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Every frame......... We understand that you have plenty of choice when selecting the windows and doors that are going to transform your home. The purpose of this brochure is to highlight our difference and leave you in no doubt that by ordering our products you are making a sound decision. Welglaze is one of the UK’s longest-running, family-owned manufacturers of windows and doors. Two of the factors that differentiate Welglaze from its rivals are the traditional values of ‘attention to detail’ and ‘quality of finish’. Every single window and door frame that is produced by Welglaze is hand-finished. Welglaze only sells to trade professionals because they understand that we are bestplaced to give you the convenience and experience of a local, professional installation. Rest assured knowing that Welglaze supplies over 15,000 windows and doors to UK homes every year. “We believe in a strong partnership, not only with our customers but also with our suppliers to help us promote and develop an excellent range of innovative solutions. As a family-owned business, that began in 1970, we have invested substantially in manufacturing, product development and training; a testament to our dedication to high quality, reliability and customer service. Welglaze is a brand synonymous with quality; we will continue to offer our customers the best possible solutions available, a flexible service backed by a genuine commitment to delivering excellence in all areas.” Tanya Clarke - Director (Welglaze) hand finished 3

PVC-U casement windows making your home warm, quiet and secure

......the freshness of white 4

which colour will you choose?

cherrywood (rosewood) woodgrain

mahogany woodgrain

light oak woodgrain

AnTEAK woodgrain

antique oak woodgrain

Irish oak woodgrain

rustic cherry woodgrain

white woodgrain

black woodgrain

blue woodgrain

green woodgrain

grey woodgrain

red woodgrain

cream woodgrain

......the excitement of colour 5

A Shopping List......

Manufactured in the UK to the latest European quality standard: BS EN 14351 A, B and C Rated Energy saving windows are available in ALL colours.

using profiles supplied by Synseal Extrusions Ltd which are Kitemarked to BS EN 12608 (Licence no. KM30983) and BS7950/BS EN 12608 (Licence no KM41324).

A long-standing company that honours its 10-year manufacturing guarantee.

Glazed Internally with beads that match the frame rebate detail.


Equal v-notching with matching feature groove and elegant, scribed beading.

70mm sections that replicate original wooden windows leaving no messy paintlines.

Fully sculptured design with low sightline gaskets (no heavy black gasket lines around the glass!)

All coloured profiles are fully-reinforced to give extra strength and rigidity.

Matching conservatory roof details.

Easy-to-use and secure locking system with an extensive range of handle designs and finishes.

......for the essentials 6

And one...... Decorative Mock Sash Horns

Background ventilation At the same time as improving the insulation of your home and reducing draughts, it is essential to ensure that your home is adequately ventilated. The selection of trickle ventilators in your new windows will help to achieve good air quality in your home and help to reduce condensation. Our ventilators are available in foil options to match the frame and to suit the discerning buyer who is looking for a co-ordinated finish!

Recreate the look of a traditional sliding sash by opting for this decorative addition to a modern casement sash.

Premium Range

cherrywood (rosewood) woodgrain

Hinge bolts

light oak woodgrain

By choosing extra bolts for the hinge side of your windows, you will benefit in three ways: Sash Guidance The Hinge bolt provides guidance to ensure that the window closes in the same position every time. This improves the performance of the window and extends the life of the hinge and thus also of the window.

Compression of the Gasket The hinge bolt ensures that the gasket around your window is compressed along the whole of the hinged side of the window thus eliminating draughts and noise and reducing heating costs and your carbon footprint. The locking system provides this compression on the lock side.

Security This is the really clever bit! Should a burglar decide that he is going to try and lever your window sash open on the traditionally weaker hinge side, the hinge bolt starts to fight back. A hook on the end of the bolt engages with the special cut-out in the receiver keep to create a strong metal-to-metal contact.As an ever greater pressure is applied by the burglar so an even greater resistance is created by the hinge bolt. The result - exhaustion and frustration for the burglar!

......for the clever stuff 7

How would you like to open your window......

Traditional cottage style pewter shepherd’s crook design handle

Traditional cottage style antique black monkeytail design handle

Contemporary stainless steel handle

All handles operate our secure and strong multi-point locking system. Each locking point has two cams rather than the standard single one. As you turn the handle into the locked position, these cams move together, locking into their keep with a clamping action. We call this our ‘pincer’ bolt as it provides increased resistance to ‘jemmying’ in both directions due to its ‘pincer-type’ movement.

......using traditional fittings or contemporary ones? 8

White is not the only option......

