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This event, truly would not be possible without the support of these sponsors. Those below are committed to our community and we are honored to have them represented in The 2012 Savannah Food Day Festival.

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Food Day is a nationwide celebration and a movement toward more healthy, affordable, and sustainable food. Food Day, created by CSPI, is powered by a diverse coalition of food movement leaders, organizations, and people from all walks of life. Food Day takes place annually on October 24 to address issues as varied as health and nutrition, hunger, agricultural policy, animal welfare, and farm worker justice. The ultimate goal of Food Day is to strengthen and unify the food movement in order to improve our nation’s food policies.

On Sunday, October 28th, the Sunday after the National Food Day, the City of Savannah will be treated to a large outdoor festival at Daffin Park, located next to Historic Grayson Stadium on Victory Drive. The festival is from 11am to 6pm and is free and open to the public. A live concert, featuring many of Savannah’s top performers will take place during the festival. We encourage the public to bring their own canopy tents, seating or blankets and spend the day taking in the music, browsing the nearly 100 exhibitors and vendors and shopping at the Farmer’s Market. Attendees are also sure to find interest among the two dozen unique and completely free workshops and cooking classes, suitable for everyone, including the kids! Of course, it wouldn’t be a food festival without the food! This year the festival welcomes the following food vendors - all serving fresh, delicious offerings all day: Thrive, A Carry-out Cafe / Crepe’ A Diem / Cafe Gelatohhh! / Five Spot / Alligator Soul This year, The Savannah Food Day Festival will also be recognizing National Pitbull Awareness Day. Feel free to share the day with your canine companions and visit with several animal organizations including the Savannah Kennel Club, The Humane Society of Greater Savannah and Solace PitBull Rescue.

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The SkyeLite Jazz Band is the premier performing group at Savannah Arts Academy, andhas been a staple for Savannah’s Jazz scene for 20 years. Performing music for Big band, the band prides itself on playing standard repertoire, as well as more updated arrangements for jazz band. The “JE One,” as it is called at Savannah Arts High School, is a class which promotes and teaches creativity, improvisational skills, and entertainment value, and is part of the “American Music Project” created by director, Vann Thornton. Featuring singers, and soloists, the band plays hot, cool, be-bop, and funk, and everything in between. The Accomplices, a lowcountry string band from Savannah, is a unique sort of rock and groove-based blues-grass with overtones of jazz and bohemian country.With acoustic/effected guitars, upright bass, percussion, Dobro or lap steel, and fiddle, their playing is one crossgenre blend of musical style and influence that will engage every type of listener. The band’s vocal harmonies and its clever lyrical prose only further embellish the strong musical foundation of this diverse group. The people said they needed a break from the sameness. There was no creativity. They had given up hope and fallen out of love with HipHop. Then, along came KidSyc@Brandywine. Take the thoughts, ideas, and emotions of your average misfit, sprinkle in some newfound confidence, and spread it all across a bold and adventurous soundtrack. What you will have is a KidSyc@BrandyWine song...... and a new favorite band. Savannah, Ga.’s own local-boys-done-good, The Train Wrecks offer up raucous and rollicking Americana that’s as equally indebted to the traditionalist legacies of Hank Sr. and Johnny Cash as it is to the forward thinking rock & roll of Hank III and Lucero. Local reviewers have been “blown away” by the band’s live shows, and the Wrecks have been officially dubbed “The Hardest Gigging Band in Savannah”, a testament to the love and dedication they have for their music. “A shining light of Savannah’s music scene for a decade, Bottles & Cans is known as a “blues band,” yet this unpredictable group of immensely talented players and singers draws as well on the rich traditions of American folk, country and rock to create their raucous, swampy rave-ups and soulful ballads.” “Word of Mouth is an 8-piece musical ensemble comprised of diverse artists from across the United States. Meeting in and based out of Savannah, GA, the group has existed since 2009 and is currently putting the finishing touches on their debut album, “Word of Mouth Speaks”. Word of Mouth’s music is just as eclectic as the members themselves, with influence holding it’s musical roots in rock and h ip-hop, while delving all the way to the intricacies of classical piano and poetic decisiveness of spoken word. This band will keep you guessing with its dramatic time changes and unique genre-blending, all the while keeping your head bobbin’ and feet groovin’.

The 2012 Savannah Food Day Festival is proud to welcome the Forsyth Farmer’s Market this year! Usually held on Saturdays at Forsyth Park from 9am to 1pm, the market will be transplanted to the festival for one special second day. That Sunday of the festival, attendees will be able to partake in the abundance of Savannah’s most popular farmer’s market - in the convenience of Daffin Park! Never has it been a better time, with ample parking and lovely fall weather, to see what the Forsyth Farmer’s Market has to offer. Don’t forget to come early to get the best selections!


