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Guys and Dolls ‘Hot Boxes’ Into Spring Julith Perry & Kemely Olivo | Staff Writers

“You know- this would be a wonderful way to get children to drink milk!”This is a memorable line from the Spring musical production of Guys and Dolls. From crap-shooting to hot box dancing to “following the fold” with the Save-A-Soul mission, this musical love story tells of the way Nathan Detroit makes a bet with his acquaintance Sky Masterson in order to raise $1000 to hold his crap games. The bet was that Sky must take Sergeant Sarah Brown to go to Havana, Cuba with him, but if he fails then Nathan wins the bet. Not everything goes as planned though; Sky soon begins to develop feelings for Sarah, and meanwhile Nathan struggles to commit to Miss Adelaide. From our school’s Drama Depart-

ment came the musical production of Guys and Dolls, starring Jalen Bass as Nathan Detroit, and Chandler Truett as Sky Masterson. Starring alongside them was Kaci Jo Hibbard playing the role of Sarah Brown, and Faith Reynolds playing the role of Miss Adelaide. The Drama Department had been working on this production since January 2011, the show finally made its big debut on May 4th, 2011. Directing this musical production was Ms. Sarai Goley. This production was Ms. Goley’s first with our school’s Drama Department. Making a small appearance in the play was our very own principal, Dr. Elise Gruber. The piano and vocal work was done by our school’s chorus director Mrs. Jami-Leigh Bartschi. The live orches-

Impressive Showing at State Track Meet Jacarious Isom | Staff Writer The track team has had one of the best seasons ever this year; both teams were ranked #6 in the state. This is proof of all the work that the boys and girls have put in during the last four years. Three members from the boy’s team competed at the State Competition on May 7th. Malachi Tatum took 3rd in discus and 7th in shot-put. Jacarvis Jones made it to states for the second time in his career, and Senior Joshua Allen made it to states for the 110 hurdles. Coach Taylor summarized this season

as, “The best ever.” The girl’s team also had a great performance. Senior Carmelia Stewart competed in four events. She took home 2nd place in triple jump and 6th in 100 hurdles. The girls 4x100 relay team [pictured below] which consisted of Shanice McCoy, Keara McKnight Shakeana Clark, and Carmelia Stewart placed 4th. In the 800, sophomore Jacoy Hutto placed 8th and the girl’s 4x400 relay also competed and placed 6th. Go Mustangs! 

tra used during the play was directed by Mrs. Andrea Tobin. Guys and Dolls made a huge opening by starting with an upbeat scene that consisted of the gamblers and the gals walking around New York City. This scene, without a doubt, kept the audience awake and interested for the rest of the play. Moments that seemed like they were about to get boring were brought back to life with dancing, singing and hidden witty remarks. The cast of Guys and Dolls had to overcome many obstacles, such as props breaking during rehearsals, wardrobe going missing, fear of being unprepared, injuries gained from on-stage accidents, and one of the leads being sick. Faith Reynolds (Miss Adelaide) had laryngitis. Despite this, she still managed to sound amazing during her performance. One of the best parts of the play was when Sky began to pursue Sarah at the mission. Sky and Sarah share a passionate yet sweet kiss and then Sarah slaps

Sky. The scene showed love and comedy all in one. The play proved to be something anyone can enjoy; it had comedy, love and music. Toward the end of the play was when Sarah and Miss Adelaide finally meet for the first time. Their first encounter consisted of talking about how they fell in love with gamblers. Adelaide gave Sarah the best point by saying “if you love him enough,” which made Sarah realize her feelings for Sky. Finally, the play ends with both of the married couples sharing their joy with their friends. The bars were set high for our school’s Drama Department to do an outstanding job on this production. Considering Guys and Dolls has been on Broadway 6 times and there is the 1955 movie to compare it to, our school’s drama department was left with the task of making this production memorable. They definitely met the expectations. Our school’s Drama Department production of Guys and Dolls gets two thumbs up for being enjoyable for all ages, upbeat, having great singing and outstanding performances from the entire cast. 

A Fond Farewell to Our Inaugural Class of 2011 Senior Superlatives, Photo Scrapbook, and Dedications on pages 4-5 It is with great admiration and congratulations that we dedicate our final issue to Wekiva’s Thoroughbreds. Next month, our first class of four-year mustangs will walk across the graduation stage. Way to go, Class of 2011! You leave behind a great legacy and we can’t wait to see what your futures hold. With love, The Lariat Post Staff. 

