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Tha Supa Introduce Yourself‌..


Chief Keef

I Am Tha Supa, one of the most lyrical, dynamic, and diverse artist to the music and business world. I operate and own a few businesses ranging from modeling to design. I have created a network reaching over millions and maintained a consistent relevance amongst the superb in the conversation of work ethic. I live and will die for music because it's what I believe in. There is no breath without flow. Where Can We Find You Online? Why did you become an Artist?


Lyfe Jennings

Since the age if 6 I have never had another thought. It's what I want to do, so I'm doing it. What Sets You Apart from Other Artists? I'm the best. My perspective, my range, and u have a universal appeal. I don't discredit or down anyone else to saunter not great either because there are ground breaking astonishing artist arising that I feel are truly amazing, but yet I feel I'm the best. What Projects do you have coming up for your Fans to Look Forward Too?? My most recent project is Supastition! And it's now available in iTunes and all over he net! My next project falls in September! GREENWOOD Hosted by Black Wall Street DJs Dj BiggRich! And the full documentary! Tell Us a Secret.... What is something your fans may not know about you? You'll never understand or outsmart me. Guess that's no longer a Secret. Shout Outs?? MIDWEST Money Gang and everyone who bang it.

The Supa has a long list of accomplishments. Two of his biggest are being the CEO of two different companies formed in the Midwest. Grand Line Central Clothing, an Urban clothing line formed early 2014; and Midwest Money Gang (#MWMG) an independent label made up of independent artists that have the same dream, and drive to succeed in this industry. With his passion and talent, these two companies are destined to be around for years to come.




heyenne Slivers, Oklahoma City Native, came into the modeling industry full steam ahead on the road to be featured in King Magazine, Show Magazine, and Black Men's Magazine. Cheyenne accomplished her brand in Atlanta GA, although she resides in Oklahoma City. She has been featured in Sweets Magazine, Splash Life/Well Konnected Magazine, Undiscovered Magazine, and Fyne Girlz Magazine. She has numerous online features under her belt including GGurls, FutureMogulz, World Latin Star HipHop, Cutie Central, Hip-Hop Vibe, Top Flight Models, Wizs Daily Dose, Top Shelf fEnt and many more Mr. Shawn Darnell of Fyne Girls Models, Lee Baxley, Anthony EyeCandy Thomas, Martin Nuregin and Lorenzo Smith of LSFotography are Cheyenne's key photographers who have helped her set a precedent to the quality work she loves to put out. ButterFly Models of London,UK crowned Cheyenne's BTS promo video (YouTube) the Top Internet Model of August 2013. Cheyenne is currently hosting a series of mixtapes with DJ Ro of Atlanta and plans to start appearing in music videos. Cheyenne is studying Police Science as her major in college. Cheyenne is sincerely a hard working woman and has every criteria the model industry is looking for. She's says, "Don't sleep on me world, I'm not going anywhere".


YOUNG FE HI (@YUNGFEHI ) TAKES HOME $1000 AT THE 3RD ANNUAL MIDWEST BEST They say the 3rd time is a charm, and this show down was no exception, with rap artist Young Fe Hi who also goes by “The Messenger” left Studio with the $1000 being the 1st act to win both Midwest Best cash prizes. For those who don’t know the 1st $500 prize is awarded to the artist with the most fans in attendance and besides Winters Midwest Best Winner Young Swurvie, Manna Bud of 4 Real Ent. and a couple of other artist no other artist brought 10 plus fans out, partly because of stormy conditions happening across the water in St. Louis, Mo. After the official count Young FE brought over near 20 people in stormy conditions across that bridge to the East Side. The second $500 prize was decided by a group of 3, 1 being a DJ from Peoria, 1 being a video blogger from St. Louis, and the latter being a hip hop artist from Kansas City. When asked individually who they believe won, each echoed out Young Fe Hi hands down. When Alexander the Great the decider from Kansas City was asked why he chose Young Fe over other performers he brought up his demanding stage presence, his delivery, confidence, and his seasoned demeanor. Another judge stated that the winner rocked the crowd with catchy songs and overall in all the categories that matter he executed. Once we get links to the songs that won him $1000 “Light it up“ and “Don’t Go” we will be sure to post them.

Congratulations to Young Fe you are $1000.00 richer and are considered one of the best in the Midwest.

Future from STL? Or Nah?

