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A New Chapter in Our Story


10 years, 82 percent of our buildings have not had a major renovation in more than 25 years, and 62 percent have not had a campus, I am reminded how fortunate I am major renovation in more than 50 years. (Those of you who have to lead a college with such a combination stayed in the residence halls during reunion in recent years will of history and natural beauty. Indeed, the not be surprised by this.) Much has changed in education and history and beauty of Wellesley surround me, always. As I write this pedagogy during those years. column, I am looking out of my Green Hall office window at an iconic To address these significant needs, we have been engaged over Wellesley image: the Galen Stone Tower. From the President’s House, the past several years in significant I can see other places—images that are academic and residential planprobably engraved in your memory— ning efforts. Five areas of priority such as Houghton Memorial Chapel, have emerged from these planning Tower Court, and, at night, the light efforts: modernizing our visual arts from our signature lampposts. and media facilities in Pendleton Our gorgeous landscape and hisWest and Jewett; bringing together toric buildings are an important part of the humanities departments and the Wellesley story. As a leader in underprograms into one central area in graduate education, Wellesley must not Founders and Green halls; modernonly continue to develop new pedagogiizing our facilities for programs cal approaches, hire the best faculty, and in science and the environment; recruit the best students, but we must renewing our residence halls to also provide facilities that are worthy of best support the student residential these outstanding faculty and students. experience; and enhancing our wellNew pedagogical approaches require suitness and sports programs. ably designed spaces that are conducive For each area of priority, to small classroom learning and that are a working group—composed functional but easily adaptable as needs of faculty, staff, students, and change. As a premier residential college, ‘The work of trustees—has been established to make recWellesley must provide a social, intellectual, and ommendations to a Wellesley 2025 steering physical environment supportive of our wonderfully Wellesley 2025 will committee. From these recommendations will diverse community. ensure that our campus be crafted a consolidated program next year We are about to add a new chapter to the will remain as beautiful that will serve, pending approval from the Wellesley story, as we embark on an important as always, while becoming Board of Trustees, as a master plan for the project to preserve what is best about our buildings more functional and entire Wellesley 2025 project. and landscape while reimagining and reinvigoratengaging for the entire The work of Wellesley 2025 will ensure ing our living, learning, and research spaces for the that our campus will remain as beautiful as 21st century. It will be the largest undertaking the College community.’ always, while becoming more functional and College has seen since the early part of the 20th —President H. Kim Bottomly engaging for the entire College community. The century. We are calling it Wellesley 2025: A Plan Wellesley you know and love will always be for Campus Renewal. the Wellesley you know and love—it will only get better with age. The time is right for a project of this magnitude. Despite H. Kim Bottomly considerable investment in renovation and construction over the last

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summer 2012



Wellesley magazine summer 2012  

Wellesley magazine, summer 2012

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