Save the Dates, Seniors! MAY • May 23 • May 24 • May 25 • May 26 • May 27 • May 29 • May 31

Senior Exams: 4, 6, 7 Senior Exams: 1, 3, 5 Senior Exams: 2 Senior Walk-Out Senior Field Day 11:00-1:00 pm Senior Breakfast, Lake Mary Marriott, 9:00 am Graduation Rehearsal, UCF, 12:00 pm Baccalaureate, Journey Church, 5:00 pm Senior Check-out Day

JUNE • June 1 • June 2 • June 3

Senior Check-out Day Senior Check-out Day GRADUATION! UCF Arena, 10:00 am

INSIDE THIS THIS ISSUE: ISSUE: INSIDE School News Spring Musical Review and Summer News

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Senior Superlatives Senior Superlatives and Sneak Peak Dedications

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NEWS End of Course Exams to Gradually Phase-Out FCAT

Freshman Orientation Eases Transition for New Students

Mireya Torres | Editor & Sierra Rose | Staff Writer

Kyla Main, Kaitlin Dickson, & Vanessa Lange | Staff Writers

There’s a new test on the block this year, and it’s called the EOC (End of Course exam). You likely noticed the frequent intercom announcements last week calling students down for testing. This a three-year program of standardized tests issued by the state that will slowly replace the FCAT. Eventually, at the end of each year, EOC exams will be issued to determine whether or not a student has successfully completed a class. Scheduling the EOC exams will be similar to how FCAT scheduling was handled this year. The exams will be given on the computer, so students with computer-based classes will again be required to relocate during the time of testing. Scoring for the EOC exams has not yet been determined, but it is known that the exam will count as 30% of a student’s final grade in that class. So, what idea sparked this new program of testing? Suzanne Johnston, the Curriculum Resource Teacher (CRT), stated “I think the whole thing is to make sure that no matter who your teacher is, no matter what school you’re at, you’re still learning the same material at the same level. So, every class is going to

have the same requirements.” So far, EOC exams are only replacing the math portion of the FCAT. This explains the sudden change to the computer-based math FCAT. This is also why we now have the Reading FCAT 2.0, which has eliminated the written portion of the test, and added more higher-ordered thinking questions and longer reading passages. According to Johnston, “Within the three-year program we will also be adding Biology. The next year, it looks like we’re going to be starting to work on American History, and also Chemistry. But, those are things down the road that we don’t have all of the information for from the state yet.” Standardized testing began this year for any students who are currently enrolled in Algebra I or Algebra I Honors, regardless of grade level. They are taking the Algebra I EOC exam which counts as 30% of their total grade this year. EOC testing was also applied to those in Spanish I and French I this year. Starting next year, the Geometry EOC exam will be in effect, so anyone taking Geometry will be required to take that test. 

The leap from middle school to high school is huge. Pretty much everyone felt the same fear and anxiety about starting their first day of freshman year. Fears such as getting lost, having no one to sit with at lunch, and “Freshmen Fridays” plague the minds of incoming freshmen. A way to ease these fears is to attend Freshman Orientation. Freshman Orientation will be a week or so before school starts, and will be a two day event (you only have to attend one day) that will last from 9am-3pm. Freshman Orientation will be held on campus, and is in place to help ease the fears of incoming freshmen. In the last Freshman Orientation there was a game designed to help students realize how to get to class on time. Caleb Maggio, a freshman who attended Orientation last year said, “It showed me that you have an extra two to three minutes to talk to friends before going to class and

Gearing Up for AP Bootcamp Moriah Dakers | Editor & Iyonna Tynes | Staff Writer Let’s say you, along with many other students, decided to add AP classes to your schedule next year. By now your friends have probably told you all the AP horror stories. Students have crazy workloads, frequent late-night study sessions, and they have to worry about the ominous AP exam at the end of the year that determines whether or not they receive the college credit they’ve worked so hard for. Scared yet? Don’t be. Mr. Brian Charboneau, the AP director, is offering students a program this summer that will help prepare them for their AP courses. “AP Boot Camp is a two week summer program designed to give students the skills necessary to be successful in an AP course,” says Mr. Charboneau. AP Boot Camp will run from June 13th to June 23rd. Participants will meet Monday-Thursday in the media center, from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm. From this

program students will be able to improve their note-taking skills, relaxation techniques, notebook organization, their college readiness, and learn how to conduct effective research. So which students should consider signing up for AP Boot Camp? “We are looking for two different types of students,” said Charboneau. “Students who have never had an AP class before, and anyone who feels their skill set is not yet quite where it should be.” Are you starting to feel a little better yet? You should. However, be warned, every individual AP class has required summer reading assignment that is typically due within the first few weeks of the school year. If you do decide to take part in AP Boot Camp or are in need of more information, be sure to pick up an application form from your teacher or visit Mr. Charboneau in room 560. The application includes additional details such as time, location, dates, and costs. 

it showed me how easy it is to get across campus in a short time.” Incoming students will hear about school polices, extracurricular activities, athletics, what it is to be a Mustang, and how to be successful in high school. Jessica Jagdeo said that she enjoyed Freshman Orientation. “I got to learn about all of our school’s wonderful classes, and it’s very informative for freshmen,” she said. Parents are welcome to attend but will not be with their kids. Instead, they will have a short meeting where they can meet the administration and leaders of the school. Parents will also receive information about freshman events, and how to prepare their child for high school. As more details become available they will be posted on the school website, Please check back regularly for updates. 

