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Bollywood blast & no white devils at Atmantan Wellness Resort


What is Iridology and does it really work?


True wellness down Mexico way – Rancho La Puerta


Strawberry mojitos and backgammon at Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary


How yoga helped me to overcome heartbreak


Make your heart sing and your body hum at Phuket Cleanse


Stress management via Chinese medicine


Crash diets don’t work – try the Chrono Diet at Villa Eden


Mood and Memory: How sugar affects the brain


Why you should try Meditation & Relaxation at Shanti-Som


The point about acupuncture


Good vibes at Absolute Sanctuary


Wellness trends 2018


Spa, City, Sea – the perfect solo holiday at Almar Jesolo Resort & Spa


Milk – friend or foe?


Sailing towards happiness with yoga and organic food at Capsis Elite Resort


How to look after your wellbeing when you travel for work


Not just a social buzz at BodyHoliday Saint Lucia – address your wellness too


My personal wellness tips – Liz Earle MBE


Healthy ageing at Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda


Tap your anxiety, stress & overwhelm away and feel better instantly



Nurture your whole being at Sianji Wellbeing Resort – Top 5 Reasons to go!

Healthy nutrition at SHA Wellness Clinic


Q&A re the menopause programme – SHA Wellness Clinic


How to love exercise again, not hate it



Why I love Macdonald Monchique


Creating an empowered & mindful working day


My post-treatment healing at Manaltheeram Ayurveda Beach Resort

Piecing together the clues – why Osteopathy is like being a detective....



Green gowns and swaying palms at Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort


So, what is Pranic Healing?


Have you got a mental health issue or is your lifestyle?

What is functional wellness? Six Senses Kaplankaya explains all


Six Senses Kaplankaya


Why it pays to book with Wellbeing Escapes

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Stella Photi Founder/Managing Director, Wellbeing Escapes


elcome to our ‘Quick Escape’ magazine packed full of inspiring advice from a wealth of experts as well as tempting wellness destinations around the world. We hope that you will enjoy reading it and it will prompt you to try different types of wellness too, such a pranic healing or iridology! Wellbeing does seem to be the new ‘buzz’ word out there and we’re so proud at Wellbeing Escapes to be able to help clients to find the perfect programme and wellness place for their individual goals and needs. We’re all about personalised advice and take our guiding role very seriously as we all deserve to feel good about ourselves and we know that a healthy holiday can often be the nudge in the right direction! Read on for ‘insider’ articles from members of the team as well as valued clients who have kindly shared their thoughts on their wellness programmes. Take a look at exclusive articles written for us from experts such as Liz Earle MBE and prepare to feel that wellness spark yourself! Don’t forget that we have exclusive deals for our clients which you can’t get directly so you can be assured of the best value plus special offers, discounts and bonuses if you book through us. Happy reading and remember “wellness is not a medical fix but a way of living” (Greg Anderson) Health and happiness.

Save up to £100 on a Wellbeing Escape – quote ‘Summer 18’ when you contact us on 020 3735 7555. Book by 30th November 2018 for travel before 30th June 2019 (conditions apply – please ask us) 4



reflexology sessions to name a few. The tri-level spa is a real show stopper with spacious treatment rooms (they have the comfiest beds I’ve ever had the pleasure to lay on!) and all products are natural, aromatherapy-based ones for added therapeutic benefit. The fitness facilities are very impressive and include a functional fitness studio and the largest gym that I’ve seen in a long time – complete with divine views across Mulshi Lake. Interestingly, the earth beneath the resort contains crystals which are believed to provide life-giving energy – perfect for a health destination.


ellbeing Escapes Marketing Manager, Natalie, heads to India to discover more.

I can’t say that I’ve ever found myself in a studio learning the steps to a Bollywood dance (twisting my fingers proved challenging) but if this is a new take on keeping fit, then count me in! I loved the daily classes at Atmantan – there are around a dozen – and I tried everything from aqua fit to kick-boxing plus a private paddle board yoga session which was brilliant fun. If you want to keep active, then this is THE place to come... Luxury wellness sums up the style here – the attention to detail is exquisite from the beautiful sculptures around the grounds to the bed mattresses approved by the American Chiropractic Association. It’s classy yet welcoming and I was namaste-d all day long by the friendly team! I followed the Holistic Health programme which uses natural therapies to balance mind, body and soul and I was very impressed by the team’s knowledge and the quality of the treatments. I had a thorough consultation with a naturopath doctor plus a body composition analysis and I then enjoyed invigorating massages and wraps (the therapists are clearly trained to have a firm touch!) plus acupuncture, abhyanga and

Naturally, the food plays an important role and there are no white devils here (refined sugar, flour and dairy), just mainly-organic ingredients grown by the resort’s own farmers. The fat, protein and carb content of each dish is helpfully listed on the menu and portions are controlled so you can’t over-indulge. Raw chocolate mousse features though so you won’t feel deprived...! Atmantan is the hot, new wellness destination but has already won a number of impressive awards – little wonder I say. And hey you may even bump into a Bollywood celeb (Mumbai is just 3 hours away) but if not, there’s always that class to shake your hips....!

Book with us for special offers – free nights, free room upgrade & single traveller discount. www.wellbeingescapes.com | 5



ennifer Thompson, Certified Comprehensive Iridologist, shares her expertise with us here:

Iridology is the science of the iris of the eye. Think of your brain as your body’s computer hard-drive – your eyes are like your file folders but they contain the folders of information about your health! The eye is connected to the central nervous system via the optic nerve and is getting real-time information on what’s happening in the body at the same time as the brain, thanks to your central nervous system. In Iridology, we assess your overall health based on the colour, variations of colour, any spots or pigmentation, the iris fibres, the pupil size and shape and any markings in the sclera (white of the 6

eye). Iridology is a valuable tool because with it, we look at the body as a whole. A problem in one area of the body will always create stress on other organs in the body too. There can also be deficiency involved, or absorption problems, circulation issues, inherent weakness and even heavy metal toxicity. In Iridology, we are taking all of those factors into account and not just giving a pill to take away a symptom. When you strengthen an organ or area with proper diet and nutrition, the whole body gets stronger and healthier as a result. I look at the whole body system and develop a personalized plan to achieve optimal health. The recommendations that I make based on your Iridology assessment are to strengthen and balance the body back into health,

naturally. Does it really work? Can I look in your eyes and know things about your body and your health? The eyes are literally the windows to your health. I’ve seen that it works in my own experience with more than 4,000 clients, including even medical doctors and surgeons who were both surprised and impressed with the accuracy of their Iridology assessment. Today, people are suffering with multiple health problems more and more, and no longer fit into the just “one health problem” category. Iridology helps bridge the gaps between all areas of the body – including the skin, liver, kidneys, colon, circulation, stress and minerals levels – all of which are critical factors to address in achieving an excellent state of health.

Interested in knowing more? Visit: www.healthybliss.net



ancho was set up long before ‘wellness’ became trendy so it has experience and soul in spades. It’s stylish with Mexican touches everywhere (check out the hand-painted tiles in the bathroom) and you’ll feel utterly cocooned and welcomed. Dominika, our sales & marketing executive, visited and shares the inside track: Rancho had been on my radar for ages so I dived straight in and was soon ticking off things to do from the weekly schedule. There are an impressive 50 daily classes so I mixed it up and tried everything from hydro-fit and cardio kickboxing to sunrise hikes and watercolour painting. Talk about varied and I loved the relaxed vibe (no-one is competing) and the chance to try new stuff.

Be sure not to overfill your day though as the surroundings are just too beautiful to not soak them up and I could often be found lazing in a hammock. The gardens are huge with over 200 species of plants and there’s a bewitching fragrance of jasmine, rosemary and lavender as you wander around plus majestic Mount Kuchumaa surveys you from afar!

take huge pride in being part of this very special place. There are visiting wellness experts throughout the year too and one of the co-founders (age 95) still gives workshops! I must rave about the food too which is utterly delicious and includes just-picked vegetables from the on-site organic farm – are you getting the feel of the place? I often sat at one of the sharing tables and had lots of fascinating chats with my fellow guests. And be sure to take part in a cookery class where you make yummy Mexican/Mediterranean dishes with a healthy slant. You seriously MUST go and no wonder it’s attracted celebs galore including Oprah...!

A neat touch is the separate male and female health centres and I think my favourite spa treatment was the ‘Wellness Journey’ massage which aims to soothe the soul and physically and emotionally heal the body. I had hot compresses laid along my spine so that the essential oils could penetrate my nervous system and it was truly blissful. The team are super-friendly and clearly Enjoy these exclusive Wellbeing Escapes offers: free room upgrade plus $150 spa credit. www.wellbeingescapes.com | 7




y husband Tom and I both live a peripatetic lifestyle, and after a particularly relentless year we craved to be still for a while. Frazzled and uptight, we needed more than home cooked meals and coastal walks from our Devon home – to be nurtured by others somewhere special and preferably a whole lot warmer than a drizzly English February. A friend suggested Kamalaya on Koh Samui in Thailand, the country where we got engaged and the home to our favourite massage. It was created by Karina and John Stewart (she’s a Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine and he’s a former yogi Monk) with the aim of providing integral wellness programmes that access our own inner healing power and harmonise heart, mind, body and spirit. We carved out two precious weeks from our schedule and a few weeks later arrived. Set in a fairy tale ravine in a quiet end of a popular island and strewn with granite boulders and tropical plants, Kamalaya’s sunny energy, and the serene uncluttered villa we were shown to, made me take a breath, and my shoulders drop.


