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Two business owners show us their productivity techniques

Setting yourself apart in a crowded marketplace

Learn to speak graphic designer fluently PLUS SO MUCH MORE...

editors letter Penny Wort

Hi there! Great to have you back for Issue Two! It's no mistake these pages are packed with female business owners. March is 'Women's History Month' and March 8th is 'International Women's Day' so that had us keen to celebrate female feats. We aren't doing this to disclude men! We love men! We are just taking this moment in time to focus on the epic achievements of women and touch on the common-place issues we face in business. If there's one thing in common with female business owners it's this... work isn't our only priority. I'm convinced that flexibility in the workplace is one of the most pressing issues in business right now. To keep highly skilled women in the roles they are qualified for there needs to be allowances for autonomy. That's why so many women reading this magazine have started their own kick-arse businesses, to define what their own work day looks like so they can have life as well! The articles in this issue are guaranteed to get your cogs turning and also solve some of your concerns. Need to hire a designer? We've got an article for that. Need to boost your self-confidence about your work? We've got an article for that too. Looking for time-saving snacks? We've even got that covered. As with every issue of this magazine, we only touch on topics that will improve your business growth trajectory and give you better ideas! You will hear from the people most qualified to answer your questions... people who have started their own small businesses and been successful! Find out more about Well Being Business here:

the art of productivity + prioritising

article is for you. You will hear from two great

Words by: Penny Wort

Lauren Trlin is a life coach and business coach, she

women who are incredibly busy managing their day-to-day lives and their thriving businesses.

works with individuals and groups. I first heard her Complete mastery of my productivity seems to be

speak at an event last month and have since

an unattainable goal while operating a business.

discovered her blog The Modern Alchemist. Go take a look, it's epic.

It's a game of chasing the end of the rainbow. The more I research and refine my productivity skills,

Soulla Chamberlin is the powerhouse behind Star

the more I find new avenues and techniques to try.

Anise Organic Wholefoods. Soulla is a poster girl for putting unprocessed and nutrient dense

You are probably not a disaster at time

wholefoods back on the table. She runs foodie

management. How else would you have

hotspot Broth Bar & Larder, blogs, writes

coordinated all the fiddly little tasks to get your

cookbooks, holds workshops and supplies her

business off the ground? If you're like me you are

products to a growing list of cafes all over Sydney.

probably not a grand-master of scheduling and prioritising either.

I got to speak to these inspiring ladies and asked them how they manage all their different priorities

If you feel like you have more to learn then this

and how they increase productivity.

2. Overlap tasks ◦ In order to maximise my productivity and learning I’ve gotten into the habit of identifying “dead” parts of my day and using them more effectively. For example, I have hours and hours of podcasts and educational audio uploaded onto my phone and in my offline Dropbox folder. I’ll listen to that content while: Attending a beauty appointment such as visiting the hairdresser; Going for a walk; Waiting for and sitting on public transport; Driving a car; While preparing a meal. ◦ Doing this, allows me to fit in an additional 6 to 10 hours of learning, inspiration and educational material a week. It would be time otherwise wasted or used less efficiently.


3. Schedule in everything including free time! ◦ I love what I do and I love working. The problem with this is that I always seem to (conveniently) run out of time to exercise and look after myself.

Lauren gave us her top 4 pointers for productivity:

◦ I trick myself into enjoying personal and exercise time by scheduling it into my day. I now view it as

1. Chunk up your time

part of my job and I don’t waste precious willpower

◦ In order to find peak flow (the state where you

deciding when I’m going to exercise or read a book.

lose track of time), you need to create the right

◦ The schedule makes the time I set aside for

environment and put aside enough time to allow

myself non-negotiable. This way I cannot avoid it.

yourself to enter into and work in flow.

◦ Recommended books on this topic: Willpower:

◦ If I need to produce content such as a blog post

Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength.

or a newsletter, I generally make an estimate of the time it will take and then I double that time. It

4. Delete all social media and time wasting apps

always takes longer than you think it will.

