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13 Exceptional Gardening

An educational gardening initiative that is bringing community together.

16 The Seed Underground

Janisse Ray shares an excerpt from “The Seed Underground: A Growing Revolution to Save Food”.

21 Tuesday’s Gone

David explores the Richmond Hill Farmer’s Market on a Tuesday afternoon.

24 More than a Mouthful

A new column of creative new words defining the hidden language of everyday healthy living.


26 National School Lunch Week

You are invited to Experience the new healthier school lunch at your child’s school. PLUS: Chatham County Public School Menus

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Brighter Day Natural Foods Market

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Food Day at Daffin Park

Looking at Daffin Park today, one would never suspect the deluge of people, pets and produce that is imminently headed its way. With this year’s goal of over 10,000 people in attendance, this may very well be one of the biggest events the park has ever seen. I actually live only two blocks from the park and still, as I pass it on a daily basis, it is hard for me to visualize exactly what that wide open field will look like when its filled with several thousand people. Oh, I’ve done the mapping and measuring, creating a perfect to scale diagram of exactly where the stage will be and how many tents will be in each row. I’ve probably spent more time in Daffin Park over the past few weeks than I have the entire time I have lived in Savannah. I can tell you exactly how many power outlets there are and how many feet it is from sidewalk to center drive. I know where the field dips and where the shade is at ten, twelve, and two o’clock. But the one detail that fails me, even after putting together the entire festival guide, is what it will look like when it is filled to the brim with children and pets and parents students and farmers - musicians and artists. We’ve seen it time and again in Forsyth Park: The east lawn in front of the ampitheatre filled with a sea of blankets and tents. But I never understood why Daffin has always been left out like a geeky cousin, never invited to the party. To me, it makes perfect sense to stage a festival in Daffin instead of Forsyth. It has better parking, bigger fields and a more central location (I am the first to admit that as a “downtowner”, I forget that most Savannahians do not live and work north of Victory.) So, it was with great anticipation that we decided to have this year’s festival in my own neighborhood. I invite all of Savannah and the surrounding area to join me in realizing this vision. Lets create an event that will change the way we view this wonderful park. We are so blessed to have such great parks in this city, so it is time we put them to the fullest use. I hope that come November, when you see a jogger on the trail or someone walking their dog on the lawn, you can be sure that they, along with myself, have no problem whatsoever envisioning what 10,000 people in Daffin looks like.

Will you be part of the 10,000?

- Rene Teran


Rene Teran Creative Director

Whitney Johnson Accounts

Jennifer Restivo Charles Moore Christina Sullivan Meagan Hodge Brian Stafford Contributing Editor

David Gignilliat

Contributing Writers

Meagan Hodge Scott Boylston David Gignilliat Janisse Ray Rhonda Barlow Marilyn Fishel Elizabeth Conlon Special Thanks

The 2012 Food Day Advisory Board Meagan Hodge Original Cover Photo: © This Issue is dedicated to the memory of Scott Miller

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Photo: Raw peanuts just waiting to be picked up and roasted at the Richmond Hill Farmer’s Market.

An Intelligent Design: Design for Ability

Exceptional Gardening The Savannah High School Greenhouse Program


Design for Ability is a new educational organization that offers youth with exceptional needs an apprenticeship experience and hands-on training within green sectors of the agriculture, construction, and artisan industries. Program Director, and SCAD Design for Sustainability alumna, Meagan Hodge, believes in pursuing job-based learning techniques that give students the opportunity to earn a monetary stipend for their project involvement. She has identified for-profit and non-profit businesses to partner with that donate time, design knowledge, materials and labor to assist program participants during classes. The previous participating companies, Wooden Sheep, Southern Pine and RK Construction, have enabled these students to expand their job and life-skill training by acting as program mentors. One of the program benefits is that students and local community are involved in growing food and developing healthier eating habits together. By the end, the student participants will be able to design and build multiple above-ground beds, incorporate experimental soil techniques and start on-site composting. These added facilities will encourage individuals from the community to visit and teach, not only the students, but also the surrounding neighborhood about gardening, nutrition and sustainable building systems while exploring new job training tactics. Hodge also plans to open the site to other schools and organizations for tours and workshops, with the hope that they will take this model and reproduce it in their neighborhoods. Design for Ability’s newest project, is the construction of an on-site greenhouse with materials completely derived from the construction waste stream. This structure will serve as an excellent example of material reuse, and show the value of utilizing the amazing supply of historic building materials available in the greater Savannah area. Through this project, the students will be involved in every step of the building process, from salvaging the material, de-nailing lumber, material inventory, site preparation and construction of the greenhouse. The design, which is derived from Meagan Hodge’s final Masters project will provide another learning opportunity, as it will showcase progressive building systems such as passive cooling and heating, photovoltaic energy production and rain-water harvesting.

he Savannah High School Greenhouse Program is a growing initiative that started within the Chatham County Public Schools system. The program, first developed four years ago by Transition Specialist Margo Greene and Job Coach Willie Mobley, began as series of gardening projects for those within the Department of Exceptional Students. The curriculum at Savannah High School is an enhanced one for these students, and provides exposure to agriculture classes in unconventional class formations. It is during these classes that students learn simple farming techniques with produce and plant life production throughout their school year. Currently, the class has access to a 200-square foot greenhouse and inground planting on the school’s premises and with continued growth, more space will be needed. The local business community has demonstrated its commitment to the gardeners of tomorrow with their active involvement. Previous sponsors Oelschig’s Nursery, Bamboo Gardens & Coastal Gardens and Harambee House Farms, graciously contributed agricultural expertise to the program. These companies have also opened their doors to students for additional hands-on training in professional gardening environments. But the work has only begun. Mobley hopes to expand the Greenhouse Program within a new urban context for additional exposure, community involvement, new training opportunities and additional participation with multiple education programs. To take the initiative to that next level, the school selected Design for Ability, a novel apprenticeship program, to become Continued on Next Page the new platform to expand its vocational training.

Well FED


How, you might ask, are they getting all of this done? Once again, partnering with local companies for the greater good of the community.

Using What’s Already There with Emergent Structures Emergent Structures is another local non-profit, with a mission to increase the value and accessibility of building material waste streams through facilitation, collaboration, education, and advocacy. The non-profit identifies valuable construction waste, and through open collaboration, they funnel it right back into community projects that might be looking for lumber, windows, doors, etc. They are major “bottom feeders,” and proud of it. When the Savannah High School program needed a larger greenhouse and location for Design for Ability’s design-build classroom concept, Emergent Structure saw an opportunity. They have taken the reins on organizing the new location, fundraising efforts, material reclamation efforts, and mobilizing the resources of their experienced board and external partners. One such partner is the Savannah Technical College, whose Historic Preservation and Restoration Technology academic program is led by Director/ Instructor Steve Hartley, an Emergent Structures’ board member. Two of his classes are assisting with material restoration, green building design and installation of the greenhouse. The Historic Preservation Class 1280: Doors, Windows and Roofing, is restoring all salvaged windows with accurate lead paint removal, re-glazing glass panes and re-painting all windows. The Introduction to Green Building Class 1001 has already deconstructed a local residential home, saving valuable yellow pine and red cedar shiplap for the new greenhouse’s construction. They will also be helping create the final structural designs, with an emphasis on maximizing solar gain, rain water collection and the use of efficient building systems. Additionally, two local for-profit companies, Southern Pine Company of Georgia and RK Construction, will be donating materials and hardware, on-site labor and design advice to the greenhouse project. The founder of both companies, Ramsey Khalidi, has been partnering with Design for Ability over the last year and educating the students on the proper deconstruction techniques needed to maximize material reclamation. This project is truly a cross-collaboration, a union of Savannah’s diverse building industry, its educational sector, and its talented practitioners giving back to the community and they are not stopping until they get things done!

“Many things grow in the garden that were never sown there.” - Thomas Fuller, Gnomologia, 1732

Want to get your hand dirty too? Over the next few months, Emergent Structures and Design for Ability will be organizing several volunteer opportunities and fundraising events, with initial sponsorship from the IKEA distribution center in Port Wentworth and Hardin Construction. So stay tuned for postings of participation opportunities!

The Result: A New Greenhouse Effect The ultimate goal is to have different members of the community visit the Design for Ability’s site and teach students, individuals and neighbors about gardening, nutritional cooking techniques, sustainable building systems and effective job training skills. They hope to open the site to other schools and organizations for tours as a model for what could be done in other local communities.

To Learn More.... Emergent Structures Scott Boylston: Design for Ability Meagan Hodge:

Project Partners

FORM’s 2nd Year Anniversary Celebration

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e are pleased to welcome to the 2012 Savannah Food Day Festival author, gardener, and seed saver Janisse Ray. Ray has written five books of literary nonfiction, including her latest, The Seed Underground: A Growing Revolution to Save Food.The books sounds an alarm bell over what’s happening to seeds – the genetic erosion of food crops and the loss of agrodiversity. “My saying this may seem crazy when you think about the bounty…at the supermarket, but we are, in fact, losing food,” Ray writes. “Thousands of distinct varieties worldwide, especially ancient breeds, are threatened…or dying out, the seeds for them no longer found.” Ray has recently been interviewed on NPR’s “Marketplace” and “Living on Earth.” Before tackling the subject of American agriculture and the loss of heirloom food, Ray was best known for the acclaimed Ecology of a Cracker Childhood, a memoir about growing up on a junkyard in the endangered longleaf pine ecosystem of the Southeast. She holds an MFA from the University of Montana and in 2007 was awarded an honorary doctorate from Unity College in Maine. Ray lives in the coastal plains of southern Georgia, in the ghost village of Altamaha, Georgia, where she farms, studies nature, teaches, and writes.

The Seed Underground by Janisse Ray

an excerpt If you haven’t heard what’s happening with seeds, let me tell you. They’re disappearing, about like every thing else. You know the story already, you know it better than I do, the forests and the songbirds, the Appalachian Mountains, the fish in the ocean. But I’m not going to talk about anything that’s going to make us feel hopeless, or despairing, because there’s no despair in a seed. There’s only life, waiting for the right conditions—sun and water, warmth and soil—to be set free. Every day millions upon millions of seeds lift their two green wings. I’ve waited for those same conditions, and now I’ve found them. I believe that you will too. We are in the springtime, in the garden, winging into a new era, the Ecozoic era, and you and I have just alighted. Welcome. All my life I dreamed of being a farmer. My mother had been glad to leave the farm, where I spent many Saturdays with my grandparents Arthur and Beulah. Deep in my psyche are my grandfather’s mules, my grandmother’s chickens, fields of vegetables and sprawling watermelon vines, full corncribs. During my preschool years, my grandmother milked a cow.

“ To not fail, we have to understand everything we can about the cycle of life.” Then there was the Farmall - A tractor and bird guano fertilizer, and after my grandfather died, when I was six, subsidized tobacco and Roundup weedkiller, monster combines and terrible erosion and the invasion of privet .

And, poof, all that was gone, brushed aside casually. It happened so quickly. It left me doodling pitchforks in college astronomy and world civ notebooks.

The cane grinder was sold, the smokehouses fell, the last hen wasn’t even eaten. Grandmama sent the milch cow to the livestock auction. I remember her final pea-patch.

Now I’m back. Our farm has forty-six acres in pasture, field, and woods. It has a house built in 1850 by a man whose brother operated a sawmill on Slaughter Creek, which collects water off the fields of Reidsville, Georgia’s prison farm, and delivers it to the Altamaha River.

On that farm -- where I as a child roamed, eating crabapples and muscadines, pomegranates and sand pears -- now the story is Roundup-resistant pigweed among rows of genetically modified (GM) soybeans in fields leased to chemical cultivators. The fencerows are bulldozed, demolishing the plantings of wax myrtle and wild cherry accomplished by mockingbirds and cardinals. Fences are yanked out and the farmers are crowding right up to the road, since the field has to get bigger at all costs. The sassafras tree my grandfather so carefully skirted with his harrows is dead and gone. Any one of us middle-aged Americans could be the poster child for the story of agriculture in the United States, one that began with working farms; farm animals; seed saving; land-based, subsistence economies; farming children.

Continued on Next Page

Our gardens are gridworks of ragged raised beds. The gardens are fenced to keep the barnyard fowl— including the crazy guineas, which scuttle around like boats on legs hollering their mad, prehistoric calls— from scratching up every seed we plant. We have a pig or two, a few goats and sheep, some chickens, some turkeys and ducks. Many people still alive today have seen the entire process of American ag: the function, the falling apart, the rise of big chemical, and now the coming back. We are witnessing in agriculture a revolution, a full circle. Except it’s not a circle. We are not returning to where we were. With some of the old knowledge intact and armed with fresh knowledge, we are looping forward to a new place. And we’re coming there different. We are coming better prepared. We’re coming educated. Girls as well as boys are coming. We’re coming as greenhorns, but we’re coming together. We’re coming knowing that failure is not possible. To not fail, we have to understand everything we can about the cycle of life. We can no longer believe in false magic, that whatever we hanker for will be available to us, as it has been for most of our lives, whenever we wanted it, that it will appear in stores and restaurants as long as we have money wadded in our pockets.

The time has come to understand food at its most elemental.

At no time in our history more than now have Americans been more knowledgeable and more concerned about what we eat. We have watched our food systems deconstructed in front of our eyes. In a way, the farmer in all of us has roused. We understand organic, that food grown without chemicals is healthier for us and the earth. We understand local, that food grown closer to home is healthier and helps solve the climate crisis as well. Now we come to the landscape of American agriculture with a fresh realization: We do not have control of seeds, which are the crux of our food supply. Our seed supply is in crisis and therefore our food is in crisis. A tragedy of corporate robbery is being acted out on a world stage, except this is not a drama with us in the audience getting to go home afterward. This is real. The time has come to understand food at its most elemental.

Excerpt reprinted by permission of Chelsea Green Publishing of White River Junction, Vermont.

Order a copy of the book: item/the_seed_underground

Learn more about the author:

See Mark Ezra Stokes’ book trailer of The Seed Underground:

Hear the Marketplace interview: sustainability/science-and-businesssowing-seeds

For more info on Red Earth Farm:

The third South Georgia Growing Local and Sustainable conference will be held January 26, 2013 at Tattnall County High School near Reidsville, Ga. A cost of $25 includes all workshops, speakers, and lunch. The all-day event is sponsored by Okravores, Greater Tattnall Chamber of Commerce, Georgia Organics, Coastal Georgia Organics, and the South Georgia Local Food Network. In addition, workshop intensives will be held the day before the conference, Jan. 25, at the UGA Vidalia Onion & Vegetable Research Station, also near Reidsville. For more information, email or call Red Earth Farm at 912.557.1053. Red Earth Farm in Tattnall County, near Reidsville, offers classes in simple cheese-making, organic gardening, backyard chickens, fermentation, and other sustainability practices. To be notified of classes, email

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ngus McLeod sits atop an eight-foot picnic table, the type that you might find in droves at a family reunion or a backyard barbeque. The makeshift wooden bench is the perfect home for McLeod, an engaging man with a friendly, straightshooting manner. As one of the founders of the Richmond Hill Farmers’ Market, he’s here every Tuesday surveying the scene, checking in with vendors, sampling the odd piece of cheese or sweet treat, and saying hello to old and new friends. Today is no different. The gentle din of merchants talking with customers fills the air. In the distance, the playful pitterpatter of children shouting and playing abounds. A more quite little one tugs at mom’s shorts while she picks out the produce for this week’s meals. An eager group of Cub Scouts amble toward McLeod, their faces as bright as their starched blue-and-yellow uniforms. He asks them how their fundraising efforts are doing, listens intently, and offers them a few tips before they head on their way. A few minutes later, a pair of young anglers walk by, showing off today’s catch, a catfish, caught from the pond that runs down one of the sides of the park. “Worms,” the two boys beam in unison. “Worms.” The market is as ripe with fruit and vegetables as it is nostalgia, a perfect scene of bucolic Americana that’d make even Norman Rockwell grab his brush. “I grew up in the 40s and 50s, and we fed ourselves out of a garden, “ says McLeod, a local realtor who moved to the Savannah area in 1974. “You can’t believe the number of customers that tell the

vendors that their granddaddy had a garden, or that their uncle had a garden, and they grew up with a garden.” The market, which goes from July to the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, is a pleasant weekly reminder of perhaps a simpler time when farmers and families met at the local marketplace. A time when working the land, on the farmer and in the garden, was the primary source of sustenance. The story behind the market traces its seeds back to an impromptu 2010, when five friends decided to share a two-acre garden in the Harris Neck Wildlife Refuge. Over cups of coffee at a local eatery, the impromptu group -- a biologist, a contractor, mortgage banker, the landowner, annd McLeod, a realtor -- wondered to themselves if such an endeavor might work on a greater stage. “I remember we’d comment on the fact that it’d be nice if everybody had access to the fresh vegetables that we had in the garden,” McLeod recalls. “Could [a farmers’ market] work in Richmond Hill?” So they did just that, meeting with city officials, scouting potential vendors, and visiting other nearby markets in Georgia and South Carolina to get a sense of what worked. In spring 2011, they received approval from the Richmond Hill City Council, and a few months later in July, they held their first Tuesday market. The response, so far, has been tremendous. McLeod says the weekly event averages between 700 and 800 vehicles entering the park each week. Continued on Next Page

Well FED


There are usually between 32 and 35 vendors at each Tuesday market, including a few local nonprofits, specialty book vendors, and craftsman and women selling hand crafted goods such as soaps and wooden children’s toys. Regular participants include, but are certainly not limited to, the following: Hunter Cattle, Southern Swiss Dairy, Fra Li Gourmet (pasta and sauces), Flatland Farm, Georgia Buffalo, Bayfront Treasures (soaps and scents), Brown’s BBQ, among others. With McLeod playing host, Well Fed Savannah spoke with a few of the day’s vendors...

