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Newsletter 18th Edition


An invitation to share We are inviting all local community members to come and share in the fun and food. We are also calling for local businesses sponsorship and donations to help us continue to serve our students. Read more inside

Canteen We would like to let you know that the College canteen will be fully operational from the beginning of Term 1 in 2011. Menus and further details will be forwarded to you as they are completed.


Dates of return Office dates and hours Teachers who are leaving Primary News Read more inside

Dear Local Business Owners RE: An invitation to share Please accept this as a formal invitation to share in your local school carnival. St Anthony’s Coptic Orthodox College is a Prep – Year 12 college located at 15 Alpina Street Frankston North. This year’s annual carnival will be held on Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th February 2011 at St Mina and St Marina Church.

community residents will also be in attendance to help in making this event a success. The carnival will be extensively advertised in local newspapers and signage will soon be posted.

We sincerely believe that this will be a high profile event and we know that local businesses have benefited from previous We are inviting all local participation. If you would like community members to come further information and are and share in the fun and food. interested in becoming a We are also calling for local sponsor, please contact Mary businesses sponsorship and Youssef on 0413 375 556. donations to help us continue to We look forward to seeing you serve our students. there and thank you for considering this invitation to Any items or financial take part in a worthwhile donations will be gratefully community event. received. Your generous contributions will be recognised Yours faithfully, during the event and acknowledged in flyers to be Father Athanasius Attia distributed to 10,000 homes. Director This will in itself provide great exposure for your business. The carnival will feature a huge range of traditional home made Egyptian savouries and sweets and a great range of children and adult entertainment. We are hoping to attract a few thousand people over the weekend and we expect a significant number of local

Dear Families I wish each and every-one of you a very safe and blessed Christmas and New Year holiday. I thank you for your support and kindness throughout the year and look forward to seeing you and your children, well rested and excitedly looking forward to all the challenges that the New Year will bring. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Carol Harrak for all that she has done for us in the office this year. Her hard work and dedication have made my job so much easier and I am sure that you have all enjoyed her friendly smile and helpful nature. Carol will be finishing at the end of this year and she will be very much missed. Below you will find a list of the College dates for the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011. Please put them in your diary or pin them to your fridge so that you don’t lose them. The College will close for a Christmas break from: Thursday 23rd December 2010 The Administration & Finance staff will re-open on: Monday 17th January 2011

The teaching staff finishes on Friday 17th December 2011 and will return on Tuesday 1st February 2011 The students finish on Friday 10th December 2010 and Term 1 begins on Friday 4th February 2011 The Uniform Shop will be open during the holidays on the following two dates: Wednesday 19th January 2011 from 10 am to 2pm Thursday 27th January from 12pm to 4pm If you are moving house during the break or have new phone numbers or any other important information that you think the College needs to know then please contact us prior to the start of the new school year. If you have a bus issue please contact Peter Reynolds on 0434 193 599 We would also like to let you know that the College canteen will be fully operational from the beginning of Term 1 in 2011. Menus and further details will be forwarded to you as they are completed. Warm regards

Michaela Tokarczyk College Secretary

Teachers who are leaving: David Misell David has only been at the College for a relatively short time. During his time at St Anthony’s Coptic Orthodox College he has taught a range of VCE subjects including Legal Studies, Business Management and Industry & Enterprise. David has been a supportive member of the secondary staff who has continually maintained a sense of humor with his students. We wish David well with his future.

Mike Onley Mike has decided to take up retirement next year. Mike has been a valued member of staff for the past nine years. During this time he has taught primarily Information Technology at all secondary year levels. He has used his computer expertise to assist staff with computer issues whenever asked. He has committed to his students and his subject during his time at St Anthony’s Coptic Orthodox College. Through setting up websites and preparing interesting tasks for them to complete. We wish Mike well in his retirement.

Anita Punnoos Anita is only leaving us for a short time to have a child. We wish her well with her birth and hope she has another beautiful girl. The staff and students will be awaiting her return next year.