After a few days of stillness, we realised just how exhausted we were. We were booked onto Kamalaya’s Asian Bliss programme because it treats stressed-out types suffering from worn-out adrenals, the ‘fight or flight’ glands in the body that get depleted if you’ve been fighting or flying too much for too long – which we had. So we got to enjoy a seriously delicious range of daily treatments following our initial consultations, all overseen by a knowledgeable and personable naturopath. Consistently restorative, and including energising Ayurvedic massages with two Keralan therapists, each was carried out in elevated, open-air rooms with sea views so uplifting they made me want to weep. Kamalaya is set on a chalky blue lagoon and besides a beach with gentle waves. Tom really wished that he could surf as that’s his adrenalin rush but also his meditation and he gets his peace in nature, gently bobbing on his board out at sea waiting for the next wave. Unexpectedly, he was saved by classes in Kundalini yoga, which I bribed him to start attending with the promise of a (healthy) chocolate soufflé one night. The powerful set of repetitive, uplifting movements with the motivating teacher, he said, felt a little bit bonkers and hugely joyful.*

“ The setting gave me the peace I needed to get back to my daily yoga practice.” Once I’d stopped falling asleep all over the place, the setting gave me the peace I needed to get back to my daily yoga practice. I took unhurried dips in the swimming pool, paid calming, solitary visits to the enchanting little meditative monk’s cave which Kamalaya is built around, and lounged about on my balcony reading Patrick White’s brilliant epic The Tree of Man. By the second week, our routine of healing treatments (a blissful combination of traditional Eastern and Western ones aimed at balancing the nervous system), private meditation sessions and dipping in and out of group fitness classes from circuit training to Muay Thai saw our energies starting to rise and we would wake at dawn to sit on the giant rocks by the sea, sipping our cleansing lime in hot water. Kamalaya’s creatively healthy meals were a delight throughout, and a happy afternoon class with chef Kai Mueller inspired us to cook healthy food creatively again once back home, something our stress levels hadn’t allowed in recent months.

With our taste buds satisfied, it was easier to steer clear of alcohol, and most nights found us sprawling on a Buddhaorange day bed in the Alchemy lounge, sipping Mulberry leaf tea while Tom tried to beat me at backgammon. We also joined our fellow guests on the communal table a few evenings and met some great people, all here on their own very varied wellness journeys. There’s a friendly vibe here, which is why it’s popular with solo travellers. As well as an addiction to their non-alcoholic Strawberry Mojitos, Kamalaya gave us the time and space we needed to solidify our desire to enjoy the tranquillity of Devon more and travel less on our return. A month on, and we still felt relaxed and happy. Years on, our memories stay with us and we are planning our return. * (Kamalaya now offers different types of yoga including hatha, vinyasa, ashtanga, yin and restorative) Caroline is the UK’s leading healthy travel journalist and the founder of Queen of Retreats, an intelligently curated collection of retreats and Wellbeing Escapes’ sister company (see www.queenofretreats.com).

Book with us and receive free nights, free spa/fitness credit, free private yoga session & single traveller discount. www.wellbeingescapes.com | 9


By Kat Farrants, Founder, Movement For Modern Life


t’s well documented that yoga reduces stress and anxiety, increases feelings of calm and can help us to sleep better. However, it’s less well-known that yoga can help to increase feelings of happiness and deal with the challenges that life flings at us.

I’ve always been a very physical yoga practitioner and I practiced the poses because they made me feel amazing and looked pretty good. Looking back, I never really got the more juicy and transformational parts of the yoga practice – the potential of yoga to heal emotional wounds. That is until my husband left me very suddenly for someone else, now 8 years ago. I did the usual things; called on friends, went out and drank wine and plotted revenge but I never imagined that yoga would be any use to me. I eventually got on the mat but tentatively. Did I really want to be quiet and face myself when I was just a whirling mess of anger and deep, deep

sorrow? But gradually, gently, one breath at a time, my darkest feelings came to the surface in a way that I could confront. I slowly learnt to forgive. My shredded heart came alive again and very slowly started to open. I came to terms with the anger, the guilt and the deep grief for having lost my best friend, my partner and my future as I had known it and I was able to rebuild myself from the inside out, one muscle, one breath, one sinew at a time. Now I am far more contented, more joyful than I ever could have imagined. So, when life is challenging, and you’re thrown a curve-ball, simply take deep breaths and roll out your mat. It’s not just for your current physical health but it will add to your toolkit for when you come across the road bumps of life. And when life’s challenges do inevitably hit, know that if you take your practice slowly and you practice with compassion, one breath and one gentle pose at a time, you will be given the courage to start-over and your heart will open again and a more joyful version of reality than you ever thought possible awaits!

Please visit the UK’s online yoga website: www.movementformodernlife.com for more details and use code ‘wellbeingescape’ for a 25% subscription discount. 10



huket Cleanse in Thailand offers a creative blend of fitness, detox, mindfulness and plant-based food all wrapped in a ‘we’re-all-in-this-together’ group vibe which makes for a lot of laughter and fun! Guests come from all over the world and quite honestly, if this passionate team can’t inspire you to make some life changes, then we’re not sure what will...

Dominika, our sales & marketing executive, visited and shares her TOP 5 reasons why she so enjoyed it so that you can be inspired too: • The innovative and varied daily activities which usually don’t overlap so you can try them all! Ever done TRX Zumba? Or Muay Thai Cardio? They really get your heart pumping but with everyone working out besides you, there are lots of humorous

comments flying around and you find yourself grinning as you glow... • The massages (from Thai massage to Reflexology) which you have in your bedroom – the therapists are excellent and I loved just being able to slide under my duvet for a snooze afterwards... • The mouth-watering food – if only I could have packed the chef and taken him home! There’s raw plantbased food as well as vegan and vegetarian choices and it’s packed with flavours as well as looking so appetizing. I liked that they keep an eye on the portion sizes – important too.

• The focus on the mind – therapies range from singing bowl meditation to light therapy which can lead you into a deep meditation and I found the beach breathing session at sunset particularly powerful • The ice bath – it’s a communal affair and a brilliant way to reduce and release muscle tension as well as burn fat and release toxins. Hey, if it’s good enough for top athletes... And my final thought – do try the workshop to make natural toothpaste and soaps!

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VIA CHINESE MEDICINE By Katie Brindle, Founder, The Hayo‘u Method


fter benefiting from the extraordinary yet unknown brilliance of Yang-Sheng (meaning ‘nurture life’) Katie Brindle founded the Hayo’u Method to help others master their own health. She says “the focus for modern living is no longer how long you live but how well you live. Once you understand what your body is doing and how to address it, you can take informed daily action that delivers instant results and offers long-term benefits”. Stress is an entirely normal and healthy response of the body. What isn't healthy is the constant stress of our fast-paced, 21st century lives. This chronic stress creates inflammation, increasingly viewed as the culprit behind most modern-


day illness. Hayo’u believes that by managing stress and lowering inflammation on a daily basis, you can immediately feel better and help limit your chances of ill health. Hans Selye (who coined the term ‘stress’ in 1936) explained “it’s not stress that kills us – it’s our reaction to it”.

Descend Eyes closed, inhale deeply for 8 counts, hold for 4 and then exhale for 8 counts and hold for another 4. Let the mental energy descend to calm the mind and relax the body. Smile During exhalation, direct a smile into the lower abdomen to send a positive mental intention right to the energetic centre of the body. Reset Ritual Poor circulation creates chronic inflammation and leaves you feeling sluggish. Regular practice of the Reset Ritual will rectify this and is brilliant to do on waking and, for example, every time you wash your hands throughout the day. (Tie it to something you already do to help remind you). Shake Shaking from top to bottom refreshes the body by invigorating the circulation, loosening stagnated blood and Qi. Drum Drumming builds on this feeling of invigoration but, in addition, it benefits the immune system. It’s also known as stem cell Qi Gong as it stimulates stem cell production. Stem cells have the potential to regenerate and repair damaged tissue. Pat down the outside and up the inside of the legs and arms, around the abdomen, lower back, head and thymus (in between your breasts).

The solution? Hayo’u – a ground-breaking self-treatment method inspired by Chinese Medicine, which deploys one-minute rituals that work to reduce stress and inflammation on a daily basis. Try these simple techniques to relax the body, enable free-flow of circulation and assist detoxification by supporting the lymphatic system: Rescue Breath Ritual This powerful technique stimulates the vagus nerve, which turns off your ‘fight or flight’ reflex and immediately relaxes the body. Crucially, there is also evidence that the vagus nerve combats inflammation. Expel First, expel stale air by breathing in through the nose and purposefully out through the mouth 3 times whilst sticking out your tongue. This technique was traditionally used in Chinese Medicine to physically expel heat (inflammation) via the breath, eliminating the need to expel it via the skin.

Twist Twisting supports the digestion, one of the first systems to be affected by stress. Twisting at the waist compresses the digestive organs, which compromises function. When you release, a rush of fresh blood flows in, bringing oxygen and fresh nutrients to the area. Twist at the waist and swing your arms so your hands firmly pat the lower abdomen and back. Body Restorer Ritual Gua sha is a healing technique that has been widely practised in China for thousands of years to reduce inflammation, increase immunity, relieve muscular tension and improve sleep. It involves using a round-edged tool to gently press-stroke the skin until redness appears – ‘Gua’ means to rub, whilst ‘sha’ describes the redness that results. (See www.hayoumethod.com if you’d like to buy a tool). Mineral Bathing The Chinese have long known that combining bathing with aromatic ingredients and minerals along with breathing techniques is hugely effective. If done correctly, this simple form of hydrotherapy is one of the easiest ways to improve health. Passive heating reduces inflammation by lowering blood pressure, heart rate and blood sugar levels.

Feeling inspired? Learn more at: www.hayoumethod.com www.wellbeingescapes.com | 13


CHRONO–DIET By Dr. Emanuele De Nobili, Villa Eden

Carbohydrates should be avoided in the evening and proteins predominantly eaten instead. In the evening, the hormones produced by the body in the absence of carbohydrates stimulate the use of adipose tissue as an energy source, encouraging weight-loss and the maintenance and development of lean mass. Include vegetables at lunch and dinner which are seasoned with vegetable fats such as extra-virgin olive oil rather than butter or margarine. Avoid salt and instead use spices and herbs for flavour.


any of us have been tempted to go on a crash diet to lose significant weight in a very short amount of time but I would strongly discourage this approach. This type of diet doesn’t respect the normal metabolic functions of your body and the consequences are exhaustion, the loss of precious nutrients and vitamins and, more importantly, a reduction in muscle tissue instead of adipose fat mass. What’s more, when you return to eating ‘normally’, your body will regain and accumulate (even more) weight than has been lost – the so-called ‘yo-yo’ effect. Villa Eden in Italy has more than 30 years of medical wellness experience and we advise weight-loss in a sustainable way via the chrono-diet.

