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INSTALLATION & MAINTENANCE MANUAL Ko l d te c h Ref r i ge rato r & F re eze r


The following procedure should be followed for trouble free installation


Check for transit damage : Upon receipt of goods, both dealer/customer must carefully check the merchandise for any defective. If there is evidence of damage on the package or on the unit itself, dealer/customer should immediately inform Welbilt Manufacturing (Thailand) Ltd, hereunder regarded as “WELBILT�, and file a complaint with the freight delivery representative. What to do if damage is found: Photos shall be taken if any damage or defective part is found, including the nature of package as received, and provided to Welbilt or dealer for investigation and further action. If no such photos of damage or defective part(s) are taken, WELBILT will not be responsible for any damage that is found afterwards. Record keeping : Once goods have been accepted, proper documentation should be performed and properly kept to avoid future dispute and for future reference in case there is a warranty claim. 3

Relevant record for the unit should be kept for future reference :  Operation manual  Unit serial number, production job number  Copy of invoice and proof of purchase  Factory test report  Contact number for the dealer whom you purchase equipment from


The location should be  Level, Firm and Dry surface  Well-ventilated  Away from heat sources or excess humidity  Temperature should not exceed 32oC  Relative humidity should not exceed 80% In the event of high relative humidity, condensation may form on the cabinet. This will not impact on the ability of the cabinet to maintain internal temperature. Should ambient temperature exceed 36oC we cannot guarantee the maintenance of internal temperature to required specifications.







 Minimum clearance above the cabinet should be 300 mm.  Minimum clearance behind the cabinet should be 100 mm.  Minimum clearance on the side of the cabinet should be 50 mm.


 Minimum clearance on the side of the cabinet should be 50 mm.  Minimum clearance behind the cabinet should be 150 mm.  Minimum clearance above the cabinet should be 50 mm.


ď ś If two units are to be placed opposite to each other, DO NOT place them so that the condensing units face each other (see diagram).

ď ś If they were to be placed perpendicular to each other, DO NOT place them so the condensing units are adjacent to each other (see diagram).


 Relative Humidity should not exceed 75% or condensation may form on the glass.  Ideal ambient temperature should not exceed 28°C. Ambient temperature higher than 28°C may increase the unit cooling time. TEMPERATURE



 Do not place unit near heat generating equipment.  Do not place unit where there is an exposure to direct sunlight.


ď ś Ventilation grills must not be obstructed. ď ś Blocking air ventilation may cause damage to the unit and void warranty.




Most of KOLDTECH models employ self evaporate drainage system, using recycled heat from the refrigeration system. Some special models may require external drain line. Connect the external drain line if required before you proceeding.

Precaution has been taken to ship the unit in an upright position. If the unit is tilted during transit lubricating oil may shift from the reservoir. Operating the unit may cause excessive wear or damage to the compressor’s moving parts. It is recommended that the unit be left standing upright for 24 hours before operation. 11

 Earth Ground : For safety reasons, the equipment must be properly earth grounded to prevent the possibility of electrical shock. Check and make sure that the outlet is properly grounded. If a grounded plug is not available, a separate earth ground must be installed to prevent any electrical hazard.  Proper rated or circuit breaker or fuse must be installed in the outlet circuit.  Check for proper supply voltage before plugging in the unit. Please refer to voltage requirements on the nameplate of the unit.  Proper rated circuit breaker or fuse…….


 Observe unusual noises and vibration during the first hour of operation.  After initial startup allow the unit to reach operating temperature, approximately 1 – 1 ½ hour before loading product. Do not overload product and block the air flow.  Placing many warm or un-refrigerated products in the cabinet at one time will increase the time it takes for the products to cool down to the appropriate temperature.  The temperature display on the controller is merely the temperature at the return air in front of the Evaporator coil. It is not the product temperature.


To prevent compressor damage, the unit is equipped with a Time Delay Circuit, which shall activate compressor in approximately 2 minutes after turning on the power or after restarting.

ď ś The controller is pre-set from the factory for optimum operation. ď ś Any service performed by unauthorized service agent or unauthorized tampering with the unit may cause damage and will void the warranty. ď ś Contact your dealer or an authorised service agent if there is any service required.


