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a magazine about sharing the things you like & love

issue 8 * our SUMMER FASHON issue!

ALYSSA YUHAS Creative Director ********

LIZ FIELD Managing Editor ********

SHANE YUHAS Staff Photographer ********

JOSH NAUD Copy Editor ********


CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: ISSUE 9 DEADLINE IS OCT 30TH Send all photo/art submissions to Send all writing submissions to FRONT COVER PHOTOGRAPHER Micaela Hoo STYLING Amy Soderlind HAIR & MAKEUP Mikaela South MODEL Beck, at Cast Images

THIS IS OUR EIGHTH ISSUE! wlwl is published quarterly & is available to purchase via

FALL INTO FASHION: When Liz and Alyssa first asked if I’d be into writing this, I didn’t have to think about it. Of course I’d be into it. But with those words, the realization this might be a strange choice came simultaneously. Asking me to write about fashion is like asking your pet yorkie what he thought of dinner; it’s all good. I am not the most fashionable chap around. Thinking about writing this called to mind a particular freakout in my younger years: Face to the floor, kicking and screaming because my sweatpants would not be clean in time for school, so I would have to wear jeans instead. It must have been quite a sight. I don’t know what it says about my style choices now, but childhood livin’ is not easy to do. Thankfully, WeLikeWeLove is not a magazine about fashion. It is a magazine about people, and what they love. It just so happens some people in this issue love fashion. And, like, a lot. So we have here a collection of beautiful people talking and photographing it. Style is an expression of the self, and photographing it captures the thought so we can look at it, wonder about it, be amused by it, and feel it over and over again. Fashion is full of life, but a piece of clothing is only alive as the person putting it on. I hope these photographs encourage you to notice the people and what they’re saying. From some of the earliest images made, like portraits of European fur traders with their Native wives, to an Instagram feed of suburban girls with feathers for earrings, photographs have a way saying it all, without a word. The stories and photos on these pages remind me to look for the beauty in a world that so often feels to be lacking it. It is hard to do, but we mustn’t stop trying to get to know ourselves, and then learning to like ourselves, and getting to know other people, and learning to like them as well. There is a lot to like about this issue, so enjoy. I hope the life in these pages is contagious. Read the blog, send us an email, submit to the magazine & support us by visiting > Thank you for your ongoing support of welikewelove! xoxo

- Josh













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1 Julia Carusillo, aspiring art director/ illustrator, Chicago, I.L., likes the midwest, outer space, the civil war, Carson McCullers & Andrew Garfield. 2 Leah Van Loon, stylist, Calgary, A.B., likes Givenchy for fall 2011, cardigans & art openings. 3 Lori Andrews, interior designer/ photographer, Calgary, A.B., loves a magical dollhouse, drinking a bubbly beverage & has fallen hard for her new love (her bicycle). 4 Charlotte Marie Flannery, makeup/hair artist, Montréal, Q.C., likes my boyfriend, travel, baking, jewelry and of course makeup! 5 Larissa Lognay, photographer, Montréal, Q.C., likes traveling, sweets, movies, shoes & jewelry.


6 Kahdy Tamadinda, fashion & decor stylist, Montréal, Q.C., likes traveling, diving, learning new languages, Brazil & flamenco dancing. 7 Kendra Robinson, musician & instructor, Medicine Hat, A.B., loves orange lips, fall fashion, white walls & an extra hot latte. 8 Chris Sattlegger, photographer, Calgary, A.B., likes cooking, garage sales, furniture & Swedish glass. 9 Amy Soderlind, stylist, San Francisco, C.A., loves dancing with no shoes to great music, Africa, love, my BIG beautiful family of those i’ve met along the way & life.  10 Michael Morrison, commercial & editorial photographer, New York City, N.Y., likes Alexander McQueen, climbing trees, destination adventures, great shoes & good company.



