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IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS Contract Phone numbers for Caregiver / Baby sitter Name

Phone No

_________________ ________________________________ _________________ ________________________________ _________________ ________________________________

For a poison emergency in the U.S. call 1-800-222-1222 American Association of Poison Control Centers (Always call 911 first where available if you suspect poisoning)


Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

NOTES __________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________

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Central Point Family Dentistry For Beautiful, Healthy Smiles! Our facility in Central Point is brand new with state-of-theart technology and advances to make your visits as rapid and painless as possible. In fact, Dr. Sanford prides himself on reducing the number of trips you have to make to the dentist for any given procedure. Dr. Ross Sanford’s award-winning dental career began in a rather unique way. Following in his father’s footsteps as a secondgeneration dentist, Dr. Sanford completed his requirements and qualified as a licensed practitioner Scan this QR Code with your phone for special offer!

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before his final year of dental school was complete, leaving his classmates in awe. He has since gone on to practice in three states as a member of half a dozen dental groups

and societies. After serving as a member of many regional and state-wide boards in Nevada, as well as a member of the International advisory committee for the Academy of LDS Dentists, he was nominated for special honors to the Pierre Fauchard

Academy International Dental Honor Organization in 2001, where he has remained as an advisory member since. Dr Sanford learned to speak Spanish fluently as a young man when he lived in Spain for 2 years. He uses that to his advantage each year as he travels to Central and South America to serve the less fortunate. His favorite activities have been to teach in Dental Schools in Honduras and Peru. To date he has made 10 trips to provide dentistry in several countries. In addition, he serves here in the Rogue Valley with several local charities including St. Vincent’s when the mobile van is in town. He is very pleased to call the Rogue Valley home now and looks forward to welcoming you to his practice.

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Media Information The information in this brochure is considered proprietary and is not to be reproduced or used without express written consent from WelcomePagesUSA. Statistics and data have been verified up until the time of publication. WelcomePagesUSA accepts no responsibility for second party information, no guarantees are expressed or implied. Any questions regarding the contents of this brochure can be adressed to the publisher: WelcomePagesUSA, 4002 Cirrus Drive, Medford Oregon All material Š 2012 WelcomePagesUSA.

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New customers are moving into your commumity every day... and they need everything!

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In a down economy... knowing where and how to advertise is critical. You need to reach those who ARE spending money. We reach those people!

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New Homeowners spend more in the first six months than established households do in five years When a person is establishing new buying habits, those who they come across first will most likely be lifetime contacts if they have a good experience. Don’t let another business take away your opportunity to give the first and best impression.

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Each year you can lose 15-20% of your customer base due to relocation If you don’t take note of the new people moving in....your competitors will The WelcomePages is sent out every month to those who have just arrived

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Find your way around a new town easily We take a lot for granted when we have lived in a place for awhile. As a new resident, our local maps will be a lifesaver in time and energy. Whether it’s to the grocery store or finding the closest Post Office. Each of our advertisers are listed on the map.

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We combine proven marketing methods with modern technology In addition to a full business profile and advertising space, we provide a QR (Quick Response) code on every page. Through the use of their cell phone, your prospective customer can be directed to your website, a video, or your cell phone in an instant.

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Customer Leads Generation We welcome customer feedback and reward them for their input. Each issue we provide postage paid feed-back cards. At the end of the distribution, we pick a winner and highlight the winner in the next issue... this encourages participation. We review the cards as they in. We notify you when a customer shows an interest in buying a product or service which you offer! WP PitchBook 3.indd 26

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Reach each new move-in for under the price of a postage stamp As you share the advertising space with non-competitors, you in-turn share the investment. This allows you to reach a targeted group of people at a fraction of the cost of traditional direct mail. (Ask your representative about total monthly circulation in your area)

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You can help build the WelcomePages through your recommendations Because we have limited advertisers in the WelcomePages, it’s important that those who participate have been highly recommended.

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WelcomePages Information  

Media information about the WelcomePages that is distributed to new home owners.

WelcomePages Information  

Media information about the WelcomePages that is distributed to new home owners.