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Wednesday 13th November, 2013 Term 4, Week 5

Newsletter #34 School Roll

296 Kia ora Parents, Whanau, and Caregivers, We are now officially half way through the final term of the year! Time is flying and the range of activities that generally occur at the end of the year make for a busy time. This week we held our Year 3-6 athletics and it was the hottest early November day I think I have ever experienced with my car reading 29 degrees at 3:30pm taking the Mountain team to Summerhill! The heat made for a tough day on the children and we are sure they all slept well! It is likely that children will begin swimming shortly with our pool reaching 26 degrees yesterday so keep your eyes peeled for a note from school when your child’s teacher is ready to start class swimming. We also have our student leader applications underway with nominations having been submitted for 16 Year 5 students. We have introduced a new process for next years leaders, which is more like a job application and it is hoped that this process will be a great learning opportunity for our future leaders. They will require some support from home in the process, including letters of reference, but if you have any queries please do not hesitate to call. Enjoy the rest of the week. ;)

Welcome Bay Physical Activity Coordinator: Position available 2014 We have an exciting opportunity available to become an important part of the team at Welcome Bay School. In the pursuit of being able to deliver excellent sporting and physical activity opportunities for our children, the Board of Trustees have committed to supporting this role within our school. This position will be approximately 10-15 hours pw in the school term and the hours will be negotiated with the Principal, or as need necessitates. The successful applicant will have : - Exceptional organisational and administrational skills         -  Ability to self manage and self motivate - Effective communication skills across a wide range of stakeholders - Strong computer literacy (MAC operating system) - Ability to work as a part of the school team - Reliable - Passionate about and committed toward the delivery of successful physical activity outcomes for our children and school. (Whilst the focus of this position is Physical Activity, it should be noted that this is largely an administrational role). Please apply in writing to:

Office Administrator ( Welcome Bay School 309 Welcome Bay Rd Tauranga

Applications should include:

Letter of application Current CV At least 1 x Written reference Applications close Wednesday 20th November at 4pm. Call the school office for a Job Description and Application outline.

Congratulations One of our younger students has been picked to play for the Coastal Under 9 Mixed Touch Team for the Bay of Plenty. Congralulations go to Makere Toki , who at 6 years old is the youngest player to be picked for the Bay of Plenty and the only player from the Welcome Bay/Tauranga area. Makere will be training hard over the next couple of months before competing against teams from Auckland, Wellington and other regions in New Zealand. She is following in her father’s footsteps, who plays Touch for New Zealand.



Cairo Kahotea

For showing improved attitude and independence with your writing.


Anna Davies

For flying high in reading, writing and maths. Your thinking is amazing Anna.


Finnely Lombard

For soaring high as a role-model of Acting like a Friend. You speak nicely to others and are always kind.


Kaydia Hamilton

For your great effort in keeping a diary of your holiday in Blenheim. Kia Maia Kaydia, it is a great record


Dante Roper

Stand Proud. You are making a big effort to make your reading sound like talking. (fluency)


Buddy RingiReihana

For trying so hard in your reading, you know lots of words and are trying to look at the first letter sound for a clue.


Exodus Ututaonga Tait

For excellent progress in reading, writing and maths! You have a positive attitude to learning.Kia Maia!


Olivia Ogilvie

For always settling into your work straight away. You always stay on task and encourage others around you to do the same Middle School


Maia Taitua

For quietly and conscientiously going about the business of learning, for showing independence and maturity in all that you do.


Rangimarie Te Pere

For demonstrating the attributes of a Kereru! You care and share and act like a friend.


Noah Fisher

For your great skills in your one point perspective artwork, and then using these skills to help out others with their artwork.


Ryan Cameron

For your persistence and enjoyment in writing. It's fantastic to see you so enthusiastic about writing and using any opportunity to continue it. Senior School


Tai Ututaonga Tait

For being the best that you can be in every lesson with Miss Peck. I have seen a huge boost in your confidence. Kia Kaha


Melanie Wiki

For being a kind and courteous member of Rimu. You listen to others and take turns. You are a great role model for others. Kia maia Melanie!

