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V. CHRISTCHURCH BOYS’ HIGH SCHOOL June 14. Lost 0-6. With a stiff Canterbury frost in the morning the ground was expected to be greasy after the thaw. However, only a few of the spectators expected the high degree of skill and team-work that Boys’ High displayed under the difficult conditions. They taught us some valuable lessons about bending backs and using a half line to spread the defence; and the fact that they scored only one goal in the second half of the match showed that the Wellington team did adapt itself well.

2nd XI Coach: Mr. Barrington Team: K. Woodford (Capt.), M. J. Page (Vice-Capt.), I. K. Adams, P. M. Bennett, D. S. Bowater, L. P. M. Firn, R. K. Ginsberg, S. L. James, M. A. Merrington, D. R. Towns, T. J. Trevena-Brown, D. Vaughan. After a promising start this team had rather an unlucky season, largely brought about by its best players being so often used by the 1st XI. Results: v. Naenae, won 4-0 v. Wn. High, won 3-2 v. Mana, won 5-2 v. H.V.H.S., lost 1-3 v. Onslow, lost 2-15 v. Taita, lost 0-5 v. Heretaunga, lost 1-9 v. Scots, lost 2-3 v. Rongotai, lost 1-9 v. Tawa, lost 2-4 Summary: Played 10, won 3, lost 7. Goals for 21, against 52.

v. PALMERSTON NORTH BOYS’ HIGH SCHOOL July 21. Won 3-1 The unevenness of the College ground, although it was well rolled, robbed both teams of several promising movements. Nevertheless, the links between Dayman, Rhoades and Gaskin were well forged and the two good goals scored from the right wing proved the success of the College tactics. v. HERETAUNGA COLLEGE July 6. Won 3-2 Too many ill-judged passes and mistakes in dribbling close to the circle cost our team several goals. Wellington College asserted its superiority early in the first half but two surprise goals by the opposition made the score closer than it should have been. Driving rain spoilt what promised to be an exciting second half.

2A Coach: Mr. Clayton Team: P. Anderson, C. F. Beckett, L. E. Button, E. M. Cameron, K. L. Carman, R. G. Cox, R. D. Hayman, J. B. Hellberg, N. G. McGill, K. B. Mulholland, W. R. Spackman, A. Sturmer, B. W. Wilkinson, T. Wood, S. Chhotu, A. Vasan. This was essentially a “social” team whose members played the game purely for enjoyment. Summary: Played 9, lost 9. Goals for 4, against

SEVEN-A-SIDE TOURNAMENT AT WAIPUKURAU This year the 1st XI sent a seven-a-side team to Waipukurau, which proved to be successful both socially and at hockey. After six hours travelling the team performed well to win their first three games easily. In the afternoon their luck changed; they were beaten in the final seconds by Napier C. H.S. and drew with Opawa. In a play-off with Napier (who won the tournament), the team fought hard, only to be beaten 2-1 after ten minutes extra time.

3A Coach: Mr. Barrington Team: P. H. Collier (Capt.), M. J. Golding (Vice-Capt.), G. T. Adams, K. Bava, D. W. Ewing, J. W. Kaiser, V. Mackie, M. G. Miet, I. G. Payton, W. F. Robertson, P. Twigden, D. E. Wicherts. This was a team of very keen and promising players whose performance during the season was very commendable. They were co-winners with Mana and Tawa of the 3rd Grade Championship. Results: v. Scots, won 9-1 v. Mana, lost 0-2 v. Rongotai, won 5-1 v. Kapiti, won 4-2 v. Tawa, won 4-1 v. Scots, won 9-0 v. Rongotai, won 8-0 v. Kapiti, won 6-0 v. Mana, lost 1-3 Summary: Played 9, won 7, lost 2. Goals for 46, against 10.

FIVE-A-SIDE TOURNAMENT AT WANGANUI College sent four teams to this tournament, which was marred by shocking weather most of the day. Three teams won their sections, one team reached the quarter finals and our top team was defeated in the semi-finals by Kapiti (2-1) after playing extra time. Our thanks are due to parents, staff and pupils who helped with transport to and from Wanganui. Those players who stayed the night enjoyed the social functions to the full and we are very grateful to the Arthur family for putting up four of us.


1965 Wellingtonian  
1965 Wellingtonian