◦ This sounds so extreme but it’s fundamental to

◦ When I want to achieve flow, I switch off my

saving time. Once you get used to it, you also

email and place my phone in “Do Not Disturb”

realise how much less stressful life is.

mode. I close all web browsers, put on some music

◦ I have deleted almost all of my social media apps

and focus solely on that one task for a period of a

from my mobile. Those that I haven’t deleted, I’ve

few hours.

muted all notifications for those applications.

◦ Typically, you can expect to only get through 1 or 2 flow periods a day.

Lauren has made her incredible productivity guide

◦ Recommended books on this topic: The 4

available to well being business magazine

Disciplines of Execution .

readers here.

For type A personalities like myself who want to create and do so many things I often feel overwhelmed and pressured by a tremendous sense of urgency to be all things to all people. The “so much to do, so little time” mentality. I felt this from a young age. This year I’m working on the two following strategies to manage my time: 1. Delegate all the stuff that others can do that I don’t have to do. I have employed more staff at Broth Bar to serve customers and make all the products. I have a highly efficient and capable operations manager who can run the retail store


and manage the staff. I will buy a company car for her to use so I don’t need to do any of the deliveries or purchasing of products. After being quite hands-on in nurturing the retail store from its birth for the past year, it is time for me to step

I am still struggling with this one. Learning how to

back and allow my highly competent and trained

priortise my work and what to give my energy and

staff to run Broth Bar & Larder largely in my

attention to is tricky when you are spreading


yourself so thinly with wanting to do so many things.

2. Spend more time doing the things I love to do that nurture my soul: blogging, cooking classes,

When I’m working I feel guilty that I’m not playing

new recipe creation, health coaching, speaking

with the kids. When I’m with playing with the kids,

engagements, starting my cook book #grandplan,

I feel guilty that my staff are toiling away and I am

working on the strategic direction of the company,

not. When I am serving customers all day long at

meeting with potential new stockists, liaising with

Broth Bar I feel overwhelmed that I am not in front

existing ones, and spending time with my kids

of the PC getting on top of my mounting admin or

(because in a nano second they will be all grown

reading the countless nutrition books and articles


on my bedside table. When I am blogging I feel too far removed from the coal face at Broth Bar &

There will always be spanners in the works. Some

Larder. When I’m not blogging, I yearn for it.

pesky issue, great or small, that occurs on a regular basis that thwarts my time management plan for

Add to that the responsibilities of running a

the day. But being clear on what it is I want to do

household (and all that that entails) and raising 2

and don’t want to do, and setting out a plan for

young kids. It’s enough to make a single mama

how I want to spend my day so I am not so reactive,

break out in a cold sweat.

is, I think, a great start.

what's on our moodboard this month?



away from the pack Claudia Beyer discusses her business, BareVitality Fitness, and how she sets herself apart from the masses.

Page 7

I'm based in Balmain, Sydney, an area where there is a fitness or yoga studio on nearly every corner.

you shouldn’t do these things, rather it just wasn’t right for me at that point in time.

I suppose one of my advantages as such was I started up from a complete point of wanting to connect with my community and share the gift of health.

If I had done those things from the beginning, yes I may have built up quicker, however it wouldn’t have been the loyal clientele I was after.

I had previously done a Bachelor of Business Degree and if I am honestly I probably did the opposite of everything I learnt. I didn’t research my competitors, create a business plan or set business goals. Not to say

I had a vision of who I wanted to help and I honestly believe my non ‘businessy’, very personalised vibe attracted my desired clientele. From a rather yogi point of view, they had to find me, rather than me find them for their health journey to be successful.

• Which bring me onto the next point, without saying the quality of what they are receiving needs to be awesome!! Always Quality over Quantity! You want all these very happy clients singing very happy words about your business wherever they go. Word of mouth is such an under estimated tool to your businesses success.

So what are some of my top tips that’s helped me build the BareVitality Community?

• Once you have all this sorted make sure you’re on social channels!! Facebook and Instagram in particular. In this day and age if you don’t have a thriving online presence, people automatically assume your business is outdated or lacks visibility for a reason… usually they assume not a very good reason. Social channels are also your best way to get the word out about what you do, who you are and what your all about. While also targeting that desired niche.

