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David McLeod, The Welland Report

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Welland at a Glance

City of Welland Population (2006 census): 50,331 Regional Niagara Population: 427,421 Area: 83.5 sq km Major Welland Employers • Bosch Rexroth Canada • Canadian Tire Financial Services Ltd. • Convergys CMG Canada Limited Partnership • District School Board of Niagara • Lakeside Steel Corporation • Niagara Health System – Welland Hospital • Niagara College • OSM Solarform Corp. • Salit Steel • Welded Tube Residential Real Estate Values • New detached approx value (June 2010): $176,346 • Average resale price (2009): $194,336


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Message from David McLeod

Chair, Welland Development Commission It is an honour to be a part of the third edition of “Made in Welland”. As chair of the Welland Development Commission I continue to learn about Welland’s evolving economic landscape. While Welland faces similar challenges of communities who are replacing a manufacturing base, there is an undeniable transformation that is gaining momentum. New advanced manufacturing companies such as OSM Solar Corp. have invested in Welland and have taken advantage of a manufacturing ready workforce. By making Welland their home they have made a bold business statement that they will “make it in Welland”. As a direct result, component suppliers are considering the advantages of locating in Welland. There are several recent examples of existing companies in Welland making significant investments in their own businesses like the expansion at Hydac. Truly a sign of their business commitment and a firm belief they will continue to “make it in Welland”. Other companies like Welded Tube and Salit Steel now call Welland home. The recent sale of 90 Atlas Avenue bringing over 100 jobs to Welland is another sign businesses foresee a positive future. New manufacturing, new investment and new businesses - proof people are recognizing opportunity in Welland. Teamwork and partnerships are key to rebuilding an economic base. By supporting one another and continuing to build on successes, others will make Welland their home and “make it in Welland”. Please enjoy this edition of Made in Welland and reflect on how you can have a positive impact on Welland’s economy. David McLeod Welland City Councillor, Ward 2 Chair - Welland Development Commission

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Recent Developments

• OSM SolarForm Corp. (new manufacturing facility)

• Solar Rooftop Project 250Kw

• Atlas Landfill Remediation Project

• Welded Tube (new manufacturing facility)

• Welland Sports Complex

• Welland Community Wellness Complex

• LED Street Lighting (Welland the first municipality • Welland Toyota in North America to fully convert city streetlights to • French Family Health Centre light-emitting diodes) • Welland Arena Renovations

Made In Welland ... Just 2 turns from Toronto


Top 5


1 Location. Location. Location. Access to 75% of North America’s purchasing power. Welland is enviable in terms of business and personal fulfillment. The City is strategically and conveniently located within Ontario’s “Golden Horseshoe” region. The Golden Horseshoe is centred by Metropolitan Toronto, which is Canada’s largest consumer market and an integral part of its industrial heartland.

Financial Incentives Over 50 provincial and federal programs to help finance your growth in Welland. From interest and principal free loans, R & D tax credits, training and job creation programs and support for green energy technology investment, Welland is one of the most attractive places to do business. Visit to download our Innovation Support Program featuring over 50 pages of support funding and initiatives. 4

Welland Highlights: • Within driving distance of 60% of the U.S. and 62% of the Canadian industrial market • Easy access to the U.S. and major international transportation gateways by auto, plane and train • Seven of the top 10 U.S. industrial states are within one day’s trucking of Welland • Welland is closer to major U.S. markets than Florida, Texas and California

Labour Force - Skilled & Established Manufacturing Base Welland is at the geographical centre of Niagara’s diversified manufacturing base and supply chain network. Welland’s 25,000 strong labour force has ready-to-go experience and depth in precision machining, metal forming, electrical & connectivity, hydraulics and power distribution. The region also excels in advanced manufacturing, aerospace, shipbuilding, logistics, transportation equipment and primary metal manufacturing. Welland is also ideally situated to supply Canadian, American and international markets with JIT manufacturing and preclearance border programs to speed the flow of traffic across the border. Welland also has easy access to world-class automotive research centres at Niagara College, McMaster University, the University of Waterloo and the University of Windsor.

you should be

Made in Welland Innovation, Academic and Industry Partnership Leverage world-class research, technology and innovation to help you grow. Recognized as a small town with big ideas, Welland was the first city in Canada to develop a free WiFi network. In recognition of our energy conservation efforts, Welland has recently been designated as a LED City. These are just two examples of our eagerness to embrace big ideas and lead the world in innovation. But we know we can’t do it alone. Welland is a case study on how industry and academia can work together to do great things.


