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Message from Craig Stirtzinger

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Welland at a Glance

City of Welland Population (2011 census): 50,631 Regional Niagara Population (2011 census): 431,346 Area (2011 census): 81.09 sq km Major Welland Employers • Bosch Rexroth Canada • Canadian Tire Financial Services Ltd. • Convergys CMG Canada Limited Partnership • District School Board of Niagara • Energex Tube • Niagara Health System – Welland Hospital • Niagara College • OSM Solar Corp. • Salit Steel • Welded Tube Residential Real Estate Values • New detached (approx value): $176,346 • Average resale price: $194,336


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Message from Craig Stirtzinger City Manager, Welland

It is indeed a privilege to introduce the fourth edition of “Made in Welland”. As City Manager, re-positioning the City in the global economy has been, hands down, the number one priority of Council and Staff and will remain to be. We have made considerable progress in our City with “Made in Welland” entrepreneurs playing a part in championing “the way forward.” We have made it our mission to empower every sector and age group within our community with the tools and talents they already possess and continue to attain to assist us in guiding new opportunities to be successful and worthy of business decisions to invest in Welland. The City’s vision to be the “municipality of choice” is reinforced as the City has transformed from an aged industrial economy to an invigorated, diverse and employment growth economy with demonstrated opportunities to successfully locate green energy technology, health and life sciences investment, advanced manufacturing, and bio-product technology. As one of the newest investments in our community, we are proud to feature E.D. Products in this 4th edition of Made in Welland. Companies like E.D. Products Limited have demonstrated that Welland is a force in the global economy. E.D. Products has given Welland a unique opportunity to employ highly skilled labour from a proven mix of existing experienced workers and newly trained local graduates. This gives us reason to be excited. Job growth and economic prosperity can be achieved through investments by companies like E.D. Products and their confidence in the community to support their investment from every sector whether it is through recruitment, training, quality of life, education, expediting development processes, networking, etc. The City of Welland has proven to be a competent expeditor and partnership broker with a competitive advantage. Given its strategic location within the Niagara Region, Welland can confidently accommodate and assist investors and new businesses for a promising future which in turn provides future opportunity for our residents, and our larger regional community. With the City’s new Field Sports Complex to open this fall and plans in the making for Pan AM 2015, Welland is poised to further exciting opportunities for investment in economic and sports tourism growth in the coming years. The model for that success comes from the same community driven approach of engaging our collective assets and promoting and partnering those tools and talents to the people seeking to invest in a community willing to lead in a new age of community wellness and enterprise. I am proud to be a part of the Made in Welland campaign. It celebrates the hard work, partnerships, and successful achievements between our local businesses, our community of interests, and our municipality - all engaged in a common goal to continue to be the “municipality of choice”- a symbiotic destination to live, work and play. We are thrilled to be a proud partner in this journey and welcome one of our newest partners, E.D. Products Limited in this journey. Craig Stirtzinger City Manager, Welland

A+Recent Developments • Welland McMaster Family Health Team

• Great Lakes Biodiesel

• Hydac Corporation expansion

• E.D. Products

• Dun-Rite Aluminum expansion

• Sport Chek

• Widening of Highway 406

• Target

Made In Welland ... Just 2 turns from Toronto


Top 5 Reasons Location. Location. Location.

Welland Highlights:

Access to 75% of North America’s purchasing power. Welland is enviable in terms of business and personal fulfillment. The City is strategically and conveniently located within Ontario’s “Golden Horseshoe” region. The Golden Horseshoe is centred by Metropolitan Toronto, which is Canada’s largest consumer market and an integral part of its industrial heartland.

• Within driving distance of 60% of the U.S. and 62% of the Canadian industrial market • Easy access to the U.S. and major international transportation gateways by auto, plane and train • Seven of the top 10 U.S. industrial states are within one day’s trucking of Welland • Welland is closer to major U.S. markets than Florida, Texas and California

Financial Incentives Over 50 provincial and federal programs to help finance your growth in Welland. From interest and principal free loans, R & D tax credits, training and job creation programs and support for green energy technology investment, Welland is one of the most attractive places to do business. Visit to download our Innovation Support Program featuring over 50 pages of support funding and initiatives.