The Sweet and Savory Life: Lowcountry Comfort Bakery “Everything I do is all natural, and it’s kinda quirky,” says Chef Tara Noberini, who grew up in New York, and has lived in San Francisco. “So I have spins on things, I make chocolate chip cookies, but I put a spin on it. I do a potato chip chocolate chip, and a bacon chocolate chip that people go nuts for.” She’s been a vendor at Richmond Hill since last year, and has thoroughly enjoyed it. “For me, not really knowing where Richmond Hill is, it’s been an adventure for me,” she says. “I love the people that I meet. It’s fascinating to get to know them, and learn their history.”

From Farm to Table: Yahveh Farms Paul & Alyssa Kearns are the husband-and-wife tandem behind Yahveh Farms, a local farm in northern Jasper County where they cultivate naturally-grown, chemical free produce. “The thing we’ve noticed here is that people in Richmond Hill really depend on the farmers’ market for their everyday vegetables,” said Alyssa Kearns, who grew up in Oswego, NY before moving to South Carolina to raise her family. “At a lot of the farmers’ markets, people will buy novelty items, and they just walk around, but at this one people really depend on it for their produce. They don’t [always] go to Kroger for their produce, and they come here, rain or shine” Their typical farmers’ market bounty includes carrots, eggplant, okra, squash, watermelon, beans, cantaloupe, broccoli, lettuce, collards and gourds. But they also try to introduce customers to more adventurous items, like purple potatoes and rainbow swiss chard.

photo by Patti Todd The Richmond Hill Farmer’s Market is located at 520 Cedar Street in a covered pavillion at the J.F. Gregory Park. The market is open every Tuesday from July to late November from 3 to 7 p.m., For more information, please visit the Market’s Facebook page or contact them directly at 912-572-5888.

“We try to grow unique different items, things people haven’t really seen, stuff that people aren’t used to,” says Kearns, a mother and wife. “We’re trying to open people up to the wonderful world of vegetables.”

A Honey Pot: Richmond Hill Bee Company For those with a sweet tooth, there’s the Richmond Hill Bee Company, which makes popular Tupelo and wildflower honeys. “I remember working with bees back when I was young with Daddy,” says J.M. Sikes, who has 900 hives spread across four local counties. “Finding a place to get good honey is hard to find.” “It’s been a good season. Right now, I have a 205-lb bucket,” says Sikes, who also vends at a market in Hinesville and at the Keller’s Flea Market in Savannah. “Just like any big bee company, we’ve got everything we need. Nobody don’t do none of our honey but us.” As the afternoon turns into evening and day into night, customers head out, and new ones head in, collecting what they need for the week ahead. “We only bought staples [at the grocery store] in the 40s and 50s. We bought soap, salt and pepper and sugar, we’d buy coffee,” McLeod remembers. “But we made our own bread, made our own ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and we’d literally eat out of a two-acre garden, plus a farm.” So goes the old-fashioned afternoon farmers’ market, a gentle reminder of the way things used to be and, perhaps, should be. And then, Tuesday’s gone.






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mouthful more than a

Life is filled with everyday behaviors, experiences and occurrences we all notice and observe. And most of them already have existing words and phrases to describe them. But some do not. In an ongoing Well Fed series for Well Fed Savannah, writer David Gignilliat explores the hidden language of everyday healthy living.

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{ ripertoire }

for more information:


n., pl., the collection of behaviors, mannerisms & techniques that shoppers frequently use to determine the relative ripeness of a piece of fruit Examples include, but are not limited to, the following:

• sniffing a piece of fruit • squeezing the rind, especially a thin-rinded


one like a pear or apple

• tapping the exterior • putting one’s ear to the body of the fruit

Did You Know? Ripeness is big business. There are companies like Wagner Instruments in Greenwich, CT that manufacture the FT Fruit Tester, a penetrometer that measure’s an object’s firmness. Most of the fruit we buy, at the grocery store anyway, has left the garden far behind, having been picked before its prime to avoid shipping damage and storage loss. So, accurately judging the ready-to-eat fruit from the dregs becomes even more important. related words: pret-a-manger adj., a piece of fruit that is ready to eat, perfectly ripe, like the French phrase pret-a-porter, meaning “ready to wear”. For more made-up words and phrases, please visit our writer’s David Gignilliat’s ‘neologism’ blog at

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Please join us the evening before the 2nd Annual SAVANNAH ROCK ‘N’ ROLL MARATHON!

Friday, November 2nd - 4pm-8:30pm American Legion - 1108 Bull Street


Dinner will include pasta, bread, salad, sweet, and non-alcoholic drinks. Cash bar available. Dine with us or take your pasta to go... It’s all for the cause! All money from the pasta dinner will go to support Liam’s Land Medical Research Grant to fund research and clinical trials for lymphatic malformation.

$10 now or $15 at the door! Children under 6 FREE.

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OCTOBER 25, 26, 27

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o celebrate the National School Lunch Program, during the week of October 15 – 19, lunchrooms across Chatham County will hold week long events, activities and contests. This school lunch fest is designed to celebrate the over 5 million nutritious lunch meals the Chatham County School Nutrition Program served to students last year and the over 6,000 lunch meals served thus far this school year. This averages to around 22 thousand lunches per day. This lunch time celebration was officially named the National School Lunch Week Campaign in 1962 by President John K. Kennedy; in a positive effort to celebrate the benefits of providing low-cost nutritious meals to the nation’s children during the school day. In a effort to show the parents how the Healthy, HungryFree Kids Act of 2010 new dietary guidelines for school lunches translated into real life meals, we would like to invite the parents and the community to come and celebrate with us. This year’s theme is “School Lunch: What’s Cooking?”, which was designed to give the local School Nutrition Program the opportunity to highlight the dietary benefits of eating school lunch. It is also intended to get the conversation going between the parents, the community, and the School Nutrition Program to discuss the main meal of the day in the school food environment.


Well FED

by Rhonda Barlow, MPH, RD, LD, CLC

During this week of celebration, look for your child to participate in art contests, taste testing events, essay contests, kitchen tours, and student/teacher recipe contests. Planned events, contests, and activities will vary with the school site, so check with your child’s School Nutrition Manager for a list of cool happenings during that week. If you want more information on the National School Lunch Week Campaign, go to For a list of questions to ask your School Nutrition Manager when you eat lunch with your child, go to

You are Invited to

October 17th, 2012 Where & When

Your Child’s School Cafeteria & Scheduled Lunchtime

Price Student Lunch Prices - $2.15 Full Price (K-8) // $2.40 Full Price (9-12)//$0.40 Reduced Price Adult and Non-Student Lunch Price - $3.60


Call Your School Nutrition Manager before October 12th


This event, truly would not be possible without the support of these sponsors. Those below are committed to our community and we are honored to have them represented in The 2012 Savannah Food Day Festival.

Healthy Savannah Connect Inspire Grow

greentruck neighborhoodpub

Food Day is a nationwide celebration and a movement toward more healthy, affordable, and sustainable food. Food Day, created by CSPI, is powered by a diverse coalition of food movement leaders, organizations, and people from all walks of life. Food Day takes place annually on October 24 to address issues as varied as health and nutrition, hunger, agricultural policy, animal welfare, and farm worker justice. The ultimate goal of Food Day is to strengthen and unify the food movement in order to improve our nation’s food policies.

On Sunday, October 28th, the Sunday after the National Food Day, the City of Savannah will be treated to a large outdoor festival at Daffin Park, located next to Historic Grayson Stadium on Victory Drive. The festival is from 11am to 6pm and is free and open to the public. A live concert, featuring many of Savannah’s top performers will take place during the festival. We encourage the public to bring their own canopy tents, seating or blankets and spend the day taking in the music, browsing the nearly 100 exhibitors and vendors and shopping at the Farmer’s Market. Attendees are also sure to find interest among the two dozen unique and completely free workshops and cooking classes, suitable for everyone, including the kids! Of course, it wouldn’t be a food festival without the food! This year the festival welcomes the following food vendors - all serving fresh, delicious offerings all day: Thrive, A Carry-out Cafe / Crepe’ A Diem / Cafe Gelatohhh! / Five Spot / Alligator Soul This year, The Savannah Food Day Festival will also be recognizing National Pitbull Awareness Day. Feel free to share the day with your canine companions and visit with several animal organizations including the Savannah Kennel Club, The Humane Society of Greater Savannah and Solace PitBull Rescue.

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The SkyeLite Jazz Band is the premier performing group at Savannah Arts Academy, andhas been a staple for Savannah’s Jazz scene for 20 years. Performing music for Big band, the band prides itself on playing standard repertoire, as well as more updated arrangements for jazz band. The “JE One,” as it is called at Savannah Arts High School, is a class which promotes and teaches creativity, improvisational skills, and entertainment value, and is part of the “American Music Project” created by director, Vann Thornton. Featuring singers, and soloists, the band plays hot, cool, be-bop, and funk, and everything in between. The Accomplices, a lowcountry string band from Savannah, is a unique sort of rock and groove-based blues-grass with overtones of jazz and bohemian country.With acoustic/effected guitars, upright bass, percussion, Dobro or lap steel, and fiddle, their playing is one crossgenre blend of musical style and influence that will engage every type of listener. The band’s vocal harmonies and its clever lyrical prose only further embellish the strong musical foundation of this diverse group. The people said they needed a break from the sameness. There was no creativity. They had given up hope and fallen out of love with HipHop. Then, along came KidSyc@Brandywine. Take the thoughts, ideas, and emotions of your average misfit, sprinkle in some newfound confidence, and spread it all across a bold and adventurous soundtrack. What you will have is a KidSyc@BrandyWine song...... and a new favorite band. Savannah, Ga.’s own local-boys-done-good, The Train Wrecks offer up raucous and rollicking Americana that’s as equally indebted to the traditionalist legacies of Hank Sr. and Johnny Cash as it is to the forward thinking rock & roll of Hank III and Lucero. Local reviewers have been “blown away” by the band’s live shows, and the Wrecks have been officially dubbed “The Hardest Gigging Band in Savannah”, a testament to the love and dedication they have for their music. “A shining light of Savannah’s music scene for a decade, Bottles & Cans is known as a “blues band,” yet this unpredictable group of immensely talented players and singers draws as well on the rich traditions of American folk, country and rock to create their raucous, swampy rave-ups and soulful ballads.” “Word of Mouth is an 8-piece musical ensemble comprised of diverse artists from across the United States. Meeting in and based out of Savannah, GA, the group has existed since 2009 and is currently putting the finishing touches on their debut album, “Word of Mouth Speaks”. Word of Mouth’s music is just as eclectic as the members themselves, with influence holding it’s musical roots in rock and h ip-hop, while delving all the way to the intricacies of classical piano and poetic decisiveness of spoken word. This band will keep you guessing with its dramatic time changes and unique genre-blending, all the while keeping your head bobbin’ and feet groovin’.

The 2012 Savannah Food Day Festival is proud to welcome the Forsyth Farmer’s Market this year! Usually held on Saturdays at Forsyth Park from 9am to 1pm, the market will be transplanted to the festival for one special second day. That Sunday of the festival, attendees will be able to partake in the abundance of Savannah’s most popular farmer’s market - in the convenience of Daffin Park! Never has it been a better time, with ample parking and lovely fall weather, to see what the Forsyth Farmer’s Market has to offer. Don’t forget to come early to get the best selections!


Well FED

Presented by Tina White of The Coastal Georgia Botanical Garden at the Historic Bamboo Farm: What does it mean to be “Organic”? How does one grow vegetables organically? What are the health benefits of eating organic vegetables? Students will be presented with materials and information on basic organic growing. Presenter, Tina White, is a Master Gardener and has a wealth of information on organic gardening, garden design and best practices of growing organically.

Presented by David Tree Malpass of The Savannah Urban Garden Alliance: Creating Healthy garden soil is the first step to growing healthy food. Explore what healthy soil is, its importance and how to create it using composting, worms and organic soil amendments. Also discuss the effect pestisides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers have on soil and health. Participants will be introduced to three specific composting systems. Go home excited to organically create healthy living soil, garden orgainically and to enjoy the healthy fruits and vegetables of your labor.

Presented by Kelly Lockamy, founder of the Savannah Urban Garden Alliance: Kelly will discuss the how, why, when and where of growing mushrooms. She will cover several mushroom varieties that can be grown in this region and in the home environment, regardless of where you live. Gourmet and medicinal mushrooms and their applications will also be discussed.

Presented by Andrew Morris, of Savannah Hydroponics & Okatie Organics: Learn the basics of water culture in a variety of different mediums, with examples of the many types of hydroponic methods available today. Also covered, will be the integration of fish into a sustainable, Aquaponic farm model.  This symbiotic relationship between fish and plants can potentially change the way we think of food production. Participants will get to make their own self watering “wick system” to take home.

All food begins with seeds. Author Janisse Ray will be talking about the necessity & pleasure of growing seeds. Janisse will also demonstrate some simple seed-saving steps, including how to ferment tomato seeds, how to save winter squash seed, and how to dry and store them. Ray will also read briefly from her latest book, The Seed Underground: A Growing Revolution to Save Food.

The professional chef instructors from The Culinary Institute of Virginia College in Savannah will each conduct a 45 minute cooking class at the begining of every hour. Learn how to prepare simple, healthy meals using seasonal ingredients on a limited budget.

Presented by Peter Broadhead of Brighter Day Natural Foods: Genetically Modified Organisms GMO’s are fast becoming a part of our whole food system. This lecture will be discussing some of the frightening implications of GMOs to our health and environment.

Presented by Jeff Adams of Heartbeats for Life, Georgia: Learn how the food choices that we make can prevent or completely reverse our most common diseases, as well as help save the planet.

Presented by Janie Broadhead of Brighter Day Natural Foods: Challenge yourself and your family to go meatless at least one day a week. Attendees will sample quick, healthy vegetarian recipes and learn to cook with super foods like quinoa and tempeh. Presented by Peter Broadhead and David Tree Malpass: This men’s workshop will focus on foods and diets that lower the inflammation response in the body. Healthy eating for cardiovascular, prostate, cancer prevention and joint health will also be discussed. Presented by Adrienne Edge, owner of Tummy Time Foods: It’s dinnertime! You’ve worked hard to prepare a delicious meal for your little one only to hear him say, “No, Mommy! I don’t like broccoli!” That’s when it’s time to become a “Secret Veggie Avenger”! Come and learn new ways to incorporate nutritious whole foods into your children’s diets. Swap recipes and share your secrets of how you get your kids to say YES to “vegging out”!

Presented by Molly and Sandor Nagy: Hear first hand, the ludicrous and practical side of going off-grid. Big challenges and big rewards await, when sharing a different path to land/home ownership, making the most of budget, energy self-sufficiency, small scale farming and extreme DIY. Get tips for harmonizing within a rural community, solar set-ups, the importance of being neighborly and so much more.

Presented by The Coastal Empire Beekeepers Association: A general overview to the art of hobbyist beekeeping. This workshop will exhibit the equipment, components, and products of the beehive. Attendees will even get to view a working observation hive. We will also discuss the benefits from honey to pollination. Local information on ordinances, clubs, and yearly courses available.

Presented by Suzanne Bailey: This workshop will introduce attendees to the raising of poultry for eggs and meat. Chickens, turkeys, quail and guineas will be also be discussed. View examples of the poultry that is most popular for home use and get all your poultry related questions answered.

Presented by Savannah Veggies and Vegans with Marsha G. Hargreaves, R.N. : A fun and easy approach to eating vegetarian. Learn some simple steps that can be taken to become veggie strong and healthy! Learn how to make the gradual (or immediate!) change to eating delicious meat free food. The class is led by an everyday, typical Southerner who used to have a voracious appetite for meat, cheese and dairy! Also included: Why go veg? Learn more about the real impact of our food choices on the animals, our health, the environment and our culture.

