been observed regularly, and sun-spots are recorded each suitable lunchtime. An interesting graph shows that we have now passed sunspot minimum. A battery-powered supplement for the telescope drive has been installed to protect us against any power failures, and a new shelf has been erected in the darkroom. The

Master I.C.: Mr. G. R. Hunter, B.Sc. Director: I. R. Gordon Assistant Director: G. D. Charles Committee: N. G. Catchpole, S. H. Arnold, N. G. Helson, M. K. Wilson, R. F. Renouf. This year has seen encouraging progress in many fields. The 35 m.m. camera, acquired last year, has produced some excellent results, and a split- image rangefinder was purchased to obtain better focussing. Our prints are now catalogued in a photograph album. A monthly bulletin has been issued. This contains phenomena for the coming month and an article on a subject of current interest. Only two were without diagrams or Observatory news. The April issue contained a full account of the Observatory’s history. The bulletins have been displayed in the College Library. During the August holidays the telescope objective lens was overhauled at the D.S.I.R. Physics and Engineering Laboratory at Gracefield, and is now giving a vastly improved performance. These repairs were long overdue and we are very grateful to Messrs. Barnes and Rumsey, who made such an excellent job possible. On 6 October, at our invitation, the Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand held its monthly meeting at the College. The speakers were the Director and the Assistant Director, who spoke on the Observatory’s activities and “Astronomy in New Zealand Schools” respectively. The

ABOVE: Moon (age 17d. 1) 1965, July 16. U.T. 08h. 45m. Prime focus 1/30 sec. RIGHT: Moon (age 4d. 1) 1965 July 3. U.T. 06h. 46m. 154x 2 sec. FAR RIGHT: Moon (age 17d. 1) 1965, July 16. U.T. 09h. 23m. 1 54x, 1 sec. 24

noticeboards, full of astronomical articles, have been changed regularly. Our photographs were put on display in the Main School for a short period, and we have continued to receive N.A.S.A. publications from Mr. Kim Keane (via the College Library). Readers who are interested in the minutest details of our housekeeping will be glad to hear that the Observatory has been regularly swept out to prevent an accumulation of dust, and two mice were caught in a trap set during the first term. Efforts to have the Governor-General remove some of his pine trees have continued to be unsuccessful. The Old Boys’ Club continues to function, and the Annual Meeting was held on 23 July. The Director is Mr. K. S. Mawson. Our thanks this year go primarily to Mr. Hunter for generously giving much of his time to the Observatory. Mr. Holt and the Headmaster are thanked for their interest and help, and also Mr. I. L. Thomsen for his great interest in our activities. He gave us some very generous donations and provided information on how to find Venus during the day-time. Thanks are due to Messrs. Barnes and Rumsey for attending to the objective lens; Mr. W. J. H. Fisher of the Carter Observatory, and Mr. F. W. Hislop for having the bulletins typed. Thanks are also due to the Old Boys’ Club; Mr. A. J. Baldwin for providing telescope adaptors; Mr. A. R. W. Messenger for drawing plans for projected dome renovations; Mr. K. S. Mawson for doing our developing and printing, and Mr. Clive Rowe for his most valuable help with the telescope drive and photometer.

holidays, and many from our College attended. Similarly, many will attend one of the ten or so national Christmas camps to be held in many parts of New Zealand. Our weekly meeting got under way to a tremendous start with over 90 attending. This was in response to a personal letter sent out to every Third former. Mr. Becroft, the General Secretary of Crusaders in New Zealand, spoke. The following week Mr. Me William told us of the camping programme for the rest of the year. The speakers for the rest of the term gave a series of talks related to Easter. The second term’s meetings were really varied. Tradesmen, ministers, missionaries, and managing directors all spoke on topics ranging from parsons in jail to Italian Christians. During the year a group of boys met for a more detailed study of the Bible and its relationship to us. This meeting on Tuesday, as well as the other meeting on Wednesday, is open to any boy in the College. The third part of the programme was the socials. These were held throughout the year, and were enjoyed by all who attended them, both from our College and from the Crusader Unions of all Wellington Girls’ Colleges. As a whole, our year as a College club has been most successful. Meetings have been interesting and helpful, while socials have been enjoyed by all who went.

Cadets During 1964 it was obvious that the N.Z. Cadet Corps was in for drastic changes. In 10 years cadet numbers had trebled while available instructors had remained about

Crusader Union Master I.C.: Mr. R. Lane Junior Leader: J. C. Hornblow Council: R. A. Brace, R. Lane, M. Smiley, B. D. Stevenson Midnight safari through the Tararuas to the weird accompaniment of a mouth-organ; an enthusiastic group of students voluntarily staying indoors on a brilliantly sunny Wednesday lunch hour; top hats and tails; masquerading contests and obstacle courses in a matchbox-sized hall. The Flintstones in disguise? No, just Crusaders in action. The tramp was held to close the first term and was followed by a Badgeholders’ conference. Everyone had a marvellous time - from raiding adjacent dormitories at 5 a.m. to participation in the stimulating studies on a teenager’s approach to Christianity. Snow camps were the highlight of the August

Training during the final Barracks Week. 25

A.T.C. obstacle course, Barraks Week

the same. With overseas commitments, the services of these were becoming more difficult to obtain when required. Clothing was running out in certain sizes, making units very untidy with several cadets in school uniforms. Equipment readily available after World War II was now becoming much harder to obtain. In fact, in many areas, purposeful training was fading out. To rectify this situation Wellington College decided to introduce several new topics which would be invaluable as general knowledge to cadets in everyday life and in particular in times of civil disaster. To this end some twenty instructors were trained in medical, traffic control and signals activities. Then came the 1964 directive - a document which lays down precisely how cadet units must be run. Of its many clauses, the basic idea behind two will be outlined as the most relevant to this report: (1)

The training programme must be limited to a three-year cycle. Allowance was made for a few cadets to be retained as instructors in the fourth year.


A certain officer establishment must be retained for the particular size of unit. Any unit unable to maintain this would be deemed to be inefficient and would be disbanded. To apply the three-year cycle clause it was decided to exclude all third and upper sixth form boys and a few others. Senior boys excluded from this were to be formed into a civil defence unit or to be used as NCO’s in a Basic Training Unit. It was expected that the change- over would occur smoothly over three years. At the close of the school year a four-day barracks was held to assist the change. Over the long vacation two cadets completed an officercadet course. Unfortunately, the Ministry of Defence issued instructions that the change-over must be completed during 1965. Under this crash programme the college formed its Civil Defence and Basic Training Units having twenty instructors for 600 boys! There was also a shortage of officers from the staff. Barracks Week 1965 opened then under considerable 26

The Bear Trio

strain, but it was planned to implement as much as was possible in time. It was most gratifying to see the way boys volunteered to assist in a very wide range of subjects. Though shaky, the programme promised to be capable of being put into operation. But further problems arose. The Army instructors insisted on carrying out the Directive as laid down despite the acute shortage of officers. This new work was familiar only to the NCO’s who had attended the latest courses. Both the A.T.C. and the Sea Cadets made good progress over this period, but the troubles in the Army side (the largest section) resulted in a Staff meeting to decide the future of Cadets at the College. In view of the difficulties, the meeting could find no alternative to the course of discontinuing Cadets at the College.

- Photo by “Evening Post”

A trio consisting of M. Golding (violin), M. Jackson (’cello) and C. Beckett (piano) played at Victoria University on August 1st, competing against nine other ensembles. These had been chosen from about 70 ensembles throughout New Zealand in the finals of the New Zealand Chamber Music Federation’s first annual competition for post-primary schools. The trio had previously won the Wellington district finals. The visiting Vienna Octet, judging the contest, placed the trio first in the national finals. It is noteworthy for Wellington College to be represented by the winning trio for the first competition of this kind to be held in New Zealand.

A.T.C. O.C.: Fit. Lt. K. V. Bliss. For the last time the College Squadron underwent a rigorous and interesting Cadet Week in February. The newly-established confidence course proved very stimulating to the boys. Such a good start to the year is, however, past history as the College Cadet Corps has since become defunct. The keenest of the ex-A.T.C. members have been able to maintain a link with the Air Force by joining the Town Squadrons. Officers: F/O. W. Greenlees, Wg. Cmdr. L. Moodie, Fit. Lt. C. E. Shorter, Sqdn. W.O. G. M. Bridges. A Flight: Flt./Sgt. G. W. Arthur, Sgt. S. W. Davidson, Cpl. N. G. Helson. B Flight: Flt./Sgt. K. L. Carman, Sgt. D. A. Rhoades, Cpl. R. J. Huppert, Cpl. A. G. George. C Flight: Flt./Sgt. A. W. Thornley, Sgt. W. J. Sommer, Cpl. S. R. S. Cocks, Cpl. R. R. Gordon, Cpl. D. S. Carter.

The new T.V. lounge, Firth House

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Thanks must be given to the school photographers, Brian Drake and John Meagher, who gave up much of their time taking and developing pictures. John Doig, the school diarist, also played an important part in bringing out the magazine.


The Year’s Sport... Indoor Basketball

Club Captain: M.J. Culliford Master I.C.: Mr Michael

- Photo by Frank Thompson Crown Studios, Wellington

“A” INDOOR BASKETBALL TEAM 1965 STANDING: J. J. Lorentz, K. Morgan, K. R. Richards, H. R. Hill, D. M. Scott SITTING: M. J. Culliford (Captain), R. J. Booth (Coach), C. G. Thorp (Vice-Captain) ABSENT: R. J. Morrison, D. A. Parun The standard of basketball in the Secondary Schools is rising and the number of teams in the top bracket is increasing. Up till as recently as 1962 Wellington College had little opposition locally and only two or three major rivals for the Provincial title. The rise of St. Patrick’s and Rongotai locally has coincided with that of several other visiting schools to the provincial tourney. This year’s A team was a strong one. They were unbeaten in the first round of the local competition, but in the following rounds were beaten back finally by only one championship point into third place. This was no disgrace, as it became plain that competition winners, Rongotai College, and

tournament winners, St. Pat’s College, on top form were the pick of the 24 teams who competed in the Provincial Invitation Tournament. Wellington College, for their part, missed out on playing in the tournament final by only one point on countback after a triple tie in section play. The B team, experienced players individually, and as a combination, won the B grade competition locally and in the tournament distinguished themselves by holding top team Nelson College to 14-15, and later reaching the final of the knock- out competition. The Junior B and Junior C teams were runners- up in their respective Junior A and Junior B grades of the Friday 28

night competition. The under-16 team exceeded expectations by reaching the semi-finals of the tournament and like the A team just missed out on a place in the final by losing 12-15 to Hutt Valley High School.

Team Records A Team: M. J. Culliford (captain), H. R. Hill, J. J. Lorentz, K. Morgan, R. J. Morrison, D. A. Parun, K. R. Richards, D. M. Scott, C. G. Thorp. Coach: R. J. Booth. Played 18, won 13, lost 5. Points for 531, against 399. B Team: P. T. Taylor (captain), E. H. Chesterman (vicecaptain), I. D. Harrowfield, N. E. Parris, S. N. Robinson, P. J. Stevenson, T. M. Spiers. Coach: K. Morgan. Played 18, won 15, lost 3. Points for 368, against 234. C Team: A. R. Marshall (captain), C. Anastasiou, I. R. Boyd, G. D. Kirkham, J. A. Laird, D. A. Parun, C. J. Pulley. Coach: M. J. Culliford. Played 10, won 6, lost 4. Points for 175, against 134. D Team (under 16): J. N. Rowley (captain), E. Anderson, S. E. Hurdley, H. D. Phillips, A. Stephenson, D. C. Stevenson, C. J. Sharp, D. A. Wiley. Coach: R. J. Booth. Played 14, won 6, drew 1, lost 7. Points for 194, against 200.

D. Scott at the Provincial Championships Junior A Team (Third Form): K. W. Moss (captain), Archer, Carlyle, Crawford, Kelly, Livingston, Watt, Zohrab. Coach: C. G. Thorp. Played 10, won 6, lost 4. Points for 81, against 79. Junior B Team: P. P. Lorentz (captain), G. H. Clapp, R. L. Keeling, R. J. Keene, S. Poulis, J. J. Turk, S. G. Whiteman, A. Zervos. Coach: N. E. Parris. Played 11, won 9, lost 2. Points for 130, against 63. Junior C Team: R. Ginsberg (captain), M. R. Burns, R. N. Fisher, D. J. Fitzsimmons, N. D. Robinson, Anderson, Moody, Moore, Worboys. Coach: A. R. Marshall. Played 10, won 6, drew 2, lost 2. Points for 109, against 64.

E Team (Intermediate A): A. B. M. Tie (captain), R. J. Allen, J. G. Ferguson, J. S. Fisher, M. G. S. King, J. C. Rutherford. Coach: K. R. Richards. Played 10, won 4, lost 6. Points for 129, against 142. F Team (Senior D): W. J. Keeling (captain), D. M. Fleming (vice-captain), M. J. Black, R. Faulke, W. N. Griffith, G. S. Johnson, J. F. McLennan, M. J. Nicol. Played 11, won 4, drew 1, lost 6. Points for 117, against 145. G Team (Senior E): R. Hughes (captain), G. Faulke, Y. R. Gandar, B. D. Grundy, L. I. Jackson, D. M. Stewart, B. A. Waddle, W. M. Bradley, B. M. Boyd. Coach: D. M. Scott. Played 10, won 2, drew 1, lost 7. Points for 91, against 117.

Provincial Tournament The Tournament teams were: A Team: Culliford (captain), Hill, Lorentz, Morgan, Morrison, Parun, Richards, Scott. Coach: R. J. Booth. 29

Champion Wellington Under-19 Colts team.

Beat Naenae College 65-1, beat Colenso H.S. 38-16, lost Hutt Valley M.T.C. 16-20, beat Nelson College 18-12, beat Havvera T.H.S. 23-22. Played 5, won 4, lost 1. Points for 160, against 71. B Team: Taylor (captain), Chesterman, Harrowfield, Marshall, Parris, S. Robinson, Spiers, P. Stevenson. Coach: K. Morgan. Beat Kapiti College 32-4, lost Nelson College 14-15, beat Tawa College 32-4, beat Motueka H.S. 21-13, beat Colenso H.S. 18-7, lost Napier B.H.S. 19-50. Played 6, won 4, lost 2. Points for 136, against 93. Under-16 Team: Rowley (captain), Anderson, Hurdley, Moss, A. Stephenson, D. Stevenson, Phillips, Wiley. Coach: R. J. Booth. Beat Hutt Valley M.T.C. 18-10, beat Onslow College 20-11, beat Colenso H.S. 18-5, lost Hutt Valley H.S. 12-15. Played 4, won 3, lost 1. Points for 68, against 41.

Several Old Boys won rep. honours. W. G. Reid and D. S. Sumner were selected but both withdrew from the New Zealand Training Squad. Other representatives were P. R. Stannard (Wellington and N.Z. University), D. B. Roberts (Wellington), I. F. Hastings (Wellington and N.Z. Combined Services captain), D.- F. Roche (Wellington), A. R. Harricks (Auckland and N.Z.U.), J. R. Harrison (Rotorua and Bay of Plenty captain), G. D. Jack (N.Z.U.). The North Island Champion Wellington B Grade (under 21) team included R. J. Booth (captain), B. D. Molineux, Hastings, Roche and Culliford.

The A team notched the greatest margin of the tournament against Naenae 65-1 (Richards 22) and followed this with a comfortable win over Colenso 38-16 (Richards 14). They won their section and with the seven other section winners began Division A section play. Wellington were right out of form against Hutt Tech., though they were unfortunate to lose 16- 20. They followed this with a good win over old rivals Nelson College 18-12 (Richards 10) and then won a thrilling game with Hawera Tech. 23-22. Culliford top scored in this game with 12 points but Scott sealed the victory with two spectacular tip-ins. Nelson beat Hutt Tech, and Wellington for the second year in succession were involved in a triple tie. Hutt Tech, headed them out by one point on countback to win a place in the final. Culliford, who led the team well throughout the season, won a place in the tournament team. His best supports were Richards, leading scorer in the tournament with 52 points and Hill and Scott the strong men on defence. The B team almost toppled an off-form Nelson College team in section play, but lost 14-15 (Marshall 8). They scored good wins over Motueka and Colenso, but a tired team was well beaten in the knockout final. Leading scorers for the tournament were Harrowfield (40) and Marshall (30). The Under-16 team were not great goal scorers but they defended vigorously and rebounded strongly. A. Stephenson and Hurdley were particularly impressive rebounders, and Stephenson in addition clinched the issue in two games with some long set shots. The semifinal was always close and could have gone either way.

Representative Honours Culliford (captain), Richards, Hill and Scott represented the school in the Wellington Secondary Schools team, and Culliford and Richards were members of the New Zealand

J. Culliford leaps for a jump shot 30


Master I.C.: Mr. Halliday.

v. H.V.M.T. Won by 4 wickets, 1st XI 201/6 (Hill 89 n.o.). H.V.M.T. 198 (Oram 3/42). v. Old Boys. Tie. 1st XI 168/5 deck (Wilde 49, Windley 47, Oram 43 n.o.). Old Boys 168 (McLean 4/53). v. Wanderers. Draw. 1st XI 193/9 deck (Wilde 27, Monoghan 25). Wanderers 116/9 (Oram 3/16, Orr 2/23). v. Rongotai. Won by 7 wickets. 1st XI 59/3 deck (Monaghan 28, Lorentz 21 n.o.). Rongotai 51 (Orr 8/26, Lorentz 3/13).

The College fielded nine teams this year, which represents an increase of one over the previous year’s entries. For the first time for several years an additional 3rd Form team was entered, and this move, designed to retain interest in cricket amongst 3rd Formers, proved very successful. Another pleasing feature of the year was the continuing interest of boys in the third term - usually a time of difficulty for coaches, who have found in the past many boys pleading examination pressure as an excuse for giving up cricket during this period. This year, in contrast, some coaches faced an embarrassing situation, and had difficulty in giving all boys in their respective team regular games. These two features of the year’s cricket have given great satisfaction to that small but keen group of masters who have such an intense interest in the game. The future of cricket at Wellington College appears brighter than it has been for some time.