This photo tells a story about a rapper that was once in St. Louis , and had a single in heavy rotation in the 314 with Lil Boosie and St. Louis area artist Vic Damone “Check My Swag” which is one of the oldest songs I was able to find featuring the rapper on YouTube . Things that I have heard about Rapper Future being from St. Louis include , him growing up here, going to Jennings Senior High, having a house in Burlington Downs, being managed by well-known St. Louis artist manager Guccio, and him stealing his rap name Future from a St. Louis based Rap group called “Da Camp.” After hours of search engine entries the only thing that popped up was concert information, making me believe that either, he has no ties to St. Louis, or that he doesn’t believe his time here was at all important to his career. After finding nothing on Google, Bing, yahoo, etc. I took my search to Facebook, getting some of the same contestant answers, and some answers that made more sense than others being tossed around in the past. Future was not born, nor raised in St. Louis, and he didn’t attend any school during his time in St. Louis. According to many links, interviews, and articles Future received his name by Iconic Southern Hip Hop’s Dungeon Family, while also going by the name of Meathead, which may discredit another rumor that he stole his rap name from “Future Ali” of St. Louis Rap Group “Da Camp.” They believe he adopted the name some time during their stay in Atlanta as openers on Nelly’s Seat / Suit Tour. While in St. Louis he had a situation with Guccio, and recorded at a few studios in St. Louis including Notifi Studio’s. Me personally I don’t know the specifics of the situation Future had with Guccio (Management, investor, mentor, etc.). He recorded tracks with acts associated with Guccio including Vic Damone & Laudie on the Track, and took very few surfaced pictures. The photo seen here is from 2006, the same year the Rapper had been arrested for reasons unknown, and was locked up for time unknown.

AMERICAN GANGSTER TOUR KICK OFF IN ST.LOUIS The largest independent music tours of the year kicked off May 14th, at the Mad Magician in St. Louis, Mo. The American Gangster Tour starring once Multimillionaire drug dealer turned motivation speaker & music entrepreneur Rick Ross, (who some believe Rick Ross the rapper stole his identity, as well as Southern Hip Hop Pioneer & former Rap A Lot artist Big Mike, & a host of great talent are traveling over 40 + cities in less than 6 weeks. The Mad Magician had fans of all ages and race for the arrival of the American Gangster including a host of media outlets and cameras. Local act EMG received well deserved remarks after the 17 year olds high energy performance & dance “The Heart attack.” Other notable acts included St. Louis area artist Kenny Knox and West Coast artist Mz. Toi (“You can do it” w/ Ice Cube & Mack 10). American Gangster headliner Big Mike closed the show with throwback favorites “Having Thangs”, “Playa Playa”, & more. Overall the A G Tour kick off was a successful gathering which brought different eras of Hip Hop together in one venue. It also brought out some of St. Louis’ elite such as Mr. Well Known Aka DJ Styles , Penelope Jones, & more.

Nappy Roots in St. Louis


Multi-Platinum Best Selling Group of 2002 The Nappy Roots hit the streets heavy in St.Louis Saturday May 17th to promote their show that night at the Gramophone. The Show was sponsored by The Ink Gallery with 100% of net proceeds going to The Yeyo Arts Collective. After touching down in St.Louis The Nappy Roots were seen and heard everywhere from 89.5 the wave with Dj @whobeta , to the Grand Opening of the Ink Gallery 2903 South Jefferson with a meet and greet from 5 pm7 pm. The Nappy Roots won the highly interactive audience with some of the Classics that made them famous including their breakout single “Aww Naww” and got a wonderful response with some of their more recent works since becoming an Indie Group with no Major label backing them , & of course they didn’t come alone being accompanied by other great talent from Louisville, the beautiful Sheba Shane, the R & B sensation Junior Jackson, & New York’s Brooklyn Boy who goes by Spita who also had the Female Hip Hop Artist Sheba crowd saying “WE WANT MORE, WE WANT MORE,” & whats a Hip Shane demanding attention 1′s Hop Act with out a Dj, Dj B Rite one the premier Kentucky on the & 2′s for all of the mentioned above sets.

Louisville Legends Nappy Roots backstage with Sheba Shane, Spita, Junior Jackson, and Stlhiphops Dj Whobeta

While speaking to Nappy & company during sound check, I was asking about present projects and everybody told me to check out Dj B Rites Speaker Juice V 3 hosted by none other than the Nappy Roots so go check that out now on

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Supa 918-313-7045 Oklahoma Area




Booking @mafia_angels on Instagram


@LadyRebel89 @_itsmebriona

Age 32 Birth Date June 9 1981

US rappers Rell Lo and Knuckles are working on new EP The Campaign.