Notable partnerships include:

Niagara College: Niagara Research & the Research and Innovation Division (applied research)

Horticulture and Greenhouse: Wavelength-Selective Thin-film Solar Cells research & construction for optimizing power generation and plant health with roof-top placements

Vineland Innovation and Research Centre: horticulture and floriculture research, innovation and commercial activity

McMaster University: Manufacturing Research Institute

Niagara College & Brock University Partnership in the Golden Horseshoe Biosciences Network

Brock University Research: Niagara Health and Bioscience Research Complex, Cool Climate Oenology & Viticulture Institute, Centre for Digital Humanities

Quality of Life Welland is accessible, abundant and acclaimed. If you want quality of life, then there’s no better place than Welland to settle down and raise a family. Welland and the Niagara Region are among Canada’s most culturally rich, affordable and safe places to live. Cost of living expenses are among Canada’s lowest including larger centres such as London, Kitchener–Waterloo and Toronto.

Made In Welland ... Just 2 turns from Toronto


Positioned for Strategic Growth

Emerging Opportu Green Energy Technology While the rest of Canada and the world are rushing to make decisions and build a climate and infrastructure for long term investment and development in green energy, Welland is ready. More importantly, the Welland Hydro-Electric Holding Corp., a city owned utility, not only delivers the required grid capacity but will minimize the red tape required to set up production and get to market quickly. Our industry and academic partnerships have put Welland at the forefront of innovation and new technologies related to alternative and sustainable energy sources. Welland is ready: • Ontario Green Energy Act gives Welland a competitive advantage over other North American jurisdictions • Ontario’s “feed-in tariff” program, pays power producers a set price for energy from renewable sources in some cases [ e.g. solar energy ], far above market rates • Ontario’s $2.3 billion investment in transmission infrastructure which will reduce timelines and risk involved with renewable energy power projects • The Niagara Region has already invested in a number of leading-edge cogeneration projects • Welland has become part of an international consortium of cities committed to using LED (light-emitting diode) lighting technologies within their electrification grids to reduce energy usage • Welland is a member of the The Great Lakes Wind Network (GLWN) an industry-led network of North American manufacturers and suppliers. The GLWN works with wind turbine OEMs and major suppliers, identifies critical component needs, and connects pre-qualified manufacturers with new potential customers 6

Health, Wellness and Life Sciences Niagara’s demographic composition is changing. Welland has capitalized on this and is taking the lead in developing an environment that fosters business expansion, encouraging product and service development that will support the adult lifestyle trends in the Region. Welland’s Health and Wellness Services Growth Plan was developed to take advantage of a number of significant projects in the Region including: a new regional cancer clinic and hospital in St. Catharines; establishment of the McMaster Niagara Family Health Centre; the Brock Health and Bioscience Research Centre and our very own Niagara College Applied Health Institute. • The $90 million Niagara Health and Biosciences Research Complex and the Centre of Innovation for Biomanu facturing present a timely opportunity for investment in Welland • A new multifaceted Life Sciences Campus on the Canal will consolidate emerging health-related services and industries as part of a revitalization plan for the King Street area

unities in Welland Advanced Manufacturing and Automotive Growth Welland is strategically situated in the heart of Southern Ontario, on the U.S./Canada border. It is within a day’s drive of 55% of all U.S. manufacturing activity and half of the U.S. population. Preclearance border programs speed the flow of traffic across the border. Welland and the Region enjoy a strong manufacturing base with expertise in precision machining, casting, forging and metal fabrication. Over 200 advanced manufacturing and automotive related manufacturers are within a 20 minute drive from Welland. Welland is home to international companies like E.S. Fox, Bosch Rexroth, Canada Forgings, Welland Forge (FKI Ind. Canada Inc.), Lakeside Steel, Indexable Cutting Tools, Vesuvius Canada Inc. and CRS Electronics. Welland has easy access to world-class automotive research centres including: The Centre for Integrated Manufacturing and Applied Research at Niagara College, the McMaster University Manufacturing Research Institute, the Automotive Materials and Manufacturing Centre at the University of Waterloo and the Automotive Research and Development Centre at the University of Windsor. The April 2010 announcement by GM to invest US $235 million in its St. Catharines plant will have significant impact on Welland’s advanced manufacturing sector.