New Science Coach Joins Faculty Jacob Watkins | Staff Writer Mustangs are welcoming a new addition to their staff. Meet Mr. Mike McKee, the school’s new science coach. So, what exactly is a science coach? Well, Mr. McKee will be working in the science labs assisting the teachers and students as they work through their science activities. “I’m like a teacher’s teacher,” says McKee. McKee has been working as a science coach for over the past two years now and has worked with over thirty schools at a time. His experience and guidance will make a great addition to our faculty and provide our students with even more support. Welcome to the herd, Mr. McKee! 

Graduating Class Top 5% 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Audrey Winkelsas Shanavia Swasey Jimmy Lam Mary Hill Benjamin Spurling Stephanie Stevanovich Lauren Rogers

8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

Karen Razon Steven Staudt Alyssa Brass Morgan Ratledge Miguel Torres Kaylee Galindo Kaitlyn Huss

15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21.


Paulette Santa-Parzons Benjamin Wall Elena Medina Lauren Wood Maria Burgos Gregory Arnheim Carl Stancheski

22. 23. 24. 25. 26.

Gregory Matthews Sean Suba Laney Varnadoe Niaja Griffin Anthony Lewis

SENIOR WILLS Senior Class Memories

miss them. Advice: Do your work, pull up your pants, and respect!

Jovan Davis

Johnathan Haye

Jessica Diceglie

Markice Hayes

Favorite memory: Playing on the volleyball team and making it the best we could. Advice: Don’t let anyone hold you back, if you want something, go out and get it for yourself

Involvement: Chorus, Weightlifting. I leave behind: My strength. To all the big boys that want to play football or weightlifting, I bench 385 lbs.

Plans: Notter School of Pasty Arts, Pastry Chef. Favorite memory: Meeting my sheep for the first time in FFA. Favorite teacher: Mr. Morris because he taught me the method to the madness. Advice: Remain focused, stay alert, and listen carefully.

Vanessa Amaral Favorite teacher: Ms. Rogers. I loved her anatomy class, so interesting! I leave behind: The legacy of being the 1st all-Mustang graduating class.

Brandon Armstrong Favorite teacher: Coach Ford because he helped me through my problems. Favorite memory: When I first met two best friends that will always have my heart; Coach Ford, Ms. Davis, and some fellow classmates.

Emmanuel Asuncion Involvement: Band, Drumline, all four years; Football, 2007-2008, 2008-2009. Advice: Take your education seriously and don’t procrastinate.

Zachary Blevins Favorite teacher: Ms. Meeks because she is crazy which makes her the perfect teacher. Advice: Work hard, believe in yourself and anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

Nicole Boelter Plans after high school: College and from there...the world. What I’ll miss the most: The people, the reliability of a schedule, and knowing someone is always there to help you.

Andrew Boone Favorite teacher: Mr. Leath because he gives really good advice. I leave behind: I say that “A small setback is just room for a major comeback.”

Vilhmery Briceno Favorite teacher: Ms. Rogers, she helped me understand how the body works. She’s the best anatomy teacher ever. Advice: Do what you can here to learn. Don’t waste your time.

D’Andre Bullard Involvement: Basketball 2008-2011. I leave behind: Don’t give your teachers a hard time.

Kaili Burns Favorite teacher: Mr. Ius because he is a

fun teacher and inspiring. Advice: Good luck and have fun.

Upton Fisher Advice: Take it day by day. I leave behind: My home. The place I grew into the young man I am today. The place I learned so much from in so little time.

Gabby Carter Involvement: Band 2007-2008; President of Orchestra 2009-2011. Advice: Never give up. Live your life to the fullest.

Bashari Cartwright Involvement: Boys Step Team 2010-2011. Advice: Be careful with the choices that you make.

Involvement: Xtreme Modeling. Favorite memory: Playing flag football for Powder Puff during Homecoming Week.

Dominique Charles

Ashlee Gayle

Involvement: Tennis, Weightlifting, Cheerleading, Latin Club, Beta Club, Chorus. What I’ll miss the most: Seeing my friends everyday and all of the clubs and sports I was involved with.

Plans: West Side Tech for Cosmetology. Favorite teacher: Ms. Bartschi. She was the biggest inspiration and taught me more than any other teacher, both about music and life.

Imari B. Clark

Nicholas Gillette

Plans: Florida Memorial University, Health Sciences Degree. Favorite memory: My best game with 9 points, 3 rebounds, 4 assists, small forward against our rival, Apopka High School.

Involvement: Guitar Club founder; MTV News 2007-2011. Favorite teacher: Ms. Womack. She encouraged me to follow my dreams.

Laneisha (Lani) Colon

Involvement: Guitar Club, Yearbook, Tennis, NHS, Do Something, French Club, Radio Broadcasting. I leave behind: Keep our school going. We don’t want our school to go down.

Michelle Gonzalez

Candice Goodwin

Charmaine Corporan

Favorite memory: the Get Fit video day. As soon as the video came on my teacher said, “It’s a grade so get up and dance!” Yes, that was a good day. Advice: Dream big and whatever you do, do it big. Love more and express it, laugh more and cherish every moment. Life is way too short.