Labour Force - Skilled & Established Manufacturing Base Welland is at the geographical centre of Niagara’s diversified manufacturing base and supply chain network. Welland’s 25,000 strong labour force has ready-to-go experience and depth in precision machining, metal forming, electrical & connectivity, hydraulics and power distribution. The region also excels in advanced manufacturing, aerospace, shipbuilding, logistics, transportation equipment and primary metal manufacturing. Welland is also ideally situated to supply Canadian, American and international markets with JIT manufacturing and preclearance border programs to speed the flow of traffic across the border. Welland also has easy access to world-class automotive research centres at Niagara College, McMaster University, the University of Waterloo and the University of Windsor.

you should be Made in Welland Innovation, Academic and Industry Partnership

Leverage world-class research, technology and innovation to help you grow. Recognized as a small town with big ideas, Welland was the first city in Canada to develop a free WiFi network. In recognition of our energy conservation efforts, Welland has recently been designated as a LED City. These are just two examples of our eagerness to embrace big ideas and lead the world in innovation. But we know we can’t do it alone. Welland is a case study on how industry and academia can work together to do great things. Notable partnerships include: Niagara College: Niagara Research & the Research and Innovation Division (applied research) Horticulture and Greenhouse: Wavelength-Selective Thin-film Solar Cells research & construction for optimizing power generation and plant health with roof-top placements Vineland Innovation and Research Centre: horticulture and floriculture research, innovation and commercial activity

McMaster University: Manufacturing Research Institute Niagara College & Brock University Partnership in the Golden Horseshoe Biosciences Network Brock University Research: Niagara Health and Bioscience Research Complex, Cool Climate Oenology & Viticulture Institute, Centre for Digital Humanities

Welland is accessible, abundant and acclaimed. If you want quality of life, then there’s no better place than Welland to settle down and raise a family. Welland and the Niagara Region are among Canada’s most culturally rich, affordable and safe places to live. Cost of living expenses are among Canada’s lowest including larger centres such as London, Kitchener–Waterloo and Toronto.

Made In Welland ... Just 2 turns from Toronto


Positioned for Strategic Growth

Emerging Opportun Green Energy Technology While the rest of Canada and the world are rushing to make decisions and build a climate and infrastructure for long term investment and development in green energy, Welland is ready. More importantly, the Welland Hydro-Electric Holding Corp., a city owned utility, not only delivers the required grid capacity but will minimize the red tape required to set up production and get to market quickly. Our industry and academic partnerships have put Welland at the forefront of innovation and new technologies related to alternative and sustainable energy sources. Welland is ready: • Ontario Green Energy Act gives Welland a competitive advantage over other North American jurisdictions • Ontario’s “feed-in tariff” program, pays power producers a set price for energy from renewable sources in some cases [ e.g. solar energy ], far above market rates • Ontario’s $2.3 billion investment in transmission infrastructure which will reduce timelines and risk involved with renewable energy power projects • The Niagara Region has already invested in a number of leading-edge cogeneration projects

• Welland has become part of an international consortium of cities committed to using LED (light-emitting diode) lighting technologies within their electrification grids to reduce energy usage • Welland is a member of the The Great Lakes Wind Network (GLWN) an industry-led network of North American manufacturers and suppliers. The GLWN works with wind turbine OEMs and major suppliers, identifies critical component needs, and connects pre-qualified manufacturers with new potential customers

Health, Wellness and Life Sciences Niagara’s demographic composition is changing. Welland has capitalized on this and is taking the lead in developing an environment that fosters business expansion, encouraging product and service development that will support the adult lifestyle trends in the Region. Welland’s Health and Wellness Services Growth Plan was developed to take advantage of a number of significant projects in the Region including: a new regional cancer clinic and hospital in St. Catharines; establishment of the McMaster Niagara Family Health Centre; the Brock Health and Bioscience Research Centre and our very own Niagara College Applied Health Institute.


unities in Welland Advanced Manufacturing and Automotive Growth Welland is strategically situated in the heart of Southern Ontario, on the U.S./Canada border. It is within a day’s drive of 55% of all U.S. manufacturing activity and half of the U.S. population. Preclearance border programs speed the flow of traffic across the border. Welland and the Region enjoy a strong manufacturing base with expertise in precision machining, casting, forging and metal fabrication. Over 200 advanced manufacturing and automotive related manufacturers are within a 20 minute drive from Welland. Welland is home to international companies like E.S. Fox, Bosch Rexroth, Canada Forgings, Welland Forge (FKI Ind. Canada Inc.), Energex Tube, Indexable Cutting Tools, Vesuvius Canada Inc., CRS Electronics, OSM Solar Corp. and E.D. Products. Welland has easy access to world-class automotive research centres including: The Centre for Integrated Manufacturing and Applied Research at Niagara College, the McMaster University Manufacturing Research Institute, the Automotive Materials and Manufacturing Centre at the University of Waterloo and the Automotive Research and Development Centre at the University of Windsor.

