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Winter News 2009


elcome to our winter newsletter, as the winter closes in we would like to share with you the wonderful news from our homes and a big welcome to our new home Nightingale.

Welcome to our new home

Fastest 50 16.10.09 – We came 26th in this year’s list of fastest growing companies, 2 up on last year; picture is of Sharon Burns, Michael Butler and Karl Beckett.

Nightingale Hall

Red Cross DAYS Wellburn have hosted two successful Red Cross Open Days this year. Eighton Lodge held theirs on the 7th June and Grimston Court was on the 28th June. Considering these were their first attempts, the numerous visitors at each event were evidently impressed by our mature landscapes and the outstanding new features of a new garden walk at Grimston and Lee Brown’s impressive “Pottager Garden” at Eighton Lodge which allow the able bodied and those in wheelchairs to see all the sights. The photograph below is of Wellburn’s cheque to the Red Cross for the magnificent sum of £700 collectively raised.

2010 Red Cross Garden Open Days - Everyone is welcome! Eighton Lodge Sunday 18th July – 2pm – 5pm Grimston Court Sunday 22nd August – 2pm – 5pm

Eighton Lodge Fireworks

Heatherdale Waterfountain

Wellburn’s Got Talent

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recently purchased by the company. A Grade 2 listed building, which was formerly the Officers Mess of the Green Howard’s Regiment and underwent conversion to a nursing home in 1985. We are delighted to have Nightingale Hall on board and are looking forward to making extra improvements that will further

improve the quality of life for the residents. With its military background Nightingale Hall certainly has an amazing history and it is in a great location in Richmond. This is our first home in this part of North Yorkshire. As with all our properties we look forward to becoming part of the community and involving local people in the events and activities we organise for the benefit of the community.

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elcome to the residents and staff at Nightingale Hall, Richmond. A 34W bedroom Nursing and residential Home

Horse Carriage Ride

Wellburn House • Glenholme Residential & Day Care • Eighton Lodge • Whorlton Grange • Rosevale • Ryton Towers Heatherdale • Craghall • St. George’s • Grimston Court • Riverhead Hall • St. Catherines • Garden House • Nightingale Hall

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Interview with Norma Burns, Care Director

Welcome to the new staff Deborah O’Neill, Joan Smith, Jackie Allan, Rebecca O’Driscoll, Alex Woodcock and Christine Burnett

Congratulations on gaining your NVQ Debbie Hegarty, Joe Leaper, Jane Shipley Laura Nichol and Georgina Seaman

Q. Why did you choose a career in the care for the elderly? A. A local Care Home was about to open and it was something I thought I might enjoy doing


Q. What do you most enjoy about your work today? A. Feedback and testimonials from Residents and families.

Q. How do you enjoy relaxing away from work? A. Socialising with friends, walking, gardening and cooking Q. What is your most favourite piece of music? A. Island in the Stream Wind Beneath my Wings Q. What would be your most favourite destination for a holiday? A. America Q. What is your favourite movie? A. Shirley Valentine The Jazz Singer ‘Catherine Cookson’ Q. What is your favourite type of food? A. Pasta Q. If you won the lottery tomorrow and could buy any house where would you move? A. I wouldn’t move, but I would do a lot of alterations to my current house Q. How do you feel people should treat their elders? A. With Respect Q. If you could give any advice to a young child what would it be? A. Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.

Wellburn Winter News 2009

Joy Duck has been working here at Grimston Court for 29 years. She retired on Thursday, 29th October and was sent off with a party attended by with the residents and staff attending. Everyone had clubbed together to make sure she had some lovely gifts. Joy will be missed by both staff and residents and we would all like to thank her for the dedicated years she has spent at Grimston Court.

Connie Wilcock – 1907

Q. What is your first memory of working in elderly care? A. After working in an office, a shop, being a foster mother and home catering, I realised at least I had found my niche – I loved if from day one

Q. What have been the most significant changes you have seen in the industry over the years? A. Too much red tape now.

We would like to congratulate Joy on 29 years of Service!

Connie has been with us at Grimston Court since 6 April 1999 and has been a much loved resident ever since. On 24th October this year, we all celebrated her 102nd birthday. There was cake and wine and Connie had a small party with her family. In the ten years Connie has been here, she has maintained her independence and still knits every day, always contributing to fares, sales and raffles at the Home. She is a very sociable and much loved lady and we are lucky to have her with us at Grimston Court.

Halloween at Grimston Court was celebrated with lots of fun, games and costumes. The house was decorated with cobwebs, spiders and pumpkins. We all dressed up as witches and Jean Scott put a scary wizard mask on and really looked the part! The kindly kitchen team put a wonderful buffet tea on scary plates and went trick or treating in the dining rooms, giving everyone sweets. The whole day was enjoyed by staff and residents and will be definitely be repeated again and again!

Please say HELLO to our two resident peacocks I think the peacocks are wonderful. They live outside and I have a view of their house and I love seeing them wandering about the gardens. I find their colouring fascinating, especially around their necks. One day I saw all the peacocks sitting on the rail near the dining room, it was wonderful to watch the ‘man’ peacock with his fantail fully out. By - Jean Scott.

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Breakout at RIVERHEAD


It has come to light that six Aylesbury ducklings have hatched a plan to break out of their eggs at Riverhead Hall Nursing Home, Driffield, on Thursday 16th July. The breakout plan is being hatched under the cover of an incubator. Unknown to the ducklings their plan has been leaked and is the talk of the home. A similar breakout occurred earlier in the year when five Salmon Favorelle and five Aracuna chicks broke their way out. An unnamed spokesman for the Aylesbury ducklings admitted their plan is still in the embryonic stage, but they are optimistic that it will be cracked by the 16th of this month. More to follow as news beaks!

As you can see by these wonderful pictures we had a fantastic fireworks evening and all the residents would like to thank the staff for putting on such a wonderful event on.

Rosevale SummerBBQ Photograph of the residents bbq which we had in September.

ROSEVALE game go head to head on a big screen projector. There were moments when the room went quiet followed by rapacious applause. The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended.

Wimbledon 2009 On 5th July, starting at 2.30pm, Rosevale had an event to mark the Men’s Final at Wimbledon between Roger Federer and Andy Roddick. This event included the traditional strawberries & cream, along with champagne and bucks fizz. All the Residents, some with their families, watched the epic encounter of the two biggest stars of the modern

Mark and Mrs. Linsdell dancing in the lounge as part of our evening entertainment.

Two of our Land Girls, Jean Elwess and Dorothy Penrose proudly displaying their medals. Jean’s memories of the time. “I was from a farming family and joined up for the Land Army to help with the war effort. I enjoyed the fresh air and had lots of fun, though I did not like the early mornings! I particularly remember harvest time, the heat and dust. I used to get the most terrible blisters from making stooks from straw and riding on the tractors.”