11 Francis Urrutia, wardrobe stylist, New York City, N.Y., loves silk, leather, unicorns, jelly beans & music. 12 Micaela Hoo, student/blogger/ photographer, San Francisco, C.A., likes dogs, blogging, photography, thrift shops & San Francisco. 13 Dalyce Chomick, storyteller/make-up artist/singer, Calgary, A.B., loves big rings, friendship bracelets, leather earrings & rabbits named Kevin. 14 Wilkosz & Way, photographers, Calgary, A.B., loves analog cameras, large format polaroid, bikes, tacos & N.Y.C. 15 Rob Waye, corporate information officer, Calgary, A.B., loves adventure, planning surprises, foreign service, cooking & bicycling.

FEATURED BLOGGER KENDI SKEEN, blogger & photographer, Texas About six months after I got married, my husband moved me to his hometown. I would use the word ‘kidnapped’ but that would be harsh. The town we live in is a haven for retired individuals, rather a hot bed of nursing homes. Sooner than later, I figured out that no one cared that I wore cute clothes. It was a strange shift -- at my first job in the city, I was chastised for wearing jeans, but at my new job I could probably get away with sweatpants. (This theory was not tested, however.) All of a sudden, I realized I had no community. What fun is there in style if you can’t share it with someone? So one day, I stumbled upon a style blog. Then another and another, until it was all I could think about. I could not get enough of these beautiful, normal girls wearing bright tights, creative outfits and remixing pieces, over and again. It was my new obsession. After about a year of admiring these brave girls, I started my own blog, and haven’t looked back since. (Mainly because some of my very first outfits scare me now.)


Likes bright nail polish } 6Instagram a good sale at J.Crew patios in the summertime a perfectly messy bun

Loves my husband and his boyish good looks iced coffee dogs from animal shelters the feeling you get at 4:59 on a Friday afternoon finding a new blog to add to my collection

TWO QUESTIONS Why did you start blogging? What do you love about it? I started my blog to find my style, a self-journey of sorts. My love for clothing has always been there, but just because you have a lot of clothes doesn’t mean you know how to dress yourself. I was stuck in this rut of boring office clothes and I wanted to be more adventurous and bold. That is what I love about my blog and style blogs in general – I get dressed with intention and creativity. I have the confidence to wear outfits I would have never dreamed of. It’s a constant journey, finding one’s style, but the constant discovery is worth it. What makes up your style? What are some items you can’t live without? I am naturally drawn to very simple, classic pieces but I try to make them my style, as much as I can. I love the feeling of a well put together outfit that is perfectly accessorized. I could not live without accessories -- statement necklaces, bold heels, bangle bracelets. They are the icing on my cake! How big is your closet? You could say it was a ‘walk-in’ but it’s more of a ‘peek-in’ because I am impossibly messy. It’s no Carrie Bradshaw, but I love the collection my closet holds. Sometimes it seems a little crowded, a little eclectic, but it’s home to me.

photo by




ROSÉLINE, designer & blogger



Likes mornings strong coffee farmers markets & flower markets weekends in the country gold anything

Why did you start blogging? I began {this is glamorous} as a personal inspiration board to chronicle all the stunning things falling all around us everyday, whether in design, interiors, travel, fashion, art, photography -anything that caught my eye or captured the imagination.

Find me on the internet/airplanes Regarded as a tastemaker & influencer known for her impeccable style and exquisite eye, Roséline’s perfect take on design, fashion, travel, art, and everything that inspires, combined with a beautiful optimism, makes for a very compelling concoction that keeps thousands of daily readers coming back to {this is glamorous} every day, and often several times a day. The site has a dedicated following of talented and style-savvy readers, including fashionistas, stylists, designers, editors, and is a long-time favourite of the editors of Martha Stewart Living. An incurable romantic with rose-coloured glasses, roséline dreams in tulle and everything gilded, adores sequins and champagne on a saturday night, and most of all, her longtime love, the charming brit, who makes everyday feel as if it were springtime in Paris.

Loves traveling summer sequins late nights & moonlight sun-drenched afternoons at the beach

What do you love about it? So many things to love -- the sharing of ideas & inspiration and being creative everyday, the chance to get to know so many amazingly lovely and talented people. What has been the most interesting/exciting thing that has happened as a result of your blog? The London Times & Martha Stewart will always be major highlights, and more recently, a flight to Montreal for a private tour of a manufacturing facility as well as {upcoming} new and wonderful design opportunities, but think the best is yet to come.