Sports Tourism The WIFC will host a number of national and international televised events, including: • 2012 FINA Junior Open Water Swimming World Championships • 2013 International Canoe Federation’s Junior World Championships • 2013 ICF Under 23 Canoe Sprint World Championships • 2015 IDBF Dragon Boat Racing World Championships • 2015 Pan Am Games

Welland is a truly authentic canal city. But the eponymous canal that defines the city is more than a gateway to North America’s industrial heartland. It also serves as a magnet in the burgeoning field of sports tourism. The completion of a large bypass in 1973 left a large segment of the Welland Canal in the heart of the city free from ship traffic. Today, this old section of the canal is known as the Welland Recreational Waterway, and is home to many year-round sports competitions and outdoor events, annual festivals, waterfront music concerts, and multicultural attractions. One of the keys to the waterway’s success is the Welland International Flatwater Centre (WIFC), a state-of-the-art facility, located in 400 acres of parkland and trails, steeped in history and rooted in excellence. Using the old Welland Canal that winds its way between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, this waterway provides a superb flatwater site with two courses, one 1,000 metres and the other 2,000 metres. Protected from the elements and situated with phenomenal viewing from the Canal banks and trails, the WIFC provides a classic training and competitive site rivaling any facility anywhere in the world.

Made In Welland ... Just 2 turns from Toronto


Welland: the Solar C

Over the last few years, Welland Ontario has been strategically focusing its attention and efforts on green energy solutions, most notably, solar power. The city’s green energy vision comes at a time where electrical demand is ever soaring and traditional sources of energy such as gas and coal are becoming increasingly detrimental, especially in terms of environmental costs. If Welland is the Solar Capital of Ontario, then OSM Solar Corp. is King. Since establishing in Welland a little over a year ago, it has grown leaps and bounds. Originally producing 15 megawatts of panel capacity yearly, it is now supplying 60 megawatts of panel capacity, enough electricity to power nearly 20,000 Ontario homes. Under the Symphony Energy and Juli New Energy brands, OSM Solar Corp. designs, assembles, manufactures and distributes solar panels throughout North America. The panels range from 230W to 310W in capacity. One of the traditional challenges of solar panels has been converting their direct current (DC) output to alternating current (AC), necessary to transmit along the power grid. To offer a one source solution to its customers, OSM Solar Corp. recently obtained the exclusive master license agreement with Taiwan-based iEnergy, which manufactures state-of-the-art micro inverters and power optimizers. These micro inverters convert the DC power output of each PV module into AC power suitable for grid connection. The deal

OSM Solar Corp. Is a proud OEM Manufacturer of:


Made In Welland ... Just 2 turns from Toronto

r Capital of Ontario Green energy is nothing new in Niagara, with Niagara Falls , producing green power for over a century. It s altogether fitting that Niagara is now looking to be Ontario's leader in Green , Energy. Welland s focus: Solar Energy.

allows OSM to conveniently combine its line of photovoltaic (PV) modules with iEnergy’s Swiss-designed inverters, offering a scalable, plug-and-play AC module kit to the solar community in Canada and the Caribbean. The partnership with iEnergy also gives OSM a market advantage thanks to its best-in-class micro inverter technology, which offers substantial reliability and efficiency advantages, particularly compared to traditional inverter systems. CEO of OSM Solar Corp., John Gamble, chose Welland as its home base over a year ago, for many reasons including a skilled and experienced manufacturing workforce, an ideal location near major North American markets and an efficient transportation infrastructure to move raw materials in and finished goods out quickly. OSM has several local projects in the works including installation of 1200 solar panels on the roof of the new $15.8 million Welland Multi-Sports Plex currently under construction. These panels will allow the facility to bring in additional revenue by selling electricity into the province’s electrical grid.