Michael Nagy Michael has been employed by the college for many years. He has taught a range of subjects including Art, Graphics, Woodwork and Visual Communications and design. His classes were always popular with students with them producing some nice pieces of Art or Wood items. Michael was also a valued and supportive member of staff who was always willing to assist others.

Primary News Thank you to all parents for their support this year. The school would not be able to function nearly as well without it and the students benefit from your input as well. 2010 has been a very successful year in a number of ways, especially in our sporting endeavours. St Anthony’s won the Pines-Seaford Primary School Sports Association Lightning Premiership in Soccer and Volleyball-two out of the four shields presented on the day. From a school with only 135 students this effort was outstanding. Students have participated in a variety of incursions and excursions. Science works is always popular and students have also enjoyed the Camp Quality puppet show and the visit from the Life Education Van just to mention a couple of events. Many photographs have been taken and have been presented at the concert or are available on the website. 2010 has also been a difficult year. For a variety of reasons we are going to say goodbye to a number of staff. From those who have only been with us for one term to those who have been with us for many years, we will miss you all. You have made a valuable contribution to our Primary team and we are sad to see you go. Ms Cassie Hamilton ably stepped into Mr Tony White’s footsteps when he went on long service leave in term four. She has been an asset in the classroom and has always been willing to take on extra duties when asked. Her quiet and caring manner with the students has been lovely to watch. Mrs Pene Silva was only supposed to be with us for one term due to the illness of Mrs Debby Hardman’s mother. Mrs Silva was very flexible and happily accommodated us when we needed to extend her time with us for term three and then term four. She has made a real impact on the Year four students and I know that they expect a visit next year so they can meet the new baby. We all hope that she enjoys the time she has at home before the arrival of the baby and has a fantastic time as a new mum. Mr Nader Mankarious has been our Coptic and Christian Education teacher this year and has managed the role well. The students’ performance at the concert in the Coptic and Christian Education item was a reflection of the time he has put in with the students. Thank you Nader and we hope that you enjoy success as a secondary science teacher.

Mrs Tracey Campbell will be taking 12 months leave without pay. Her skills in the classroom and as concert co-ordinator will be missed and we look forward to her return in 2012. Ms Meaghan Morley as our Physical Education specialist has been such an asset to the school. She organised sport’s carnivals and lightning premierships. Ms Morley has taught students from Prep through to Year six the skills they needed to do athletics-track and field, volleyball, soccer, basketball just to name a few. Students have had the opportunity to try things that they wouldn’t normally get to do such as circus skills, gymnastics and roller skating. Some students have absolutely shone in these areas and wouldn’t have known they had that skill without Ms Morley organising people to come in or places for us to go. The students have also benefited from many visits from ALF footballers. Despite knowing she has to go, Ms Morley has continued to work tirelessly to provide a quality PE program for the students and to give resources to the staff so that they can continue that quality into the future without her expertise. Thank you, we wish Ms Morley every success in her future endeavours. Mrs Edith White is our ESL/Literacy Co-ordinator and works with small groups of students who require her expert assistance due to the fact that they are new arrivals to the country. Mrs White has provided a specific and extensive program to these new arrival students to assist them in the development of their skills in the English language. She also assesses students as they arrive and reassesses students during the course of the year. Mrs White does a lot of work behind the scenes in writing applications and tracking student progress. These are not seen by parents by certainly appreciated by staff. Her expertise and assistance will be sadly missed. We wish her well in her future endeavours wherever they may take her. It is with sadness and a sense of fulfilment that we farewell our Year six students and our Year five students as they move into Middle school. We will miss their smiling faces and chirpy ‘Good morning’s in the corridor. We wish them well in their future school endeavours and look forward to bumping into them in the playground at break times.

Anthea Christian Head of Primary

St Anthony’s Coptic Orthodox College 15 Alpina Street Frankston North, Vic 3200 Australia Ph: (03) 9786 3145 Fax: (03) 9786 3988 Email: Web: