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Concept Traditionally, jewellery is always a unique symbol of wealth and social status. Yet, studio jewellery is about questioning those traditional values. Coming from a graphic design and illustration background, Paper is one of the most accessible items in our dailty life. We are fascinated by how versatile the functions of paper can be. The possibilities are limitless. Jewellery is not just about showing - off. Creating paper art pieces as jewellery is our answer to the question: ‘what jewellery can be?’ Paperwork has never been this inspiring.


Vision To be an unique inspiration in studio jewelry industry, by bringing surprise to customers every day.

Mission �To deliver the innovative designs at a fair price with a great customer service. �To create immaculate works of paper jewelry, to do our best in meeting, or exceeding our customers’ expectation. �To make customers appreciate our work and feel worth and confident in their purchases.


Product We create paper jewellery of high-fashion quality. As our concept is to question the meaning and value of traditional jewellery, we would also like to re-difine the its way of wearing. Pieces form the same collection can be combined and wore as one piece. Our first product line ‘A Piece of Art’ captures the essences of the extraordinary art works by different impressionist artists. The collections will keep expanding with beautiful works of different artists.


Market Analysis Pricing Paper jewellery is rather new in Hong Kong. We would like to provide this new alternative for the costumers at an affordable price. A set of jewellery will cost around $500HKD, we believe that fair price will be one of our attractive factors.


Targeted Customers �Art Lover who would like to experience and collect this unique from of art work �Youth Generation who are daring in trying new things, and want to express their own style.


Accessibility Our business begin by selling our work in an online marketplace such as eBay, on our own website and on consignment at local shops. Local shops are used as a channel to let consumer know our brand, our design. The interested customers would then view the different available pieces on the website and place the order via the Web, phone, or e-mail.


Competition House Of Chapel is known for their fashionable designer clothing and accessories at a reasonable price. Their accessories are amde of different materials such as resin and leather.


Management Analysis Ownership Paperwork is a general partnership, owned by Wings Yip and Chloe Cheng. Each partner are equally responsible for the company and take the same risks. We are expected to act in the best interests of the partnership as a whole rather than just for our personal benefit. Therefore, general partnerships thrive when we are willing to put effort into our company.

Size and Structure In the partnership, two of us are the owners. Since our company is on the initial stage, we will do all the management and design works by ourselves. The size and structure will be relative small. After our business become stable, we will expand our business and hiring more staffs to handle different tasks, e.g. financing and designing etc. 9

Roles and Professionals We can divide and delegate the responsibilities in to 3 areas of specialization. Wings is responsible for production and operations management. She involves in buying source materials like paper, designing the jewelleries, managing inventory, and ensuring they meet the quality standards. Chloe is responsible for marketing and finance. She focus on obtaining needed funds for the successful operation of the company. She is also responsible for pricing and promoting the jewelries and making them available to customers.


Operation Analysis Location We decide to locate our company in Kwun Tong. There are many industrial buildings. The cheap rental price and large working space are essential for our business. Also , It is the concentration area of paper supplier. We can approach the supplier frequently. Kwun Tong MTR station is near the industrial centre. It can provide us with high accessibility which is essential for our work efficiency.


Suppliers Heiwa Paper Co., (H.K.) Ltd. Rm. 102-103, Hewlett Centre, 54 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong Shun Shing Paper Products Limited. Rm. R, 13/F, Industrial Centre, 472-484 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong GA Findings Unit 908, 9/F., Houston Centre, 63 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong.


Financial Analysis Investment Paperwork will be completely financed by Wings Yip and Chloe Cheng. Since our business is small, the required capital is relative low. Each of us will invest $100000 to our business. The capital is mainly used in preliminary expenses, e.g. buying basic facilities, materials and paying the rental and electricity fee.


Projected Income Statement (First Year) Revenues: Net sales Total Expenses: Facilities Raw materials Insurance Sales and other expense Rent Total expenses: Net Income

$300,000 ($500X50X12) $300,000 $100,000 $10,000 $13,000 $10,000 $150,000 $139,000 $161,000


Prospect We will expand our business. We will have our own physical store within five years. Customers can come to our shop and purchase the products directly. We will create more lines to attract more potential customers. We will also hire more employees to help to do different tasks. We will keep offering high-quality handcraft paper jewelleries to customers with good service manner.



Paperwork Studio Jewellery  
Paperwork Studio Jewellery