Hometown Lawton Genre of Music Rap Label/Unsigned unsigned Introduce Yourself Steven Nuckolls. Born June 9th 1981 at Reynolds army hospital in Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. He grew up in Lawton spending time between his parents’ home in a trailer park and his grandma's house on the south side. He grabbed onto a street mentality and rap music at an early age. As a teen he became involved with drugs and drug dealing. At the age of 21 he was arrested and served 5 years in prison on two separate cases. Since being released in 2008 he has turned his life from guns and drugs to rap music taking his street name Knuckles to be his stage name. He writes and freestyles and enjoys all aspects of the genre. Some of his songs are written from life experiences and are from the heart, some are built off of wordplay and metaphors, while others are simply for the love of rap. He has been rapping since his early teens and has started taking steps into the industry through the persuasive talk of his cousin's husband Rell Lo who convinced him to take his music seriously. Where Can We Find You Online? (PRESS RELEASE) How or Why did you Become an Artist? I have been rapping since I was a kid but becoming close with Jarrell has brought making music to the forefront, having a kindred spirit with the same love for it. What Sets You Apart from Other Artists? Knuckles is an Enigma. I grew up in Lawton, selling drugs and gangbanging, got addicted to meth, did 5 years in Prison, got out, got clean, work hard, rodeo, rap, try to raise a family, stay out of prison and court. I got interesting stories to tell and the wordplay to do it with. What Projects do you have coming up for your Fans to Look Forward Too?? The Campaign

The pair met in Lawton, Oklahoma, last year and soon started making tracks together before launching the single Still Working - produced by Young Shun. More music and mixtapes have created a buzz about the duo, who tell the tales of their lives through their music. Knuckles - born Steven Nuckolls - fell in love with rap music at the age of eight thanks to Fat Boys' Coming Back Hard Again and wrote his first rap at 13. He served five years in prison writing songs about his

Tell Us a Secret.... What is something your fans may not know about you? I work in the summers for a rodeo company, I team rope and steer wrestle, and have won 5 buckles in the last 3 years. Shout Outs?? Thanks to Jesus Christ for opening all the doors. Thanks to my mom and dad. A very special thank you to Ashley Unsinn for all her love and support. And a big thanks to Jarrell for pushing me to take the next step.




life and his stay in prison. While in clink, he also had seven poems published and was nominated by the International Society Of Poetry for Poet Of The Year.

Age 21 Birth Date June 29 1992 Hometown Lawton Genre of Music Rap

Meanwhile Rell Lo - real name Jarrell Lusby - discovered rap through Tupac aged five. He wrote his first rap at eight with cousin Alvin and went on to make a mixtape in 2007 with childhood pal Vonte in a group called Tha Prospects.

Label/Unsigned Unsigned Introduce Yourself I'm a up and coming rapper just chasing his dreams.. Where Can We Find You Online? How or Why did you Become an Artist? I always loved to rap since the age of 5 so I just began my dream chase at 11 What Sets You Apart from Other Artists? I speak reality, I tell stories through my music.

He continued to write music after the death of his little brother Octavious Johnson. You can find more out about the pair by following them on their many social networks.


What Projects do you have coming up for your Fans to Look Forward Too?? I have the EP "The Campaign" with my family Knuckles and my Mixtape Live From The Westside 4 Tell Us a Secret.... What is something your fans may not know about you? I'm a big movie fan... I gotta have a movie to relax and chill Shout Outs?? Shout to my bro Vonte,Nook,Knuckles. The whole Westside, and shout out to my whole city mayne... We about to turn up! Shout to my SMG family Dreezy, Top Shot, Zeno! Everybody mayne



Donte Brown (Trapp Tha General) DOB/: 4/17/1989 24 years old Born: Muskogee, Oklahoma College Student: Bacone Independent Artist CO-CEO: MidWest Money Gang Charity: Stop The Violence BBQ Annual, Domestic Abuse Campaign for Women.

