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Buzz around Ponderosa is electric

By HOWARD RENSLER Special to The Okanagan Saturday

FFo rre ! That’s golf talk for “Heads Up. There is something coming your way!” At the base of Pincushion Mountain perched majestically on a ridge above the classic Okanagan town of Peachland, a glorious transformation is taking place. The natural landscape is respectfully becoming one of Canada’s premier golf courses and a lifestyle destination community. S hhaarrkk A l e rrt ! Legends are earned. Greg Norman, a.k.a. The Shark, has earned his icon status on PGA tours around the globe. Attaching his persona to a venture is serious business. Therefore, his choice to associate with the new Ponderosa golf course and community in Peachland speaks volumes. “It’s like Napa and Lake Tahoe combined.” quoted Greg and his design team. The sound basis of that statement is obvious to anyone who has ever visited the Okanagan. Since 1987, Greg Norman Golf Course Design ( has become recognized as the foremost signature golf course designers and architects in the world. They have opened over 70 courses on six continents and another 40 or so are in development now. Norman courses have garnered numerous awards for design, including the coveted Audubon Society Award for environmental stewardship. At Ponderosa, they are creating a course that balances challenge and playability. Embracing existing elevation changes, golfers will course through varied slopes, meadows, benches and forest stands. Multiple tee boxes, creative bunkering and landscaping will help define the course, creating a memorable and exciting experience

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During a visit to the Okanagan, Greg Norman commented, “It’s like Napa Valley meets Lake Tahoe.”

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The base of Pincushion Mountain is being transformed to create Ponderosa golf course that balances challenge and playability. Ponderosa will feature homes in a range of price points to satisfy a wide demographic. The Ponderosa goal is to create “A place you may never want to leave.”

for players of all levels. And the views, from 500 feet above the lake … Wow! Meettin n g Th h e Ch ha a l le n n ge As with our fine Okanagan wines, it is thoughtful pairings that truly bring out the best features of any vintage. The Ponderosa pairing of Greg Norman, Treegroup Developments Corp. and Westbank First Nation is an excellent example of this. Norman brings a world-class golf experience. Westbank First Nation brings a reach of land and a heritage that has seen sustainable human habitation for centuries. Treegroup brings a proud heritage of over

CONDO SMARTS Presented by Okanagan Strata Management


NOTICE DURING A MAIL STRIKE Dear Condo Smarts: Our strata corporation has a very important Special General Meeting coming up in July where we need to approve a special levy for 1.1 million dollars to replace the roofing in our complex. We have about 45% absentee owners who either are landlords or use the home as a second residence in the city. The possibility of a pending mail strike is a great concern to our strata corporation because we have always mailed the notice of the meeting to every owner, including all of those "away" addresses that have been provided, which include 57 owners. If there is a mail strike what happens when we send the notice? Are we still bound to the requirements of notice set out by the Strata Act? Our council are considering simply posting the notice on the strata web site and around the building and directing everyone to print off the notice or pick up a copy from the lobby. The real question is who's duty is it to properly provide/receive the notice? Lydia W. Vancouver

Dear Lydia The Strata Property Act provides several options to strata corporations for notice, and there is more than 1 method of delivery to an alternate address. One of the recent changes to the legislation now permits the delivery of a notice package by email, provided the owner has not provided an alternative address and they have provided you with an email address and consented to receiving a notice by email. A strata corporation may deliver a notice by: leaving it with the person (owner) at the strata lot or designated address, leaving it with an adult occupant of the person's strata lot, by putting it under the door of the person's strata lot, by putting it through a mail slot or in a mail box used by the person for receiving mail,

by faxing it, or sending it to an email address provided by the person. For certain types of meetings it may be necessary to courier a package to those "away" strata lot owners who have not provided a fax or email address; however, this could become costly with a significant number of notices or longer distances. The nature of your meeting may be imposing a significant special levy on each strata lot, and that could result in liens or order for sale proceedings in the event the amounts are not paid on time, so the strata corporation should take every reasonable effort to ensure that the "away" addresses are contacted by alternate methods, and the strata corporation should document their procedures in how they contacted these parties, and whether any consent was provided for alternate notice, such as an email or fax. The business for a strata corporation cannot simply stop because of a mail strike, but with the cooperation between the council, strata managers and owners, your strata corporation should be able to meet the notice requirements. If an owner is unavailable or unwilling to provide an alternate address, then it would be prudent for the strata to courier notice to the official address provided. A Burnaby strata this week emailed me that 21 days in advance they simply had a council member in the lobby by the mail boxes handing out notices and having owners sign a log verifying receipt. They managed to provide notice to 62/90 units on the first night. The next day they hand delivered, couriered, or faxed the balance. Whatever you do, remember notice is 14 days for general meetings, plus 4 days for deemed receipt, plus 2 days for the issue and receipt, totalling a clear 20 day period.

