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Energy via Detoxing Sianji Wellbeing Resort, Turkey


Making Fitness a Habit Again Kamalaya, Thailand



Energy via Classical Chinese Medicine Lefay Resort & Spa, Italy


Beauty – Renew Your Skin After the Winter


The Benefits of Yoga & Meditation ZENING, Cyprus


The Energy of Thermal Waters Villa Padierna Thermas Hotel, Spain


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The Signature Healtheatarian Programme Ti Sana, Italy

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What Top Nutritionist Eat for Energy

The Benefits of a Macrobiotic Lifestyle SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain


Building Core Strength Absolute Sanctuary, Thailand


Boosting Your Metabolism through Low GI Villa Eden, Italy


Top Four Treatments to Energise



e are delighted to bring you our new e-magazine which is packed full of different ways to energise courtesy of our wellbeing resorts and our top nutritionist ‘friends’. Wellbeing is very dear to my heart and is the reason that I set up the company 9 years ago. The company has grown and flourished as the world has caught on – did you know that it is now the fastest growing sector in the travel industry? We hope that you will feel inspired to try treatments and fitness activities because remember that looking after yourself should be your top priority! Happy energy-boosting!



he proverb goes ‘no matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow’ and thank goodness for that! Spring is loved for all sorts of reasons – buds bursting into brightly coloured flowers, galloping new born lambs and the feeling of new beginnings. Unless you are lucky enough to live in sunny climes, most of us spend many a winter hour cocooned indoors encouraged by the dark and cold and it

naturally feels that we need to re-balance our ‘inward’ looking selves once the spring arrives. One way of kick-starting your energy levels is to do a detox or cleanse. It’s actually the perfect time for your body after fuelling it with warming carbs during the cold. Not only will it naturally make you lighter physically but it will make you lighter mentally so that you feel ready and able to tackle any problem areas in your life – yes we all have them and

spring is a good time to sweep them away! Or just being out and about in the sunlight will stimulate the production of vitamin D in your body and enhance your mood and energy levels. Brisk walks or running will increase your heart rate and get the oxygen pumping too. So what are you waiting for – get out there and embrace that energy?!

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DETOXING The team at Sianji Wellbeing Resort in Bodrum explain how energy can be gained by detoxing Why do you offer detox & what makes it special at your property? Detox is the informal word we use for detoxification, the body’s natural, ongoing process of neutralizing and eliminating toxins from the body. Toxic agents are everywhere in our world in the food we eat, the air we breathe, the household cleaners we spray, and the electronics that we use on a daily basis. However, toxic radicals are formed in the body as well like stress hormones, emotional disturbances, anxiety and negative emotions. Therefore, we wanted to be able to give guests a slice of this peaceful location right on the beach with beautiful gardens, sea views and clean oxygen. In our detox programmes, the main focus is on ensuring that our guest are taking enough enzymes, vitamins, minerals, complete protein, omega 3-6-9, chlorophyll and probiotics to detoxify their bodies and clean their liver and colon. With supportive activities guided by our fitness teachers such as


nature walks, Pilates, circuit training, stretching and aqua gym in our Thalasso swimming pool, their stay is a well-rounded healthy holiday. What experts & specialists do you have and what do they bring to the programme? We believe that the mind, body and spirit are dynamically interrelated. It is important to create a balance in your life by nurturing your whole person which includes physical, spiritual, emotional needs. Our specialists include: Detox specialists: Duygu Pekal as well as Odette Roep, who is a dietician, esthetician and yoga teacher who provides yin-yoga, hatha flow, vinyasa flow, chakra meditation and also Ayurvedic massages and private lessons on breathing/mind body healing therapy. Qi Gong & Zen meditation teacher: Kutay Toga, who provides these classes and also private spiritual consultancy.

Besides these specialists, we also have our massage therapists who are from Bali, ensuring an authentic healing treatment. Is it suitable for everyone? Because of the immense benefits of detoxification, cleansing is strongly recommended for everyone. Detoxification can especially help individuals who are battling diabetes, heart disease, allergies, mold toxicity, digestive issues, skin conditions, aching muscles and joints, immune system, low energy depression, anxiety and poor sleep. Of course, there are exceptions so we don’t recommend it for pregnant women, cancer patients and anyone who has had surgery in the last 6 months. What are the myths around detox which simply aren’t correct? The main one is that you are going to be hungry and very tired. The first two days are a little bit difficult but after your third day, you will get a lot better and more energetic. We provide a new shake with fibre or juice almost hourly and additionally we have detox broth and herbal tea so you won’t go hungry. Another myth is that once you return to your own diet, you will gain the weight back. Again, this is not true if you stick to the plan that we provide before you leave.

What are the benefits? It boosts energy, improves circulation and balances blood levels of cholesterol and triglycerids, reduces joint aches and pains, helps with weight loss, a stronger immune system/resistance to illnesses and infections, healthier skin and hair, better breath, clearer thinking, lighter feeling, anti-aging, stable moods, improved digestive system, less enhanced risk of many chronic diseases and improved sleep patterns. How does it make you feel energized? By eliminating sugar, caffeine, alcohol, fast food etc., your metabolism will improve as never before as it won’t be trying to digest all these very difficult-todigest foods. There is a great energy released by eliminating these foods and increasing enzyme-rich fruits and vegetable juices. Your body needs all those fresh fruits and vegetables to energise as well as the wheatgrass juice and ginger that we use in the juices. How do guests continue once they are at home? After the detoxification progress, your body is in a purified state, so you have to treat it gently. We recommend that our guest take it back to basics in the first two days so that means lots of fruit, vegetables and sprouts which can be fruit plates/ juices, vegetable juices/soups, steamed vegetables and salads. After that, you can add a little brown or wild rice or even fish. Drinking plenty of water with a high level of pH and combining with exercise is also advised.

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How Kamalaya helped me make fitness a habit again – guest Penelope Jenkins tells her story:


really needed some time-out from my job and family life to get back into a decent, regular fitness routine and finally improve my yoga skills. OK, and to get rid of those odd three kilos every woman secretly wants to lose! When I heard that this healing sanctuary on the tropical island of Koh Samui had just opened a top, modern fitness centre with stunning sea views and offers fitness-focused wellness programmes with daily personal training as well as divine massages, I was hooked. I started with a BIA test analyzing my cellular health followed by a naturopath consultation to discuss my results, health history and goals for the week and beyond. Apparently, the “Optimal Fitness Program” was just the right choice for me so I went straight up the hill, past the 25 metre lap pool looking out over the ocean, to the sparkling new gym located on the highest point of the property, where Sunny, my personal fitness instructor for the coming week, greeted me with a big smile. After a personal fitness assessment, we set up a training plan and over the following days, he made me sweat on all kinds of swish equipment for cardio, resistance, strengthening, weight, Pilates and TRX training. Although it was exhausting, I have never had so much fun exercising. Sunny kept me motivated with a great sense of humour and the views across the clear blue water down below and the outlying islands were just liberating – it felt like I was running into the sky! After a few days, I realized again how good exercise actually makes me feel. The training was complemented


by even more sweat-inducing daily sessions in the infrared sauna, Asian massages to sooth and relax body and mind plus the award-winning healthy, delicious food to give me just what my body needed. But my real issue was not that I didn’t enjoy physical activities. It was more that my life seemed to have very little space for it – actually for ‘me time’ in general. That’s why my naturopath suggested a coaching session with one of Kamalaya’s Meditation and Life Enhancement Mentors. And really – the conversation with Smitha, a very warm and wise lady who once practiced a monastic life in India, completely changed my perspective and helped me to incorporate a regular fitness routine into my life which I still adhere to today. I now understand the importance of ‘me time’ and that it won’t happen unless I create it. I mustn’t feel guilty scheduling time just for myself – I can still be the best mum in the world but even I need a break. I always remind myself of Smitha’s words: “If you make sure to take care of yourself, you will be better equipped to take care of others around you”. This really made me understand why Kamalaya calls itself a holistic wellness sanctuary – it nurtures not only the body but also the mind and the soul. What also nudged me back into the habit of regular exercise was a chat with Karina Stewart, a beautiful dark-eyed woman who founded Kamalaya 10 years ago with her husband John, who I met at the traditional tea ceremony held twice a week. A Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine, creator of all of Kamalaya’s wellness programmes and brimming with knowledge when it comes to health, she stunned me with findings about how

vital being active is for our overall health – besides proper nutrition and sufficient sleep. In addition to maintaining an active metabolism and optimum circulation, our fitness level also has a positive impact on our emotional health, mental clarity and ability to focus. Karina mentioned studies showing that regular exercise significantly improves our moods, our ability to learn and retain information, as well as the health of our brains as we age. Exercise has even been found to be a highly effective treatment for some types of depression. “It doesn’t even need tough exercise to achieve all these benefits”, explained Karina.” You can literally walk yourself out of a bad mood. Even a 10 minute stroll immediately boost brain chemistry to increase happiness. While a 10k run or an hour in the gym might feel right for one person, gentle mind-body practices such as yoga or Tai Chi can be just as beneficial for another. Ideally, it’s best to combine the two to allow a good balance between exhaustion and relaxation.” And at Kamalaya I had the chance to try everything. So many complimentary group classes are offered daily – various styles of yoga (even aqua yoga in the pool), meditation, Pilates, Pranayama, Tai Chi, fitball, stretching, aqua-aerobics and more – you could just turn up with no need to book. I left that tropical healing village inspired, motivated, relaxed and happy. Today I can say Kamalaya has helped me to make several positive lifestyle changes – small but sustainable. I only take a few hours every week to exercise and do yoga, but I feel so much fitter, healthier, calmer and just more content. And those three odd kilos… well, who cares?