Involvement: Powder Puff flag football. Advice: Don’t skip, they will catch you!

Evens Daltins Favorite teacher: Ms. Goehring, she helped me in math. Advice: Do your work no matter what and stay focused at all times.

Erika Graham

Elizabeth Dauphney

Involvement: Cheerleading, Track & Field, Weightlifting, Varsity Club, Xtreme Modeling. Advice: Don’t slack off your first or last year of high school, they count the most.

Involvement: Dance, Drama. Favorite memory: All of the “West Side Story” and “Midsummer” rehearsals and shows. They were a lot of fun and I will


Mary Hill Involvement: Do Something Club, Beta Club, NHS. I leave behind: Make senior year the most memorable during your high school career.

Kawayne Hunter

Tequila Isaac

Favorite memory: Spending time with friends, and getting out of school at 2:05. I leave behind: Nothing. You’re going to have to figure it out for yourselves.

Involvement: AVID, Yearbook, Best Buddies, Arthur Murray. I leave behind: My locker #233, second to the last downstairs 600 building. It has a nice circle mirror that won’t come off.

Favorite memory: The walk-out for the time change in 9th grade. Advice: Don’t slack off, stay on point.

Plans: College and Police Academy. Favorite memory: Freshman year lunch with all my friends from middle school.

Jordan Gamble

Katherine Cernuda

Ariel Candy Herrera

Involvement: Basketball, Football, Track. What I’ll miss the most: Not having bills.

Involvement: Marching band, Jazz, Wind Ensemble, and Symphonic Band; Guys and Dolls. I leave behind: Join band. It’s a sport.

Favorite teacher: Ms. Smith. She made learning easy and I learned a lot in her class. Advice: Stay in school.

Involvement: NHS, Mu Alpha Theta, Beta Club. Favorite teacher: Ms. Smith (US History) because she never gave up on me even when I almost gave up on myself.

Tyrone Folkes

Joseph Fuentes

Cesar Castro

Involvement: AVID. I leave behind: The strength to be yourself, live every day, and be successful.

Plans: Attend college for 4 years, earn my Masters Degree in Sports Managment, and run pro for the USA Track & Field Team. Favorite memory: On April 29, 2011 when I signed my letter of intent to South Plains College on a full track and field scholarship.

Faith Eagle

Darryl Almandoz

Marcus Hall

Plans: Joining the military. What I’ll miss the most: My friend Shani Cox.

Markeva Jackson What I’ll miss the most: My teachers and all they have done for me over the years. I leave behind: Words of wisdom: Do what you have to when you have to because you’re preparing for greatness.

Elgin Jefferson Favorite teacher: Ms. Meeks because she just rocks. Favorite memory: When I fell during summer workouts.

Clint Jerome Involvement: Art Club. What I’ll miss the most: All the memories.

Jason Saint Juste Plans: Going to Valencia then UCF to get my degree in radiology. Advice: Stay out of trouble. Worry less about girls and more about school.

Nicholas Kagiwada Involvement: Debate. Favorite memory: Leaving at 2:05.

Kristina Kaleel Plans: Attend Valencia for an AA degree then transfer to UCF for a Bachelor’s. Advice: Never give up on what you want. Don’t merely exsist, really live.

Kendall Kelly Involvement: Softball, JV Cheerleading, Bowling, Best Buddies. Advice: Never give up.

Cecila Keys Favorite teacher: Ms. Sayers-O’Neil because she pushed me not to give up when I didn’t pass the FCAT. Favorite memory: Homecoming, Pep rallies.


Best Smile

Most Likely to Be a Pro-Athlete

Most Likely to Be the Next Mozart

Best Laugh

Alexandra Ping

Niaja Griffin

Karen Razon

Malachi Tatum & Jasmine Blacksher

Best Smile

Most Likely to Be a Pro-Athlete

Most Likely to Be the Next Mozart

Wayne Halsey

Jace Herrera

Nick Pfister

Most Likely to Appear on Broadway

Nehemiah Johnson and Faith Reynolds

Michael Knight

Amanda Leonard

Brittany Merritt

Rauna Montgomery

What I’ll miss the most: Friends. Favorite teacher: Mr. Furo because he is very funny.

Involvement: Swimming, Water Polo, SGA, Junior Class President, Senior Class President. I leave behind: My locker, #327 in the 620 hallway. There’s stickers in there, but I promise it’s not from me! :)

Favorite memory: Freshman year when I was on Homecoming Court. Advice: Go far in life! Do the unthinkable and enjoy each day you’re given.

Favorite memory: Winning the 4x1 State Relay Team. I leave behind: My goodness and my kindness.

Samuel Messersmith

Devonte Moore

Plans: United States Marine Corps. Involvement: Lacrosse 2011. Advice: Go! Go! Power Rangers!

Involvement: 4-year Varsity Basketball player, Homecoming Court, AVID. Advice: Always choose your friends wisely and never try to fit in. Be alone if there’s a need to. Keep your circle of friends small.