Antique Black

Antique Copper

Dark Mocha

Sparkling Silver

Silver Moonbeam



Bright Bronze

Bright Chrome

Satin Bronze


Satin Chrome

Which colour will you choose? Which will suit the interior decoration of your home? Perhaps your kitchen handles could be Bright Chrome to match your kettle, toaster and other appliances? Perhaps your bedroom handles could be the more seductive Silver Moonbeam? your eyes to colour 9

PVC-U bay windows adding another dimension to your room


Bay window Bay windows are often associated with Victorian architecture. They first achieved widespread popularity in the 1870s. Bay windows can really change your home by enhancing the exterior of your property, by making your room larger and by letting extra light into your home. Bay windows can also add more floor space to your room just like a mini extension! Our PVC-U bay windows are fully reinforced with galvanised steel or aluminium profiles.

Optional bay pole jacking system is available for load-bearing situations.

All woodgrain foiled sills allow for any potential heat build-up due to the darker colour of profile.

Energy-rated windows can be used in the bay configuration helping to reduce the cost of heating your home.

Is your bay load-bearing? Do not worry - we have the answer with our bespoke jacking arrangement. But remember if in any doubt, please consult a structural engineer. Angled Bay Pole Jacking detail

Square Bay Post Jacking detail


Window Energy Ratings Energy saving is incredibly important and so is keeping your fuel bills down. We are continually looking for ways to make our homes energy-efficient and one way is to choose new PVC-U windows, doors and conservatories. Not only will they help to keep your home warmer, they will reduce your energy loss. The British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) is an independent organisation dedicated to improving the energy-efficiency of fenestration products. The BFRC introduced the Window Energy-Rating (WER) labelling scheme to assist consumers to make an informed decision regarding the energy performance of a window. The energy-ratings label is in a colour-coded style and gives a rating based on the performance of the whole window (frame and glass) and therefore allows you to compare one window to another and make an informed choice. The ‘A’-rating is the most efficient rating and G is the least energy-efficient. Not only can it save an enormous amount of money on energy bills, which today seems to be the most expensive payout for many homeowners, but also it contributes to saving the environment. So exactly what are Energy-Efficient Windows? They are windows that help to contain and conserve heat within the home keeping out wind and rain, reducing condensation and yet allowing natural ‘free’ energy the warmth of the sun - to heat the home. They are easily recognised, just look for colour-coded label.

How will my new energy-rated windows help me? By helping you contain and conserve heat within your home in the winter and reduce your monthly heating bill. By helping you keep out the wind. By helping reduce condensation. By contributing to improved sound insulation. By giving you ‘peace of mind’ knowing that you have played a part in protecting our planet for future generations. Please ask for more information about our energy rated windows. 12

PVC-U Tilt & Turn windows

Concealed-gearing option - closed position

Concealed-gearing option - tilt position

Low-maintenance PVC-U frames.

Fully-reinforced with galvanised steel or aluminium.

Energy saving glass options.

Concealed-gearing option (as pictures)

Tilt first (as pictures) or turn first gearing.

All-round locking for extra security.

Concealed-gearing option - open (turn) position 13

Opens inwards so the glass on the outside of the windows can be cleaned from the inside of the room. No ladders needed!

Vertically Sliding Sash Windows


You can have the charm of traditional vertically sliding sash windows...... Welglaze’s PVC-U vertically sliding sash windows combine traditional looks with modern technology. They are designed to keep you and your family warm and comfortable whilst also reducing unwelcome, external noise.

Fittings available in white, gold or chrome finishes.

Easy to maintain with tilt facility for easy cleaning.

......without the time-consuming maintenance 15

Door Styles

French doors to provide an elegant link between the house and garden.

A front door to create a welcoming entrance 16

Sliding doors to bring in plenty of natural light.

PVC-U single doors

All doors glazed with toughened safety-glass as standard.

A choice of 4 butt hinges or 3 face-mounted hinges as standard.

3 different PVC-U threshold options (50mm, 60mm or 70mm.

All doors fitted with a multi-point hook bolt locking system as standard

Energy-saving glass options.

Aluminium threshold options for easier access.

Strong, robust letterplate that even the postman will like!

Stable door option.

Fully reinforced with galvanised steel or aluminium.