Presented by Jackie Ogden of UGA’s Chatham County Extension Service: Learn to extend your local food purchases using safe and easy preserving methods. Canning and other preserving methods like freezing and drying have become popular again with the current emphasis on health and whole foods.  Utilizing her extensive knowledge and modern equipment, Ms. Ogden will walk you through the steps to start preserving your favorite fruits and vegetables. Well FED 37

Presented by Janie Broadhead of Brighter Day Natural Foods: This parent and child workshop will encourage you to have fun in the kitchen while preparing healthy, colorful foods for your family. Our goal is to get even the pickiest child to eat healthy. Recommend for ages 5-12. Presented by Elizabeth Conlon of Juice Plus: A fun interactive story time, helping kids understand the importance of eating fruits and vegetables.We wil also play the Traffic Light food game from Dr. Sears’, “Eat Healthy, Feel Great” book. Recommended for toddlers through early elementary school ages.

Presented by Elizabeth Conlon of Juice Plus: Encourage kids to eat real food and how to make better choices through this label reading activity. “Nutrition Detectives” shows kids 5 “clues” to reading food labels and making healthier food choices. Recommended for kindergarten through middle school ages. Presented by Virginia Bruce of Chatham County FCCLA:This interactive session will use MyPlate crafts, taste testing, and an exchange of knowledge to teach kids the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Presented by Lauren Whitside, RD, CSP, LD, Pediatric Dietitian from Memorial Health University Medical Center, Sodexo Healthcare Services: Kids, come learn why eating healthy snacks, like nuts, can help you jump higher, run faster, and be smarter. Kids will have the opportunity to learn about healthy eating while being entertained with singing and dancing. Recommended for ages 6-12. Presented by Jackie Sharp, RD, LD, ACSM-HFS, Wellness Dietitian from Memorial Health University Medical Center, Sodexo Healthcare Services: Kids, come learn why breakfast is needed to make the most of your day. Learn strategies to be sure you’re getting a nutritious breakfast everyday.  Kids will have the opportunity to learn about healthy eating while being entertained with singing and dancing.  Ages 6-12 Presented by Molly Leiberman from Loop It Up Savannah of the West Broad Street YMCA: Ever want to build a castle with the food on your dinner plate? Well, this workshop is for you! Come take a good look at a plate full of beautiful, colorful food and then get crazy and make a sculpture out of it….And if you get hungry you can always take a bite! All ages welcome!

Due to limited availability, you must have a ticket to view a show. Free tickets will be given to attendees at the end of each children’s workshop. You must complete a children’s workshop to receive your free ticket(s). Admission without a ticket will only be granted if there is available space. Presented by Angela Beasley’s Puppet People: Kids will be treated to a live puppet show by Savannah’s very own master puppeteer. Angela’s puppets have been featured on NBC’s Today Show and Comedy Central. Parents and children alike will enjoy this one of a kind show. Presented by Charles Poston and The Imperial Travelling Medicinne Show: They will stun and amaze guests with acts of wonder which include:The Human Blockhead, The Straight Jacket Escape, The Bed o Tetanus, Card Magic, The Silks of Doom, Rope Magic, and Fire eating and Breathing. Presented by Angela Beasley’s Puppet People: Kids will be treated to an encore performance by Savannah’s very own master puppeteer. Parents and children alike will enjoy this one of a kind show. Presented by Charles Poston and The Imperial Travelling Medicinne Show: Hear two stories, “The Gypsies Magic Whistle” and “Stone Soup”. All ages welcome.

Presented by Angela Beasley’s Puppet People: Kids will be treated to one final performance by Savannah’s very own master puppeteer. Parents and children alike will enjoy this one of a kind show. Presented by Charles Poston and The Imperial Travelling Medicinne Show: This will be your last chance to be completely amazed by The Human Blockhead, The Straight Jacket Escape, The Bed o Tetanus, Card Magic, The Silks of Doom, Rope Magic, and Fire eating and Breathing.

Presented by Molly Leiberman from Loop It Up Savannah of the West Broad Street YMCA: Throughout the month of October, Children from a handful of Savannah’s Schools will create illustrations of the food we eat--- from seed to table. This artwork will be displayed sequentially during the festival and all are invited to add their own drawing to the installation. All ages welcome.

The Savannah Bicycle Campaign is hosting a group bike ride from downtown (location TBD) to the festival in Daffin park. Bring your friends and join the fun! Check out their website for more details www.BicycleCampaign.Org

photo by Becky Smith

Come find out the facts about this wonderful and misunderstood breed and why the Pit Bull was once “America’s Dog”. All well-behaved, socialized dogs are welcome. Dogs must be leashed. No breeder solicitation of guests is allowed.

Wednesday - Saturday 12pm-6pm

Saturday, October 20


Benefitting Daschund Rescue of North America (DRNA)


Photo: Yoda Dog, by JHayne,31 December 2005. {{cc-by-sa-2.0}}

P��� �� M��� �� C����� P����� 612 Abercorn St. (between Hall & Huntingdon)

You and/or your pet should be in costume! Over 80 businesses are participating & showing their support for our local animal welfare!


Licensed & Insured

Pasta on the Park for Liam’s Land

an official charity for the Rock’n’Roll Marthon


Please join us the evening before the 2nd Annual SAVANNAH ROCK ‘N’ ROLL MARATHON!

Friday, November 2nd - 4pm-8:30pm American Legion - 1108 Bull Street


Dinner will include pasta, bread, salad, sweet, and non-alcoholic drinks. Cash bar available. Dine with us or take your pasta to go... It’s all for the cause! All money from the pasta dinner will go to support Liam’s Land Medical Research Grant to fund research and clinical trials for lymphatic malformation.

$10 now or $15 at the door! Children under 6 FREE. PERCCOFFEE.COM

of HBO’s documentary series on the National Obesity Epidemic FEATURING PART 2 : ‘CHOICES’

THIS FILM EXAMINES THE SCOPE OF THE OBESITY EPIDEMIC AND EXPLORES ITS SERIOUS HEALTH CONSEQUENCES Afterwards take part in a group discussion addressing how community leaders and families in Savannah can help diminish this national problem at the local level.


eat Photo: Fresh garlic, kale and potatoes - most of the ingredients needed for Brighter Day’s ‘Garlic & Greens Soup’ featured on pg.48

pg. 51

Dining Guide

New Listings

Maps. Details. Descriptions.

The Seasonal Chef Recipes by Savannah’s Top Chefs using Local & Seasonal Ingredients

G a & r l s i c n e S e oup r G ou ht to y broug


ishel by Marilyn F

of Brighter Day Natu ral Food s Mark et & D

hat a happy and welcome transition into Autumn as the late summer fades away! The cooks here at the Brighter Day deli are dedicated to preparing organic and local foods that inspire and delight the senses, while nourishing and harmonizing the body. Soup is a popular dish year round but one of the customer favorites is our special ‘Greens and Garlic Soup’. We’ve created a couple of variations of this soup so there is a version for all palates. I personally prefer this version, as we can incorporate those delicious, snappy hot peppers that are plentiful at the Forsyth Farmers’ Market right now.


Well FED


Also at the Farmers’ Market, the cooler weather greens such as kales, collards, chard will begin making their appearance, peaking as the weather gets colder. It is quite apparent here at the deli that people love their greens! After summer’s excess of all things colorful, we are delighted to see the kales, curly and lacinato, collards, dandelion, chard and mustard greens begin popping up in all their various shades of green. High in vitamins and minerals, greens can be eaten raw in salads, roasted, lightly steamed or simply wilted as they are in this soup...And don’t forget the powerful, lowly garlic--viruses beware! It is a perfect food for this prone-to-colds time of year.

From the Farmers’ Market A combination of greens.

Choose a couple of bunches such as Kale, Napa cabbage, collards, escarole. Remove spines with a sharp knife, wash, dry, and cut into strips.

1 1/2 lb. russet potatoes

(about 2-3 medium potatoes) Peel and dice. Potato gives body to the soup, but if you like, you can skip it and have more of a broth, adding cooked rice, cous cous, or orzo into the bowls at serving time.

2-3 small hot peppers

As per your heat tolerance. Slice thinly or chop. I generally use the whole pepper, meaning I don’t remove the seeds to keep more heat goodness. Remember to use caution when handling hot peppers as the hot pepper oil is on the skin can cause burning. Use gloves or be sure to wash hands thoroughly after handling.

What else? 1 head of garlic

Separate into cloves & peel

Marilyn at the Brighter Day Deli counter

Putting it together...

1. In a food processor or a blender put olive oil 2 Tbsp good olive oil and garlic cloves, process until smooth. You could 8 cups vegetable broth also crush the garlic and whisk with the olive oil. (we like the Seitenbacher brand, it’s gluten free)

3/4 cup white wine

2. Transfer to a large pot with heat on medium..

Cook, stirring often. Garlic should be softened and slightly browned (approx. 3 mins)

3. Add vegetable stock & bring to boil then add 3 Tbsp rice vinegar potatoes. Turn heat to medium low & simmer until potatoes tender (15 mins).

4. Add the wine, rice vinegar & hot peppers. Simmer for 20 minutes.

5. Remove from heat. Add the cut up greens. Cover with a lid and let the greens wilt..

Six days a week, Marilyn and the deli crew create a tasty array of freshly made organic sandwiches, salads, juices, smoothies and much more. Vegan and Gluten-free options available. Try it for yourself at Brighter Day Natural Foods Market, Monday thru Saturday, 11am-4pm. Located at 1102 Bull Street in downtown Savannah.

6. Taste. adjust seasonings. Add salt if desired. If not hot enough, add some cayenne powder. 7. Ladle into bowls. Drizzle with olive oil and add crumbles of feta cheese if you like. Sit down with a whole grain hunk of bread and a salad, its a meal! Well FED



e comp






h ee R i



now serving breakfast and lunch


wings tacos



artisan roasted coffee in habersham village 4517 habersham street open 7 am to 7 pm m-f / 8 am to 6 pm sat.

fries chili






Dining Guide

Maps. Details. Descriptions.

The Well FED Dining Guide is your ticket to good eatin’. It can help you decide whether tonight you are going to stick to your usual or discover delicious local flavors you didn’t know you were missing....until now. For your convenience, the directory is divided by location and cuisine. Don’t see your favorite place listed? Are you a business owner and want to update your listing? Contact us at:

H st r ict i sto r ic DiStarts on page 52 M i dto w n / S o ut h s i d e Starts on page 60

T SLANDS H E I Starts on page 66

Photo: Crepe A Diem serves a hungry customer at the 2011 Savannah Food Day Festival. The food vendors for this year’s festival include 5 Spot, Alligator Soul, Cafe Gelatohhh, Crepe A Diem, & Thrive. Photo by John Alexander


Well FED


Alligator Soul A $$$



45 Bistro A $$-$$$

Angel’s BBQ $ A




123 E. Broughton St.

B. Matthews Eatery A $$$

14 Barnard St. 912.234.3111

M-Th 5pm-11pm, Fr-Sa: 5pm-12am,Su:5-10pm M-F: 6pm-10pm, Lounge opens at 5pm.

307 E. President St. 912.233.2116

M-F: 11:30am-3pm, M-F: 6pm-10pm Lounge Su-Sa: 12pm-12am


Contemporary and relaxed resort dining atmo- Well appointed ambiance set in the Marshall sphere. Classic Southern dishes with modern House hotel. Contemporary American and European fare. Reservations Recommended. flair. Breakfast buffet and dinner tapas.

22 Square $$ A




Well FED

102 E. Broad St. 912.234.6686

Su-Th: 5:30pm-9pm, F-Sa: 5:30pm-10pm


B2 Churchill’s Pub $$ A


202 W. Bay St. 912.232.8501

13 W. Bay St.

202 E Broughton St.

Continued on next page

207 W.York St. 912.443.0909

M-F: 7am-4pm, Sa-Su: 9am-4pm

224 W. Julian St. 912.790.8833

M-Su: 11am-3pm


1 N. Lincoln St.

Eclectic mix of sandwiches, pasta, salads, soups and more. Daily specials. Spacious and casual express setting. Take out and catering available. Now serving brunch.

Caraway Cafe $ A

“Green” cafe located on the second floor of Jepsum center, overlooking Telfair Square. Traditional and unique mix of cafe selections sourced from fresh and local ingredients.


514 MLK Jr. Blvd. 912.651.9660

Historic casual setting. Daily seafood selections Intimate historic setting. Menu selections and extensive wine list. Happy Hour, include traditional British and classic American M-F from 4:30pm-7pm with appetizer specials. fare. Kitchen open til 1am everyday. Sa-Su: 11am-3pm, M-F: 5pm-10pm, M-Su: 5pm-1am Sa: 5pm-10:30pm, Su: 5pm-9pm

D12 Chart House A $$-$$$

1102 Bull St. 912.236.7133

Emphasis is on consistently delicious fresh organic, and seasonal fare served in a fun & innovative space. Children’s menu options.


Cha Bella


M-Th: 11am-9pm, F-Sa: 11am-10pm, Su: 12pm-9pm

Large eclectic menu with regular specials. Casual dining with outdoor seating located in City Market.

C2 Cafe Zeum $$

20 E. Perry St. 912.231.2385

Cafe at City Market $$ A

115 E. River St. 912.231.9049

Alcohol, beer, or wine available.

Freshly prepared local and organic selections. Gluten free and vegan options. Juice bar, smoothies, soups, sandwiches, and daily specials. Located in Brighter Day Natural Foods Market M-Sa: 11am-4pm

Brighter Day Deli $

M-Th: 11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am-11pm Su: 12:30pm-10pm

Su: 11am-9pm, M-Th: 11am-9pm, F-Sa: 11am-10pm

M-Th: 11am-12am, F-Sa: 11am-3am, Su: 11am-2am


Tu-Th: 5pm-10pm, F-Sa: 5pm-12am, Su: 5pm-10pm

Southwestern BBQ. Sandwiches, platter, or by New American cuisine with a Southern Flair. the pound. Large selection of craft beer. Live Located in a restored, historic cotton wareMusic on weekends at 6:30pm. Jazz on Fri. house overlooking the Savannah River.

Billy’s Place $$ A

M-Sa: 11am-3am, Su: 11am -2am

109 Whitaker St. 912.233.6411 315 W. Julian St. 14 N. Abercorn Ramp 912.233.2626 Grill B8 K1 Boar’s Head$$ G6 Blowin’ Smoke BBQ A A $

Casual dining atmosphere on the river. Serving Classic intimate dining ambiance. Menu selections include contemporary American standard American fare. Famous for oysters. and international fare. Karaoke on Fri. & Sa. nights.


13 E Broughton St. 912.236.1557

Serving Cajun, Italian, American and seafood. Cozy with full bar. Open for over 20 years. Live music every night at 9pm. Pool & Darts in upstairs bar.

Children’s Menu

Bernie’s A $$


Casual express dining with an extensive bbq menu that includes their famous pork, rib and brisket dinners.They also provide a wide selection of locally caught seafood. M-Sa: 11:30am-8pm, Su: 11:30am-3:30pm

Vegetarian Options

Su-Th: 11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am-12am

Award winning burgers and standard American fare. Casual dining setting with over 170 burgers on menu

Casual dining in a well appointed historic building. Nationally acclaimed menu featuring certified Angus beef steaks and fresh seafood. Daily Specials. M-Sa: 11am-3pm, M-Sa: 5pm-10pm, Su. Brunch: 11:30am-3pm


325 E. Bay St.

Delivery Available.

114 Barnard St. 912.495.0902 912.721.5002 700 Drayton St. 912.232.7899 21 W. Oglethorpe Ln. 912.233.1319 B&D Burgers Bayou Cafe Barnes BBQ Express B7 Belford’s D5 D6 A A $$ - $$$ $ A $ A $

Some restrictions may apply.

Happy Hour: 4pm-7pm

Memphis style barbecue in a casual setting. Casual bistro setting with full bar. Serving Lavish contemporary ambiance. Eclectic Eclectic menu with international and southern Simple menu includes standard barbecue fare. award winning breakfast. Southern inspired menu with traditional southern, American, and flair. Contemporary fine dining ambiance. “A little taste of Heaven that’s been through contemporary menu in Savannah’s oldest European influences. Fresh, Local, and Organic Fare. tavern. Hell.” M-Sa: 8am-10pm, Su. Brunch:9am-3pm M–Su: 5:30pm–10pm M-Su: 7am-2pm, M-Su: 5pm-10pm Tu: 11:30am-3pm, W-Sa: 11:30a-6pm

700 Drayton A $$$

BBQ, Southern, Seafood, Burgers, Sandwiches, etc.



Southern Tapas, soups, salads. Light lunch menu. Heavier dinner menu includes local shrimp and selection of finer cuts of beef.