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ENERGY VIA CLASSICAL CHINESE MEDICINE by Doctor Corradin (Head, Scientific Committee) Lefay Resort & Spa, Italy What is the ‘Lefay SPA Method’ that you offer? It’s an unique method that combines the principals of Classical Chinese Medicine (one of the oldest diagnostic and therapeutic sciences in the world) with western scientific research to offer “global wellbeing” based on health and awareness. What is unique about it? It’s different from other Oriental philosophies which include harsh and invasive techniques and the use of exotic food and plants. Classical Chinese Medicine is based on Taoism principals where Tao represents a perfect harmony with the natural world – a universal harmony that blends earth, human beings and the sky – allowing humans to feel perfectly placed within the natural surroundings and supported by the use of local products, such as herbal-therapy and local food. 8

The SPA Method was created in collaboration with a team of doctors and experts internationally recognised in different holistic disciplines. It’s based on the principles of Classical Chinese Medicine combined with Western techniques, products and plants and has its own natural cosmetics range called “Tra suoni e colori”. All the products are free from colorants and chemical preservatives and the range is based exclusively on the colours of nature, represented by the more precious and experimental medical plants. How does it work? By means of health treatments and programmes, this innovative method of achieving wellness restores balance, fully rejuvenates the body, soul and spirit and allows guests to rediscover a more healthy and discerning lifestyle. Techniques include acupuncture, moxibustion and finger pressure treatments amongst others.

“this innovative method of achieving wellness restores balance, fully rejuvenates the body, soul and spirit”

Which of your Spa Method programmes is the best one for energy boosting and what does it entail? The ‘Integral Program’ which requires a minimum 5 night stay and includes an initial consultation to determine energy levels, ‘The Lightness of Being’ menu, energy body scrubs and massages, energy reflexology treatments, moxibustion treatments, tuina massages, energy facial rituals and hydroaromatherapy sessions with essential oils. In addition there are guided walks in the energy and therapeutic garden and activities to rebalance physical energy such as Qi Gong, stretching of

Meridians and Tai Qi. There is also a final consultation for targeted recommendations for maintenance once the client returns home. Why is it good for restoring energy? The treatments aim to stimulate “points and meridians” which activate the energy systems. The gentle and fluid exercise movements tone the body and relax the mind. The menu’s purpose is to ensure energy supply through foods selected for their quality and treated with cooking methods that do not put excessive strain on the digestive system. www.wellbeingescapes.com |



Winter leaves us with dry skin that needs a little bit of a pick-me-up before it’s ready for the spring and summer months. Vanda Serrador, Beauty Director at Urban Skin Beauty gives us her top tips. 10

“Finding a favourite lotion will make moisturising everyday feel less like a chore and more like a luxury!”

Drink Water It’s seriously so simple! It’s easy to forget to drink the appropriate amount of water that we need to keep our skin healthy and glowing but drinking water is one of the most important ways to rehydrate your skin.

Use a Toner A toner is designed to restore the pH balance of your skin after you wash it and it also infuses your skin with ingredients that keep it looking fresh, young and healthy. All toners are different so find the one that you love. Alcohol-free ones are my particular favourite.

Exfoliate Forgoing exfoliation makes it really difficult to rehydrate post-winter! A great tip is to wet your skin or mix with your favourite mask according to your skin type as this allows the ingredients to ‘sud’ up a bit and do their magic on your face or body. Removing the dead cells is vital for keeping your skin healthy.

Masks and Scrubs You can mix a face mask and scrub together so that you are basically getting two skin care treatments in one. First, you’re polishing away old skin cells with the scrub and then you’re purifying, brightening and nourishing the new skin that you have just revealed with the mask.

Moisturise Immediately after exfoliating, make sure that you apply a cream, lotion or serum as it’s vital to rehydrate skin. If you don’t have one that you especially love, try out a few different travel-sized lotions until you find the perfect one. Finding a favourite lotion will make moisturising everyday feel less like a chore and more like a luxury!