Recommended temperatures for different types of products.  Cakes


to +10oC

 Flowers







 Seafood




 Meat




 Red Wine




 White Wine




 Confectionery (Candy)


(SET) To display target set point In programming mode, it selects a parameter or confirms an operation (like an Enter key on computer keyboard) (DEF) To start a manual defrost (UP) To see the maximum stored temperature In programming mode it browses the parameter codes or increases the displayed value. (DOWN) To see the minimum stored temperature In programming mode it browses the parameter codes or decreases the displayed value. To switch the equipment ON of OFF. Lighting (Not enabled on some model) 16

To lock & unlock the keyboard.

To enter in programming mode.

To return to the room temperature display.


Push and immediately release the the display will show the Set point value


After 5 seconds to display will revert back to the probe temperature display

Push the

key for more than 2 seconds to change the Set point value

The value of the set point will be displayed and the 째C or 째F and LED starts blinking To change the Set value push the


To store the new set point value, push the

arrows within 10 seconds. key again or wait 10 seconds.


Each LED function is described in the following table.





“P1” “P2” “P3”

Room probe failure Evap probe failure Third probe failure

Compressor output acc. to par. “Con” and “COF” Defrost end is timed. Outputs unchanged


Fourth probe failure

Outputs unchanged


Maximum temperature alarm

Outputs unchanged.


Minimum temperature alarm

Outputs unchanged.


Condenser high temperature

It depends on the “Ac2” parameter


Condenser low temperature

It depends on the “bLL” parameter


Door open

Compressor according to rrd


External alarm

Output unchanged.


Serious external alarm (i1F=bAL)

All outputs OFF.


Pressure switch alarm (i1F=PAL)

All outputs OFF

 Contact your dealer or an authorised service agent for any service or adjustment required.  Any service performed by unauthorized service agent or unauthorized tampering with the unit may cause damage and will void the warranty. 21

 During the defrost cycle the the controller.

LED is activated and deF or dF is displayed on

Temperature displayed on the controller will rise slightly for a short period. This is not a fault and no action is necessary during this period. The defrost cycle will be terminated automatically when the probe on the evaporator coil reports a rise of temperature to a value set on the controller Manual Defrosting : If for any reason, a manual defrosting is necessary, it can be activated by Push and hold the defrost button

for 2 seconds.


Probe alarms:  In case one of the probes malfunctions, the controller shall report Probe alarms (P1, P2….)  The controller has been pre-programmed from the factory to operate on time sequence.  Customer should contact dealer and have the probe changed as soon as possible.

Controller malfunction:  If there is malfunction in the controller, the unit will not be able to operate.  One of the main causes of controller failure is the frequent fluctuation of the supply power.  Take care to switch off and unplug the units while there is high fluctuation of the supply power to prevent damage to the unit.  Unit can resume operation when voltage stabilizes. 23


Accumulator Terminal box Condenser coil

Power cord

Fuse box

Compressor Filter / drier Condenser fan grill Condenser fan motor Condenser fan blade 24

Evaporator coil Defrosting Heater

Evaporator fan motor

Light switch Controller

Lamp Shelf

Evaporator fan blade

Door frame Heater


KOLDTECH units feature Mono Block System The whole refrigeration system is mounted on a Single Chassis The complete system can be easily removed for service A replacement system can be installed to minimize operation down time


The maintenance instructions below are for basic maintenance that should be done on a regular basis by the owner/operator.


To ensure proper maintenance and long service life of your unit, there is a simple four step process that should be followed when cleaning Stainless Steel surfaces, P.V.C. surfaces and display glass. These processes are as follows: Step One

Ensure that the unit is switched off at the power point and unplugged.

Step Two

Clean interior and exterior surfaces using damp cloth and warm mild soapy water. Food particles and spillage should be promptly removed to avoid build-up of bacteria and odor.

Step Tree

Thoroughly rinse or wipe all surfaces with dampened soft, clean cloth or sponge.

Step Four

Finally, polish with dry soft cloth. 28

Do not use aggressive cleaning agent or solvents for cleaning. Avoid using cleaning agent with mixture of chlorine or detergent. Do not use sharp instrument, wire brush, steel wool or grainy scouring pad. In some areas, particularly in seaside locations, stainless steel can be subject to surface discoloration or “tea staining�. This can be removed with an appropriate cleaning agent that contains 10% Sodium citrate. Ask your supplier of cleaning chemicals for a suitable brand. Be sure to clean and rinse off all surface well offer stain removal. 29

Please ensure that the schedule below is followed to maintain the appropriate storage conditions for your food and to prolong the life of your cabinet. Maintenance List