• Make your website relatable and personable. Allow people to feel they already know you before they shoot that email or pick up the phone. Share the background story of how your business came about and why it’s so important to you. • Next get clear on NOT what you want your clients/ customers to receive, but rather the experience you want them to have. How a person felt during their interactions with your business is so much more relevant to their returned business and spreading the good word than what they actually received.

• Other than that, keeps things real. You want your clients to trust you. Really take the time to get to know them and for them to get to know you. Human interaction is so powerful! ….and most importantly, have fun doing what you’re doing ever single day!! Your energy will be contagious!!


I wanted to connect with women who find health and fitness over whelming, daunting and/ or who have negative beliefs towards themselves and their bodies. I wanted to connect with those who were sick of exercising regularly and not seeing results.

Connect with Claudia BareVitality @claudiabeyer_barevitality

Join your community! Search 'Healthy Small Business Community' in Facebook

inspiration from real business owners (just like you)


"Potential customers research online these days, and will view your website & social media platforms to get to know the business, before they buy. They also like to show their purchases to others, by posting their own images of using the products. I use a fair bit of Facebook advertising and AdWords for this reason." CASS HENRY, HEALTH BLENDS "I encourage you to use your experiences, good or bad, and turn them into opportunities. Take control of your health, take control of your life and your mind and you’ll be astounded with the doors that open up for you." AMARRA BOWKETT, RARE BIRDS CO. "Build your personal brand and start to create an online portfolio of your work." LINDA SERRANO, NATURAL THERAPIST JOBS

comfortable on camera I'm Briony Kate and I specialise as an Intuitive communication and on camera expert. I teach conscious entrepreneurs, the mastery of on camera communication, so they can show up and shine out as the face of their enterprises. I have packaged my 14 years’ industry experience and training as a professional TV Presenter, along with my qualifications as an NLP practitioner and life coach, to assist entrepreneurs to develop their own on camera 'X Factor' so, they can inspire, impact and ignite their tribes globally. Here are 3 Top Foundation Tips I recommend, to elevate your impact as an On-Camera communicator. These can also be used in live presentations. TUNE IN – GET CLEAR. Spend some time being on purpose about your presentation. Most people grab a camera or phone and just point and shoot and get an average result. Plan and prepare your delivery through inspiration. Pre-record your presentations so that you can get ‘into your groove’ and create a more polished piece. Focus on WHAT you are saying and HOW you are saying it, so that you increase your composure and communicate more clearly. Set yourself apart from the majority: Intend your Outcome. Present with Purpose. Speak Succinctly.

In the last issue we covered the basics you will need to get started filming your own videos. Now build on that knowledge.

TUNE ON – GET COMPOSED PAUSE POWER. Practise the power of the PAUSE. It will serve you and your audience very well and be one of your greatest communication tools. This gives your audience time to digest what you are saying whilst connecting with presence and poise, and ultimately, composure and confidence. TUNE OUT – GET CONNECTED. Throw your attention onto your audience. Spotlight them! a. What do you want them to HAVE? b. Who do you need to BE for you to better serve them? c. What do you have to DO, to give it to them? Set yourself a clear intention on what you want the outcome to be, for yourself and your audience. Remember to deliver your message through the camera not to the camera. And most of all, get creative in your delivery because that is entertaining!

Connect with Briony Kate ButterfliesToBrillianceWithBrionyKate

Extract from Phenomenal Woman



Phenomenal woman, That’s me. Men themselves have wondered What they see in me. They try so much But they can’t touch My inner mystery. When I try to show them, They say they still can’t see. I say, It’s in the arch of my back, The sun of my smile, The ride of my breasts, The grace of my style. I’m a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That’s me. Now you understand Just why my head’s not bowed. I don’t shout or jump about Or have to talk real loud. When you see me passing, It ought to make you proud. I say, It’s in the click of my heels, The bend of my hair, the palm of my hand, The need for my care. ’Cause I’m a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That’s me.

flex in business Words by: Penny Wort

Kate Kendall is a yoga teacher, nature lover,

WBB: What kinds of benefits can busy people

business owner, Blackmores wellbeing ambassador

expect when they practice yoga regularly?

and student of anything that lights her up!

KK: Greater physical freedom, healthy nervous and digestion systems, improved sleep and a

We hear a lot about the benefits yoga can lend to

clearer outlook on life.

your state of mind. So I sat down with Kate to discuss how yoga can become a part of the work

WBB: Do you have some tips for finding the time

day and what kinds of plus points regular practice

to do yoga in a busy day?

can bring.

KK: Yes! Just do it. Plain old simple make time for it. Taking an hour out of your day for a class leads

Well Being Business: How can yoga help business

to greater productivity, I promise, so no matter

owners manage their home and work life?

how busy you are – lock it in. When you physically

Kate Kendall: Yoga trains you for grace under

can’t make it, push yourself away from your desk

pressure, to not stress the small stuff and to

and take ten deep breaths. This is also yoga. In

remain calm in times of ‘crazy’. This means we’re

fact, any time that you’re practicing presence is

better bosses, colleagues, mums, Dads, siblings and


lovers. Ultimately whatever you do in life, yoga makes you more present with it which ultimately leads to better choices, higher productivity and from this, I would argue, greater fulfilment.


yoga for focus

I asked Kate which poses could help us refocus in the midst of a crazy day at work...

1. Reclined Butterfly: lie down with a bolster of

2. Bridge Pose: From Supta Badokanasana, bring

pillow underneath the spine, length ways, arms out

knees together with feet flat and hip dance apart.

shoulder height. It’s an awesome way to open

Place hands flat by your side and, on an inhalation,

chest, shoulders and hips and help you breathe

lift hips skyward. Wriggle shoulders under the

deeply. It’s a subtle backbend which is great for

body and interlace hands. Ten deep breaths.

positivity and energy. Stay as long as feels good. The longer the better!



(aside from this excellent magazine of course)

This month we round up our top three women's articles. Click to be taken to the full article...







snack shortcuts Look, this is a magazine with business at it's core. However, business owners need to snack and snack often! You will have seen our Instagram Stories (@wellbeingbusiness) often displaying the latest and greatest healthy snacks we've found. For full disclosure it's not always healthy, there's also quite a bit of chocolate involved. This month we've put in a little bit more effort than unwrapping a bliss ball... and tried out three mixes in the name of research. They were all really delicious and really easy so definitely met super quick snack requirements for the 3pm slump.

Adventure Snacks: We made the sweet potato and zucchini muffins and they were delish! We subbed a few ingredients to make them vegan as well as gluten free and baked them in mini-loaf pans instead of a muffin pan. They took about half an hour to make (including baking time) so that's a win!

Wholefood Society: The organic banana bread mix was a favourite with everyone who tried it. It takes about an hour to prepare (55 mins of that is baking time) but it's worth it.

| PAGE 15

Food To Nourish: The Paleo Seed Bread is a great alternative for afternoon snacking and was probably the healthiest of the three packets we reviewed. My best attempt at gluten free bread for sure!

overcoming comparison Words by: Connie Chapman

One of the key triggers for comparison is spending too much time looking outwards at other people’s business, lives and creations. The more energy you give to what you see going on around you, the more disconnected you will become from your own personal vision. Your passion, creativity and ideas will become diluted through excessive consumption of other people’s content and creations. When this happens, it is important for you to catch it. Pay attention to how you feel as you are scrolling through other people’s work. There may be times that this feels uplifting and inspiring, but in the moments that it doesn’t feel good, it is time to put your phone down, and tune back into yourself. Your heart’s desire needs your love, attention and energy in order to become a reality. Just like a delicate seed that has been planted, it needs to you tend to it with love and care. But every time you compare ourselves to another, you are starving your little dream seeds of the nourishment that it needs to blossom. You have been given a unique vision and dream for what you are here to create. It may appear similar to another persons creation on the outside, but no one will be able to share, create and deliver it in the unique you that only you can. You have been given this idea because it is yours, and yours alone to create, and that needs to be honoured

Connie is a lifecoach and host of Awaken Radio. You can connect with her here: @connie_chapman

I also recommend you take time every day to tune back into your heart and re-connect with the love and passion for what you want to create. Focus back on your vision and remind yourself why you began in the first place. And then ask yourself ‘What is one step I can take today to move forward today?’. You don't need to do things in the same way others are, or follow the pack. Rather, if you can listen deeply to yourself and your own heart, you will find all of the guidance and information you need to make your dreams a reality.

how to speak graphic design Words by: Stephanie De Palo The world of design can be a scary and confusing place. With hundreds and thousands of designers out there it’s hard to know which ones are the real deal, and which ones are creating designs in Powerpoint (yes, I’ve seen it done). And even when you do find a designer, how do you tell them exactly what it is you want?