Massage Getting a professional or DIY head and facial massage helps stimulate blood flow which results in radiant, clear skin and silky, smooth strands. I massage my face and neck before I apply a hydrating mask to stimulate blood circulation for a deeper penetration. Don’t forget neck and décolletage – very important!

Try Oils They smell nice and work wonders for your skin. Oils can be the perfect moisturiser but they are often overlooked. Have a Spa Day/Facial Go to a spa and relax. Having a deep cleanse or a body treatment at this time of year is like a self-spring cleaning allowing you to know what your skin needs for the new season with the help of an expert.

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YOGA & MEDITATION AT ZENING, CYPRUS Ajay Goyal, Director, tells us how you can find wellness of spirit


ENING was created in 2012 and is many things to many. It is a resort, a retreat, a place for a healthy holiday but for those who seek, it is a place for new dimensions. Yoga and meditation are central to the ZENING lifestyle. Zen masters believe it is not knowledge that leads to wellness – in fact it is non-knowledge that liberates us. A mindful approach to self wellness can unlock reservoirs of joy and strength from within. A conscious spiritual effort alone can bring us happiness and wellness and the resort delivers the environment with a gentle and compassionate touch.


Meditation is one way of bringing yourself into your true being and realizing this energy. For us to be able to take even five minutes out of a day to sit comfortably in a quiet and relaxed posture is already a step in achieving a discipline of the mind. The purpose of beginning awareness is to cultivate a presence or mindfulness and compassion and to do that most simply, we connect with our own breath and body. We start with an awareness of the present moment because the present is really all we have.

“It is a resort, a retreat, a place for a healthy holiday but for those who seek, it is a place for new dimensions”

Yoga aims to strengthen the body and relax the mind in a gentle and calming manner. The outcome of the sessions is meditative so that you leave feeling calm and relaxed as well as invigorated and energized. The science of this experience is in its simplicity and effortlessness. We only provide the conditions – the journey to wellness is very personal for each individual. The property is endowed with an unique energy that can lift and liberate the spirit so that guests leave invigorated and energized – a strong spirit inside a strong and beautiful body. Wellness is in the air and the multi-cultural team members are inspiring individuals on their own journeys. Here is how yoga & meditation can energise you: • By linking the breath to movement – just a 10 minute morning yoga sequence will energise you and set you up for the day • Contrary to popular belief, meditation can be energising as well as relaxing. It’s all about concentration on our breath and the focus that with every new breath you are drawing in new energy • Both yoga and meditation have been proven to improve the quality of sleep. A good night’s sleep is the foundation of an energy filled day! • They improve your mood, energise the spirit and directly create a more positive life with positive feelings and higher energy.

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THE ENERGY OF THERMAL WATERS at Villa Padierna Thermas Hotel, Spain


he wellness concept at Villa Padierna, located in Carratraca at the foot of the Guadalhorce river valley, surrounded by mountains, forests, meadows and quiet lakes, results from the combination of three main components – thermal medicinal waters, healthy and nutritious cuisine and detoxifying drainage massages. Taking the waters as a therapeutic agent has been a remedy used in medicine for centuries as the remarkable presence of one or more minerals and its components bring about beneficial health effects. The healing and energetic powers of the


waters in this tiny Spanish village have been famous since the Roman times and the hotel was originally called The Prince Hotel and built by order of Governor General Donoy of Málaga for the visit of King Ferdinand VII. Other famous guests include The Empress of France, Eugénie de Montijo, Rilke, Lord Byron and Alexander Dumas and the historical beauty of the neo-classical palace has been preserved. Carratraca’s energetic waters are taken in baths, drinking cures and also inhaled. They are generally acclaimed for their reinvigorating effects on the

“the remarkable presence of one or more minerals and its components bring about beneficial health effects” immune system and for the detoxifying power of their main component – sulphur. Additionally, they can be used to improve skin, rheumatic and dental diseases and as a relaxing agent. They have even been hailed as helping with fertility issues. Here are some additional therapeutic benefits of the thermal waters: • The sulphur content of the waters encourage cell production in the inner surface of the stomach which aids and stimulates digestion • The sulphuric content of the water also protects the liver and has a detoxifying effect • Sulphur helps to stimulate the production of bile which is an alkaline substance and is stored in the gall bladder. Bile is important because it is critical for digestion and the absorption of fats and fat soluble vitamins in the small intestine. Waste products are also eliminated from the body by secretion into bile. The modern European diet offered is based on healthy fundamentals which are no meat, dairy products, eggs or sugar but of course, its principal and distinctive ingredient which is the medicinal water! The “Energy Macrobiotic Cuisine”, plays a significant role in the detoxifying process and the chef has created meals with excellent nutritional value without compromising on the enjoyment of tasty food. The kitchen works with ingredients as nature provides them so without any kind of physical or chemical alteration and the team designs a personalized programme of healthy nutrition for each guest. The chef uses cooking methods that enhance the taste and flavour while keeping calorie intake under control. The detoxifying cuisine provides