COLOR BLOCK PHOTOGRAPHY Larissa Lognay, MAKEUP Charlotte Flannery, STYLIST Kahdy Tamadinda

LEFT: Top, Zara | Skirt, H&M | Fascinator, Ophelie Hats | Belt, Landes | Shoes, Stylist’s own | THIS PAGE: Cardigan, Old Navy | Top, Banana Republic | Shorts, H&M | Shoes, Aldo |


LEFT: Trench, Designer’s Remix | Dress, Vintage French Connection (stylist’s own) | Ring, Aldo Accessories | Belt, Landes | Shoes, Vintage Aldo (stylist’s own) | THIS PAGE: Camisole, Only | Dress, H&M | Watch, Marc by Marc Jacobs | Bag, Banana Republic | Shoes, Winners | NEXT PAGE: Top, Zara | Pants, Zara | Necklace, Winners | Watch, DKNY | Shoes, Zara |

{ 12 }

RUE the redhead’s handbook to the hidden streets of France

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{ 14 }

{ Kendra Robinson } likes photographing her adventures. One summer a curious girl left her home to fall in love with a place she knew had already stolen her heart. The people were strange yet beautiful, the cities were loud yet barren, and her shoes had given in. She wandered the streets a curly red-haired girl in search of her own love affair with the country that coined the four letter word. Here is a peek at the streets and corners that caught her heart and her camera’s eye.

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{ 20 }

PHOTOGRAPHY Michael Morrison | MAKEUP Ashlee Kleinschmidt | STYLIST Francis Urrutia MODEL Chelsea Rollins (Major) | HAIR STYLIST Yas Vivo

{ 21 }

PREVIOUS PAGE: Phillpe Audibert head piece | Francis Urrutia leather collar | Mikhael Kale dress | Benedetta Novi leather | Farahkahn black crop jacket | Simoneta Ravizza cowhide skull cuff | Nathan Jenden dress (worn as skirt) | Schunk & Rosendeld red pants | Simona Tagliaferri spat | THIS PAGE: Erick Beamon head piece | Alexander McQueen jean jacket | Mikhael Kale alligator jacket | ISSA pearl blouse | Nathan Jenden dress | Berge belt | Erick beamon necklace | Craft jeans | vintage pearl bag | Catherine Malandrino shoes | NEXT PAGE: Snooby Sheep shirt | Benedetta Novi red leather | John Galliano metallic plaid jacket | Ralph Lauren black label sweater | Gold Spun jeans | Michael Kors boots |

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Schunk & Rosenfeld black leather jacket | BeeQueen navy fur | BeeQueen white blouse | Dolce & Gabbana sequence vest | Berge belt | vintage scraf | Benedetta Novi red leather pants | Triple Five Soul bag | Y-3 boots |

{ 25 }

{ 26 }

Snooby Sheep bow blouse | Catherine Malandrino long vest | Moschino vest | Isi jacket | Hermes scarf | Gardem jeans | Simoneta Ravizza shearling gloves | Erick Beamon cross necklace | Berge belt | Bordello shoes |

{ 27 }

BeeQueen white jacket | No.1808 silk blouse | C00 by cut it out studded tank | Marni Jean vest | vinatge pearl vest | Gibo Metallic jeans | Katherine Hamnett shorts | Phillpe Audibert glove | Cassandra clutch | Catherine Malandrino shoes | 

{ 28 }


Storyteller { Dalyce Chomick } likes writing lyrics, watching fireworks, & listening to Justin Bieber. { Cheryl Graham } likes to illustrate donuts and other objects.

To find out where we left Ben last, grab a copy of


“Oooohhh, nah.”

A few things are running through my head as I sit here on the forest floor, starring at a soggy faced Berlin. In no particular order:

“I’m just feeling thirsty all of a sudden.” I think the sweating, involuntary urine release and tears have finally caught up with me.

penguin. I then stepped up on to the bumper and leaned my body deep into the car in search of the gun. I could see it.

- I can’t believe I’m still alive.

