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Understanding Social Media Marketing The article discusses about the benefits of social media marketing and how it can benefit the businessesthrough enhanced online visibility. Businesses seek for newer ways to bring in positive changes in their marketing strategies and for maintaining brand value. Technology since a decade has been playing a major role in developing and amending newer techniques of advertising. Embracing the boon of technology, marketing has evolved at a level, where the progress can be measured and the benefits can be widespread. Social media marketing (SMM) is the newest structure wherein the online communities are utilized to spread the brand awareness and gain prolific online presence. Businesses,especially the small enterprises have recognized the benefits of SMM and have been largely integrating it in their core businesspolicies. SMM is an influential advertising and promotional approach which has re-defined the world of communication. The concept of social media marketing revolves in and around the method of promoting a business or business websites via social media platforms. It is one of the cost effective schemesthat generate high volume of web traffic. Blogs, social networking websites, discussion forums, video promotions, image sharing are some of the tools and channels of social media marketing which tend to help a business reach out to their targeted network of customers. SMM brings new and repeated visitors to a business website and also help gain considerable number of backlinks. Backlinks are one of the key

things that influence the page rank of a website and SMM services, by generating volumes of backlinks, indirectly help a website gain better organic rank in SERPs. Social Media Marketing however requires proper planning. SMM is not about blatant promotion in the online arena, rather it requires a cohesive approach to reach out the potential customer base. Hence, it is imperative for all businesses to seek the guidance of a professional social media marketing company. A social media marketing company utilizes the social media tools and specialized techniques to promote its client’s business. Blog updating, blog commenting and posting, forum posting, social bookmarking, social network marketing, video submission, PPT submission, article submission and press release distribution are some of the key functions executed by SMM experts. The SMM companies formulate specific plans to provide the most advanced social media campaigns. The success of the social media marketing depends on comprehensive study and research on the target consumer base and setting up basic goals as required. Optimized content is an apt way of conveying your message effectively. Thus it is required to link the content and get it shared in the multiple social media platforms. One of the most important aspects of SMM service is to take part in the conversation. Acknowledging the views of the online audience and updating them with the latest informations will enhance brand’s identity. For example, in Facebook, you can constantly update your profile and share content, news about your business. In Twitter, you can share messages through regular ‘Tweets’. In YouTube, you can upload videos and then share it in your company blog or Facebook profile. Execution of these processesrequires professional aid and hence the guidance of a social media marketing company is solicited. In SMM campaigns, it is recommended to permute and combine different plans from time to time. Consider multiple options and interlink for better results. For instance, connect your Twitter account to Facebook, or linking your company’s blog to Facebook and Twitter with a follow button on your blog. Use tools such as Linkedin, or other multimedia tools like Flicker to upload photos. These social media marketing strategies when blended with your own ideas and other prospective options, you are sure to find the most suitable and effective ways for marketing your services or product. With constant efforts and changing strategies, SMM will yield beneficial results.

Understanding Social Media Marketing  

The article discusses about the benefits of social media marketing and how it can benefit the businesses through enhanced online visibility.