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Heading out of Hull I hit a big problem. I ran the first seven miles, then slowed to a walk and a hobble. It was 17.6 miles between me and Kilnsea with nothing in between, no villages, no houses. My leg was seriously injured and I knew that I still had 100 miles to go to the finish. The poles came out and I walked with sticks for 20 miles. News had spread on social media about my predicament and Lucas Meagor, Race Director of the Hull Marathon had heard about my dilemma and was on the case, then out of nowhere, turned up physiotherapist Laura. We’d never met before and she’d driven for miles to come to my rescue. After working on my leg for two hours, I was then able to run the remaining miles. Were there times on the run when you thought you may not make it? The Tan Hill to Whernside part of the run was particularly tricky, over moorland and hills, the fog was dense and I could only see 2 metres in front of me. I felt completely alone and that I just didn’t have the proper navigation equipment with me. I then fell into a bog, up to my waist in water and I was completely disorientated. I couldn’t work out east from west and eventually got a call from my sister who had been tracking my progress. She informed me that I was actually now running in completely the wrong direction! What motivated you to keep on running? The support from so many individuals, in person during the run but online too. So many people had opened up to me about their own depression and some of the stories were harrowing. I knew I couldn’t give up, emotions were overwhelming and money for the charity was pouring in too. Clockwise from left: Running through spectacular scenery. Finishing in Scarborough. Supporters gave Ben a lift in tough times.

What areas of Yorkshire impressed you the most on your run? There were so many, but Stanage Edge in the Peak District, just outside

“So many people had opened up to me about their own depression. I knew I couldn’t give up, emotions were overwhelming and money for the charity was pouring in too.” Sheffield was particularly breathtaking, with amazing views. Running through the area, over moorland and away from the paths took me back to my geography class days. Any parts of Yorkshire you hadn’t been to before? Loads! I’m a regular to The Dales but there were parts of it that I’d never been to and I saw it from a completely different perspective this time, as I was off the beaten track. I’d never been to the Peak District but I was blown away with its beauty and the gorgeous beaches near Kilnsea in East Yorkshire with their sweeping golden sand, that I had all to myself, were stunning. Where in Yorkshire would you send people to visit? The Cleveland Way with its dramatic coastline and colourful heather moorland was very impressive. Whitby and Staithes with all that history and the sea views, just gorgeous and as for the sunrises!!! How much have you raised to date? Over £26,000. The original target was £10,000. but people were so generous it was upped to £15,000 then £20,000. I’m still doing talks and people are still donating. It’s amazing. Now for my next challenge. Watch this space.


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