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The Bear Trio

strain, but it was planned to implement as much as was possible in time. It was most gratifying to see the way boys volunteered to assist in a very wide range of subjects. Though shaky, the programme promised to be capable of being put into operation. But further problems arose. The Army instructors insisted on carrying out the Directive as laid down despite the acute shortage of officers. This new work was familiar only to the NCO’s who had attended the latest courses. Both the A.T.C. and the Sea Cadets made good progress over this period, but the troubles in the Army side (the largest section) resulted in a Staff meeting to decide the future of Cadets at the College. In view of the difficulties, the meeting could find no alternative to the course of discontinuing Cadets at the College.

- Photo by “Evening Post”

A trio consisting of M. Golding (violin), M. Jackson (’cello) and C. Beckett (piano) played at Victoria University on August 1st, competing against nine other ensembles. These had been chosen from about 70 ensembles throughout New Zealand in the finals of the New Zealand Chamber Music Federation’s first annual competition for post-primary schools. The trio had previously won the Wellington district finals. The visiting Vienna Octet, judging the contest, placed the trio first in the national finals. It is noteworthy for Wellington College to be represented by the winning trio for the first competition of this kind to be held in New Zealand.

A.T.C. O.C.: Fit. Lt. K. V. Bliss. For the last time the College Squadron underwent a rigorous and interesting Cadet Week in February. The newly-established confidence course proved very stimulating to the boys. Such a good start to the year is, however, past history as the College Cadet Corps has since become defunct. The keenest of the ex-A.T.C. members have been able to maintain a link with the Air Force by joining the Town Squadrons. Officers: F/O. W. Greenlees, Wg. Cmdr. L. Moodie, Fit. Lt. C. E. Shorter, Sqdn. W.O. G. M. Bridges. A Flight: Flt./Sgt. G. W. Arthur, Sgt. S. W. Davidson, Cpl. N. G. Helson. B Flight: Flt./Sgt. K. L. Carman, Sgt. D. A. Rhoades, Cpl. R. J. Huppert, Cpl. A. G. George. C Flight: Flt./Sgt. A. W. Thornley, Sgt. W. J. Sommer, Cpl. S. R. S. Cocks, Cpl. R. R. Gordon, Cpl. D. S. Carter.

The new T.V. lounge, Firth House

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Thanks must be given to the school photographers, Brian Drake and John Meagher, who gave up much of their time taking and developing pictures. John Doig, the school diarist, also played an important part in bringing out the magazine.


1965 Wellingtonian  
1965 Wellingtonian