“Here, der little guy, take a drink dis bottle, der.”

- It’s getting dark and cold. And even though I’ve watched all six seasons of Man vs. Wild* (I feel like Bear Grylls and I could be buddies if I was a bit more filled out and could grow a beard), I still don’t feel prepared to build a lean-to out of moss, my own hair and drift wood. Nor do I remember for the life of me what plant produces natural spring water or if it’s ‘you can drink your own urine for 40 days’ or ‘live without water for 20’? I’m scared and thirsty and feel as though I’m about to make a huge mistake. Bear where are you?! - What did Donnie just say about a penguin? - And where is that gun? “You wouldn’t happen to know which plant produces natural spring water?”

Donnie M. McCaine handed me a rather old, dirty looking bottle. I drank, Ok, no I dumped that water down my throat. It poured all over my face and down onto my shoulders. It tasted like dirt, but I didn’t care. It was better than my alternative. “Thanks.” I passed it back to Donnie. I stood up and went to the car. Sure enough, lying in the trunk was a penguin. I couldn’t tell if it was sleeping or dead. But it was a lot bigger than I would have thought; it was like a two-year-old in a tuxedo. I look back at Berlin and Donnie; they were both staring at me. Donnie with a stupid grin on his face and Berlin through her tousled dark hair (she was still wearing her eye patch). I looked at the

WLWL. You can find them at

It was lying on the floor on the passenger’s side. I leaned in further, reaching with everything I had, stretching out my body an extra two feet I’m sure (like I could use the extra length!). The closer my straining fingers got to the barrel, the hotter the vortex of the gun became. I felt like it was a black hole, sucking me into its terrifying existence. I was reaching for an actual death tool. This wasn’t like my battle axe that I made out of craft wood, duct tape and silver spray paint. This was something that was powerful and dangerous (and not with a Power Count of +7 either). I reached out and grabbed the barrel of the gun; it felt like I was holding a heavy, hot burning coal. The burning sensation started to run down my entire body. I was sweating like a Greek man in a sauna. Then all the heat started to concentrate into one area of my body, followed by flashes of pain. Ok, how do I explain this part? It all happened so fast. Have you had a purple-nurple**?

{ 29 }

{ 30 }

(Remember when you were 7. You were still really curious about your “private parts,” but you’re also violent – ‘cause you’re a boy and that never changes apparently. So mix those two ingredients together and you’ve got “nutting/bagging”*** and “purple-nurples.” PNs are the act of grabbing someone else’s nipple(s) and twisting them until they are purple (or bleeding). I unfortunately know the feeling of PNs all too well.) So take that vision of a purple-nurple and times it by 700. Something or someone had taken hold of my left nipple and wasn’t letting go. I started to panic out of pain and fear; I yelped and hit my head on the roof several times. Finally I looked down and saw a toddler in a tuxedo looking back at me, his beak clamping down on my nipple, hard! I did what any self respecting person would do in this situation: I punched that penguin square in the face. It released my purple nipple from its death bite with a squawk. I fell out of the back window and onto the ground holding the gun and rubbing my sore nipple, thankful that it was still attached to my body. My back was to Berlin and Donnie, and I was holding the gun by the barrel, so I slowly slipped the gun into the front of my boxers and lifted my shirt over it. I then said my second prayer, “Dear Mr. God, please don’t let this gun shoot my nuts off. Please. Please. Please!” I started to stand up, but as I did this my eyes caught the gaze of two beady black pearls starring back at me from the trunk. It squawked at me and stared into my soul, its head and tilted to the side. Then it squawked again. I stood up, turned around and snapped at Berlin, “What is a penguin doing in your car?!” “I... I... I couldn’t just leave her.” “Where did she come from?”