Wellburn Winter News 2009

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“Productions” Congratulations to: Louise Smith and husband Nick on the birth of Lydia. Jenny Piercy and husband Nick on the birth of Alfie. Nick Smith and wife Dawn on the birth of Jack. Laura Stevens leaves on 28th November as she is expecting a baby boy, to be called Lucas on 21st December. Also, Tomasz Niedzwiecki, with wife Kasha (carer at Rosevale) expect a baby on 21st December.

Goodbye Unfortunately we have also said goodbye to nurse Melanie Teasdale, whose travelling from Scarborough to York became too arduous, not to mention costly. We do hope she comes back to the fold if and when her house is sold.

New Starters We have welcomed new starters: Rosie Heartshorne, Tivarna Reel, Gareth Roberts, Rochelle Pierse and Emma Hall. It is also good to have Jenny Piercy back after her maternity leave.

A “salute to a Special This lady has been a carer at St Catherine’s for many years and has cared for hundreds of our residents throughout that time. She says little about her life away from St Catherine’s. Most of us know that she is a grandma. Most of us also know that one of her precious grandchildren – Lucy – was born with cerebral palsy, complicated with other medical conditions. Most of us guessed that life has been arduous for her and the rest of the family. Recently her daughter and son-in-law have won ‘Parents of the Year’. It then came to light that in 2007 their two daughters – Chloe and Lucy – jointly won “Child of the Year” which is fantastic news. Chloe is a fantastic friend to Lucy and give us all strength, she has had to grown up quickly and made many sacrifices. She is a great role model for other young people and is a super daughter, sister and friend. Lucy has whole body cerebral palsy, cerebral atrophy, epilepsy and asthma. She has had alot to deal with including a hip operation which meant she was in a full spiker cast for 10 weeks. The operation had its complications and Lucy was quite poorly in and out of Sheffield's Children's hospital. She always keeps smiling and continued to enjoy life as much as she could. We couldn’t believe it when Lucy was mugged and pushed into the road whilst in her wheelchair on her way home from Rainbows, though being an


incredibly scary experience she has carried on with going to Rainbows to see her friends. She continues to smile what ever is happening to her and we try and give her a normal life despite what comes her way, she is a very popular girl was has many friends and is very loving with a wicked sense of humour. Lucy is a real fighter and throughout all her treatments and therapies she is so brave and just accepts that this is her life. she has great courage and strength.

Who is it? Lynne Devine! We are proud of all our children and they give us strength to carry on.

Events at St Catherine’s The Ship that is St Catherine’s Lost in the corners of my mind I search, I shout, but cannot find The person I know I used to be You know the one, the one that’s me Ma and Pa will be coming soon To take me from this waiting room I cannot walk – my legs are done But when they find me I’ll run and run The ship will sail when I embark But people tell me it’s now too dark Better wait for the morning light Won’t be long – just one more night The thoughts are dancing round my head I wait for Pa – they say he’s dead That can’t be true – he’s looking for me I think he’d like to stay for tea. Wellburn Winter News 2009

The “BBQ” summer did not materialize, so our “Jazz on the Lawn” event was a rather damp affaire. However Manor School’s Jazz Band & Choir kept the show going like true professionals. Despite the torrential downpour, we had a lot of supporters and raised £150 raised towards the Residents’ Social Fund. Many thanks to everyone. The above funds have gone a long way towards weekly outings to a variety of venues enjoyed by many of our residents. The visit to Burnby Hall Gardens at Pocklington was a great success and the weather was perfect for the occasion. The last day trip of the year was a visit to Seaworld at Scarborough, thoroughly enjoyed by all and the weather was kind to us again. This summer, St Catherine’s was entered into the “Yorkshire in Bloom” competition. The judges arrived in July and were blissfully unaware of the state of panic prior to their visit due to ravenous goats and horses taking a liking to the look of our hedges and lawn! Despite this, happily St Catherine’s was awarded “The Yorkshire Silver Rose”, all thanks to Brian Plummers gardening skills.

Our attentions have now turned to Christmas and on the 21st November we had our Christmas Fair with a variety of seasonal goods to buy. It was good to have a lot of support from relatives and the “Do” went well. the Residents’ Christmas Party will be on Sunday 13th December, when we will have a programme of entertainment and lots of nice things to eat and drink!

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DR SAMUEL MCCALL-SMITH (Consultant Radiologist)

Resident at St Catherine’s since August 2006 Sam was born in Persia, in a town called Sultanabad, now Arak, in December 1920. His father, Dr Bryce McCall-Smith, served in the 1914-18 war from France through Europe and Balkans ending the war in Bau, Azerbaijan. Sam’s father and mother (a Nursing Sister) met in Masopotamia and they married - in Edinburgh - in December 1919. They then travelled to Sultanabad. His father became attached to the British Embassy, looking after Embassy staff. Being the only doctor in the town, he also took on the care of British business owners, their families and staff, in addition to local inhabitants. Sam’s mother helped in the surgery. His father delivered Sam in December 1920. In mid 1921, the uprising against the British all British Citizen’s were advised to leave the country, taking only bare essentials for the long journey being assured that any belongings and furniture, etc would be

shipped back to the UK when possible. Sam, then six months old, was strapped to his father’s back when the family escaped on three donkeys – one carried blankets, clothing, cooking pots etc. Having been advised to avoid roads and keep to the mountains their arduous route led them to a confrontation with a “hill tribe” and, in fear for their lives, Sam was baptised by his mother there and then. Fortunately they were allowed to move on. It took them six long months travelling through unpredictable terrain to reach the port of Basra, where they boarded a ship to France then to England. The containers with their belongings arrived some time later! The family went to Lochgilphead, Scotland, where Sam’s father was the GP until 1929. Sam went to school in Edinburgh, then to Rugby School and after studying medicine at Edinburgh University he enlisted in the “Cameronians - the Scottish


at St Catherine’s On clearing a heap of leaves in the compost compound, I found a mother hedgehog and four babies feeding from her, they were no more than a few days old. They were creamish in colour with a dark spiky stripe down their backs. Mother hedgehog did not seem to mind me being there. What a sight, mother and four. Something I had never seen before and will never forget. I covered them back up to be cosy and warm. A few weeks later I saw mother hedgehog with three young in tow – were these the same? I do hope so. Brian

Wishing you a Happy Christmas and a good New Year to everyone from St Catherine’s.

