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NADIYA HUSSAIN Lived in Leeds at the time of winning GBBO 2015 “Baking can mean many things, sometimes it’s just a way of using up a lonely ripe banana, other times it’s for a special occasion and sometimes baking is simply therapy. Winning GBBO was the most wonderful feeling and like many monumental moments in life it all still feels like a blur. Since winning, meeting Sir Lenny Henry was an absolute highlight! Yorkshire has given me a wonderful northern husband who loves nothing more than cake and a cup of tea. If he didn’t love cake so much, I probably would never have started baking. Carrot cake is a fave and Yorkshire parkin too.” Latest book: Nadiya Hussain Time to Eat




Winner GBBO 2019, from Whitby

Winner GBBO 2014, from Hull

“Baking is meditation, I find it very relaxing. This isn’t always the case though when you’re on Bake Off, it can become a bit stressful against the clock, but I’m now back to baking without any time pressures. I was on top of the world going into the GBBO final and already felt like a winner, so when I actually won my feelings went through the roof.

“Baking, cooking, growing my own food and ‘working smart’ are part of my DNA. Every day I have a plan, usually it’s to create something new and adventurous. What I bake depends on my mood, fresh bread, cake…and who doesn’t love a good pie? The whole Bake Off experience, from auditions through to winning has been life changing and a marvellous journey.

Highlights since winning? Book signing in York, people queued in the rain, the books sold out and it was really special to meet so many who’d supported me each week on the show. When I’m back in Whitby I enjoy a scone at Marie Antoinette’s and I get my bike out to visit the café at the Yorkshire Cycle Hub. I love the spiciness of Yorkshire parkin and it’s a great snack when cycling up the hills.”

ANITA RANI Winner Great Sport Relief Bake Off 2012 from Bradford Let’s not forget the Yorkshire celebrities who triumphed in the tent! When it comes to culinary creations the city of Bradford has produced some brilliant bakers too! Winner of The Great Sport Relief Bake Off 2012, Anita Rani beat the opposition in the show’s final, cooking up baked biscuits, sausage rolls and a covered tier occasion cake. Fast forward to 2016 and Bradford born Adrian Edmondson was awarded star baker “I am very proud. I’ve always watched since the first series and it was a thrill to be in the tent...I’m chuffed.” Although Adrian was beaten in the series by Spice Girl Geri Horner. You should have added a little more ginger Ade!

Almost overnight I was being recognised, it felt strange but everyone was so friendly. My grandmother taught me to make classic Yorkshire pudding, always light and crispy around the edges, golden brown and soft inside. Never hard, heavy and stodgy! Yorkshire Teacakes and a Yorkshire Curd Tart take some beating.”

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Its appeal has grown quicker than a soaring soufflé as The Great British Bake Off has become an annual must watch. Yorkshire’s star bakers have certainly shone, from Bradford’s Ed Kimber, the first series winner to the latest triumphant top talent, Whitby’s David Atherton and the Yorkshire celebs too.

KIM-JOY HEWLETT Runner-up GBBO 2018, lives in Leeds “Baking means I can be creative and also make other people happy by gifting them my bakes! It was fantastic to be a runner-up on GBBO, I never thought I’d reach the final. Getting there was such an achievement. I actually feel more like a winner rather than a runnerup, even though I didn’t technically win! There are so many highlights since the show, definitely getting to write my book and seeing it on the shelves, writing weekly recipes for The Guardian has been amazing too, as well as just being paid to do what I love. I adore Bettys! Me and my partner Nabil had our sort-of first date there on my birthday.” Latest book: Baking with Kim-Joy

Latest book: Sizzle and Drizzle