Made In Welland ... Just 2 turns from Toronto

Sports Tourism Welland is a truly authentic canal city. But the eponymous canal that defines the city is more than a gateway to North America’s industrial heartland. It also serves as a magnet in the burgeoning field of sports tourism. The completion of a large bypass in 1973 left a large segment of the Welland Canal in the heart of the city free from ship traffic. Today, this old section of the canal is known as the Welland Recreational Waterway, and is home to many year-round sports competitions and outdoor events, annual festivals, waterfront music concerts, and multicultural attractions. One of the keys to the waterway’s success is the Welland International Flatwater Centre. With controlled and protected waters, the venue offers superb competitive conditions for paddle sports and open water swimming. Welland is the destination of choice for many national canoe, kayak and rowing competitions. The city also welcomes the world, having won recent bids for several major international meets Welland’s grasp on the sports tourism market also owes much credit to numerous grassroots efforts, attracting hundreds of tournaments for soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, curling, gymnastics, tennis, triathlons and many more.


Welland set to become first LED city in North America Earlier this fall, Welland’s City Council unanimously approved an agreement with Appalachian Lighting to make Welland the first city in North America to fully convert city streetlights to light-emitting diodes (LED), from the current high pressure sodium lights. Having test piloted LED bulbs in both standard and decorative street lights over the past few years, Welland was sold on the fiscal, environmental and functional benefits of LED street lighting.

“Replacing a single traditional 250W street light with a 120W LED eliminates as many carbon emissions as pulling an average car off the road.”

When other municipalities follow suit to realize these benefits, it’s expected to launch a veritable LED revolution. The seeds of revolution are spreading. Oakville and Mississauga have also committed to full LED streetlight conversions, but Welland will be on the map as being the first!

Why LED?

LED lights are more energy efficient, using only a fraction of the electricity required to power high-pressure sodium bulbs. Moreover, the current bulbs wear out after two and a half years, while LEDs can last for up to two decades. It’s a big undertaking to replace 6,710 streetlights over the course of a few months, but the effort is well worth it. The bottom line? Even after all capital and related financing costs are incurred, Welland projects a huge $2.3 million savings over a 15-year period.


Made In Welland ... Just 2 turns from Toronto

New Technology

With the LED switchover comes advances in lighting technology that will provide additional benefits for residents. City staff will actually be able to control the intensity of individual street lights throughout the city. They’ll be able to adjust the brightness of the lights when suitable, to further reduce energy consumption overnight. The technology could also help emergency responders. For instance, if first-response workers are rushing to a 911 call, the streetlight in front of the destination could be intensified to make it easier for responders to find the right home.

Green Energy

The City expects to complete the conversion of its regular light standards by April and its decorative fixtures by the end of 2012. Welland is literally lighting the way when it comes to green energy technology!

As a rule of thumb, a LED street light can replace a high pressure sodium light with bulbs rated at half the original wattage. For example, a tradition 250W bulb will only need a 120W LED light to achieve the same illumination. In addition to monetary savings, there is a significant environmental benefit to LEDs. One manufacturer estimates that over the product’s lifetime, a 120W LED will produce 13,000 fewer pound of CO2 emissions – about as much as an average passenger car produces in 14 months of driving!

Welland a “Brownie” Finalist Enter Walker Environmental of nearby Niagara Falls, Ontario, who lent remediation expertise and installed a groundwater containment wall called a Waterloo barrier, a leading-edge product used across North America for protecting groundwater and river systems from contaminants. Welland was a deserving finalist in the Canadian Urban Institute’s, 2011 “Brownie Awards”, recognizing leadership and innovation in brownfield redevelopment. The Atlas Landfill Remediation Project was a strong entry as one of four finalists in the financing, risk management and partnership award category. The project, developed through a partnership between the City of Welland and Walker Environmental Group, illustrates the City’s innovative and responsible approach to environmental stewardship. When Atlas Steels closed down in 2009, it left the City with a $13 million liability to clean up the landfill site on the north side of Woodlawn Road, not to mention a potential environmental problem in the long-term if left unaddressed.