700 to 1,500 calories per day depending on the client’s needs and wishes. Cereal, coffee or a tea selection with a milk alternative plus a detox juice is offered for breakfast alongside porridge or a bread selection with no-sugar jam. For lunch or dinner, there is always a broth or a soup followed by a main course with a variety of balanced, healthy and delicious dishes. The tasty desserts are always a surprise considering they have no sugar or artificial sweeteners! Between meals, a detox soup is offered in the morning and a selection of teas in the afternoon. For those just searching for relaxation or to merely enjoy a classical thermal cure, a less strict menu is offered so that they can be healthy but with more options available. Carratraca’s energetic treatments use the brand Piroche which has the triple effect of purifying (detox), stimulating and revitalising. The Detox effect: The bioenergetic drainage Piroche method together with the active ingredients of the products, allows for the body to be cleansed of toxins that have been accumulated through poor diet, pollution and stress. Stimulating effect: The combination of Piroche essential oils, tailored to each person’s needs, has a stimulating effect that helps improve blood circulation and produces a tonic effect on the tissues. Revitalizing effect: The holistic approach of the Piroche method brings about an overall energy rebalancing of body and mind and a physical and mental well-being reflected in a bright, fresh and natural look. www.wellbeingescapes.com | 15


HEALTHEATARIAN PROGRAMME Mario Sella, Wellness Manager on Spa Science that works at Ti Sana, Italy

Why do you offer Healtheatarian programme at Ti Sana? It aims to solve the ‘little-big’ body problems such as being over or under weight, poor sleep quality, backache, gastro-intestinal problems and chronic fatigue. These should not be underestimated because if untreated, they can lead to increased levels of stress and the development of more serious problems or disease. It’s designed to achieve results during the retreat (health improvements measured with diagnostic tests) but also for life via awareness, knowledge, strategies and suggestions. The programme is closely linked to evidence-based medicine in order to provide the best, safest and healthiest life style to guests. Clinical nutrition, physical motor rehabilitation (or simply exercise), and stress management are the pillars of our retreats. What is your typical guest like? They usually have some vague, aspecific symptoms but are motivated to change their health through a change of life style. How does stress affect our energy levels? Stress is the general reaction of our body to restore the disrupted homeostatic balance. It needs energy to regain the lost balance and gets this by producing two hormones – adrenaline and cortisol. At the start, their higher production make us very active and responsive to external stimuli but after some months, these two energivore hormones start asking for too much energy so we start eating too much and/or we start losing muscle. Gradually the production of these two hormones can no longer be tolerated by the body and the result is a chronic, constant low


“we use slightly-cooked vegetables to make them more digestible and to increase the nutritional value”

production of cortisol and adrenalin that cause a low, chronic stress, declined quality of sleep and increased inflammation which causes tiredness and low energy levels. Does the time that we eat affect our energy levels? Yes, our body is regulated by an internal clock that regulates the hormones production in our body. In healthy people, for example, the cortisol (the hormone of stress) is high in the morning and low in the evening. In the morning we should eat more carbohydrates to feed the stress system (it loves carbs-fast energy) and make the strength hormone, testosterone, more absorbable. However, in the evening a dinner with too many carbohydrates can cause stress in the body when it should be in a restoring, repairing phase. The result is increased tiredness but also worse quality of sleep and increased weakness in the morning. Give us an example of an energising meal at Ti Sana? A breakfast would be fruit juice (perhaps pineapple, carrot, zucchini and ginger), a cup of granola, dried fruit and homemade almond milk. This is a good amount of energy in the form of carbohydrates which are easy to digest and quickly feed the stress system.

What simple things can anyone do at home to boost their energy levels? Eat a breakfast containing mainly of fruit and some complex carbohydrates and restrict coffee or tea to one or two cups in the morning. Take part in intense activities only up until 3.00 pm and the more you are overweight, the more cardio you should do. If you are ‘normal’ weight or underweight then the more weights you should do. Try to have a mid-morning and afternoon snack such as fruit. Eat plenty of vegetables for lunch and dinner. For lunch, rotate legumes, grains and fish twice a week then have what you fancy on the other day but preferably not fried! For dinner try to match vegetables with protein and relax your mind and body by doing something nice but not physically intense like watching a film, reading a book or chatting to a friend. In essence, stress the body and mind in the morning (with food, exercises and work) and relax them in the evening.

