This is Y Magazine 2020

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NORTHERN BALLET CO N T I N U E S TO AT T R A C T T H E F I N E S T DA N C E R S F R O M AC R O S S T H E G LO B E . WO R L D FIRSTS Celebrate 50 years of Northern Ballet with a trio of Yorkshire world premieres.

AYA M I M I YATA L E A D I N G S O LO I ST J A PA N Northern Ballet is my second home and its cast and crew are like family to me. I loved appearing in The Three Musketeers. The story, dancing and music are so beautiful with a mixture of magnificent sword fights and many moments for laughter, love and excitement. It’s certainly a fun ballet to perform! The productions at Northern Ballet are a perfect mix of acting and dance. Ideal as I enjoy playing someone else and telling stories.

ANDREW TOMLINSON DA N C E R W E S T YO R K S H I R E Aged 10 years old I joined the Academy of Northern Ballet and it continues to be an incredible experience, receiving excellent and inspiring training alongside company dancers. Performing in The Great Gatsby was amazing, it has such a fun atmosphere on stage. I was born in Leeds and Leeds based Northern Ballet is a world-class a perfect match! As a student I got to perform in The Nutcracker, A Christmas Carol as Tiny Tim and in A Simple Man, all fantastic experiences. I enjoy being part of such a hard-working and supportive team. Performing in Leeds is a joy and our home crowd are always fabulous.

GEISHA Kenneth Tindall choreographs the haunting tale of two young women trapped in a world of duty and sacrifice. Based on a true story, Geisha will premiere in Leeds on 14 March 2020 followed by Sheffield and then on a UK tour until May 2020.

MERLIN A magical experience, choreographed by Drew McOnie. Inspired by the story of the legendary wizard, Merlin will premiere in Bradford on 16 October 2020 followed by a spell on a national tour and returning to Yorkshire in December 2020 for some Christmas sparkle in Leeds.

J AV I E R T O R R E S P R E M I E R DA N C E R CUBA The Great Gatsby has a special place for me because it took me right out of my comfort zone. I studied intensely for the role, to try and get all the layers of Gatsby’s character into my performance. Casanova was totally different, I was even more out of my comfort zone playing the lead but it gave me the realisation that I am more than just a classical dancer. I didn’t know anything about Northern Ballet at first! I was in the UK on holiday and I saw that the company was touring near me, so I asked if I could take a class with them to keep up my fitness. That was my first interaction and eventually led to me joining Northern Ballet. So, here I am 10 years later! My favourite thing is the people. There is a moment where, after 16 weeks of being on tour, you have a bond with absolutely everybody. The incredible teamwork and support is what makes the tour easier for the dancers, everyone helps everybody else and we can all relate to one another.

There’ll be a children’s ballet premiere coming to a stage near you in autumn 2020 too. Look out for details at