1st XI v. NEW PLYMOUTH BOYS’ HIGH SCHOOL Played at New Plymouth on March 15 and 16, 1965. This match undoubtedly belonged to J. Morrison, but unfortunately for us this J. Morrison is not the Wellington College athletic champion, but a very talented cricketer, the captain of the New Plymouth 1st XI. Never before in this series of matches has one player so monopolized proceedings. Firstly he won the toss for his team; then opened the innings and scored the first century scored by a New Plymouth player in games against our school. Having scored almost half the runs he then mesmerized our slow-footed batsmen with his slow left-arm spinners and finished the match with the amazing figures of 52 overs, 33 maidens, 42 runs, 10 wickets. Against such performances our team had to play second fiddle and it was obvious to us even at the end of the first day that we had no chance of winning the match since we did not start batting until 4.40 p.m. A draw was all we could expect from the match - and a draw it was. On the credit side, we can record that Hill did not concede any byes. Windley, opening our innings, produced a marathon effort by batting nearly three hours; Hill reproduced the same stubborness he had shown in December against Wanganui by scoring 24 valuable runs; Monaghan went completely and inexplicably into his shell by scoring 13 runs in the match in 150 minutes; Wilde, in his first school match, showed excellent form in the second innings by top-scoring with 31 not out; and, in the dying stages of the match, Oram hit the only six of the match. The fielding of the team was keen but the bowling lacked accuracy and penetration - far too many rank bad balls presenting the batsmen with gift boundaries. And the batting! Well, the fact that a slow bowler can bowl 52 overs for only 42 runs speaks for itself.

1st XI

Coach: Mr. Paetz. Team: M. G. Monaghan (capt.), J. J. Lorentz (vice-capt.), B. Windley, H. R. Hill, G. Gaskin, R. G. Wilde, J. McLean, R. Orr, M. Oram, P. Dentice, A. Lendrum. v. Onslow. Draw. 1st XI 155/8 (McLean 42 n.o., Dentice 30). Onslow 173/6 deck (Oram 2/23). v. H.V.H.S. Lost by 4 wickets. 1st XI 136/9 decl. (Lorentz 48, Hill 45 n.o.). H.V.H.S. 137/6 (Lorentz 3/41). v. Rongotai. Draw. 1st XI 144 (Monaghan 38, Lorentz 32). Rongotai 97/9 (Lendrum 3/16, Oram 3/28). v. Heretaunga. Draw. 1st XI 86/6 (Dentice 28). Heretaunga 192/6 deck (Windley 2/28). v. St. Pat’s. Lost by 4 wickets. 1st XI 149 (Dentice 66). St. Pat’s 155/6 (McLean 3/31). v. St. Bernard’s. Draw. 1st XI 126/5 (Gaskin 48 n.o., Dentice 35 n.o.). St. Bernard’s 192 (McLean 4/74). v. Scots. Draw. 1st XI 110/5 (Gaskin 34 n.o., Dentice 28). Scots 167/9 deck (McLean 4/70, Oram 3/42). v. 2nd XI. Won by 42 runs. 1st XI 222/5 deck (Lorentz 109, Hill 53) and 100/4 deck (Dentice 37, Orr 33). 2nd XI 172 (Oram 4/42) and 108 (Lendrum 6/24). 31

- Photo by Frank Thompson Crown Studios, Wellington

FIRST CRICKET XI 1965 STANDING: B. E. Windley, H. R. Hill, R. G. Orr, M. A. Oram, A. B. Lendrum, J. S. McLean, G. K. Gaskin SITTING: P. T. Dentice, M. G. Monaghan (Captain), Mr. B. A. Paetz (Coach), J. J. Lorentz (Vice-Captain), R. G. Wilde Details WANGANUI COLLEGIATE SCHOOL First Innings Bunny b Oram Marshall c Wilde b Oram Wylie c Lorentz b Oram Speedy b Oram Mackenzie b Oram Priest c Hill b Oram Symon b Orr Riddell b Orr Button not out Lawrence lbw b Orr Pearce c Dentice b Orr Extras Total


Wellington Bowling Overs Maidens Runs 24.4 4 78

Oram Lorentz Lendrum McLean Monaghan

2 0 68 0 26 11 88

28 4 2 10 2

7 2 -

97 20 16 40 9

WELLINGTON COLLEGE First Innings Lorentz lbw b Priest Windley b Wvlie Monaghan c Symon b Lawrence Wilde b Pearce Gaskin c Button b Speedy Hill b Button Dentice b Pearce Oram b Button McLean not out Orr lbw b Marshall Lendrum run out Extras Total

3 42 6 14 15 275

Wickets 4 32

6 -

10 26 23 21 22 3 0 4 12 0 2 16 139

The trip was thoroughly enjoyed by our team and we would like to thank everyone at the High School who contributed to the success of the stay. The team particularly enjoyed the opportunity offered at the supper held after the pictures in the boarders’ lounge to mix with their New Plymouth hosts.

118 20 10 16 12 19 5

G. Morrison c Hill b Oram G. Prestney c Lendrum b Orr A. Jordan c Lorentz b Oram T. Smith not out Extras Total

13 21 6 4 3 247

33 14 9 24 0 2 0 15 2 5 2 8 114

Bowling: A. Jordan none for 29, M. Betts one for 32, J. Morrison eight for 19, K. Ross one for 20, T. Smith none for 4, G. Duncan none for 2. Second Innings Windley b Smith Lorentz b Jordan Monaghan c Morrison b Jordan Hill c Paterson b Jordan Dentice c Betts b Morrison Wilde not out

Oram b Prestney McLean not out Extras Total (for seven wickets)

20 4 6 95

1st XI v. WANGANUI COLLEGIATE SCHOOL Played at Wanganui on December 11 and 13, 1965. Result: Lost by an innings and 37 runs.

Bowling: T. Lendrum none for 42, M. Oram four for 60, R. Orr four for 60, J. Lorentz one for 39, J. McLean none for 32, B. Windley none for 11.

M. Oram c Betts b Morrison J McLean c Jordan b Morrison T. Lendrum not out R. Orr b Ross Extras Total


Bowling: Jordan three for 21, Betts none for 4, Smith one for 2, J. Morrison two for 23, Ross none for 14, Prestney one for 20, Duncan none for 5.

Details New Plymouth Cricket Match N.P.B.H.S. First Innings J. Morrison c Lorentz b Orr M. Betts b Oram G. Duncan lbw b Lorentz D. Green c Wilde b Oram T. Paterson b Orr H. Tucket lbw b Orr K. Ross run out

WELLINGTON COLLEGE First Innings B. Windley c Paterson b Morrison J Lorentz b Betts M. Monaghan lbw b Morrison H. Hill c Ross b Morrison P. Dentice c Betts b Morrison R. Wilde b Morrison G. Gaskin lbw b Morrison

Gaskin st Tuckett b Morrison

7 4 4 1 16 31 33

The XI was unfortunate to lose the toss on a beautiful hot morning and also to meet one of the strongest Collegiate teams in ten years. However, it is doubtful whether the result would have been much different if we had batted first, the quality of the opposition being such that we were outclassed in both batting and bowling. It was only in the fielding department that we were as good as our opponents. At lunch on the first day we were in a good position, having dismissed five Wanganui batsmen for 120 runs and just after lunch Wylie was well caught in the slips for 68, over half the total. We found then that the Wanganui tailend batsmen were as good as the higher order batsmen, and it was not until just before tea that we took the last wicket and by then the score had mounted to a very fine total of 275. Oram and Orr stuck to their task well and took all the wickets between them, the former taking the first six wickets. The rest of the bowlers, however, were quite ineffective. At the close of play on the Saturday, our score was 78 for three wickets with Windley and Monaghan both scoring over 20 with good sound innings. On Monday the depth of the Wanganui bowling was very evident and only Wilde, Gaskin and McLean showed real opposition in the first innings. Wilde batted very soundly and Gaskin played some good attacking drives. As we were 136 runs behind we had to follow on, but were soon in trouble with both Monaghan and Lorentz back in the pavilion with only three runs on the board. This meant that we had to bat for about 3½ hours for a draw. Windley, Hill, Gaskin, Oram and McLean all batted doggedly, and it was not until about threequarters of an hour before stumps were to be drawn that the last wicket fell. Although our total was only 99 at least seven of our batsmen showed quite good form and credit must be given to a very tired Wanganui team for having eight good bowlers who did not give our batsmen a chance to settle down - Button impressing in particular in both innings. Our thanks go to Messrs. Newton and Dermer who umpired, and to the parents of the Wanganui boys who billeted our team.

Lawrence Pearce Button Priest Marshall Wylie Speedy

Wanganui Bowling Overs Maidens Runs 15 6 21 18 7 22 16 7 18 9 7 13 13 5 18 8 4 7 16 3 24

IB 105 (Gorman 27). H.V.H.S. 164 (Marshall 3/14). v. Wellington High School. Won by default. v. Scots. Lost by 44 runs on first innings. IB 61 (Marshall 13). Scots 105/5 (Benfield 4/30). v. St. Pat’s A. Draw. IB 161 (Benfield 23, Marshall 32, Kean 25). St. Pat’s 101/7 (Ormrod 3/41, Benfield 2/16, Rowley 1/35). v. P.N.B.H.S. First innings 155; second innings 159. v. Silverstream. Won by default.

Wickets 1 2 2 1 1 1 1

Wellington College. First innings 156; second innings 96. v. P.N.B.H.S. 2nd XI at Wellington College This proved to be a tense match, marked by a good all-round performance by the visitors, good bowling by Wellington College, and good batting by the “tail”. The failure of four of our top batsmen in both innings placed too heavy a burden on the rest. Ormrod bowled his fast-mediums well and Rowley emerged from the game as a promising all-rounder. Lindsay, a last-minute replacement and a third-former, made his mark too, with hard-hit innings of 31 and 9, two run-outs, and one wicket. Finally, mention should be made of Martin’s patient 47, the good umpiring of J. Lorentz and M. Oram, and some extraordinary fielding at silly mid-on by C. Anastasiou the best fielding of the match. P.N.B.H.S. 155 (Hill 39, McCullum 36; Ormrod 4/42, Rowley 3/45) and 159 (Rowberry 37, Hill 26, Giles 32, Jeff 20 not out; Ormrod 4/54, Warring 4/25) beat Wellington College 156 (Martin 47, Lindsay 31, Rowley 21, Anastasion 20; Milburn 6/47) and 96 (Rowley 26 not out; Hatch 3/36, Smith 3/14, Millburn 4/30).

Wellington College Second Innings Windley b Button


Lorentz b Button Monaghan c Symon b Button Hill c Speedy b Lawrence Gaskin c Button b Mackenzie Dentice st Symon b Speedy Wilde b Wylie Oram b Priest McLean b Marshall Orr b Marshall Lendrum not out Extras Total

Button Pearce Wylie Priest Speedy Marshall Mackenzie

Wanganui Bowling Overs Maidens Runs 10 7 4 4 1 7 14 11 4 5.4 2 6 18 6 38 6 3 8 5 12

3 0 2 28 14 9 5 12 0 3 13 139

Wickets 3 1 1 1 2 1

1C (First Term) Coach: Mr. Walls.

Team: J. Eriksen (capt.), G. Kirkham, B. Pratt, C. Anastasiou, R. Allen, R. Thornley, A. Broad, G. Gunn, G. Arthur, P. Crotty, R. Fisher, M. Innes, N. Tangaroa, P. Benfield (first term only), J. Rowley (first term only), R. Kean (first term only). v. Tawa. Lost by 24 runs on first innings. 1C 98 (Kean 61 n.o.). Tawa 122 (Arthur 5/33). v. Scots. Lost on first innings. 1C 81 and 92/7 (Crottv 23). Scots 160/5 decl. (Crotty 2/21). v. Onslow. Lost on first innings. 1C 70 (Benfield 21) and 70/4 (Gunn 23). Onslow 73/9 deck (Benfield 4/20, Gunn 3/29). v. St. Pat’s. Lost on first innings. 1C 133 (Drury 28, Fisher 26). St. Pat’s 174 (Kirkham 3/28, Rowley 3/16). This team became 2A in Term 3. v. Scots. Won by default. v. 2B. Won by 90 runs on first innings. 2A 131/7 decl. (Anastasiou 35 n.o.). 2B 41 and 81/6 (Pratt 3/5).


Coach: Mr. Leech. Team: A. Marshall (capt.), D. Martin (vice-capt.), J. Arcus, B. Waddle, G. Warring, G. Drury, D. Gorman, G. Clarke, J. Rowley, C. Anastasiou, P. Benfield, G. Ormrod, R. Kean, G. Lindsay, M. Crowther. v. St. Pat’s. Won by 66 runs on first innings. IB 190/9 (Wilde 71, Broad 52 retired. St. Pat’s 124 (Ormrod 4/46, Martin 4/34). v. Onslow B. Lost on first innings. IB 150/5 decl. (Arcus 67). Onslow 156/8 (Ormrod 4/46, Martin 2/10). v. Tawa. Lost on first innings. IB 82 (Arcus 33). Tawa 83/8 (Crowther 3/30, Marshall 2/7). v. H.V.H.S. Lost on first innings. 34

v. 3A. Match cancelled. v. St. Pat’s. Won by 57 runs on first innings. 3B 156/6 decl. (Sinkinson 58, Laurenson 43). St. Pat’s 99 (Halford 4/16). v. Mana. Cancelled by mutual agreement, v. Rongotai. Lost by 6 wickets. 3B, First innings 48 (Pulley 10, Baussman 12). Second innings 99 (Sinkinson 44, Drake 24). Rongotai 106/6 decl. and 4/43 (Bree 13).

v. Scots. Lost by 8 runs on first innings. 2A 73 and 109/5 (Broad 59 n.o., Somerville 23). Scots 81 (Broad 4/1, Kirkham 3/25). v. 2B. Won by 27 runs on first innings. 2A 91 (Kirkham 33). 2B 64 (Kirkham 6/12).


Coach: Mr. Hill. Team: Thornley (capt.), Clarke, Wright, Fuller, Boyd, Anslow, Sommerville, Sharp, Croy, Gandar, O’Connell. v. Scots. Lost by 28 runs on first innings. 2A 80 (Thornley 40). Scots 108 (Croy 4/29, Thornley 3/18). v. St. Pat’s. Won bv 26 runs on first innings. 2A 140 (O’Connell 48, Wright 28). St. Pat’s 114 (Thornley 6/12, Croy 3/24). v. Tawa. Won by 34 runs on first innings. 2A 128 (Anslow 34, Sommerville 28) and 60/3 (Wright 32). Tawa 94 (Croy 3/16, Thornley 3/17) and 113/6 decl. (Thornley 5/22). v. Mana. Lost by 6 wickets. 2A 103 (Anslow 33). Mana 104/4 (Thornley 4/39). v. Mana. Won by default. v. 2A. Lost by 90 runs on first innings. 2B 41 and 81/6. 2A 131/7 decl. v. Scots. Won by 21 runs on first innings. 2B 83 (Croy 32). Scots 62 (Croy 4/23, Sommerville 2/1). v. Tawa. Won by default. v. 2A. Lost by 27 runs on first innings. 2B 64. 2A 91.


Coach: Mr. Yule. Team: P. Wilton (capt. 1st Term), W. de Terte (capt., last two games 3rd Term), J. Weiss,N. Barker, P. Clarke, Rizos, J. Fyson, N. Robinson, M. Briggs, D. Fitzsimons, W. Bradley, R. A. Northrop, B. Boyd, Luke, v. Onslow. No game. v. St. Pat’s B. Lost by an innings and 24 runs. 3C 41 and 109 (Clarke 33). St. Pat’s 154/7 decl. (Barker 5/44). v. Tawa. Lost by 15 runs on first innings. 3C 78 (Wilton 28) and 60/6. Tawa 93 (de Terte 3/25) and 99 (Barker 7/21). v. Rongotai. Lost by an innings and 106 runs. 3C 36 and 60 (de Terte 25). Rongotai 201 (de Terte 3/43). v. Tawa. Lost by 33 runs. 3C 64 (Weiss 18). Tawa 97 (Briggs 3/7). v. St. Pat’s B. Lost by 39 runs on first innings. 3C 56 and 111 (Clark 55). St. Pat’s 95 (Barker 6/32, Clark 3/16). v. Rongotai B. Lost by 113 runs on first innings. 3C 54. Rongotai 167/6 decl. (de Terte 3/20). v. Tawa. Won by 4 runs on first innings. 3C 75. Tawa 71 (Briggs 5/4).


Coach: Mr. Clayton. Team: J. Bree (capt.), H. Broad, D. Tyler, M. Smith, J. Ferguson, B. Smith, B. Anderson, A. Tie, T. Castle, J. Halford, M. Quinn, D. Kelly, A. P. Clarke, H. Baussman, K. Moss, R. Laurenson, R. Sinkinson, H. Macgregor, C. Pulley, B. Drake (one game). v. Tawa. Lost by 2 runs on first innings. 3B 87 (Castle 31). Tawa 89/6 (Bree 3/29). v. Mana. Won by 21 run on first innings. 3B 102/6 decl. (Broad 40 n.o., B. Smith 30). Mana 81 (Tyler 6/35, Bree 3/20). v. Rongotai. Lost by 92 runs on first innings, v. St Pat’s. Lost outright. 3B 91 (Tie 26) and 59/5 decl. (Tyler 20). St. Pat’s 97 (B. Smith 4/15) and passed our score in second innings.


Coach: Mr. Pope. Team: G. Moody (capt.), P. Brooks, G. Lindsay, N. Livingstone, M. Merrington, D. Pope, R. Powell, W. Salisbury, M. Twist, M. Young, D. Cragg. v. St. Pat’s. Outright win. 4A 163/5 decl. (Moody 64 n.o., Livingstone 48). St. Pat’s 55 (Pope 4/7, Livingstone 4/5) and 34 (Pope 5/7). v. Rongotai. Lost on first innings. 4A - 123 (Merrington 75). Rongotai 140/7 (Lindsay 2/27). v. Onslow. Lost outright. 4A 37 and 39/5 decl. (Merrington 29). Onslow 21 and 79 (Livingstone 6/4). v. Scots. Won by an innings and 27 runs. 35

Mana 31 (Archer 2/0, Porath 6/12) and 74 (Porath 5/32, Archer 4/21).

4A 93 (Young 21). Scots 43 (Pope 5/13) and 23 (Lindsay 9/12). v. Wellington High School. Won by default, v. Rongotai. Won by 44 runs on first innings. 4A 98 (Merrington 33) and 76/3 del. (Lindsay 43 n.o.). Rongotai 54 (Young 5/4, Pope 2/5) and 46/5 (Moody 3/9). v. Primary Schools Representatives. Won by 85 runs on first innings. 4A 126/7 del. (Merrington 58 n.o., Brooks 21). Primary Schools 51 (Lindsay 2/28, Moody 4/22) and 11/3 (Lindsay 2/3). v. Tawa A. Won outright by 9 wickets. 4A 88 and 48/1 (Livingstone 43). Tawa 18 (Lindsay 7/8) and 116. v. Mana A. Won by 8 runs on first innings. 4A 95 (Lindsay 24) and 53/4 (Salisbury 22 n.o.). Mana 87 (Livingstone 5/22, Moody 3/13).

Saturday Morning Cricket First Term. Four games were played and four teams competed. Results were: 1st: Firth House. 2nd: St. Patrick’s A. 3rd: St. Patrick’s B. 4th: 3 Combined. Third Term: Three games were played and two teams competed: 3 Combined and Firth House. Firth House won.