Rifles”. His regiment took part in the D Day invasion of France, Holland, Belgium and Germany and he was “mentioned in despatches” for distinguished service 9th August 1945. He was de-mobbed in 1946 when based in Hamburg. Now 25, he returned to Edinburgh University to continue studying medicine, qualifying in 1950. After various postings, he decided to study radiology and then in 1965, he took up a post as Consultant Radiologist at Dumfries & Galloway Royal Infirmary where he met his wife, Margaret, who was Ward Sister of the surgical unit at D &GRI. Engaged by Christmas, they married in 1966 and have three sons of whom they are very proud. In 1972, Sam took up a radiology post in the borders moving the family to Melrose. Remaining in Scotland for some years after his retirement in 1982 the family then moved in 1999 to Easingwold, Near York.

The Big Knit 2009 It’s a sad fact that in the UK, 1 in 10 people over the age of 65 are malnourished. So when it’s nippy outside, it’s even more important for older people to look after themselves and make sure they’re in good health. Innocent have joined forces with Sainsbury’s again this year to try to raise over £250,000 to support Age Concern and Help the Aged with healthy eating and healthy living projects during the winter months. The money raised will then be used to fund projects and advice centres offering information on healthy eating as well as cooking clubs and gettogethers where older people can sit down and enjoy a meal in each other’s company. Hot Christmas dinners as well as cooking clubs and get-togethers where older people can sit down and enjoy a meal in each other’s company. They have been asking everyone to knit little hats for their innocent bottles and every ‘hat’ they receive they donate 35pm to the charity. We have sadly missed the deadline this year, however hope that some of our residents might be interested in partaking next year. Ask the staff to keep an eye on

Happy knitting.

Wellburn Winter News 2009

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EIGHTON LODGE Photographs from our BBQ. A good time was had by all, everyone commented on how much effort all the staff had put into making the event a success. The entertainer for the night was Shirley Mac and the Home enjoyed a visit from Karl and Dawn.

The Cheeky Girls – SUNDAY 15 NOVEMBER 2009 The Cheeky Girls visited today and performed a few of their dance routines for the residents and their families, who all found it very entertaining.


Welcome to our new staff

HALLOWEEN & FIREWORKS PARTY Saturday 31 October 2009 Resident Thoughts: Ella Holding said the party was excellent and she thoroughly enjoyed the firework display which as you can see was exceptional!! We also received a thank you card from Ella’s niece Jean Hindrup, thanking staff for such a lovely night.

There was a great turn out for the party, with lots of family and friends attending, an excellent time was had by all. Both staff and guests turned up wearing fancy dress costumes, which ranged from kiddies dressed as cats to men dressed as Frankenstein. There was a fireworks display and a raffle in which we raised a fantastic sum of £344 for the Residents’ Social Fund. There was a lovely buffet of hot broth & stottie bread, hot dogs, jacket potatoes, burgers and alcoholic beverages.

Sponsored Bike Ride A Sponsored Bike ride took place on 16 October. Cycling to Derwent Walk and back in aid of our Residents fund, Jill kept a motherly eye over the day enjoyed by all.

Zena Yates, Katie Hart Erleen Graham, Laura Brown

Welcome to our New Residents Forster (Ena) Dixon, Betty Jamison Frances Henderson

Happy 18th Birthday Sarah Coyne

Sarah Coyne, Kerrianne Vincent, Kayleigh Leech, Rachel Forster and Jill Thompson.

Well Done Girls - Level 2 NVQ Karen Teasdale, Sharon Thirlow, Joanne Lynass

Residents Thank You All the residents would like to thank Michael for all the lovely trips out over the summer months, even if we sometimes got lost on the way!!!! A Mystery Trip every time, enjoyed by all.

Activity Susan Turnbull, our Laundry Lady has been making cards with our ladies on a weekend – an activity enjoyed by all.

Wellburn Winter News 2009

100th Birthday Ann Turnbull will be celebrating her 100th birthday in November, she is a very popular local lady well known in the Crook area for her fun and frolics. Ann is also a very active member of the local WI who will be visiting her on her special day. Ann (or Nan as she is known) still enjoys her daily tipple of whiskey and water and loves munching on her bags of sweets or “bullets” as she calls them. We wish her a very happy 100th Birthday.

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Welcome to our new staff

New addition to the Garden!

Warm welcome to two new residents, Mrs Irene Armstrong and Mr Eddie Howlett.

New Staff Dorothy Rutherford, Amy Moore, Liz Holich and Linda Bell and a welcome return to the team to Marlene Scott and Katrina Kennedy.

Retirements Best wishes go to Pat and Steve Griffin who have retired this summer.

Pastures New: Lee Embleton & Jenna Dixon who have left for a change in career.

Congratulations to: Violet Douglas - promotion to Deputy Manager Sheila Conning - completing her NVQ 2 Susan Belisle - Trainee Team Leader.

Les and Gordon enjoyed presenting the local Football Team with a £500 cheque as sponsors of the team.

We had our water fountain installed this summer, which looks great day or night everyone enjoys sitting in the garden in the afternoon sun viewing the fountain and occasionally being enchanted by Les and Susan’s dancing. You can see that our water fountain was the centre of our fantastic fireworks display on the 5th November.

100th Birthday Celebration Marjorie Ormston celebrated her 100th Birthday on 26th October, Marjorie asked the staff if she could have an old fashioned party. Violet and Susan dressed up in their dancing “gear” and entertained the residents and visitors with their Jive. Then we played “passie the parcel” and musical chairs. We then did the conga and Marjorie was presented with flowers and a birthday cake from the staff.

Another new addition is our recently purchased Wii for our residents who love playing the games, especially playing the bowls. Our carers Violet and Allison kindly turned their hand to hairdressing when the regular hairdresser goes on holiday and all the residents wanted to thank them kindly. Nora, Sylvia and Marjorie enjoyed a trip to see the Birds of Prey with the Friendly Café.

Silver Wedding Celebration Jill celebrated her Silver Wedding Anniversary in September with a cruise round the Med and she had dinner on the Captain’s Table with her husband Alan.

A little thank you note from Marjorie Ormston that she has asked us to include in the Newsletter.

Summer BBQ On the 18th July, we had our summer b-b-q. Staff and residents all enjoyed the day. The entertainment was fabulous. £350 was raised on the raffle. The buffet was lovely – thanks to the Cooks.

Wellburn Winter News 2009

“This is just a little note to thank you all for the lovely party you provided for my birthday on Saturday. The girls excelled themselves, it made me so happy. As I couldn’t get the girls all together to thank them enough I wanted to thank them in the company newsletter. It has been the highlight of my stay at ‘Heatherdale’ where they have such a happy atmosphere. Will you thank the lady who made the beautiful birthday cake. It was lovely and tasted lovely too. I had a wonderful day thank you again girls, over and over again. Yours sincerely, Marjorie.”