The partnership is a true win-win for the company, the City and residents alike. By allowing Walker Environmental to continue running the site for the disposal of nonhazardous solid waste from other brownfield sites throughout Niagara and the Greater Toronto Area, the City expects to bring in about $4.5 million over the 10year life of the facility. At that time, the cost of remediating the site will be borne by Walker Environmental. In a related note, progress is being made by Atlas Steels’ successor company, which recently fired up furnaces at what remains of the old site, part of an effort to begin producing and selling steel billets once again. 9

Welland Champion Update All of Welland is Energized , by CRS Recent Deals Featured in Made in Welland’s premiere issue, CRS Electronics continues to make huge strides in putting Welland on the map as the LED capital of Canada. CRS Electronics recently signed an exclusive 5-year licensing agreement with Eveready Battery Company Inc., a subsidiary of Energizer Holdings Inc., for CRS to manufacture a suite of LED lighting products under the brand name Energizer. “It was very much of an honour that Energizer approached and chose us,” said Al Hussey, COO of CRS Electronics. “They’d heard of us from a couple of sources. We happen to be highly recommended by the (U.S.) department of energy as a best-in-class producer.” The Welland-based LED manufacturer also concluded a supply agreement with a yet-to-be-disclosed North American retailer to supply these Energizer-branded products to all its retail locations. The two announcements mean one thing: CRS has been extremely busy as of late. The company produced more than 25,000 LED bulbs in the third quarter of this


year to stock the shelves of that yet-to-be-identified retailer. This inventory is expected to turnover three or four times in 2012. Plus negotiations are also underway with other major retailers to sell the products. The company expects to double its capacity in 2012 alone. Both Energizer and the major retailer will be heavily promoting the new line of LED lighting, including a North American TV campaign being launched in the new year. To meet the growing demand, CRS will definitely be hiring, although the number of positions has yet to be announced. “We’re fortunate to be able to draw on a very experienced workforce here in Welland,” said Scott Riesebosch, President of CRS Electronics. “Not just line workers, but quality control experts, production supervisors, finance people and maintenance staff. It takes a diverse and capable team to achieve and maintain the quality that CRS prides ourselves on – and that enabled us to take this giant leap forward with Energizer.”


Company: CRS Electronics Industry: LED Bulbs Past Clients: Harvard University - Boston, Starbucks - Seattle, Banff Park Museum - Banff, Best Buy - national, Humber College - Toronto

Sun Shine Continues for OSM Solarform Welland’s OSM Solar Corp., featured in a recent issue of “Made in Welland”, continues to position itself for growth in the solar photovoltaic market. With a planned annual production capacity of 75MW The company recently negotiated an agreement to combine assets with Solarform Canada Ltd., a solar panel distributor and installation equipment supplier. The new partnership creates a larger entity with even greater presence in the solar panel industry. OSM Solar Corp. changes its name to OSM Solarform Canada under the agreement. In addition to its Symphony Energy line of solar panels, OSM will now be manufacturing the popular Juli New Energy panel systems in the Welland plant. It’s a win-win situation for both companies, creating an enhanced customer base, stronger sales network, wider access to global expertise and improved manufacturing capabilities. “Combining forces with Solarform Canada gives OSM immediate market strength and leverage in the solar photovoltaic industry,” says John Gamble, CEO of OSM Solarform. “As the solar market continues to mature, demand for multiple size panels and increasing efficiencies has become the norm. We are perfectly positioned to meet this need.”

of photovoltaics, OSM’s Welland facility can now offer new poly and mono crystalline solar modules in three size formats, ranging from 180W to 310W. The company is also introducing the custom manufacturing of BIPV “Building Integrated PV” which can be used in lieu of typical windowpanes for the production of solar energy. OSM’s Welland location is a distinct advantage, thanks to close access to the North American market. OSM is strategically positioned for the domestic market as well, as its panels meet 100% of the content requirements for Ontario’s Feed-In-Tariff program (FIT) and microFIT programs targeting ground and rooftop installations in Ontario. “What OSM has built so far in Welland is beyond impressive,” says Solarform Canada’s Steve Bellamy, who joins the merged company as Vice President. “We are very excited to join the entire team in Welland as we tackle the growing opportunities ahead.”

| | Industry: Solar Photovoltaic | Market: Ontario, U.S.A, Caribbean Company: OSM Solarform Facility: 68,000 sq Employees: 50