“Da north pole!” Donnie said with a chuckle. I shot him a glare and his face turned somber. For some reason I felt strong and in control, maybe because there was a gun pressed hard against my man-part or maybe because a penguin just went to second base with my nipple. I didn’t care; all I knew is I wasn’t in the mood for jokes, only answers. “A Cage.” “Berlin, please use your words and tell ME what’s going on. Why are we in the mountains? Why is there a friggin’ penguin in your car?” “She came from the Sun & Taste Fest. She was living in a petting zoo.” Berlin looked from Donnie to me and then back to her knees. “Ok. I’ll tell you everything. She was a part of this petting zoo set up at the Sun & Taste Festival today. Thousands of people walk by her all day; they’re smoking, eating, taking photos with her and touching or holding her. She looked so sad, so trapped. She was just waddling around, like she totally hated her life (pause). So I had been standing at a gyros vendor eating a Lamb Kebab, for well over an hour, just watching this petting zoo. It’s disgusting; they are totally prostituting these animals. My heart was so sad for her. I watched as dirty little kids poked her in the tummy and eyes or as guys in Ed Hardy T-shirts blew smoke in her face. Or Katy Perry loving pre-teens had to get their new Facebook profile picture with her. I was disgusted (pause, she got very quiet here). I knew I had to do something. I slipped behind the gyro vendor’s tent and found a spare black table cloth. I thought this would be a good tool to conceal her once I had her, so I tied it around my neck like a cape. I stayed behind the tent watching the guy running the zoo and, as soon as his back turned, I would strike (another long pause). When it felt right, I walked over to the cages and snapped her up by the neck and whipped my cape over her.

I quickly ran into the crowd, and disappeared into the mob like smoke. No one noticed me as I weaved in and out, trying to get to my car as quickly as I could. I don’t think anyone followed me either. She started squawking as I moved through the crowd; people were bumping and pushing us. The festival was loud enough that no one really noticed the odd sounds coming from beneath my cape. We got to my car and I buckled her into the front seat, then we drove for like 45 minutes. She was still squawking when I pulled into the Tim Horton’s parking lot. I looked in my glove compartment for food or water or fish; something! I only had six Mentos, a bag of cinnamon hearts and cold medicine in there. She didn’t like the candy. So my next thought was to try the night time cold meds. Maybe they’d make her drowsy and she’d chill for a bit while I devised a plan. But they knocked her right out; I thought I had killed her. So I panicked and put her into the trunk of my car, and that’s when I saw you.” “Me?” “Yea. And you looked just as trapped as she did.”

FOOTNOTES (*) Man vs Wild: Once I watched an episode were Bear Grylls skinned a rotting deer and slept inside his carcass. He also drank water from camel poo. Moses (my best friend) dared me to eat a maggot like Bear. I took one bite and vomited on my Dad’s BMW. He was pissed. (**) PN: my worst PN in history was from my little sister: She grabbed both my nipples when I was exiting the bathroom after my Sunday shower. She twisted so hard I bled. Then she slapped my stomach and left a giant red hand mark, which resulted in a bruise. I still have no idea why she did that to me. (***) Nutting: Don’t ever do this to a boy, man, old-man, father, son, brother, husband. The end.


{ 31 }

{ Rob Waye } likes swimming holes, rock & ice climbing, learning the violin & the zoo. { Lori Andrews } likes taking photos of pretty girls (& boys). Summer is the time when cities come alive. People start to shake off the restraints of winter and begin to look for activities that will fill the extended hours of the post-solstice season. Most cities have outdoor events, like the theatre group Shakespeare in the Park, at Prince’s Island Park, Calgary, A.B. Or, the more unconventional spectacle of in Montreal, Q.C. The latter involves people from all backgrounds traveling with homemade cardboard swords, axes, and shields to Montreal’s Mount Royal Park, and assembling to wage cardboard war upon each other. This past summer my girlfriend at the time was living in Montreal and took me to see it. Whether you’re into Dungeons

and Dragons, or ice climbing and marathons, this was a great way to spend an afternoon. Regardless of what city you frequent or what it has to offer, there can be great opportunities to share in the culture of your surroundings while at the same time escaping the repetitiveness of the same old haunts. In addition to more physically engaging activities, nothing is as quintessential to summertime as outdoor dining. Just like the teddybears, today’s the day to have your picnic. There are some simple, yet mandatory, GUIDELINES TO PLANNING AND PACKING THE PERFECT PICNIC:

{ 32 }

DEVILED EGGS - Four eggs, hard boiled. - Dijon Mustard. 2 1/2 tbsp - Mayonnaise. 1 Tbsp - Paprika. 1. Slice the eggs length-wise. Carve the yokes into a bowl. 2. Mix the yokes with mayo, mustard. 3. Fill the Eggs with the mix. Garnish with Paprika.