A thank you note from a respite resident called Tom Corszier:

“Nurses and carers when they leave home for work are wives and mothers. On the way to work metamorphosis takes place and they are angels” To all the staff at Heatherdale ‘Thank you for making my stay welcoming and pleasant”

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Wellburn’s got talent One Wet November evening I ventured up the stairs of the Irish Centre to see for myself the Talent on offer from Wellburn. I’m often scouting on behalf of the Working Men Union Clubs, Village Hall associations and the X factor for that individual gem or inspirational group of just pure talent!

Wellburn Winter News 2009

Brushing back my wet hair and sipping my pint quietly at the bar, my nostrils were starting to tingle, as the atmosphere started to build up in the room, with the eagerly awaited acts due to appear. Apparently there was a delay, whilst we were waiting for a coach from York stuck on the A19, with a certain talented singer onboard. Karl ‘Kenny Rogers’ welcomed the audience, with Ernie Coe starting off the night with just some light hearted humour. First up and setting the stall, were the Wellburn Rock, Wellburn Roll singers and dancers. My toes were twitching and wow they really set the place alive. The smiles across the room said it all, we were in for one great night. Next up were the YMCA group act, with colourful costumes and some finger jabbing. I wasn’t just sure if they were pointing at me, but no, they were directing at some hard of hearing tweed, flat capped, old gentleman, phew! They were really passionate and on fire. Crazy I’m Crazy for you singer was soon up, her silky tones weaved through the audience whilst we listened intently. Fantastic, a sheer delight.

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The audience were really starting to warm up and The Worzels were next up and what an improvement to the original Worzels, definitely a lot younger and good looking! They set us all looking for our combine harvester and the singing from the lead singers was as powerful as I had seen all night. We were then watching the Thriller Dancers, lying on the floor ready to go. Some technical hitch meant they rested for a little while longer! They were soon off, drifting and weaving through their moves, dressed to scare, my hairs on my back were already up. They floated across the dance floor working every inch, as a tight group – wow – they were setting the standard. Next up was a solo dancer, who I’m sure I’d seen dancing in a show in London. She was just electrifying, with her energy and effort. Kept us spell bound. Now I know it was an Irish club, but I thought I’d left the Virgin Mary behind at my local church on Sunday, when suddenly I was surrounded by a convent of Nuns at the bar. I could hear them whispering their intent and talk about competitive! The sisters were up, for sheer entertainment they were brilliant - the harmonies coming from those delightful choral singers were wonderful and I could see they would be hard to beat. The singer from York, her powerful talented voice, had an immediate impact, there was a hush as we listened to her ballad from Faith Hill, with her strong chords and tones, was a strong performance and a true delight.

Wellburn Winter News 2009

The dancers and singers of Chapel of love and Big Bugler Boy followed with great aplomb, dancing round the room – in their splendid costumes – they were just great entertainment and the singing had us all on our feet, dancing at the bar. Following lastly another powerful singer, singing the old favourite ‘you’ll never walk alone’, which just had the crowd up on their feet swaying. Well - what a talented group – the Sisters Act the deserved winners and Thriller a close second. I look forward to covering next years act and I’m definitely giving Simon Cowell a nudge to come along. The night was finished off by the Fabulous band ‘The Rolling Rock’ and gorgeous food from Wilkins Fine Dining. What a night! A night we will all Remember! SC

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Welcome Would like to say a big hello to new residents: John Bulmer, Joan Richardson, Joyce Cogdon, Mary Nelson & Isobell Coulson

New Starters Carers:

Maureen Armbuster


Mandy Harrison

Residents’ Outings We were lucky enough to take Residents and Staff out on a horse and carriage at Glenholme, it was a really special day. The horses were brought from Holland and only knew their commands in Dutch, so the new owner went to Holland to learn their language.

Training Many of the staff have completed their NVQ 2 and more staff are in the middle of NVQ3 – Mel Sewell.

The Daycentre holds a lot of theme days, one of our themes recently was a French day. We made French looking masks and onion strings. Throughout the day staff and clients were dressed as French onion sellers and were wined and dined a la francais...

Irene Walder, Audrey Smithson, Madge Olsen and George England. Lisa Outhwaite and Susan Gill are headed for the big 40 in November, within days of each other. Happy birthday to them. Also a big day for Margaret Brown... birthday celebrations for Margaret as she was 100 yrs old, and we all enjoyed looking at the card from the queen.

HALLOWEEN! Halloween has arrived at Glenholme Daycentre, the whole building was scarily decked out, as were the clients and staff... Everyone made their own masks and some came with full Halloween outfits! The snacks even had a Halloween feel, with bloody eyeballs and witches and bats.

Welcome back to Mandi Green, Mandi has been on maternity leave following the birth of baby Devan. Congratulations also to Lesley Dodds on the birth of her grandson, Joseph.

Money Raised

Breakings news… Glenholme were awarded second place with a Merit award for the Sunderland in Bloom competition.

It was a lovely day, and the red and white Sunderland theme was original and stunning. The daycentre staff and clients had a little surprise up their sleeve for Sue, following the huge success of our carriage day in June, Sue had fallen in love with the horses and carriage and mentioned that she would love them for her wedding. We all got our scheming head on and booked and paid for a horse and carriage for her wedding... Sue looked a little overwhelmed when they turned up instead of a wedding car to take her to church!!

French day

Birthday Celebrations

We took part in a “Wrong Trousers Day” to raise money, we also raised £26 from a football card!!!!

Congratulations to Susan & Alan Gill on their wedding 29 August 2009

ICE CREAM day A trip to the sea side had to be cancelled so to save any disappointment we donned our caps and picked up our ice cream scoops and made our own cornets complete with red sauce and sprinkles.

Paddling pool It was a particularly hot day here at the centre so on the spare of the moment we decided to go out and buy a paddling pool. We filled it and everyone took off shoes, socks and stockings and enjoyed a paddle... even the staff!

Home NEWS Manager – Kelly Watt & Deputy – Hayley Greer It has been a little over a year since Hayley and myself joined Glenholme. We have been made to feel welcome by Staff and Residents had such a pleasurable experience getting to know everyone and hope the next year is a good one. ALSO… Good luck to Hayley & Terry on their Wedding Day on 21st November.

Wellburn Winter News 2009

Trip to South Shields A beautiful sunny day prompted an outing to our local seaside. A picnic and soft drinks and traditional lawn activities ensured a good day was had by all, and an ice cream on the way home proved a success. A Hawaiian Day was held in the beautiful gardens at Glenholme. We wore grass skirts and flowers around our necks and in our hair. We also had a monkey and some tropical drinks along with the sunshine. We had to wear sunglasses as we played Hawaiian music. It was such good fun we plan to do the same next year.

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Gardening with Debbie The clients enjoyed an afternoon of potting plants and learning to look after them, they made window boxes which are very colourful and really brighten up the centre. The clients have since enjoyed seeing their handiwork in bloom and the maintenance.


Life Stories My name is John Bulmer and I am new at Glenholme. I joined the Royal Navy when I was 17, in 1939, when I volunteered for mine sweeping and magnetic swiping before joining the Corvets Submarine. I also served on the “Acasta” (war ship), which sank three German Warships who in return then sank my ship. This happened in Norway and as I was trying to swim ashore the Germans kept firing at me so I had to return to the water. I have 14 medals for my services in the Navy.

New Staff Craghall would like to give a warm welcome to: Nicola Chambers, Karen Hewitson, Tracey Smith, Philippine Aggbessi, Gemma Brady and Alessandra De Silva Dantes. We hope they will all be very happy being part of our team.

Goodbye to: A big goodbye to Samantha Armstrong and Sylwia Sliwinska. Yvonne Maher and Irene Andersen on their retirements, after 8 and 4 years with us respectively.

Congratulations and Promotions Andrea Bayne to Senior Number 3 Emma Barbrook to Team Leader and achieving her NVQ Level 3.

Wellburn Winter News 2009

Jean Charlton reflects on our bread making afternoon: The bread making afternoon was arranged and set up by Emma, Maxine and Andrijana, there were 9 of us in total all ready to make some delicious loaves and buns. We all sat around the big table in the dining room with our flour in front of us. The staff started us off and mixed all the ingredients together and did most of the messy bit! We then started to knead the dough and decided if we were going to cook buns or loaves. I made six buns all different shapes and sizes.

My buns were cheese and onion flavoured but we also had parmesan and sun dried tomato, white bread and wholemeal loaves and buns. We sent them to the kitchen to cook, hoping they would be ready in time for tea and they were!! Everyone enjoyed eating the bread with their soup and they were fabulous, I haven’t made bread in so long and it brought back so many happy memories, and to make the day even better we all got our photograph taken by a professional!

Cathy Hendry: Life Story atherine known as Cathy was born on the 21st September 1926, she was the youngest of three having an older sister and an older brother. Along with her parents and siblings, Cathy spent most of her early childhood living in Shieldfield. When she was 6 Cathy moved to Pottery Bank in Byker, she spent the rest of her childhood there.


Cathy attended Welbeck Road School, and was there when WW2 broke out when Cathy was only 13, when Cathy became 14 she left school to go and work in the Army and Navy store on Percy Street in Newcastle. She spent the duration of the war there, selling uniforms to the troops and many other accessories. When she was 16 Cathy went to a party in Byker while on a date, that is where she met her husband Harry, she remembers how handsome he looked playing in the jazz band at the party. In 1948 she and Harry married and moved to an upper floor flat in Longbenton. After being married for 4 1/2 years Cathy fell pregnant with her only son Peter. Peter was born in 1952, Cathy spent the early years of Peter’s life at home looking after him and being a housewife. In 1962 Cathy went back to work at Bevin’s store on Shields Road, where she remembers fondly the great friends she made while working there.

In 1980 Cathy and Harry took over Shieldfield Post Office and spent 16 years there before they both retired. In the same year Cathy and Harry moved to St John’s, where they both enjoyed their retirement. They filled their time going on holidays, all over Spain and went on many cruises. They also spent a great amount of time going ballroom dancing. Cathy remembers spending many a night dancing at the Oxford nightclub in Newcastle. Harry spent time playing in the bands in clubs and pubs and Cathy was always there to support him. During Cathy and Harry’s last holiday in 2007 in Gran Canaria, Harry sadly passed away. Cathy misses Harry greatly and it is only recently she believes she has seen an improvement in herself. Cathy has been with us at Craghall since May 2009 and feels she has really settled in, she loves going on all of the trips and outings and has made many friends since moving here and thinks of Craghall as her second home.

Activities: Craghall continues to be as busy as ever with all the activities going on! We have recently enjoyed our Halloween party and are busy planning our Christmas party with entertainment from the fabulous King and I. Our regular activities continue to please and entertain our residents. Arts and Crafts, Exercise class, Bingo and Quiz afternoons are enjoyed by all. New activities have been introduced such as tasting afternoons and karaoke nights. Michael has continued to take us out in the minibus, we recently enjoyed going to the Moscow State Circus and the newly refurbished Hancock Museum. All residents enjoy our activities and join in as many as they can. Page 11

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Mary Beverton A Nurse out of Africa

Mary Beverton was born in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa on 7 October 1919. She was the middle of three children born to Samuel and Mary Martin, who met and married after their families had emigrated from England and Scotland in the late 19th Century. Mary grew up on a farm outside Port Elizabeth enjoying an outdoor life riding horses and swimming in the rivers. She did her Registered Nursing Training at the Provincial Hospital qualifying during the Second World War. She was not allowed to join the army nursing corps as the government needed to keep the young newly qualified nurses at home to look after civilians and those soldiers who were sent home to recuperate after fighting in the desert of North Africa and Italy. Mary then did her Midwifery and Fever nurse training in Cape Town. She married an American, Justus Kates, who was a navigator in the US Merchant Navy in Port Elizabeth in October 1945 and their daughter Victoria was born in 1946. The marriage broke down and she moved to Cape Town where she worked in a home for unmarried mothers as she was allowed to have her own baby with her. In those days unmarried mothers were encouraged to give up their babies for adoption and she found it too upsetting to stay there long when she had to deal with some unmarried mothers who did not want to give up their babies. She then worked in a clinic in the City Hospital providing care for mainly outpatients. She met her second husband, Edward Beverton, in Cape Town. Ted had been in the RAF during the war and could not settle back in post war Britain and so emigrated to South Africa eventually hoping to get to Southern Rhodesia where he had spent some time during the war. Mary and Ted were married in 1948 in Cape Town and the following year

