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C R E AT I V E S PA R K S Talk to any successful writer, performer, illustrator, vet, barber, florist (the list is endless) and they’ll no doubt mention that what led them on the path to achieving their goals came from childhood inspiration. So if you want to enlighten your kids, here are some great ideas...


Strange Ways


Island Life

A labyrinth of tunnels, fantastic follies and do check out the chambers - this is a fabulous four acre garden in the heart of the stunning Yorkshire Dales. Ideal for young (and not so young) adventurers to discover the temple of the underworld, see the eye of the needle and a huge pyramid made of translucent glass. Stare at stately statues and be led down paths that lead to... nowhere. It’s a day out at the strangest place in the world!

One of the greatest palaces of Europe, Castle Howard is home to the recently launched Skelf Island. Search for its fictional and interesting yet impish inhabitants, the ‘Skelves’, at this magical destination. Children can immerse themselves in nature and enjoy the adventure playground inspired by Henderskelf, a medieval settlement predating the stately home, and located just across its Great Lake.



Hands On

Get involved at Eureka! The National Children’s Museum in Halifax. This funpacked and educational place is perfect for enquiring minds and aimed at kids from 0-11 years. There are six unique zones to explore from All About Me to Spark Gallery and Sound Space, plus hundreds of interactive exhibits, extensive grounds and it’s located right next to the train station.

endeavours was enabled by another of our fantastic trustees, the wonderful Paul Clayton. Most significant has been the impact on children themselves. Time and again teachers have told us how kids who would never voluntarily pick up a pen before have become enthusiastic story makers, thrilled and excited by the possibilities of their own creativity. And that, to me is the true wonder of Grimm & Co. It’s not about seeking to turn every child into a professional writer. It’s something much more fundamental than that. It’s about enabling them to see the power of their own creativity and how it can be found through literacy, a universally applicable faculty that can serve them through the rest of their lives, no matter what they end up doing. In fact, our first three years in the original Grimm & Co shop have been so successful that we are now having to seek much larger premises so we can fulfil the increasing demand for access to what we have to offer. To me, once again it’s a testament to fact that things which begin life in the imagination, as Grimm & Co did in Deborah Bullivant’s eight years ago, can go on to thrive in actuality, growing from those tiny first seeds of an idea into a tangible reality that impacts positively on the lives of others. Now that’s real magic.

Ewe’ll Love It

In the rolling Pennine foothills of Baa-rnsley, Cannon Hall Farm is a multiaward-winning attraction with a farm shop, adventure playground and it’s home to hundreds of animals. From everyone’s favourite farmyard friends to reptiles and South American llamas, plus with a year-round breeding programme there’s always a new animal addition to admire.