Composite entrance doors...... The Classic Collection









Anstey Georgian

The Contemporary Collection






The Cottage Collection














......welcoming you home 18

Design your own door with our wide range of door styles, glass decorations and colours Frame Colour Options

cherrywood (rosewood) woodgrain

mahogany woodgrain

light oak woodgrain

AnTEAK woodgrain

Antique oak woodgrain

Irish oak woodgrain

Rustic cherry woodgrain

white woodgrain

black woodgrain

blue woodgrain

green woodgrain

grey woodgrain

red woodgrain

cream woodgrain

Door Colour Options (All colours available internally and externally)

cherrywood (rosewood) woodgrain

light oak woodgrain

white woodgrain

black woodgrain

cream woodgrain






grey woodgrain

Some of our latest glass designs......






brilliante diamond

fusion elipse

crystal inspiration

Please ask for details of all our options! 19

PVC-U Front entrance doors glazed with decorative panels chic and modern




diamond black


square reds

diagonal neutrals

square blues

linear greens



diamond neutrals

diamond red



linear blues

linear reds

colours available All panels reinforced (including standard white). cherrywood (rosewood) woodgrain

mahogany woodgrain

light oak woodgrain

white woodgrain

black woodgrain

blue woodgrain

green woodgrain


grey woodgrain

red woodgrain

cream woodgrain

please ask for other design options

PVC-U Front entrance doors glazed with decorative panels elegant and contemporary





ocean green

sea blue


neutral stone




colours available All panels reinforced (including standard white). cherrywood (rosewood) woodgrain

mahogany woodgrain

light oak woodgrain

white woodgrain

black woodgrain

blue woodgrain

green woodgrain


grey woodgrain

red woodgrain

cream woodgrain

please ask for other design options

PVC-U French doors......

......Leading you into your garden

......Keeping you warm and secure in your conservatory 22

PVC-U Sliding doors All doors glazed with toughened safety-glass as standard. All doors fitted with a multi-point locking system as standard. 2, 3 or 4 panel options with both internal and external handles. Low-maintenance PVC-U frames. Fully-reinforced with galvanised steel or aluminium. Save energy with the combination of double-glazing and PVC-U frames.


Our door and window fittings match...... We decided that door and window fittings should be the same shade of colour. Why should the attractive highly polished gold finish on your door letterplate be slightly darker and slightly less shiny than the gold finish on your door handles? Why should your door knocker be different again? Why should the window handles in your conservatory not match exactly your door handles that are next to them? Our fittings go through the same finishing processes so mis-matching is a thing of the past!

Our standard range of colours satin chrome


Try one of these exciting colours, new for 2010 Dark Mocha

Antique Black

Silver Moonbeam

Antique Copper

Sparkling Silver

Take a closer look


Antique Black

Antique Copper

Silver Moonbeam

Sparkling Silver

Dark Mocha

Now look at shapes...... Why have only one shape option for your door and window fittings? We give you a choice because we understand that people are individuals with their own preferred styles.

Casement Window handles

Door handles

Cranked casement window handle

In-line casement window handle

Standard lever handle

Swan neck lever handle

Extended lever handle

Pad handle

Window handles are available with ‘glow in the dark’ buttons to assist with your exit in case of an emergency - please ask for specific colour option availablity.

Door knockers Slim knocker

Urn knocker

Lion’s head knocker


Security...... In

70% of burglaries entry is gained through a door.

Our doors are fitted with locking systems that are designed to meet the highest levels of security testing (PAS24 and the police-backed initiative ‘SECURED BY DESIGN’).

Multi Point door lock with cylinder

Centre Hook bolt for additional security. Compare the hook design with the straight design of the traditional deadbolt.

Cylinder-free Multi Point door lock The latest crime prevention solution for homeowners! The new Vectis is a revolutionary multi-point door locking system free from euro cylinder operation. No euro cylinder, so… - no bumping - no breaking / snapping - no plug extraction Patented 5 lever operation (traditional lever technology that has been used in mortice locks for centuries).

A minimum of 3 rollers per lock for enhanced performance and weatherseal compression.

3 robust deadlocking security hooks together with 2 precompression rollers for weathersealing.

3 high-security hooks per lock for improved anti-separation performance.

Do not make it easy for a complete stranger to enter your house, take your treasured possessions and damage your property.

Sleep well at night knowing that you have done your best to protect your home and your family. 27

Conservatories a few ideas?


Conservatory interiors What will you do with the extra space?

a place to enjoy the garden on a cold day?

somewhere to enjoy a glass of Sauvignon, Shiraz or something bubbly? somewhere to chat?

a new dining room? extra room for entertaining?

a games room? 29

Conservatory options What is your favourite colour?

What will be your choice of topping?

Glass or polycarbonate roof glazing?

