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of Fresh Get to know Kayak Kafé’s head cook, Kirra Watkins

Well FED has regularly featured some of the most prominent chefs in the city and shared their recipes and insights with our readers. This month we decided to catch up with one of our city’s most up and coming talents: Kirra Watkins of Kayak Kafe. Inspired and guided by owner, Brenden Pappas, this Midwest transplant has come to find that she has a natural gift for the culinary arts. Although still quite young with much yet to learn, Kirra has no shortage of talent and has become one of the driving forces behind one of the most interesting and fresh menus in the city. She shared with Well FED, not only a recipe, but also a bit about where she comes from and what inspires her. We will be sure to keep a close eye on the young Ms. Watkins as she surely rises through the ranks to join some of our city’s most talented chefs!

About me: My name is Kirra Watkins, I’m 23 years old and have been living in Savannah for almost the last three. I love to move and am surprised in myself that I’ve been here for this long. I’m a fairly simple person that likes good movies and decent art. I myself can draw pretty well and plan on doing something with that. I have one sibling, my sister, and she is still back in our hometown of Pierre, SD. I want to be a nutritionist of some sort. Basically, I love healthy food that tastes amazing. Five ingredients I use the most: Yellow squash, red bell peppers, green onions, shrooms of any sort and avocado. Red bells are my favorite because while I’m cooking with them I get to munch on them and they’re so good raw.

Favorite Spice: Cumin. Hands down. And if I were going for a favorite herb, cilantro. Guilty pleasure: I love cookies. A lot. My restaurant is special because: I try to make absolutely everything I produce look amazing. I’m an artist, so it has to be pretty to me. The owner Brendan and I are always collaborating on things to make sure things aren’t too salty or too hot. I think every time we make anything it gets better and better. My cooking style can be described as: I cook for health so I try and throw in as many vegetables I can. I don’t usually cook with meat. I might use some chicken, but the ratio is low for it. Same with pasta or rice. Very little compared to the veggies. 32

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Well FED Savannah April 2011  
Well FED Savannah April 2011  

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