Is there a particular cooking method used? We use slightly-cooked vegetables to make them more digestible, to increase the nutritional value (making some nutrients more absorbable like carotenoids in carrots) and to reduce the loss of vitamins. In general, the cooking temperatures reached are low and if set to high then only for a short time (without burning the food surface).

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Ian Marber


ll food is used for fuel to make energy so the trick is to combine the food groups so that you get maximum energy for the longest possible time.

For me that might mean a small bowl of plain, full fat yogurt, walnuts and blueberries with a sprinkling of matcha powder as it ticks all the nutritional boxes as well as gives a nice ratio between protein, carbs and fibre. Or if time is short, then even an apple and a few Brazil nuts will do the trick and are easy to have on the go as well.


Dr Simone Laubscher


he formula for keeping your physical body strong and your emotions in check too is down to the protein to carb to fat ratio at each meal.

I divide my plate in half. On one half, salad, vegetables or fruits fill three quarters and good fats such as half an avocado, two spoons of hummus/ guacamole or one handful of olives or 30g of low fat, white cheese plus a few spoons of olive, coconut or flaxseed oil fill the other quarter. On the other half of the plate, I fill one quarter with protein and one quarter with complex carbs such as brown or wild rice, quinoa, sweet potato, oats, rye or spelt bread or pearl barley.

“The formula for keeping your physical body strong and your emotions in check too is down to the ‘protein to carb to fat’ ratio at each meal.”

Candice Van Eeden


or an energy packed breakfast, I have a bowl of oats with almond milk, one tablespoon of BaliNutra coconut syrup (my favorite ‘nutri-dense’ sweetener) and one tablespoon ground flax and pumpkin seeds.

The syrup has a low GI index and as the sugars are released slowly, provide me with sustainable energy! It’s also brimming with vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 which are all important for energy production and for nourishing the nervous system as B vitamins are water soluble and get depleted by stress and bad diets. I also love Bee Pollen blended with nut milk as a nutritious breakfast drink.

Vicki Edgson


ggs are my favourite high energy food as they supply literally every nutrient needed to convert food into energy for body and brain – B vitamins, zinc, selenium and Vitamin D. I consider myself a real egg aficionado and it’s the whole egg or nothing at all! High energy avocados and all green vegetables with chlorella and spirulina are added to my morning smoothie to pack in 3 of my 7 per day. I also eat wild fish (non-farmed) which has all the EPA essential fats for brain, skin and nervous system – I cook it in its skin and eat that too as all the goodness lies just beneath it.

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MACROBIOTIC LIFESTYLE We asked Melanie Waxman, Nutritional Health Consultant at SHA Wellness Clinic about energy via a Macrobiotic lifestyle Why do you offer a Macrobiotic diet and what makes it special at SHA? Macrobiotics is suitable for everyone and is the ultimate healthy diet. It’s generally made up of the foods eaten by the world’s most healthy societies including rural China, Okinawa, Hunza and the Mediterranean. All our cells are built on the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe. We can, therefore, enjoy more energy, build a strong, healthy body, improve the mind and experience greater emotional stability. The diet itself is high in fibre, low in saturated fats and has a high mineral and vitamin content. It is high in complex carbohydrates, low on the glycemic index and balanced in terms of sodium and potassium and acid and alkaline. It is also important to understand how foods will affect us in the long term. Macrobiotics clearly describes how different ingredients, combinations and cooking styles interact with our digestive system, influence our blood quality and ultimately build a healthy body and mind. What’s the philosophy behind Macrobiotics? Macrobiotics (meaning large life) is based on the wisdom of East and West and is a common-sense approach to life with the idea that through greater awareness of our food, exercise and lifestyle, we can attain our optimum health. Macrobiotics offers guidelines on eating habits and how to 20

create balanced, nourishing meals, as well as finding the right activities to suit the individual, family and community. An important aspect of the philosophy is the idea of living in harmony with nature and the three powerful cycles of the day, moon and year. Understanding how much we are influenced by the natural world leads to greater health, peace of mind and a sense of oneness. What does the training involve to give advice on Macrobiotics? After short courses, people can make healthier dietary and lifestyle choices. In-depth studies or counsellor training can take a number of years and includes diagnosis, philosophy and theory, oriental medicine, heath care, anatomy, cooking, bodywork, exercise, spiritual and lifestyle practices. What do you think is the best aspect of it? That everything we do, can and does make a difference in the world. The healthy choices we make in our own daily life can also have a positive effect on society, the climate and our environment. Eating a plant-based diet means we are supporting and nourishing the natural world. The modern diet, high in animal food, has been proven to contribute to serious illness including heart disease, cancer, and obesity. 150 billion animals are slaughtered a year for human indulgence. Land is being used up produce excess fodder and animal

