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ActingTogether The social commitment of BKT and its people. We do our part.

Acting Together â– â– 

It is the time when we must all put the best of ourselves at the service of those close to us. Life is made up of different events. Some happy, others sad. Each of us questions and reflects, wondering how to react. And so it is for the situation we are living through due to Covid-19. A complex, difficult situation, in many ways dramatic, certainly unpredictable. Faced with this the first reaction may certainly be a sense of disorientation when we find ourselves confronted with something unexpected, something we do not know and we struggle to understand, and, in this case, to combat and contain. But, immediately after, what is triggered in us is a positive reaction, which comes from deep within us: we want to get involved, to do something concrete for ourselves and for our loved ones, to help our friends, to offer assistance to

those who are suffering, to help support those who are in the front line fighting this insidious and invisible enemy. The reaction becomes action: for ourselves and for others. But alone we could not do much. If instead we all act together, side by side, each giving the best of themselves for a common goal, then we can build something extremely important, positive, great. At BKT we are used to working in a team. And, this time too, we have managed to do it. With courage, generosity, commitment, dedication, clear thought. We know that it is not finished and that the virus is still not beaten. But we also know that this challenge that we have faced together has made us even stronger and ready to act, once again, all together. â–

ARVIND PODDAR Chairman & Managing Director Balkrishna Industries



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We care, more than a philosophy, a way of life When we decided to create the BKT Foundation, we wanted this promise – “We care” – to be included in our logo so that it became a genuine life choice, against which we can constantly judge ourselves in every gesture or action. It is a very strong and challenging promise, because it indicates an attitude which involves at the same time the hearts, the minds and the hands of those who choose to make it their own. And for this very reason it requires passion, goodwill and realism. Thus over recent years we have worked on dozens of projects, which thanks to everyone’s support – from the promotors to the volunteers, to the numerous friends who have joined in, starting from our Group’s employees – have turned into wonderful realities. With our donations we have supported the hospitals in Aurangabad and Mum-

bai, we have promoted initiatives to train and include women near the factories of Bhiwadi and Chopanki, we have financed Indian and other universities, we have backed the Akshaya Patra Foundation in its projects to guarantee adequate food and education to children in need. In these weeks, calling us to the front for an extraordinary effort has been the global spread of Covid-19: a genuine pandemic, which has had a dramatic impact worldwide at health, economic and social level. Our country too has been touched to its core by this invisible and dangerous enemy. We have moved together to take care of all those who have been worst hit by the effects of the virus. And, once again, I have been truly moved by how many concrete examples of solidarity we have managed to mobilize and how many initiatives we have managed to realize. Together, we can truly say: we care. ■

VIJAYLAXMI PODDAR Chairperson of BKT Foundation



MAY, 2020



The technology which overcomes distances and difficulties.


f there is something positive to take from this dramatic healthcare emergency, which has affected the whole world and has also hit our Company, it is that what my father always said is really true: BKT is a family. It is a family, despite its size, despite the number of employees who work with us, and despite the geographic spread of its offices and plants. BKT is a great family above all because, at the moment of need, everyone has been involved in acts of real solidarity for less fortunate colleagues and their families, and for their local area. But it is a family also because, thanks to the help of technology, we have always RAJIV PODDAR kept in close touch with each Joint other. A virtual closeness whiManaging Director ch, however, has been real, Balkrishna Industries concrete, almost physical. Every day, in the video calls launched from our headquarters in Mumbai, I have always tried to transmit to our branch managers this sentiment of closeness, which I personally, and with me all my family, have felt towards them: the concern for the health and physical and moral wellbeing of all those working with us around the world. A sentiment which, obviously, here in India has also translated into a series of concrete actions and procedures to keep our employees who work in the building safe. Far but near: never has this saying been as true as it is now, day after day. ■



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ven for an international company such as BKT, the mass recourse to smart working has been a novelty in this period driven by the desire to guarantee the utmost protection to our employees, in compliance, moreover, with the legislative indications issued by the governments of the different countries where we operate. A responsible choice agreed with the parent company, which has proven effective. Indeed, it has made it possible to maintain regular contact with the other BKT facilities and with our dealers, ensuring that mothers among our staff can simultaneously manage also the family and the home. Certainly, everyone’s commitment has been special; the need to keep up contact with BKT around the world has required us to manage calls and video conferences throughout the day, often also LUCIA SALMASO outside regular work hours, giManaging Director BKT ven the intercontinental spread Europe of our contacts. The positive feedback obtained has led us to allow employees with children to extend smart working also once governmental orders allowed us to reopen offices. Our heartfelt thanks then to all our workers for the tremendous commitment and sense of responsibility with which they have approached these weeks. And thanks in particular to those who, for the whole period our offices were closed, have kept our logistics service open. ■


World WideWait

The Pandemic in the Digital Age

Almost one billion people in over 200 countries around the world have been confined to their homes. How our life has changed.