17 Hundred 90 A $$

H i st o r Hi c ric i stDoi st ric Dti st r i c t $$ $10 TO $20 PRICE $$$ OVER $20

$ UNDER $10



FED WellWell FED


Casual intimate atmosphere. Internationally inspired small plate fare and desserts. Extensive wine and drink list. Tu-Th: 4:30-12am, F-Sa: 4:30-1am, Su: 11:30am-3:30pm

21 W. Bay St.

Casual contemporary atmosphere serving eclectic American fare. Large beer selection with house brewery. M-Th: 11am-11pm, F-Sa: 11am-12am, Su: 11am-11pm

311 W. Congress St. 912.447.0943

M-Sa: 11am-3am, Su: 12pm-3am

M-Th: 11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am-10:30pm, Su: 11am-10pm

11 W. Liberty St. 912.239.9600

Casual intimate Scottish Pub. Menu features traditional American and Scottish fare.

Casual eclectic atmosphere matches the eclectic menu. Large selection of pizzas, hoagies, munchies and beers.

21 E. McDonough St. 912.495.0705

M-Sa: 8am-3am, Su: 8am-2am


M-Su: 6-10pm

Contemporary casual atmosphere. Southern influenced menu utilizing local and seasonal selections. Boutique wine list.

109 Jefferson St. 102 Congress St. 912.790.9000 117 W. River St. 912.233.2600 1110 Bull St. 912.349.5878 Molly MacPherson’s Mellow Mushroom Moon River Brewing Co. B5 D3 H5 G6 A $ $$ A $$ A

Classic casual Irish American pub. Serving large breakfast, lunch and dinner selections. Famous for nightly karaoke

912.233.9626 McDonough’s A $$

Paula Deen family establishment. Classic southern fare serving buffet style and menu specials. M-Sa: 11am-3pm, M-Sa: 5pm-close, Su: 11am-5pm

Alcohol, beer, or wine available.

Traditional Irish pub with Irish singing every night. Menu features classic American and Irish fare. M-Sa: 11pm-3am, Su: 12:30pm-2:30am


411 W Bay St.

M-F: 6am-1030am, M-F 1130am-130pm, Sa-Su: 6am-11am, M-Su: 5-10pm

Inside the Doubletree Hotel. Mix of American selections and bistro fare. Classic Southern lunch buffet served Mon-Sat. More international selections at dinner with traditional desserts


11 W. Bay St. 912.790.7000 P6 Maxwell’s $$ A

Casual rooftop dining featuring an extensive Large menu featuring classic American Barbeque, ribs, and wings served in an upbeat menu of salads, apps, sandwiches and dinner breakfast and lunch selections. Casual setting. atmosphere with servers in red cowgirl boots. entrees. M: 4-11pm, Tu-Th: 11am-11pm, M-Su: 7am-2pm M-Sa: 11am-3am ,Su: 11:30am-2am F-Sa: 11am-2am, Su: 12-11pm

Children’s Menu

122 E. Liberty St. 912.944.4343 912.231.0100 9 Drayton St. 912.236.7494 Kevin Barry’s Irish Pub B4 Lady and Sons D5 Local 11Ten $$ A A $$ $$$ A

Authentic New Orleans cuisine. Serving late breakfasts and local seafood in a casual atmosphere. M-Th: 7am-10pm, F: 7am-11pm, Sa: 8am-11pm, Su: 8am-10pm

115 E. River St. 28 Drayton St. 912.234.7385 John Ryan’s Bistro & Pub B5 B2 A $$

Standard southern breakfast cuisine and lunch options. Soup and Salad Bar (M-F: 10am-2pm),Weekend Breakfast Buffet (Sa-Su: 6:30am - 2pm)

912.644.7172 131 W. River St. 912.234.1971 321 Habersham St. Henry’s Restaurant Huey’s on the River B7 C7 A $$ $

Tu-Th: 7:30am-8:30pm, F: 7:30am-9:30pm, Sa: 9am-9:30pm, Su: 9am-3pm

Classic café fare mixed with southern and international selections. Historic intimate atmosphere.

Vegetarian Options

M-Su: 5pm-10pm M-Sa: 11am-Close Su: 12pm-Close M-Su: 6:30am-3pm, 912.233.5600 117 Whitaker St. 912.232.7118 315 W. Congress St. 912.232.6628 Isaac’s on Drayton J.J. Bonerz C7 J. Christopher’s H7 $$ A $ A $

Casual Island setting with spacious seating Spacious, finely appointed dining area. Menu and bar. A fusion of traditional american includes contemporary American and internaand island selections, serving grassfed tional fare. burgers and pastured pork.

912.349.1000 301 W. Jones St. 912.236.3322 FlipFlopTikiBar&Grill D5 Garibaldi’s Cafe A $$-$$$ A $ - $$

10 W. State St.

Su-Th: 11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am-11pm

M-F: 7am-2:45pm

Open Everyday 11am-11pm

Casual and spacious indoor and outdoor shaded dining areas. Menu offers traditional American fare such as calamari, burgers, soups, wings, and a variation of sandwiches

Congress Street Social Club $ A D2

912.231.0701 130 Low Factors Walk 912.238.1985 411 W. Congress St. Fiddler’s Crab House Firefly Cafe H9 B7 A $$ A $$

Su-Th: 7am-4pm, F-Sa: 7am-5pm

Su-Th:11-10pm, F-Sa:11am-11pm

912.233.0402 404 Abercorn St. Debi’s/Laurie’s E5 $

M-Fr: 7am-4pm, Sa-Su: 8am-4pm


Small cozy atmosphere serving traditional cafe cuisine and different variations of coffee beverages.

Cobblestone Cafe $ Some restrictions may apply.

Local, fresh seafood selections and standard American fare. Served in casual setting with scenic views.



Casual local atmosphere. Serving breakfast all day and lunch. Selections include standard diner and southern fare. Outdoor seating available


Delivery Available.

Savannah’s second oldest restaurant and Relaxed local feel. Serving down home style parlor. Selections include interesting takes on American breakfast and lunch. Daily specials. traditional American dishes.

Crystal Beer Parlor $ - $$ A

BBQ, Southern, Seafood, Burgers, Sandwiches, etc.



HHi ist stoorri icc DDi ist strri icctt Map on pg. 52

$$ $10 TO $20 PRICE $$$ OVER $20

$ UNDER $10


214 W. Boundary St. 912.790-9000 B5 Roly Poly $

Call for Hours


Call for Hours

Nationally recognized culinary arts training program and restaurant, helping individuals work toward self sufficiency. Dining here makes a difference in the local community. M-F: 8am-2:30pm


225 E Bay St.

M-W: 5pm-12am, Th-Sa: 5pm-3am

Neapolitan style pizzas and contemporary light bar fare. Craft beer and alchemic cocktails served in a contemporary setting.

245 Bull St. 912.232.3955 The Sparetime N12 $ A

Well FED


M-Sa: 11am-until

35 Whitaker St.

Local late night spot for affordable pizza. Casual express setting.


115 E. River St.

Panoramic river view and live music every night. Menu features American fare and seafood. M-W: 11-10:30pm, Th-F: 11am-11pm, Sa: 9am-11pm, Su: 9am-2pm



27 Barnard St.

Su-Th: 11am-2am, F-Sa: 11am-3am

M-Su: 11am-4pm, Su-Th: 4pm-10pm, F-Sa: 4pm-11pm

15 E. River St.

Casual American setting. Serving large selection of wings and American fare.

Contemporary southern cuisine. Spacious elegant ambiance. Extensive wine menu.

317 E. River St. 912.790.8512 912.233.1633 12 W. Liberty St. 912.236.3009 711 E. Broad St. 36 MLK Jr. Blvd. Sweet Melissa’s D5 Tubby’s Tank House B7 Vic’s on the River C4 B6 Wild Wing Cafe $ A $$ A A $ $$$

Pizza galley and saloon. Large menu also includes pasta, salads, and stackers. “Home of the original chicken finger.” Su-Th: 11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am-11pm

313 E. River St. 912.233.3156 Starfish Cafe B10 $ $$

Casual English pub with classic historic setting. Relaxed atmosphere in the downstairs of the European influenced pub fare and specialties. East Bay Inn. Classic American cuisine mixed with Asian selections as well M-Th: 11:30am-12am, F-Sa: 11:30am-2am, M-F: 11am-3pm, W-Th: 6pm-9pm F-Sa: 6pm-10pm Su: 11:30am- 10pm

Alcohol, beer, or wine available.

Relaxed café setting. Sunday brunch. Menu selections include specialty sandwiches, desserts and more. M-Sa: 11:30am-4pm, Su: 11-4pm

912.777.3222 301 W. Broughton St. 912.236.4229 Soho South Cafe H5 Spanky’s $ A A

Casual fine dining setting.Various menu items prepared at table. Extensive seafood selections. M-Su: 11am-10pm


Burgers, sandwiches, salads, and wings in a comfortable family & sports bar atmosphere. Live Music.

Children’s Menu


Contemporary American and European creations seved in an intimate, casual, yet refined two story establishment Tu-Th: 5:30-11pm, F-Sa: 5:30-12am, Sa-Su: 11am-3pm

110 W. Julian St. 912.233.0002 41 Whitaker St. 114 Barnard St. 912.443.9962 102 W. Bay St. 912.233.8222 Six Pence Pub Skyler’s Restaurant Shrimp Factory G6 C8 B10 D3 A $$ $ A A $$

Finely appointed, intimate atmosphere. Serving contemporary selections with American and European influences. Su-Th: 6pm-10:30pm, Sa: 5:30pm-11:30pm


411 E. River St.

Casual classic American atmosphere. Large selection of seafood. Raw bar featuring oysters. Su-Th: 5pm-10pm, F-Sa: 5pm-10:30pm

Vegetarian Options

877.486.9575 Satisfied

M-Th: 11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am-11pm, Su: 11:30-10pm

Expansive menu featuring fresh local seafood and homemade breads and desserts. Historic casual setting.

912.234.1900 125 W. River St. 912.232.1565 Sage D4 Sapphire Grill C4 A $$ A $$

Elegant and eclectic setting in the Bohemian Casual express setting. Extensive selection of Hotel. Southern contemporary cuisine serving wraps, sandwiches, soups, and salads. breakfast, lunch, and dinner. M-F: 10am-5pm, Sa: 11am-5pm M-Su: 7am-10pm

1 W. Liberty St.

Upscale yet casual cafe style atmosphere with limited outdoor patio seating and full bar. Menu includes high quality American food.

912.232.4286 23 Abercorn St. River Street Oyster Bar B11 A $$

Su-M: 5pm-10:30pm, Tu-Th: 11am-10:30pm F-Sa: 11am-11pm


Well appointed, historical setting. Extensive Wine List, Seasonal menu features seafood and southern fare.

Olde Pink House A $$$ Some restrictions may apply.

Rocks on the River $$ A

Tu-Th: 5:30pm-10:30pm, F-Sa: 5:30pm-11:30pm

Intimate historic setting. Menu features locally inspired selections with European influences.

912.232.5997 107 W. Jones St. 912.443.3210 321 Jefferson St. Public Kitchen & Bar H6 River House Seafood A4 $-$$ $$ A A

Nationally recognized casual lunch dining. Classic southern home cooking served family style at shared tables M-F: 11am-2pm


Delivery Available.


In the Old Town Trolley Tours Building. Specializing in Southern Style BBQ all with our own homemade rubs & sauces. Ribs, Chicken,fish, and Fresh Cut Fries. Tu-Sa: 11am-9:30pm

Ole Skool BBQ $

BBQ, Southern, Seafood, Burgers, Sandwiches, etc.


Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room I5 Noble Fare A $$ $$

Map on pg. 52

H i st o r i c D i st r i c t $$ $10 TO $20 PRICE $$$ OVER $20

$ UNDER $10



Well FED

912.234.2433 C5 Carpe Vas $

513 E. Oglethorpe Ave. 912.233.6394

111 W Congress St. 912.816.4767 Ice Cream Etcetera C3 La’ Berry $ $

M-Su: 11am-12am

M-Th: 10am-6pm, F-Sa: 10am-9pm Su: 12pm-6pm

Casual relaxed café atmosphere. Local hub. Fair-trade coffee and vegetarian selections. Featuring local art and entertainment. M-Su: 7am-10pm

Retro atmosphere dessert restaurant with full bar. Homemade desserts, organic coffee, gourmet cheese, and specialty drinks. Sun-Thurs 5pm-12am, Fri-Sat 1pm-1am

143 Bull St.

T-Sa: 11am-4, Closed Sunday & Monday

Sandwiches, coffee, tea, juice bar and vegan smoothies. Relaxed atmosphere featuring local artwork. Public computers and wifi.

13 E. Park Avenue 912.231.8100

912.239.9444 Sentient Bean $

912.233.4683 39 Barnard St. Lulu’s Chocolate Bar D1 A $$

42 MLK Jr. Blvd. 912.232.4447

Historic ice cream parlor. Casual family setting. Serving a wide variety of icecreams, specialty beverages, sandwiches, and soups. Su: 12pm-10pm, M-Th: 11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am-11pm


7 E. Broughton St.

M-Sat: 10am-5pm Lunch served 11:30am-4pm

Boutique store and tea room.Well appointed relaxed atmosphere. Full afternoon tea available (reservations suggested for afternoon tea)

19 Jefferson St. 912.233.1900 225 W. Broughton St. 912.234.4442 212 E. Broughton St. The Tea Room D6 P6 Smooth Cafe F6 $ $

Frozen Yogurt Café, self-serve buffet style with large selection of toppings. Free wi-fi.



Casual and cozy cafe environment. Serving large selection of standard café drinks and fare. M-F: 7:30am-10pm, Sa-Su: 8am-11pm

1 E. Broughton St. 912.233.5348 234 Bull St. Leopold’s Ice Cream D8 D4 $

Large selection of ice cream and sweets in a casual express setting.

6 E. State St. 912.443.5525


M-Sa: 10am-11pm, Su: 2pm-10pm

Self serve frozen yogurt & sorbets with large selection at fruit topping bar. Bubble teas, freshly squeezed lemonade, and smoothies

Alcohol, beer, or wine available.

European style café and bakery serving large selection of breakfast items and casual lunch fare. M-F: 7am-3pm, Sa-Su: 8am-3pm

Goose Feathers $


Casual, cozy ice cream parlor that serves premium light ice cream, sundaes, blenders, and milkshakes. M-F: 9am-10pm, Sa: 8am-11pm, Su: 8am-10pm


Express cafe/bakery serving 12 out of 50 flavors or cupcakes every day.

912.233.6400 102 W. Broughton St. Gallery Espresso E7 G6 $

Children’s Menu

M-Sa: 10:30am-6pm, Su:12-4pm

Info coming Soon!

912.234.2344 202 W. Saint Julian St. 912.944.2556 Fresh Fusion D’Lites Emporium E6 D4 $ $ 313 Abercorn St.

Su-Th: 10am-10pm, F-Sa: 10am-11pm M-Su: 9am-5pm

Coming Soon! Brew Bar, espresso, beers on tap, wine, and fresh pastries

Casual express setting. Serving café selections, Casual express set cafe serving a variety of including panini and Italian gelatoh. coffee based beverages.


18 E State St.

Su-W: 10am-10pm, Th-Sa: 10am-12am

110 W Bryan St. 912.355.5555 H7 Coffee Fox $ A

Vegetarian Options

Cupcake Emporium $

Cafes Sweets Bakeries

Cafe Gelatohhh $

317 W. Bryan St.

Some restrictions may apply.

Casual family friendly atmosphere serving pizza, wings, bbq and more. Dine in, carry-out, delivery and catering available.

606 Abercorn St. 912.495.0705 11 W. Liberty St. West Wing Pizza E6 $

Screamin Mimi’s & Vinnie Van Go-Go’s C3 Your Pie C4 Screamin Mimi’s II A $ F10 A $ A $ Large selection of pizzas and subs. Casual dining atmosphere with outdoor patio seating. New York style pizzeria. Large menu selections Casual express setting that allows you to served in a casual eclectic atmosphere. WHITAKER: M-W: 11:30am-11:30pm, customize your own pizza, panini, and or Th-Sa: 11:30am-3am. Su: 12:30pm-11:30pm. bread bowl salad OGLETHORPE: Su-Sa: 11am-11pm M-Th: 4pm-11:30pm, F-Sa: 12pm-12am, Su-Th: 11am-9pm, F-Sa: 11am-10pm 912.233.0655 10 Whitaker St. Su: 12pm-11:30pm

Delivery Available.



Casual eclectic atmosphere matches the eclectic menu. Large selection of pizzas, hoagies, munchies and beers. M-Th: 11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am-10:30pm, Su: 11am-10pm

L8 Mellow Mushroom A $$

Internationally inspired Italian menu selections. Spacious outdoor patio and bocce ball court. M-F: 11am-until, Sa-Su: 12am-until

Leoci’s Trattoria A $$

44 MLK Jr. Blvd. 912.335.7027

M-Sa: 11am-11pm, Su: 4pm-10pm

Traditional Italian menu selections served in an intimate and casual setting.



Traditional Dining Pasta, Pizzerias, etc.