Keep cool in your conservatory by adding solar controlled glass - that’s intelligent glass that keeps your conservatory cooler in the Summer and warmer in the Winter - there’s even a self-cleaning option.

Which design will you choose? please ask for other available design options


Conservatory glazing ideas Personalise your conservatory by adding a ‘little something’ to the glass.

Bevelled design options for a look of distinction

crystal twist

crystal square

crystal flora

crystal rose

crystal dual square

crystal art

crystal tulip

crystal flower

crystal modern

Fusion tile options for a touch of sophistication

fusion Oxford

fusion Cambridge

fusion Loughborough

fusion Leeds

fusion Exeter

Lead design options for the elegance of simplicity

fusion Bristol

fusion Durham

fusion York

fusion Reading

fusion Brighton border lead Elizabeth

fusion Edinburgh

fusion Cardiff

fusion Swansea

fusion Sheffield 31

fusion Newcastle

border lead Edward

border lead Victoria

border lead Henry

please ask for details of all our options

Glass Decoration Which style is best suited to your home? Adhesive lead Lead strip is applied to both surfaces of the outer pane of glass. There are many differing design layouts, some are shown below!



Gothic arch


Queen Anne


Go mad with colour!!

Internal Georgian bars The georgian bar is positioned between the inner and outer panes of glass so you have the Georgian effect without the hassle of cleaning small panes!

External Georgian bars The georgian bar is surface mounted on both the inner and outer panes of glass so you have the traditional Georgian effect. A gridwork of spacer bars in between adds to the authenticity!


Obscured Glass Options




Oriel BrocadeTM

Oriel LaurelTM




Oriel Texture BrocadeTM

Oriel Texture LaurelTM Glass pattern names are the trademark of Pilkington plc. The images are copyright of Pilkington plc and are reproduced with the permission of Pilkington plc.




Oriel CanterburyTM

Charcoal SticksTM



Oriel Texture CanterburyTM




Oriel CoppiceTM




Oriel Texture CoppiceTM


Folding-sliding doors Our folding-sliding (also known as bi-fold, concertina, folding patio) doors are manufactured using the market-leading Sch端co aluminium system. The features, design and technology are at the highest level and offer everthing you could wish for in a door that is guaranteed to add style to your home. Our folding-sliding doors are extremely versatile and can be folded back completely, bringing your garden into your home. The narrow sightlines allow your room to be filled with more light and freshness. The doors can either open into the house or out into the garden and there is a wide range of sliding and hinged options. Made from aluminium which is strong and will not warp, rot, or require hours of maintenance. Will not expand or contract with temperature fluctuations in the same way as PVC-U foldingsliding doors. Wide range of colours - can be one colour on the outside and another colour on the inside. Wide range of styles and designs. Minimum effort required for opening and closing - impressively smooth and easy to operate. Optimum sound and thermal insulation. Slim sight lines allow for large areas of glass giving a truly elegant and fresh feel to any room. 120mm centre stile dimension. Opens in or out. HIgh security locking-system - 5 point hook and deadbolt lock. Finger-safe gaskets protect little fingers! Low threshold option


In harmony with the environment We are strongly dedicated to good environmental practice. We believe that taking action on waste is essential since natural resources are being consumed at an unsustainable rate and climate change is being contributed to unnecessarily. We minimise our waste and run an extensive recycling programme that is continually looking for improvement. Wood is a natural resource and the timbers used in our composite doors are harvested from carefully managed fast-growing forests. 57% of the basic PVC molecule used in the manufacture of our frames is derived from salt, an element in plentiful supply with an estimated 50 quadrillion (one thousand million million) tonnes of dissolved salt in the world’s seas alone, with the remainder of the molecule derived from oil. The PVC-U used in our door and window frames is 100% recyclable and may be recycled 10 times and more without significant loss of integrity and structure. Aluminium and steel reinforcing sections are also recycled. We are committed to helping the environment and ensure that all parties in the supply chain of products have a similar responsible attitude. Welglaze actively seeks suppliers with a similar responsible attitude towards the environment and actively encourages its customers to do the same. Delivery routes are optimised to minimise our carbon footprint and the pollution on the roads. The high performance PVC-U doors and windows can deliver significant energy savings and as such they can play a positive role in making homes more sustainable by cutting carbon emissions, not to mention heating bills. We believe that the future of our planet is important not only for ourselves but for future generations.

Please note that due to our policy of continuous development, we reserve the right to change specifications without notice. Whilst every effort has been made to represent colours and products accurately, we cannot guarantee an exact match to our finished product due to the limitations of the printing process. 35

for homes that stand out

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general overview of all products

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