emigrated to Southern Rhodesia. They lived in Bulawayo where their son Peter was born in March 1950. Edward had a job maintaining the equipment for the Roads Department and so they then lived in a caravan in the bush without electricity or running water. When Peter was a few months old, Mary got the job as the District Nurse in the Shangani district of Matabeleland. As she had to have a telephone they had to find a house. A mine cottage on a farm was found and a telephone installed. The cottage was unsuitable as the old disused gold mine was very close and not properly fenced off and there were white ants eating the wood and personal items in the cottage. Mary covered many hundreds of miles on the un-tarred roads of the district, she had to get her driving licence which she did at the Fort Rixon police station and the government provided her with a vehicle to use to visit her many patients who were on the scattered farms. She was on call 24/7 and it was not long before the people were calling on her day and night. There was quite a large Afrikaans community in the Greystones area and they appreciated having a district nurse who could speak to them in their own language. She had many interesting experiences… her car stalled on a flooding river causeway and as she got out she dropped the car keys in the water... In 1953 exhaustion set in and her own doctor advised a holiday in the Inyanga mountains in the east of the country. In 1955 the family moved 250 miles to the capital city Salisbury (now Harare), Mary got a position at the Lady Chancellor Maternity home… she worked in the Labour ward. In those days, married members of staff were penalised and had to do almost all night duty…. 12 nights on and 3 off and then another 12 nights on. She was then asked to take over the tutoring of the African trainee midwives.. she did this by making her own notes from her midwifery books and the African nurses had a 100% pass rate, but then bureaucracy reared its head and as Mary did not have her teaching certificate, she would have to go to South Africa to get the teaching qualification. Again, as she was married woman, this was not permitted. Political events in Rhodesia led Mary and her family to make the decision to emigrate

Minnie Hansworth Minnie’s father was a Colliery Official. Minnie knew all the words of the Messiah at a young age because her father used to sing around the house. This fostered her love of Opera. She was very lucky to win a scholarship to Leeds Grammar School. Her husband was a great musician, Minnie said that they were very much in love and blissfully happy in their marriage. They had two daughters – one daughter had three boys and the other three girls. Both Minnie and her husband were teachers, but Minnie trained much later in life, actually at the same time as her daughter!!! Minnie undertook her teacher training at Christchurch College in Cambridge.

Wellburn Winter News 2009

During the war she worked for the GPO as a telephonist, whilst her husband was in the Royal Navy. Minnie recalls seeing Gone with the Wind and she fell a little in love with Rhett Butler (Clark Gable). She also recalls his memorable line “Frankly my dear…”. When Minnie retired, she did voluntary work in Penzance, where she moved to be with her family. Eventually her son-in-law’s job was moved to Yorkshire, which is how Minnie came to be at Nightingale Hall. I asked Minnie if there was one word that would sum up her life – she said MUSIC. Jan Cosgrove

to the UK. Mary had never been out of Africa. When she arrived in the SE of England, Colchester, she applied for work. She had to have her Certificates verified and until that was done she could only work as a Ward Attendant for 50p an hour. She was kept waiting ages for the verification procedure to be completed and it was only when she said to the hospital matron “I feel that I am being discriminated against because I am WHITE and not BLACK African…. If my papers are not verified by next week I am going to see Margaret Thatcher at 10 Downing Street”. Mary continued working until she was 65 and moved up to North Yorkshire with her husband Edward, who sadly died in 1995. She always loved her gardening, reading, cooking and her animals. He last dog was Jamie a lively border terrier who was with her when she had her severe stroke in June 2005. Mary moved to Nightingale Hall in October 2005 and although her memory is not as good as before she still remembers her early life in South Africa and all her medical knowledge. She can still speak the Afrikaans language fluently when her eldest grandson Mark visits her. Mary is now a grandmother of six and great grandmother of eight.

Victoria Walker - October 2009 Where were you when War Broke Out (World War II) Peggy: Was living in Knaresborough with six sisters and two brothers, Mum, Dad and George. Peggy was still at school, she can remember the sirens going off and of course being very frightened, issued with Gas Masks, which had to be used. She got a job with the Ministry of Supply and was married in 1945, just after the war. Connie: Was six years old when war broke out and was living in Barnsley South Yorkshire with sister and mum & dad. Her dad was in the Home Guard, Connie can remember going to the air raid shelter with Mum, Dad and her sister, being very frightened, as it was all black, no lights on. Sweets were rationed, so they were far and few between. They went everywhere with Gas Masks. Basil : Was living in Lincolnshire, with Mum, Dad, one brother and two sisters. He moved to Buckinghamshire, where he trained as a Chartered Surveyor. He visited France & Germany and stayed until war was over. Minnie: Was living in Kent with mum, dad and one sister. Her mum decided to move the family to Leeds. She can remember the search lights in the sky and a bomb going off about five miles away. Her dad used to take her and show her the damage from bomb blasts, none of them got injured and stayed safe throughout the war. Ter: Was living at Gilling West near Richmond, with Mum, Dad and two sisters. When I was nine years old I was at school when I heard the news. I went home and listened to the information on the wireless. As a kid I didn’t take much notice, but remember getting evacuees. I remember Trevor Davies from Gateshead. I made a lot of friends because they went to my school. Living in Gilling we were not really affected, just remember a plane flying over.

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New Staff Jackie Robson Jill Miller

Cook Care Assistant

New Residents Margaret & Robert Barrow Edna Porteous, Betty Appleby


Guy Fawkes Firework Party We had our annual Fireworks Party on 5th November. Residents and their families enjoyed watching the fireworks and then enjoyed drinks and food served by our Cook, Jackie.

A big welcome to: Lacal Outten - Care Assistant (transferred from Eighton Lodge) Anna Solarz - Care Assistant Emma Dickson - Care Assistant


Mac Millan Coffee Morning

Lyndsey Sharp on passing her NVQ 3 Mary Richardson on becoming a Grandmother for the fourth time in October.

A Coffee Morning was held on 25th September in aid of MacMillan Cancer Trust. We had a tombola and raffle, raising a total of £155.

To celebrate the hatching of our eggs, the local school came to visit them. It was wonderful to have the children in as they had so much fun holding the small chicks.

New Staff

Warm Welcome to our New Residents A big welcome to Sheena McLoud and Ellen McLoud.

Bessie Gray’s

100th Birthday On the 13th September, our second oldest resident, Bessie, celebrated her 100th birthday. Bessie had an eventful week – a party at her church with all her family and friends, another party at Wellburn and then had her photo taken by the Hexham Courant.

Betty Badger Betty turned 103 on 11th October 2009. Betty is one of nine children and left school at the age of 15 when she started working in service until she got married and had three children. She now has three grandchildren and two great grandchildren. Betty’s hobby is reading novels.

AUTUMN Fair Our annual Autumn Fair was held on 7th November. We had stalls selling various items, including: homemade chutneys and jams, cakes, truffles and shortbread. We also had a large tombola. We raised a total of £225 for our Residents’ Fund.

Nellie Routledge Nellie turned 102 on 21st September 2009. Nellie was one of three children. She left school at the age of sixteen, where she went to work at the Co-Op. She became Manager of the drapery. Nellie’s hobbies were driving, tennis and she was also a member of the Rambling Club.