By Whom

Check operating temperature



Check control panel alarm



Clean interior and exterior surfaces Check compressor for vibration


User x


Check compressor temperature



Check condenser fan



Clean condenser coil *



* Cleaning of condenser coils is best done by trained and qualified technicians. Failure to undertake routine maintenance such as cleaning the condenser coil will void the product’s warranty. 30

 The condenser coil should be inspected and cleaned at least once every month. The frequency of cleaning depends on the amount of dust in the surrounding area of the installation.  Non-metallic brush, vacuum cleaner or air blower can be used to dislodge dust from the condenser fins.  Failure to undertake routine maintenance may cause damage to the unit and will void the warranty. DO NOT  Do not hose down the unit.  Do not expose any electrical components to moisture or water. If the unit gets wet, turn it off and unplug it from the wall outlet immediately.  Do not turn it on again until the unit is completely dry or after inspection by a qualified service technician. Should the unit be left unused for an extended period, all food items should be removed. The interior surface and shelves should be cleaned thoroughly. Unplug the unit from the power source and leave the doors slightly opened. 31

Preventive Maintenance Every 4 Months  Check compressor  Check Freon  Check compressor current  Check compressor oil  Check overload  Check magnetic contactor  Check timer  Check thermostat  Check switch  Check pilot lamp  Check fuse  Check dryer filter  Check solenoid valve

 Check evaporator fin coil  Check evap. motor & blade  Check condenser fin coil  Check condenser motor  Check condenser motor bearing  Check defrost heater  Check drain heater  Check drain pipe  Check door  Check door gasket  Check door heater  Check lamp  Check noise and vibration


ď ś Whenever any problem arises, dealer should be contact to assist in identifying the cause, whether it is caused by inappropriate operation, maintenance procedures, intrinsic problems or defective from factory. ď ś In case the problem cannot be identified by dealer, relevant photos and information should be sent back to manufacturer (WELBILT) for further investigation. ď ś In case the investigation indicates that the dealer has not done proper testing and repairing base on the recommended procedure or there is modification of the unit, WELBILT reserves the right to counter claim for repairs work.


warrants equipment sold against defects in material and workmanship for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of installation or fifteen (15) months from date of shipment (whichever comes first). Warranty is limited to replacement of defective materials or rectification of faulty workmanship. Access to warranty is conditional on the equipment being correctly installed, used under normal conditions, for the purpose that equipment is designed for, properly maintained and cared for as per instruction in this manual. 34

 Any consequential loss, damages or expenses directly or indirectly arising from use of this unit.  If the unit has been subjected to misuse, neglect, alteration, incorrect installation, accident, use of inappropriate aggressive chemicals, flooding, fire or acts of God.  Damage caused during transportation.  Breakage of glass, bulbs, lamps, fluorescent tubes gasket, plastic components or any expendable items.  Penalty or additional labor costs for installation, removal or repair of the product.  Freight on spare parts.


The following procedure should be followed to obtain warranty service.  Make a copy of the WARRANTY CLAIM FORM. Fill in information using data from the QC Report Form.  Describe the nature of faults, with any related technical data and attach photographs of the components that have evidence of malfunction.  Send the completed WARRANTY CLAIM FORM, pictures and proof of purchase by e-mail or fax to the dealer that you purchased the unit from or KOLDTECH authorised representative.  Manufacturer and the authorized representative reserve the right to reject warranty claim where circumstances fail to meet the warranty conditions.  All warranty parts requested will be charged to the customer’s account unless a warranty claim is approved. Standard credit policies will be applied. 36

A Warranty Claim Form must be duly filled in for all claims, either for units damaged in transit or for breakdown during warranty period. Following information are required with the Claim Form:  Warranty Claim Form  Serial number of unit  Serial number of the spare part (if applicable)  Test Report (if applicable)  Pictures of damaged or defective parts  Proof of purchase, indicating dealer from whom the units were purchased. Information shall be forwarded to WELBILT to determine the validity of warranty. Upon approval, replacement parts shall be shipped. Customer shall be responsible for the freight charges. Customer may be required to send back the damaged or defective part(s). In this case, they shall be sent to WELBILT or approved representative with freight prepaid, unless WELBILT instruct otherwise.


Observe safe practice by disconnecting all electrical supply before performing any kind of maintenance.

The electrical and refrigeration components of this product should only be accessed by an authorizer service agent. Do not attempt to disassemble the unit in any way. Any unauthorized disassembly, modification, alterations will void your warranty.

Contact your dealer or authorized service agent for any service and repair. The contact number can be found in the Operation Manual.




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