Paul J. Bognar President Simmons Canada Inc Born and raised in Welland. Third generation of Bognar’s in Welland as my grandfather emigrated here in the early 1900’s. My father, Joseph Bognar was also born and raised in Welland. (Both of us born in the old Annex Hospital). I was fortunate to have grown up in Welland, an area that provides a great foundation for a successful future. After graduating from Notre Dame High School, I spent my summers during University working in Page Hersey, Welland Tubes and Union Carbide, an experience that I will never forget. Currently reside in Georgetown with my wife Yumi and our son Joey. I have two older children Jennifer and Michael who reside in Nashville Tennessee. I have been working in the consumer products industry since graduating from McMaster University in Hamilton in 1981. I have been fortunate to have worked with a number of companies who lead the industry in their respective categories, most notably Panasonic, Whirlpool, Maytag and now Simmons. While with Maytag I had the opportunity to work out of their Newton Iowa world headquarters in a Senior Vice President role with accountability for North American sales.Early in my career I learned the value of high quality products, strong brands and a meaningful relationship with the end consumer. Combining strong corporate attributes with the values that my father taught me of fairness, trust and integrity has provided me with outstanding opportunities for personal growth. Since January of 2007, I have been the President of Simmons Canada Inc, makers of the World famous Beautyrest mattress. Simmons prides itself on its Canadian heritage and continues to manufacture in 3 facilities located in Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver. We continue to source our raw materials in Canada wherever and whenever possible. We are extremely pleased to say that our products are made in Canada, by Canadians, for Canadians. Personally, I am proud to be from Canada and more importantly proud to be from Welland.

Steve Quinn Owner Quinn Automotive Group Steve Quinn was born and raised in Welland and attended Centennial Secondary School before heading to the University of Toronto in 1975. He maintains a degree in Economics from the University of Toronto as well as a Senior Executive degree from the London Business School in London England. “It is imperative to reinvent yourself every ten years or so and try your entrepreneurial hand at something new and exciting”. To that end, he started his business career with an ownership position in retailing giant Canadian Tire and then left to start a new information technology company ProtectAir specializing in vehicle emissions data base management, auditing and training which grew into a multinational organization with over 1200 employees in nine US States and the Province of Ontario. After selling that business in 2002 he and his brother and business partner Reg built a series of BMW and MINI dealerships in and around the Greater Toronto area. Today, The Quinn Automotive Group sells more than 5000 BMWs, MINIs and BMW Motorcycles in Ontario and have 350+ employees working diligently to make this happen. “There is a real sense of pride being born and raised in Welland. It seems like everywhere you turn someone great has come out of our fair city and achieved success. Being in the car business enables you to meet so many of them, so many years later. Being from Welland keeps you grounded and you never forget what it meant when your dad worked tirelessly at Atlas Steel or your mother at the old stockyards on Lincoln St. Those businesses may be gone now and replaced by new industries but the values they instill in you, remain. Whenever I go “back”, there is a certain feeling you get, deep down inside that says you’re “home”. I love that feeling. I am proud to say that I am “Made in Welland” and I know a lot of my friends that grew up in the big cities love to hear those old Welland stories time and time again.”

The City of Welland is pleased to congratulate Bosch Rexroth Canada on its 50th Anniversary.


$50 million new tubing facility shows a resurgence of Welland,s “steel town” roots

Welded Tube announces new plant investment

Ontario may not be known as a big player in the worldwide petroleum and gas industry, but Welland has certainly carved out a manufacturing niche supplying to the giants of oil and gas exploration. Look no further than a recent announcement by Welded Tube of Canada, which is investing $50 million in a new plant on the former Shaw Pipe site. The company plans to produce heat-treated oil well casing in Welland, adding to its capabilities manufacturing a diversity of tubing products for the agricultural, construction, automotive, energy, fire protection and fitness industries. Welded Tube’s Welland plant will complement the company’s existing facilities in Concord, Ontario and Huger, South Carolina. Plans are to be operational by April 2012, eventually running three shifts and employing about 90 people in the long term. “Welland’s labour force is a perfect fit for Welded Tube,” says Barry Sonshine, the company’s Executive Vice-President. “Workers here are very mechanically-inclined, matching our needs for experienced machine operators and licensed millwrights.” Sonshine emphasizes the importance of a trained workforce in order to ensure the quality of its products, which the industry is increasingly demanding. Welded Tube is licensed by the American Petroleum Institute (API) to produce to the API specifications 5CT and 5L for casing, tubing and line pipe respectively. The company also takes great pride in being the first steel tubular producer in North America to be ISO registered. We l de d Tube j oi ns othe r We lla nd tubin g manufacturers in supplying to the oil and gas exploration industry, notably Lakeside Steel, one of the city’s largest employers.


Made In Welland ... Just 2 turns from Toronto

2 World Champion Athletes are made in welland

, Welland s “Madman” gets well-earned lacrosse title

One of professional lacrosse’s most prolific scorers,

Pat Maddalena, recently secured his long-coveted Champion’s Cup, as his Toronto Rock defeated the Washington Stealth in the National Lacrosse League (NLL) championship game.

, Welland s Hockey Pride

This past July 27 was “Dan Paille Day” in Welland, as the hometown hero brought Lord Stanley’s Cup to the city to showcase in front of thousands of rabid hockey fans.

