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For a poison emergency in the U.S. call 1-800-222-1222 American Association of Poison Control Centers (Always call 911 first where available if you suspect poisoning)


Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

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Distinguish and separate your business from competitors using powerful editorial that will introduce you to each new family moving into your market area.

Smile Productions Family Dentistry and Orthodontics Going to the dentist has a history for best we know how to do, someone who being dramatic. We either love to go or will educate us on the newest techniques we hate to go. Some of us have had bad and technologies. We want someone who experiences that keep us from seeing our dentist regularly. We may like our dentists but don’t feel welcome by the rest of the staff. We tend to be self-conscious of our mouths and sometimes feel uncomfortable allowing others to examine them. So what is it that we want? What do we look for when choosing a new dentist so that we feel comfortable ortable with ou our ur insecurities? We want som someone meo eone who cares, who iss gentle, gentle llee, e, underA Quick Response (QR) standing, not judgmental, gment nnttal, someone someone we can afwon’t over diagnose, so oom m meone code iswho a two-dimensional won’t chastise us for nnot ot taking care of ford, someone who can w work around our o rk code that can be scanned by our oral health when hen n we are doing the work and school schedules. scheduulees. We want to smartphone cameras to autoamong feel at home and be am mong ffriends. We matically pullwant up text, photos, family. to feel like family ly. ly videos, & URLs. Family is important imp mpor mp o tant to oour Doctors When and staff. Wh W heen n you come to Smile Prodductions du duct uctio ctio ct ions you are family, from your first come you are phone call and for years to co family. We are adopted into our dental fami you. Y You will aldedicated to serving you

ways feel comfortable to share your ideas, questions, concerns, stories and health with us. We love to hear about you! We appreciate hearing from you too, we believe the best way to improve quality is to listen to your feedback. From your first visit, our goal is to welcome you. We will take the time to listen and discover what your needs and wants are. We’ll review your oral health and discuss options that are customized for you. We appreciate our patients and we’re dedicated to keeping you happy so that all your friends and family want to share in having a great dental experience. We recognize your support and give back to you for every friend you refer to us. During the year we offer different gifts and incentives that you can enjoy just for passing along our card and helping our family tree grow. We look forward to seeing your smile soon.


New Movers MUST BUY...where they buy is up to you. You must let them know who you are ... where you are ... what you are selling ... and that you care to have them as your customers. Make them an offer they can’t refuse!

Blinds & Wall Coverings


Media Information The information in this brochure is considered proprietary and is not to be reproduced or used without express written consent from WelcomePagesUSA. Statistics and data have been verified up until the time of publication. WelcomePagesUSA accepts no responsibility for second party information, no guarantees are expressed or implied. Any questions regarding the contents of this brochure can be addressed to the publisher: WelcomePagesUSA, 4002 Cirrus Drive, Medford Oregon All material Š 2012 WelcomePagesUSA.

New customers are moving into your community every day... and they need everything!

In a slow economy... knowing where and how to advertise is critical. You need to reach those who are spending money. We reach those people!

New Homeowners spend more in the first six months than established households do in five years When a person is establishing new buying habits, the businesses they visit first, will most likely become lifetime relationships if they have a good experience. Don’t let another business take away your opportunity to give the first and best impression.

Each year you may lose 15-20% of your customer base due to relocation If you don’t take note of the new people moving in....your competitors will. The WelcomePages is mailed out every month to those who have just arrived.

Find your way around a new town easily We take a lot for granted when we have lived in a place for awhile. As a new resident, our local maps will be a lifesaver in time and energy. Whether it’s to the grocery store or finding the closest Post Office. Each of our advertisers are listed on the map.

We combine proven marketing methods with the latest technology In addition to a full business profile and advertising space, we provide a QR (Quick Response) code for every business. Through the use of their smart phone, your prospective customer can contact your website, watch your video, or click to call you in an instant.

Customer Leads Generation We welcome new resident feedback and reward them for their input. Each issue we provide postage paid feed-back cards. At the end of the distribution, we pick a winner and highlight the winner in the next issue... this encourages participation. We review the cards as they come in. We notify you when a new resident shows an interest in buying a product or service.

Reach each new move-in for less than the price of a postage stamp As you share the advertising space with non-competitors, you in-turn share the investment. This allows you to reach a targeted group of people at a fraction of the cost of traditional direct mail. (Ask your representative about total monthly circulation in your area)

You can help build the WelcomePages through your recommendations Because we have limited advertisers in the WelcomePages, it’s important that those who participate have been highly recommended. Advertisers may earn credits towards their account for each of their referrals that participates.

Average of 7200 New Movers Annually

We offer exclusivity to all of our advertisers. Call us today to see if your business category is available.



A publication for New Home Owners in Jackson County.

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