Red meat, cold cuts, milk and refined simple sugars (it’s better to use honey) should be avoided but you can include fish as it’s a good source of protein. It’s important to eat slowly so your stomach fills little by little and you won’t need to ingest large amounts of food to starve of the feeling of hunger. The chrono diet is a sustainable food ‘programme’ which is far better than a restrictive crash diet. Plus, it’s easy to embed its healthy habits into your every-day life. Why not try it at Villa Eden in beautiful Merano – we’re also a luxurious oasis of peace and tranquility so you’ll leave not only with expert knowledge on how to continue your healthy eating once home but also feeling relaxed and re-energised?

The principles of the diet are: Food containing high amounts of carbohydrates (such as bread, cereals, pasta and potatoes) must be consumed only at breakfast and lunch as your body can use them more efficiently as a source of energy around these hours. Consume foods with a low glycemic index at lunch (like whole grains) which only pass minor amounts of sugar into the blood and, therefore, reduce the insulin response. You should only eat fruit before 5.00 pm. You can eat it for breakfast or as a snack but should choose fruit which less sugar such as berries. Please call 020 3735 7555 and receive a free spa treatment and discounted transfers only by booking with us! 14


Dr Georgia Ede M.D., Psychiatrist & Nutrition Consultant


id you know that the brain is only 2% of the body’s weight but takes up 20% of the body’s energy? Yes, it’s very greedy! The brain needs a constant supply of high quality energy to do its work, preferably in the form of glucose.

Quick biology reminder – our bodies break sugars and starches down into glucose and release it into our circulation as “blood sugar.” Insulin is required for cells to turn glucose into the energy they need to survive and function properly. You may be thinking: if our brains need lots of glucose, why not eat as many carbs as possible? Wrong! That’s a bad idea because if you eat too many “refined” carbohydrates (such as sugary drinks, baked goods, and processed cereals) too often, your bloodstream will be flooded with glucose and your body will be forced to release lots of insulin to try to process it all. Over time, high insulin levels can lead to a condition called “insulin resistance” that can make it hard for insulin to cross into the brain and support your brain cells. While this can cause problems in every part of the brain, it is especially dangerous for your hippocampus—your brain’s memory centre. The hippocampus needs very high levels of glucose and insulin

to do its important work, so it is particularly vulnerable to insulin deprivation. In fact, it is now wellestablished that insulin resistance is the primary driving force behind most garden-variety cases of Alzheimer’s disease. High sugar diets also play a role in anxiety, insomnia, mood swings and psychotic disorders. But take heart – you can do something about it! Lower your insulin levels by avoiding refined carbohydrates like sugar and flour and focusing on whole foods like seafood, poultry, meat, eggs, nuts, fruits and vegetables. Engage in resistance training exercises which strengthen your muscles as you push against your own body weight or a force, such as lunges or dumbbell curls. These are both powerful brain health and dementia prevention strategies. Remember – it’s your diet – not your DNA that determines your destiny and affects your moods and memory each and every day! For more information, please see www.diagnosisdiet.com www.wellbeingescapes.com | 15



ellbeing Escapes designed the ‘Intro to Meditation’ programme at beautiful Shanti-Som in Spain in 2017. It’s been so popular that we thought we’d ask Nathalie & Yuka, the meditation teachers, to tell us more about the uplifting classes as well as outline the benefits that meditation can bring into your life. Here’s what they say – trust us, you’ll be hopping on the first plane... Yoga or meditation help you to feel more peaceful, integrated and in harmony and will ultimately guide you to a state of peace and bliss.

“Meditation will relax your mind and, more consciously, give direction to your life.” 16

Our wrong way of thinking and relating to life can make ‘peace’ merely a word rather than a state of being. Our fast-paced living isn’t always helpful for being at peace with ourselves and our surroundings. Caught up in the frenetic world, we can easily lose touch with our inner peace and become stressed, worried and anxious. Stress can promote disease so we need to step back, relax and retreat! The ‘Intro to Meditation’ programme aims to help guests understand how meditation works. Private meditation sessions, yoga Nidra (a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping) and visualisations are adapted to your personal needs and help you to find your way to fulfilment in life. In short, meditation will relax your mind and, more consciously, give direction to your life. You will become the master rather than the servant of your mind.

The benefits of meditation and yoga are endless. You can very quickly expect a decrease in stress and stress-related symptoms. Your brain waves change, your heart rate slows down, you sleep better and will be more in control of your life and your mind. The list goes on! Mind and body relaxation is crucial to healing. Our classes offer a variety of methods to induce relaxation and focus the mind so that you can pick and choose whichever suits you best and continue once home. When you start practising meditation, it can be difficult to stay focused. Your mind wanders, you don’t seem to have any control and it can be disheartening. However, you will improve with practice! You’ll reap the benefits from your practice, starting from day one, and we will offer you a deep understanding of how and why mediation will help you. There are also daily group meditation classes after the evening yoga class. They last an hour but don’t worry – you don’t have to sit in the lotus position

for another hour! You just need to be comfortable and, if you already meditate, we’re sure that you’ll enhance your knowledge or learn something new... You can also have rejuvenating massages, eat healthy food and spend time unwinding whilst at Shanti-Som – these will all get you back in touch with the part of you that knows how to feel enjoyment and be in harmony with yourself and, therefore, life. You can keep yourself in this state of mind when you get back to your bustling life too. The practice of yoga and meditation will give you the tools to relax deeply and release tension from both mind and body. We highly recommend our programme at Shanti-Som if you are looking for inner peace. Meditation has the potential to transform your life and even transform the world! Changing your vibrations not only changes your own mind but also has a positive impact on your surroundings and those around you too. Now, how powerful is that?

Look at our exclusive offers! Free group yoga classes, transfers, room upgrade & single traveller discount. www.wellbeingescapes.com | 17


nnee de Mamiel is a leading acupuncturist (as well as aromatherapist and healing holistic facialist). Read on if you’ve ever wondered if acupuncture could help you:

In Chinese hospitals, when a patient is admitted, the doctor chooses between Eastern and Western treatment methods. Often, serious conditions are treated using ancient techniques, such as acupuncture. When the body is out of balance, it is one of the most effective treatments available. I started acupuncture because it benefitted me at a time when I was sick and I wanted to benefit others in the same way. I also have a fascination with anatomy, physiology and the human body so naturally I was driven to learn more about it. There’s a lot more to acupuncture than simply inserting needles, each point has a purpose and as a practitioner I look much deeper than the surface. If a patient is in pain or they’re stressed I look to find the root cause and treat that rather than merely focusing on the symptoms that present themselves. I start by listening to the patient’s concerns, what’s bothering them and any symptoms they’ve noticed, then we listen to the 18

body. As an acupuncturist I’m trained to read what the tongue is showing, the pulses and the face. Every line, every wrinkle, every discolouration in the face tells a story of something that’s out of balance in the body. We all have vital, or core, energy, it’s called our Chi in Chinese medicine and our Chi flows through us. When we’re stressed or injured, and our body becomes tense, the energy can no longer flow freely, resulting in aches and pains. Acupuncture can release blockages and kickstart the flow of energy again. Just think of a hosepipe with a kink in it, the flow of water is no longer possible, but when we find and treat the source of the blockage we’re able to get the water flowing again. Once our vital energy is flowing freely our bodies are back in balance and the tell-tale signs and symptoms of the original cause begin to fade away. Please see www.demamiel.com for more details To find your own practitioner (and your inner balance!), visit the British Acupuncture Council acupuncture.org.uk


ABSOLUTE SANCTUARY Thai food has a lot of sugar in it but not here). It was fun too with a light-hearted approach and I have re-created the dishes since I’ve been home to much applause...


et on the tropical island of Koh Samui in Thailand, this is a great choice if you’re looking for a wellness holiday with long-lasting benefits. There’s a comprehensive approach to health so you’ll return buoyed up and determined to continue the good advice! Dominika, our sales & marketing executive, recently visited and shares her TOP 5 reasons why she loved it and why you should go too: • It seems to attract laid-back guests – perhaps it’s the relaxed, Moroccan-inspired decor – and everyone was so friendly and chatty. Perfect if you are a solo traveller and enjoy company and meeting new friends! • The reformer Pilates classes – I hadn’t tried this type of Pilates before and really took to it. It’s really engaging (not just for your core ) and, as well as being a fantastic work-out, I found it very calming as my mind really couldn’t think beyond the next sequence of moves • The cooking classes – I loved learning how to cook a range of authentic Thai dishes with a healthy twist (a lot of traditional

• The spa treatments – I have to say that I had one of the firmest Thai massages ever but the pain that had been bothering me in my upper back completely disappeared so it was a winner. There were similar comments from all around me so the therapists clearly know what they are doing. There’s plenty of choice too from body wraps to green coffee cellulite treatment plus there’s a team of naturopaths, holistic healers and nutritionists • The range of group yoga sessions – there’s 4–5 classes daily from hot yoga to hatha and, as a yoga devotee, I loved the sheer variety. I loved the workshops too which are mainly spiritual themed such as energy healing, chakra balancing and astrology. One woman I met said everything that the palmist had said 3 years ago came true...! It’s quite hard to just give 5 reasons in fact – I also really liked heading out to see a slice of Thai life life on a fun group exercusion to the nearby evening market, the all-day tea and broth ‘station’ where you can help yourself to a delicious selection and the rather funky yoga leggings in the spa shop – just saying... Book with Wellbeing Escapes and receive: free meditation & yoga classes, spa credit, free room upgrade. www.wellbeingescapes.com | 19