1.GATHER THE ESSENTIALS, STARTING FROM THE GROUND UP. You will need something to keep the ants at bay, so consider a thick blanket, as wet grass could quickly put a damper on your day. This summer I’ve used an old heavy wool blanket. If the grass is damp or dewy, a thick blanket will make all the difference between “I’ve got sunshine...On a cloudy day” and “Man of constant sorrow.”

2. PACKING YOUR PICNIC. If you think you’re slinging a basket over your shoulder, think again. Try something a little more versatile, something you could bicycle with and won’t prove to be a hassle to lug around afterwards.


The eggs will be hard to travel with so think of a plan to ferry the little devils. I press the eggs together, lined in a flat container with paper towels to hold them in place. They will stay in your intended form, however you may have to re-garnish with paprika after you peal them apart. Rather than going with a typical leafy salad, I suggest branching out a little farther. This beat salad may be a step off the beaten path. It’s simple to cook, travels well, and will add some colour to the plates.

BEET SALAD - Four tennis ball sized beets - Goat Cheese. 1/2 cup - Sage leaves. 1/4 chopped. - Virgin olive oil. 1 tbsp

the two wheeled wonder, bicycling could improve your outing. Outdoor events often take place in public parks or spaces far more accessible via the velo. Now, if you’re lacking the spokes, rims, tires and tubes altogether, fear not. Most cities will offer alternate means, like Vancouver’s Spokes Bicycle Rentals located conveniently at the entrance to Stanley Park (insert summer night out here). Cities like Montreal offer a bike share program called Bixie ( which is growing across North America and Europe. Now that you have a blueprint for your transportation plans, it’s on to the next one.

1. The beat should be chopped into uneven chunks, no bigger than a golf ball. Steam them until they are soft. 2. Smear the goat cheese over the beats and mix with olive oil. The oil will help the cheese spread. 3. Garnish with the chopped sage.

4. PREPPING YOUR PICNIC. If Yogi finds an empty picnic

Let’s face facts: Going on a picnic is cheesy, so why fight it. Make grilled cheese. Putting a little effort into this classic isn’t hard.

basket, then you’ve made a booboo. Give thought to what you will make and go with items that will both pack and travel well. When in doubt, don’t feel the need to stray too far from the classics: Deviled eggs, sandwiches and a salad.

Taking someone out on a picnic might be a sweet thing to do, but you’re not made of sugar so don’t be afraid to be caught out in the rain. Finding something to watch, like a movie showing in the park, is a perk. The idea is more about breaking the same old boring routine. It’s not like a picnic takes a great deal of effort. If you don’t have the time, skill or means to cook and coordinate it, then don’t kill yourself trying. Sometimes simplicity says more.

BRIE & PROSCIUTTO GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH - Sourdough bread. Six slices. - 100g Prosciutto - Liberal amounts of soft brie cheese - Butter 1. Butter the bread slices on the outside only. 2. Fill the insides with brie and prosciutto 3. Grill and slice. 4. Easy, huh...?

{ 33 }

Wanderer PHOTOGRAPHY Micaela Hoo | STYLIST Amy Soderlind | HAIR & MAKEUP Mikaela South MODEL Beck at Cast Images | STYLING AND LIGHTING ASSISTANT Ashley Gordon

Black trousers, Rag and Bone | Cream blouse, Gap | Black blouse, vintage | Shoes, vintage | Hats, stylist’s own | Other, A.C.T.

{ 43 }

BY Julia Carusillo These illustrations are excerpts from my senior project, an illustrated twitter compendium called Oh Salad Days! Your salad days are defined as being halcyon days, days of being green, not knowing what you’re doing but having a pretty good time doing it. My friends are really weird and funny and make me feel like my salad days are never going to end. Our lives play out in tiny stories on our twitter feeds, but they’re unfolding in real time.