The future is bright for OSM Solar Corp., and for Welland!


Welland Barry Pringle Professional Competitive Angler & Television Host, Fish This™

Joe Lacko Director, Ascolectric Limited

Scott Bullett Retired Professional Baseball Player & Owner, Bullett Proof Baseball Academy


Made In Welland ... Just 2 turns from Toronto



Newsmakers Born and raised in Welland, Barry Pringle is a man with many talents but a passion for fishing. An energetic and passionate competition angler, and a 12 year veteran as a television fishing show host, Barry recently hosted his third show and his second on National TV, Fish This™, aired in 2011 on OLN. Barry’s love for fishing and the Niagara region shines through in many of the episodes of Fish This™, filmed locally throughout the Niagara region. Barry has been fishing professionally for more than 20 years, and as a multi specie fanatic, his other true passion is fishing professional tournaments. “The adrenalin rush of competition is truly unmatched”. His captivating persona and genuine kid-like enthusiasm for the sport makes him a natural television host.

Joe and his family immigrated to Welland from Slovakia when he was 14. Joe overcame the language barrier by learning English and excelling at his school courses. With an eagerness to learn and a strong work ethic, Joe earned an Engineering Technologist Diploma in Control Systems (Computers, Electronics and Electrical Systems) and eventually attained CET status from Mohawk College. This diploma opened the door to the working world with a Company called Ascolectric in Brantford. Joe worked his way up and through the company and held a variety of positions and titles there from Inventory Control Clerk, to Building Maintenance, Supervisor of Switch Engineering, Plant Superintendent to eventually becoming the Managing Director responsible for Sales and Manufacturing, 40 years later.

Scott was born and raised in Martinsburg WV to a family of 6 brothers and 2 sister. Scott and his family are not strangers to the Sports world as all the siblings had high achievements in the world of sports. When Scott was in college he was drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates and began his professional career with the Welland Pirates. During this time Scott met his wife a local Welland girl and started his life here in Welland. Scott was called up in 1991 making his MLB debut. Scott played in the MLB as well as Mexico, Japan and Taiwan Professional Baseball Leagues. In his off season Scott began a program to help youth learn the fundamentals of baseball. During this time he also worked in after school programs helping youth who are struggling in the school systems. Once Scott retired from his Major League Baseball career he began his baseball youth programs full time. Scott has run his very successful, Bullett Proof Baseball Academy, for over sixteen years here in Welland. 11

Welland Champions Bigger and Better than ever.

Expansion at Hydac Canada Hydac Canada has been a key business in Welland since 1995 when it officially opened its doors. The future continues to look bright for Hydac with a recent 16,000 sq. ft. expansion of its premises on Federal Road.

Recipients of 14 supplier awards and 2 Entrepreneur of the Year awards are just a few of the honours ED Products has enjoyed over the last 28 years. Since 1984, E.D. Products has become Canada’s premier connectivity and control system solution specialist. The company operates a fully-automated contract electronic manufacturing facility capable of low, medium and high volume runs for a diverse range of products including electrical wire harnesses, cable assemblies, control systems and hardware/software system integration. From its proud yet humble beginnings, EDP has grown from a single 1,200 square foot facility in central Niagara to a combined global footprint of over 100,000 square feet with facilities in Canada, the U.S.A., and Mexico. EDP’s staff of experienced assemblers, technicians, engineers and business professionals continue to be the driving force behind this growth. Perseverance and capitalizing on strategic and timely opportunities is the simple recipe to their success.


Now in its 50th year in business, Hydac International is a global organization of over 65,000 people worldwide. The Canadian headquarters in Welland reflects the organization’s motto of Global Presence and Local Competence. “Welland was a natural choice for Hydac as it provides easy access to our large distributor base and to Canada’s largest industrial market sector, Ontario” says Walter Adams, Technical Director of Hydac Canada. “Additionally, the close proximity to the US border offers easy access to both products manufactured by our sister plants in the US, and future export growth potential opportunities.” Hydac manufactures a vast product offering that includes hydraulic and lubrication filters, process and back-flush filtration, filtration, accumulators, air and water coolers, control valves, electronic sensors, data acquisition, and oil conditioning equipment. The new expansion will provide Hydac Canada with increased capabilities aimed at realizing both domestic and export potential. With the sales growth comes an expected personnel growth. As it forges ahead, the company can rely on its record of success looking to Welland and the surrounding area for its highly technical manpower expertise.