We all know the saying “Big things come in small packages”, that’s no different for small cities with big talent! On April 17th, 1989 the small town of Muskogee, Oklahoma exploded for the arrival of Donte Brown, today known as "Trapp tha General”. The name came about at the age of Six-Teen from a younger sibling, today known as TIP, because of the immense reputation and powerful image he represents. The name depicts more than a common area to advance in the projects; but also a strong representation of hard work. Coming from an active back ground, T.T.G. was in and out of disagreement with law enforcement and by the age of Twenty-Two realized something has to change. So began a legacy in the music world. Now, One Half of the Midwest Money Gang; Trapp tha General is working harder than ever to manifest a dynasty. In great health & shape, with back to back shows, including booking a venue for an epic performance with Kevin Gates for his Twenty-Fifth birthday. He has sailed to the stars working with major names such as, Lil Phat, Big Chief, Chief Keef, Durrough, Bun B, Don Ke Ke, Dj Drama and more. Building the anticipation of his coming album “PRICELESS VISION” his city, family, and friends certainly support and have his back and are pushing too play a part in the journey to become an international icon in music!


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L-Smooth In the world of Hip Hop, most artists are recognized as having a very distinguished image that identifies with their street life, but not for L-Smooth. He doesn’t fit the usual profile of an artist in the Hip Hop nation. His smooth style of production approaches the new millennium in an effort to bring substance, originality, and underlying energy to the city streets. L-Smooth is able to share his daily life experiences and be the voice of his peers through sharp lyrical storytelling, such as with his forthcoming new single, Pillow Cases. “This spicy new title has a signature smooth Golden Era sound with an intense message,” stated LSmooth’s Manager, Rodney Dawson of Street City Enterprises, LLC.

Lamar Mensah was born and raised in a lower class area of Midwest City, Oklahoma by his single mother whom worked two jobs to take care of him and his sister. At a very early age, he spent most of his time free-styling with his friends. At 13, L-Smooth admired many Hip Hop artists in the Golden Era from the West Coast, East Coast, and Down South, such as Fabulous, Redman, Scarface, Outkast, Big Boi, and Talib Kweli. His passion and hunger to use his voice to make a difference in the lives of others led him to writing and recording music that was putting out a positive message. L-Smooth said, “My music breathes life into people that need to hear a good message that will change their negative mindset to a positive way of thinking.” L-Smooth was surrounded by drugs and violence, but he chose not to get involved. He had the choice to go left or right. He chose to go right, but had he went left, he probably wouldn’t be here right now. He grew up doing what was right derived from his step-father molding and shaping him into the man he is today. Unknown to him of what his future was holding, at 22 L-Smooth was blessed with a son for whom he continues to walk the straight and narrow road to provide him a better life.

L-Smooth doesn’t talk about what everyone else is talking about on a National scale. He doesn’t fit the stereotype of what today’s rappers are supposed to look like. He possesses a grownman style without the use of profanity or promoting drugs and violence to connect with his audience. L-Smooth brings positive and uplifting messages through his music for all ages. He’s a community leader that thrives on giving back to those in need by providing everyday necessities through a yearly Christmas benefit concert, “RAP Gives” held by Street City Enterprises, LLC., DFUNK, & Full Fledge Ent. Some people have it worse than others, at the end of the day, you have to smile and have a good time. If L-Smooth can get one person at a time to be encouraged to become a better person through listening to his music, he did his job.

34 Years Old Born May 4 1980 Hometown Midwest City,Ok Hip Hop/Rap Street City Enterprises

Introduce Yourself My name is L-Smooth from Midwest City, Oklahoma. I am a hip hop artist at Street City Enterprises. Where Can We Find You Online? twitter: @1LSmooth Facebook: Lamar L-Smooth Mensah You Tube: L-Smooth & Lamar Mensah SoundCloud: L-Smooth Reverbnation: L-Smooth/Street City-L-Smooth Website: How or Why did you Become an Artist? I Starting freestyle with friends, and started recording and people just started to like it. I also started making music for the love for hip hop, and making my own music. What Sets You Apart from Other Artists? I have been told I have a very original golden era authentic sound, and I also use minimal profanity. What Projects do you have coming up for your Fans to Look Forward Too?? Solo project called "Fortunate". "Live Poet Society: Assassins Breed" with Stretch L. Produced by CAP & Spyda The Wise Musician Tell Us a Secret.... What is something your fans may not know about you? Kung Fu, Martial Arts movies. I also like to watch stand up comedians. Shout Outs?? MIDDUB,Oklahoma,everybody that has been supporting the Street City Movement. FACEBOOK: /sce.mensah

Twitter: @1LSmooth


T.K. aka Mr. Clean from GOHARDENT is a local artist from Lawton, Oklahoma who is on the rise. He has been featured in the April edition of the XXL magazine with artists such as Baby Savage. T.K. gets his inspiration from artists such as N.W.A., Eightball and MJG, and Lil Boosie. He has opened up shows for artists such as SLIM THUG, WEBBIE, and PROBLEM. T.K. has had several songs on K-98 Jamz, Lawton local station. He has worked with many other local artists such as Cockynow, JPA SQUAD, Lil Silk, the Cro, and Blaze.