IN THE CLOSET Stylist { Leah Van Loon } likes Cline Viognier & Mac lipstick. { Chris Sattlegger } likes taking photos & napping.

My closet is a sentimental place where I can indulge my girly side and keep a little clutter around. I tend to accumulate things, as most of my life is spent shopping. Consequently, I had to repurpose a spare bedroom to house all my stuff. Most of the decor has been collected through the years or inherited from my late grandmother. The mirrors, the gold, the sparkle, all come from her whether in actuality or just in the spirit of them. Although I have definitely developed some systems for keeping things organized, I am not crazy about having everything perfect (you will find some wire hangers). But bins and boxes are boring (unless they are Lanvin) so you won’t see them here. Just some of my favourite things in my favourite room.


1. My yorkie Lola. Above the dresser is a painting from my grandmother and a one of a kind graffiti dress by The Kid Belo.

2. The mirrors were my grandmothers and used to be gold before she “antiqued” them in the seventies. The large one hung in the dining room and reflected a million rainbows from her crystal chandelier. The thistles are from my backyard.

3. My grandmother used to keep her perfumes on a tray similar to this one and the gold vanity pieces were hers. The small, framed photos on the dressing table are my niece and nephew as babies and my sister and I in matching dresses. The ones on the cedar wall were given to me by a friend and I sourced the frames at a flea market.

4. I bought this Buddha in Denmark in 1989 on a family vacation. I spent my last 450 Kr on it and had to bring it back on the plane. Buddha is wearing a turban by Kendall Yellowhorn with a star pin by YSL.

5. I like to keep the original boxes for my shoes and store them in them when they aren’t in use. Or on display.

6. Some of my lucite bags and other various treasures including the silver spoon with my name on it from when I was a child. My paternal grandmother had Pekinese’s and the figure of the dog was hers, as were the gold opera glasses and the jewelry. The vase head was my other grandmother’s and was glued back together by her so it must have been very precious.

7. This mirror was a wedding present to my mother and father in 1970 from the electric company my mother worked for and the shelf was found years later by me. The hangers are some of the ones I collect.

{ 45 }

2 3

{ 46 }




{ 48 }


{ 49 }


PHOTOGRAPHY Wilkosz & Way, | STYLIST Lindsay Sutton, | HAIR & MAKEUP Alicja Wilkosz, MODEL Mikayla Fritzke, Ford Models/Want Management

{ 51 }

LEFT: Shirt by American Apparel, jeans by Chloe, suspenders and socks by American Apparel, shoes by Church’s, watch by Rolex. THIS PAGE: Shorts by H&M, top by Marni, hat by American Apparel, shoes by Paul Smith.

{ 52 }

Silk dress by Prada, vintage denim vest, jacket by Levi’s, vintage earrings. RIGHT: Linen suit by Zara, shirt by Sand, bowtie, stylist’s own, bag by Alexander.

{ 53 }

{ 54 }

Skirt by Le Fou by Wilford, belt by Club Monaco, custom shredded denim vest, stylist’s own, shoes by Opening Ceremony. RIGHT: Tank by Talula Babaton, denim jacket by Wrangler, jeans by Naked & Famous, cuff by Hermès. shoes by John Fluevog.

{ 55 }

{ 56 }

{ 57 }

{ 58 }

PREVIOUS SPREAD: Custom denim shirt, stylist’s own, earrings by Guess. THIS PAGE: Denim shirt by Sand, silk top by Talula Babaton, shorts by H&M, custom made beaded bra, stylist’s own, shoes by Opening Ceremony. RIGHT: Top by Marni, hat by American Apparel, shorts by H&M. NEXT SPREAD: Linen jacket by Zara, shirt by Sand, bowtie, stylist’s own.

{ 59 }

{ 60 }

{ 61 }

{ 62 }

Our mantra this issue is: { FALL INTO FASHION! } It is simple. Write it on your hand. Put it on your fridge. Don’t forget it.

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WLWL: Issue 8  

We Like We Love is a magazine about sharing the things you like & love.

WLWL: Issue 8  

We Like We Love is a magazine about sharing the things you like & love.