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PREVENTION WEEK OCTOBER 7 - 13 Have Two ways out

The Mapleton Fire Department team - The department recently held a recruitment information evening that focused on the requirements, education and dedication needed to serve as a firefighter.

Don’t let fire knock on your door CNW - Each year fire claims many lives and causes thousands of dollars in damage. Many of these tragedies could have been avoided. Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) offers tips for Canadians to learn how to prevent and respond appropriately in case of a fire. “Statistics show that most fires are caused by careless behavior. An ounce of prevention and education can help save lives, homes and irreplaceable keepsakes,” says Ralph Palumbo, vice president, Ontario with IBC. Nearly one in three fires is caused by carelessness or negligent use of combustible materials, cooking appliances or mechanical and electrical malfunctions. Pre-planning and maintaining a fire safe environment helps to prevent fires from happening and ensures you are better prepared to handle a fire

emergency. First and foremost, smoke detectors should be installed on every floor of your home. Statistics show Almost half of installed smoke detectors are not in good operating condition. Even worse, many homes are still not equipped with smoke detectors. Here are some important tips to protect you against fire: Check and maintain your smoke detectors. Replace batteries at least once a year around Daylight Savings Time. Establish a fire evacuation plan. Practise your fire escape plan with all family members. In the event of house fire don’t waste a second, leave your house and call the fire department. In the event of an apartment fire never use an elevator and always feel the door before exiting, if it is hot do not open it. Use your kitchen safely. Don’t leave anything cooking

unattended. Turn off the stove even if you leave the room for just a few seconds. Safely store matches and lighters away from children. Ask children to tell you when they find matches or lighters. Remind them each time such items are for adults only. Be careful if you smoke. Never smoke in bed. Wet cigarette butts before disposing them. Be careful with electricity. Spot devices that are dangerous or in poor condition: flickering lamps, bare wires, open circuit breakers etc. Give space heaters space. Leave at least one meter (three feet) between combustible materials and space heaters. Get rid of combustible waste. Regularly dispose of anything that could cause a fire: paints, solvents you no longer need, or stacks of paper etc.

Wellington Construction Wellington Construction ENCOURAGES everyone to Protect Your Family from Fire. Have a plan. We salute The Mapleton Fire Department. #8718 Wellington Road #7 Palmerston, Ontario N0G 2P0 Tel: 519-343-2456 Fax: 519-343-2694

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The Mapleton Fire Department Recruitment Information Evening Wednesday, October 24, 2012 Thursday, October 25, 2012 The Equipment

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7pm 7pm

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Moorefield Fire Hall Drayton Fire Hall

LEARN ALL ABOUT • The Training • The Commitment

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Bring the whole family!

Art Nieuwland Owner - Manager

Business 519-638-3008 * 1-800-263-9818 * Fax 638-5221 Residence 638-3587 * Cellular 589-8447

We’re proud to support the Mapleton Township Volunteer Fire Departments and Fire Prevention Week

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Be sure to Check out:

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