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Educational leadership PROFESSIONAL MISSION

To build and maintain a culture of achievement in a learning environment that is safe, engaging and challenging for each individual student, in partnership with teachers, staff, home and the community.

A Framework for Understanding Poverty As a certified trainer of Ruby Payne’s, A Framework for Understanding Poverty, I have had the opportunity to provide professional development to one half of the district’s elementary staff. During this time I played a key role in developing the specific content, working directly with teachers during implementation, and evaluating the development process. This program was and is very important to me as an educator who truly believes that teachers have the duty to meet the needs of all students in our learning communities.

Clickers, An After School Program

Clickers, is an after school program, that I have been fortunate enough to coordinate the past three years. I work in partnership with the director of the middle school program that mirrors the elementary Clicker program. This program allows students to document the school year and create an end of the year DVD. The DVD is used as a fundraiser to provide technology for students and staff that attend each site. As the coordinator for this program I am responsible for students, staff and technology at six elementary sites. Also, I budget, establish compensation, provide staff de-

Springbrook Nature Center Each year fifth grade students across the district visit Springbrook Nature Center. Students participate in a wide range of hands on lessons and their role in our environment. I have assisted with this program at two sites the past five years.

velopment, evaluate and keep focus on the vision of our program. Along with the mentioned responsibilities I maintain the supplies (continued) Christopher Welch • 2620 11th St. SW Altoona, IA 50009 • 515.974.7730

and physically duplicate around eight hundred DVD’s a year. The program is extensive and the reward is great. Students, who normally would not have the opportunity to use high-end digital equipment, increase their classroom focus and achievement just for the opportunity to be a Clicker, and their sense of accomplishment and pride lasts a lifetime.

Discipline- PBS Schools are learning communities and it takes a community to educate children. I view discipline as a learning opportunity for both the child and for the school family. Positive Behavior Supports is a program that I feel is powerful in teaching students and

Character Counts

teachers building expectations in a positive, anxiety

The past seven years I have been working in a Character

reducing, dignified manner.

Counts District and I believe in this program of direct teach-

ISSL Standards

ing and celebrating the pillars of character! Character Counts is a great way to demonstrate and relate the real world to being Respectful, Responsible, Caring, Trust-

A Shared Vision

worthiness. Citizenship, and

As part of a district staff development team for the past


five years, I have provided leadership for meeting our district vision of Teach All, Reach All. Data regarding student achievement and need was the driving force behind the district initiative to provide training in “A Framework for Understanding Poverty”, by Ruby Payne Ph.D. I was responsible for the training of 40 plus teachers and staff members during weekly district staff development time.

Culture of Learning

Positive Behavior Supports or PBS is a very important component in positively affecting our culture of learning for both students and staff. I believe in using positive proactive approaches to develop and maintain learning cultures. Recently, I have been assisting classroom teachers in evaluating the data they collect on student achievement. Also, I am providing small group tutorials on how to use technology to better apply and understand the stuSara, M. (2007) “A Stuffed Fish” Mixed Media

dent achievement data to make more focused instructional changes.

Christopher Welch • 2620 11th St. SW Altoona, IA 50009 • 515.974.7730

Management As the coordinator for the Clicker’s program for the Urbandale Community School District, I am responsible for recruiting, training and supporting staff at six sites. I manage a budget of just over $15,000, which includes payroll, equipment, maintenance and production expenses. I oversee the selection, training, and meetings of our students by the individual site managers. Clickers has a high standard for student participation and we put the classroom first, and include parents in on the decision making when a student needs to take a break from our program to focus on classroom learning.

Family and Community

A Quick Note From a Parent Hi Chris, Thank you for all the patience you have with Tyler. I am glad that you push him to do better and to complete his work. He may get frustrated, but it is a good thing. Thanks, Terri

Family and community members and their roll in education is vital to the development of our learners. As an Art Teacher I have had parent speakers share their love for the arts, several different art displays in the community each year, and have referred parents and students to different community resources to further his/her artistic abilities. I support the PTA/PTO’s, during their fundraisers.

Ethics Building strong relationships and maintaining them is very important. We move to higher levels of effectiveness when we work as a community. The only way to be an effective community is through honest ethical behavior. This ethical behavior should be constantly demonstrated by the school leader through making his beliefs known, acting on those beliefs, and respecting others. One of the reasons that I have been successful in working with teachers and families is due to my predictable ethical behavior.

Students exploring water quality at the Springbrook Nature Center. (2006)

Christopher Welch • 2620 11th St. SW Altoona, IA 50009 • 515.974.7730


Societal Context

Kind Words from

Having the vision to see students, teachers, classrooms, schools, the

Students and Parents

district and community as each having an interdependent role allows the school leader to be proactive in meeting the needs of

Mrs. Toenjes,

the students and families that he/

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what a fabulous year Ethan has had this year.

she serves. Serving the immediate and future needs of my students is why I got involved with the Ruby Payne poverty training. I believe that we do not just teach children from 8-4 Monday through Friday, but we build communities and better societies through relationships

(note from a parent, 2008) Hi Chris! I just had to pass this along to you. Claudia had a brief writing assignment, and I wanted you to know how grateful I am to have my child in your art class and that you have impacted her life in such a positive way. Fondly, Jane

(email to the building principal, 2008)

...Mr. Welch has open an artistic door for Ethan. He never wanted to draw or color. Now he does it every evening. The work he has brought home from Mr. Welch's class has been framed and on the wall every month. He loves the imagination part of Mr. Welch's class. I have asked him for 3 years to do Art camp in the summer and the answer has always been, no! This year he asked me if he could go and I wasted no time signing him up...

Who I Admire the Most The person who I admire the most is Mr. Welch. I like him because he is smart, creative, and funny. His artwork inspires me. I want to be an art teacher when I grow up. I think Mr. Welch understands all kids, whoever they are. That is why I admire Mr. Welch the most.


and truly caring about all aspects of those who we serve.

Thank you so much,

Rob and Melinda

References: Connie Toenjes, Principal Urbandale Community Schools

12955 Aurora Avenue Urbandale, Iowa 50323 515.331.8600

Lou Howell, Professor Viterbo University 2555 Pine Circle Urbandale, IA 50322 515.229.4781

Patricia Schlotterbeck, Principal Urbandale Community Schools

3500 74Th Street Urbandale, IA 50322 515.457.5700

Christopher Welch • 2620 11th St. SW Altoona, IA 50009 • 515.974.7730

Christopher Welch  

An interactive brouchure illustrating the leadership experiences of Chris Welch.

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