waste is one of the worst forms of pollution. A plant based diet, on the other hand, is a life sustaining. It nourishes our health, the health of the planet and saves animals – a win/win for all. What are the common myths behind Macrobiotics? Macrobiotics is Japanese. No – Macrobiotic cuisine combines the best features of both Eastern and Western food choices. There are ingredients that originated in Japan and have unique health benefits such as miso, kuzu, umeboshi and shoyu but they are not necessary to practice macrobiotics. The Macrobiotic diet doesn’t have enough protein. No – protein is in almost all plant-based foods. Pre-WW2, people ate much less protein and it is a modern myth that we need so much. It’s difficult to practice and takes time. No – it’s possible to cook delicious healthy foods in half an hour. Variety is important but can be spread out over the week using different ingredients and cooking styles. The key is to include high quality nutrients/ ingredients into the daily diet rather than worrying about cutting foods out. It makes it difficult to socialize or eat out. No – many restaurants now offer vegan or vegetarian options as people are becoming more aware of the link between food and health.

What are the benefits? More energy, deeper sleep, stronger immunity, disappearance of aches and pains, natural weight maintenance, younger appearance, increased mental clarity, better moods, improved circulation, strengthened heart and digestion, enhanced blood, lowers cholesterol, stronger teeth and bones and a greater sense of wellbeing! How does it make you feel more energised? Most plant based ingredients come straight from the fields with little to no processing. These foods are living (we could in theory re-sprout/grow them) right up until they are cooked and eaten which means they are packed with energy and nutrients which nourishe our own life force and we feel lighter and happier. The foods include vegetables, whole grains, beans, fruit, nuts, seeds and herbs. Cooking our food can further change the energetic qualities. So varying cooking methods can dramatically alter the taste, nutritional value and the way we feel after our meal. Packaged foods are tampered with which means they oxidize and are starting to spoil. Preservatives are added to stop them going off and as a result have little energetic or nutritional value. We need more of them to feel satisfied; a vicious cycle! www.wellbeingescapes.com | 21

BUIDLING CORE STRENGTH Absolute Sanctuary in Thailand explains how building a strong core gives you energy throughout your body.


he buzzword in fitness has always been about “core strength”. It’s what motivates people to do countless abdominal crunches to achieve that six-pack abs. However what really is core strength – is it just another way of saying “toning your abs”? There is more to building core strength than just doing crunches. The core is actually made up of three layers of muscles – the upper abs, the side (obliques) and the deep layer of muscles. These deep layers of muscles are the ones that help support your spine acting like a natural corset. It is incorporated in almost all planes of movement of the human body.


The difference between core and abdominal training is that core training not only targets the front side of your body but also the back. A movement that works your core, also works other muscles groups and that is why you see results much faster. Put simply, training your core not only helps you look thinner but also supports your spine. It is crucial to prevent back pain that affects people as they age. With a strong core, you naturally have more energy with each and every movement taken. We recognize the importance of training the core and offer group Pilates reformer and core suspend classes which are two

exercise systems unique and exclusive to the property. A mind/body workout, Pilates is known to be one of the best ways to build core strength. Unlike traditional Pilates that is usually taught one-on-one making it too expensive for most people to practice regularly and also less social, Absolute Sanctuary offers a group experience where students learn safe, challenging and powerful sequences in classes of six students. Classes centre around the ‘Pilates Reformer’, an intelligent machine that works like a weight trainer using springs as a form of resistance and a movable platform to focus on engaging the core. This versatile machine makes it easier to target and activate your core making your workout more effective and producing visible results sooner. The unique programming not only helps guests to build core strength but also to transform their bodies. As Joseph Pilates said “In ten sessions, you will feel the difference, in twenty sessions you will see the difference, in thirty sessions you will get a new body”.

anchored suspension ropes ensuring core activation and full engagement of the entire body. Unlike conventional fitness-based exercise programmes, each core blast programme has been precisely structured to ensure that students work the targeted areas efficiently. Most importantly students are taught how to properly use their breath and engage the right muscles for maximum results. Both group Pilates reformer and core suspend have a wide variety of classes to target different parts of the body such as abs and arms, butt and thighs and whole body workout, ensuring that guests get a well balanced workout. With a stronger core, guests often feel that their energy levels improve and they are able to perform movements with better ease as they initiate each movement with their core.