Sports News If you have any queries or can offer your time, skills, knowledge, or support in any way please do not hesitate to contact Lisa House via email:

Sports Results and News Kiwi Tag The Falcons were on fire today, after having last week off, the team was ready to take on Selwyn Ridge. After a slow start, Welcome Bay started putting together some great moves led by co captains Aku Hunia and Elias Marks and also a player of the game performance from Sariah Tuanau who was outstanding! Players such as Chase Milburn, Kuini Wirihana and Katelyn Swetman have improved every week and had some good moments as they were more involved! Raydin Hunia also scored an awesome solo try which he told me he "ran his hardest" Choice mate! A great 11-3 win from the Falcons but let’s remember to respect our opposition team, gracious in victory and gracious in defeat. The falcons now have 3 wins and 1 draw :) super proud, you guys are awesome! The seniors also played Selwyn Ridge and also bought their A game. Starting with all 6 girls, Welcome Bay showed dominance on defence and put lots of pressure on SR lead by a player of the day performance by Kimi Wirihana who was outstanding on defence. Everybody stepped up today and scored some great team tries. Denim Maxwell-Edwards, Hinemoa Wirihana, Devon Marks and Reagan Tunui were all looking dangerous on attack and Kennedy Wilson and Maniyah Ropiha really stepped up playing good all around games. Very proud of the effort of all the players today and your hard work is paying off with a 7-1 win. Keep going hard guys you all have a lot of talent and are starting to gel and it looks awesome. Thanks for the effort, keep showing the respect and determination to get better and remember... its Welcome Bay alll day. Flippa Ball The Welcome Bay Albatross team played a good game of Flippa ball this week with some great passing of the ball down the pool It was a close game against OPS Splashers and the final result was 2-2. The player of the day went to Logan Cassidy who played the first half in goal letting nothing past him and had an excellent second half in the centre with some great intercepts and strong throwing. Volleyball WB Diggers our Yr 3/4 team won their game by 44-42 against Omanu Petrels. Sophie Troughton was player of the day. WB High Flyers our Yr 5/6 team played two games. The first against Selwyn Ridge which we won 62-47 with Sarah KennedyHone as player of the day. The second was against Papamoa Mini Ferns which we won 55-43 with Trinity as player of the day. Welcome Bay All Stars v Papamoa. Our closest game yet! This game went tick for tack, with the Alll Stars finally getting the tick 48 - 42! Some long entertaining vollies. Player of the Day was Jazmyn Heke-OBrien fir syperb court work.Well done to all teams, great effort! Sports Uniforms - Please, please return all sports uniforms!! These are valuable school resources, and we need them for the new sports teams this term. They need to be returned to Mrs Stirling in the office.

Welcome Bay School invites you to the NE - Year 2

Athletic Sports Day Due to rainy forecasts later in the week, we have decided to move the junior athletics forward to

Monday 18th November, 9:30am.

Sorry about any inconvenience.

What children need to wear: House colours or uniform. T.shirts/shorts. Please make sure that shoulders are covered - we do not want sunburnt children - and that children have sunblock on them. Time 9.30

Sprints Year 0 Girls

Game Year 0 Boys

High Jump Year 1 Girls

Throwing Year 1 Boys

Long Jump Year 2 Girls

Novelty Year 2 Boys


Year 2 Boys

Year 0 Girls

Year 0 Boys

Year 1 Girls

Year 1 Boys

Year 2 Girls


Year 2 Girls

Year 2 Boys

Year 0 Girls

Year 0 Boys

Year 1 Girls

Year 1 Boys


Year 1 Boys

Year 2 Girls

Year 2 Boys

Year 0 Girls

Year 0 Boys

Year 1 Girls

Preschool Race 11.00am. Interval Year 2 Girls Year 2 Boys

Year 0 Girls

Year 0 Boys

Year 2 Boys

Year 0 Girls


Year 1 Girls

Year 1 Boys


Year 0 Boys

Year 1 Girls


Year 1 Boys

Year 2 Girls

Prize giving

Lunch time

Year 3-6 Athletics Results 2013 Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Quoits Boys