College Masters’ Cricket Team Although there are few masters who play regularly, the team has a large College representation of former masters, old boys and present boys. The President’s Grade is a “social” grade - one innings each and no points to count. v. Wellington. Masters 3/156 deck (Burnett 56, Alexander 72). Wellington 119 (Michael 4/43, Williams 3/29). v. S.P.C.O.B. Masters 211/5 (Moore 123, Miller 57). S.P.C.O.B. 187 (Flaws 3/34). v. W.C.O.B. Masters 196 (Miller 104, Ferguson 51). W.C.O.B. 152 (Michael 3/33). v. Karori. Masters 246 (Truscott 6, Burnett 44, Nickalls 39). Karori 169 (Ferguson 3/31, Miller 2/9). v. Midland. Masters 182 (Miller 66). Midland 67 (George 3/8, Michael 3/25). v. S.P.C.O.B. Masters 141/4 (Burnett 55, M. de Terte 37). S.P.C.O.B. 135 (Williams 4/9). v. University. Masters 79 (Boyes 23 n.o). University 119 (Paul Martin 2/10, Michael 2/30). v. Karori. Masters 161 (Ferguson 50, McNicol 44 n.o.). Karori 113 (D. Flaws 4/31, Paul Martin 2/9). v. University. Masters 175. (Boyes 45, Miller 37, George 32). University 130 (Michael 5/23, Boyes 5/79).


Coach: Mr. Barrington. Team: G. M. Archer (capt.), D. Kelly (vice- capt.), G. H. Wills, G. Kelly, G. Smith, G. Hogan, M. Wood, D. Longley, B. Davey, M. Porath, K. Pearson, K. Bolland and T. Young, v. Onslow. Won by 9 wickets. 4B 52 and 64/1 (Archer 36 n.o.). Onslow 57 and 58 (Porath 7/17 and 6/18). v. St. Pat’s C. Won by 47 runs on first innings. 4B 103/9 deck (Cragg 36). St. Pat’s 56 (Archer took 5 wickets), v. Mana B. Won outright. 4B 109 (Porath 40) and 14/0. Mana 65 (Archer 4/26) and 57 (Kelly took 6 wickets). v. Rongotai B. Won on first innings. v. St. Pat’s C. Won by an innings and 40 runs. 4B 2/6/5 deck (Wills 101 n.o.). St. Pat’s 35 (Wills 7/8, Smith 2/5) and 131. v. Mana B. Won by an innings and 93 runs. 4B 198 (Wills 55, Smith 35, Archer 27).

Table Tennis The Table Tennis Club functioned throughout the second term and play took place in the Social Hall during the lunch hours and after school. Interest was strong and a very active ladder competition was run. Because of this great interest the club urgently needs new tables and improved lighting. New nets were purchased for the school championships. These were held at the end of the second term and attracted over a hundred and twenty entries. Competition was keen, particularly in the senior singles, D. Dellow taking this title for the third consecutive year.

Master I.C.: Mr. Leech Club Capt.: D. Dellow Deputy Capt.: A. Raine The junior singles was won by M. Talbot after a very close final. It was pleasing to see the large number of enthusiastic juniors, several of whom show promise, and this augurs well for the future. Results of the championships were: Senior singles: Semi-finals, D. Dellow beat M. Talbot 21/16, 21/14; P. Barker beat J. Meagher 21/19, 21/13. Final: D. Dellow beat P. Barker 21/9, 21/14. Senior doubles: Final, D. Dellow and A. Raine beat P. Barker and I. Harrowfield 21/9, 21/18. 36

Junior singles: Semi-finals, M. Talbot beat R. Burke 21/9, 21/14; A. Kember beat J. Zohrab 21/19, 21/15. Final: M. Talbot beat A. Kember 13/21, 21/10, 27/25. Junior doubles: Final, A. Kember and J. Parker beat M. Talbot and K. Tonks 21/19, 16/21, 21/13. In July a team from the College competed in the intersecondary schools teams championships. After being narrowly beaten 3-2 by a strong Rongotai team, the team had easy 5-0 wins over Wellington High School and St. Patrick’s to win the lower half of the competition. The team was: D. Dellow, D. Campbell and A. Raine. D. Dellow gained a place in the Wellington Under-18 representative team and also performed with merit in the Wellington and New Zealand championships. Congratulations must go to M. L. Dunn, an old boy of the College and school champion from 1949-1953 for fine performances in the past few seasons. He has won 10 New Zealand open championships, including the men’s singles titles in 1960, ’61, ’62 and ’63, has been on a number of overseas tours, and this year came extremely close to beating the present Commonwealth champion, C. McDonald (Australia) in the New Zealand men’s singles final. D. Dellow, Senior Champion.

Rowing Rowing is a sport which demands very tough and consistent training and the College crews are unfortunate in that they must row in extremely changeable salt water. However, the spirit is there, and under Mr. Snater’s guidance the boys have made good progress. On the 34rd April the team left for its first big regatta of the year. A busload of crews made its way to the Wanganui Secondary Schools Rowing Championship. Up to this time

Fours in training. 37

the first eight had never rowed together as an eight, but spirits were high, and after a practice run in the morning, they succeeded in coming third. The novices finished strongly but the competition was too severe for them to gain a place. A week later was Maadi Cup day. The college billeted 70 rowers from visiting schools. Oriental Bay was, for once, calm enough to be rowed on and the day was perfect. We entered five crews, and although they competed strongly we did not gain a place. Once again this blue riband of secondary school rowing was won by Wanganui Collegiate and they are to be congratulated. The last regatta the school competed in was the local “Head of the Harbour”, which was rowed at Oriental Bay. The first eight rowed very strongly and gained third place. This year the College purchased a second-hand eight from the Aramoho Boating Club, and although this has not arrived this year, it will make a great difference to the Club next year Once again, we must thank the Star Boating Club for their help this year. Without them there would be no College Club.


- Photo by Frank Thompson Crown Studios, Wellington

FIRST RUGBY XV 1965 BACK ROW: J. L. Morrison, L. K. Powell, J. D. Howman, D. J. Hamilton, J. K. Raine SECOND ROW: B. A. Morrison, A. Parun, R. J. Sinkinson, M. A. Oram, A. A. McLennan, J. C. Saunders FRONT ROW: D. A. Halliday, J. A. Wedde, M. G. Monaghan (Captain), Mr. G. E. Thomas (Coach), J. M. Green (Vice-Captain), J. P. Martin, P. McK. Rodger. IN FRONT: B. E. Windley ABSENT: R. C. Laurenson, J. G. McLean

What a season this has been, if indeed it could have been called a season! There seemed to have been nothing but a chronicle of cancelled practices, muddy grounds and no certainty of a Saturday game even if the weather was fine. But even so, there was much enthusiasm, and some teams managed to get in ten games. We fielded twenty teams this year - two fewer than last year - and experienced great difficulty in finding sufficient coaches. Fortunately some parents and senior boys very generously gave up their time to help with coaching, and the Old Boys again helped.


Results were gratifying in the first and second grades particularly, and there were some very promising players noticed in the lower grades. The 1st XV did particularly well, especially when it started with only two old caps. It finished with the third highest number of points in the under-19 grade, and played one game fewer than those ahead of it. The grade was won by Hutt Valley High School, whom we congratulate on a very successful season. A fixture was arranged for 1A against Wairarapa College 1A, but unfortunately the weather washed it out. 1A has

much to put up with and deserves such games, and it is hoped that next year will see at least one or two such fixtures. Once again, we thank most sincerely coaches, referees, Free Ambulance and St. John Ambulance members, the Rugby Union (which pays travelling costs), and groundsmen for their part in giving us our football.

1ST XV The first trial was held on the 24th of March and from the standard shown it was apparent that a great amount of work would have to be done to ensure that a 1st XV of any quality could be fielded for the coming season. The final trial was held on Monday, the 29th, and the members of the inter-collegiate athletic team were seen in action. This game saw some concerted driving from the forwards and crisp running from the backs. After a week, the team had changed its appearance and the first run - against W.C.O.B. - was eagerly awaited. Four quarters were played and the coach took the opportunity to change the team around. R. Laurenson was called in to replace P. Rodger on the wing, and J. Wedde was asked to replace D. Gorman as number 8. J. Raine left the field after suffering an injury and he was replaced by B. Morrison. The final score was Wellington College 20 (tries G. Morrison 2, D. Howman, Monaghan, Parun; Howman a dropped goal. Parun a conversion), W.C.O.B. 9. After this game, the team for the first competition match was announced and it was: P. Martin D. Halliday J. Morrison R. Laurenson D. Howman B. Windley M. Monaghan (c.) J. Wedde O. Parun, J. Green (v.c.), A. McLennan, B. Morrison, J. Saunders, J. Raine, L. Powell. (R. Sinkinson was unavailable because of an injury which prevented him from playing for five weeks.) The first club games of the season were against Upper Hutt and Marist and many faults not previously encountered were brought to light. However, the scrummaging and rucking were both of a very high standard. Our main difficulty at this time of the season was in the lineouts. Wedde continued to have difficulty at the back until M. Oram was brought into the team. The game against St. Bernard’s College was a comedy of errors. Green was outstanding in the forwards, but the backs lost most of the possession through handling errors. After three wins, the College team was soundly beaten by Onslow College. The Onslow team were quick to capitalise on our numerous mistakes and gave the team a lesson in vigorous 80- minute rugby. A bad feature of the game was

Backs up on defence against Nelson College the number of penalties conceded. A poor game for the Firsts. This defeat of the team was followed by an unlucky loss to University and then, two weeks later, Petone gave the College team a third beating 21-9. The team had been changed over these two weeks. McLennan and J. Morrison had been injured, and Parun had been moved back to fullback. Martin moved up to centre and Oram was brought into the side to lock with Sinkinson. Green was moved to number 8. The team v. Rongotai: O. Parun, D. Halliday, P. Martin, R. Laurenson, D. Howman, B. Windley, M. Monaghan, P. Rodger, R. Sinkinson, M. Oram, J. Wedde, J. Saunders, J. Raine, L. Powell. B. Morrison replaced L. Powell in the second half. J. Morrison and A. McLennan were unavailable through injury. Rongotai Match College forwards dominated most of the first half, but the backs had a lot of trouble. Windley had one of those rare days where his hands let him down and the outside backs were affected accordingly. However, in the second half, Rongotai came back with renewed spirit. The College forwards began to wilt and their rucking was almost non-existent towards the end of the game. Wellington College 24 (tries by Martin, Halliday, Laurenson, Monaghan, Wedde; and Parun kicked three conversions and one penalty), Rongotai College 17 (three penalties, two tries and one conversion). The College team, pleased with the victory over Rongotai and, a week later, over Hutt, awaited the game against St. Patrick’s town, which was to be the curtain-raiser to the final New Zealand trial.



Wellington College v. St. Patrick’s Town Wellington kicked off with the wind, the kick putting us on attack immediately. From a scrum in the middle of the St. Pat’s 25, Windley registered the first points with a nice pot, 3-0. Two minutes later P. Martin broke from an orthodox back movement to score under the post. Parun converted, 8-0. R. Sinkinson was next to score after bursting from a ruck near the St. Pat’s line. The forwards were driving and rucking with determination and power. They also linked up well with the backs in passing rushes. Howman and Martin were always dangerous to the opposition breaking often. The general back defence was excellent. The second spell saw us playing into a strong breeze. However, the team continued to score tries. Halliday chased a kick-through, followed it up and scored to the left of the post, 17-0. Solid defence kept the St. Pat’s team at bay. St. Pat’s landed an easy penalty, 17-3. Right on time one of our well rehearsed moves came off, resulting with Howman scoring unopposed under the posts. Parun converted 22-3. This was perhaps the game which can be regarded as the turning point. The team had improved front and back and gave promise of things to come. The teams were: Wellington College (Black): A. Parun, R. C. Laurenson, J. L. Morrison, D. A. Halliday, J. D. Howman, B. E. Windley, M. G. Monaghan (c.), J. M. Green (v.c.), J. A. Wedde, M. A. Oram, R J. Sinkinson, P. McA. Rodger, L. K. Powell, J. K. Raine, J. C. Saunders. Reserves: J. P. Martin, B. A. Morrison, D. H. Anderson, D. J. Hamilton, A. A. McLennan, J. S. McLean. St. Patrick’s College (Blue and white): J. Gray, J. Knights, P. Burge, A. Martin, S. Dellabarca, G. Cameron, R. Ratcliffe, W. Francis, D. Campbell, V. Stella, M. Roberts (c.), D. Ross, P. McDonald, T. McDavitt, B. White. Reserves: B. Dynan, M. Blewman, B. Hill, T. Donaghue, M. McGlone. The next game was against Silverstream, and the College team was very keen to win and so defeat both St. Patrick’s Colleges in one year - a feat which had not been done for some time.

Windley clears the ball under pressure against Nelson. Wellington College kicked off at 2.20 in perfect conditions, little wind, but a bright sun in Wellington’s eyes. Parun’s strength at fullback was realised from the start of the game. His clean takes and good line-kicking were nigh on faultless. Silverstream missed a penalty after ten minutes but made a strong attacking move right down to Wellington’s goal line. However, Wellington were saved by a penalty and Parun kicked well for touch. Monaghan, the captain, was getting good ball from the lineouts, and with beautiful swerve kicks gaining valuable ground down the sideline. Wellington’s backline moved with precision and narrowly missed scoring several times, but a good attacking move by Silverstream was saved by an intercept by Martin. Silverstream were being favoured with many good penalty opportunities, and it was only after missing several that they managed to get one over seconds before half-time. Half-time score3-0. Soon after half-time Windley dropped a good goal, 3-3. Ten minutes later Halliday intercepted a kick and a try resulted from a little piece of dummying by Monaghan and Laurenson. The kick missed, 6-3. A few minutes later McLennan fed Monaghan from the lineout, then out to Martin who scored unopposed. Parun converted, 11-3. It was Howman’s turn to make the intercept this time and Hallidav’s following up resulted in a try, 14-3. With about ten minutes to go, Silverstream crashed over for a forward try, which was converted, 14-8. And straight after that Silverstream were awarded a penalty in front of the post. The goal-kicker made no mistakes - bringing the final score to 14-11. The Auckland Grammar game was to be the next goal. The team members had been raising money to pay for the fares to Auckland. The team had a very rough flight to Auckland and were grateful to be met by the A.G.S. boys, who were outstanding hosts in all respects.

First Fifteen v. Silverstream College The team: Wellington: Parun, Halliday Laurenson, Martin, How7man, Windley, Monaghan (c.), Green, Oram, Sinkinson, Wedde, McLennan, Powell, Raine, Saunders.

OPPOSITE: Monaghan sets the backline in action against Auckland Grammar. - Photo by “Auckland Star” 41

First Fifteen v. H.V.H.S. The weather was overcast and drizzling, and the ground muddy, but holding the water when Wellington College kicked off into the wind. A penalty to Wellington resulted from the kick, but the shot at goal missed and the game began in earnest. Monaghan’s scrum kicking was extremely accurate, and was a danger to the Hutt forwards right through the game. The Wellington team attacked for the first ten minutes, play see-sawing around the Hutt 25. Then, after 11 minutes, Parun kicked a lovely penalty goal from midway 25 and half way. Hallidav’s strong tackling saved the day several times for Wellington, and it wasn’t long before he intercepted and carried play from the Wellington line down to the Hutt line. Wellington’s moved from the lineout were precision built, and it seemed several times that scoring was unavoidable, but each time the ref. penalised the No. 8. After 20 minutes an excellent piece of rucking by the Wellington forwards on the Hutt 25 resulted in the ball travelling swiftly out to Morrison, who broke through and sent Laurenson in for a lovely try, which was unconverted. It was several minutes after this try that the ref. required medical attention - it appeared that the College forwards were really keen. Play moved down deep into Wellington territory and Hutt narrowly missed scoring, but the Wellington defence was impenetrable. After 38 minutes the speedy College wing, Laurenson, made a perfectly timed intercept resulting from a devastating Morrison tackle inside Wellington’s 25, and he raced away, beating a fullback who, it seemed, couldn’t miss catching him, and scored what turned out to be the try of the game, midway between the posts and the corner. It again was unconverted. Thus after a surprise first spell at half time, Wellington College lead 9-0. Hutt started poorly in the second half and after only seven minutes incurred a penalty in front of their posts. Parun sent the ball straight between the uprights and Wellington lead 12-0. Wellington attacked constantly and the forwards provided the backs with plenty of clean ball. Hutt kicked a beautiful penalty from 10 yards in from half way, and the score after 20 minutes was 12-3. Play was loose in the latter part of the game and the wonderful defence of the Wellington team saved them time and time again. However, a mishandled ball bounced over our line and a Hutt man was first to the ball, the score after 35 minutes 12-6. Wellington’s superior play was apparent right through the game and it was only in the second half, when after 25 minutes, a Hutt man was injured and a replacement first five-eighth brought on that Hutt ever looked really dangerous. The Wellington backline tackled well, and one can only guess what the score would have been had they not done so. The forwards, too, had their best game of the season. The team was: A. Parun, R. Laurenson, J. Morrison, D. Halliday, D. Howman, B. Windley, M. Monaghan, J. Green,

A.G.S. v. College The mud and the wind defeated both Auckland Grammar School and Wellington College in the Eden Park curtainraiser. The game ended a scoreless draw, but if points had been awarded for performance, Wellington College would have got the nod. This was the first wet weather game for the team, and it acquitted itself well. College kicked off with the wind at its back and went into attack. However, the first fifteen minutes of the half saw little decisive running by the backs and a great deal of untidy ball from the forwards. Then followed likely looking runs, the first from Monaghan, who broke around the scrum but the in-pass to his forwards went to ground. Windley broke midfield for a 30 yards solo run, but Whatman, the Grammar fullback, grabbed the ball into touch. Windley missed a dropped goal by a few feet and College continued to attack the Grammar line, but had no success. The first half ended with College on attack - a pattern that existed throughout the half. Half time score 0-0. Aided by the strong wind, Grammar went into attack at the resumption of play. Kepple couldn’t find Wilson, the first five-eighth, and most of ball won by the Grammar forwards was wasted. College was troubled on very few occasions, these arising when the Grammar inside backs cross-kicked. However, Parun, playing a very steady game, was equal to the task. College drove into the wind on several occasions, but promising moves were halted by the Grammar defence. Morrison fielded a loose ball and ran down the line, but his centre kick was marked by Trotman. From a series of scrums in midfield, Monaghan broke, but the moves broke down for lack of support. The game ended with either side looking dangerous. For Grammar, full- back Whatman, and the forwards, Hamilton, Merles and Trotman, played well. This game was the best for the College forwards to date, and Monaghan, Windley and Parun had good games. The other backs saw little ball. The teams were: A.G.S.: R. D. Whatman, D. C. Taylor, Q. D. Ross, P. B. Johnson, D. J. Wilson, M. P. Wilson, L. E. Kepple, G. W. Trotman, M. J. Hamilton, B. C. Marks, replaced by L. G. Knight, J. Moengangongo, S. L. Anderson, D. J. Cotter, W. R. B. Coates. Wellington College: A. Parun, J. L. Morrison, J. P. Martin, D. A. Halliday, J. D. Howman, B. E. Windley, M. G. Monaghan, J. M. Green, J. A. Wedde, M. A. Oram, R. J. Sinkinson, A. A. McLennan, L. K. Powell, J. K. Raine, J. Saunders. The next hurdle for the team was H.V.H.S. This team was, as yet, unbeaten, and if we defeated them we would not only improve our position on the Under-19 points table, but also be the first Wellington College team to beat all of the four main colleges in Wellington in one year for about 15 years. So we had plenty to drive us to hard work that week. 42