Jessica Knowles Plans: Go to SSC and transfer to UCF after 2 years, then open my own bakery. Favorite memory: Winning first place at FHSAA Cheerleading State Championship. Advice: Don’t get burned out and hopeless, you can push through any hard time that comes your way.

Alaina Long Plans: Spelman College. Favorite memory: Being awarded and named the 2010 Disney Dreamer and Doer of our school on Awards Night.

Keyon Ladson

Idenisse Maldonado

Favorite memory: Walking into high school for the first time. Advice: Be easy, stay out of trouble, and go to college.

Favorite teacher: Ms. Harris because she has a big heart and was always there for me. Advice: No matter what is going on in your life, always be positive and you will succeed.

Tracey Milligan Advice: If you have something good, cherish it, and if you don’t have anything good, find something to love. I leave behind: The understanding that you have to get to know someone before you judge them on their appearances.

Tobiah Mills

August Leombruno

Plans: Valencia then UCF to study Sports Bianca Mason Medicine. Involvement: Football, Weightlifting, Track & Field, Ultimate Frisbee.

Zachary Leon Favorite memory: Pulling a prank on Mrs. Sloan and then showing it on the announcements. I leave behind: My courage and pride of becoming the new seniors at Wekiva. Make it the best year, because you only get one.

Favorite memory: All of the pep rallies, basketball and football games, and Senior Breakfast. I leave behind: All of the memories. You’re following in our footsteps.

Elena Medina Plans: University of South Florida! Involvement: Volleyball, Basketball, Track & Field, NHS, Beta Club, FCA.


Latanya Morris Involvement: Student Venture. Advice: Don’t play around. Be serious in school so that when you get to your senior year there will be no worries about graduating.

Advice: Don’t slack off because you think it’s cool because it’s not, especially when you find out you’re not graduating. I leave behind: Words of advice: Stop acting immature. Grow up and do your work so you can graduate.

Tammera Murray

Farzaana Alisha Mohamed

Kervens Myrtil

Favorite teacher: Mr. Leath because he helped me through a lot of problems and helped me stay focused.. I leave behind: My full-breed Mustang Pride and all of the memories the class of 2011 left behind.

What I’ll miss the most: The wonderful teachers and all the cute girls. Favorite memory: The time I got caught trying to be a player. Also farting in class. And Prom.

Favorite teacher: Ms. Harris because she has pushed me the most. I leave behind: Being an Honor Roll student all four years, hopefully you will do the same.


You’ll Be Missed, Class of 2011! 5

SENIORS Congratulations to Audrey Winkelsas, Valedictorian 2011 A letter by Audrey Winkelsas It is hard to believe that my time at Wekiva is drawing to a close. From excitement to nostalgia, a mixture of emotions has been running through my mind as it has been for my fellow seniors as well. Looking back, it is clear how many great opportunities I have had thanks to Wekiva and the people I have shared experiences with along the way. Of course there have been ups and downs, but overall I am very happy to call myself a mustang. From academics to clubs, from chorus to bowling, I am grateful for the wide range of activities I have been able to participate in while at Wekiva. I never imagined playing a high school team sport, nor did I ever dream that one of the clubs I would be in would host an event to raise awareness of Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Yet Mr. Kurtz and Mrs. KenneyBenson, along with the students who participate in these activities, made both possible. They were accepting and supportive of my dreams, more so than I think people would be at any other high school. This goes for many other teachers, guidance counselors, and administrators as well, who I can tell have a sincere interest in helping me reach my goals. The amount of coursework demanded in high school has oftentimes been daunting. There have been many motivators, though, for my taking numerous AP classes, including having more competitive college and scholar-

Drum Majors Graduate, Welcome Replacements Evie McDonnell and Jessica Zamora Villa | Staff Writers

Drum majors have a very important job of leading the band and making sure that everyone is on cue and in step. Christopher Anderson and Kim Brown, both seniors, have been the school’s drum majors for the past four years, and now that they are graduating they’re leaving behind some pretty big shoes to fill. Kim hopes to play in the band once Stetson University gets a band within the next two years, and hopes to become their drum major while attending college. However, being a drum major is no easy task, good leadership skills are highly necessary, and obviously these two seniors have demonstrated such leadership. In the next couple of weeks two new incoming seniors will be taking over Chris and Kim’s place. Bryan Monroy and Melanie Castro are the newest of Wekiva’s drum majors. Both Kim and Chris believe that Melanie and Bryan will step up to the plate, and fill the shoes of previous drum majors. “It is a little bit scary, but [I] am confident,” states Band Director Leonardo Lamos. Even in the bitter sweetness of Kim and Chris graduating and furthering their ventures, the new drum majors are definitely something to look forward to next year in the band. 


ship applications, the potential to earn college credit, and obtaining a high GPA. But in addition is the intrinsic motivation of taking every opportunity to learn the most that I can learn and striving to be the best that I can be. I am certain that my classes have prepared me well, with regard to both knowledge and discipline, for my future. I have learned the necessity of focus, drive, and determination. This fall, I will be entering the University of Miami with the intent of studying neurobiology. It is sad to be leaving home and a school I feel comfortable in, yet I am excited to continue my education and have the college experience. What I will miss most about Wekiva are the people who have made an impact on my life, both classmates and faculty. But surely we will see each other again. 