1st Bryce Anderson 2nd Ridge Stewart 3rd Joe Vic Wilson

1st CJ Long 2nd Aku Hunia 3rd Kanye Jones

1st Kelly Boy Ringi 2nd Moses Razak-Begg 3rd Alex Watt

1st Te Aowera Moeke 2nd Reagan Tunui 3rd Lennex Takitaki


1st Mia Kingsbeer 2nd Trinity Gover 3rd Equal Talia Tiopira 3rd Equal Alyshia Derecourt

1st Lennia Takitaki 2nd Te Rere Moeke 3rd Sariah Tuanau

1st Maniyah Ropiha 2nd Tina-Marie Tunui 3rd Oceiana Whare

1st Kimi Wirihana 2nd Rogue Hare 3rd Tania Whare

Long Jump Boys

1st Equal Ridge Stewart 1st Equal Noah Fisher 3rd Joe Vic Wilson

1st Kanye Jones 2nd Elias Marks 3rd Aku Hunia

1st Kelly Boy Ringi 2nd Michael Rolleston 3rd Hui Xie

1st Tewi Heta 2nd Reagan Tunui 3rd Jakob Van Silfhout


1st Fiona Razak-Begg 2nd Kuini Wirihana 3rd Jynezus Rameka-Smith

1st Jenna Warner 2nd Equal Alyzae Ropiha 2nd Equal Serenity Cope

1st Sophie Brown 2nd Equal Devon Marks 2nd Equal Maniyah Ropiha 2nd Equal Oceiana Whare

1st Kennedy Wilson 2nd Kimi Wirihana 3rd Tahlia Meehan

High Jump Boys

1st Ridge Stewart 2nd Ethan Allen 3rd Bryce Anderson

1st James Haua 2nd Aku Hunia 3rd Equal Tama Kinita 3rd Equal CJ Long

1st Michael Rolleston 2nd Aiden Brett 3rd Equal Jae Oldham 3rd Equal Kelly Boy Ringi

1st Reagan Tunui 2nd Denim Maxwell-Edwards 3rd Equal Jamie Verdellen 3rd Equal Joseph Beazley-Comber


1st Fiona Razak-Begg 2nd Sophie Troughton 3rd Zahra Thomas

1st Sariah Tuanau 2nd Jenna Warner 3rd Tegan Davies

1st Maniyah Ropiha 2nd Equal Cayla Warner 2nd Equal Sophie Brown

1st Equal Kennedy Wilson 1st Equal Sarah Kennedy Hone 3rd Equal Hinemoa Wirihana 3rd Equal Nicola Halliday 3rd Equal Jasmine Plummer