Corleone’s Trattoria A $$

HHiist stoorriicc DDiist strriicctt Map on pg. 52 $ UNDER $10 $$ $10 TO $20 $$$ OVER $20

Everyday 7 am

NOW SERVING BEER AND WINE! Bike delivery available weekdays 9am to 3pm!


10 pm

100% fair trade and organic coffee fresh food made in house with local harvest served until 9pm music, poetry, indie films... check website for schedule free WiFi located at the south end of Forsyth park, across from the tennis courts 13 e. Park Ave. Savannah, GA 31401 912.232.4447 |

Brewing Coffee and

Community Since 2001


Best Desserts IN SAVANNAH 5 years in a row!

Sunday - Monday 5pm-11pm Tuesday - Thursday 5pm-Midnight Friday - Saturday 5pm-1am


treat your taste buds at Lulu’s


42 MLK Jr. Blvd.

(912) 238-2012


Well FED Well FED






314 W. Saint Julian St.

PRICE Su-Th: 11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am-11pm

Named after their grandmother and located in the City Market. Extensive international selection of tapas and light fare served in a casual setting

912.233.6044 1 E. Broughton St. Tapas by Anna C3 $ A

Alcohol, beer, or wine available. Casual express setting. Eclectic mix of café style, light, healthy, and fresh fare. Famous for tacos. Daily specials. M-Sa: 11am-5pm, M-W: 5pm-10pm Th-Sa: 5pm-11pm


52 Barnard St.

Su-Th: 4pm-10pm, F-Sa: 4pm-12am

912.236.7777 Kayak Kafe´


Contemporary intimate atmosphere. Live music. Menu features internationally inspired tapas.


Children’s Menu

Jazz’d Tapas Bar A $$

Beginning of next line

Vegetarian Options

Fusion Eclectic

21 W. York St.

M-F: 7:30am-5:30pm, Sa: 9am-5:30pm

Some restrictions may apply.


Delivery Available.

Casual intimate setting. Standard European cafe fare, specializing in chocolates. Sandwiches, salads, freshed baked goods, and more.

Wright Square Cafe $

Cafes, Sweets Bakeries contd. pg. 44 Hi onist stoorHriic ist c DoDi rist ic t rMapi oncpg.t52 HMap c ist crri D itst $ UNDER $10 $$ $10 TO $20 $$$ OVER $20


Thai Cuisine

in the heart of

Downtown Savannah



Well FED

A $$


Well FED

30 MLK Blvd 912.232.8222

Tu-Th: 5:30-11pm, F-Sa: 5:30-4am, Su: 5-11pm

116 E. Broughton St. 912.233.1187

Su-Th: 11-10pm, Fr-Sa: 11-11pm


113 MLK Jr. Blvd.

Traditional Japanese cuisine including sushi, tempura and teriyaki served in a casual setting. M-W: 11am-9:30pm, Th-Su: 11am-12am

513 E. Oglethorpe Ave. 912.233.8899

Menu includes Japanese and Vietnamese dishes. Ambient atmosphere featuring local artwork. M-Sa: 11:30-2:30pm, M-Th: 4-9:30pm, F-Sa: 4-10:30pm, Su: 4:30-9:30pm

147 Abercorn St. 912.231.6667 17 W. Broughton St. 912.232.5288 4 W. Broughton St. C1 Ta Ca Japanese Fusion F11 Wasabi’s Fusion Downtown $$ A $$ D1

Japanese owned and operated. Casual intimate atmosphere serving traditional sushi and entrees. Winner of “Best Sushi for 13 consectutive years.”

10 Barnard St. 912.201.3534 D7 Sushi Zen $$ A

M-Th: 11am-3pm, M-Th: 4:30-9:30pm, F-Sa: 12pm-3pm, F-Sa: 4:30-10pm, Su: 5pm-9pm

Award winning Thai,Vietnamese, and PanAsian menu.Vegan friendly. Casual intimate setting. M-F: 11am-3pm, Sa-Su: 12-4pm, Su-Th: 5-10pm, F-Sa: 5-11pm



Casual intimate setting.Traditional Japanese menu selections includes sushi, teriyaki, and hibachi. Open for over 12 years.

912.349.6230 Sakura $$

M-F: 11:30-9:00pm

Casual intimate atmosphere.Traditional Thai cuisine includes curry and seafood selections.

Casual express setting with indoor and outdoor seating. Serving traditional Thai cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere M-F: 11am-9pm, Sa-Su: 12pm-9pm

Su-W: 11am-12pm, Th-Sa:11am-3am

912.480.9050 217 1/2 W. Broughton Saigon Restaurant Ruan Thai Cuisine D6 $$ A $$ A

912.292.1656 402 MLK Jr. Blvd. PJ Thai Cuisine F8 $


Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, etc.

Alcohol, beer, or wine available.

Large selection of traditional Japanese fare including sushi and hibachi. Casual setting with sushi bar seating.




Cuban, Mexican, etc.

Intimate, casual setting.Traditional Mexican fare with wide selections including steaks and house specials. M-Sa: 11am-10pm, Su: 12pm-9pm Beginning of next line

119 MLK Jr. Blvd. 912.236.0530 420 E. Broughton St.

Large underground pool hall and bar. Spacious and contemporary with an edge. Tacos, burritos, and more.

Taco Abajo


Casual festive atmosphere. Extensive menu selections include standard Mexican fare. Daily specials. M-W: 11am-10pm, Th-F: 12-10:30pm, Sa: 12-10:30pm, Su: 12-10pm

Children’s Menu


Traditional Cuban dishes, including Cuban sandwiches, Paella, seafood and desserts. M-Th: 11am-9:30pm, F-Sa: 11am-10:30pm, Su: 11am-9pm

912.443.9555 108 E.York St. Rancho Alegre D1 $$ A

5 E. River St.


M-Su: 11am-11pm

Swiss, Italian, South African and Dutch, menu influences. Casual express and take out. M-Sa: 11am-6pm

118 E. Broughton St. 912.443.0414 142 Montgomery St. 912.236.5464 20 E. Broughton St. Juarez Mexican Restaurant Carlito’s Mexican Grill D1 E7 $ A A $$ D10

Vegetarian Options

Relaxed intimate atmosphere. Large selection of traditional Greek dishes and pizza.

912.234.6168 B6 Zunzi’s $

M-Su: 11:30am-until

Intimate casual setting. Contemporary Mediterranean bar and grill with late night hookah lounge. Su-W: 11am-2:30pm, 5pm-12am, Th-Sa: 11am-2:30pm, 5pm-2:30am


218 W. Broughton St.

Tu-Sa: 10:30am -7pm, Su: 9:30am-5pm

912.443.1875 48 Whitaker St. 912.232.1881 Middle Eastern Cuisine F2 Mirage A $$ A $$ Casual eclectic setting with hookah. Serving traditional middle eastern cuisine.

D4 Some restrictions may apply.

M-Su: 5:30pm-10:30pm

Moroccan and Mediterranean menu. Belly dancing shows nightly in a ceremonial atmosphere. Reservations suggested.


529 E. Liberty St.

Casbah Moroccan A $$



Intimate express bistro setting. Menu features light French fare and desserts with daily specials.


D5 Papillote

Casual yet refined setting. Outdoor patio, Classic Parisian bistro setting. Gastro pub hand picked wine and beer selection, and a offering authentic French fare. Seasonal menu menu inspired by the French brasseries of old. selections and extensive wine list. Happy Hour 3pm-7pm M-Th: 6pm-10pm, F-Sa: 6pm-11pm T-Sa: Lunch 11am-3pm, Dinner 5pm-until

H11 Circa 1875 $$$ A

Delivery Available.

Olympia Cafe A $$

Indian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, etc.



Brasserie 529 A $$$

Map on pg. 52 i cr D H i st o Hr ii st c o D ri st i ci st t r ict $ UNDER $10 $$ $10 TO $20 $$$ OVER $20



Well FED


Casual family atmosphere specializing in large selection of burgers including turkey and veggie burgers, and other standard American fare. M-Th: 11am-9pm, F-Sa:11am-10pm, Su: 12pm-6pm

B&D Burgers Southside $ A $$


M-Sa: 4pm-1am

French and Asian influences the limited but rotating and evolving menu. Casual and intimate bar setting.Wifi available.


Bar Food

Casual express setting serving hot and cold sandwiches, burgers, gyros, salads and sides.

Located inside the American Legion, Post 135. Casual contemporary atmoshpere. Eclectic Serving affordable standard bar fare, including and fresh menu selections are unique and varied. Large selecion of craft beer as well. burgers, wings, tacos, and cheese steaks. M-Th: 11am-9pm F-Sa: 11am-10pm Th-Sa: 4pm-12am

Coming soon! 4430 Habersham St. 912.927.8700 11108 Abercorn St. 912.355.5956 4523 Habersham St. F9 Ben’s Neighborhood Grill H7 Betty Bomber’s F8 A8 Blue Turtle Bistro A $$ $ $$

COMING SOON! Casual and comfortable place for sandwiches, salads, burgers and entrees.


Well FED


715 Mall Blvd.

M-Sa: 8am-9pm, Su: 12pm-4pm

Casual express setting with large menu selection. Specializing in Italian subs.





17029 Abercorn St.

Casual progressive dining. American, Italian, and Asian inspired dishes made from scratch. Extensive drink menu. M-Th: 11am-10:30pm, F-S: 11am-11:30pm, Sun:11am-10pm



2430 Habersham St. 912.921.5712

Casual, local atmoshpere. Menu selections include original takes on classic American fare with most selections made from scratch and sourced locally. T-Sa: 11am-11pm

912.303.0999 7400 Skidaway Rd. 912.236.5547 Giorgio’s Subs & Deli J7 Green Truck Pub $$ A $

M-Sa: 11am-10pm, Sun: 10am-9pm

Wide array of seafood selections include lobster, snow crab, oysters, and low country boil. Casual family atomosphere. Su-Th: 11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am-11pm, Su: 11am-12am 105 E. 37th St. 912.351.2274 7201 Hodgson Memorial Dr.

Fine dining set in a southern mansion. Menu selections include seasonal and local fare. Extensive wine list. M-Su: 6pm-9:30pm


1651 E.Victory Dr.

World famous barbeque sauce company and restaurant. Casual family atmosphere serving barbeque and southern fare. M-Th: 11:30-9:30pm, F-Sa: 11:30-10:30pm Su: 11:30am-9:30pm

912.236.7642 1801 Habersham St. Johnny Harris Restaurant C10 A $$

Carryout wine and gourmet foods shop. Daily chef creations, soups, sides, meats, cheeses, and famous cheesecakes. Also available for private wine tastings and dinners. M-F: 11am-7pm, Sa: 11am-6pm

Alcohol, beer, or wine available.

Casual coastal cuisine with an emphasis on fresh local seafood, local organic produce, hand cut steaks and nightly entrée features.

912.713.4691 6700 Waters Ave. 912.236.3354 1715 Barnard St. 912.352.2933 3016 E.Victory St. 912.356.5877 7202 Abercorn St. Form Driftaway Cafe B8 B8 Fiddler’s Seafood K10 Elizabeth on 37th J7 A $$-$$$ $$ A A A $$$ $$

Open 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week

Traditional American diner that is open 24 hours a day. The menu offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner options such as eggs, burgers, steaks, sandwiches, hot dogs and fries.


1813 Bull St.


M-Su: 11am-12am

Large selection of standard American fare and bar food standards. Daily specials. Spacious sports bar atmosphere.

D12 Diner on Abercorn $

1514 Bull St. 912.201.1808

M-Th: 7am-7pm, F: 9am-5pm

Seasonal and fresh fare. Creative takes on traditional cafe selections. Casual express setting with daily specials.

5200 Paulsen St. Butterhead Greens Cafe B8 $

Children’s Menu

Cozy, 10 table, Southern-Style, Soul Food Casual ,gourmet cafe style fare including with an organic, healthy twist. Everything is charcuterie, cheese, & small plates. Using locally sourced meats and making everything homemade, locally sourced, and organic. possible in house. Tu-F: 11am-8pm, Sa: 9am-8pm M-Fr: 11am-3pm, 5pm-9pm

2130 E.Victory Drive 912.232.3593 Coach’s Corner Byrd’s Cookie Bar & Grill H8 Cafe Florie B7 $ A $ A $$

M-Su: 6am-3pm


Tu-F: 3pm-7pm, Sa.-Su: 11am-1pm

Casual atmosphere with an open kitchen view. Offering a full breakfast menu that is available all day with daily lunch specials, sandwiches and burgers. Tu-Su: 7am-3pm


Vegetarian Options

912.352.3133 2740 Livingston Ave.

Spacious casual express setting. Extensive breakfast menu featuring omelettes. Lunch menu as well.

Gourmet homemade menu offerings in a casual express setting. Fresh local seafood, great steaks, and full bar.

D11 Bull Street Eatery $

Breakfast Place $

Delivery Available.

Bonna Bella Yacht Club G11 A $$

Some restrictions may apply.

M-Su: 10:30-2pm, Su-Th: 2pm-10pm, F-Sa: M-F: 11am-8:30pm, Sa: 11am-3pm 2pm-10:30pm 912.353.9488 5320 Waters Ave. 912.351.9008 7080 Hodgson Memorial Dr. American Legion Post135 1108 Bull St. 912.358.0809

Waterfront dining with spectacular views

Barnes Restaurant $$ A

BBQ, Southern, Seafood, Burgers, Sandwiches, etc.


5 Spot Neighborhood Kitchen & Bar

H i st o ic st/ Sr o i cut t hside M ri d t oDwi n $$ $10 TO $20 PRICE $$$ OVER $20

$ UNDER $10


BBQ, Southern, Seafood, Burgers, Sandwiches, etc.


Well FED


Tu-Su: 11am-8pm

Menu includes traditional southern soul food selections in a casual express setting.

Ma Randy’s $

M-Sa: 6am-6pm

Casual local feel. Assortment of pizzas, Ameri- Casual express setting with a new menu can, and Mediterranean selections. Ample that offers New York style hoagies, salads, draft beer selections as well. and vegetarian options M-Sa: 11:30am-3pm Su: 12pm-2am Tu-Su: 11am-9pm

504 1/2 W. 42nd St. 912.232.1218 2015 Waters Ave. Sammy Greens F8 B8 $

M-Sa: 11am-9pm

Casual express setting. Menu selections include standard barbeque fare with traditional sides.

Contemporary American setting. Specializing in steaks with other standard steakhouse menu selections.

M-F: 11am-10pm, Sa: 4:30pm-10pm, Su: 12pm-10pm

Sports Bar atmosphere with varied selection of standard American fare. Large selection of beer and liquor.

M-Sa: 3pm-3am, Su: 12:30pm-2am



531 Stephenson Ave.

M-Th: 11:30am-2:30pm,M-Th: 5pm-9pm, F-Sa: 11:30am-2:30pm, F-Sa: 5pm-10pm

6825 Waters Ave. 912.352.2233

M-Sa: 11am-9pm

Tu-Sa: 11am-3pm, 5pm-until

1611 Habersham St.

Healthy southern cuisine with Greek, Mediterranean, and Caribbean influences. Features a daily sweet potato dish.

Spice Fusion featuring a la carte tacos, flats, and more.Vegetarian and Vegan friendly. Artisan liquors, magaritas, mojitos.


Fusion Eclectic

Casual colorful atmosphere. Interesting menu selection includes Greek, Caribbean, and American influences.

M-Sa: 11am-9pm

Casual eatery serving a variety of sandwiches, plattes, tacos, burritos, with your choice of protein, even tofu. Lots to choose from.

308 Mall Way 912.921.2269 11215 Abercorn St. 912.691.8748 110 Eisenhower Dr. 912.961.5545 12313 Largo Dr. Suite D Toucan Cafe Sweet Potatoes Sol Restaurant B8 H7 I8 $$ $-$$ A A $ A

Su-Th: 11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am-11pm


M-Su: 11am-9:30pm

M-Th: 6am-9pm, F-Sa: 6am-10pm

7360 Skidaway Rd. 912.354.3744 6730 Waters Ave 912.355.2761 2605 Skidaway Rd. 912.354.2524 6724 Waters Ave. L4 J7 Tailgate Sports Bar & Grill L4 Toni Steakhouse H7 Tropical Chicken A $ A $$ $ $$

Real pit cooked BBQ. Featuring local seafood daily. Casual atmosphere. Catering available.

Traditional soul food. Southern cuisine served cafeteria style. Casual express setting with specials.

Alcohol, beer, or wine available.

Pizza galley and saloon. Large menu also includes pasta, salads, and stackers. “Home of the original chicken finger.”