In 184 games over the course of 11 gruelling seasons, the Welland-born lacrosse star achieved numerous individual accomplishments. A three-time 40-goal scorer. Ranked as the 25th best player in the NLL by In the top 15 players in all-time scoring. His teams came up just short twice before, reaching the finals in 2005 and 2009. But third time was the charm in 2011, as Pat’s veteran presence helped solidify the Rock’s cohesive team spirit all season long. “Amazing,” Pat said after the big game. “No better feeling in sports than winning a championship at the highest level. The locker room celebration is something that I will never forget, you dream about that as a kid.” His longevity in one of the today’s most punishing sports leagues has been truly remarkable. It probably has much to do with his “second” career. Pat is the lead chiropractor and director of the Accelerated Health and Wellness Centre in St. Catharines, Ontario, just minutes from Welland up Highway 406.

Just over a month before, Dan Paille had lifted the Cup towards the rafters of Vancouver’s Rogers Arena, as his Boston Bruins defeated the Vancouver Canucks to win their first Stanley Cup in 39 years. Dan was born and raised in Welland, and played his minor hockey with his hometown Welland Tigers. He credited his former coaches for instilling a strong competitive edge in his approach to the game. “They helped me come to the idea of how hard a team should work,” he said. “To win this is something special.” He was a major contributor on Bruins’ penalty kill, playing a huge role in keeping the high-powered Vancouver power play to only 2 goals in the hard-fought seven game series. Dan’s numerous fans aren’t just limited to Welland’s city limits. He captained Canada’s World Junior to a silver medal in 2004. 13

Activity and fun

now for all ages at former senior centre The Rose City Seniors Activity Centre reopened in September 2011 after undergoing $9 million in renovations, with an official grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by more than 300 invited guests. The event showcased more than just an upgraded facility. It also highlighted a new direction for the centre, along with a new name: the Welland Community Wellness Centre. The vision behind the centre’s new direction: to include all city residents, regardless of age.

City Manager Craig Stirtzinger is excited about the completion of the building. “Where this building used to symbolize the value this city put on seniors,” he said, “it now symbolizes the how much we value everyone in this community.” The expanded facility now includes a 400-seat theatre, therapeutic pool, a fitness room with sports-training equipment, wood shop, computer lab, aerobics studio, expanded cafeteria and library. Engaging Welland’s youth is an important part of the centre’s new direction. There will be baby-sitting courses, billiards, hip-hop dance classes, kick boxing, youth theatre and yoga instruction offered among a much more full plate of programming. Mayor Barry Sharpe extolled the sense of continuity and spirit behind the new Welland Community Wellness Centre. “It excites me because of the Centre’s past and because it has the potential to benefit the entire community,” he said.


Made In Welland ... Just 2 turns from Toronto

Welland to Sport a New Sports Complex

Welland is well known as a hockey hotbed (see page 13), but the city is also well ahead of the curve when it comes to Canada’s most played youth sport: soccer. Progress is being made on the $15.8-million River Road Multi-Sports Complex, a partnership between the City, Sportstar Capital and non-profit and corporate partners. The facility will include four indoor tennis courts and an indoor regulation FIFA-sized soccer field large enough that it can be divided into four smaller fields. It’s modelled after many four-pad arena projects that are popping up in communities across Canada for hockey — except that Welland’s new sports complex is dedicated to soccer and tennis.

Once completed, the River Road Multi-Sports Complex will be one of the largest playing surfaces in southern Ontario, ideal for hosting indoor tournaments all year round. It will boost Welland’s already strong reputation as a premier sports tourism destination. The building itself is anticipated by next fall, with additional outdoor facilities being added later, including two soccer fields with artificial turf and two with natural grass playing surfaces. An interesting fact: the operating costs for the new complex will be significantly reduced by the 1,200 solar panels to be installed on the roof of the building – all manufactured by Welland-based OSM Solarform!


2012 FINA World Junior Open Water Swim Championships 2013 ICF Junior & U23 Canoe Sprint World Championships Canoe, Kayak & Open Water Swimming, 2015 Pan American Games Host of the 2015 World Dragon Boat Racing Championships 15

Contact Information Dan Degazio Manager Economic Development Economic Development Office Corporation of the City of Welland 60 East Main Street, Welland, ON L3B 3X4 Tel: [905] 735-1700 ext. 2110 or 1-800-735-3771 Fax: [905] 735-1543 Email:

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