Lineout against Silverstream Wanganui College dominated all but the last ten minutes of the second half. They appeared to be rejuvenated players, quick to the ball and far more determined. Their renewed vigour quickly realised them eight points, and the College team were down 6-8 with ten minutes to go when we were awarded a penalty with which Parun made no mistake. With this slender lead, the College team played much better football and, after some clever kicking through by Halliday and B. Morrison, Halliday scored another try, which Parun converted. Score 14-8. College finished on attack, so winning a place in the final. The team was: Parun, Laurenson, J. Morrison, Halliday, D. Howman (replaced by Martin), B. Windley, M. Monaghan, Rodger, McLennan, Wedde, Sinkinson, Oram (replaced by B. Morrison), Powell, Raine, Hamilton. At this stage the team was showing signs of depletion. J. Green was too old to play in tournament, Saunders could not play because of illness, Howman had broken his ribs, Oram was in the Nelson hospital with concussion, and McLennan was a doubtful starter with a very sore wrist. College v. Nelson College Nelson started off at a great pace, using their backs at every opportunity on the slippery field, while the ball was still dry. The depleted Wellington forward pack, playing with impressive energy, unexpectedly held the

A. McLennan, P. Rodger, J. Wedde, R. Sinkinson, L. Powell, J. Saunders, J. Raine. TOURNAMENT The team set off for the tournament in Nelson knowing full well that they were capable of winning it for Wellington College for the fourth time in succession. However what transpired there was not very acceptable to our supporters. After a last minute win over Wanganui, Nelson defeated us 15-14. College v. Wanganui Collegiate The game began with College on the attack. The backline showed plenty of pace and it was not long before Halliday scored after a double blind movement by Howman and Windley. Parun missed the kick. Unfortunately for College, Howman was heavily tackled in this movement and had to leave the field with broken ribs. The College team started to show signs of nervousness and anxiety following this injury to Howman, and some scrappy play resulted. The only bright moment remaining in this half was seen when Monaghan ran the blind, kicked, and chased through to score. Parun missed his second conversion attempt. Half time score 6-0. 43

The supporters in action at Tournament. Nelson pack and by half-time it was the smooth-working Wellington back-line that was calling the tune. Parun opened the scoring with an early penalty and then came an excellent try when Martin made a half break, and Morrison drew his man and then sent Halliday sprinting away in the clear. Score 6-0. Nelson scored next when a blind side movement from a five-yard scrum resulted in a try. Half-time score: Wellington 6, Nelson 3. Directly after half-time, Windley opened the way for a try by Morrison, but Nelson retaliated with a penalty. Score 9-6. College’s third try was a reward for a fast following-up. Martin collected Parun’s rebounded kick off the crossbar and scored. Parun converted to give College a 14-6 lead. However, this was not to be enough. Nelson scored a converted try and followed this with a dropped goal, one which appeared to come off Wedde’s hand. This gave Nelson a 15-14 lead and it proved to be the final score. However, College counter-attacked very strongly, only to have their appeal for a scrum-try refused. This was a disappointing result to end the season, and one perhaps not entirely deserved. In conclusion, our congratulations must go to Hutt Valley High School, winners of the Under-19 grade, and Nelson College, the winners of tournament. Our thanks must also go to the Old Boys’ Rugby Club for their support, and to Messrs. Gibbons, Donoghue, Freeman, Vodanovich, and Wright, for all the help they have given us. We have been very grateful to have been able to work with Messrs. Mahoney and Mataira in making a new training lm. It has been an enjoyable and yet humbling experience.

RECORD v. Upper Hutt, won 19-6 v. Marist, won 14-3 v. St. Bernard’s, won 17-6 v. Onslow, lost 14-28 v. University, lost 9-11 v. Wellington, won 14-6 v. Petone, lost 9-22 v. Rongotai, won 24-17 v. Hutt, won 32-3 v. St. Pat’s, won 22-3 v. Silverstream, won 14-11 v. Taita, won 22-9 v. Auckland G., drew 0-0 v. Poneke, won 32-14 v. Hutt High, won 12-6 v. Wanganui, won 14-6 v. Nelson, lost 14-15 Played 17, won 12, lost 4, drew 1. Points for 282, points against 165.

1A Coach: Mr. A. Wright Team: G. Gunn (capt.), J. Gandar (vice-capt.), B. Nicholson, M. Pether, T. Minora, J. Lorentz, D. Anderson, D. Hewitt, J. McLean, D. Gorman, J. Moody, C. Oakey, K. Houston, W. Carleton, A. Naziris, D. Hamilton, R. Smith. v. St. Pat’s A, lost 13-15; v. Naenae A, won 12-3; v. Rongotai A, won 12-10; v. Taita A, lost 8-9; v. Wellington High A, won 32-3; v. Mana, won 21-3; v. H.V.H.S. A, won 11-5; v. Taita A, lost 3-8. Played 8, won 5, lost 3. Points for 112, against 56. 1B Coach: Mr. J. Orr Team: P. D. Stevens (capt.), G. N. Cave (v.-capt), H. C. Anslow, A. E. Broad, J. W. Chapman, E. H. Chesterman, P. G. Gotlieb, R. J. Heinemann, H. R. Hill, R. L. Holmwood, W. M. Honore, A. C. S. McNicol, R. G. Orr, G. G. Robati, M. C. K. Rushton, A. J. Simpson, I. P. Woodward, D. Eng. v. H.V.H.S. B, lost 3-6; v. Scots B, won 39-3; v. Rongotai B, won 14-0; v. Silverstream B, won 14-8; v. St. Bernard’s, won 52-0; v. St. Pat’s B, won 5-3; v. Upper Hutt A, won 23-3; v. Heretaunga B, won 26-0; v. H.V.M.T., lost 0-9; v. Karori under 17J, won 26-3. Played 10, won 8, lost 2. Points for 202, against 35. 1C Coach: Mr. Gordon Team: P. Mair (capt.), J. McGregor (vice-capt.), P. W. 44

2B Coaches: Mr. Hoddinott and Mr. Jackson Team: D. Courtney-O’Connor (capt.), N. Sturmer (vicecapt.), C. Anastasiou, G. Chappell, M. Fyson, J. Gifford, A. Hinds, R. Holmes, R. Josephsen, M. King, J. Laird, H. MacGregor, G. Moody, G. Rowe, R. Skelley, T. Tietjins, E. Voyce, J. Weston.

Martin, P. Martin, J. Davies, A. Mackenzie, S. Clarkson, S. Adams, W. Burge, T. Mataora, J. Macky, D. Fortune, G. Bridges, D. Renouf, I. Boyd, A. Thornley, K. Norgate. v. Onslow, lost 9-22; v. Wellington High School B, won 32-3; v. Rongotai C, won 46-0; v. St. Pat’s C, won 35-0; v. Silverstream C, lost 3-5; v. Mana B, won 38-3; v. Upper Hutt B, won 43-3; v. Scots B, lost 8-11; v. Silverstream B, won 6-3. Played 9, won 6, lost 3. Points for 220, against 50.

v. St. Pat’s B, drew 3-3; v. Onslow A, lost 3-9; v. Scots, won 13-0; v. 2C, lost 3-9; v. St. Bernard’s A, lost 0-12; v. Silverstream B, lost 3-11; v. H.V.H.S. B, lost 5-9; v. Rongotai B, won 5-3. Played 8, won 2, lost 5, drew 1. Points for 35, against 56.

1D Coach: Mr. Freeman Team: V. N. Smith (capt.), R. O. Nicol (vice- capt.), R. A. Freeman, S. E. Hurdley, J. Lawton, T. D. Kerr, C. C. Taylor, R. P. Galbraith, F. J. Couper, T. J. Castle, B. J. Anderson, J. D. Monaghan, R. C. Walker, P. J. O’Reilly, J. C. Doig, J. C. Rutherford, P. E. Wilton, H. Cromie, T. D. Mark.

2C Coaches: Mr. R. Michael; Mr. H. M. Donnellan Team: B. Kelly (capt.), B. Waddle (vice-capt.), K. Clement, R. Earles, A. Fraser, B. Hurst, G. Lindsay, J. MacLennan, B. Manley, J. Martin, B. Martin, R. Martin, C. Noanoa, D. Rhoades, J. Shirtcliff, R. Snowball, A. Tie, D. Ward.

v. Rongotai C, won 22-0; v. Wellington College E, won 31-6; v. St. Pat’s C, won 26-3; v. Taita B, lost 13-16; v. Upper Hutt B, won 12-0; v. Wellington High B, drew 11-11; v. Silverstream D, lost 3-9; v. H.V.H.S. C, won 15-3; v. Tawa B. drew 3-3. Played 9, won 5, lost 2, drew 2. Points for 134, against 51.

v. St. Pat’s C, won 13-3; v. Onslow B, won 12-0; Rongotai B, lost 0-6; v. Onslow A, won 11-9; v. 2B, won 9-3; v. St. Pat’s B, drew 0-0; v. Silverstream C, won 14-0; v. Rongotai B, lost 0-8; v. H.V.H.S. C, won 14-3. Played 9, won 6, lost 2, drew 1. Points for 73, against 32.

1E Coach: Mr. Craig Team: P. M. Desborough (capt.), R. N. Harley (v.- capt.), P. J. Burrow, C. W. Dewsnap, B. M. Dickens, R. J. Gibson, D. J. Lamb, W. G. Northover, M. J. B. Porath, M. K. Porter, P. G. Redstone, J. A. S. Read, J. J. Robertson, R. G. Sewell, P. G. Speedy, N. Tangaroa, H. N. Turner, P. D. Zohrab.

2D Coach: A. Thornley Team: G. G. Warring (capt.), J. L. Bree (vice-capt.), M. Young, D. Graves, M. Gorman, W. Piper, W. Hoverd, A. Stubbs, K. Bolland, B. Boyd, R. Allen, P. Bell, N. Tonks, M. McLauchlan, P. Bradnock, M. Bruce-Smith, R. Keeling, R. Duncan, G. Yates, N. Taylor, C. Taylor.

v. St. Pat’s C, won 6-0; v. Wellington College D, lost 6-31; v. Scots B, lost 0-23; v. Mana B, won 14-6; v. Wellington High School B, lost 13-14; v. Scots C, won 10-8; v. Silverstream E, won 11-0; v. H.V.H.S. D, won 9-6. Played 8, won 5, lost 3. Points for 69, against 88.

v. St. Pat’s D, won 19-9; v. St. Pat’s E, won 88-0; v. St. Bernard’s C, lost 11-15; v. H.V.H.S. D, won 46-3; v. Wellington High School, lost 6-12; v. St. Pat’s C, lost 3-24; v. St. Bernard’s C, won 8-3; v. Wellington High School, lost 0-13. Played 8, won 4, lost 4. Points for 181, against 79. 3A Coach: Mr. G. Girvan Team: S. Waller (capt.), J. Rowley (vice-capt.), H. Hines, B. McKinney, R. Holmes, D. Martin, K. Kelly, W. Buist, R. Lane, C. Buck, P. Willmott, W. Griffith, I. Harrowfield, J. Wratt, W. Sommer, B. Wilson, M. de Berry.

2A Coach: Mr. Walls Team: P. T. Taylor (capt.), R. N. Sadler (vice- capt.), M. J. S. Okkerse, K. W. Moss, G. E. O’Connell, D. M. Thomas, A. R. Marshall, C. J. Pulley, P. G. Cooper, D. A. Wright, F. Stigter, B. P. Petersen, A. G. S. King, D. W. R. Morrison, D. J. M. Milne, G. W. de Lisle. v. St. Pat’s A, won 22-6; v. Heretaunga A, won 11-5; v. Rongotai A, won 14-3; v. 2B, won 20-0; v. St. Bernard’s A, won 25-6; v. Mana, won 20-0; v. Silverstream A, lost 3-11; v. H.V.H.S. A, won 11-9; v. Naenae A, won 37-3; v. St. Pat’s A, won 9-3. Played 10, won 9, lost 1. Points for 172, against 46.

v. St. Pat’s A, lost 8-13; v. St. Bernard’s A, won 27-0; v. Silverstream A, drew 3-3; v. Mana A, won 25-0; v. Heretaunga A, lost 3-5; v. Rongotai A, won 9-6; v. H.V.H.S. A, lost 3-5; v. Tawa, won 17- 0; v. Silverstream A, lost 0-11. Played 9, won 4, lost 4, drew 1. Points for 95, against 43. 45

lost 6-17; v. Mana B, won 11-3; v. Wellington High School, won 65; v. St. Bernard’s, won 14-0; v. Tawa B, lost 3-19. Played 7, won 5, lost 2. Points for 107, against 53.

3B Coach: Mr. G. Halliday Team: D. Tyler (capt.), J. Fisher (vice-capt.), I. McKeown, D. Wade, S. Clarke, P. Battersby, J. Buist, A. Smythe, W. McLean, I. Small, G. Ritson, P. Crotty, R. Gordon, C. Sharp, G. Archer, D. Feehan, G. Tansley, P. Tomlinson, P. Loh, J. Paul. v. St. Pat’s B, lost 0-10; v. Wellington College D, won 21-0; v. Rongotai B, won 9-6; v. Mana B, won 11-3; v. Wellington High School A, lost 3-11; v. St. Pat’s C, won 62-3; v. St. Pat’s B, won 6-5. Played 7, won 5, lost 2. Points for 112, against 38.

4C Coaches: J. Saunders; B. Morrison Team: W. Fuller (capt.), M. Keay (vice-capt.), S. Whiteman, K. Sinclair, M. Lawrence, M. Etherington, D. Summers, J. Rhodes, N. Hale, W. Salisbury, M. Howarth, F. Clarke, D. Honore, J. Harrison, D. Sage, P. Martin. v. St. Pat’s D, drew 6-6; v. Rongotai B, lost 0-28; v. St. Pat’s C, won 11-3; v. St. Bernard’s C, lost 0-12; v. Silverstream D, won 27-0; v. St. Pat’s D, won 27-9; v. Silverstream C, won 14-3; v. St. Bernard’s C, lost 35; v. Silverstream D, won 15-0; v. St. Pat’s C, won 12-3. Played 10, won 6, drew 1, lost 3. Points for 115, against 69.

3C Coach: J. R. Gibson Team: P. Wilkin (capt.), S. Cocks (vice-capt.), W. Bradley, L. Carlyle, S. Castle, R. Chisholm, J. Drake, N. Hill, J. Hough, D. Laird, M. Lorimer, J. Meagher, B. Piper, D. Rigg, B. Smyth, H. Wade, A. Wilson. v. St. Pat’s C, won 9-0; v. Mana B, lost 6-14; v. Onslow, lost 0-37; v. Scots, lost 0-20; v. St. Pat’s B,won 12-0; v. Silverstream B, lost 0-30; v. Rongotai B, won 6-3. Played 7, won 3, lost 4. Points for 33, against 104.

5A Coach: G. Gunn Team: S. Menzies (capt.), G. Carlsen (vice-capt.), R. Fisher, J. Barker, I. Cragg, P. Scott, D. Macky, D. Allen, P. Smith, O. Wylie, M. Earsman, B. Brandon, J. Harland, D. Nicoll, J. Mack, D. Ritchie, A. Crawford. v. St. Pat’s A, lost 0-14; v. Onslow A, lost 6-8; v. St. Bernard’s A, won 9-6; v. H.V.H.S. A, lost 3-20; v Rongotai A, lost 0-6; v. Taita, lost 0-15; v. Silverstream A, won 53; v. Scots, won 9-0; v. Heretaunga, won 90; v. Tawa A, won 17-3. Played 10, won 5, lost 5. Points for 58, against 75.

3D Coach: J. B. Macky Team: C. Hanning (capt.), R. Ginsberg (vice-capt.), M. Briggs, A. Huggett, M. Rhodes, J. Trafford, J. Lennie, C. Iremonger, M. Quinn, J. Tait, M. Burns, T. Freeman, G. Kelly, G. Churchill, C. Lock, B. Preston, I. Voyce, G. Swanston. v. St. Pat’s D, won 11-3; v. Wellington College B, lost 0-21; v. Silverstream E, won 19-3; v. St. Bernard’s C, lost default; v. Silverstream D, lost 0-6; v. Wellington High B, lost 0-9; v. Silverstream E, won 9-0. Played 7, won 3, lost 4. Points for 39, against 42.

5B Coach: Mr. W. Greenlees Team: B. Davey (capt.), G. Ellison, J. Bishop, M. Guerin, I. Tansley, M. Stevens, G. Baird, P. McPherson, R. Miners, G. Wills, J. Tucker, W. Limbrick, P. Struthers, G. Kelly, G. Monteith, P. Murray. v. St. Pat’s B, lost 0-12; v. Wellington High School, lost 0-21; v. Rongotai B, lost 12-13; v. Silverstream B, lost 0-9; v. St. Pat’s C, won 23-3; v. Scots, lost 3-11; v. 5C, won 12-0; v. Upper Hutt, lost 0-22. Played 8, won 2, lost 6. Points for 50, against

4A Coach: Mr. A. Yule Team: B. Pratt (capt.), P. Myers (vice-capt.), R. Allen, S. Burge, W. De Terte, M. Flaws, D. Hill, P. Hoverd, R. Keene, N. Livingstone, P. McArthur, I. McLeod, R. Millar, D. Moore, R. Powell, P. Rae, G. Smith, A. Stewart, G. Thornton, R. Watt, N. Wedde. v. St. Pat’s A, lost 0-13; v. Silverstream A, lost 0-17; v. Rongotai A, lost 3-16; v. Tawa, lost 6-11; v. H.V.M.T., drew 3-3; v. Mana A, lost 0-16; v. Heretaunga A, won 3-0. Played 7, won 1, drew 1, lost 5. Points for 15, against 76.

5C Coach: Mr. E. Cardale Team: L. Watson (capt.), G. Cragie (vice-capt.), G. Treadwell, J. Anderson, N. Cromie, R. Burt, G. Moran, T. Young, G. Church, R. Smyth, W. Sumner, I. Bell, G. Evans, G. Neeve, A. Rutherford. v. St. Pat’s C, lost default; v. Rongotai B, lost 3-45; v. Wellington High, lost 3-33; v. St. Pat’s B, lost default; v. Scots, lost 0-32; v. St. Bernard’s B, lost 0-18; v. 5B, lost 0-12; v. St. Pat’s 6B, drew 6-6. Played 8, lost 7, drew one. Points for 12, against 146.