Majority of good designers will only give you a certain amount of ideas and changes before they start charging you extra. And what happens if you go through the whole process only to realise you hate the final product? Do you grin and bare it, or do you hire a new designer to redo the job. I have a few tips to avoid those sorts of situations, as well as how to get the most out of your designer, ensuring you aren’t washing your money down a drain.

How to choose the right designer for you So who do you choose? In this day and age there are so many designers out there I’m sure you know someone who knows someone who is a graphic designer. Or you’ve heard of sites like Fiverr and Upwork which literally have thousands of designers on there. How do you pick the right one for you? My biggest piece of advice would be to look at their work!

Secondly, make sure you get along with your chosen designer. They should be open to listen to your ideas when you first approach them, and be willing to work with you to get a design you’re happy with. A good designer should be able to take your ideas and turn them into a functioning design. They will know that graphic design isn’t just about making something that looks pretty, it’s about creating a functional design that appeals to an audience. Don’t be offended if your designer tells you that your idea won’t work, you are paying them for their expertise. Not to be a photocopier! If you want high quality, custom designs, avoid sites like Fiverr, Design Crowd, 99 Designs and so on. The designers on these sites charge so little because majority of the time they aren’t spending hours and hours on your designs. And they aren’t coming up with original ideas. A good place to find freelance designers is on The Loop. There is generally a higher quality of designers on there, who are worth the money.

Words that a designer may use (and make you go “huh?”) So heres a few words your designer may use during the briefing process:


Look at every piece of work they have done, and see if their style appeals to you. For example, if you wanted something with hand drawn illustrations in it, you wouldn’t go for a designer who only has computer drawn images in their works. Although a talented designer should be able to do any style you like, super talented designers are hard to find amongst all the others. So it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Brief: This is essentially the information you give your designer about how you want your design to look. This needs to be as specific as possible so that you don’t waste yours and your designers time creating something that you aren’t going to like. I’ll go into briefing a bit more below. Concept(s): This is an idea. For example, if you’re getting a logo designed your designer may give you 3-4 ‘concepts’. So 3-4 designs for you to choose from. You then pick the concept you like best and make changes to that one until you get a design you’re happy with. Note: for big jobs like brochures or magazines your designer probably won’t give you more than one concept. So ensure that you give them the best brief you can. Revision(s): Are changes that are made to a design. One revision could have several changes, for example: change a font, change the colour of an object, and move something to a different spot. They would all fall under one revision as the designer is making the changes all in one sitting. Designers usually include 2 or 3 revisions in their price. So when you give your designer changes, try and give them everything in one go, so as not to use up all your revisions. It’s a good idea to look over your concept for a day or two so that you can work out what changes you might like.

How to brief your designer Your brief is probably the most important part of the who process. A good brief will ensure that your interaction with the designer runs smoothly. Your brief isn’t just about telling your designer how you want the design to look. You also need to tell them where the design is going to be used, and who is going to be seeing it. Include in your brief: - What colours and fonts you like. You don’t have to be super specific, but the more specific you are the better. - What sort of style you want the design to be, i.e. hand drawn, bold, minimal etc. - What is the design for? What message are you trying to get across? - Who is the audience/target market for the design? - If you can, include examples of designs that you like. But don’t ask the designer to copy exactly what you supply. A good designer will take all the information you give them and add their own touches to it. Find out more If you want to know more about hiring a designer, and things you should look out for, check out my eBook 'How To Speak Graphic Design'. Think of this book as your secret weapon to getting the most out of your designer, and making sure you don’t waste your time and money!

click here to check out the eBook


pump these up


BUSINESS ADDICTS A sneak peek behind the scenes with some of the brightest Aussie business owners.


AWAKEN RADIO A lifestyle podcast which will help you take a break from the daily grind and tune-in to yourself again.