912.354.8288 Spanky’s

Contemporary casual setting. Menu includes BBQ standards specializing in ribs. Catering Available. M-Sun 11am-10pm


M-F: 11:30am-2am, Sa: 3pm-2am, Su: 12:30pm-12am

Children’s Menu

Casual local sports bar atmosphere. Menu includes standard American bar fare

Vegetarian Options

912.354.0006 7403 Skidaway Rd. 912.352.8221 1710 Abercorn St. 7000 LaRoche Ave. 912.358.0670 5200 Paulsen St. 912.232.1951 Sandfly Bar & Grill Smoke Station BBQ Shane’s Rib Shack Sisters of the New South K10 C11 H8 H8 A $ $ $$ A $$

Traditional Philly cheesesteaks and wide variety of wings. Large selection of traditional casual fare in a classic American setting. M-Sa: 11-9pm

Spacious casual waterfront dining. Extensive menu offers many varieties of seafood dishes prepared in many styles M-Th: 5pm-10pm, F-Sa: 5pm-10:30pm, Su: 5pm-9:30pm

M-Sa: 6am - 3pm, Sunday: 7am-3pm

M-Su: 5:30am-10pm

Homemade traditional soul food. Casual express setting.

Some restrictions may apply.

7805 Abercorn St. 912.231.0563 2019 Habersham St. 912.234.5081 J11 Pub 29 K10 Pearl’s Saltwater Grill A $$ $$ A

Family friendly casual cafe that specializes in breakfaast and gravy. Daily lunch specials, including lamb and more.

Delivery Available.

912.355.8717 Ozzy’s Grill $

M-Sa: 9am-12am, Su: 10am-10pm

Casual express setting. Large selection of fried chicken, seafood, sandwiches, and sides.


912.349.0251 5515 Waters Avenue 912.234.2260 2201 Waters Avenue 912.692.0036 7010 Suite 2 Eisenhower Rd. C9 I6 Narobia’s Grits & Gravy B8 Neighborhood Soul Food B7 Off The Grill $ $ $

Gourmet homemade menu offerings in a casual express setting. Dine in or carryout. Baked goods, catering and private chef services also available. M-F: 7:30am-3pm

G8 Kennedy Fried Chicken $

Casual express setting. Menu selections include a wide array of deli, bagel, bakery selections.

Midtown Deli $


Joe’s Homemade $

M i d t o w n / S o ut h s i d e Map on pg. 60 $ UNDER $10 $$ $10 TO $20 $$$ OVER $20


Well FED





6512 White Bluff Rd. 912.355.6160

M-Su: 11:30am-10pm

spacious setting.

M-Su: 11-10pm

Well FED


1100 Eisenhower Dr. 912.354.2356


12417 White Bluff Rd.

M-Sa: 11:30am-9:30pm

Casual dining with extensive menu including: specialty pizzas, calzones, Stromboli, hoagies, wings, salads and pastas.

912.354.4005 4420 Habersham St. Vincenzo’s Pizza N5 $$

Open 17 years.Winner of numerous awards. Serves traditional dishes along with pizza, panini, and Italian rotisserie chicken. M-F: 11:30-2pm, M-Th: 5pm-9pm, F-Sa: 5pm-10pm, Su: 5pm-8pm

4521 Habersham St. 912.921.7800

Large selection of specialty pizzas, hot subs, wings, etc. Express casual setting. M-Th: 11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am-11pm, Su: 12pm-10pm

Marco’s Pizza $$

4827 Waters Ave. 912.349.6960

Pizza parlor setting. New Jersey Style Pizza by the slice at lunch with extended dinner menu selections. M-Th: 11am-9pm, F: 11am-10pm, Sa: 12pm-9pm, Su: 4-9pm




Authentic New Jersey style pizza. Casual express and dine-in family friendly atmosphere with foosball and television. Sa: Hours Vary M: 11:30-2:30, Tu-F: 11:30-2:30pm, 5pm-Close

912.921.5117 10510 Abercorn St. Jersey’s Pizza Costanzo’s Pizza H8 $$ $$

Traditional Dining Pasta, Pizzerias, etc.


2311 Habersham St.

401 Mall Blvd. 5515 Waters Ave. 912.356.1020 J7 Bella’s Italian Cafe E8 A $$

Traditional Pizzeria with a variety of fresh specialty pizzas, wings, salads, and more.Tons of specials to choose from. M-Fr: 4pm-10pm, Sa: 12pm-10pm, Su: 4pm-9pm 912-920-9099 205 Montgomery CrossRd.

Allyanna’s $$

7102 Abercorn St. 912.335.8146



Taste of India


Alcohol, beer, or wine available.

Authentic Mediterranean cuisine in a casual setting. Nightly food and drink specials, including wines.

912.352.4855 1100 Eisenhower Dr. 912.349.4261 Troy Mediterranean Cuisine $$ A K5

M-Th: 11am-8pm, F-Sa: 11am-9pm


M-Sa: 11am-8pm

Casual express setting. Middle Eastern fare with traditional deli selections.


Traditional Indian selections served in well Traditional Caribbean and Soul food dishes served in a casual express setting. Nice selec- decorated atmosphere.Wide menu selection tion of Vegetarian and seafood dishes as well. and Lunch buffet. M-F: 11am-3pm, M-Su: 5pm-10pm M-Th: 11am-8pm, F-Sa: 11am-9pm

H7 Sweet Spice $

238 Eisenhower Dr.

Indian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, etc.



11 E 41 St.

Children’s Menu

Wide selection of traditional Indian fare, Authentic Jamaican menu includes jerk, oxtail, fish, and goat.Weekday lunch specials. including special off the menu requests. Hookahs avaiable on patio. Casual Express and casual setting.

One Love $

M-F: 9am-6pm, Sa: 9am-3pm

Classic, casual, express takeout. Custom bakery, specializing in cakes and deserts with light lunch offerings.

912.443.9355 Al Salaam Deli $

M-Sa: 11am-3pm

Casual express setting. Menu is a blend of Italian and fresh American fare. Specializes in paninis, soups, salads, sandwiches.

912. 354.5501 7360 Skidaway Rd. Starland Cafe F8 $

Vegetarian Options

Nationally recognized bakery specializing in artisan cookies and custom creations. Carry out or special order available. M-F: 10am-5pm

G7 Unforgettable Bakery & Deli $ H7

715 Mall Blvd.

M-Sa: 8am-9pm, Su: 12pm-4pm

4517 Habersham St. 912.352.8455

M-F: 7am-7pm, Sa: 8am-6pm

5224 Skidaway Rd. 912.354.7420

Two Smart Cookies $


Fine Dining

Healthy fruit smoothies, protein shakes, energy shakes or make your own. Casual express setting adjacent to Giorgios’s Deli.



Family friendly, casual setting. Healthy selfserve frozen yogurt, shakes and smoothies. Su-Th: 12pm-9pm, F: 12pm-10pm, Sa: 11am-9pm

Isle of Yo $

Delivery Available.

Tu-F: 12pm-6pm

Locally owned cafe that offers a large variety of coffee-based refreshments as well as light fare including burgers, sandwiches, soups, salads and custom paninis.


Casual and eclectic cafe and print gallery. Selections include locally roasted coffee and Tex-Mex inspired lightfare with fresh pastries. Large outdoor patio and live music. M-Sa: 7am-11pm 912.401.0543 1919 Bull St.

Foxy Loxy $ A

912.495.9292 2403 Bull Street Shake It Up Ogeechee River Coffee Co. G10 $ $ E8

Artisan bakery & Foodie destination serving lunch, desserts, coffee, espresso, and American/Italian breads. Free wifi. Tu-Sa: 8am-5pm, Closed: Su & M

B7 Some restrictions may apply.

Locally owned bakery that specializes in custom cookies, cupcakes, cheesecakes and more.


Just Desserts

Cafes Sweets Bakeries

Back in the Day Bakery $

pg. 60 HMapi onst oMr ii d ct o Dw i st ct n /rSi o ut h s i d e $ UNDER $10 $$ $10 TO $20 $$$ OVER $20


64 26

Well WellFED FED

Variety of gourmet Asian dishes including Chinese, Japanese,Thai, sushi, and more. M-Su: 11am-4pm, M-Th: 4:30-9:30pm, F-Sa: 4:30-10:30pm, Su: 4:30-9:30pm M-Su: 11am-10pm

Large selection of traditional Korean dishes. Daily lunch specials served in an intimate atmosphere.

M-Th: 11am-9pm, F-Sa: 11am-10pm



5700 Waters Ave. 912.352.4182

M-Su: 11am-9pm

6604 Waters Ave.

Contemporary casual atmosphere. Extensive Casual express setting. Large selection of selection of traditional Vietnamese dishes and traditional Vietnamese dishes in addition to Sushi. drinks. Specializing in Pho-Noodle soups.

912.355.9800 7805 Abercorn St. 912.352.7300 200 Eisenhower Dr. Saigon Bistro F9 Saigon Flavors H8 $$ $$

Spacious contemporary atmosphere. Japanese fare featuring hibachi style dining with a show. M-Th: 4:30-10pm, F-Sa: 4:30-10:30pm, Su: 4pm-9:30pm


M-Th: 11am-9:30pm, F-Sa: 11am-11pm

912.351.9300 8465 Waters Avenue

7400 Abercorn St.


Casual intimate setting.Traditional Japanese menu selections includes sushi, teriyaki, and hibachi.

Japanese hibachi, sushi, and traditional selections. Casual express dining in spacious atmosphere. M-Th: 11am-9pm, F-Sa: 11am-10pm, Su: 1:30pm-8pm

912.920.3028 12322 Largo Drive 912.692.1394 7052 Hodgson Memorial Dr Seasons of Japan Express J7 I7 Sakura Japanese $ $

Traditional Chinese selections. Made to order. Large varied selection of Asian dishes featuring noodle combinations. Casual intimate Dine in or Take out. Catering available. setting. M-Fr: 11am-9pm, Sa: 12pm-9pm, Closed on M-Su: 11am-10pm Sundays

2315 Waters Ave. 7400 Abercorn St. 912.236.8228 New China Garden Noodle Bowl H7 L4 $ $

Alcohol, beer, or wine available.

Japanese selections featuring hibachi style cuisine cooked in front of you with a show. Casual, spacious setting. M-Sa: 11:30-2pm, M-Th: 5pm-10pm, Sa: 4:30-10:30pm, Su: 4:30-10pm



912.920.7273 149 E. Montgomery Cross Rd 912.355.2100 7098 Hodgson Memorial D. 912.353.9281


M-Th: 11am-9pm, F-Sa: 11:30-9:30pm, Su: 11:30-9pm

M-F: 11am-3pm, Sa-Su: 12pm-3pm, M-Th: 5pm-9:30pm, F-Sa: 5pm-10pm, Su: 5pm-9pm

912.201.3541 5515 Waters Ave. Lisa’s Chinese Restaurant C9 $ Fast, traditional, Chinese take-out dining. Extensive selection with specials.

13015 Abercorn St. 912.691.2080 3017 E.Victory Dr. H7 Kyoto Express I7 $$ A

The city’s only place to get authentic Filipino cuisine. Homemade desserts, baked goods, and combo specials. Dine in or carry out. M-Tu: 10am-8pm, Th-Fr: 10am-8pm

Traditional Thai cuisine served in a contempo- Casual express setting.Traditional Japanese menu selections. rary intimate atmosphere.

4426 Habersham St. 912.961.0770 J7 King and I A $$

M-F: 11:30-9:00pm

M-F: 11:30-9:00pm

Large selection of traditional Thai cuisine.Well appointed, intimate atmosphere. Daily lunch specials. M-F: 11am-3pm, M-Th: 5pm-10pm, F: 5pm11pm, Sa: 12pm-11pm, Su: 5pm-10pm

Large selection of traditional Japanese fare including sushi and hibachi. Casual setting with sushi bar seating.

Large selection of traditional Japanese fare including sushi and hibachi. Casual setting with sushi bar seating.

7640 Abercorn St. 912.355.8819 7205 Waters Ave. 912.352.3838 7401 Skidaway Rd. Kao Thai Cuisine Savannah Filipino G8 L2 E12 A $$ $

Casual express setting. Menu includes traditional Japanese dishes including sushi, hibachi, and teriyaki. M-Th: 11am-9pm, F-Sa 11am-10pm, Su: 12pm-8pm

912.353.8337 Kimchi A $

Casual express setting. Menu includes traditional Japanese dishes including sushi, hibachi, and teriyaki. M-Th: 11am-9pm, F-Sa 11am-10pm, Su: 12pm-8pm

1801 E.Victory Dr. 912.691.0330 E8 Hirano’s A $

912.354.3420 Hirano’s A $

M-Th: 11am-10:30pm, F-Sa:11am-11pm, Su:12 noon-10pm

Quick service. Drive-thru only. Menu includes traditional Chinese selections. Daily lunch specials and family dinners. M-Th: 11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am-11pm, Su: 12pm-10pm

Children’s Menu

M-Su: 11am-9pm; Closed Tuesdays

M-Sa: 11am-2:30pm, M-Sa: 5pm-10pm


Vegetarian Options



Intimate casual setting. Menu selections include traditional Thai cuisine as well as Hawaiian dishes


Chiriya’s Thai Cuisine

Delivery Available.

Masato of Japan $$ A


Casual express setting. Large menu selection. Serving traditional Chinese fare.


Beijing House II Some restrictions may apply.

M-Sa: 10:30-10pm, Su: 4pm-9pm


912.354.6111 1100 Eisenhower Dr. 912.927.8599 13040 Abercorn St. 912.303.0555 7805 Abercorn St. Heiwa’s I7 Heiwa’s D10 Green Tea K10 I8 A $$ A $$ $

New York style Chinese drive thru restaurant


Egg Roll King

Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, etc.


Asian River Restaurant $

H i st c/ SDoi st M d to o rwi n ut rh isci td e Map on pg. 60

$$ $10 TO $20 PRICE $$$ OVER $20

$ UNDER $10



Well FED

5700 waters avenue 912 335 2025 Well FED 912.234.0876

M-Su: 10am-9pm

2308 Skidaway Rd. 912.335.7678

5205 Waters Ave.

M-Sa: 10am-8pm, Su: 12pm-6pm

Casual express dining. Mexican and southwestern cantina, fresh, made to order.


Casual intimate setting serving traditional Mexican fare. Daily specials

912.920.0704 8840 Abercorn St. 912.354.0300 108 Mall Blvd. Salsaritas Fresh Cantina F9 La Xalapena C11 $ A $$ A

M-Sa: 11am-10pm, Su: 12pm-9pm

Large selection of Mexican dishes and appetizers. Award winning margaritas. Casual atmosphere.


Alcohol, beer, or wine available. Traditional Mexican selections, extensive full bar, ample seating, regular specials, served in Mexican themed setting M-Sa: 12pm-9pm

912.356.1800 7405 Skidaway Rd. La Nopalera I7 $$ A

912.927.9953 Jalapeno’s $$ A

13051 Abercorn St.

Large selection of Mexican dishes and appetizers. Award winning margaritas. Casual atmosphere. M-Th: 11am-10:30pm, F-Sa: 11am-11pm, Su: 11am-10pm



Classic Mexican selections in a casual setting. Fresh chili made daily. Lunch and dinner specials. M-Th: 12pm-9pm, F-Sa: 11am-10pm, Su: 12pm-8pm


Children’s Menu


912.356.1333 5500 Abercorn St. Jalapeno’s K10 $$ A

M-Sa: 11am-10pm

Spacious casual atmosphere. Extensive menu includes standard traditional Mexican fare. Daily specials.


7601 Waters Ave.

Vegetarian Options

Cuban, Mexican, etc.



Traditional Chinese selections and Japanese teriyaki. Large menu and spacious casual atmosphere. M-Th: 11:30am-10pm, F-Sa: 11:30am-11pm, Su: 12pm-10pm

Wang’s II Chinese $$

11215 Abercorn St. 912.355.0321 Cancun A $$

Intimate contemporary ambiance. Eclectic Pan-Asian and Thai influenced menu selections as well as sushi. M-F: 11am-3pm, Sa-Su: 12pm-3pm, M-Th: 5pm-10pm, F-Su: 5pm-10:30pm


Some restrictions may apply.

El Potro


Delivery Available.


M-F: 11am-2:30 pm, M-Th: 5pm-10pm, F-Sa: 5pm-11pm

Japanese owned and operated. Casual intimate atmosphere serving traditional Japanese sushi and entrees.Winner of “Best Sushi” for 13 consecutive years.

Sushi-Zen A $

54 Montgomery Cross Rd. 912.303.0141 1100 Eisenhower Dr.

Tangerine Fusion $$ A


Sushi,Teriyaki, and other traditional Japanese dishes in a relaxed atmosphere with sit-down sushi bar. M-Th: 11-9:30pm, F:11-10:30pm, Sa: 12-10:30pm

Sushi Time Towa $$

pg. 60 HMapionst oMriidct o Dw i st c ut t hside n /rSio $ UNDER $10 $$ $10 TO $20 $$$ OVER $20



“phở for the soul”

Discounts for Active Military & Hospital Employees

open seven days

authentic vietnamese



Well FED

912.786.7176 Vickie’s $$ A


Well FED


304 1st Street 912.786.9869

Large selection of sandwiches, burgers, salads, and seafood.Traditional southern dishes. Lunch and dinner specials. M-Sa: 11-3pm, M-Sa: 5-9pm

Sundae Cafe & Deli $$ A

1105 US Hwy 80


1311 Butler Ave.

M-Th: 11am-11pm, F-Sa: 11am-12am Su:11am-10pm

Carefully crafted menu includes eclectic varieties of tacos, salads, and appetizers. Extensive wine selections and pairings. Ambient and casual setting.