4B Coach: G. Clark Team: D. Jackson (capt.), G. Kelly (vice-capt.), K. Hislop, R. Blick, M. Innes, M. Randall, P. Appleby, J. Oldfield, A. Gordon, R. Stacey, M. Wiggins, B. Brooks, D. Fitzsimons, D. Powell, J. Ahradsen, K. Ramsey, P. Anderson, A. Stewart, L. Severne. v. St. Pat’s B, won 16-9; v. St. Pat’s D, won 51-0; v. Onslow, 46

Swords Club

Masters I.C.: Mr. A. Ellis; Mr. R. Michae

The combined Wellington College and Wellington Girls’ College Club has maintained the very high standard of previous years. There was a very big membership, with an average of 45 on club nights at the Wellington Girls’ gymnasium. Despite the difficulties of providing specialised individual coaching for such large numbers, the club has performed extraordinarily well in outside competitions. We have turned out hundreds of fencers and many have attained provincial, N.Z. University and N.Z. representation. We are pleased with their success as few sports are so satisfying as fencing in the physical benefits it gives and in the easy way in which fencers band together, regardless of proficiency in the sport. There were a number of open tournaments during the year in which the Club participated with great success, and we congratulate all on their efforts. The club championships were held at the College at the conclusion of our fencing season, and the standard, especially of the seniors, was commendably high. There were many of the province’s top officials who came and acted as judges and presidents, and we thank them for their interest. We also record our appreciation of Mr. Ellis’s continued interest in taking the club. Club Officials: Boys’ Club Captain, R. Cox; Boys’ Deputy Captain, J. Loh; Girls’ Club Captain, C. Clarkson; Girls’ Deputy Captain, G. Firth. TOURNAMENT RESULTS Secondary Schools’ Team Championships: Boys’ A and B Sections both won by Wellington College. Girls’ A and B Sections both won by Wellington Girls’ College. Provincial Secondary Schools Championships: Boys’ Foil, G. Stratigopoulos 2nd; Boys’ Sabre: G. Stratigopoulos 1st; Girls’ Foil: G. Firth 1st. Junior Open Provincial Championships: Men, R. Hayman 1st; Women, L. Kaiser 2nd. Intermediate Open Provincial Championships: Men: G. Stratigopoulos 1st, J. Loh 2nd, S. Hampton 3rd. Women: G. Firth 1st. Sabre: G. Stratigopoulos. N.Z. Secondary Schools Championships: Sabre, G. Stratigopoulos 1st. Club Championships: Senior Foil, Howe Cup: G. Stratigopoulos; runner-up, R. Hayman. Junior Foil, Gapes Cup: J. Williams; runner-up, C. Loh. Wellington representatives to N.Z. Championships: G. Stratigopoulos, J. Loh, S. Hampton.

Fencing Championships.




Master I. C.: R. Michael.

The 1965 inter-college tennis season, as is indicated by the results and also by the achievements of the individual players, proved to be a most successful one for the College. The Senior team, this year containing three of the top sixteen Juniors in New Zealand, was probably superior to any other college team in the country and came out of the year with one loss - an unfortunate loss in that it was due to the absence of the four top boys who were playing for their province. In the first term the Senior team was rewarded for their victories by being presented with the Slazener Cup, the symbol of prestige in inter-college tennis and evidence of the team’s ability. The Seniors were ably backed up by the Junior team, who played some excellent tennis and displayed great enthusiasm.

This year an active committee organised a number of competitions and more and more boys played this testing sport. We certainly hope that when the new building and demolition plans are completed, there will be ample room for more courts. Results Class Doubles Championships: 3B, 4GH, U51, 651. Junior Singles: W. de Terte; runner-up, A. Zervos. Senior Singles: P. Barzukas; runner-up, R. Speed. Junior Doubles: W. de Terte and W. Tietjins; runners-up, A. Arlukiewicz and A. McPhee. Senior Doubles: P. G. Martin and K. Anslow; runners-up, P. Barzukas and R. Speed. Club Captain: C. Stellin. Committee: A. Zervos, J. Eriksen, R. Gibbs, P. Barzukas.

The Secondary Schools Championships were, as expected despite the exceedingly strong draw, monopolised by the College in the senior events, but we were not as successful in the juniors although a wealth of talent was shown by the younger players. In the Senior Singles our three top boys, O. Parun, T. Parun and D. Howman, all reached the semi-finals, Howman winning the title from O. Parun, and in the Senior Doubles, N. Parris and R. Speed, were a class above all other entries and very convincingly won the event. In the Juniors, P. Liddell, a very keen youngster full of promise, won his way to the semi-finals and R. Guy and T. Kember were runners-up in the doubles. O. Parun, D. Howman, T. Parun and R. Speed gained selection for the Wellington Slazenger Shield team, a sign of the great strength which the College enjoyed this year. Individual performances on a national basis are worthy of mention - O. Parun is to be congratulated on his exceedingly fine performance in reaching the final of the N.Z. Junior Singles and being ranked No. 6 in N.Z. Under-19. D. Howman and T. Parun also performed creditably, being placed No. 4 and No. 5 respectively in N.Z. Under-17. N. Parris also played with merit on the tournament circuit, as did S. Menzies, P. Liddell and S. Hampton.

Life Saving Masters I.C.: Mr. J. Dighton; Mr. R. Hill

School Championships Unfortunately once again the School Championships had to be restricted, and also due to bad weather and examination pressure the championships were not decided in time for the sports presentation. The finals presented some interesting clashes, noteworthy being the Senior Singles, which brought the two top players, O. Parun and D. Howman, to fight it out in a very tense, exciting match, in which Parun’s superior experience carried him through.

We are pleased to report the renewal of Life Saving instruction in the second term of this year. This is largely due to the enthusiasm and interest of the masters in charge. Eighty-seven mouth-to-mouth certificates have been awarded to third year groups so far, and this number should be doubled by the end of the year. It is hoped to progress with these boys through higher grades of award as they proceed through the school.


Fortune and Menzies lost to D’Ath and Howlett 6-3, 3-6, 2-6.

Results Senior Singles (Auckland Old Boys’ Cup): O. Parun beat D. Howman 4-6, 8-6, 8-6. Senior Doubles: O. Parun and D. Howman beat N. Parris and G. Dayman 6-3, 6-3. Intermediate Singles (Jones Cup): S. Menzies beat S. Waller 7-5‘ 6-0. Intermediate Doubles: D. Dellow and Naulls beat S. Waller and A. Stephenson 7-5, 4-6, 6-1. Junior Singles: S. Menzies beat Liddell 2-6, 6-4, 6-0. Junior Doubles: S. Menzies and G. Herman beat J. Parker and A. Kember 6-2, 6-0.

v. Wanganui Collegiate The team found barely any resistance from Wanganui Collegiate, hardly surprising because of our undoubted strength, and convincingly defeated them 9-0. A. Parun beat Armstrong 6-0, 6-1. D. Howman beat Haldane 6-1, 6-1. T. Parun beat Polhill 6-0, 6-1. N. Parris beat Moore 6-1, 6-0. M. Nicol beat Matthews 6-1, 6-1. S. Menzies beat Dymock 6-0, 6-1. Parun and Howman beat Armstrong and Haldane 6-0, 6-0. Parris and Parun beat Moore and Matthews 6-0, 6-0. Nicol and Menzies beat Dymock and Polhill 6-0, 6-0.

TENNIS TEAMS AND RESULTS Senior A Team: O. Parun (capt.), D. Howman, T. Parun, N. Parris, R. Speed, M. Nicol, D. Fortune. This team owed its fine record to the spirit and talent created together. Its depth was phenomenal, the No. 6 player, M. Nicol, being runner-up in a Wellington Under-17 tournament, whilst the other five are all in the Wellington top six Juniors - an incredibly good team. The third term brought with it a number of wet days, a fact which decreased the number of games by half.

Junior A Team: S. Menzies (capt.), S. Hampton, P. Liddell, A. Parker, T. Kember, R. Guy. This team had some very talented players, but lacked the depth of the Seniors, a fact which was the cause of their couple of losses. However, with players of the calibre of Menzies, Liddell and Hampton we will be well served in the Seniors in the future. Played 9, won 6, lost 3. We wish to express our thanks to Mr. Barry for his enthusiasm and his patience in organising the first term’s tennis, and also we offer our warm thanks to Mr. Greenlees, ably supported by Mr. Michael, for their assistance late in the year. It was much appreciated.

Results: 1st Term: v. Rongotai, won 7-2 v. Scots, won 9-0 v. H.V.H.S., won 8-1 v. H.V.H.S., won 9-0 v. Onslow, won 9-0 Third Term: v. Scots, won 9-0 v. Rongotai, lost 4-5 v, Rongotai, won 7-2 v. P.N.B.H.S., won 12-3 v. Scots, won 9-0 v. Wang. Coll, won 9-0 Played 11, won 10, lost 1. Games for 92, against 13. v. Palmerston North B.H.S. This match was keenly awaited by both teams. Our team, without R. Speed through examinations, included S. Menzies, our top junior, who with a fine array of shots and plenty of determination turned in a fine performance, winning both of his singles. P.N.B.H.S. did not lack in confidence, but owing to the great depth and the extremely powerful top bracket of our team, we were able to win comfortably. Results: O. Parun beat M. Elliot 6-1, 6-1, beat K. Elliot 6-1, 6-4; D. Howman beat M. Elliot 6-2, 6-1, beat K. Elliot 6-4, 7-5; N. Parris beat R. Burgess 6-3, 6-2, beat M. Keys 6-0, 6-1; M. Nicol beat R. Burgess 6-1, 6-3, beat M. Keys 6-0, 6-3; D. Fortune lost to M. Flowlett 0-6, 6-3, 2-6, lost to W. D’Ath 2-6, 6-4, 3-6; S. Menzies beat W. D’Ath 6-1, 1-6, 7-5, beat M. Howlett 6-1, 6-1. Parun and Howman beat Elliot and Elliot 9-7, 6-1. Parris and Nicol beat Burgess and Keys 6-2,6-2. 49

Athletics INTER-COLLEGIATE SPORTS Wellington College Wins the McEvedy Shield The forty-third annual meeting was held at Athletic Park on March 27th. Although the track was rather dead, the weather favoured the athletes and many performances were record breaking ones. There were three Wellington College representatives who bettered or equalled the existing records. J. Morrison was the outstanding athlete of the meeting. Wellington College regained the McEvedy Shield, which we last held in 1961, with a total of 67 points. Runners-up were St. Patrick’s College (town) who gained 43 points. Records Broken 440 yards, Junior: D. Graves. 120 yards Hurdles, Intermediate: J. Morrison. Long Jump, Intermediate: J. Morrison. Long Jump, Senior: J. Morrison. Record Equalled 80 Metres Hurdles, Junior: R. Nicol. Wellington College place-getters in these sports were: Under 13 100 yards: 1st A. Stewart. 80 M. Hurdles: 2nd A. Stewart. Under 14 100 yards: 2nd J. Lindsay. 220 yards: 3rd G. Lindsay. 440 yards Relay: 2nd G. Lindsay, T. Trevena-Brown, G. Moody, G. Smith. Junior 220 yards: 2nd, S. Bruce. 440 yards: 1st D. Graves. 880 yards: 1st R. Davey 80 M. Hurdles: 1st, R Nicol. Long Jump: 2nd S. Bruce. 440 yards Relay: 1st S. Bruce, D. Graves, R. Nicol, J. Rowley. Intermediate 100 yards: 1st J. Morrison. 220 yards: 2nd, M. Martin. 440 yards: 3rd R. Laurenson. 880 yards: 2nd D. Morrison. Mile: 2nd D. Morrison. 120 yards Hurdles: 1st J. Morrison. Long Jump: 1st J. Morrison. High Jump: 1st J. Morrison. Discus Throw: 1st R. Sinkinson; 3rd G. Drury. Shot Put: 1st G. Drury. 440 yards Relay: 1st J. Morrison, R. Holmes, M. Martin, J. Swinley. Senior 220 yards: 1st M. Monaghan. 880 yards: 2nd A. Parun. Mile: 3rd A. Parun. Long Jump: 1st J. Morrison. High Jump: 1st J. Morrison.

SCHOOL ATHLETIC SPORTS The School Sports were held in overcast weather, which did not help the performances of the athletes. However, there were some excellent performances recorded and five records broken or equalled. Records Broken 440 yard Junior: D. Graves. High Jump, Intermediate: J. Morrison. Shot Put, Intermediate: G. Drury. Discus Throw, Intermediate: G. Drury. Records Equalled 220 yards, Junior: S. Bruce. TROPHY WINNERS JUNIOR WEBSTER CUP, 100, 220 yards Championship: S. Bruce. McLAY TROPHY, 440 yards Championship: D. Graves. INTERMEDIATE J. A. BAIRD CUP, 100 yards Championship: J. Morrison. O. LANE CUP, 220 yards Championship: M. Martin. TRAFFORD NICOLL MEMORIAL CUP, 440 yards Championship: D. Thomas. OLD BOYS’ CHALLENGE CUP, 880 yards Championship: D. Morrison. KNOX GILMER MEMORIAL CUP, 1 mile: D. Morrison. STOUT CUP, 120 yards Hurdles: J. Morrison. SENIOR GAWEN HOLDEN CUP, 100 yards Championship: M. Monaghan. OSCAR KEMBER CUP, 220 yards Championship: M. Monaghan. LUKE CUP, 440 yards Championship: M. Monaghan. LADY PRENDERGAST CUP, 880 yards Championship: A. Parun. BUSH MEMORIAL CUP, 1 mile: P. Arthur. FINCH CUP, 120 yards Hurdles: R. Morrison. LORD RANFURLY SHIELD, Long, High Jump: J. Morrison. MARTIN SMITH SHIELD: 6S - for 6th Form Relay. GALLTE MEMORIAL SHIELD: U52 - for most points in the Senior School. TANNER MEMORIAL SHIELD: 3C - for most points in the 3rd Forms.


ATHLETIC SPORTS RESULTS Event 75 Yards, Under 13 100 Yards, Under 13 80 Metres Hurdles, Under 13 75 Yards, Under 14 100 Yards, Under 14 220 Yards, Under 14 440 Yards, Under 14 80 Metres Hurdles, Under 14 100 Yards, Junior 220 Yards, Junior 440 Yards, Junior 880 Yards, Junior One Mile, Junior 80 Metres Hurdles, Junior Long Jump, Junior High Jump, Junior Shot Put, Junior Discus Throw, Junior 100 Yards Plate Event, Junior 100 Yards, Intermediate 220 Yards, Intermediate 440 Yards, Intermediate 880 Yards, Intermediate One Mile, Intermediate 120 Yards Hurdles, Intermediate Long Jump, Intermediate High Jump, Intermediate Shot Put, Intermediate Discus Throw, Intermediate 100 Yds. Plate Event, Intermediate 100 Yards, Senior 220 Yards, Senior 440 Yards, Senior 880 Yards, Senior One Mile, Senior 120 Yards Hurdles, Senior Long Jump, Senior High Jump, Senior Shot Put, Senior Discus Throw, Senior 100 Yards. Plate Event, Senior Third Form Relay Fourth Form Relay Fifth Form Relay Lower Sixth Form Relay Upper Sixth Form Relay Tanner Shield Gallie Memorial Shield

First A. Stewart A. Stewart A. Stewart G. Lindsay G. Lindsay G. Lindsay G. Lindsay T. Trevena-Brown S. Bruce S. Bruce D. Graves R. Davey R. Davey R. Nicol S. Bruce W. Piper S. Hurdley S. Poulis K. Moss J. Morrison M. Martin D. Thomas D. Morrison D. Morrison J. Morrison J. Morrison J. Morrison G. Drury G. Drury J. Doig M. Monaghan M. Monaghan M. Monaghan A. Parun P. Arthur R. Morrison J. Morrison D. Gilbert C. Stellin R. Sinkinson J. Wedde 3ShA 4A 5A U53 6S1 3C U52



B. Dovey B. Dovey G. Moody G. Smith G. Moody K. Smith R. Keane D. Graves R. Sewell S. Bruce M. Gorman M. Gorman S. Bruce S. Hurdley L. Firn S. Poulis E. Snowball C. Baird M. Martin J. Swinley R. Laurenson K. James P. Martin V. Smith M. Page M. Page R. Hill R. Sinkinson D. Rhoades P. Rodger P. Rodger B. Nicholson B. Drake A. Parun M. Culliford P. Rodger P. Rodger 2nd equal A. Naziris J. Chapman J. Lorentz 3C 4B 5ShB U52 6S3

= Equals existing record + New Event, best performance Ж New Record 51

D. Moore G. Moody G. Smith M. Lee B. Sloan R. Sewell R. Nicol R. Nicol S. Hurdley S. Hurdley N. Hale L. Firn D. Sage P. McPhee M. McLauchlan R. Laurenson R. Holmes D. Morrison P. Martin D. Howman R. Orr I. Boyd R. Orr R. Snowball W. Honore B. Nicholson B. Nicholson M. Pether A King A. King J. Lorentz A. Parun M. Culliford G. Drury G. Drury A. Naziris 3ShB 5B 6B5 6S2

Time, Height Distance 10.1 secs. 13.0 secs. 16.6 secs. 9.4 secs. 12.4 secs. 27.5 secs. 62.5 secs. + 15.4 secs. 11.5 secs. 25.1 secs. = 57.1 secs, ж 2 min. 16.5 secs. 5 min. 19.5 secs.+ 12.9 secs. 16 ft. 7½ ins. 4 ft. 9 ins. 34 ft. 10 ins. 93 ft. 8¼ ins. 13.0 secs. 10.9 secs. 25.2 secs. 57.7 secs. 2 min. 12.4 secs. 5 min. 0.6 secs. 16.6 secs. 19 ft. 10 ins. 5 ft. 6 ins. Ж 47 ft. 11¼ ins. Ж 141 ft. 6½ ins. Ж 12.0 secs. 11.1 secs. 24.2 secs. 55.6 secs. 2 min. 3.7 secs. 4 min. 45.1 secs. 17.9 secs. 19 ft. 4 ins. 5 ft. 0 ins. 38 ft. 4 ins. 111 ft. 3 ins. 12.1 secs. 55.5 secs. 50.4 secs Ж 49.9 secs. 49.0 secs, Ж


- Photo by Frank Thompson Crown Studios, Wellington

ATHLETIC TEAM, WINNERS McEVEDY SHIELD, 1965 BACK ROW: B. J. Drake, R. W. Holmes, P. McK. Rodger, D. M. Thomas, M. J. Page, R. O. Nicol SECOND ROW: A. B. Lendrum, R. G. Sewell, J. Swinley, J. M. Green, S. E. Hurdley, R. S. Davey, G. M. Drury THIRD ROW: M. M. Martin, M. W. Gorman, J. W. Chapman, D. B. Graves, R. C. Laurenson, L. M. P. Firn, R. J. Morrison, H. R. Hill FOURTH ROW: G. S. Smith, G. G. Lindsay, S. Poulis, G. C. Moody, W. S. Piper, V. M. Smith, M. Pether, A. J. B. Naziris, R. J. Keene IN FRONT: A. I. Stewart, M. G. Monaghan (Captain), T. J. Trevena-Brown ABSENT: J. Morrison, R. Sinkinson

BLAZER POCKETS FOR ATHLETICS Under 13 A. Stewart. Under 14 G. Lindsay. Junior S. Bruce, D. Graves, R. Davey, R. Nicol, J. Rowley.