Cricket Ball Throw Boys

1st Timoti Lawson 2nd Graham Kupai 3rd Joe Vic Wilson

1st Elias Marks 2nd Maia Taitua 3rd Kanye Jones

1st Kelly Boy Ringi 2nd Atonio Saipaia 3rd Alex Watt

1st Reagan Tunui 2nd Tewi Heta 3rd Levi Saipaia


1st Moui Veikoso 2nd Ocean Brown-Te Keeti 3rd Talia Tiopira

1st Te Rere Moeke 2nd Mereana Ringi 3rd Jazmyn Heke-O始Brien

1st Oceiana Whare 2nd Sydney Parkinson 3rd Karli Ashford

1st Kimi Wirihana 2nd Hinemoa Wirihana 3rd Kennedy Wilson

Shot Put Boys

1st Noah Fisher 2nd Joe Vic Wilson 3rd Ridge Stewart

1st Kanye Jones 2nd Tamamutu Kinita 3rd James Haua

1st Kelly Boy Ringi 2nd Michael Rolleston 3rd Kobie Peters

1st Reagan Tunui 2nd Tewi Heta 3rd Te Aowera Moeke


1st Moui Veikoso 2nd Skylah Hamilton 3rd Trinity Gover

1st Karika-Rose Wirihana 2nd Alyzae Ropiha 3rd Jenna Warner

1st Tina-Marie Tunui 2nd Cayla Warner 3rd Maniyah Ropiha

1st Hinemoa Wirihana 2nd Rogue Hare 3rd Kimi Wirihana

Yr 3/4 50m Sprint Yr 5/6 60m Sprint Boys

1st Ridge Stewart 2nd Noah Fisher 3rd Raydin Hunia

1st Aku Hunia 2nd Elias Marks 3rd Equal Kanye Jones 3rd Equal James Haua

1st Michael Rolleston 2nd Kelly Boy Ringi 3rd Alex Watt

1st Tewi Heta 2nd Reagan Tunui 3rd Anthony Uili


1st Fiona Razak-Begg 2nd Zahra Thomas 3rd Jynezus Rameka-Smith

1st Jenna Warner 2nd Sariah Tuanau 3rd Acadia Eruera

1st Maniyah Ropiha 2nd Devon Marks 3rd Sophie Brown

1st Hinemoa Wirihana 2nd Kennedy Wilson 3rd Sarah Kennedy Hone

Yr 3/4 80m Sprint Yr 5/6 100m Sprint Boys

1st Ridge Stewart 2nd Noah Fisher 3rd Raydin Hunia

1st Aku Hunia 2nd Elias Marks 3rd James Haua

1st Michael Rolleston 2nd Moses Razak-Begg 3rd Kelly Boy Ringi

1st Reagan Tunui 2nd Tewi Heta 3rd Ryan Came


1st Fiona Razak-Begg 2nd Sohie Troughton 3rd Jynezus Rameka-Smith

1st Jenna Warner 2nd Sariah Tuanau 3rd Acadia Eruera

1st Cayla Warner 2nd Maniyah Ropiha 3rd Sophie Brown

1st Hinemoa Wirihana 2nd Kennedy Wilson 3rd Sarah Kennedy Hone

800m Sprint Boys

1st Moses Razak-Begg 2nd Alex Watt 3rd Aiden Brett

1st Denim Maxwell-Edwards 2nd Anthony Uili 3rd Reagan Tunui


1st Maniyah Ropiha 2nd Cayla Warner 3rd Paris Wiki

1st Hinemoa Wirihana 2nd Emily Smithson 3rd Sarah Kennedy Hone

SUMMER READING PROGRAMME Read books, win prizes! Tauranga City Libraries are running a free, fun summer reading programme for children aged 5-10 years.  Children read library books, tell library staff about their reading and receive incentive prizes.  It’s a great way to help kids keep up their reading level over the summer break.  Enrolment for the Summer Beach Read Summer Reading Programme starts Friday 6th December at all Tauranga City Libraries.  Phone 577 7220 for information.

School Shop  Online We  are  very  excited  to  introduce  you  to  our  new  online  school  shop.                                                                                            Using  a  secure  online  trading  system,  families  can  now  pay  for  school                                                                                                                              donations,  class  trips,  camp  and  sports  fees  via  our  online  shop.                                                                                              It  only  takes  three  easy  steps  to  set  up:                                                                                              1.            log  on  to  our  school  website                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    2.          click  on  the    icon                                                                                                                3.          set  up  an  account                                                                                                No  more  cheques,  small  change  or  queues  required  and  it’s  easy,  secure  and                                                                                                    quick.

KICK Start: Transition to school programme This programme is for both new parents and children starting at Welcome Bay School and runs for approx seven weeks during the term . If you are a new parent to our school of any age child, these sessions can also be a great way to find out about our school and meet other parents. Please let us know by ringing the office if you want to join us. NEXT SESSION: Monday 18th November @ 1:45pm FOCUS: National Standards/Assessment and Reporting If you are interested in attending please call the school office on 5441113 and let us know you will be along so we can plan for numbers. Also, if you know someone who intends on enrolling at Welcome Bay School but does not get the newsletter please let them know too. We look forward to seeing you! Kia Ora School, We have had an amazing week in Kiwi Can learning to show Respect for Others. We have been thinking about how our words and actions can affect other people. Remember: Before you speak Think and be smart It's hard to fix a wrinkled heart Only two more weeks of Kiwi Can for 2013 so let's make them count! Carrie & Elliot

WELCOME BAY SWIM SCHOOL Cost $10.00 per lesson What 20 minute lessons. Where Welcome Bay School pool When Tuesday and Friday after school, and Saturday afternoons. First lesson starting this Tuesday 19th November. Holiday intensive swimming lessons will start from 6th January to 24th January. Judy Kelly 0212017638 07 5441483

Upcoming events


Wed 20th November: Kids for Kids performance

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Fri 13th December: End of Year Celebration Assembly

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