Photo: Shutterstock

T 8


here is something striking in observing the images from the main cities around the world in recent weeks: the absence of life. No trace of people who normally move around in a rush or without a care, through the streets and squares, on foot, by bike, on public transport. No voices, no buzz, no noise, the sounds that we are used to living with: only silence interrupted by the sirens of ambulances.

And the houses, the buildings, the monuments which mark out the urban fabric of our cities remain as mute witnesses of this surreal scene. There is no difference between north and south, east and west. Covid-19 has spread rapidly and without drawing any distinctions, either geographically or socially. According to the latest estimates, which are constantly evolving, the pandemic has already affected over two and a half million people worldwide. > Photo: Shutterstock

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World Wait Wide PHOTOS, FROM LEFT | Oxford Circus in London, Trevi Fountain in Rome, Times Square in New York, deserted in the middle of the day.

Photo: Shutterstock

The silence and emptiness are two of the effects, perhaps the most evident, of what we have been living through.

Photos: Shutterstock

Absolutely striking numbers, despite the various and very different forms of containment adopted against the virus by all the countries affected. But there is another which has been astonishing: the retaking in many cases by nature of the places which until yesterday were occupied in their daily life by mankind.

Dolphins spotted dozens of meters from the coast, ducks walking through cities, wolves and deer which have taken back the space they had lost. And vegetation which, thanks also to the favorable weather, has returned to flower spontaneously, while the satellites were informing us that the concentration of CO2

which usually hung over the great cities had dissolved away, owing to the suspension of numerous industries and, above all, due to the block on traffic and the accompanying mass application of smart-working or smart-schooling. Indeed the sharp digitalization of communication has been, moreover, one of the

clearest consequences of this period, obliging even the most reluctant countries to adopt it. Should all this make us think, as some argue, of nature’s revenge on man? That’s hard to believe. What is certain is that we should be able to draw some lessons from what has happened. ■

ABOVE | A wild deer wanders undisturbed through the streets of Nara, in Japan

THE TRANSPORT PARALYSIS The Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the world of transport, especially air travel. On the left two images from the flight monitoring website www.flightradar24. com, which show the dramatic drop in flights over the skies of Europe. On the right the hall of the Spanish airport in Valencia, completely deserted. Photos: flightradar24.com



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Fighting Coronavirus pandemic

How many things can we do in one day? By gifting one day’s salary, the staff of BKT worldwide have provided concrete support to the projects to help the worst affected people.


So, truly, in one day, you can do so many things. And do them with your focus set on the present, to help those most in need at the moment because they have nothing to eat or have lost their job or salary, to buy medical devices and equipment for hospitals in order to be able to take care of those hit by the virus, or rather to support the volunteers who, together with the institutions, intervene to provide relief to children, to families, to the elderly. But also with their hearts focused on the future, towards a recovery that will not be easy for everyone but which, certainly, will mark a new beginning. >

2,000+ DONORS

BKT has contributed into “ Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situation Fund (PM CARES FUND) in India.



MAY, 2 02 0

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f we all really think about it, our days are absolutely full of things to do, housework to do, duties to fulfil. At work, as at home. To the extent that often, in the evening, we can’t even remember them all. But for those working in BKT this expression, in these times of Covid-19, has a different meaning. By deciding to donate one day’s pay to the solidarity projects of the BKT Foundation, the men and women who work worldwide in the BKT group have managed to collect a truly significant amount, which the Poddar family then decided to double.



Back to fundamentals:


Real solidarity is built on concrete gestures, which meet people’s primary needs.


Photos: BKT archive


ood, clothes, home: these are the primary needs that a person absolutely needs to live. If just one of these is missing, it is survival itself which is seriously threatened. Meeting these needs is therefore the first concrete step in a process of genuine solidarity that looks with realism, as well as with generosity, to the needs of those in difficulty. In India, there are many people who are earning their livelihood by doing some short term / odd jobs and many are earning their wages daily. Due to the lockdown imposed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, these people could not earn their wages and furthermore due to various restrictions, could


not get the food items needed for daily living. BKT, as a socially responsible organization, sensed this major issue and arranged cooked food as well as food grain packets for the entire lockdown period, which was provided to the jobless workers at various construction sites as well as agricultural farming areas. These activities were carried out by the BKT team members located in various parts of India with the help of BKT distribution partners as well as the local district administration in all major states of India. Similar activities were also carried out in the nearby areas of all the BKT plants, with the distribution of food grains and food packets to the needy people. â–

MAY, 2 02 0

PHOTOS: : Some moments from the distribution of food


Back to fundamentals:





“Due to the lockdown imposed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, these people could not earn their wages and furthermore due to various restrictions, could not get the food items needed for daily living.”