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30 years of experience in real estate development in Western Canada and Washington state. Their corporate mantra or pledge “Development excellence and satisfaction. Building communities where “everyone wins.” ( rings true once again with Ponderosa. Whereas designing a world-class golf course on a mountainside is considerable, developing a new, large-scale lifestyle community and harmoniously blending both within an existing community, especially during fragile economic times, comes with its own set of challenges. Treegroup Developments Corp. of Vancouver is up for all these. In fact, the Ponderosa story is so inspiring, that The Handshake Deal, (a reality TV show), will chronicle how Treegroup successfully raised capital, contracted Norman to design and oversee the build of the course, brought together the local, provincial and federal governments, and integrated the Westbank First Nation, to turn their vision into reality. CEO Norm Porter and President, COO Derek Chichak and the entire Treegroup team, can feel justifiably proud of this

accomplishment. me H Ho m me o rr V i s iitt Com The 400-acre site of Ponderosa is stunningly carved from rugged rock and wilderness forest. The 7,200-yard championship-calibre course will serve as the centerpiece of an all-inclusive community that will eventually see some 2,300 residences. Porter says: “With a functional vineyard, a premium winery, a town square or village plaza, a full size ice skating rink, an outdoor amphitheatre, hiking trails, a cultural centre, and a boutique hotel and spa as amenities woven into the site around a world-class golf course, we are creating a genuine lifestyle destination.” Ponderosa will feature homes in a range of price points to satisfy a wide demographic. The Ponderosa goal is to create “A place you may never want to leave.” Home offerings will include single-family, multi-family, apartments and golf cottages. A limited selection of single-family, villa and townhomes will be offered later this year. Featuring timeless architecture, authentic ambiance and, of course, iconic Okanagan views, the buzz surrounding Ponderosa is electric. New home registrations are flowing in and everyone is eagerly awaiting 2012 when they will be able to tee off. Ponderosa real estate information is available through Lake Okanagan Realty 778-4845253 represented by Julia Debolt 250-864-2400 or go to,

New generation of wall decals can add style as well as fun By The Associated Press Wall decals have quickly become the fast food of home decorating. Inexpensive and easy to install, these peel-and-stick pieces of vinyl are popping up on walls in every room of the house. From pithy sayings and motivational phrases to bold graphics and even wall-size murals, decals come in every shape and size. The convenience is obvious: They add a dash of colour and graphic punch with practically no commitment. Bored with one? Peel it off and move it elsewhere. Or, assuming it cost you only a few dollars, throw it away when you’re ready for something new. But do decals pass the style test? We asked three designers for the scoop on how, where and whether to decorate with this new generation of decals. “Those old-fashioned, ‘Home Is Where the Heart Is’ kind of sayings in that script, I think those are a little cheesy,” says designer and TV host Sabrina Soto, a guest designer on HGTV’s new series “HGTV’d.” But Soto, Betsy Burnham of Los Angeles’ Burnham Design and Brian Patrick Flynn of all agree there are ways decals can work well — especially if they’re used with a dose of irony and humour. “For the right person, and it’s usually a young person, I have no problem with any of this. I think it’s decorative, it’s whimsical, it’s kitsch,” Burnham says. “But I’m going to be the devil’s advocate here and say I don’t want it in my clients’ living rooms.” In traditionally decorated homes, decals can look tacky. But in homes already decorated with a modern sensibility, decals definitely have their place. COOL KIDS’ ROOM S If you avoid the licensed-character decals depicting popular cartoon characters, you can actually bring some style and sophistication to kids’ rooms with decals. Try oversize images of the outdoors ( offers a wall-size close-up of a patch of bamboo) or letters and words (but not those excessively heartwarming ones). To evoke cartoons without putting actual cartoon characters on the walls, offers words like “Bam,” “Pow“ and ”Kaboom!!!” in decal form. They also offer customized “thought bubbles” that can be printed to say anything you can dream up. ES S M A L L S PPA C E In a spare room or an awkward space that’s hard to decorate, try a single, graphic image decal. “It gives depth to a room and gives some interest to the architecture,” Burnham says. Many retailers offer black silhouettes de-

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Little Boutique Wall Decal from ToysRus shows the decalof a tree.

picting things like lamps or chandeliers that add interest to an otherwise blank wall. (Just remember, Soto says, that adding a lighting fixture like this doesn’t actually add any light to the room!) In small bedrooms, a headboard decal is “a great way to have fun without taking up any space,” Soto says. You can also find decals depicting chairs or other furniture. “Having one object like that is kind of cool, especially if you have a space in a room that you just don’t know what to do with,” Soto explains. “It’s kind of the same thing as wallpapering an accent wall. This is just a lot easier.” MS A N ND FFI R S T A PPA R T M ME EN T S DORM Decals are “excellent for dorms because they’re trendy in spaces where you can’t actually paint anyway,” Flynn says. With little expense, young adults with rental homes can get creative with images and colours. Their options for indulging in irony and sarcasm are endless (those customizable thought bubbles, above, are just one example). And if short attention spans prevail, it’s simple to move designs around the space as often as you wish. “In rental spaces,” Burnham says, “it’s such a better idea than having to paint and then paint it back” again before you move out. EA T I V E E W O R K S PPA C E ES CRE Flynn likes the whimsy of decals in spaces where someone wants to think creatively. They’re perfect, he says, for a space “where an interior designer might be doing their design plans, or artists might be doing their paintings.”

Daily Courier Article on Ponderosa  

Daily Courier Article on Ponderosa on Sat, June 11/11

Daily Courier Article on Ponderosa  

Daily Courier Article on Ponderosa on Sat, June 11/11