Made In Welland ... Just 2 turns from Toronto

Welland welcomes Great Lakes Biodiesel A member of the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association, Great Lakes Biodiesel is a Canadian producer of canola and soybean based biodiesel. The 16.32 acres plant is currently under construction and on schedule to be operational by the summer of 2012. Once completed, it will be the largest biodiesel plant in Canada, with a capacity of 170 million liters per year, with on-site storage of 8.5 million liters.

A Cut Above A $10 million company based in Welland, Indexable Cutting Tools is on the cutting edge of innovation and is poised for further growth and success. With nine worldwide patents, Indexable produces cutting tools for giants of manufacturing like Honda.

The plant has received approvals from the Natural Resources Canada ecoENERGY for Biofuels Program and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. It has also passed an environmental assessment carried out in accordance with the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act.

What’s their secret to success? According to John Precious, President of Indexable, it’s a winning combination of quality materials, exceptional research and development, superior service, environmental stewardship and affordable pricing. “We have a unique process, using technology that no one else in the world has,” offers Precious.

Great Lakes Biodiesel chose to build its plant in Welland in part due to its excellent logistical channels that include rail, water and highways. Welland has been traditionally known as the place where rails and water meet, offering easy access to railways that run from the US to Toronto and Southern Ontario, and the waterways of the Welland Canal that connect marine traffic to Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, the Atlantic and the rest of the world.

One of its competitive advantages is speed and cost. “We can manufacture ceramics faster and cleaner than anyone else in the world” says Precious. The company’s microwave technology consumes just 30 per cent of the electricity its competitors use in the manufacture of ceramic tools, which is also good for the bottom line. Indexable is also small and therefore agile, giving it another competitive advantage. It even supplies competitors with product and R&D expertise. In 1989 the company moved operations from Toronto to Welland which provided closer access to the CanadaUS border taking advantage of the imminent North American Free Trade Agreement. Innovation, speed and access to markets make Indexable a cut above. 13

Highway 406 i among Ontario’s most ambitious

Welland may be most famous for its eponymous Canal, but its road and rail infrastructure is the true logistics backbone of the city, extending a competitive advantage for manufacturers. Recent improvements to Highway 406 promise to strengthen the city’s highway network, enhancing traffic flow for local residents and commercial transportation alike. More than 20,000 drivers use Highway 406 each day, making it a key route in southern Ontario’s busy network of highways. The 406 branches off the Queen Elizabeth Way in St. Catharines, travelling southerly for 26km until reaching East Main Street in Welland. It is one of the Niagara Region’s most important highways.


Made In Welland ... Just 2 turns from Toronto

improvements Recognizing the importance of this route to both residents and local businesses, the provincial government has committed $100-million to widening the 406, from just south of Port Robinson Road to East Main Street. The project is massive. Along with the construction of a roundabout at the terminus of the highway at East Main Street, the project includes the construction of eight new bridges and the rehabilitation of two existing bridges, as well as the creation of a new commuter parking lot on Woodlawn Rd. Dan Degazio, Welland’s Manager of Economic Development, is encouraged by the hundreds

of direct and indirect jobs generated by the project, carrying through until its completion in 2014. But more importantly, he applauds the long term economic benefits of the highway expansion. “Efficient highway access is such an important factor for businesses, whether in manufacturing or service-based,” says Degazio. “A 400-series highway expansion like this will not only help to draw industry to the area, but also encourage retention of existing industry for years to come.” Welland has already begun seeing positive results from the construction announcement, with companies such as Welded Tube of Canada coming to town.


Contact Information Dan Degazio Manager Economic Development Economic Development Office Corporation of the City of Welland 60 East Main Street, Welland, ON L3B 3X4 Tel: [905] 735-1700 ext. 2110 or 1-800-735-3771 Fax: [905] 735-1543 Email:

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Made in Welland Magazine, Issue #4  

Fourth Issue of City of Welland's "Made in Welland" Publication, containing articles on the Highway 406 expansion, Welland the Solar Capital...