PHOTOS: : Some moments from the distribution of food

Photos: BKT archive

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Safety first PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT KIT (PPE) The PPE kit contains the following disposable items:

1 | Protective Suit with hood 1 | Pair Shoe Cover 1 | Protective mask 1 | Face shield 1 | Pair hand gloves 1 | Waste Bio hazard bag

This kit is Intended not for sale. Single use only.

Photos: BKT archive

Especially made for BKT-SIN-MONTEBIANCO Balkrishna Industries Ltd. BKT HOUSE, C/15, Trade World, Kamala Mills Compound, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai - 400013, India Tel: (+91) 22-6666 3800 - Fax: (+91) 22-6666 3898/99 info@bkt-tires.com - bkt-tires.com



The distribution of food aid has occurred in various Indian regions, including: Tamilnadu; Telangana; Uttar Pradesh; Madhya Pradesh; Rajasthan; Punjab; Gujarat and Maharashtra Food and personal care products were divided into packs calculated on the average need of a 4-person family for 2 weeks. รงk;kstd%

Wheat flour

Cooking oil

60,000 kgs

60,000 kgs

120,000 kgs

60,000 kgs




he medical and paramedical staff in the front line in hospitals have seen an enormous increase in the risk of being infected by SarsCov2. Besides normal safety procedures, it is necessary to use personal protective equipment. BKT, in collaboration with SIN and Monte Bianco, has donated 25,000 single-use kits consisting of a protective suit with hood, a face shield, a mask, a pair of gloves and shoe covers. All with a bag for bio waste to put everything in after use.



Box No.

tu lsok esa

60,000 liters

300,000 kgs

25,000 PPE kits were donated by BKT to medical staff engaged in assisting Covid-19 patients.

lg;ksx ls%

time of receipt of the box *Please wash your hands thoroughly before opening this box


60,000 Spice bags


Photo: Shutterstock

ESSENTIAL GROCERY BOX *Ingredients for two adult meals a day for 21 days(42 meals) *Contents of this box should be opened after 24 hours from the

Bottles of soap


MAY, 2 02 0



Where the Heart Is


A hemodynamic monitor

Thanks to BKT, 12 Hemodynamic monitors have been supplied to Tata Memorial Hospital.


stay here for long periods (6-12 months) to undergo cancer therapy. Unlike many of the general hospitals where routine elective procedures and treatments have been postponed during this COVID-19 pandemic, Oncology centres are unable to stop or postpone cancer therapies in a majority of their patients. Stopping therapy in these patients, who have aggressive cancer, would mean a significant impact on their chances of cure and survival. This essentially meant that many of routine services in Tata Memorial Hospital has to continue, inspite of the COVID-19 outbreak. Patients with severe COVID19 infection often require assisted ventilation and monitoring of their vital parameters like pulse, BP, oxygen saturation and other vital functions. BKT has supplied 12 number of Hemodynamic monitors at a total cost of INR 1,15,20,000 to Tata Memorial Hospital. These monitors are an important part of the ventilators, which are the lifesaving critical equipment used for patients suspected or diagnosed with COVID19 infections.

Photo: Shutterstock

ecent outbreak of COVID-19 has brought on an unprecedented challenge to the health sector globally. Most hospitals have been unprepared to handle the scale of the problem. In India too, there has been a significant rise in the number of cases over last few days and is expected to rapidly increase over the next few weeks. Hospitals need to be fully prepared to handle this rapidly evolving situation with minimal damage to health of the individuals and society. Tata Memorial Hospital, one of the largest cancer centres in this part of the world, is a Grant-in-Aid Institute under the Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India. Annually, over 70000 new cancer patients are treated at the centre in Mumbai, majority of them coming from economically challenged background and the hospital supports the treatment of majority of these patients (over 60% of patients are treated either completely free or at highly subsidized cost). More than 80 percent of these patients come from outside Mumbai and have to



MAY, 2 02 0


Operators who warm the hearts of the elderly

Photo: Francesca Panaioli

ITALY OUR PARTNER Cesvi is an Italian lay and independent humanitarian organization which was founded in 1985. Present in 23 countries, it operates worldwide to face the most serious humanitarian crises and to realize projects against poverty and for sustainable development. Each year, Cesvi helps over 1 million people, collaborating with numerous local NGOs in over 100 projects and investing 87% of its resources directly in the field. ■ «My name is Franco Trincale, I am an 84-year old Sicilian and I have now been living in Milan for sixty years, with my wife aged 80. I worked for many years as a street singer in piazza Duomo. In 2008 I was awarded the Ambrogino d’Oro, as one of the last representatives of the Sicilian tradition of street singers and for my journalism in song.