NO FILTER Mia Freedman interviews a broad cross section of people. Expect free speech and some great food for thought.

the softer skills Words: Penny Wort Images: Harper Collective + Well Being Business

Oprah, Arianna Huffington, Melanie Gleeson, Ronni Kahn are just a few incredible business women who are well known for combing business smarts with the softer skills. Clearly a winning combination. The way I see it there are the nuts and bolts of business management, the skills you need to actually run it. Then there is the part that’s sometimes called 'mindset' or ‘emotion’. This magazine, you will have noticed, is largely devoted to the nuts and bolts. However, a few weeks ago I went along to an event called ‘Rise And Inspire’ and the message was loud and clear… you have to fix your mindset to set yourself up for success. As business women we have fear, we have conflict, we have created negative mindset habits that get in the way of us getting what we want. Let me pull out the best bits from the event to help you get your mind right. These particular nuggets of wisdom are from a panel discussion with Alicia Penhorwood, Danielle Bowern and Connie Chapman. Emotion in business When the topic of emotion came up I felt myself tense up. Feeling wary of the way women get called ‘emotional’ to belittle us in the workplace. I was relieved when instead the topic was discussed with immense sensitivity and covered how we can harness our thoughts and feelings to better succeed in business.

Connie and Danielle discussed the negativity that comes from comparison, how getting caught up in someone else's journey can lead to loosing your own identity. They recommended taking time away from social media to really be in tune with your own unique ideas and to marinate on your business without outside influence. At times you will probably feel jealous and want to compare your work to someone who has been in the business a lot longer and who is more successful. This can also be transformed into something productive by going


back to your business plan and reminding yourself what your original intentions were. By reconnecting with your own original idea and the plan you have to make it successful, you are validating yourself. The term ‘energy leaks’ was also discussed. I wasn’t previously aware of what this meant and wasn’t sure of how it really applied to running a business. I learnt that you are leaking energy when you waste your emotional energy on a business that’s not yours. You are better served by channeling that effort into your own work and let it spark a desire within you. Fear in business What makes you hesitant? What are those things that make you have to work harder to push past. That's how fear was discussed at this event. The speakers shared personal experiences they have had with fear. Issues ranging from self-doubt to asking for help.

"Only ask for advice from people who have what you want." | PAGE 21

The recommendations about overcoming fear were not 'get over it' or 'push through'. Instead they were around creating step-by-step plans to help yourself grow in confidence and be kinder to yourself. After listening to the speakers I was convinced that acknowledging any obstacle I face can be treated a bit more gently in the future, and that it's not a 'cop out' to deal with a fear gradually. Haters in business Business is one of the greatest personal growth journeys we can go on. If someone close to you knocks your confidence it can feel like a huge setback and make you question your ideas. Connie shared a story of having to break away from her tribe to pursue a new career. Her advice was to "only ask for advice from people who have what you want". If you’re leaving your 9-5 job for a life of flexible freelance work then don’t seek out the opinions of your old colleagues, it probably won't be helpful. Manifestation in business I’m really quite cynical when words like ‘manifestation’ get thrown around. However, what was being discussed at this event just made sense. The idea is that if you think positively you are leaving yourself open, if you leave some of your business to chance it will work in your favour. If you clarify your vision of what you really want in


business you’re part way into ‘the art of manifestation’. The second part is to remove blockages, which is all about a negative mindset really and bad habits of not embracing change. So from what I understand it’s about feeling clear and in control to a certain point, then letting go of a rigid plan and letting your work flow and flex with events as they happen. Considering I'm a bit of a planning fanatic I will be trying to involve a lot more of this mindset into my 90 day plans going forwards. It just seems like a better way to invite new ideas to come and grow as I tick off my 'to do' list. Rise and Inspire events If you like what you've read about this event I attended, connect with The Harper Collective. Alicia Penhorwood, the founder of The Harper Collective, creates this event series to give people an unfiltered look into business. "We can often compare ourselves to others through social media or everyday conversations and I wanted guests to see the real behind the scenes of running a business and to realise that they are not alone on this amazing journey." says Alicia. @harpercollectivemgmt

| PAGE 22

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