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Master I.C.: Mr. Halliday.

v. H.V.M.T. Won by 4 wickets, 1st XI 201/6 (Hill 89 n.o.). H.V.M.T. 198 (Oram 3/42). v. Old Boys. Tie. 1st XI 168/5 deck (Wilde 49, Windley 47, Oram 43 n.o.). Old Boys 168 (McLean 4/53). v. Wanderers. Draw. 1st XI 193/9 deck (Wilde 27, Monoghan 25). Wanderers 116/9 (Oram 3/16, Orr 2/23). v. Rongotai. Won by 7 wickets. 1st XI 59/3 deck (Monaghan 28, Lorentz 21 n.o.). Rongotai 51 (Orr 8/26, Lorentz 3/13).

The College fielded nine teams this year, which represents an increase of one over the previous year’s entries. For the first time for several years an additional 3rd Form team was entered, and this move, designed to retain interest in cricket amongst 3rd Formers, proved very successful. Another pleasing feature of the year was the continuing interest of boys in the third term - usually a time of difficulty for coaches, who have found in the past many boys pleading examination pressure as an excuse for giving up cricket during this period. This year, in contrast, some coaches faced an embarrassing situation, and had difficulty in giving all boys in their respective team regular games. These two features of the year’s cricket have given great satisfaction to that small but keen group of masters who have such an intense interest in the game. The future of cricket at Wellington College appears brighter than it has been for some time.

1st XI v. NEW PLYMOUTH BOYS’ HIGH SCHOOL Played at New Plymouth on March 15 and 16, 1965. This match undoubtedly belonged to J. Morrison, but unfortunately for us this J. Morrison is not the Wellington College athletic champion, but a very talented cricketer, the captain of the New Plymouth 1st XI. Never before in this series of matches has one player so monopolized proceedings. Firstly he won the toss for his team; then opened the innings and scored the first century scored by a New Plymouth player in games against our school. Having scored almost half the runs he then mesmerized our slow-footed batsmen with his slow left-arm spinners and finished the match with the amazing figures of 52 overs, 33 maidens, 42 runs, 10 wickets. Against such performances our team had to play second fiddle and it was obvious to us even at the end of the first day that we had no chance of winning the match since we did not start batting until 4.40 p.m. A draw was all we could expect from the match - and a draw it was. On the credit side, we can record that Hill did not concede any byes. Windley, opening our innings, produced a marathon effort by batting nearly three hours; Hill reproduced the same stubborness he had shown in December against Wanganui by scoring 24 valuable runs; Monaghan went completely and inexplicably into his shell by scoring 13 runs in the match in 150 minutes; Wilde, in his first school match, showed excellent form in the second innings by top-scoring with 31 not out; and, in the dying stages of the match, Oram hit the only six of the match. The fielding of the team was keen but the bowling lacked accuracy and penetration - far too many rank bad balls presenting the batsmen with gift boundaries. And the batting! Well, the fact that a slow bowler can bowl 52 overs for only 42 runs speaks for itself.

1st XI

Coach: Mr. Paetz. Team: M. G. Monaghan (capt.), J. J. Lorentz (vice-capt.), B. Windley, H. R. Hill, G. Gaskin, R. G. Wilde, J. McLean, R. Orr, M. Oram, P. Dentice, A. Lendrum. v. Onslow. Draw. 1st XI 155/8 (McLean 42 n.o., Dentice 30). Onslow 173/6 deck (Oram 2/23). v. H.V.H.S. Lost by 4 wickets. 1st XI 136/9 decl. (Lorentz 48, Hill 45 n.o.). H.V.H.S. 137/6 (Lorentz 3/41). v. Rongotai. Draw. 1st XI 144 (Monaghan 38, Lorentz 32). Rongotai 97/9 (Lendrum 3/16, Oram 3/28). v. Heretaunga. Draw. 1st XI 86/6 (Dentice 28). Heretaunga 192/6 deck (Windley 2/28). v. St. Pat’s. Lost by 4 wickets. 1st XI 149 (Dentice 66). St. Pat’s 155/6 (McLean 3/31). v. St. Bernard’s. Draw. 1st XI 126/5 (Gaskin 48 n.o., Dentice 35 n.o.). St. Bernard’s 192 (McLean 4/74). v. Scots. Draw. 1st XI 110/5 (Gaskin 34 n.o., Dentice 28). Scots 167/9 deck (McLean 4/70, Oram 3/42). v. 2nd XI. Won by 42 runs. 1st XI 222/5 deck (Lorentz 109, Hill 53) and 100/4 deck (Dentice 37, Orr 33). 2nd XI 172 (Oram 4/42) and 108 (Lendrum 6/24). 31

1965 Wellingtonian  
1965 Wellingtonian