In Italy, continuing collaboration which is now well established, BKT wanted to support, in this emergency phase of Covid-19, two important projects promoted and launched by Cesvi. In Milan Cesvi, together with the Cooperativa Spazio Aperto Servizi, has launched in Borough 6 the “We’ll come to you” project to support the most vulnerable elderly people. By activating home social assistance services, it manages the primary needs of these people, supporting them so that they do not remain alone and emarginated due to the Coronavirus emergency.

As the years went by, I was no longer able to perform outside. I am still in touch with the people who appreciate me for my creations and I still write ballads, always taking my cue from the news, which for all of us, at this time, revolves around Coronavirus. The last ballad I sang from my balcony sometime ago, “The world will change”, in which I say what will happen only if society changes: we must learn from this great hardship that we are living through and improve as people, or it will be a failure. My fame has not brought me riches. And at this time, for me too, as for many other old people, the

A letter from Italy

In Bergamo our commitment to support the fragile over 65s

service provided by Cesvi and Spazio Aperto Servizi, is essential, I can’t describe it any other way. We are all in the same boat and the help I receive lets me always have everything I need while staying safe at home with my wife, who in recent years has been poorly and who I look after.

After launching the chain of solidarity to support Bergamo hospital, the Alpini field hospital and the local area’s circuit of care homes, Cesvi has activated, in collaboration with the Municipality of Bergamo PHOTOS: Cesvi and some local businesses, a volunteers at work project to support the over in Milan (above) and 65s who are offered social Bergamo assistance services at home. Thanks to the work of social workers and a network of around 450 volunteers, each day dozens and dozens of old people receive ready meals, shopping and medicines at home and have the chance to ask for a service to accompany them for essential medical visits. ■

I thank the Municipality of Milan for the speed with which it put me in touch with the operators of “We’ll come to you”. The day after my call I received my first shopping delivery at home. On that occasion I met Andrea, the young man who now brings me the shopping every week, a very precise and respectful person. When I call to give my list of what I need, I always ask for Andrea to handle it: we have established a wonderful relationship and whenever he brings me the shopping, we take the chance also to have a chat and talk about what is happening around us. I’m really happy to have met a person like Andrea and I thank him and all the other operators engaged in meeting the requests of us elderly and we never lack for anything.

Photo: Giovanni Diffidenti



MAY, 2 02 0




Samaritan’s Purse is an independent Christian evangelical organization which provides spiritual and physical help to sick people worldwide. Since 1970 it has been seeing to the needs of people who are victims of war, poverty, natural catastrophe, disease, and famine. ■


Being able to always look to the future with great hope: this is an innate characteristic in children, which gives us the strength to build a better tomorrow.

From Akron with love BKT USA in favor of Samaritan’s Purse to support the Covid-19 emergency

Given this emergency, the employees of the BKT USA branch in Akron, Ohio decided to devolve one month’s travel allowance to Samaritan’s Purse, an international organization which has always been engaged in healthcare emergencies. Among the various humanitarian interventions by Samaritan’s Purse in this period is the field hospital in New York in Central Park and the respiratory care unit installed in Cremona, Italy. ■

Photo: Shutterstock

PHOTO: Samaritan’s Purse field hospital in Central Park, NY

Among the countries where the Covid-19 pandemic spread last, the United States has been overwhelmed by it. This is shown by the data which confirm how all fifty federated states and all the inhabited territories – with the exception of American Samoa – have been touched and how the USA has had the highest level of contagion and deaths worldwide. A situation which saw the most dramatic contagion curve in the State of New York.



MAY, 2 02 0


Testimonials and Acknowledgements and receiving: two complementary gestures, â– â–  Giving united by solidarity. The women and men of BKT have made this value, in this circumstance, a distinctive mark of their being citizens of the world.


Your support is the lifeline that helps us serve families whose livelihoods have been devastated by the pandemic.

THANK YOU! On the right we publish the thank you letter from Dr. C S Pramesh, director of the Tata Memorial Hospital, who received a donation from BKT of twelve hemodynamic monitors for the oncology wards.

Mathan Varkey

Above we publish the thank you letter from Mr. Neelabh Saxena, CEO of Bhiwadi Integrated Development Authority (BIDA), that has recognized the contribution and support provided by BKT at Bhiwadi during lockdown period.


On the right a kind thank you message from Akshaya Patra Foundation.



National Director-Corporate Partnerships, The Akshaya Patra Foundation

Conceptualised by IMT

We wish you and your loved ones health and safety through these challenging times.


MAY, 2 02 0



Even in this exceptional situation, BKT is always by the farmers’ side, who have shown great passion and responsibility while they have been doing their job in the fields – incessantly. It is thanks to farmers that the companies in the agro-food chain are able to continue their business activities and that all families have enough fruits of the earth to put on the table. Together, we will never stop.

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BKT - Booklet Covid