A day in the life of an elderly person Wellburn Care Homes is introducing an unusual policy as part of a drive to keep standards high throughout the fourteen residential homes it operates. We will be sending our senior manager out to spend a typical day in the life of a resident, to ensure managers continue to understand the human side of its business. These ‘day in the life of’ visits will require managers to take on the ‘role’ of an elderly person, meaning, including taking part in the daily activities, having meals at the same time and, if necessary, even being escorted to the toilet and bed. The idea came from Managing Director Karl Beckett: “As a family run business we understand just how important it is to know that if you put an elderly relative in our care, this care has to be second to none and that the home they live in is of the highest possible standard.

Wellburn Winter News 2009

“This is the responsibility of all our staff across the North East and Yorkshire but as the people running the business we feel it is vital that our senior managers spend as much time as possible in our homes so they can see what goes on day-to-day. “By spending a full day living as a resident, the managers will learn what it feels like to be old, and in the majority of cases infirm, and more importantly what the standard of care is that people receive in one of our homes. “It may be embarrassing for them to ask to be helped to the toilet but this is exactly the sort of situation our residents go through every day of their lives.” Wellburn Managing Director, Karl Beckett, is to be the first senior manager to spend a day in the life of a resident (in his case in a wheelchair), at the company’s Heatherdale residential home in Broomhill, near Druridge Bay, Northumberland.

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elcome to our winter issue, we are happy to be sharing our garden news and yet another admirable list of achievements and events. I know Shirley would like to join me in recognising the hard work from all our staff, from designing new garden walks to the more mundane leaf collecting in the autumn which drives us all slightly crazy!


Our number of Homes is ever increasing but I will try and mention every one. Firstly welcome to Nightingale Hall in Richmond! A beautiful old building with a garden we are looking forward to rejuvenating. Britain in Bloom awards have just recently been awarded to Grimston (Silver Gilt) and Eighton Lodge (3rd place in Gateshead in Bloom). Congratulations to Lee and Daniel Brown (EL) and John Ashton (GC)! These events are re-scheduled for next year and it has been decided to use the same venues, but more will hopefully be added. Garden House has lived amazing well with months of new building work. The back garden which has a steep slope has been re-designed by Lee Brown and myself, to great effect and soon the residents will be able to view a spectacular new water feature and sensory bog garden designed specifically for their patio. Travelling further south, Heatherdale has now a wonderful new fountain in the back garden. This prompted Chevington District Council to award the home, with the most outstanding feature award and awards for both the allotment and flower garden.

Garden Gossip

I had a lovely afternoon a few weeks ago with the staff and residents of Craghall where we made a beautiful autumn arrangement for the dining room, watched a film on RHS gardens, planted some hyacinth bulbs in separate containers for Christmas time and this was all finished off with tea and cream scones. My next talk is at Glenholme Day Centre on 5th November, where again bulbs will be planted for Christmas and an arrangement made for autumn. Glenholme House has settled down well with the planting of the Cottage Garden at the back providing beautiful colour throughout the whole year. We were especially pleased with the colour in the front bed. We have unfortunately had an invasion of rabbits at Wellburn House. They decimated the new rose bed and the perennial border, which was put in to replace it. It was very disheartening for gardener Rob and his team, but a new design for the garden is in the offing to combat those little bulldozers!


Breakings news…

Dorothy Vasey celebrating her 84th Birthday with Staff Claire Monks and Sarah Lumbley, a great day was had by all.

St Georges has just been awarded 1st prize for the Sunderland in Bloom competition.

Talking of new designs, St Georges will be in the forefront, in the next coming months. Plans are being drawn up to redesign the front, side and back gardens to include a new patio for the Residents, Sensory Garden and Water Feature. Our congratulations go to Rob and his team at Ryton Towers for their continuing hard work into making the garden look its best ever. The large Leylandii fence has been removed at the bank, completely enhancing the home and we are very proud of our new rose bed in the front lawn. Along with the continued help of Rod Alder with the great looking baskets and tubs, which has helped the home look spectacular. Brian Plummer must again be congratulated for his beautiful gardens at St Catherine’s and Rosevale. We would like to congratulate him for winning silver this year in the Yorkshire in Bloom 2009 for St Catherine’s garden. The colour he succeeds in achieving in his gardens is unbelievable and all Brian’s hard work has been rewarded by his award in his first year in Britain in Bloom. Rosevale will be undergoing more building work, but I am sure with Brian’s efforts the home will still retain lots of colour especially in the spring. Again I must congratulate gardener Syd Batch and Whorlton Grange for another great season, winning the coveted Gold, yet again, in Northumberland in Bloom. Hopefully the new beds at the back of the home have contributed to this success.

Alzheimer’s Society Alzheimer's Society is pleased to announce that well-loved newsreader Angela Rippon and leading business man John Hughes have both been appointed Alzheimer's Society Ambassadors. Broadcaster and journalist, Angela Rippon has supported Alzheimer's Society for a number of years and has spoken of her experiences caring for her mother Edna who was diagnosed with dementia in 2004. In November Angela will be supporting Alzheimer's Society's campaign to put care right in hospitals, as part of her new role.

Maureen Scarr kindly took time out to take resident Emma Cheetham to her grandaughter’s wedding at Gretna Green earlier in the year.

Wellburn Winter News 2009

Angela Rippon, Alzheimer's Society Ambassador says, 'Dementia is the curse of the 21st century. We are an ageing population and this is going to touch us all. Alzheimer's Society's campaigning and support makes a huge difference to those affected by this cruel condition. Those who suffer from dementia need a voice. By becoming an Alzheimer's Society Ambassador, I hope I can help them be heard.'

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New Staff All residents and staff would like to welcome Sarah Thompson. Sarah has recently taken up the position of Domestic within Garden House.


NVQ Congratulations Congratulations to three of our Care Staff who have recently successfully completed their NVQ Level 3: Catherine Ellis, Michelle Hutchinson Erika Richards

Garden House Chicks Garden House was recently chosen to nurture and hatch several Chicken eggs, it was a great success for residents and especially the staff, good luck to Boris & Cliff – hope you are doing well.

Garden House Halloween Party was a good night’s entertainment, fun was had by all. Residents ducked for apples, marshmallows & doughnuts on strings and a big Rosemary ducking thank-you to all the for Marshmallows. children who came to join in with the fun, they were very scary all dressed up in their costumes and scary make up. All the residents enjoyed their company and great enthusiasm. We would also like to thank Robert for the lovely buffet, which everyone enjoyed. Erika with her broomstick, Kristy and Alanna as the devils and Monika with her little girl Julia.