WELLNESS TRENDS 2018 Stella Photi, Founder & Managing Director, Wellbeing Escapes


e pride ourselves on getting to the heart of what our clients are looking to achieve on a wellness holiday and spend every day talking to people from all walks of life so our trends are based on real people and are true insights into what patterns we’re seeing across the wellness travel sector. Gut Health Conventional medicine is now recognising that gut health is integral to our overall health and is strongly linked to our levels of immunity – studies suggest that 90% of all disease can be traced back to the gut and microbiome health. Interesting, as ancient healing systems such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have believed this for thousands of years. A health retreat where you can follow an Ayurvedic programme or include TCM will address improving digestion and some medical retreats are now focusing on gut health. Lifestyle factors such as stress and lack of physical activity can contribute to an unhealthy microbiome so the integrated experience at a health retreat will lead to stronger gut health. Cognitive Health Policy makers and public health bodies have finally recognised mental health as a serious public issue and many corporations are also investing in protecting the mental health of their staff. There is far less “shame” around anxiety or depression but the NHS is still prescribing record numbers of anti-depressants and there is a serious lack of alternative therapies to help deal with issues. Unsurprisingly, health resorts are leading the way and many are including cognitive therapies such as NLP, coaching and mindfulness in their programmes plus group meditation or mindfulness classes as part of the weekly schedule. Some retreats have even introduced special programmes around enhancing cognitive functions for those who want to boost their brain power and productivity. 20

Perimenopause & Menopause Gone are the days of keeping quiet and getting on with it! Symptoms such as hot flushes, memory loss, anxiety and weight gain are now taken seriously and women are seeking ways to help improve their quality of life as they go through ‘the change’. Confusing information around HRT and bio-identical hormones mean that many are looking for more natural ways and health retreats are stepping in with specific programmes which educate women on how their lifestyles and nutrition can be improved to deal with the symptoms (many also offer individual hormone testing). Going Within & Switching Off Being constantly “on” is becoming even more prevalent and devices fuel the parts of us that cause stress and anxiety – e.g. the fear of missing out, the need to be recognised by others, feelings of inadequacy from comparing ourselves to others plus the plain-old not being able to switch off from work. Being constantly stimulated reaps havoc on our cortisol (long-term stress hormone) levels and pushes our nervous system out of kilter. A Wellbeing Escapes can enforce digital detox and allow for true rest and recuperation. Being within nature can particularly help and retreats surrounded by nature are becoming ever-more popular. Journalling Studies have shown that the UK workforce is now much more concerned with being happy than achieving financial success and a growing number realise that being happy helps their mental health and enhances their wellbeing. Journalling has become a useful tool to get you to your “happy place” and what better time to do it than when you are on a wellness holiday? It could be a gratitude journal, travel diary or notebook detailing your innermost thoughts and feelings and some of our resorts have cleverly recognised this and provide you with a journal on arrival. Get writing!


By Carolyn Pearson, CEO, Maiden Voyage Ltd


lmar Jesolo in Italy ticked all my boxes for a solo, luxury spa break and, I have to admit, that I spent most of my time in the sumptuous spa. A haven of pampering with a range of saunas, steam baths, multi-sensory showers, hot and cold plunge pools, a huge Jacuzzi and, of course, lots of cosy treatment rooms. I opted to start my week with a three-day Wellbeing Booster programme which concentrates on improving sleep quality, something of which I had been seriously deprived in the previous months. The programme includes a specially adapted reflexology treatment which homes in on the plantar area of the feet which is connected to the parts that restore harmony and serenity. Next was a 50 minute massage to restore the flow of energy between the body and the head, perfect for stress relief. Within minutes of both treatments I was already sleeping blissfully and there was a marked improvement in how many hours I managed to stay asleep in the days after. The incredible Play of Lights wellbeing menu left me feeling virtuous and healthy from the inside out. Dishes included fresh pressed fruit and/or vegetable combination

followed by a stunningly presented entrée which had been perfectly nutritionally balanced to include light protein and a range of clean or raw ingredients. I loved the asparagus, mango and goji berry smoothie, followed by a beautifully presented dish of salt cod with black rice, mango, red lentils and avocado. Coming in at a light 398 Kcal left me some room for a cheeky glass of pink prosecco and a local traditional Aperol Spritz. Key highlights for me were the proximity to beautiful Venice, where I could indulge in a cultural overload (the Peggy Guggenheim Museum and Doge’s Palace are a must) and tick another amazing city off my bucket list plus the location of Almar Jesolo. The long stretch of sandy beach was perfect for afternoon snooze in the sun post-massage. Maiden Voyage is a network for professional women business travellers – see www.maiden-voyage.com for more details. Take a look at our exclusive offers: spa credit, free transfers, free room upgrade, late check-out.

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manda Hamilton is one of the UK’s most established nutritionists with a career that’s included more than eight TV series and four books – her latest one is The G-Plan Diet (a number 1 Amazon bestseller). She is also Nutrition Director of Marbella Club from where she delivers a quarterly health retreat. We can confirm that she glows with health and vitality so listen up to what she has to say: In health circles, nothing divides opinions like dairy. This may be partly explained by worries over farming practices or because more and more of us suspect we’re intolerant to lactose or other substances found in milk and other dairy products. It’s not just hearsay, over the last decade sales of milk have dropped, slowly but steadily.


It’s not all downhill for dairy though. Sales of yoghurt increased by almost a quarter in the same ten years and kefir, a fermented milk that provides gut friendly bacteria, has shown astonishing growth in a short space of time. Recent research has also shown that milk can be just as effective for post-exercise recovery as much more expensive branded products. This is due to the fact that it contains both carbohydrate and protein for muscle recovery and plenty of fluid for rehydration. From the nutritional point of view, milk and other dairy products are nutrient-dense. Most of us know that they’re a good source of bone-building calcium but they’re also rich in protein and B vitamins, being many vegetarians’ main source of vitamin B12.

Lactose intolerance is a common concern with regard to dairy intake but it also still relatively rare in Northern Europe given our long history of drinking it. It is caused by the inability to produce enough of the enzyme lactase, which breaks down the sugars found in milk in our gut. That said, many people do suspect that they can’t tolerate dairy as well as non-dairy alternatives, with symptoms such as feeling of ‘chestiness’ being a common complaint. It is thought that this is linked to the protein called casein found in cow’s milk rather than lactose. Dairy is also thought to be a trigger for eczema and switching to non-dairy products can improve symptoms. So, should you do dairy or not? Dairy can be helpful for those who tolerate it well, but it certainly isn’t essential. A balanced whole foods diet will provide more than enough nutrients. Plus, these days there are plenty of other options on the market. You could try goat’s milk if you are trying to find something easier to digest as this contains a different type of milk protein with the added bonus that it contains marginally more

protein and calcium than cow’s milk. The same principle applies to goat’s cheese rather than cow’s cheese. There are plenty of plant milk options available too made from almond, rice milk, coconut, oat or soya. If you switch to one of these, be aware that although they taste similar, they can be very different nutritionally. Most contain less protein than dairy, but you can get plenty of that from beans, nuts and grains. The main difference relates to their calcium content – so pick one that’s fortified or ensure you get plenty of calcium such as coconut milk alternative and keep up a healthy intake of dark leafy greens And remember, for your body to get the benefits of calcium intake, we need plentiful amounts of vitamin D, the best source of which is sunshine! So, don’t forget to book your sunshine holiday! It all comes down to personal choice. Woe Betide any hotel or restaurant that doesn’t have at least one dairy-free milk alternative on the menu. Note, it is only impressive if you offer almond or coconut, ideally sweetened or unsweetened, rather than just plain old soya. Most of us consume our largest intake of dairy with breakfast cereal so try two of my favourite dairy-free breakfast ideas:

Avo Banana (serves 1)

Vanilla Chia Pudding (serves 1)

2 handfuls of spinach 1/2 small banana Dairy free milk of choice – almond is good 1 tsp honey or agave Optional scoop of avocado or a tablespoon of nut butter to make it richer and creamier

4 tbsp omega-3 rich chia seeds 1 tbsp maple syrup 3–4 drops of vanilla extract 250ml (8½fl oz) almond or coconut milk

Add all ingredients into a blender and pulse for approx 30 seconds until you get a smooth consistency. Add ice cubes if you like it chilled!

Put all the ingredients into a bowl, mix well, cover and refrigerate overnight or for 6-8 hours. Top with something nutritious and delicious such as grated apple, chopped pear or walnuts.

For more information, please see: www.amandahamilton.com www.wellbeingescapes.com | 23




ocated in beautiful Crete, Out of the Blue, Capsis Elite Resort is the perfect choice if you’re looking to address your wellbeing or kick-start it whilst on holiday. The resort alone will uplift you – it spreads across an entire peninsula and is filled with stunning botanical gardens with glorious views across the Aegean Sea. You’ll feel a real sense of harmony and deep relaxation.

For a general leisure resort, the holistic approach of the award-winning spa is impressive as it has a concept called ‘Everlasting Euphoria’ which includes yoga, nutrition, detox and fitness programmes. There’s a wide range of revitalising spa treatments and you must try the wellness capsule which is an infra red sauna which is extremely detoxifying and can help you to lose weight after a few sessions. It helps to improve lymph circulation and you can burn up to 600 calories during a 30 minute session! We asked Wellness Manager, George Skaramagas, to tell us about the resort’s popular Yoga & Organic Food programme. We’re pretty sure that you’ll be impressed by what it offers and be plotting to try it once you’ve read more. He says: The programme is a very appealing as it combines the philosophy of Vinyasa Yoga (leading you to inner peace) with organic meals that are based on local Cretan recipes – known to be amongst the healthiest in the world. The fruits, vegetables and herbs are either hand-picked from the resort’s own greenhouses or locally sourced. Yoga is practised on an open-air, shaded deck with hypnotic sea views which magically add to the serenity of your yoga sessions and you can also practise in one of the secluded areas along the coastline.