Well FED

Presented by Tina White of The Coastal Georgia Botanical Garden at the Historic Bamboo Farm: What does it mean to be “Organic”? How does one grow vegetables organically? What are the health benefits of eating organic vegetables? Students will be presented with materials and information on basic organic growing. Presenter, Tina White, is a Master Gardener and has a wealth of information on organic gardening, garden design and best practices of growing organically.

Presented by David Tree Malpass of The Savannah Urban Garden Alliance: Creating Healthy garden soil is the first step to growing healthy food. Explore what healthy soil is, its importance and how to create it using composting, worms and organic soil amendments. Also discuss the effect pestisides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers have on soil and health. Participants will be introduced to three specific composting systems. Go home excited to organically create healthy living soil, garden orgainically and to enjoy the healthy fruits and vegetables of your labor.

Presented by Kelly Lockamy, founder of the Savannah Urban Garden Alliance: Kelly will discuss the how, why, when and where of growing mushrooms. She will cover several mushroom varieties that can be grown in this region and in the home environment, regardless of where you live. Gourmet and medicinal mushrooms and their applications will also be discussed.

Presented by Andrew Morris, of Savannah Hydroponics & Okatie Organics: Learn the basics of water culture in a variety of different mediums, with examples of the many types of hydroponic methods available today. Also covered, will be the integration of fish into a sustainable, Aquaponic farm model.  This symbiotic relationship between fish and plants can potentially change the way we think of food production. Participants will get to make their own self watering “wick system” to take home.

All food begins with seeds. Author Janisse Ray will be talking about the necessity & pleasure of growing seeds. Janisse will also demonstrate some simple seed-saving steps, including how to ferment tomato seeds, how to save winter squash seed, and how to dry and store them. Ray will also read briefly from her latest book, The Seed Underground: A Growing Revolution to Save Food.

The professional chef instructors from The Culinary Institute of Virginia College in Savannah will each conduct a 45 minute cooking class at the begining of every hour. Learn how to prepare simple, healthy meals using seasonal ingredients on a limited budget.

Presented by Peter Broadhead of Brighter Day Natural Foods: Genetically Modified Organisms GMO’s are fast becoming a part of our whole food system. This lecture will be discussing some of the frightening implications of GMOs to our health and environment.

Presented by Jeff Adams of Heartbeats for Life, Georgia: Learn how the food choices that we make can prevent or completely reverse our most common diseases, as well as help save the planet.

Presented by Janie Broadhead of Brighter Day Natural Foods: Challenge yourself and your family to go meatless at least one day a week. Attendees will sample quick, healthy vegetarian recipes and learn to cook with super foods like quinoa and tempeh. Presented by Peter Broadhead and David Tree Malpass: This men’s workshop will focus on foods and diets that lower the inflammation response in the body. Healthy eating for cardiovascular, prostate, cancer prevention and joint health will also be discussed. Presented by Adrienne Edge, owner of Tummy Time Foods: It’s dinnertime! You’ve worked hard to prepare a delicious meal for your little one only to hear him say, “No, Mommy! I don’t like broccoli!” That’s when it’s time to become a “Secret Veggie Avenger”! Come and learn new ways to incorporate nutritious whole foods into your children’s diets. Swap recipes and share your secrets of how you get your kids to say YES to “vegging out”!

Presented by Molly and Sandor Nagy: Hear first hand, the ludicrous and practical side of going off-grid. Big challenges and big rewards await, when sharing a different path to land/home ownership, making the most of budget, energy self-sufficiency, small scale farming and extreme DIY. Get tips for harmonizing within a rural community, solar set-ups, the importance of being neighborly and so much more.

Presented by The Coastal Empire Beekeepers Association: A general overview to the art of hobbyist beekeeping. This workshop will exhibit the equipment, components, and products of the beehive. Attendees will even get to view a working observation hive. We will also discuss the benefits from honey to pollination. Local information on ordinances, clubs, and yearly courses available.

Presented by Suzanne Bailey: This workshop will introduce attendees to the raising of poultry for eggs and meat. Chickens, turkeys, quail and guineas will be also be discussed. View examples of the poultry that is most popular for home use and get all your poultry related questions answered.

Presented by Savannah Veggies and Vegans with Marsha G. Hargreaves, R.N. : A fun and easy approach to eating vegetarian. Learn some simple steps that can be taken to become veggie strong and healthy! Learn how to make the gradual (or immediate!) change to eating delicious meat free food. The class is led by an everyday, typical Southerner who used to have a voracious appetite for meat, cheese and dairy! Also included: Why go veg? Learn more about the real impact of our food choices on the animals, our health, the environment and our culture.