19 Tybrisa St.

Southern style casual fare. Burgers, sandwiches, seafood and more.Weekday lunch specials. M-Th: 11-7pm, Sa: 11-8pm Su: 12-9pm

Casual atmosphere. Large selection of seafood, including various crab dishes. Blue crab, low country boil, and platters. M-Su: 11am-until

1516 Butler Ave. 912.786.5520 1605 Strand Ave. 912.786.0209 1403 Butler Ave. N10 C8 Tybee Island Social Club M10 Wind Rose Cafe $ $ A

Su-Th: 11-10pm, F-Sa: 11-11pm

Seafood galley and saloon. Large selection of seafood, pasta, salads, and stackers. “Home of the original chicken finger.”.


Casual, festive setting. Extensive menu with original takes on classic american and seafood dishes. Regular specials and specialty drinks. M-F: 5pm-10pm, Sa-Su: 12pm-10pm

M-Su: 11-3am

103 Jones Ave

M-Su: 4pm-till


Burgers, seafood, tacos, and big burritos served in a spacious sports bar atmosphere. Live entertainment and Karaoke.

M-Su: 11am-10pm

912.786.4442 33 Van Horne Ave. Sting Ray’s Seafood O11 M10 A $$ 1513 Butler Ave.

Alcohol, beer, or wine available.

Large selection of pizza, subs, and salads. Fast and free delivery. Family owned and operated for over 25 years.


Spanky’s Beachside N9 $$ A

402 First St.

Rock House Bar & Grill A $$


Mix of American and Caribbean selections. Daily specials and homemade desserts. Live Entertainment.


912.786.4745 404 Butler Ave. Pizza on Wheels I9 $$

Casual express setting serving pizza, tradiTraditional Hispanic cuisine with outdoor seating, and 2 for 1 margaritas all day every tional American fare, and seafood. They have day. Located only two blocks from the beach. an extent menu and child friendly seating seperate from the bar. Open 7 days a week: 11:30am-9pm M-W: 4pm-12am, Th-Su: 11am-3am


Children’s Menu

Large selection of seafood. Interesting selections mixed with standards. Signatures include flower pot bread and mojo hen. M-Su: 11-10pm

912.786.5900 1213 Hwy 80 912.786.8888 101 Lovell Avenue North Beach Bar & Grill H10 Nickie’s Bar and Grill N9 $ A A $-$$


M-F: 4pm-?, Sa-Su: 12pm-?

M-Su: 11-12am

912.786.6109 1613 Strand Road 912.786.4227 Mexi-Cali Marlin Monroe’s Surfside A J11 $$ A

Vegetarian Options

1113 E. Hwy. 80

Award winning seafood. Extensive menu includes pastas, steaks, beer-battered seafood and various chef specials. Ocean view, full bar.

Relaxed island atmosphere. Specialty pizzas, whole or by the slice. Low card menu, wraps, and more.

Dog friendly outdoor seating area with a view Large selection of seafood, salads, and apps. of the marsh. Roadside grill providing pig Specialties and pizzas. Award winning Sunday pickings, Georgia wild shrimp, and large to brunch. go orders. F-Su: 11am-7pm M-Su: 11am-close

Some restrictions may apply.

1A E. Old Hwy 80 912.786.0221 106 S. Campbell Ave. 912.786.8400 912.786.9655 1605 Inlet Ave. 912.786.7810 Oceanfront &15 St. Fannie’s On the Beach MacElwee’s Seafood 010 Gerald’s Pig and Shrimp M10 Huc-A-Poos Bites/ Booze I11 $ A H6 A $$ A A $ $$

Fusion of Southern and Caribbean cuisines through a variety of fresh seafood, steak, chicken, and pasta. Seafood buffet every Fri. & Sat. night. Great ocean view. M-Su: 7am-10pm

Delivery Available.

M-Su: 11am-till

M-Su: 7am-1pm

Well known for its extensive breakfast menu and laid-back atmosphere, this casual set restaurant is a favorite for locals.


13 Tybrisa St. 912.786.5984 1500 Butler Ave Dolphin Reef Restaurant H9 N10 A $$

Extensive dining and wine menu. Seafood, pasta, standard casual fare. All you can eat crab legs on Friday.

912.786.9533 1315 Chatham Avenue 912.786.5100 N9 Coco’s C9 Charly’s $$ A A $$

Curbside pickup, window ordering. Nice selec- Large, varied menu selection including seation of Mexican and American classics with food, pasta, sandwiches and wings. Live music, casual atmosphere. classic beachside diner feel. M-Tu: 11:30am-3pm, W-Su: 12:30-4:30pm M-Su: 11-10pm Su-Th: 4:30-10:30pm, F-Sa: 4:30-11:30pm

Burton’s By the Beach $

BBQ, Southern, Seafood, Burgers, Sandwiches, etc.


N10 Breakfast Club $$

Selection includes sandwiches, burgers, and Relaxed atmosphere with award winning seafood. Po’ boys and low country boil. Live view. Large selection of seafood and standard music and televised sports. casual fare. M-Th: 11-10pm, F-Sa: 11-12pm M-Su: 4pm-10pm, F-Su: 11am-10pm Su: 12-10pm

AJ’s Dockside Restaurant M8 Bernie’s Oyster House $$ A A $$

TH yi st b eo e rIiscl aDni d st r i c t $ UNDER $10 $$ $10 TO $20 $$$ OVER $20



Restaurant Quality Meals To Go

Healthy and Vegetarian Choices Daily

Whitemarsh Island, Near Publix


Well FED


7906 US Hwy 80 E.

Su-Th:11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am-11pm

Large selection of casual American fare. Spacious with outdoor seating. Live music and special events.


Well FED





107 Charlotte Rd.



4700 Hwy 80 E.

Dine in, carry out, delivery.Wings, pizzas and other Italian standards available.Tavern stays open well after kitchen closes. Su-Th: 11am-10pm , F-Sa:11am-11pm

Siciliano’s Restaurant A $


Traditional Cantonese, Szechuan, and Hunan style Chinese take out or dine in options. Large menu selections and lunch specials. M-Th: 11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am-10:30pm, Su: 12pm-9:30pm 912.898.2368 463 Johnny Mercer Blvd.

Panda $

Cozy casual atmosphere. Selection includes traditional Japanese fare such as teriyaki, hibachi, and sushi.

912.897.1900 111 Jazie Dr. Suite B

M-Su: 11am-10pm

Large selection of traditional Chinese food. Deluxe dinners, health diet menu, and lunch buffet also offered.


Extensive selection of traditional Japanese entrees and sushi. Open kitchen, sushi bar and sake bar. M-Th: 11am-8:30pm, F-Sa: 11am-9:30pm, M-Th: 11am-9:30pm, F-Sa: 12pm -10pm, M-F:11am-2pm, M-Sa: 5pm-9pm Su: 11:30am-8:30pm Su: 12pm-9pm 216 Johnny Mercer Blvd. 912.897.6400 140 Johnny Mercer Blvd 216 Johnny Mercer Blvd 912.898.3880 4700 US Hwy 80 E. 912.898.7778

Yummy House $




Large selection of Mexican dishes and appetizers. Award winning margaritas. Casual atmosphere. M-Th: 11am-10:30pm, F-Sa: 11am-11pm, Su: 11am-10pm

Jalapenos $ A


912.898.2221 7815 US Hwy 80 E. Kakki Restaurant C5 B3 $$ A

Wide range of Italian selections, as well as sandwiches and wraps. Large beer and wine list. Kid friendly.

C5 Basil’s Pizza & Deli $$ A

Casual express setting. Dine in, carry out, or delivery. Family owned and operated. Large menu selection of traditional Chinese dishes. M-F: 11am-2:30pm, Su-Th: 4:30pm-9:30pm Sat: 4:30pm-10:30pm 912.897.0208 342 Johnny Mercer Blvd.

Alcohol, beer, or wine available.

Several different types of Mexican selections including burritos, quesadillas, chimichangas and tacos. M-Th: 11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am-11pm

Cancun Cafe II A $

Traditional Dining Pasta, Pizzerias, etc.

Upscale, well appointed ambiance. Asian fusion menu and extensive wine and bar selections. M-Th: 5pm-10pm, F-Sa: 5pm-10:30pm Su: 5pm-9:30pm



Cuban, Mexican, etc.


Chef Wan $

Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, etc.


119 A Charlotte Rd.

Children’s Menu


4700 Hwy. 80 East 912.897.6101 104 Bryan Woods Rd. 912.201.3259 4700 Hwy 80 East Ele Fine Fusion B5 A $$$

Award winning barbeque entrées or by the Extensive menu selections include seafood and southern favorites. Featured on the Paula pound. All the standard selections with southern sides and starters. Deen tour M-Sa: 11am-3pm, W-Th: 5pm-8pm Su-W: 12pm-8pm,Th-Sa: 12pm-9pm F-Sa: 5pm-9pm


Slow cooked, wood-fire pit barbeque. Seafood, soups and sandwiches also available. M-W: 11am-9pm, Th-Sa: 11am-10pm, Su: 12pm-9pm


7906 Hwy 80

Vegetarian Options


Savannah’s first certified green restaurant. Organic and local ingredients. Fresh and seasonal selections. M-F: 11am-8pm, Sa: 11am-6pm

912.897.2009 Papa’s BBQ and Seafood A $

Some restrictions may apply.

912.898.9001 Johnny Mercer Blvd. 912.897.4026 119 Charlotte Rd. 912.898.0852 216 Johnny Mercer Blvd. Thrive A Carryout Cafe B3 Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House Wiley’s Championship BBQ $$ $$ $$ A B4 A B3

Daily rotating menu selections include a wide range of items from various culinary influences. Offering desserts as well. M-Sa: 11am-8pm, Su: 12pm-6pm

461 Johhny Mercer Blvd. 912.349.7360

Tu-Su: 11am-11pm


T-W: 11am-7pm, Th-Su: 11am-10pm

Flying Fish Bar & Grill A $$

Casual, intimate atmosphere. Popular with locals. Serving American fare and seafood selections.


Dine indoors or out on the breezy deck. Gourmet Deli and Seafood Sandwiches, extended kid’s menu and icecream for dessert.

Crabdaddy’s $-$$

K’Bella Gourmet Carry Out Molly Maguire’s $$ B3 A $$


Family friendly sports bar atmosphere. Award winning wings. Large casual fare selections including steak burgers. Su-Th: 11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am -11pm


Delivery Available.

Su: 11am-12am, M-F: 11am-2am, Sa: 11am-3am

Casual set atmosphere in a spacious bar with a dining menu that includes foods such as mozarella sticks, quesadillas, sandwiches, burgers, and ribeyes.

Island Daiquiri Cafe A $

BBQ, Southern, Seafood, Burgers, Sandwiches, etc.


Beef O’Brady’s $ A

Wihst i to em H r iacr sDh i/ W sti rl m i ci nt g t o n $ UNDER $10 $$ $10 TO $20 $$$ OVER $20


22$ 2 1











Photo: How much sugar is too much? Learn more about the sugar we consume through our choice of beverages on the next page.

Bar Guide

to savannah & the islands pg. 75

Liquid Candy by Elizabeth Conlon


we all love it in some form or fashion and most of us even crave it! Our body uses sugar, a carbohydrate, to make energy and the truth is we need it. In fact, our bodies are designed to use sugar for fuel. But we live in America, in the 21st century, and herein lies the problem. Thousands of years ago when we lived in caves and had to hunt and gather everything needed to survive, sugar was rare. The natural craving our bodies experienced for sugar helped us find fruit, berries and vegetables, all of which are high in fiber, antioxidants and phytonutrients. The naturally occurring sugar in fruits and vegetables is essential, beneficial and good for us. Now fast forward to today where the modern food industry , with all its business brilliance, has exploited our natural desire for sugar in order to sell us products we don’t need. Back in the day, our ancestors only had access to relatively small amounts of naturally occurring sugar unlike today where we have easy access to large amounts of processed sugar and still retain the natural desire to seek out sweet foods. Processed sugars are found in almost all prepared and packaged food we buy; inexpensive, addictive and because we are consuming them in such large quantities, they are wreaking havoc on our health. America’s increased consumption of processed sugars is not only contributing to the obesity epidemic, the dramatic rise in diabetes, increase in risk factors for heart disease but contributes to other undesirable side effects such as increased risk of acne, yeast infections, depression, cancer and a variety of other chronic diseases. Too much sugar suppresses the immune system which simply makes it harder for our natural defenses to fight off all disease even the common cold and flu virus. This might explain why the week after Halloween is reportable the busiest week for pediatricians.

How much is too much?

Imagine getting a cup of coffee tomorrow morning at the coffee shop and the guy next to you puts three packets of sugar in his coffee. Is that too much? How about five packets? What about ten packets? Our perception is generally that ten packets of sugar are too much but the truth is the average American eats an equivalent of about 30 packets of processed sugar every day! That is more than 100 grams and three times the recommended maximum amount for a healthy lifestyle. Each ‘packet’ of sugar I have been referring to contains one teaspoon of sugar, which is equal to four grams.


Well FED

Chocolate Milk*

10.5 teaspoons of sugar

According to the American Heart Association women should consume no more than six packets (24 grams) a day and men no more than nine packets (36 grams) daily. As for children, Dr. Sears, pediatrician and author, recommends they should aim to have no more than six grams of processed sugar per meal, roughly 1 ½ packets. As Americans, a lot of us unintentionally consume a large portion of our daily sugar and calorie intake through our choice of flavored beverages. A 12 oz. can of Coke contains almost 10 packets of sugar and a 20 oz. bottle has more than 16 packets. It is common knowledge that soda contains a fair amount of sugar but what you may not realize is what other flavored beverages are loaded with sugar too. Starbucks Frappuccino’s © or even a glass of that wonderful southern classic, sweet iced tea, can have six to ten packets per 12 ounces making both just as sugary as a soft drink. Much to many parents’ surprise, even chocolate milk can be so laden with sugar it equals the sugar of that in a soda.

Most parents try to make good nutritional choices for their kids, but in this world of clever food marketing, deciding what is healthy and what is not can be tricky. For example, Stonyfield, an organic dairy producer, adds 12 grams of sugar to each 8 oz. carton of their organic flavored milk. Can you imagine adding four packets of sugar to a glass of milk, stirring it up and handing it to a child? This seemingly innocent childhood staple drink has more than twice the recommend sugars per meal for a child. So what about juice, you say? Most juice boxes, whether 100% fruit juice or not, contain the same amount of sugar & calories per ounce as soda. 100% juice contains only naturally occurring sugars but does not contain the fiber and nutrients of the whole fruits or veggies it came from. The naturally occurring sugar in 100% juice is still sugar and a large culprit of tooth decay, chronically sick and overweight young children. Sports performance drinks are also remarkably high in sugar. A single 32 oz. Gatorade can contain 14 packets of sugar. As much as the advertising tries to convince us that sports drinks are healthy and refreshing, they essentially fall into the same category as the rest of the over sugared beverages mentioned here. If you really think about it, most of these sugar laden beverages are merely liquid candy. We all love a little dessert every once in a while and a rare sweet tea or chocolate milk can be a fun treat. So why don’t we start thinking of these sugary drinks as desserts and just that; a rare treat to be consumed in moderation on special occasions; definitely not daily or in super size. If we want to decrease our sugar intake what else can we drink? Most people immediately think of turning to diet sodas and low calorie drinks but the problem here is that the artificial sweeteners used in these drinks are still linked to weight gain, heart disease, stroke, infertility and other health issues.

To your health. Elizabeth Conlon is a mom, wife, educator, health and wellness advocate, Juice Plus representative and Tower Garden distributor. Elizabeth speaks at school and business inspiring healthy living all around Savannah. Contact Elizabeth at /

approximate number of tsp. of sugar per 12 oz.

Coca-Cola © Sweet Tea

Through all my research I have found one drink that truly is refreshing, cleanses toxins from the body, can relieve head and back aches, makes skin supple again and can cure constipation among other things. The really good news is it is cheap and easy to get. It’s WATER. The Harvard School of Public Health says that at least half your daily intake of fluids should be good old water and unlike sugary drinks, the more you drink the better.

