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Living in one of the world’s most populated cities, travelling as editor-in-chief of Vogue China to the most fabulous fashion destinations across the globe...just where does Angelica Cheung head to when taking a break from catwalks and cutting edge couture? Carolyn Nicoll found out. ngelica Cheung, the founding editor-inchief of Vogue China, is described by Forbes magazine as “the high priestess of China’s fashion scene” and presided over the prestigious magazine’s launch fourteen years ago. It has become the most influential fashion publication in the country, featuring the work of international A-list photographers, models, designers and stylists. Vogue China’s phenomenal influence and industry clout has gained Cheung respect and admiration throughout the global luxury industry. She has more than five million followers on the popular Chinese social media feed Weibo. What are your first memories of Yorkshire? I have been visiting Yorkshire for more than twenty years. One of my earliest memories is of watching The Full Monty, when it first came out, at a cinema in Sheffield, close to where the opening canal scenes were filmed. The audience were rolling in the aisles even as the opening credits came on and carried on


laughing loudly throughout the film. It was a great atmosphere and of course, a very funny film, even though I couldn’t follow all the Yorkshire vernacular at the time. My daughter Hayley, who is very proud of her Yorkshire roots, can do a spot on South Yorkshire accent, with all the right inflections and slang. “Y’all right luv,” is her favourite. What’s the main difference between Beijing, where you live and Yorkshire? Where to start? Beijing is a crowded city of more than 21 million people, which I think is

People were surprised on social media to find a Vogue editor downing a pint in a Yorkshire pub.

Clockwise from top left: Angelica and Hayley at a waterfall close to Malham Cove. Hayley running in Wickersley in South Yorkshire. A family trip to Aysgarth Falls. Bolton Castle. Yorkshire Dales. The Tan Hill Inn in Arkengarthdale. Jumping for joy in the heart of the Dales. The amazing waterfalls at Aysgarth.

around four times the entire population of Yorkshire. Part of the attraction of visiting Yorkshire, particularly the Dales, is the open space, ruggedness and lack of people. You can go for a ten kilometre hike along trails in the Dales and not see a single person, only sheep. I love the big skies and rugged hills and each Dale is a little different. Last time we stayed in Arkengarthdale and it was a great experience, especially visiting the Tan Hill Inn, the highest pub in Britain. That got a lot of amused reaction on my social media feeds, people were surprised to find a Vogue editor downing a pint of Theakston’s in

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