Need Transcripts? Miranda Kay and Alexandria Neubauer | Staff Writers Getting your transcripts may seem like a lengthy process, when really it’s not complicated at all. To get them all you have to do it pick up an order form from the Guidance Office, fill it out and return it, and wait to pick them up. You can either pick them up after one to two school days, have them mailed to you, or mailed electronically to the school of your choice as long as it is a Florida school. However, transcripts aren’t free. Cost: Official copy, $2 Unofficial copy $1 

SENIOR WILLS Kristal Nembhard

Sergio Serrano

Cindy Villalobos

Kianna Rivera

Involvement: Girls Weightlifting all four years. Favorite teacher: Ms. Zuchlich, she was my first high school teacher and I still have her senior year..

Involvement: Soccer 2008-2009, 20092010, 2010-2011, AVID. Favorite teacher: Mr. Kurtz for his intelligence.

Advice: This is a new chapter in our lives... let’s start it right. I leave behind: Danllely Arteaga and Leynali Rodriguez. I love you! :)

Plans: Hillsborough Community College. Favorite teacher: Mr. Leath, he’s always there for his students.

Casey Smith

Joshua West

What I’ll miss the most: Being with my friends every day and how easy life was in high school. Favorite teacher: Ms. McCloskey because she’s awesome and understands her students.

Involvement: Weightlifting, Football, Track. Favorite teacher: Coach B because he is someone that understands me and is there when I need him.

Phi Nguyen What I’ll miss the most: Socializing with friends, goofing around, parties. Favorite memory: Laughing with my best friend.

Jose Ochoa Advice: Not to give up and stick to your classes and grades so that you can pass and graduate. I leave behind: My high school experience.

Keland Owens What I’ll miss the most: The music in between classes. I leave behind: I’ll miss ya’ll boys and all my groupies. “DAAAAT!”

Jauqeem Palmer Favorite memory: Running track and going out of town. Involvement: Varsity Football all four years and Track.

Amanda Pena Favorite teachers: Ms. Soto, Mr. Leath, Ms. Pena, they have all been like family. I leave behind: My accent, which some teachers will have to remember.

Anne Petiote Involvement: Power Principle Princess. Favorite teacher: Ms. Goehring, she’s a really supportive person.

Rebecca Pierre What I’ll miss the most: Dance class, TV Production, and Tennis. Advice: Don’t be stupid. Be happy. School is a lot of fun when you don’t get into trouble.

Edgar Pimentel What I’ll miss the most: My friends because some of them are moving away. Advice: Stay in school and don’t do drugs. Stay away from drama because that could ruin your future.

Jessenia Raigosa Involvement: Bowling Team, Beta Club, NHS. I leave behind: Wekiva’s future.

Alanna Ransome Favorite memory: Friday night football games, Pep rallies, and just hanging out with friends.. Advice: Keep your head up and stay positive.

Christopher Wills

Plans: Attend college in Mexico. Involvement: Soccer, AVID.

Madisan Reed Plans: Valencia college, Culinary Program. Favorite memory: Being in dance class and doing performances.

Austin Reaves Favorite memory: Meeting my girlfriend that I’ve always wanted to be with since elementary school. Advice: Always set your goals high and God will always be on your side.

Ashley Williams

Favorite teacher: Ms. Akins, because she is my mother away from home. Favorite memory: Playing for the freshman basketball team 2007-2008.

Favorite memory: When Rhonda and Daniel cracked jokes on each other in Furo’s class. Advice: Start off strong and end strong. Don’t wait until the end.

Troi Smith

Chatoi Sanders

Tommy Williams

Favorite memory: Will be the day I walk across that stage at graduation! Advice: Don’t slack off! Make every year count and save the foolery for middle school!

Favorite teacher: Ms. Fitzgerald because she is patient and understanding. Favorite memory: When the whole senior class went to the beach.

What I’ll miss the most: The whole high school atmosphere. Advice: Just be yourself, you don’t have to try to fit in with people.

Andrea Sanchez

Yasmeika Williams

Involvement: Student Venture, Do Something Club, Beta Club, Mu Alpha Theta. I leave behind: My locker with my PETA stickers!

Involvement: JROTC, Business Professionals of America, Student Venture. Favorite teacher: Ms. Landrum because she did her job with a smile.

Bennonie Salomon

Brianna Wood

Favorite teacher: Mrs. Bartschi because she’s passionate about what she does. Favorite memory: “The Walkout” for the time change because we stood up for something we wanted.

Involvement: Student Venture. Plans: Own my own day care.

Carl Stancheski Involvement: Business Professionals of America President, Do Something Club, NHS, Beta Club, Senior Class Council, SGA. Favorite memory: Grad Nite because I got to spend the entire night with Amanda Leonard.

Kiara Sykes Favorite teachers: Ms. Poole because she’s so positive and Mr. Voltzke because he’s stern but a lot was learned. Advice: Have fun because being an adult is hard. Learn to be responsible and work hard now.

Valerie Salazar

Chyna Young Involvement: Weightlifting, Track and Field. Favorite memory: Homecoming.

Involvement: Drama Club 2007-2011. Favorite teacher: Ms. Goley because she is amazing, kind, and understanding. Advice: Give it your all!

Aliana Taylor Favorite teacher: Mr. Furo, he’s involved with all our events and he’s a cool, funny and good teacher. Plans: To work and attend college.

Anna Saile Favorite teacher: Ms. Meyers, she pushed me to go further with my art. Advice: Get everything done “first and fast” that way you have time to have fun afterwards without stressing.

Ashley Thomas Plans: Valencia for 2 years then transfer to a university for Nursing. What I’ll miss the most: The understanding teachers.

Sierra Rose Involvement: Volleyball, Drama, Graffiti Poetry Editor, Newspaper. I leave behind: My senior parking space. :) And all that dreaded homework.

Justin Tobe

Gretchen Thomas

Favorite teacher: Ms. Harris because she truly loves her students and genuinely wants all of us to succeed.. Advice: Stay focused and determined.

Involvement: Basketball, Track. Favorite memory: Beating Apopka in the District baseball game.

Involvement: Xtreme Modeling, Track, Flag Football, Step Team Captain, Pep Club, Senior Class Secretary. Favorite memory: The first day of school in 2007 when Wekiva High School first opened.

Involvement: 2011 ROTC Drill Team. Advice: Act your age.

Jennifer Santiago

Dario Saunders

Shaila Smith

Leonel Rodriguez

Involvement: Guitar Club 2007-2010. Favorite memory: Every time Keith D. got taken out of TV Production by Security.

Favorite memory: The bus rides to Tech. Advice: Work hard, it pays off in the end.

Involvement: French Club, Band, Beta Club. Favorite teacher: Ms. Harris because she helped me find myself and was always there.

Plans: Army, then college. Favorite memory: In the basketball locker room before each game, we would get crunk listening to music as a team.

Steven Sanders

Aaron Wester

Racquel Smith

Jose Resendiz

Alton Rogers Favorite teacher: Coach Barnes because he kept it real no matter what. Favorite memory: Senior night when I started the basketball game and scored 16 points while my family was there.

Favorite teacher: Ms. Pena, she always smiled and made dance fun and relaxing. It was my getaway class. She was AMAZING and I will miss her a lot. Involvement: SGA 2007-2008, Dance Company 2009-2010.

Chris Roberts Involvement: Basketball, Track. I leave behind: Don’t give the teachers a hard time, and school work before everything else.

Jacob Turnbull Involvement: Band, Jazz Band, Ultimate Frisbee, Marching Band. I leave behind: My saxophone, Beyoncé, and the growing band that the seniors created.

Aaron Roach Involvement: Baseball 2008-2011, Soccer 2008-2009, Football 2009-2010. Favorite teacher: Ms. Harrington because she was funny and made class interesting.


To Miguel: We love you and we are proud of you! Our hίjo has finally grown up! Love, Mom and Dad

THE LARIAT POST Words of Wisdom for the Seniors Congratulations to all my former “baby freshmen.” It’s been great to see you mature and grow over the years and I’m so proud of the people you have become. Good luck to you all. Fondly, Ms. West. For my SGA seniors, remember that you have two choices in life: be a hummingbird or a vulture. Hummingbirds flutter around looking for beautiful and positive things. They spread positivity and happiness wherever they go. Vultures spread negativity, surrounding themselves with decay and toxicity while feeding off of others. As you leave here, be a hummingbird! Always choose to be positive and do the right thing. I am infinitely proud of all of you! Good luck (not that you need it)! With love, Draus Class of 2011, congratulations! As you graduate, remember what Henry David Thoreau said, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” Good Luck - Mr. Tom Winters To my seniors - You have given me an unimaginably wonderful year of teaching. Thank you for all of the comedy, deep conversations about literature, silly and not so silly questions, comments, and journal entries. I hope that each of you realize that you are uniquely brilliant and caring individuals. I know that you are about to embark on a wonderful journey and I wish you the best of luck. Always remember to read, love one another, and never stop learning! Also, don’t forget that you will always be my little monsters. Happy graduation and future! Your favorite English teacher, Ms. Fitz aka Mrs. Kern Mama Mustang is so proud of our Class of 2011 Thoroughbreds! From the minute we met in your middle schools talking about what Wekiva would be to what you have made Wekiva in four wonderful years, you have been the leaders who set our school into motion; you are the class who defined what it is to be a Mustang. You are Prepared for Greatness….don’t ever accept less OF yourself, don’t ever accept less FOR yourself than greatness. Love, MM Shoot for the Moon! Even if you miss, you will land among the stars. And remember, The Tassle is worth the hassle!!! – Ms. Baty To the Class of 2011: I wish you all the very best as you embark on new beginnings. You have been a great class and I know you have wonderful futures ahead of you. I want to see you in 10 years and see what you are doing. Blessing to all of you! Love, Mrs. Bliss Dear Mrs. Hardy’s seniors! C/O 2011, I will miss you all so dearly! You have made my first year as a Mustang an amazing experience! First period: I will never forget being called “Hardy-Hart” with love, it was a pleasure starting my days with you! Third period: thank you for being my precocious students and challenging me with your questions. Fourth period: my smallest, yet loudest class, don’t lose your energy, do big things, make “MS. HAAAARDY” proud! Fifth period: You came to me late, but you guys are the most caring bunch of students I could have asked for! Thank you for that! I will miss you all! Good luck and many blessings to you all! Seniors, you have been an amazing and inspirational group of young men and women. May you always keep your head and spirits high, and your nose to the grindstone. Good luck in all of your future endeavors. What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.........Ralph Waldo Emerson Ms. Larson “Watching you grow as your teacher and then your counselor, has been a true joy for me. You are so beautiful! You are ready to make your mark on the world! Go MUSTANGS!!!” Ms. French Seniors—you are a fabulous group of people with unlimited potential. I would like to share one of my favorite quotes with you and I hope that it helps you as much as it’s helped me. “No matter what you do, no matter how stupid, dumb or damaging you judge it to be, there is a lesson to be learned from it. No matter what happens to you, no matter how unfair, inequitable or wrong, there’s something you can take from the situation and use for your advancement” - Peter McWilliams