Core suspend, a new exercise system to get you in shape fast, centres around the use of suspension ropes. It is a highly effective training tool using two separately

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illa Eden is surrounded by beautiful nature and the panoramic Italian Alps. It’s a leading ‘Destination Spa’ and has been specializing in spiritual rejuvenation, healthy weight loss and the total tune-up of body and mind since 1982. Guests who choose its weight-loss programme are recommended to follow a diet based on the low-glycemic index as its experts believe it is the top-performing plan, giving a significant metabolic boost without causing undesirable side effects. Whilst a low-carb diet has an even better effect on metabolism than a low-glycemic plan, a low-carb diet also produces higher levels of cortisol (a stress hormone) and CRP (a marker of inflammation). These factors can raise the risk of developing heart disease and diabetes. The low-glycemic diet offers a happy medium. It’s a way of eating that can be followed by everybody, especially those suffering from metabolic disorders such as diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol levels. It helps stabilize blood sugar and metabolism and also has a beneficial impact on inflammation, stress hormones and other heart-health markers. A low-glycemic meal plan focuses on choosing the right types of carbohydrates that keep you feeling fuller for longer. High-glycemic carbs like white bread, white rice, potatoes and sugary baked goods are digested quickly and cause a dramatic spike in blood sugar and insulin, leaving the body hungry, less satisfied and with tiredness and loss of energy. Conversely, lower-glycemic carbs like whole grain pasta and rice, legumes (lentils or beans) and non-starchy vegetables take a long time for the body to absorb and appear to be more effective at satisfying hunger, leading you to eat less, potentially lose weight and have more strength and energy. A low-glycemic diet includes moderate amounts of fibre-rich legumes, non-starchy vegetables, fruit and whole grains, as well as lean proteins (fish, soy) and healthy fats (nuts, seeds, avocado, extra-virgin olive oil). A low-glycemic method of eating is a smart, healthy, manageable way to lose weight and keep it off in the long-term as it’s easy to continue back home.


A typical day on the programme would be: Breakfast Wholegrain bread with low carb marmalade or soy yoghurt with berries and nuts or seeds or fresh green juices. Lunch Mixed salad seasoned with a light vinaigrette, wholegrain pasta and rice seasoned with a light sauce made with vegetables or stewed legumes (lentils or beans) with wholemeal polenta. Dinner Fish and steamed vegetables or different kinds of vegetarian meals. Mid-afternoon snacks include fresh seasonal and exotic fruit. In addition, all guests are recommended to drink at least one litre of alkaline water for each 30 kilos of body weight to eliminate as many toxins and waste as possible.

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ENERGISE Aromatherapy full-body massage


n aromatherapy massage using warm essential oils is a wonderful way to de-stress and rejuvenate. The massage enhances blood circulation by pumping oxygen around the body into the organs and tissues and removing impurities. Rosemary is known to be an energising essential oil and did you know that when you inhale the oil, it sends messages to your limbic system which is the one that controls your feelings and influences your hormones and central nervous system? Essential oils work on two levels so you also absorb the oil which conditions your skin – a double whammy! 




here are thousands of nerve endings in the human foot and each of these is a reflex point that corresponds to a part of the body. By targeting these nerve endings, the reflexologist can assist the flow of energy through the body and to areas affected by stress or illness. Reflexology can help to restore balance and coax your body into healing itself physically and emotionally. It has a positive psychological impact on your wellbeing and you will inevitably sleep like a baby afterwards! It’s great for a range of ailments including bad circulation, back pain, headaches and anxiety and it’s interesting to know that no oils or liquids are used during the treatment.

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” Muhammad Ali



e think that more people should know about the wonders of Thalassotherapy – it seem to rather hide its light under a bushel. It’s one of the most beneficial, healthboosting systems in the world and helps to eliminate fatigue, stress and insomnia through the use of seawater in baths, jets and showers. The chemical make-up of seawater is the same as human blood so when heated to body temperature and applied, it allows the ions and minerals to be directly absorbed by the skin. This leads to boosted blood and lymphatic circulation, accelerated metabolism and the elimination of toxins. The use of high water jets can be very stimulating and can even help refine your figure and treat cellulite!



loat like a butterfly, sting like a bee’ to quote Muhammad Ali – boxing is one of the best ways to raise your energy levels. It stimulates all the muscle groups and is a great combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise, toning and building core strength. It teaches you to be reactive, agile and flexible and of course is the ultimate stress-buster. It’s excellent at burning visceral fat (the fat around your tummy), improves stamina, balance and co-ordination and of course who wouldn’t want to learn some empowering self-defence moves?

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For further information, or to speak to one of our wellbeing travel specialists, please call +44 207 644 6111 or email info@wellbeingescapes.com www.wellbeingescapes.com

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