Congratulations on the new arrivals To Laura and Steven – on the birth of their daughter Lauren Joanna, born on 10 October 09 weighing in at 8lb 1 oz. Also to Danni and Carl, on the arrival of their daughter Maia Grace, born on the 23 October 09, weighing in at 8lb 7 oz.

Hi my name is Mary Wilkins and with my partner Neil Wilkins we make up Wilkins Fine Dining. We are an outside catering company who have worked in some of the worlds most prestigious hotels & restaurants, we are now working with Wellburn Care Homes to offer some delicious, mouth watering, seasonal recipes for you to try. Decembers edition is how to give a normal roast chicken a slight twist to it, followed by our Christmas version of the traditional Bakewell tart, we hope you will enjoy not only tasting these dishes but also making them. Happy Cooking from Mary & Neil.

Sage & Pancetta Roast Chicken a. b. c. d.. e.

1.6kg (3lb 8oz) oven-ready chicken 50g (2oz) butter, softened 4-5 sprigs fresh sage 1 onion, finely chopped 100g packet smoked pancetta if not available streaky bacon will do the job f. 100g (4oz) fresh white breadcrumbs g. 1 medium egg, beaten h. Fresh sage leaves, to garnish Method 1. Preheat oven to 190°C/375°F/gas 5. Smear chicken with half the softened butter and place in a foil-lined roasting tin. Scatter over a few sage leaves and season. Wrap loosely in foil and roast for 1 hr 10 mins. 2. Melt the rest of the butter and fry the onion for 5 mins. Chop half the pancetta, add to the pan and fry for a further 5 mins. 3. Remove pan from the heat. Finely chop the rest of the sage and add to the pan with the breadcrumbs and seasoning. Cool. Stir in the beaten egg and press stuffing into a greased 18cm (7in) shallow cake tin. 4. Uncover the chicken and top with the rest of the pancetta slices. Return to the oven and roast, uncovered, for a further 20-30 mins until golden brown and cooked through. Cook the stuffing in the oven at the same time. 5. Cut the stuffing wedges and serve on a platter with the roast chicken, garnished with fresh sage leaves.

Wellburn Winter News 2009

Xmas Recipe’s

Christmas Bakewell Tart Sweet pastry - approx 12 portions 200g Plain flour 50g Sugar

125g Margarine 1 Egg

1) Cream the fat with an equal amount of flour 2) add the egg in which has been dissolved the sugar 3) stir in the flour and mix the ingredients to a smooth paste 4) let it rest in fridge for approx 30 mins

Frangipane 120g Castor Sugar 2 Eggs 8g Flour

120g Butter 120g Ground Almonds

Method for filling (Frangipane) 1) cream butter and sugar, beat in the eggs 2) Lastly stir in the dry ingredients

Bakewell Tart 100g Sweet Mince Water Icing (300g Icing Sugar +45g Water) Method for the Tart 1) Line a flan ring with 3/4 of the pastry 2) prick the base well with a fork 3) spread on the sweet mince 4) place in the frangipane and spread evenly 5) pin out the remaining pastry, cut into strips approx 1/4" wide and plaec on top to form a lattice pattern 6) bake in an oven 180C for approx 30 mins until cooked and golden in colour. 7) when baked brush with water icing This tart is delicious served with whipped cream with the zest of an orange in & a slight touch of icing sugar to sweeten the cream.

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100 Year old sets World Record One hundred year old Ms R Frith, from Australia, is all the inspiration you’ll need to send you running for the gym. The oldest female at the games with her 4.07 meter throw didn’t just win her gold but also broke the world record. Ruth has a rigorous workout and trains five days a week, regularly lifting 77 pound weights and refuses to eat her vegetables…

Strike up the Band The visit of Dunston Silver Band to Heatherdale on the 6th December was a big hit with the residents. They played magnificently and gave us a selection of well-loved tunes, including some to get us in the festive spirit!

“Huey, Dewey and Louis” meet Cliff the Swiss Chick on a smallholding in Yorkshire

The three Aylesbury ducklings that hatched at Riverhead, Huey, Dewey, and Louie named after Donald Ducks nephews by Dianne Hogg the Manager at Riverhead are now enjoying life on a small holding in North Yorkshire. I have built a pond and added them to four other Aylesbury ducklings of roughly the same age. The ducks are hilarious as they waddle around chasing you for food, no matter how often you feed them they are always hungry. They should starting laying their own eggs in the spring, and I will take some over to Riverhead for the staff to enjoy. The Aylesbury breed was developed around the early 18th century and became a cottage industry in Aylesbury in southern England. The ducks were walked to the markets in London, some forty miles (64 km) to the south, stopping at night at inns which provided large enclosed yards for a charge of a few birds. In 1839 the introduction of a railway connection made transport easier and the trade flourished, but around the middle of the century duck rearing in the town began to decline. The hatching at Riverhead was such a success that I took the incubator and chick brooder up to Garden House, Spittal. I took some eggs from my own stock of fancy breed hens and bantams. One particular favourite was “Cliff” who was very weak for his first couple of weeks and the staff nurtured him until he was strong enough to look after himself, Cliff was named because of his Quiff that he had when he hatched. Cliff is actually a Appenzeller Spitzhauben Bantam, this is named after the area of Switzerland that they originate from (Appenzellerland), and the Spitzhauben actually means pointed bonnet, that is worn as part of the traditional dress by the ladies of the region, anyway, the staff called him Cliff and still ask how he is doing when ever I visit the home. It was a pure joy to see the happiness on the faces of the residents in and around the time of hatching. The incubator was then taken to Wellburn House, Ovingham where we hatched five eggs, the incubator was positioned in the main hallway, and quickly became a hive of activity when the chicks began to hatch. The first chick born the staff named Houdini and for a fortnight the chicks had constant visitors, the local Badger club came to visit and they thought it was wonderful. Every morning a new routine for staff and residents came into play, everyone went straight to the brooder to check on the progress of the “Wellburn House Brood”, there was a chair positioned either side of the brooder and these were in popular demand. The chicks have gone onto live on a farm in the Tyne Valley.

Our aim will be to hatch our first batch of eggs for Easter 2010.

Wellburn Care Homes Ltd. Head Office: Tyne View House, 9 Grange Road, Newburn, Newcastle upon Tyne NE15 8ND Tel: 0191 229 3530, Fax: 0191 229 3531 Email:


W elcome to our winter newsletter the residents and staff at would like to share with you the wonderful news from our homes and a big welcom...


W elcome to our winter newsletter the residents and staff at would like to share with you the wonderful news from our homes and a big welcom...