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Social Media Workshops

Geek-Free Social Media Workshop

(ref sm95)

Not tweeting or blogging yet? Not sure whether you should be? If your customers and your competitors are using social media, then that’s where you need to be. This geek-free workshop for SM virgins will guide you through the ‘whys’ and the ‘how’s’ of choosing and using social media for business and we promise not to be scary or nerdy. Why you can’t ignore social media Your customers online Brief overview of using different social media channels for managing reputation and winning business o Blogging o Twitter o Facebook o Google+ o Foursquare o Trip Advisor/other review sites Developing a social media strategy and policy An ideal starter workshop for people new to using social media for business

½ day introductory course £95 plus vat

Blogs, Tweets, Bells and Whistles

ref sm195

OK we made up the last two, but in this 1 day workshop, we’ll cover everything you need to know to get confident and savvy at using social media effectively in your business. Full day, practical, geek-free workshop Why you can’t ignore social media Your customers and critics online o Where they are o How they behave o What they want/need from you Social media policies Social media roles and responsibilities Monitoring and responding to customer feedback on review sites and social media platforms Winning, retaining and engaging customers using o Blogs o Twitter o Facebook o Google+

Social Media Workshops

o Foursquare Writing a social media strategy/plan A full day workshop, ideal for owners and managers who want to give their business a competitive edge through using social media effectively.

Full day course £195 plus vat

Social Media Mastery Workshop – In-House Delivery

ref sm295

Your organisation has to know how to master the Marketing and Business Benefits of planning and using social media effectively if you are not to be competitively disadvantaged. A tailor made workshop, comprising a pre-course social media audit, then a full day workshop to bottom out strategic and tactical social media issues for your organisation. At the end of this you will have the tools, tips and understanding to plan, implement and monitor your own social media strategy. For In House Teams including CEOS, Senior Management and Customer Facing Staff. You’ll need to provide the venue and catering for the day, and av equipment, or we can help with finding you a suitable training venue.

1 day Social Media Audit and Report, 1 day Mastery Workshop, maximum 20 people per in-house course £2950 plus vat

Social Media Tactical Tips For Marketing Teams

ref sm125

There are some great marketers out there getting great results for their organisations by using social media effectively and innovatively. If you are hands-on in your organisation running twitter and facebook, we’ll share top tips with you including: sharing photos targetting who to follows building relationships handling complaints and criticism recruiting for staff/volunteers You’ll discover lots you didn’t know, and come away energised with new practical ideas for marketing your organisation and communicating online. ½ day workshop for hands-on marketing types £125 per person plus vat


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