We like to say that yoga is not a work-out, it’s a work-in! After all, it’s a spiritual discipline that focuses on bringing harmony to mind and body. If you practise it regularly, it can bring many positive changes to your life. In fact, many yogis extend its positive impact into other areas of their life such as developing and maintaining a healthy and balanced diet which is so important for awakening your body and contributing to your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Plus, organic food typically has more nutrients and a smaller impact on the environment – as well as (and more importantly) tasting better…! Our in-house clinical nutritionist and expert team plan your nutritional intake according to your personal goals and needs. They give advice and guidance which includes lifestyle coaching to instill healthier habits for when you return home and there are personal or group discussions with a variety of topics (such as achieving mindfulness and inner balance) to encourage you to talk about any issues in order to help with finding solutions. The idea is that you leave healthier and happier with the necessary tools for achieving a more balanced lifestyle. The programme works around your holiday too so you have plenty of time to enjoy the resort’s activities such as water sports and spa treatment – very important!

negative impact on your health and diminish life quality – they can certainly make your yoga practice harder too! Good sleep in a calm and relaxing environment restores and energizes the body, reduces stress and stimulates creativity, concentration and productivity. “Living well” is about taking care of the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual elements of your life and this programme can guide you towards living in a meaningful and fulfilling way, minimizing stress and practicing truthfulness. So, make time for yourself and discover the ways in which you can sail towards happiness… Feeling inspired by Out of the Blue, Capsis Elite Resort? We highly recommend it ifyou’re looking for inner balance and positivity as well as a healthier body and improved energy!

The “Everlasting Euphoria” concept is based on our belief that the Trinity of a healthy life is “eat well, sleep well, live well.” Eating well ensures that your body has high-quality fuel for a fit and active life – a healthy balanced diet plays an essential role in maintaining a healthy weight and gives you the necessary nutrients for growth and repair as well as reducing the risk of developing illnesses. Poor sleeping habits can have a significant

Love the sound of the programme? Please visit www.wellbeingescapes.com or call us on 020 3735 7555 for more details. www.wellbeingescapes.com | 25

HOW TO LOOK AFTER YOUR WELLBEING WHEN YOU TRAVEL FOR WORK By Stella Photi, Founder & Managing Director, Wellbeing Escapes


one are the days when business travel meant wall-to-wall indulgence! In fact, looking after your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing when you travel will enhance your productivity and performance. Read my top tips: Nourishment Most people suffer with feeling bloated during and after they travel (due to the intestine expanding) so stick to: • Lean protein – easier to digest and keeps you full • Salad, fruit and vegetables with high water content • Herbal teas such as fennel or peppermint • Yoghurt with a good level of probiotic • The vegetarian meal option or take your own! Plus drink ¼ litre of still water for every hour you fly and take little bags of nuts and protein balls for emergency hunger.


Movement Don’t let your usual routine go completely or change it up instead so it’s realistic and achievable. • Keep moving until it’s time to board

• Keep way from screens before bed as these can suppress your natural levels of melatonin and don’t eat just before bed time

• As you’re chore-free at your destination, use that time to exercise instead!

Immunity Our immunity can be lowered due to stress around travelling, decreased oxygen levels, jet lag playing havoc with our T cells plus airplanes and airports which are full of bacteria.

• Use technology to work out in your room – perhaps travel with a fold-up yoga mat

• Take Vitamin C and Vitamin D supplements before, during and after travel

• Walk around on the plane every hour and move your ankles, shoulders and arms in your seat

Sleep Try and change your regular sleep pattern a week before your depart. If you are travelling east, go to bed an hour earlier than your usual time or if you are travelling west, go to bed an hour later. • Don’t take a nap if you arrive in the daytime – stay awake until bed time • Don’t dose up on caffeine and avoid alcohol – go for a brisk walk instead

• Take probiotic supplements and eat fermented foods for your gut health • Use your own headphones and travel pillows




odyHoliday in Saint Lucia is one of the friendliest places around and if you are looking for a sociable time then it’s the ideal choice. There’s an action-packed schedule (classes range from Beach Fit and tennis to Zumba and kayaking) as well as soothing spa treatments. However, it’s not just a social buzz and it aims to help you to improve your health and wellness and give you the right tools to live a longer, happier and healthier life. Food plays a big part with healthy food served throughout the resort and the newly-opened I-Tal restaurant turns vegan cuisine into a whole new experience – great if you are looking to experiment with a different way of eating as someone has done all the hard work for you!

Personalised health is the order of the day and you can sit down with the in-house BodyHoliday Health Specialist to plan out your stay based on your specific goals. With a mindboggling 170 spa treatments to choose from, that’s probably a very good idea... Some health goals can be addressed with practical fitness and nutritional advice or if you are looking for expert advice on say your digestive health or how to age well, you can also do a specialist BodyScience health programme which can include tests on heart function and vascular age. And for those who have tried it all (or think they have), you can book an

‘optimal health consultation’ with an Ayurvedic Doctor who will guide you through specialised, non-invasive tests, traditional yoga, breathing techniques and meditation to leave you feeling physically and emotionally stronger and healthier. Additionally, there are resident master practitioners ranging from a Bhutanese practitioner to osteopaths – why not try one as they can facilitate deep relaxation, healing and mind and body connection? Just don’t forget to make time to do the land and waterbased activities though – soaking up nature and taking in all that healthy vitamin D are all part of the experience.

Like the sound of wellness under the Caribbean sun? Book with us and get a free $150 spa & fitness credit. www.wellbeingescapes.com | 27

MY PERSONAL WELLBEING TIPS By Liz Earle MBE, Founder of Liz Earle Wellbeing


iz is known for her passion for beauty, natural health and wellbeing – she is the Editor-in-Chief of Liz Earle Wellbeing, entrepreneur, bestselling author, TV presenter, and farmer! She has kindly shared her personal wellness tips exclusively with us below – prepare to be very inspired... Eat the right food: I truly believe that health and wellbeing go hand-in hand with eating well – how we fuel ourselves impacts on our wellbeing as a whole and it’s important to recognise this. I’m a great believer in feel-good food so I always try to embrace seasonal, local, organic produce wherever possible as the mainstay of my meals. Make it your resolution this year to try not to eat too many things that come out of a packet, always aim for lots of fresh veg and avoid anything your grandmother wouldn’t recognise! Get a daily dose of probiotics: Good gut health has the power to totally transform the way we look and feel and by making a step in the right direction, through a daily dose of probiotics, you can make a real difference to your overall wellbeing. Start by making one small change to your diet by adding in some probiotics in the form of plain live yoghurt or fermented foods such as kefir or pickled vegetables. I begin my day with a glass of kefir, a live super-yoghurt drink packed with powerfully beneficial probiotics, and I find this gives me a real boost in the morning and has made a big difference to my overall health and wellbeing.


Build outdoor exercise into your daily routine: Regular exercise, particularly in the fresh air, can lift our moods, ease anxiety and wake up a sluggish mind. I’m a recent convert to running and enjoy early morning (quick!) runs in the countryside – or a park if I’m in London. Running or walking are such easy ways to build exercise into our daily routines and can make a huge difference to how we feel.

body. Stick a post-it note on your screen if you work at a computer that says BREATHE! It really does make a mood-lifting difference. When I’m at my desk I like to set a reminder on my phone to stand up, stretch and breathe. Get the right work-life balance: Work-life balance is so important and it’s worth assessing your priorities to make sure you get the right balance for you. Family life comes first for me, so I get the really important dates such as school plays, parents evenings and holidays into the diary at the beginning of the year and then schedule work and social events around them. It’s all about balance: We all have guilty pleasures and it’s good to embrace them from time to time! My guilty pleasure is probably a lie-in with the weekend papers – as well as the odd piece of dark chocolate for wellbeing balance!

Do more of what you love: Give yourself something to look forward to at the end of the working day by spending time on your return home of doing more of what makes you happy and seeing more of the people you love. Focus on simple pleasures! I live on a farm in the glorious West Country so I really enjoy the chance to make the most of family time outdoors. I love picnics, farm walks, foraging in the hedgerows – simple, yet special times that improve our mood and quickly de-stress at the end of a long day. Take time to breathe: Make time during your day to breathe properly. Drop your shoulders and breathe from deeper in the diaphragm – the deeper the breath, the more air – and oxygen – we take in to nourish and revitalise our

Find out more at: lizearlewellbeing.com www.wellbeingescapes.com | 29




he Lefay SPA Method was created with the ‘global wellness’ of the individual and their health as its central goal. It combines the principles of Classical Chinese Medicine with Western scientific research with treatments and programmes which restore balance and fully rejuvenate body, soul and spirit. Guests also re-discover a healthier and more conscious lifestyle. The “Beauty of Body and Mind” programme is for those who want to reduce damage caused by premature ageing and improve their physical appearance. It’s based entirely on a holistic concept which rebalances the nervous system, nourishes the spirit and deeply relaxes which in turn brings new luminosity to the skin, smoothes out wrinkles and tones the body. The programme is inspired by Chinese Aesthetic Medicine from 475–221 B.C. when aesthetic acupuncture was solely for imperial concubines and was considered valuable for preserving good health and slowing the ageing process. The Huangdi Neijing (the most important Classical Chinese Medicine text) suggests acupuncture, moxibustion, massages and Qigong as the principal techniques for slowing the signs of time. “The skin is the mirror of body and soul” and reflects the wellbeing of our whole body. The Lefay SPA Method uses the power of acupuncture for rejuvenation and beauty – the energy it awakens slows down the ageing process and its causes and generates wellbeing in the whole body. During ageing, it’s the skin that is primarily affected by genetic and environmental factors bringing about morphological changes shown in wrinkles, discolouring, slackening and dryness of the skin. Therefore, Lefay has created three innovative treatments using products from its ‘Anti-Age Triple Action’ cosmetic line which support the natural mechanisms of defence and protect the gene pool. These are combined with manual firming and draining techniques and the use of devices that help to tone the tissues like cupping and massage. These are an extraordinarily effective union which restore the skin’s firmness, freshness and energy:


Triple-Action Anti-Age Facial Treatment (Il Cerchio della Luna) A dynamic, deep treatment that acts on muscular tonicity, oxidation processes and the natural defence mechanisms of the skin to protect your genetic heritage. It acts like a lift and the products (which restructure damage caused by genetic and environmental ageing) combined with the vacuum technique used plus face, neck and shoulder massages stimulate the regeneration process and firm the tissues. The use of hot lava stones triggers stomach energy meridians to travel away from the face, restoring radiance to skin and your face appears fleshy, firm and smooth. Eye Mask (Aurora di Luce) An innovative treatment which stimulates energy points via the application of serum rich in hyaluronic acid and ‘I Beauty’ to help the penetration of vitamin complexes and hibiscus into

“ Lefay has created three innovative treatments using products from its ‘Anti-Age Triple Action’ cosmetic line which support the natural mechanisms of defence and protect the gene pool.”

expression lines and wrinkles. An anti-age eye mask soothes and decongests the skin, preparing it for a draining and energising massage performed using the innovative electronic digital system called Eye Concept Massage. The area around the eyes immediately appears nourished and regains its original freshness. Bust Firming & Décolleté (Riflessi di Onde) The exceptional lifting effect of hibiscus combined with the strength of I’ Beauty – Youth Activator’ acts on the muscles connection points in the chest to regaining firmness and tonicity around the neckline and chest. Men can regain healthy, rested and clean skin too! Using the Lefay SPA Men cosmetics line, the treatment includes initial cleansing, a massage with energy acupuncture and a

mask with a base made up of triglycerides, illuminating hydroxyacids and vitamins help to prevent premature ageing of the skin, resulting in vitality and brilliance. Of course, Lefay also teaches guests to slow the ageing process through healthy food. Lefay Vital Gourmet is a culinary concept which focuses on the Mediterranean diet in which extra virgin olive oil plays a leading role. The Lefay SPA Menu is part of this concept and offers tasty, light, detoxifying and healthy dishes that use simple ingredients and short cooking times so that the organoleptic qualities of the foods remain unchanged. Book with us for exclusive Wellbeing Escapes offers: free nights, free spa treatment, room upgrade, free transfers.

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TAP YOUR ANXIETY, STRESS & OVERWHELM AWAY AND FEEL BETTER INSTANTLY By Akcelina Cvijetic, Wellbeing Specialist & Performance Coach

What is Thought Field Therapy (TFT)? Thought Field Therapy is a cutting-edge treatment that can be used to conquer emotional distress, including anxieties, compulsions, stress and many other emotional concerns. TFT can provide emotional balance quickly and safely with no side effects and without having to go through years of therapy. In working with a TFT therapist, you will learn the tools of this powerful yet effective therapy to experience great emotional release and resilience independently. How will TFT help me alleviate anxiety, stress, overwhelm and other emotions? TFT has been proven to be very successful in treating fears, anxiety, compulsions, addictive urges, trauma, grief, posttraumatic stress disorder, obsessions, depression, physical pain, jet lag, guilt, shame, anger, rage, phobias and many other emotional problems which can act as barriers to healing. TFT helps you to get back on the road of optimal health. What happens during a TFT treatment? A TFT therapist instructs you how to tap a series of predetermined points on the body in a precise order 32

called algorithm. The treatment is influencing the body’s bioenergy field by tapping with your fingers on the specific points on the body located along energy meridians and associated with the release of the distressing emotions. TFT is tapping into the body’s own healing system. It defuses the emotional charge associated with painful, traumatic and distressing events or people and it can eradicate the psychological turmoil associated with it for good. How effective is TFT? TFT has been referred to as “The Power Therapy of 21st Century ” because of its high degree of effectiveness. Many of the most common distressing emotions can be completely eliminated within minutes. Some emotional issues require repeated treatments and corresponding shifts in lifestyle. However, most clients experience a significant improvement within the very first session.

All very fascinating! Would you like to know more? Please visit: www.akcelina.com




ur client, Karen, who has travelled with us far and wide, loved Sianji near Bodrum in Turkey so much that she was keen to share her stay with you:

I arrived feeling stressed, exhausted and fuzzy-headed and can truly say that I left a week later feeling energised, relaxed and clear-headed. Here’s my TOP 5 Reasons why you should go too: 1. The setting – it’s breathtaking. The manicured gardens are punctuated with dramatic flashes of fuchsia bougainvillea and look out towards the Greek Islands. It’s all very peaceful and I spent many quiet and reflective moments sitting in the beach-side yoga pavilion mesmerised by the views. 2. The caring team – everyone from the receptionists and fitness instructors to the spa therapists and restaurant staff offered attentive and genuinely warm service. Nothing was too much trouble and as a solo traveller, I felt noticed and cosseted.

3. The delicious food – you can choose various options such as a juice detox or raw food diet but I opted for the full board which was largely based on a Mediterranean diet and included plenty of grilled seafood, whole grains and healthy fruits and vegetables. The breakfast is a total feast but it’s cleverly laid out in portion-controlled servings so you can exercise restraint too! 4. The group activity classes – they’re so varied and fun. I joined in nature walks, yoga, circuit training, Tabata workout and aqua gym to name a few. The morning nature walks were a particular favourite – at an energising pace taking in the lush grounds and Aegean Sea views. The resort is modelled on the ‘Hanging Gardens of Babylon’ so you get the picture...! 5. The spa – this was the highlight for me. I had pre-booked a ‘Wellbeing Booster’ programme with Wellbeing Escapes which made it great value for money and meant that I had lots of spa treatments to look forward to without worrying that I was breaking the bank. The spa team are mainly Asian so it felt like a slice of the East and I really rated the high-calibre therapists. I also did colema treatments which were very effective yet not uncomfortable even though you do them yourself. Oooh and do try the relaxing Hammam – when in Turkey and all that! I was in no hurry to return home and am already plotting my return trip. Hope to see you there! Look at our exclusive Wellbeing Escapes Offers: Free spa treatments & discounted rates www.wellbeingescapes.com | 33



rowing up I was lucky enough to develop a positive relationship with exercise. I enjoyed most sports and was a bit of a jack of all trades and with a dad in the Parachute Regiment I saw how important, and normal, exercise was for the military (be strong or get killed). However, over the years I have realised that this is not the norm and for many exercise reminds them of being laughed at in school, uncomfortable memories, pain or embarrassment, or something to punish ourselves with for over-indulgence. This comes from years of learned behaviour and it’s going to take a lot of effort to change, BUT developing a positive relationship with exercise is one of the kindest things you can do for your body. Here are my top tips on how to rewrite those negative memories with positive ones.

2) B e wary of social media. Are you following people that inspire you, or are they making you feel miserable/not good enough? If social media leaves you feeling anything other than amazing, carry out a social media cleanse.

1) C hange your motivation. If you find yourself choosing goals that are based on the viewpoint that you aren’t good enough (e.g. weight loss) change this now. Instead choose to exercise because your body is an amazing asset and you want to look after it for years to come.

Exercise is not about changing the way you look or reducing a dress size. Exercise is about so much more than that. It can be about team-work, competition, endorphins and better health. So try and find your fitness style and learn to love exercise, not dread it.

For more information, please see www.pilatespt.co.uk 34

3) C hoose an exercise technique that you enjoy. It sounds obvious but a lot of us are forcing ourselves to do exercise that we dread. Experiment. There WILL be something out there for you. Stressed? Try Yoga. Ache? Go for Pilates. Choose the style that makes you happy and get rid of the others. 4) Exercise with friends. Finding it hard to stick to an exercise routine? Make it a social activity too. So much easier to head out of the door on that cold dark night.


MACDONALD MONCHIQUE By Stella Photi, Founder & Managing Director, Wellbeing Escapes


love it when we find a resort that strikes a balance between being good value and delivering excellent wellbeing treatments too. Macdonald Monchique in Portugal is one of those places so read here why I rate it highly!

Glorious Nature The hotel’s setting is very special – surrounded by nature everywhere that you look. This hidden gem is a world away from the busy side of the Algarve! Follow one of the paths just outside the front door into the pine and eucalyptus forest and soak up all that greenery and beauty.

Thermal Waters & History The beautiful Roman spa town of Caldas de Monchique is a short walk away and steeped in history due to its natural alkaline mineral waters which supposedly have healing properties. A neat touch is that they use this as the base ingredient in the cosmetics in the hotel spa. Take an empty water bottle if you want to sample the thermal waters...

The food It’s Portugal so naturally there are plenty of healthy choices such as sun-ripened salads and fruits (plus there’s a special lighter ‘wellness’ menu available in all the restaurants) but there are also gourmet options which is ideal if you want a more relaxed approach to eating whilst on holiday. The stylish Mon-Chic restaurant is fine dining at its best – think Portuguese gastronomy and fine wines...

The local Mayor, Rui André, is quite rightly fiercely proud of his town and says ‘It’s so beautiful with cobbled squares and traditional houses so come and see for yourself why it’s been attracting visitors for centuries.”

The Activities There’s plenty to do including a choice of group fitness classes from yoga flow, fitball, aquafit and cross training. They are fun and inclusive so all levels are welcome. Do try the relaxing and de-stressing options too such as Pranayama, sound journey and breathwork practice as they are amazingly therapeutic! There’s lots to do in the local area from cycling and rock climbing to surfing and kayaking so you won’t be stuck for choice if you’re into your fitness.

The Relaxing Spa It’s an adults-only haven here and includes a ‘Sensorial Spa Thermal Circuit’. The idea is that you use the sauna, steam and aroma cabins, hydro massage pool, igloo, foot baths etc to detoxify and energise. They certainly work and I love the heated loungers too – if only I had one at home...The spa treatments are excellent too and range from aromatherapy massages to detox wraps and facials.

Book with Wellbeing Escapes and receive: free daily thermal spa circuit access, free nights, spa credit. www.wellbeingescapes.com | 35




ur client, Laura Coase, had gone through cancer treatment and was looking for an appropriate wellness destination. She has kindly shared her personal story with us here: What led you to Manaltheeram in India? I’d recently discovered the power of complimentary therapies alongside traditional orthodox treatment and was interested in knowing more about Ayurveda. Helen, from Wellbeing Escapes, had personal experience of the resort and, as Kerala is the home of Ayurveda, I took a leap of faith and booked. On arrival in Trivandrum, I truly felt like Julia Roberts in ‘Eat, Love, Pray’!

