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Leadership Status – Policy and Rules

To become a leader, you must be able to lead yourself before you can lead others. You must be able to discipline yourself, you must follow the rules and be an example to others. If you cannot discipline yourself and follow rules you cannot be a good leader. You can now get leadership status if you are willing to do the following:     

Take responsibility and follow the rules. Have respect for others. Being helpful and sensitive to others. Follow the rules in Edmodo and contribute to the learning process. Collaborate by contributing and sharing.

You will be visible as a leader in the following ways:   

You will be part of the Edmodo team (we cannot take the risk to have learners on Edmodo without self discipline and respect for others). You will have a special place in the class reserved for leaders. You will have more freedom and certain privileges.

The leadership acknowledgement is a reward system. It is based on good behavior and not academic achievement or other top achievements. You can be a very good sportsman, have many skills and talents but not necessarily be a good leader. The following core rules apply:

In the class:        

You must be on time. Don’t waste time to settle down when the class start or leaving when a class end. Focus when your teacher speaks to you without disrupting. Be busy and focused with the task given. Always be respectful to others and help where you can. Obey the rules set out for discussions, evaluations and programs that you work on. Always put up your hand and wait until your teacher asks you to speak. Don’t interrupt others by invading their space and equipment they work on. Obey the general rules e.g. eats and drinks not allowed and the use of storage devices.

Edmodo (or any other LMS or online program)   

Register with your real name and surname. Do not use Edmodo for social interaction – focus on the assignments and tasks. Do not repeat the same posts.

   

Your presence on Edmode shows you have leadership status. If you disobey the rules you will be removed from the class but can reregister again. It you are removed from Edmodo you loose your leadership status. Remember – we cannot take the risk to have undisciplined learners on Edmodo. The image of our school is at stake.

Rewards for learners with leadership status   

The biggest reward – to have leadership status. More free time – as a leader you are more productive and deserve more free time. Special places in the class – the leaders will be surrounded by other leaders. It is only fair to allow leaders to be surrounded by other leaders and not to be disrupted or influenced negatively by others. Better learning opportunities and support – being able to have access on Edmodo will give you a better learning environment with e-learning tools to collaborate with your co-learners and teachers.

You can be a leader or choose not to be. All you need are basic good manners, respect for others and self discipline. The choice is in your hands.

Leader status  

Leadership with the use of Edmodo

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