Intermediate J. Morrison, D. Morrison, G. Drury, R. Sinkinson, R. Holmes, M. Martin, R. Laurenson. Senior M. Monaghan. 52

P. Rodger away in the Intercollege Senior Relay.


- Photo by J. Gorinski

A. I. Stewart, second in the Intercollege 100 yards under-1 3.

LEFT: R. Sinkinson sizes up the opposition. CENTRE: J. Morrison wins the 120 yards Hurdles. RIGHT: G. Drury winds up. 53


Master I.C.: Mr. V. Snater Club Capt.: V. H. Lin

The Badminton Club had a good membership this year. We were very fortunate to have three badminton courts in the new gym, where we had our practices during lunch and after school. This year we had two teams participating in the intercollegiate competition. Play was held on Friday evenings at Badminton Hall and at our own courts. The B team went to Heretaunga College and defeated their B team by 4 matches to 2. The A team consisted of the following boys: V. H. Lin (Capt.), C. Luke, D. Prosser, Banda, and the B team consisted of I. Lovatt (Capt.), Savoy, Honore and Lindsay. The College championship was held at the beginning of the third term and there were 16 entries. The competition was won by V. H. Lin, who defeated C. Luke 15-5, 15-0. The beginners’ competition was won by Banda, who defeated Savoy 7-15, 17-15, 15-7. The plate was won by Dickens, who defeated Dellow 21-9. Two players, V. H. Lin and C. Luke, were chosen to represent the Wellington Juniors, who defeated the Hutt

"A" badminton Team. Valley Juniors. C. Luke was also chosen to represent the Wellington Juniors in their game against Nelson Juniors.

Hockey The College had a very successful hockey season this year from the point of view of results, but much play was marred by poor ground conditions and many games were cancelled because of the bad weather. The year was marked by the re-entry of the 1st XI into the Open Grade. This proved a wise move both from the point of view of the competition experience gained and the number of games played. Six teams were entered in the local competition. In general the standard of play was high and the results gratifying. The 1st XI was undefeated in its grade and won the 2nd Grade Open Championship. Lower grades also acquitted themselves very well, particularly 3A, 4A and 4B. A feature of this year was the large number of very promising players in the 3rd Form; this augurs well for the future of hockey in the College. Particular thanks are due to the Coaches - Mr. Best, Mr. Barrington and Mr. Clayton for their valuable work with the teams. During the season we were unfortunate to lose the services of Mr. van Dyk, who has helped us over the past few years with coaching and umpiring. The interest on all occasions. Help with billeting visiting players was much appreciated. The state of the College hockey ground has given cause for

much concern and we are hoping for some improvement in the near future.

1st XI Coach: Mr. Best Team: G. J. Dayman (Capt.), B. L. Rhoades (Vice-Capt.), P. N. Benfield, I. R. Cope, P. T. Dentice, B. J. Drake, G. M. Drury, G. K. Gaskin, K. L. James, G. R. Kirkham, C. Twigden. Emergencies: M. A. Merrington, T. J. Trevena-Brown. Playing attractive hockey throughout the season, the 1st XI won the Second Grade Championship. In the Annual Inter-Collegiate matches they defeated Palmerston North Boys’ High School 3-1 and Heretaunga College 3-2, but were defeated by Christchurch Boys’ High School 0-6. Members of the team also participated in tournaments at Waipukurau and Wanganui. Congratulations are due to Greg Dayman, Graham Gaskin. Phil Benfield, Brian Drake and Geoff Kirkham, who were selected to play for Wellington Secondary Schools against the British Public Schools team, the “Swifts”, and also to Greg Dayman, Graham Gaskin, Ian 54

- Photo by Frank Thompson Crown Studios, Wellington

FIRST HOCKEY XI, WINNERS SECOND GRADE CHAMPIONSHIP, 1965 STANDING: G. K. Gaskin, P. N. Benfield, G. R. Kirkham, G. M. Drury, K. L. James, C. H. Twigden SITTING: E. N. Clayton (Manager), A. M. Merrington, B. L. Rhoades (Vice-Captain), G. J. Dayman (Captain), P. T. Dentice, B. J. Drake, A. B. Best (Coach) IN FRONT: I. R. Cope, T. J. Trevena-Brown Cope, Brian Rhoades and Brian Drake, who gained Second Grade Representative honours. G. Dayman and G. Gaskin were also selected for the Coaching School sponsored by the Hockey Association. A number of friendly matches were played - one at the beginning of the season against Hutt Valley High School and several others against composite Varsity teams. The annual end-of-season match against W.C.O.B. unfortunately had to be cancelled because of adverse weather. The season was brought to a fitting conclusion with a buffet tea at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dayman.

Results: v. T.O.B., won 6-0 v. Huia, won 5-0 v. Red Shield, won 8-1 v. W.C.O.B., won 3-2 v. R.C.O.B., won 6-3 v. Varsity, won 5-1 v. Karori, won by default v. T.O.B., won 10-1 v. Huia, won 3-1 v. W.C.O.B., won 4-0 v. R.C.O.B., won 5-0 v. Red Shield, won 6-1 v. Varsity, won 4-2 v. Karori, won 3-1 Summary: Played 14, won 14. Goals for 68, against 13. 55

V. CHRISTCHURCH BOYS’ HIGH SCHOOL June 14. Lost 0-6. With a stiff Canterbury frost in the morning the ground was expected to be greasy after the thaw. However, only a few of the spectators expected the high degree of skill and team-work that Boys’ High displayed under the difficult conditions. They taught us some valuable lessons about bending backs and using a half line to spread the defence; and the fact that they scored only one goal in the second half of the match showed that the Wellington team did adapt itself well.

2nd XI Coach: Mr. Barrington Team: K. Woodford (Capt.), M. J. Page (Vice-Capt.), I. K. Adams, P. M. Bennett, D. S. Bowater, L. P. M. Firn, R. K. Ginsberg, S. L. James, M. A. Merrington, D. R. Towns, T. J. Trevena-Brown, D. Vaughan. After a promising start this team had rather an unlucky season, largely brought about by its best players being so often used by the 1st XI. Results: v. Naenae, won 4-0 v. Wn. High, won 3-2 v. Mana, won 5-2 v. H.V.H.S., lost 1-3 v. Onslow, lost 2-15 v. Taita, lost 0-5 v. Heretaunga, lost 1-9 v. Scots, lost 2-3 v. Rongotai, lost 1-9 v. Tawa, lost 2-4 Summary: Played 10, won 3, lost 7. Goals for 21, against 52.

v. PALMERSTON NORTH BOYS’ HIGH SCHOOL July 21. Won 3-1 The unevenness of the College ground, although it was well rolled, robbed both teams of several promising movements. Nevertheless, the links between Dayman, Rhoades and Gaskin were well forged and the two good goals scored from the right wing proved the success of the College tactics. v. HERETAUNGA COLLEGE July 6. Won 3-2 Too many ill-judged passes and mistakes in dribbling close to the circle cost our team several goals. Wellington College asserted its superiority early in the first half but two surprise goals by the opposition made the score closer than it should have been. Driving rain spoilt what promised to be an exciting second half.

2A Coach: Mr. Clayton Team: P. Anderson, C. F. Beckett, L. E. Button, E. M. Cameron, K. L. Carman, R. G. Cox, R. D. Hayman, J. B. Hellberg, N. G. McGill, K. B. Mulholland, W. R. Spackman, A. Sturmer, B. W. Wilkinson, T. Wood, S. Chhotu, A. Vasan. This was essentially a “social” team whose members played the game purely for enjoyment. Summary: Played 9, lost 9. Goals for 4, against

SEVEN-A-SIDE TOURNAMENT AT WAIPUKURAU This year the 1st XI sent a seven-a-side team to Waipukurau, which proved to be successful both socially and at hockey. After six hours travelling the team performed well to win their first three games easily. In the afternoon their luck changed; they were beaten in the final seconds by Napier C. H.S. and drew with Opawa. In a play-off with Napier (who won the tournament), the team fought hard, only to be beaten 2-1 after ten minutes extra time.

3A Coach: Mr. Barrington Team: P. H. Collier (Capt.), M. J. Golding (Vice-Capt.), G. T. Adams, K. Bava, D. W. Ewing, J. W. Kaiser, V. Mackie, M. G. Miet, I. G. Payton, W. F. Robertson, P. Twigden, D. E. Wicherts. This was a team of very keen and promising players whose performance during the season was very commendable. They were co-winners with Mana and Tawa of the 3rd Grade Championship. Results: v. Scots, won 9-1 v. Mana, lost 0-2 v. Rongotai, won 5-1 v. Kapiti, won 4-2 v. Tawa, won 4-1 v. Scots, won 9-0 v. Rongotai, won 8-0 v. Kapiti, won 6-0 v. Mana, lost 1-3 Summary: Played 9, won 7, lost 2. Goals for 46, against 10.

FIVE-A-SIDE TOURNAMENT AT WANGANUI College sent four teams to this tournament, which was marred by shocking weather most of the day. Three teams won their sections, one team reached the quarter finals and our top team was defeated in the semi-finals by Kapiti (2-1) after playing extra time. Our thanks are due to parents, staff and pupils who helped with transport to and from Wanganui. Those players who stayed the night enjoyed the social functions to the full and we are very grateful to the Arthur family for putting up four of us.


4A Coach: Mr. Clayton Team: P. S. Clark (Capt.), T. S. Lamb (Vice- Capt.), S. J. Gully, R. D. Guy, G. B. Little, A. J. Littler, G. Osrath, D. B. Payton, P. Oram, S. M. Tasker, M. Wood, N. E. Worboys. This was a very successful team of enthusiastic players who won the 4th Grade A Championship. Results: v. Onslow, won 4-1 v. Scots B, won 8-0 v. Scots A, won 5-2 v. H.V.H.S., won 3-0 v. Wn. High, won 5-2 v. Tawa, won 10-0 v. Taita, lost 2-3 v. H.V.H.S., won 11-0 Summary: Played 8, won 7, lost 1. Goals for 48, against 8.

4B Coach: Mr. Clayton Team: G. D. Lewis (Capt.), K. Bessho (Vice- Capt.), J. Batt, T. Benton, R. Y. Brown, A. V. Dewsnap, J. C. Fletcher, J. L. Green, P. Kennedy, D. G. Lyall, D. J. Osten, G. A. Tait, M. W. P. Tucker, A. G. Wilson. A very gallant team who put up a very good showing, often against tough opposition They were winners of the 4th Grade B Championship. Results: v. Scots A, won 3-1 v. Taita, lost 4-10 v. Scots B, won 5-1 v. Onslow, lost 1-6 v. Mana, won 11-3 v. Wn. High, drew 1-1 v. Scots A, lost 1-11 v. Mana, won 6-4 v. Tawa, won 14-1 Summary: Played 9, won 5, drew 1, lost 3. Goals for 46, against 38.

Softball Master I.C.: Mr. R. Hay. The school again encouraged those boys who wish to play this sport. While we do not like many of the “conventional antics” of softballers, we think the sport itself is an excellent one. We would rather see people play any sport or indulge in any healthy activity than wander the streets. We do not think the time is opportune to make it an official school sport, but every physical education class plays softball as part of its programme. The Island Bay Club sponsored two teams of our boys in the Saturday morning competition, and we are grateful to them and particularly to Mr. “Rusty” Hay for his interest, enthusiasm and the considerable quantity of time he gave to coaching at lunch times.

American Softballers show how.


Cross Country School Events The school cross country was held in appalling conditions with the track slippery from overnight rain. There were many competitors in the Junior and Intermediate events, but only about twenty entered for the Senior. The Senior event was held over a course of 3⅛ miles and at the f-mile mark the field was led by Drake and Fyson. However, it was won by W. Carleton, who came in with a time of 22 min. 35 sec. and who was closely followed by Price and Fyson. The Intermediate was led from start to finish by K. MacGregor, who ran the course in 23 min. 19 sec., being followed closely by Arnold and Marklew. The Junior event was won bv Davies in a good time of 10 min. 6.2 sec., followed by Graves and Seeley.

W. Carleton in the bunch up Karori hill. 22 schools. Our runners did well with Seeley coming home 15th, only 50 seconds behind the leader. Other placings were: S. Hurdley, 35th; C. Cromie, 59th; G. Mack, 84th; B. Davey, 94th. In the teams event we came eighth. In the Intermediate section the pace was a little too hard with a field of 156 runners. Our runners did reasonably well with our first runner, R. Davey, coming in two minutes after the winner. W. Carleton kept with the leaders of the senior event and came home 13th - only 50 secs, behind the leader. K. James came 22nd, and J. Johnson 33rd. In the teams’ event in this section we came third.

Intercollegiate Event This was held at Karori Park on October 9th in fine conditions with a hard ground. Our teams consisted of: Senior: Carleton, Drake, James, Anderson, Hough, Price, Pulley, Johnson, Stubbs, Kelly, MacKenzie, Marklew. Intermediate: MacGregor, Kirkham, Davies, Seeley, Livingstone, Moss, Arnold, Meyers, Woodbridge, Jackson. Junior: Appelby, Cromie, Davey, Hurdley, Mack, Stevens. In the Junior event there was a field of 190 runners from


SWIMMING CUPS JUNIOR FITZGERALD CUP, 33¹/³ yards Freestyle: S.Hurdley. HELLABY CUP, 66²/³ yards Freestyle: S. Hurdley.

The Swimming Sports were held on the 24th February in cold and rainy weather. The programme was reorganised and greater numbers and new events were added. The cold weather had the effect of slowing up the swimmers, but despite this some excellent performances were registered, 10 records being broken: J. Hayman (1), S. Hurdley (2), J. Saunders (2) and A. Meyers (3), and two form relays. The Junior championship was won convincingly by S. Hurdley 15 pts, K. Moss and T. Hayman 2nd equal 7 pts.

INTERMEDIATE NEWMAN CUP, 100 yards Freestyle: P. Burrows. BRAMWELL CUP, 33¹/³ yards Freestyle: A. Meyers. SENIOR FITZGERALD CUP, 100 yards Freestyle: P. Gotlieb. MILES CUP, 200 yards Freestyle: P. Gotlieb.

The Intermediate championship was won by A. Meyers, 15 pts, narrowly defeating P. Burrows, 14 pts, into second place. Third was M. Miet, 7 pts. The Senior championship was won by P. Stevens, 15 pts, P. Gotlieb, 12 pts was second and J. Saunders, 8 pts, was third. 58

SWIMMING SPORTS RESULTS Event 33¹/³ Yards Freestyle, Under 13 33¹/³ Yards Freestyle, Under 14 66²/³ Yards Freestyle, Under 14 33¹/³ Yards Freestyle, Junior 66²/³ Yards Freestyle, Junior 100 Yards Freestyle, Junior 33¹/³ Yards Breaststroke, Junior 66²/³ Yards Breaststroke, Junior 33¹/³ Yards Backstroke, Junior 6673 Yards Backstroke, Junior

First V. Dziha G. Moody G. Moody S. Hurdley S. Hurdley S. Hurdley T. Hayman T. Hayman S. Hurdley S. Hurdley

Second D. Honore T. Freeman T. Freeman K. Moss K. Moss G. Moody F. Clark K. Moss M. Meyers N. Livingstone

Third A. Brown N. Livingstone N. Livingstone T. Hayman D. Sage G. Archer K. Moss F. Clark N. Livingstone F. Clark

33¹/³ Yds. Freestyle, Intermediate 66²/³ Yds. Freestyle, Intermediate 100 Yds. Freestyle, Intermediate 33¹/³ Yds. Breaststroke, Intermediate 100 Yds. Breaststroke Intermediate 200 Yds. Breaststroke, Intermediate 33¹/³ Yds. Backstroke Intermediate 6673 Yds. Backstroke Intermediate 100 Yds. Backstroke Intermediate

S. Meyers S. Meyers P. Burrows S. Meyers S. Meyers S. Meyers P. Burrows P. Burrows

J. McLean P. Burrows M. King C. Bell G. Bell M. Meyers M. Miet M. Miet

R. Freeman J. McLean T. Castle T. Mark J. Laird C. Bell G. Northover B. Drake

33¹/³ Yards Butterfly

M. Miet

T. Freeman

J. Laird

66²/³ Yards Freestyle, Senior 100 Yards Freestyle, Senior 200 Yards Freestyle, Senior 66²/³ Yards Breaststroke, Senior 100 Yards Breaststroke, Senior 200 Yards Breaststroke, Senior 662/s Yards Backstroke, Senior 100 Yards Backstroke, Senior 33¹/³ Yards Butterfly 66²/³ Yards Butterfly 100 Yards Open Medley

P. Stevens P. Gotlieb P. Gotlieb J. Saunders J. Saunders J. McLean P. Burrows P. Burrows P. Stevens M. Miet S. Meyers

J. Saunders J. McGregor P. Burrows P. Stevens P. Gotlieb P. Stevens K. Brunell P. Gotlieb P. Gotlieb

H. King P. Stevens M. Pether P. Stevens J. Macky

P. Stevens

P. Gotlieb

Third Form Relay Fourth Form Relay Fifth Form Relay Lower Sixth Form Relay

3ShB 4ShB 5ShA 6B6

3C 4GenA 5ShB U52

3ShA 4GenB U51

Upper Sixth Form Relay




= Equals existing record + New Event, best performance Ж New Record


K. Brunell

Time 21.6 secs + 18.0 secs. 42.3 secs. + 16.8 secs. 38.6 secs. Ж 69.3 secs. + 23.7 secs. 53.1 secs, Ж 21.4 secs. 47.8 secs, Ж 16.4 secs, sc 36.9 secs. + 70.4 secs. 21.6 secs, Ж 1 min, 17.9 secs, Ж 2 min. 50.7 secs.+ 22.3 secs. 49.0 secs. 20.1 secs. + 38.4 secs. 59.8 secs. 2 min. 25.1 secs. 50.2 secs, Ж 1 min. 23.7 secs.Ж 3 min. 24.9 secs.+ 51.7 secs. 1 min 18.8 secs. 19.8 secs + 46.7 secs. 1 min. 14.0 secs. 1 min. 25.6 secs. 1 min. 18.7 secs. 1 min. 16.6 secs. 1 min. 14.3 secs. In Heats 6B6 new record 1 min, 12.2 secs.Ж 1 min, 13.6 secs.Ж

- Photo by Frank Thompson Crown Studios, Wellington

INTER-COLLEGIATE SWIMMING TEAM 1965 BACK ROW: J. S. McLean, J. A. Laird, S. E. Hurdley, A. S. Meyers, J. C. Saunders, T. D. Mark SECOND ROW: B. J. Drake, P. J. Burrow, R. A. Freeman, M. F. Meyers, P. D. Stevens, J. W. K. McGregor, G. C. Moody THIRD ROW: A. D. Freeman, N. J. Livingstone, M. G. Miet, G. M. Archer, M. G. S. King, K. W. Moss, A. J. Hayman, K. R. Brunell SITTING: D. M. Laird, P. J. Gotlieb Captain), T. J. Trevena-Brown

BLAZER POCKETS FOR SWIMMING Under 14 G. Moody, N. Livingstone, I. Freeman, T. Trevena-Brown. Junior S. Hurdley, T. Hayman.

Intermediate A. Meyers, P. Burrows, R. Freeman. Senior J. Saunders, P. Stevens, P. Gotlieb. 60


Over 14, under 15 33¹/³ yards Breaststroke: 1st T. Hayman, 2nd M. Meyers. 33¹/³ Backstroke: 1st S. Hurdley. 100 yards Freestyle: 1st S. Hurdley. Relay: 2nd S. Hurdley, T. Hayman, M. Meyers, K. Moss.

After many years of non-existence, the Inter-collegiate school-swimming sports were revived this year. They were held the 25th February in the recently opened tepid Freyberg pool. Four schools competed. The meeting was very well organised by the Rongotai College and was highly successful. Place-getters for the College were: Under 14 33¹/³ yards Freestyle: 3rd T. Freeman. 33¹/³ yards Breaststroke: 3rd N. Livingstone. 33¹/³ yards Backstroke: 1st G. Moody, 2nd N. Livingstone. Relay: 1st G. Moody, T. Freeman, N. Livingstone, T. Trevena-Brown.

Over 16 200 yards Freestyle: 2nd P. Gotlieb, 3rd J. McGregor. 33¹/³ yards Breaststroke: 1st J. Saunders, 2nd T. Mark. 33¹/³ yards Butterfly: 1st P. Stevens. 100 yards Breaststroke: 1st J. Saunders, 3rd J. Laird. 100 yards Backstroke: 3rd P. Gotlieb. Relay: 2nd P. Gotlieb, J. Saunders, P. Stevens.

NORTH ISLAND INTER-SECONDARY SCHOOL CHAMPIONSHIPS Our school entered a team of 10 boys in these championships at Palmerston North. The weather was perfect and this resulted in a fine and well organised swimming carnival. From the 10 swimmers, eight came through to the finals and four got placed. Place-getters were as follows: T. Hayman, U15 100 yards Breaststroke: 3rd. S. Hurdley, U15 100 yards Backstroke: 1st. U15 220 yards Backstroke: 2nd. S. Meyers, 015 220 yards Breaststroke: 3rd. P. Burrows: 015 100 yards Backstroke: 3rd.

Open Medley - 1st, P. Stevens; 2nd P. Burrows. Over 15, under 16 33¹/³ yards Freestyle: R. Freeman. 33¹/³ Breaststroke: 1st A. Meyers. 33¹/³ yards Backstroke: 1st P. Burrows. 33¹/³ yards Butterfly: M. Miet. 100 yards Freestyle: 1st A. Meyers. Relay: 1st A. Meyers, P. Burrows, R. Freeman, M. Miet.


Master I.C.: Mr. Hunter

The atmosphere around the soccer department in the College this year was one of enthusiasm and good fellowship. Coaching began earlier than usual and the experienced coaches soon had teams that were eager to play good soccer. Mr. Weatherall’s juniors were a keen bunch of youngsters. The intermediate boys under Mr. Hill were obviously going to be difficult to beat. In the early stages the coaches helped in selecting the various grades and this too was valuable in that we got an over-all picture of what the future held.

as many minutes. From then on, we won all our games except for two defeats against Rongotai, and even so we could have won the second game at the Basin Reserve if our forwards could have finished off clever outfield work. With such a good season, having drawn with the Police Cadets, we had high hopes of our encounter with New Plymouth Boys’ High. However, victory was not to be ours. On a wet, windy and bitterly cold day we had the misfortune to lose the toss and so experience a second half of trying to kick the ball out of a gluey, muddy area in front of our opponent’s goal. Overall, for the 1st XI, the season was a very good one. The team played good, clean, sporting soccer and enhanced their reputation, and were second to Rongotai College in the College Competitions.

The 1st and 2nd XIs practised hard and it was a good tonic when we won our first game of the season against Naenae. But, alas, our hopes were short lived, for the following Saturday we were beaten by Mana when we experienced the misfortune of having four goals scored against us in 61

- Photo by Frank Thompson Crown Studios, Wellington

FIRST SOCCER XI 1965 STANDING: M. R. Short, C. P. Somerville, G. R. Diment, M. W. Trendle, A. Arlukiewicz, J. D. Arcus, R. A. Speed SITTING: S. A. Bruce, N. Koenig (Captain), Mr. G. R. Hunter (Coach), C. Stellin (Vice-Captain), M. Poulopoulos IN FRONT: J. F. Schiff, P. Barzukas


Koenig netting. “When the teams changed around, Wellington College improved tremendously, tightening up their mid-field play until they dominated the game. “On numerous occasions the Wellington forwards broke through, but with the goal area just a big mud pool, they found it impossible to score. New Plymouth scored their third goal when Fox ran away from the defenders to score with ease.” - Sports Post, 31/7/65.

J. Arcus, C. P. Somerville, M. W. Trendle, G. Diment, C. Stellin, R. A. Speed, M. Poulopoulos, J. Schiff, N. Koenig (Captain), S. A. Bruce, A. Arlukiewicz, P. Barzukas, M. Short. NEW PLYMOUTH v. WELLINGTON COLL. Soccer Win “New Plymouth High School beat Wellington College 3-1 in an annual inter-collegiate soccer match at Rongotai College today. “Playing conditions were difficult yet both teams tried to play attractive football, and gave a good display. “With a cross-wind slightly in their favour, New Plymouth had the better of the first half, scoring twice - by W. Russell and R. Fox. Wellington scored their goal in the first half, N.

2nd XI TEAM The 2nd XI had a remarkable season, playing only six games because of the adverse weather and on one of the only good Saturdays receiving a bye. On four occasions they failed to score, but even so only lost three games. 62

goals were scored during the opening minutes of the game, when Wellington College had only 10 men. The outstanding feature of this team has been their good powers of recovery. On two occasions, when playing away, they were two goals down and managed to force a draw. This reflects a good team spirit well fostered by their Captain, Leverton. We congratulate Northrop on his selection for the Wellington Under-16 XI. Leverton was nominated for the under-16 team and got to the final trials. Team: Frost, Hope, Wzisco, Hughson, Leverton (Capt.), Weiss, Halford, Northrop, Taylor, Stephenson, Sare.

1st XI versus Wellington High.

Intermediate B: Played 7, won 2, lost 4, drew 1. Goals for 15, against 21. The team can be well satisfied with the results achieved this season. They, too, have shown a great deal of team spirit and have maintained their efforts throughout the full 90 minutes whatever the state of the game. One is immediately impressed by their enthusiasm and I hope by next season we will be able to solve the problem of finding a natural goalkeeper. This will undoubtedly bring some better results. Team: Rabey, Watson, Wong, Jones, Turk, Carver, Atkinson, Poulos, Yee, Sharrock, Ryan, Taylor. This season has also been notable for the large number of cancellations - 11 games in all. Our two main problems are obtaining sufficient reserve strength to maintain a high standard and providing a pitch suitable for visiting teams.

Thanks go to Mr. Ranson for putting in such good work with this team and missing none of their games. 2nd XI team: D. Burn, J. McLennan, N. Catchpole, D. Campbell, H. King, H. Snowball, J. Lin, S. Hongladaren, N. Bhandugravu, M. Nicol, L. Wood, D. Gordon, P. Hamlin, J. Soteros. Thanks to all the parents who helped with billeting the New Plymouth boys, who had high praise for these parents and I am sure made lasting friendships. Four boys were chosen for the under-16 trials for the Wellington Reps.: S. Bruce, A. Arlukiewicz, J. Northrop, A. Leverton, the first three ultimately being selected to take part in the tournament at Hawke’s Bay in August. S. Bruce was chosen for the North Island Rep. team. 1st XI Results Naenae, won 4-1 Mana, lost 3-7 High School, won 5-3 Onslow, won 8-2 Police Cadets, drew 3-3 Tawa, won 3-2 Naenae, drew 1-1 Rongotai, lost 0-2 Tawa, won 1-0 High School, won 5-1 Mana, won 2-0 New Plymouth Boys’ High, lost 1-3 Rongotai, lost 1-3 Played 14, won 8, lost 4, drew 2. Goals for 45, against 32. 2nd XI: Played 6, won 2, drew 1, lost 3. Goals for 7, against 14.

JUNIORS The Junior Soccer XI had an up and down existence during last season, winning half the matches, losing half and drawing none. The deplorable weather, caused many matches to be cancelled, and spoiled development of team play, so essential in soccer. Three boys, J. Zohrab, G. Weiss and L. Galler were selected for representative trials with the Wellington F.A. XI (under 12 years), while P. Liddell won similar honour with the Wellington F.A. XI (under 14 years). Teams were: A Team B Team J. Ridding A. Pope J. Zohrab J. Worthy A. Treial G. Stevenson J. Sutton T. Wallace M. Lee A. Petsoulis K. Pearson G. Hughes (Captain) J. Petrie G. Weiss B. Watkins J. Galler M. Twist A. Meak P. Liddell (Captain) J. Teo V. Yee G. Fisher

INTERMEDIATE A AND B Coach: Mr. R. Hill Intermediate A: Played 9, won 4, lost 1, drew 4. Goals for 23, against 14. This was a highly successful season for the “A” team, whose only defeat was against Rongotai College 2-3 in the opening match of the season. Two of the Rongotai 63

Snippets From The Sporting Year ... MASTERTON GOLDEN GAMES

OPENING OF THE NEW GYMNASIUM “I look forward to the time when the situation has eased and gymnasia will be recognised as part of the school and receive the resultant benefits from the Government,” said Mr. Kinsella, the Minister of Education, when he officially opened the College’s new £24,000 gymnasium. As it was, most of the money had been raised by the efforts of the Old Boys, and the Minister congratulated them on the completion of their project and commented that it was in keeping with the great traditions of the College.

On October 9th a group of athletes represented the College at the 1965 Masterton Golden Games. O. Parun ran a commendable second place in the Junior mile; J. Morrison was third in the Junior 220 yards sprint, and the relay team of M. Monaghan, J. Morrison, M. Martin and R. Laurenson came third in the inter-collegiate 4 x 100 yard relay. The team, managed by Mr. Leech, was: M. Monaghan, J. Morrison, O. Parun, M. Martin, R. Laurenson, D. Morrison, G. Lindsay. - R. L, 6B2.

Other speakers at the opening were the president of the W.C.O.B. Rugby Football Club (Mr. D. Waller), the president of the W.C.O.B. Association (Mr. S. J. Bishop) and the headmaster. In a special Rugby match prior to the opening, the W.C.O.B. Seniors beat St. Pat’s Old Boys 9-5.




SLAZENGER SHIELD PRESENTATION Mr. Donovan, an Old Boy, the Managing Director of Slazengers, presented the Slazenger Trophy to Wellington College, the winner of the Secondary Schools Tennis Championship. Mr. Donovan presented the cup to O. Parun, the team captain, and then spoke to the school about the early history of tennis.

Springboks practise at the College.

SPRINGBOK VISIT The school invited the Springbok and All Black teams to use its grounds at any time, and also requested a visit to Assembly from representatives. Just before the first Test, the South African team came up to practise. Unfortunately the grounds were in a deplorable state with hardly a firm patch anywhere. The Springboks went through their paces under the critical eyes of hundreds of rugby enthusiasts, who, while delighted to see them, didn’t fail to offer a little friendly criticism.




COACHING SCHOOL The school congratulated J. L. Morrison on his selection for the athletics coaching course run by the famous Russian coach, G. Korokov.


School Roll 1965 Form Master: Mr. A. K. Holt Form Captain: B. B. Smythe Culliford, M. J. Davies, R. Eriksen, J.

6A Gibbs, R. W. Gilbert, D. J. Joiner, D. W. King, A. G. S. Liddell, M. Macaskill, M. Marsack, N. C.

Raba, T. Raine, J. K. Rhoades, B. L. Rodger, P. M. Thornley, A. W. Thorp. C. G. Woodford, K. B.

6S1 Cooper, P. G. Cromie, H. J. S. Gorman, D. D. Gordon, I. R. Hamilton, D. J. Harrowfield, I. D. Houston, K. I. Kellaway, P. R.

McLennan, A. A. Mair, P. F. Monaghan, M. G. Paul, J. W. Read, G. Schiff, J. F. Speed, R. A. Ward, R. C.

6S2 *Cuthbert, A. M. Dibley, R. H. Fyson, M. H. Gandar, J. M. Hellberg, J. B. Huggard, C. S. *Kean, M. J. King, H. F.

*Lynch, J. D. Manley, B. L. Martin, J. R. Martin, P. W. *O’Reilly, C. W. Pether, M. N. C. Struthers, W. J. *Whiteacre, E. K.

Form Master: Mr. G. R. Hunter Form Captain: W. D. Ashton Breitbardt, W. M. Charles, G. D. Clement, K. Dayman, G. J.

6S3 Earles, R. J. Koenig, N. Lendrum, A. B. C. Martin, J. P. Morrison, R. J. Naziris, A. Norgate, K. R. Parris, W. E.

adler, R. N. Small, A. N. Smith, R. W. Taylor, P. T. Ward, D. A. Wedde, J. A. Williamson, M. R. Willmott, P. S.

Form Master: Mr. R. Michael Form Captain: Read, J. A. S. Anastasiou, C. Cassels, C. W. Chisholm, R. P. Churchill, G. K. Davidson, S. W. M. Dellow, D. J. Evans, W. S.

6B1 Fyson, G. A. Griffith, W. N. H. Hill, H. R. Hope, M. S. P. Hough, C. J. Howman, J. D. MacDiarmid, S. C McGrath, P. J. McKenzie, A. W. McLean, J. S. Maidens, J.

Form Master: Mr. G. Girvan Form Captain: Beatson, G. R. Arnold, S. H.

6B2 Berry, S. P. Carter, C. N. Compton, P. G. Doig, J. C. Faulke, R.

Form Master: Mr. K. V. Bliss Form Captain: G. M. Bridges Carman, K. L. Catchpole, N. G. Chong, P. Clarkson, S. J. S.

Form Master: Mr. G. Halliday Form Captain: P. Barker Black, M. J. Campbell, D. Cheyne, G. A. Clark, G. J. Croy, Y. W. H.

Laurenson, R. C. *McConnell, J. D Macky, J. B. Meek, L. R. L. Nicol, M. J. Rowe, G. R.

Form Master: Mr. G. M. Leech Form Captain: D. A. Halliday Arcus, J. D. Barber, L. W. Bell, C. T. Brace, R. A. Bradnock, P. P. Cowdrey, J. M. de Lisle, G. W.

6B3 Drury, G. M. Duncan, J. G. L. Feehan, D. W. Harford, D. L. Hudson, K. C. James, J. W. Keeling, W. J. P. Leverton, A. McNamara, K. J. Marks, C. W. *Martin, B. W.

Martin, M. M. Martin, R. A. Oram, M. A. Powell, L. K. Rhodes, M. K. A. Short, M. R. Sommer, W. J. Thornley, R. R. J. Waddle, B. A. Wilson, M. K. Wood, T. R.

6B4 Fraser, A. L. Gaskin, G. K. Hochberg, V. Johnson, G. S. *Kelly, B. J. James, S. L. *Ledger, H. Marshall, A. R. *Marshall, K. J. Morgan, K.

MacDonald, I. M. O’Connell, G. E. Petersen, B. P. Prosser, D. F. Richards, K. R. Sinkinson, R. J. Snowball. R. D. Stephen, S. B. Williamson, D. R. Taylor, C. L.

6B5 Hewitt. D. C. Hurst, B. M. Kirkham, B. Long, M. E. McNicol, A. C. S. Milson, R. T. Mitchell, P. J. Morgan, D. F. Nichols, M. D. Poulopoulos, M. Price, M. A. Robertson, B. S.

Rushton, M. C. K. Smiley, M. C. Smith, C. S. Sommerville, W. S. ♦Stanley, P. C. Stellin, C. Stevenson, B. D. Studt, C. M. Towns, D. R. Whitaker, J. R. Windley, B. E. Young, D. S.

6B6 Fortune, D. J. S. Glover, J. G. Honore, W. M. Tames, K. L. Lin, V. H Lovatt, J. W. McGill, N. G. Mataora, T. Meyers, A. S. Molineaux, R. B.

Monaghan, J. D. O’Reilly, D. J. Page, W. D. Robati, C. J. Soteros, J. J. Stevens, P. D. Stigter, F. Vasan, A. L. Windsor, J. D. Tucker, B. R.

Form Captain: Mr. P. J. Walls Form Captain: Lorentz, J. J. Alexander, J. W. Bartle, D. A. Bittar, J. Broad, A. E. *Cameron, K. M. *Campbell, M. B. Chapman, J. W.

Form Master: Mr. D. E. Roberts Form Captain: V. L. Adams-Schneider Anderson, D. H. Brunell, K. R. *Caughley, P. A. Carleton, G. P. *Clement, B. D. Cunningham, G. J. Davies, J. A. Freeman, F. W.

Preston, B. V. Raine, A. E. G. Rhoades, D. A. Scott, D. M. Spiers, T. M. Stubbs, A. R. Werren, R. T. Weston, D. V. Zohrab, P. D.

Ford, P. L. George, B. S. Gordon, R. R. Heslop, J. D. Helson, N. G.

Hayman, R. D. *Hewett, E. *Hughes, N. E. Jenkins, J. R. Laird, J. A. Lane, S. J.


Form Master: Mr. A. B. Best Form Captain: C. J. Pulley Anastasiadis. A. Bolland, B. G. Chhotu, S. Cocks, S. R. S. Craven, A. M. Diment, G. R. G, Elton, R. J.

Shirtcliff, J. L. Somerville, C. P. *Wilkinson, B. W. Wilson, B. M. Wright, E. R.

Form Master: Mr. A. B. Gordon Form Captain: Hughes, R. Burge, W. K. Cave, G. N. Chesterman, E. H. Clarke, A. P. Cox, R. G. Gotlieb, P. J.

6R Green, J. M. Gunn, G. M. Hanley, R. L. Herbert, B. J. Holmwood, R. L. Hornblow, J. C. Lane, R. G. MacKenzie, A. R. Mellor, P. E.

Naulls, D. M. Oldfield, J. P. H. Payton, I. J.

Milne, D. J. M. Oakey, C. A. Parun, A. Renouf, J. D. Trendle, M. W. Von Sturmer, A. E. White, G. V. Woodward, I. D. Loh, J. C. K.

Form Master: Mr. Craig Form Captain: Moody, J. L. Adams-Schneider, W.R. Anslow, K. C. Bevan, T. M. *Carroll, C. D. Christie, A. C. Christie, D. G. Doctors, R. B. Dominik, A.

U51 Fleming, D. M. J. George, A. G. Grey, R. J. Harley, R. N. Huppert, R. J. James, R. B. Kappatos, S. T. Loh, P. C. K. MacGregor, J. W. K. McLennan, J. F. McLennan, J. M. Martin, P. G.

Rigg, D. G. Robinson, S. W. Saunders, J. C. Simpson, A. J. T. Slater, G. S. Snowball, H. M. Townsend, M. J. Veale, R. H. Von Sturmer, S. N. Weston, J. G. Williams, D. M.

Form Master: Mr. R. C. Lane Form Captain: Eng, D. Anderson, B. J. Barzukas, P. Benfield, P. N. Bridge, I. K. Burrow, P. J. Carleton, W. A. Courtney O'Connor, H.D. De Bruyn, J. D. Desborough, P. M. Drake, B. J.

U52 Gibson, J. R. Gordon, D. J. *Green, P. D. Heinemann, R. J. Hoverd, W. A. Josephson, R. A. Kerr, T. D. Martin, D. J. Meagher, J. V. McGregor, F. R. McGregor, J. S. Morrison, B. A. Morrison, D.W.R. Morrison, J. L.

Nicholson, B. C. Patterson, B. J. Redstone, P. G. Shayle-George, P.J. Smith, B. D. Stevenson, P. J. Tomkies, R. J. Tomlinson, P. S. Turner, H. N. Wade, G. M. W. Walker, R. C. Wilson, B. L. Young, B.

Form Master: Mr. A. Weatherall Form Captain: Wright, D. A. *Allison, M. R. D. *Arthur, P. L. Anderson, D. E. Burn, D. C. Crowther, M. J. C. Croy, J. S. Dollimore, R. S.

U53 Farmer, D. B. Galbraith, R. P. Hall, B. D. Hinds, D. M. Madden, D. A. Marklew, B. E. Mason, H. E. Minora, G. E. S. T. Moisa, C. E. G. Orr, R. G. Pells, P. A.

Sanders, A. J. Skelley, R. C. Stagg, G. R. Tangaroa, N. Taylor, C. C. Thomas, D. M. *Turner, G. W. A. *Twigden, C. H. Walmsley, J. G. Wood, L. J. Hamlin, S. P.

Form Master: Mr. R. Bradley Form Captain: Tie, A. B. M. Atkin, W.R. Ball, O. G. Baussman, D. P. McKinney, B. A. McLeod, I. S. Maddocks, G. S.

5A *Broadbent, A. B. Cleverton, O.P.P. Collier, P. H. Dentice, P. T. *Evans, F. V. Fisher, J. S. Golding, M. J. Pratt, B. R. Reid, J. R. Rickman, J. P.

Holmes, R. W. Huggett, A. L. T. Hunter, I. H. Kaiser, J. W. Kauser, R. S. King, M. G. S. Kirkham, G. R. Stevenson, D. G. Swinley, J. Williams, H. J.

Form Master: Mr. B. A. Paetz Form Captain: Voyce, E. W. Ahradsen, J. P. Beckett, C. F. Bennett, P. M. Bowater, D. S. Buist, M. J. Buist, W. F. Coker, G. O. Cope, I. R. Densham, P. J. Drake, J. W.

Form Master: Mr. W.F. Greenlees Form Captain: Adams, S. V. Allan, R. J. Atkinson, J. B. Atmore, D. L. Baker, R. E. *Bentley, M. G. Bhandhugraui, N. Bolland, N. G. Boyd, I. R. Bruce, S. A. Bruce-Smith, M.


Rowley, J. N. Rutherford, J. C. Sheppard, T. M.

Williams, J. L. Wong, S. D. Woodbridge, D. M.

5ShA Firn, L. M. P. Fussell, H. L. C. Gifford, J. R. T. Grimmett, G. Haiselden, T. C Hughes, R. F. Hunt, J. T. Lindsay, G. C. Mulholland, K. B. Naylor, K. Okkerse, M. J. S. Page, M. J. Parker, B. D.

Press, H. L. Smythe, A. B. Stacey, R. J. Stratigopoulos, G. Taylor, A. G. Underwood, J.A.L. Vaughan, D. L. Wilde, R. G. Wilkie, C. D. Williams, L. Holmes, R. J. Porter, M. K. Castle, T. J.

5B Button, L. E. Cole, E. S. Ferguson, G. J. Foley, R. D. Gesterkamp, D. B. Girdlestone, B. Hill, N. A. Homgladarom, S. Joiner, C. C. Kuttner, N. S. Miles, R. L. Mossman, B. J. Parun, D. A.

Sharrock, W.L.W. Small, I. M. Soteros, G. J. Stephenson, A. Stewart, D. M. Stone, M. C. Struthers, B. I. Twigden, D. H. Waller, S. L. Wiley, D. A. Wratt, J. P. Wills, J. O. Yates, G. S.

Form Master: Mr. I. M. Henderson Form Captain: Lamb, D. J. Archbold. D. G. Birch, M. J. Brezinski, M. D. Cave, R. F. *Crighton, N. J. Cuttance, P. R. Dewsnap, C. W. Downs, F. G. Duncan, R. A. East, L. J.

5ShB Hale, N. J. Harris, J. R. *Hildrerth, A. W. Instone, A. N. Jefferson, S. D. Langlian, F. T. Lawton, J. L. Le Sueur, J. W. Mark, T. MacPherson, D. J. McMeekin, P. J. McGuire, M. W. Oliver, R. C. Poole, M. L.

Form Master: Mr. A. C. Yule Form Captain: G. F. Ormrod *Alkin, K. J. *Bade, K. L. Black, M. A. Clarke, S. R. Couper, F. J. Flett, P. J. D. Foxall, R. P. Freeman, R. A.

5C Freeman, R. L. Gosling, L. S. Grundy, B. D. *Harding, P. J. A. Hatten, I. R. Hill, D. L. Hislop, K. J. Jackman, A. W. Jackson, L. I. Letica, A. M. McKeown, L. K. MacGregor, H.

Robertson, J. J. *Severne, L. R. Spackman, W. R. Speedy, P. G. Taylor, N. G. C. Upton, A. G. Whale, M. G. *Watson, P. Carter, D. S. Cameron, I. K. Watson, N. R. N. Harman, H. B.

Millar, R. P. Mirams, H. J. Neary, D. P. Nicholl, K. J. Palmer, J. B. Phillips, H. D. Poulopoulos, J. Tyler, D. G. Voice, I. F. Wade, D. R. Tansley, G. P. Beard, J. E. B.

Form Master: Mr. R. Hill Form Captain: Wilkin, P. A. B. Adams, I. K. *Afendoulis, M. E. Anderson, P. H. Barber, J. B. Battersby, P. J. D. Bree, J. L.

5ShC Buck, C. O. Cameron, E. M. Campbell, A. J. Crotty, P. W. Hoverd, P. R. *Iwanica, T. Jackson, D. P. Kelly, D. J. Kelly, K. Miet, M. G.

Form Master: Mr. L. J. Sutton Form Captain: Sage, D. J. Anastasiadis, L. *Barber, M. W. Broad, M. E. Cassels, A. L. Chong, S. G. Clark, F. R. Clark, P. S. Fraser, J. S. Fyson, J. P.

4A Gandar, V. R. Halford, J. W. Herkt, A. J. Herman, P. G. Hines, H. A. Howarth, M. E. Hughson, G. J. Jackson, M. R. Kalderimis, C. Keeling, R. J. Kember, A. P. Langford, J. A. Lorimer, M. J.

Menzies, A. S. Nicol, R. O. Parker, J. E. Randal, G. J. Rhodes, J. C. G. Rizos, S. Seelye, A. J. Smyth, B. M. Taylor, G. H. Wiggins, M. E. Wilton, P. E. Carver, M. O.

Form Master: Mr. S. F. Newman Form Captain: Hurdley, S. E. Andrews, P. G. Baird, G. J. Boyd, B. M. Castle, S. L. R. De Berry, M. H. Fitzsimons, D. J. Flaws, F. M. Fogel, R. H. Fuller, S. G. Harris, T. L.

4ShA Hayman, A. J. Jenkins, A. S. Kean, R. J. Kellaway, A. W. Lamont, S. H. Laver, I. K. Littler, A. J. Loh, G. A. McConnel, D. A. Mack, G. J. Moss, K. W. Pearce, G. D. Pomeroy, N. W. Randall, M. J.

Robinson, N. D. Sewell, R. G. Sharp, C. J. Sharpe, P. G. Sisson, S. E. Snadden. M. P. Stanton, M. Tait, J. G. Tasker, S. M. Todd, R. W. Tucker, J. R. Warring, G. J. Wilson, A. J.

Form Master: Mr. R. A. Sinclair Form Captain: Lennie, J. C. Bhattacharya, S. Briggs, M. G. Burns, M. R. Carlsen, G. A. Chappell, G. L. Downs, G. A. Faulke, G. Fawke, C. J. Fisher, R. W. Ginsberg, R. F. Gordon, A. R.

4B Harrey, S. P. Henly, J. F. Herring, H. V. Hodder, J. C. *Hope, P. A. Jones, T. E. Limbrick, W. M. Little, G. B. Lock, C. P. Luke, G. Y. M. McArtney, D. E. McCallum, R. W. McNaught, D. W. Matchett, B. F. Mathews, L. J.

Form Master: Mr. E. N. Clayton Form Captain: Graves, D. B. Allen, R. K. J. Allsop, S. R. *Hardie, D. E.

4ShB Anderson, J. E. Appleby, P. W. Barker, J. H. Bell, P. H. Bittar, A. B. Blick, G. R. McLean, W. M.

Northover, W. G. Rabey, C. J. *Roberts, K. J. Smith, V. M. Tonks, N. H. Wade, H. F. H. *Young, D. R. Yu, P.

Mitchell, B. R. Rees-Thomas,K.A. Shearer, G. Stewart, D. *Stewart, M. G. Turk, J. J. Weiss, J. M. Wylie, D. C. Guy, R. D. Northrop, R. A. Ritson, G. K. Wong, I. Horne, M. D.

Davey, R. S. *Davey, W. J. Deterte, W. M. Dewsnap, A. V. Ewing, D. W. Fuller, W. A. Turner, M. W.


Hunter, M. A. Jefferson, I. D. Jupp, B. J. Lawrence, M. B. Livingstone, N. M. Lorentz, P. P. Lyall, D. G.

Mackie, D. R. Murray, P. D. Remington, G. P. Renouf, R. F. Sare, B. G. Sinclair, K. G. Stagg, A. C.

Varoy, D. V. Watson, A. J. *Williams, L. R. Yee, P. I. Osten, D. J. Stewart, M. G.

Form Master: Mr. Donnellan Form Captain: McPhee, A. D. Abbott, D. C. Arathimos, S. Arlukiewicz, A. E. Bradley, W. M. Clout, G. W. Bird, M. J. Cunningham, G. Dickens, B. M. Frost, J. T.

4 General A Gill, I. F. Gorman, M. W. Green, J. L. Hampton, S. R. Innes, M. J. Jackson, D. J. Keene, R. J. Kent, M. E. Meyers, M. F. Marklew J. L. Mayer, H. G. Monteith, G. B. Nicholls, J. D.

Form Master: Mr. Moodie Form Captain: Burke, R. G. Allen, D. J. Anderson, P. W. Burge, R. G. Burke, R. G. Clapp, G. H. Cooper, D. R. Fitton, E. A. Goldstein, M. F. Harris, G. B. Harrison, J. A.

4 General B Harrison, J. G. Hough, J. W. Jordan, L. W. Johnstone, E. R. Kappatos, S. T. Krinkel, P. W. McArthur, P. C. *Mark, A. J. *Martin, P. J. Myers, P. C. *Nicolls, J. D. O’Donoghue, D. J. Pearson, R. A. Poulis, S.

Form Master: Mr. J. L. Dighton Form Captain: Benton, T. G. Anderson, J. N. Baird, G. G. Barton, D. S. Bessho, K. Bishop, J. S. Craigie, G. A. H. Cromie, N. A. S. Dellow, B. R. Eriksen, J. H.

3A Fletcher, J. C. Galler, L. H. Gormack, P. J. Harrison, R. Hines, I. A. Holmes, D. W. Jamieson, R. E. Liddell, P. Marshall, A. D. O’Connor, M. D. Petrie, J. P. Pope, D. S. Rutherford, A. D.

Salisbury, W. R. L. Simpson, K. A. Smyth, R. A. Thornton, G. S. Treadwell, G. Treial, A. L. Watt, R. K. Weiss, G. H. Whiteacre, G. W. Whitta, K. N. Young, T. L. Zohrab, J. D.

Form Master: Mr. G. L. Howell Form Captain: Moody, G. C. *Armstrong, T. R. Brandon, B. de B. Brown, R. Y. Coleman, R. A. Crawford, A. M. Etherington, M. J. Fischer, G. J. Gully, S. J. Harland, J. P.

3ShA Hughes, R. W. Jackman, M. G. Krause, B. L. Laird, D. M. Lansdown, R. B. Lovett, P. T. McConchie, M. G. McFee, E. D. L. H. Meech, T. D. Merrington, A. M. Moore, D. C. Morriss, A. D. Nicolson, G. L.

Osrath, G. Payton, D. B. Ridding, G. B. Ritchie, D. J. Senior, D. J. Smith, G. S. Smith, P. H. Stewart, A. I. Sutton, J. R. Wallace, D. P. Wedde, N. P. Williams, A. M.

Painton, P. E. D. Piper, W. S. Quinn, M. Rowe, G. H. Ryan, K. G. Shackeford, C. A. Stevenson, N. D. Talbot, M. J. Tietjins, I. W. Weislo, S. P. J. Witty, G. C. Yee, M. Zervos, A.

Rattray, J. R. Robinson, P. J. *Stuck, A. D. Tonks, K. J. *Torrance, D. A. Watson, L. K. Whiteman, S. G. Wiley, R. D. *Yee, M. Frost, J. T. Gill, I. F. *Noanoa, C.

Form Master: Mr E.F. Barrington Form Captain Porath, M.B. Andrew, R.G. Batt, J Bell, I.F. Bolland, K.V. Brown, G.L. Brown, G.W. Bruce-Smith, G Burt, G.W. Chainwai, D.

3B Church, G.S.M. Cragg, I.C. Davey, B.S. Ellison, G. Evans, G.D. Guerin, M.J. Holdaway, A.G. Jupp, D.W. Longley, D.N. Neeve, G.D. Pearson, K.C.P Ralph, B.G. Ramsay, R. A.

Form Master: Mr R.D. Campbell Form Captain Livingston, N.J. Adams, G. T. Anderson, D. L. Archer, G. M. Barclay, D. W. Cole, D. J. Davidson, D. S. R. Edwards, J. H. Ginsberg, R. K. Grant, J.

3ShB Holowcyak, A. A. Kelly, G. R. Macpherson, P. A. Miners, R. P. Mintoft, R . D. Petsonlis, A . Phillips, K. H. Reynolds, J. C. Seelye, J. F. Spiers, J. M. Stevens, M. S. Stevenson, G. B. Struthers, P. G.

Saville, I. E. Smith, G. J. Smith, K. R. Tait, G. A. Virtue, R. M. Mitchell, P. J. Butters, J. K. Gazley, M. G. Sumner, W. N. Whyte, B. R. Tansley, I. R.

Thompson, A. L. Turner, P. W. Twigden, P. G. Watkins, B. C. T. Wills, G. H. Willson, G. A. Wood, M. C. Wood, M. M. Worboys, N. E. Yee, V. R. Yee, T. D.

Form Master: Mr. G. Thomas Form Captain: Brooks, P.H. Boolieris, S. Brown A.J. Dysart, C.E. Earsman, S.R. Freemantle, J.K. Goodwin, D.R. Greenough, F.A. Guppy, G.A.

3C *Hanning, C.W. Iremonger, C. B. *Isakidis, S. Kennedy, P. W. Lindsay, G. G. McDougall, C. R. MacGregor, A.C.K. Myers, J. F. Naylor, B. Robertson, W. F. Sloan, B. E. Swanston, G. R.

Form Master: Mr Bloom Form Captain: Carlyle, J.L. Bava, K. Bell-Booth, S.A. Freeman, A.D. Honore, D.E. Kappatos, M. Keay, M.B. *Keir, C.J. Lamb, T.S.

3ShC Lee, M. R. Marshall, P. D. Martin, P. N. McKenzie, K.G.J. Meek, D. L. Miles, I. G. Moran, G. J. Oram, P. D. Papageorge, S. Phillips, C. R. Piper, B. D. Powell, D. R. * Left during the year


Trevena-Brown, T.S.V. Twyneham, T.C. Wilkinson, K. D. Wilkinson , L. G. Kelly, D. W. Skagen, C. K. Worthy, W. Young, K. Robertson, S.M.S. Alach, M. M. Yeomans, G. C.

Rae, P. J. Scott, P. T. R. Snowball, E. J. Stratalatos, S. Suppree, B. L. Taylor, D. F. Trafford, M. de B. Tucker, M. W. P. Walsh, N. J. Young, M. J. A. Dovry, M. J. Twist, M. D.




Annual Prize Giving 6 Discussion Group 22 Art Gallery 19 Drama Club 25 Auction 18 Duke of Edinburgh Award 23 Class Prize List 6 Library 24 Dux Equal 8 Observatory 26 Editorial 5 School Orchestra 25 Examination Results 9 Speech Competitions 25 Firth House 14 Mothers' Club 13 Old Boys' Association



Parents' Association 10 Association Football 63 Prize List, 1965 7 Athletics 52 Roll of the School 67 Badminton 56 School Diary 16 Basketball 30 Snippets from Sport 66 Cricket 33 Space Experts Visit 17 Cross Country 60 Staff Notes 11 Hockey 56 Verse and Prose 20 Fives 50 Life-Saving 51 Rowing 39 CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES Rugby 40 A.T.C. 29 Softball 59 Bear Trio 29 Swimming 60 Cadets 27 Swords 49 CrusaderUnion 27 Table Tennis 38 Dances 23 Tennis 50




Profile for Wellington College

1965 Wellingtonian  

1965 Wellingtonian