What was a typical day on your Panchakarma (rejuvenation) programme? 7.15 am: Meditation which was more like an excellent breathing session (which suited me better!) 7.45 am: Consultation with the doctor to check that I was ok and explain my treatment for that day 8.00 am: Breakfast with relevant choices from the fresh buffet according to my ‘dosha’ as diagnosed by the doctor at my first consultation, followed by a walk on the beach 9.30 am: Two hours of ‘treatment’ – I had never tried Ayuverdic treatments before so there were some surprises in

store but it was fantastic! 1.00 pm: Lunch – a fresh new buffet (tasty vegetarian and lots of variety) then free time (chill, read, swim, sunbathe, sightsee or shop!) 5.00 pm: Yoga amongst the coconut palms and the sound of crashing waves 7.00 pm: Dinner – there are lots of singles so I either joined others or was happily alone! Early night! There’s Indian music or entertainment most nights but it’s not compulsory...

It was your first wellness holiday – what surprised you about this type of holiday? That the treatments were part of a whole programme focused on achieving a cleanse/rejuvenation not just general fitness and pampering. I was slightly taken aback initially by the ‘hospital title’ but that just added to the experience. There were guests from all parts of the world and many go for a full month every year! I’ll definitely go for longer next time. Do you feel that you achieved your goals? I felt amazing after my trip – completely cleansed and my energy levels were incredible (jumping out of bed in the dark at 6.00 am to go for a walk!). I think it is very powerful to have been able to have the headspace and treatments and I plan to do something similar every year to recalibrate.

What’s the ambiance like and what makes the Wellness team special? It’s not a fluffy spa holiday – it’s called a hospital but it’s not clinical like a UK hospital. For me, it was a ‘holiday with a purpose’ and it was perfect. There’s a large team of Ayurvedic doctors who are so different from Western doctors but they’ve been practising for years and I felt very trusting and none of the treatments made me at all nervous.

How do you think it helped to push you forward’ on your post-treatment journey? Giving myself this time, helped me to feel that I had cleared my system from my toxic treatments and had the confidence plus energy to be ‘normal’ again. I’m now very conscious of not pushing myself to my limit any more and when I need to feel calm I just think of those coconut palms!

We have the best offers – free room upgrade, single traveller discount, early booking discount. 36


hasing that youthful glow doesn’t have to mean resorting to Botox. Why not consider a natural alternative instead? 3 friends (Nikki, Janet and Natalie) went in search of rejuvenation through the ancient medicine of Ayurveda at Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort in Kerala, India.

Jasmine garlands, soaring coconut trees and beautiful beach vistas greeted us and we were soon settled into our sweet cottages dotted around the lush gardens. First up was a consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor to establish our dosha (body/temperament make up) and plan our treatments. Our days then unrolled with morning and afternoon yoga sessions, rejuvenating Ayurvedic treatments (each lasting 2 hours) and walks along the sandy beach, relaxing by the infinity pool and yummy vegetarian meals in between. Best bits: Nikki: The mesmerising setting – you can’t help but relax with the stunning sea views and the constant background hum of the waves

Janet: The tasty Ayurvedic buffet with each dish showing which dosha(s) it's appropriate for so you can easily choose the right ones for you Natalie: The personalised Ayurveda treatments – soothing and restorative. I loved Shirodhara where warm herbal oil is drizzled across your forehead to release tension and lines – bliss! What surprised us: Nikki: You have the same 2 therapists at the same time daily. Great as they really ‘tune’ into you and you can share any niggles and preferences Janet: After just 3 days of treatments, healthy eating and no alcohol you look glowing and feel fab. After 7 days you look like new! Natalie: The ‘medical’ vibe – you’re given a green hospital-type gown to wear after your treatment so everyone is walking around in them plus head wraps. A bit startling at first but a good idea as it saves ruining your clothes from the herbal oils Top tips: Nikki: Don’t pack too much as you’ll either be in your yoga gear, green gown

or cossie. No-one dresses up in the evening so you can just be casual Janet: Head down to the late afternoon yoga class at Manaltheeram overlooking the beach – rolling waves, fading sun and waving palm trees make it the prettiest yoga sala ever! Natalie: Stick to the dishes marked as suitable for your dosha at the buffet – there’s so much choice and it’s all part of the rejuvenation programme. And start weaning yourself off coffee (and alcohol!) before you arrive so that your system is not too shocked by the lack of either...nice herbal teas though! Why you should go: Nikki: It’s a complete break from reality and a chance to try authentic Ayurveda – a heady and restorative combination Janet: To fully focus on yourself – it really is all about you and when do you ever get the chance to do that and feel your very best? Natalie: If that tired-looking person in the mirror is getting you down, come here and take a wellness programme. A healthy rejuvenation (no nasties here) will work wonders for your self-esteem, crow’s feet and frown lines!

Take a look at our exclusive offers: early booking discount, free room upgrade, single traveller discount www.wellbeingescapes.com | 37


icolas Janot offers clients individually tailored treatment plans drawing on Pranic Healing (in London and remotely) and has kindly shared his personal story with us: I come from a family of healers in the French Alps so have always been connected to nature, the seasons and the power of various healing disciplines. But it was only when I went to India that I discovered Pranic Healing. I was there to develop my healing gifts and was completely ignorant of Pranic Healing. One day I could sense that my teacher was doing something different from our normal practice and that it was incredibly powerful. He explained that he was using Pranic Healing on me and what I learnt quite simply changed my life and how I viewed my work as a healer. The term Pranic Healing comes from the Sanskrit word ‘prana’, meaning life-force. We all know that we’re surrounded by energy, how we can be affected by it and that our bodies need to produce and process this to be healthy. When our ‘energy-body’ is out of balance, illnesses or ailments occur in our physical body. By restoring this balance, by cleansing and energising, the Pranic Healer is able to alleviate the problem.


It’s important that I understand the root of my client’s stress, anxiety or illness by first listening to them but also by looking at their auric field in case I can pick up something they’re not aware of. Often what’s bothering us is emotional and deep rooted and not necessarily apparent to us. I then remove negative or contaminated energy by thoroughly cleansing and rebalancing the chakras. The chakras are then energised with fresh prana that I draw in from my surroundings and then sealed to prolong the healing process. A session lasts from 30 to 60 minutes and is a non-touch form of therapy with the client remaining fully clothed. It’s suitable for anyone and is particulary beneficial for those suffering from stress, tension or negative thoughts. More details can be found at: www.nicolasjanot.com Footnote from Natalie (Wellbeing Escapes) – I can vouch for the positive effects of a pranic healing session. It’s a very relaxing experience too – I first chatted to Nicolas about what was happening in my life (he's a born listener!) and then simply lay on my sofa whilst Nicolas expertly took care of my chakras. I felt very cold at one stage and very sleepy at another just as he predicted and then a real sense of tranquillity came over me which continued over the following days. Brilliant – give it a go!



oe Clews is a Senior Qualified Hypnotherapist, Emotional Wellbeing Specialist & Founder of Zoe Clews & Associates

Interesting question eh? Perhaps one you’ve never asked yourself as you might not be displaying any obvious sign that your emotional wellbeing is at risk. However, for a great many people (maybe even you), their lifestyle is anything but normal and creates unnecessary risks. We live in an increasingly adrenalised society which has become the new ‘normal’. But hitting life hard and fast and living off the buzz of adrenalin is arguably just as dangerous to your health as ‘real’ drugs and can lead to burn out and serious mental health problems that start with stress and anxiety but can, if left unchecked, develop into full-blown depression. And in the end, both can kill you. Physical illness can result from chronic stress and the fact we’re living increasingly unnatural, adrenalin-driven lifestyles (often fuelled by relentless digital addiction) is only adding to the problem. For many, alcohol is an antidote to stress, anxiety and depression but this simply exacerbates those conditions. Addiction to work and the drive to succeed are often prioritised over our own wellbeing too and I call this the domino effect: You overwork and over-give; you drink to relax or get to sleep as your mind is in overdrive; you sleep terribly because you

drank too much or are full of cortisol and adrenalin; you can’t get up so you fill yourself with coffee/sugary food; then you crash and so you work later to make up the time; then you can’t sleep again. And so it goes on and on. You feel rubbish but you push on through because that’s what’s expected – not by anyone else, but by you. And then something else happens that tips you over the edge such as bereavement and suddenly you are plunged into anxiety, depression or panic. Because the foundations of your mental wellbeing have already been weakened and made more fragile by the excesses of your lifestyle, your mental health has started to fray. My advice is to be gentle with yourself – find 5 things that bring you joy and aren’t reliant on indulgence, money or validation. They should make you feel good without any kind of guilt hangover the next day – such as spending more time outdoors, switching off your phone and saying ‘no’ more often. In fact, anything that helps bring down that adrenalin! So, before you diagnose yourself with a mental health issue, ask yourself: do I have a mental health problem, or is it my lifestyle?

For more information, please see: www.zoeclews-hypnotherapy.co.uk www.wellbeingescapes.com | 39



• Balance the circulation and lymphatic system • Decrease emotional inflexibility • Encourage deep and restoring sleep


onfused about nutrition and looking for a wellness holiday to get to grips with healthy eating once and for all? Step forward SHA in Spain! Its ‘SHA Method’ was created to help guests make long-lasting changes to their health via a healthy and wellbalanced diet to: • Boost the immune system • Improve the digestive system and keep weight down

SHA nutrition is alkaline, energising and well-balanced and its nutritional composition and dimension have been taken into consideration. It’s based on the traditional Mediterranean diet which is considered one of the healthiest and most advanced in the world. In addition, it has Oriental influences which are based on the ancient principle of balancing ying and yan. Combined with the latest in contemporary cooking, it creates an easy, practical and appealing varietyalways respectful of what nature has to offer. This is then adapted to meet the specific needs of each individual.

(healthy but with a more ‘gourmet’ approach). These are combined with medicinal teas. 3. You have follow-ups throughout your stay to check progress and make necessary adjustments. 4. You are given a health plan at the end of your stay to continue once home You’ll be encouraged to be physically active every day too – walking in the fresh air or using the Hydrotherapy Circuit and you can attend the SHA Academy for workshops on cooking and relaxation, meditation etc. What you can expect: • A more stable and optimistic state of mind • Increased energy, vitality and stamina • Improved memory and less psychological stress

How it works: 1. I nitial consultation to assess your diet and habits. You are given a personalised diet plan. 2. Y ou follow one of the 3 menus: Kushi (to lose weight/cleanse your body), Biolight (to learn to take more care of yourself) or SHA Feeling inspired? See www.wellbeingescapes.com or call 020 3735 7555 to book your SHA programme.




By Dr. Vincente Mera, Head of internal medicine & specialist in anti-ageing medicine. What is the aim of the menopause programme? Firstly to identify the problem, then discuss the solutions (pros and cons) and, finally, to implement both the preventive and personalised approach – using appropriate treatments on a long-term basis.

What are you measuring? The density (resistance & resilience) of the bones using certain parameters – the so-called ‘Stiffness Index’ which takes into account gender, ethnicity and age. It also helps to estimate the risk of fractures.

Is it aimed at those in perimenopause or women who are actually going through the menopause currently? It’s aimed at treating perimenopause women but SHA also treats women who are actually going through the menopause by helping them to cope with the side effects such as weightgain, mood swings etc

How did you choose the spa treatments to include & how are they particularly beneficial for the menopause? We know that intolerance to stress and the lack of regenerative capacity are the main consequences of menopause so the spa treatments included aim to help with these such as lymphatic drainage, Traditional Chinese Medicine and neurocognitive stimulation.

Why does the programme include, for example, echography and eco-bone densiometry ? Well, bones are hidden biological structures that are normally silent unless a fracture dramatically changes the quality of life. A quick, painless and accurate echo (with no radiation at all) is normally the screening test recommended in case of peri-menopausic osteoporosis. The so-called echodensitometry is performed in the doctor’s office and the results can be seen immediately. This means that the appropriate treatment and prevention can be started with immediate effect too. What are you looking at when you do blood tests for example? We look at the women’s hormones and metabolism plus detox and anti-ageing capacity. In addition, we do genetic tests to reveal predispositions too which can help us when recommending treatments.

How does nutrition play an important in the programme? Are there particular foods those going through the menopause should introduce to their diet or cut out? We know that macro (carbohydrates, proteins and fat) and micronutrients (vitamins, minerals and oligoelements) are essential in the menopause process in terms of quality and quantity. Nutrition is simply the most important tool that we have along with exercise and relaxation. What do you think are the benefits of doing a specialist menopause programme? Can it truly help? Yes, it certainly can. Many problems can be helped immediately such as hot flushes whereas others such as memory, sex drive, osteoporosis, energy, physical appearance, mood and weight take longer. Rejuvenation, a better quality of life and staying illness-free longer sum up the effects of the programme in the long-term.

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CREATING AN EMPOWERED & MINDFUL WORKING DAY By Claudia Roth, Founder & Managing Director, Soul Luxury


very day is an opportunity to live a healthier and more fulfilled life but this doesn’t happen without effort – we must want to improve the way we live in order to do so. It requires perseverance, focus and intention. I see each day as an opportunity to evolve as, after all, we create our reality by the way we live, love and laugh and through and despite all the ups and downs. Below, I share my daily rituals in the hope of inspiring you to try them and see for yourself what changes. They take no time at all! 3-Phase Checking-in Ritual: 1. The power of thought: I re-connect to my first thought and observe it. If it is negative, I make sure I shift that thought. 2. The power of the body: I scan my body from my toes to my upper head three times and let white light infuse my body to cleanse and energise the cells. This is an important exercise to connect with your body. We tend to neglect it and take it for granted. There’s a saying that your day will be influenced by how you step out of bed, and why wouldn’t it be? 3. The power of intention: I believe we are the creators of our reality. I take a minute to put out an intention for the day. I then shower and energise my body by imagining bright light moving through my body. I hum a few ‘Om’s’ to uplift my


spirit. If possible, I then follow this with 20 minutes of meditation and do a few yoga stretches. During the day, I set a timer at intervals to check-in with myself. How is my energy? Is it positive and light or heavy and negative? Depending on my state, I choose either a brief meditation or a physical exercise or I go intentionally and joyfully into the kitchen and prepare a cup of coffee, which I cherish. 1-Phase Checkingout Ritual: Before going to sleep, I review the day and send gratitude to the people and the situations that I have encountered during the day. My recommendation is to start with very small steps, maybe one of these phases at a time. Each step is an immense progress towards a healthy and fulfilling life.

Inspired? Take a look at www.soul-luxury.com for more information.


WHY OSTEOPATHY IS LIKE BEING A DETECTIVE.... 2. The artery is supreme – movement is the essential condition for organic life as we know it. Every nutrient and most cells in your body are in motion. If your blood and lymphatic system don’t flow freely then your organs won’t work. 3. Structure governs function – and vice and versa! Your body can’t work properly if its parts don’t connect and all interact with one another.


eading Osteopath, Boniface Verney-Carron from Verney-Carron Health Practice, explains that the body doesn’t lie and everything from the way that you stand to your body language can help him to assess why your body is not working properly. It’s like being a detective – you need to put all the clues together to find the real problem (the primary origin). Intrigued? Read on – Boniface explains more: There are 4 principles of Osteopathy but we’re all individuals so you need to look at the body as a whole to understand why it’s not healing. Alchemy, trust and efficiency between patient and Osteopath also play a huge part – I’m a catalyst and part of the answer. I need to listen, look, observe and touch and perhaps also refer you to a nutritionist, acupuncturist or for a stool test. I find many people ‘soldier on’ if they have a condition that won’t kill them but if it’s debilitating then osteopathy can truly help you!

4. The body is capable of self-healing – it has an in-built mechanism (such as when you cut yourself) and if it’s not healing then something is stopping it! Treatments range from a Structural approach – for example, moving your spine or tissue around and making adjustments to help them function properly, Visceral – moving internal organs (such as your liver) and their connecting tissue to improve mobility as well as working on the abdomen to release tension to Cranio-sacral – subtly ‘plugging into’ the tissue and tension in your body and re-balancing them to restore strength and rhythm. By mixing my conventional and osteopathic training, I concentrate on the origin of symptoms, (rather than focusing on the symptoms themselves) to achieve lasting relief from discomfort – I just need to follow the clues! Try it – the results speak for themselves.

Osteopathy is one of the most holistic approaches and understanding of the human body around – it retains the clinical elements that we have gathered over thousands of years but it assesses and treats people in a holistic way. You only have one body so consider this – what are you going to do with it and how are you going to help it if it doesn’t feel right? 1. The body is a unit – a full state of physical, mental and social wellbeing makes it ‘flow’. I check a patient’s pain but also their mental state too – are they happy at work, in their relationships etc? All these things affect us – we’re sociable animals and being ill is not merely the absence of disease.

For more information, visit: www.vchealthpractice.com/ www.wellbeingescapes.com | 43


SIX SENSES KAPLANKAYA IN TURKEY EXPLAINS ALL... By Erkan Güne ş , Director of Exercise Physiology

What’s the definition of Functional Wellness? ‘Functional’ has become a catchphrase for all things related to fitness and wellness as people want to fit everything into their already busy lives. Functional wellness is about integrating a tailored programme more realistically into your personal lifestyle so it works specifically for you. Who is it suitable for? Everyone as it’s personalised to the individual – you can be an athlete or someone just starting to exercise. There’s no set way to improve your wellbeing and there’s always room for improvement regardless of your level. How does Six Senses Kaplankaya offer it? We take a holistic, body-mind approach to your wellbeing – for example, you can’t separate fitness from nutrition or glowing skin from sleep – all areas are interrelated. So it’s functional wellness at its best. We don’t just deliver results, we see a shift in perspective which ensures that these results are sustainable long into the future. With this approach, we have witnessed positive changes in many lives. What are its benefits? I’d say it’s all about prevention – you don’t have to be sick to get better. Most people wait until they are unwell and completely run down to start a healthier lifestyle but the best approach is to optimize your health before you reach this point. That is real ‘functional wellness’ and a preventative approach to health. 44

How does the nutritional element work? We believe that food plays an important role. We choose natural ingredients and a cleaner and simpler approach to preparation, focusing on quality, balance and fresh whole food made from scratch. We grow some produce in our own organic garden and we believe that less is more by avoiding flavour enhancers, lectins, lactose, gluten and sugar. We will always steer you in the right direction. How can a client continue their functional wellness journey once home? We believe wellness is a journey so we prepare them for the ‘real world’ before they leave by providing recommendations and tools they can use at home. We are always happy to connect via Skype or email for additional support.

Inspired to visit? Contact us for discounted single rates and €100 spa credit per person (double occupancy).

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WELLBEING ESCAPES WHAT YOU GET The Best Price: We have the most competitive prices, better than going directly and we have exclusive offers and bonuses

OUR VALUES We believe you should enjoy wellbeing experiences that bring positive change into your life

Peace of mind: Your holiday is financially protected via our ATOL bonding (no. 10269) if you purchase flights with us

We listen to your needs and offer a highly consultative service as well as passionately believing in honesty, accuracy and quality

Expert Knowledge: Our specialist travel consultants offer exceptional service levels. We are very proud to have 97% service rating by independent review site Feefo Time Saved: We’ve done the hard work and research on all our properties so you can rest assured we’ve sourced only the top quality destinations at the best value Loyalty Benefits: We really value our clients so give repeat client discounts and make sure you receive as many extra perks as possible


We research all of our escapes to guarantee their authenticity and the quality of your experience We deliver a wide-range of products with a high level of advice and service throughout the booking process We’re here to help and advise so please call us on 020 3735 7555. We’ll be delighted to help you to find your perfect wellness destination and programme.

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