Presented by Jackie Ogden of UGA’s Chatham County Extension Service: Learn to extend your local food purchases using safe and easy preserving methods. Canning and other preserving methods like freezing and drying have become popular again with the current emphasis on health and whole foods.  Utilizing her extensive knowledge and modern equipment, Ms. Ogden will walk you through the steps to start preserving your favorite fruits and vegetables. Well FED 37

Presented by Janie Broadhead of Brighter Day Natural Foods: This parent and child workshop will encourage you to have fun in the kitchen while preparing healthy, colorful foods for your family. Our goal is to get even the pickiest child to eat healthy. Recommend for ages 5-12. Presented by Elizabeth Conlon of Juice Plus: A fun interactive story time, helping kids understand the importance of eating fruits and vegetables.We wil also play the Traffic Light food game from Dr. Sears’, “Eat Healthy, Feel Great” book. Recommended for toddlers through early elementary school ages.

Presented by Elizabeth Conlon of Juice Plus: Encourage kids to eat real food and how to make better choices through this label reading activity. “Nutrition Detectives” shows kids 5 “clues” to reading food labels and making healthier food choices. Recommended for kindergarten through middle school ages. Presented by Virginia Bruce of Chatham County FCCLA:This interactive session will use MyPlate crafts, taste testing, and an exchange of knowledge to teach kids the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Presented by Lauren Whitside, RD, CSP, LD, Pediatric Dietitian from Memorial Health University Medical Center, Sodexo Healthcare Services: Kids, come learn why eating healthy snacks, like nuts, can help you jump higher, run faster, and be smarter. Kids will have the opportunity to learn about healthy eating while being entertained with singing and dancing. Recommended for ages 6-12. Presented by Jackie Sharp, RD, LD, ACSM-HFS, Wellness Dietitian from Memorial Health University Medical Center, Sodexo Healthcare Services: Kids, come learn why breakfast is needed to make the most of your day. Learn strategies to be sure you’re getting a nutritious breakfast everyday.  Kids will have the opportunity to learn about healthy eating while being entertained with singing and dancing.  Ages 6-12 Presented by Molly Leiberman from Loop It Up Savannah of the West Broad Street YMCA: Ever want to build a castle with the food on your dinner plate? Well, this workshop is for you! Come take a good look at a plate full of beautiful, colorful food and then get crazy and make a sculpture out of it….And if you get hungry you can always take a bite! All ages welcome!

Due to limited availability, you must have a ticket to view a show. Free tickets will be given to attendees at the end of each children’s workshop. You must complete a children’s workshop to receive your free ticket(s). Admission without a ticket will only be granted if there is available space. Presented by Angela Beasley’s Puppet People: Kids will be treated to a live puppet show by Savannah’s very own master puppeteer. Angela’s puppets have been featured on NBC’s Today Show and Comedy Central. Parents and children alike will enjoy this one of a kind show. Presented by Charles Poston and The Imperial Travelling Medicinne Show: They will stun and amaze guests with acts of wonder which include:The Human Blockhead, The Straight Jacket Escape, The Bed o Tetanus, Card Magic, The Silks of Doom, Rope Magic, and Fire eating and Breathing. Presented by Angela Beasley’s Puppet People: Kids will be treated to an encore performance by Savannah’s very own master puppeteer. Parents and children alike will enjoy this one of a kind show. Presented by Charles Poston and The Imperial Travelling Medicinne Show: Hear two stories, “The Gypsies Magic Whistle” and “Stone Soup”. All ages welcome.

Presented by Angela Beasley’s Puppet People: Kids will be treated to one final performance by Savannah’s very own master puppeteer. Parents and children alike will enjoy this one of a kind show. Presented by Charles Poston and The Imperial Travelling Medicinne Show: This will be your last chance to be completely amazed by The Human Blockhead, The Straight Jacket Escape, The Bed o Tetanus, Card Magic, The Silks of Doom, Rope Magic, and Fire eating and Breathing.

Presented by Molly Leiberman from Loop It Up Savannah of the West Broad Street YMCA: Throughout the month of October, Children from a handful of Savannah’s Schools will create illustrations of the food we eat--- from seed to table. This artwork will be displayed sequentially during the festival and all are invited to add their own drawing to the installation. All ages welcome.

The Savannah Bicycle Campaign is hosting a group bike ride from downtown (location TBD) to the festival in Daffin park. Bring your friends and join the fun! Check out their website for more details www.BicycleCampaign.Org

photo by Becky Smith

Come find out the facts about this wonderful and misunderstood breed and why the Pit Bull was once “America’s Dog”. All well-behaved, socialized dogs are welcome. Dogs must be leashed. No breeder solicitation of guests is allowed.

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