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FEATURED BLOGGER SUMMER ALLEN, blogger & shopgirl, Portland, OR


5 LIKES & LOVES I was born and raised in Los Angeles by a Hollywood promoter/journalist and a hairmetal bass player. I lived in a beach house during my teen years, where I started doing art and blogging about my daily life. I had a baby and packed up my life and moved to Portland, where I plan to stay a long time. I spend my days blogging, baking, mothering two small children, photobooth-hopping, drinking fine beers, watching old movies, and working in the prettiest little antique and treasure shop in this fair city.

1 The style and whimsy of the 1920s 2 Collecting old treasures 3 Using my film cameras around town 4 Big fluffy cats 5 Getting my hands dirty in the kitchen

TWO QUESTIONS Why did you start blogging, and what do you love about it? I started blogging because I wanted to connect with others over the internet and express my thoughts. I started with a personal blog, that evolved into a photography, art, and journal-type site called Indierocket, which I ran for years. Finally, I

began Design is Mine as a wishlist, which I now run and love. Blogging has allowed me to share art and lovely finds with people all over the world, as well as brought so many talented and inspiring friends into my life. What are your top experiences that have come from blogging? Becoming an Elle Italia contributer (because the editor reads my blog), speaking at Alt Summit Design Conference, and meeting a large number of my favorite artists.

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WLWL: Issue 9  

We Like We Love is a magazine about sharing the things you like & love.

WLWL: Issue 9  

We Like We Love is a magazine about sharing the things you like & love.