(Kroger Brand)

10 6

Starbucks Frappuccino © 9.75 Stonyfield © Organic Flavored Milk* Caprisun © (Juice Cocktail) Water

* including naturally occuring sugars


Do not fret. It is not as hard as you think to find tasty, healthy alternatives. Instead of the store brand gallons of sweet tea, try homemade or unsweetened ice teas in which you can control the amount of sugar that is added. Tazo Wild Sweet Orange and herbal berry teas have such great fresh flavors that you might not even consider adding sugar. For that fizzy feeling you get from soda, take carbonated water and add a splash of your favorite 100% fruit juice. In the morning you can spice up a regular glass of water by adding a few lemon and lime slices or for a refreshing afternoon treat try floating a few cucumber slices and a sprig of mint in your water glass. You can Google “spa water” for lots of fun ideas; one is bound to fit your fancy.

10.5 9 0

100% Fruit Juice


teaspoons of naturally occuring sugar per 12 oz.


Well FED

Savannah’s Premier Pub Great Food ● Affordable Prices ● Rooftop Bar & Dining

13 W Bay St.

10% OFF

Directly across from the Hyatt in the heart of the historic district.

Excludes Alcohol & Banqueting

Please present when ordering


wf 8/12 FOOD SERVED UNTIL 1am Large groups welcomed Banqueting & Private Dining

Bring on the


SCORE BIG! Fresh & Local

Grass-fed Beef Organic Burgers


Local Georgia Shrimp, Jerk Chicken,, Pasture Raised Pork, Tacos, Wraps, Black Beans & Rice, Cheesecake by Form, Mango Puerto Ri an Wrap Ice Cold Beer, Sandwiches, Fresh Green Salds, TVs Frozen Margaritas & Daiquiris, and more............

100 INCH


(912) 233-5600

117 Whitaker Street

Now Accepting


Find us on


Well FED



17 Lincoln St.

11 W. Bay St.


M-Sa: 3pm-until

Well FED


20 E. Broughton St. 912.447.0943


48 Whitaker St.



21 W. Bay St. 912.443.0855

Traditional Irish pub with Irish singing every night. Menu features classic American and Irish fare. M-Sa: 11pm-3am,Su: 12:30pm-2:30am

409 W. Congress St. 912.898.9001

42 Drayton St.

M-Tu: 4pm-Cl, W-Sa: 3pm-3am

Traditional Irish pub that carries all Irish whiskey available in the state of GA, occassionally features live Irish music.


21 E. McDonough St.

O’Connells Irish Pub


Classic casual Irish American pub. Serving large breakfast, lunch and dinner selections. Famous for nightly karaoke. M-Sa: 8am-3am, Su: 8am-2am

127 W. Congress St. 912.233.9626 117 W. River St. D3 McDonough’s G6

Local hotspot for weekly live shows and events. Full bar and laid back atmosphere. Call for hours

37 Whitaker St.

D4 Kevin Barry’s Irish Pub B4

117 Whitaker St. 912.443.9956

D5 Casual Island setting with frozen drinks Casual local atmosphere. Regular live specialties to match the decor. Offering music and specials. Popular college signature mojitos and live music. hangout. M-Sa: 11am-Close Su: 12pm-Close M-Sa: 7pm-3am

Casual intimate atmosphere.Tapas, light fare and desserts. Extensive wine and drink list. Kitchen open till midnight. M-Th: 5pm-2am, F-Sa: 5pm-3am Su: 10am-2pm 109 Jefferson St. 42 MLK Jr. Blvd. 912.349.5878 912.233.1192 307 W. River St. 912.238.2012 Mirage D2 D6 Moon River Brewing Co. B5 Murphy’s Law Irish Pub Casual contemporary atmosphere Contemporary Mediterranean menu. Authentic Irish pub.Weekly Intimate casual setting. Expansive bar serving eclectic American fare. Large entertainment. Live rugby broadcasts. with late night hookah lounge. Outdoor beer selection with house brewery. Limited food menu. seating also available. M-Th: 11am-11pm, F-Sa: 11am-12am, M-Sa: 3pm-3am, Su: 3pm-2am Su: 11am-11pm Su-W: 5pm-12am, Th-Sa: 5-2:30am

Live Wire Music Hall


D5 Hangfire

13 W. Bay St.



7 E. Congress St. 912.236.2281

Cozy neighborhood bar. Over 100 beers and martinis. Happy hour. Regular drink specials.

Jen’s & Friends

B6 Circa 1875

Intimate historic setting. Extensive beer Classic Parisian bistro setting. Gastro selection with imports and domestics. pub offering authentic French fare. Extensive wine selections. M-Su: 5pm-1am M-Th: 6pm-10pm, F-Sa: 6pm-11pm

Churchill’s Pub


Jinx C6

D1 A3 Lulu’s Chocolate Bar Voted Best Desserts in Savannah. Enjoy Spacious.Three bars and large stage. an array of specialty drinks, martinis Regular local, regional, and national and Perc coffee. Happy Hour 5-8pm. shows. Su-M: 5-11pm, Tu-Th: 5pm-12am, Fr-Sa: 5pm-1am M-F: 4pm-until, Sa: 11am-until


Large bar and American fare served in an upbeat atmosphere with servers in red cowgirl boots. M-Sa: 11am-3am , Su: 11:30am-2am

J.J. Bonerz

Bayou Cafe

301 W. Bay St.

M-Sa: 4pm-3am 219 W. Julian St. 912.234.6953

M-Th: 6pm –close, F-Sa: 5pm – close M-Su: 5pm-3am

Intimate and casual local pub. Outdoor seating available. Pet friendly.

B7 Bernie’s River Street B7 Casual atmosphere on the river. Serving Serving Cajun, Italian, American and standard American fare. Famous for seafood. Cozy with full bar. Open for over 20 years. Live music every night. oysters. M-Th: 11am-12am, F-Sa: 11am-3am, M-Sa: 11am-3am, Su: 11am -2am Su: 11am-2am 115 E. River St. 912.233.6411 14 N. Abercorn Ramp 912.236.1827 Congress Street The Distillery G2 D2 Social Club Over 21 craft brews on tap. Classic Large outdoor bar and patio. Relaxed yet historic tavern setting. Serving lunch upbeat atmosphere, with occasional live and late night fare. music. There are 2 indoor bars, with big screen tvs, pool tables, dart boards, and a M-Th: 11am-1am, F-Sa: 11am-3am, foosball table. Su: 12pm-9pm Open Everyday 11am-3am 416 W. Liberty St. 912.238.1985 411 W. Congress St. 912.236.1772

map on pg. 52

Historic District

C9 Bar Bar

B3 D3 Bay Cafe/Club One Part of the Club One establishment. Unpretentious and inviting. All games Large video bar and dance floor. free. Nightly specials. Karaoke and shows.

Abe’s on Lincoln

H B iast r o Gruiicd eD i st r i c t

What exactly is a bar? Is it any place that has a physical bar which you can sit at? Does it have to be a full bar or does just beer count too? What about a wine bar? Sake bar? Bar and grill? Well FED strives to give you the most accurate and complete listings possible, but we need your help. If you feel your bar should be included in the Well FED Bar Guide, contact us on Facebook or shoot an email to




Well FED Well FED


M-W: 5pm-12am, Th-Sa: 5pm-3am




Su: 12:30pm-12am

1801 Habersham St. 912.354.8288

M-F: 11am-7pm, Sa: 11am-6pm



912.994.2291 309 W. Saint Julian St.

Modern bar with daily happy hour and drink specials.Weekend DJ for dancing and only designated smoking section in downtown.

Rooftop Tavern in City Market

912.232.5778 206 W. Saint Julian St.

M-Su: 5pm-until

112 W. Broughton St.

map on pg. 60

Midtown Southside

10 East Broad St. 912.927.9757

11215 Abercorn St.

Sports Bar atmosphere with varied selection of standard American fare. Large selection of beer and liquor. M-Sa: 3pm-3am, Su: 12:30pm-2am 13051 Abercorn St. 912.921.2269

M-Th: 11am-1am, F-Sa: 11am-2am, Su: 1pm-1am

Leagues Monday-Thursday. Large spacious environment. Lots of tables. Menu includes standard bar fare.


11432 Abercorn St.

Southside Billiards Club L2 Tailgate Sports Bar


Coach’s Corner L3 D12 Dew Drop Inn Large selection of standard American Cozy local bar. Long happy hour. Darts, fare and bar food standards. Daily Texas Hold’em, and Karaoke. specials. Spacious sports bar atmosphere. M-Th: 2pm-11pm, F-Sa: 2pm-2am, M-Su: 11am-12am Su: 12pm-9pm


M-Fr: 12pm-3am, Sa:11am-3am, Closed Sundays

World of Beer D7 Choice of 500 Beers from around the world. New Beers every week and different local live music acts.

Casual intimate atmosphere. Eco-friendly bar serving contemporary specialties.

D2 Six Pence Pub

38 MLK Jr Blvd


In City Market. Nightly specials. Beer pong. Live entertainment.

Pour Larry’s

G6 Casual English pub with classic historic setting. European influenced pub fare and specialties. M-Th: 11:30am-12am, F-Sa: 11:30amM-Sa: 5pm-3am 2am, Su: 11:30am- 10pm 912.349.5100 39 Montgomery St. 912.233.3156 245 Bull St.


M-F: 11am-3pm, W-Th: 6pm-9pm F-Sa: 6pm-10pm

7360 Skidaway Rd. 912.925.5398

B8 Sandfly Bar & Grill K10 Although not actually a bar, this carryout Casual local sports bar atmosphere. Menu includes standard American bar wine and gourmet foods shop has fare. become well known for its affordable selections and monthly wine dinners. M-F: 11:30am-2am, Sa: 3pm-2am,

Bar Food

H8 E8 Capones Billards French and Asian influences. Casual and Spacious billiards bar and grill. Large late night menu . Lunch specials. Drink intimate bar setting.Wifi available. specials. M-Th: 3pm-1am, F: 11am-2:30am, M-Sa: 4pm-1am Sa: 3pm-2:30am, Su: 3pm-12am 912.335.5956 4523 Habersham St. 912.354.4848 1100 Eisenhower St.

101 E. River St.

M-Th: 11am-1am, F-Sa: 11am-2am, Su: 12:30pm-1am

912.480.9050 217 1/2 W. Broughton 912.233.5650

Su-W: 11am-12pm, Th-Sa:11am-3am

Taco Abajo

36 MLK Jr. Blvd. D4 Wet Willie’s B7 The World’s Greatest Daiquiris, beer, a Large underground pool hall and bar. large collection of delightful casual fare Spacious and contemporary with an edge. and more; Karaoke M-W, DJ F-S. Large drink selection including mexican beers. VIP room, dance floor, TVs

314 Williamson St.

W-F: 5pm-3am, Sa: 5:30pm-3am, Su: 5:30pm-2am

Open, active and expressive social space. Festive casual saloon atmosphere. Duel- Serving alchemic cocktails, old world wines, beers and Neapolitan-style pizzas. ing Pianos. Popular for special occasions craft DJ and Live Music - call to find out more.


Two story historic loft with a relaxed atmosphere that features intimate indoor and outdoor seating and a full bar.

Rogue Water

D1 Seed Eco Lounge

D4 Casual, easy going atmosphere that occasionally features live music. Equipped with a full bar, large flat screens, and a dance floor. M-Sa: 5pm-3am 912.544.0371 125 W. Congress St.

Retro on Congress

B2 The Sparetime

405 W. Congress St.

Savannah Smiles Dueling Piano Bar


M-W: 3pm-3am, T-Sa: 1pm-3am

Historic dive bar. Regular drink specials. Limited menu. Free wings happy hour on Friday. Karoake on 2nd floor Wed. & Th.

Rail Pub

map on pg. 52

Historic District

H7 A3 Pinkie Master’s A classic dive bar thats been open for Recently re-opened under new more than 50 years, Pres. Jimmy Carter management this dive bar features a speech while standing atop the occasional live music and karaoke nights gave bar on the behalf of his friend and the as well as nightly drink specials. original proprietor “Pinkie” Masterpolis. W-Sa: 5pm-Till Close M-Sa: 5pm-3am 318 Drayton St. 912.856.8076 303 W River St. 912.238.0447

Peg Leg Pete’s

H i st o r i c D i st rBiacrt G u i d e


Relaxed island atmosphere. Specialty pizzas, whole or by the slice. Low card menu, wraps, and more. M-Su: 11-12am map on pg. 24 1213 Hwy. 80 10 Tybrisa St. 912.786.5900

Historic District

N9 Huc-A-Poos Bites/ Booze H6

Live entertainment of Friday and Saturdays.The only bumper pool table in Tybee. Limited bar menu. Mo-Sa: 12pm-3am, Su: 12:30pm-3am

1517 Butler Ave. 912.786.5506

M-Sa: 10-3am, Su: 12:30-3am

Serving breakfast items alongside sandwiches and standard bar food. “Coldest beer in America”

N9 Doc’s Bar and Grill


C5 Large selection of casual American fare. Spacious with outdoor seating. Live music and special events.

Molly Maguire’s

Su-Th:11am-10pm, F-Sa: 11am-11pm 221 J MercerBlvd. 912.898.0852 216 J Mercer Blvd

M-F: 11am-2am, Sa: 11am-3am, Su: 12pm-12am

Dance music, food, karaoke, and reasonably priced drinks.     

J Mercer Blvd. 912.898.5624 348 Johnny Mercer Blvd. 912.897.6137

Sports bar in a relaxed, casual atmosphere has big screen tvs, full bar, and a food menu that offers traditional bar food. M-W: 4pm-Late, F-Sa: 12pm-Late, Tu-Th: 2pm-Late


Casual, intimate atmosphere. Popular with locals. Serving American fare and seafood selections. Tu-W: 5pm-10pm, Th: 5pm-11pm, Tu-Su: 11am-11pm F-Sa: 5pm-12pm 7906 Hwy 80 912.349.0725 4 Wilmington Island Rd. 912.897.2009

This dessert bar offers items such as double cheesecake, keylime pie, sour cream lemon cake, chocolate ganache, in addition to martinis, beer and wine.

To Business Owners: Listings in the Dining and Bar Guide are always 100% FREE. If you would like to be included, please call, fax, or email with your information to have your listing created. -Did we print incorrect information for your business? Do you need to update your listing? If so, we would be more than happy to update your information for print in the next issue. If you would like to update, change, or remove your listing, pleas contact Well FED via email at:


M-F: 11am-2am, Sa: 11am-3am, Su: 11am-12am

M-F: 2pm-2am, Sa: 4pm-3am

Large British theme pub. Outdoor seating. Large group accommodations. Happy hour specials.

912.898.4257 140 J Mercer Blvd. C4 Island Sports Bar & Grill C4

Casual local bar that offers standard American fare in a spacious setting with pool tables and dart boards.   

Island Daiquiri Cafe

map on pg. 66

Wilmington Island

North Beach Bar & Grill H10 Quarter Sports Bar and Grill

M10 H9 Rock House Bar & Grill N9 Sand Bar Darts, Poker, foosball. Large selection Burgers, seafood, tacos, and big burSports bar serving standard casual fare. ritos served in a spacious sports bar Mix of American and Caribbean flair. of sandwiches and paninis. Sushi on Seafood selection includes oysters and atmosphere. Live entertainment and Daily specials and homemade desWednesdays. snow crab legs. serts. Live Entertainment. Karaoke. M-Th: 5pm-3am, F-Su: 3pm-3am M-Su: 11am-10pm M-Sa: 4pm-3am, Su: 12:30pm-3am M-Su: 11-3am 912.786.8304 1512 Butler Ave. 1516 Butler Ave. 912.786.4442 33 Van Horne Ave. 912.7868966 601 1st St. 912.786.7176 Tybee Island Social Club Wet Willie’s Two Pirates Pub N9 M10 Tybee Time H9 N10 Pirate themed restaurant and bar. Ka- Carefully crafted menu includes eclectic Sports Bar. Voted best daiquiri 2004Sports Bar style foods. About 20 raoke of Fridays 9pm-12am, Live Music varieties of tacos, salads, and appetizers. 2009. 10 different daiquiri machines. different flavors of World Class Daiquiris. Extensive wine selections, craft brews, and on Saturdays. Thirteen TVs. Steps away from the beach. libations. Ambient and casual setting. M-Tu:4pm-1am, W-Th:4pm-3am, M-Th: 11am-11pm, F-Sa: 11am-12am Su-Th: 9am-1am, Sa: 9am-2am M-Sa: 12pm-3am, Su: 12:30pm-3am Su:11am-10pm F-Sa:11am-3am, Su:1pm-12am 16 Tybrisa St. 912.472.4044 1311 Butler Ave. 912.786.7150 1603 Strand Ave. 912.786.6511 912.786.7707 725 1st St. Britannia Pub C4 Cocoa’s Dessert Bar D4 Flying Fish Bar & Grill B5

map on pg. 66

Tybee Island


H i st o r i c D i st rB iacrt G u i d e

Well FED


Aikido Centers of Savannah Bringing the Martial Arts to the Savannah Area for years ...



7/26/12 1:14 PM

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