Tk writes his own music and creates his own covers and videos with the help of, none other than, E-GURL/EMILY E. PRODUCTIONZ of GOHARDENT. T.K. feels none of this would be possible without God and his family and would like to thank everyone from K-98 for allowing local artists an opportunity to let their music be heard. A special thanks goes to Tony Tone and also a big thanks to Fyu-chur recording studio. His cd can be picked up at Hastings in Lawton Okla. Be sure to check him out at SUPERHARDTIMEZ@YOUTUBE and TKAKAMRCLEAN@FACEBOOK

Swazy Mcvay was born "Randy Keith Gloria" in Altus, Oklahoma on March 1, 1991. He was raised by a single mother, the oldest out of three children, Swazy fell in love with music at a very young age and never seemed to let it go. His huge musical influences were Michael Jackson, 2pac, B.I.G., Nas, Jay-Z, Big Pun, UGK, and Lil Boosie. Being that Swazy is black and Mexican he received both views of music throughout his life Swazy says "It’s crazy because when I walk out the door all my friends are black but when I go home its nothing but the Mexican heritage and I love it, its like the best of both worlds". The name "Swazy Mcvay" is one person, but also two within itself "Swazy" was taken from the world famous "Patrick Swayze" due to the fact that his mother and grandmother were huge Patrick Swayze fans and always encouraged Swazy to act and treat women like he did and was told he was always smooth like him also "Mcvay'' comes from "Timothy Mcveigh" it’s a metaphor referring that he drops bombs with his music also saying he is "the bomb".

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The Gospel of Yung Nasti, “Just Gotta Make It” Official Video Review In Tulsa, Ok Nasti means, “Never Allow Someone To Intimidate,” well at least thats what it means to Yung Nasti singer,dancer, song writer, etc. In April he released his newest single “Just Gotta Make It” to YouTube and I tunes. “Just Gotta Make it” is an up temple message that I would like to describe is Gospel Pop or “Gospop” if I may.Combining the realistic temptations of a young man, with and uplifting reminder to pray, and letting your maker take you to & through your journeys this Ying and Yang balance is something that isn’t done often or as perfect as in this record. The video it’self starts with “Harold” aka Young Nasti slacking off and work and getting fired. He comes home to his women to give her the news and as she flips out he asks her to believe in his music, and that people where looking to sign him, then they go to sleep. Next scene they wake up to a phone call letting “Harold” know that a label was interested in his project and wanted to invest into him. Finally 3 plus minutes into the video the actual video starts and consist of different scenes including dancing in the street, and reviewing & signing contracts, and its not clear but according to the video he makes it. Watch the Video on YouTube

Neef Buck Releases the Visuals for Yet Another Song from his Mixtape #FDM6 Distant Flickering, one of my favorite songs on the tape, filmed by Inferno Video’s takes place in North Philly. As the video starts Neef Buck is entering a school to speak to kids, telling them about street life, cursing and all while some kids were feeling some type of way according to camera expressions. Other then the school scene, Neef takes us on a street tour of Nice Town, capturing dice & card games, graffiti covered walls / buildings , and real people from Philly from baby mamma’s , to felons, & even a few bums. Throughout the second verse he pays tribute to people he lost to the struggle and the violence. The song its self is just about life from his perspective in which he talks about a lot of things most people from the hood could / should relate. Most of us ran in to some money blew through it, got gold diggers and enemies plotting on things we got, and more just check out the song and download #FDM6 on Datpiff Watch the Video on YouTube

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Tha General Featured on Page 20

We Live & Direct June Issue  

Independent Hip Hop Magazine June Issue with features on Tha Supa, Nappy Roots, Mafia Angels, and MORE #WLDMagazine

We Live & Direct June Issue  

Independent Hip Hop Magazine June Issue with features on Tha Supa, Nappy Roots, Mafia Angels, and MORE #WLDMagazine