For all my MCR seniors—never forget: “People in this school spit..” and “It’s happy wake up time..” and “Language!” Ms. Goehring Niaja, Carmelia, Erika, Rauna, Kambria, Jacarvis, Javon, Palmer, Malachi, and Dre: As you embark on a new voyage in your lives, I wish only the best for all of you. Your friendship with each other will definitely be one to cherish. As you go your separate ways, remember that he (God) who has kept you all will continue as long as you trust and believe in him. Your success has not limits, so go out and continue to make your mark on the world. Be positive, Think positive, and Positive things will happen. - Mrs. Griffin (Ma) Good Luck Dear Seniors! I have had the privilege of teaching many of you 3 years! Two at Wekiva and one at Piedmont. Do you remember voting on the mascot for Wekiva? We were so excited to come to a brand new high school! Well you MADE IT ! The first true thoroughbreds! Congratulations!! Good luck..follow your dreams, be kind, never give up, VOTE and God Bless! - Ms Carswell Seniors, you have prepared (and been prepared) for greatness. Now it is your turn - Go out into this world and find your greatness. Do whatever it is you plan to do to the absolute best of your ability. My father told me years ago that life owed me everything – a beautiful house, a great car, lots of money, and a beautiful wife and family. When I exclaimed something to the effect of “Wow! That is great!”, my father said: “There is only one catch, and that is that you have to work really, really hard to earn all of those wonderful things!” Seniors, you have a lot of work ahead of you, but it will all be worth it one day. Go get your greatness and happiness! Good luck in all of your future endeavors! Be ‘excelente’ and ‘fantástico’! Profesor Izzo To my senior basketball players: You were the foundation for our program, you created special memories, you made us champions!! Now you take the lessons we learned into the next chapter of your life. Use these lessons well, Dream Big Dreams, and may God bless you with the desires of your heart! I love you-Coach Williams To My Seniors: It has been a pleasure and honor to serve as your class sponsor this year. You have been an amazing group and it is going to be tough to see you go. I want to thank the 2011 class officers, Amanda Leonard, Paulette Santa-Parzons, Jasmine Blacksher, and Shaila Smith for being an amazing group. I also want to thank the 2011 class council for all your efforts this year. You all helped make my job a little easier and a lot more enjoyable. Best of luck to everyone in the future. YOUR future is what YOU make of it. Hope to see you again sometime, Mr. Sharpe Dear Class of 2011: In 8 wonderful years of teaching, I’ve never experienced a group of student as cohesive as your class. You are a group of wonderfully talented young men and women who have so much to offer the world. I am excited for the road of possibility lying open before you. You have spent four years gathering vast knowledge of math, literature, history, science, and a plethora of other subjects, but the lessons that you should always carry with you are the ones you’ve learned about life. Remember the teachers, administrators, staff and fellow students you most admired, and as you embark on your journey, remember the lessons learned from them: that respect is something you should assume someone deserves until they do something to lose it, that it’s never too late for second chances, that you never know how much it means to a person when you take the time to listen to them, that you appreciate the understanding of others when you’re not at your best and should respond to others in a like manner. As the year winds to a close, I would like to end by saying, “Thank you.” Thank you for giving all of us a chance to enrich your lives and to hopefully help you discover the man or woman you hope to become. With Deepest Respect, Ms. Meeks This is wishing KAWAYNE HUNTER good luck in his future endeavor. I’m glad to know this ‘SON” of mine. His mother and I are proud of him This is to you: Kawayne, as you end this journey to begin a new one, remember the child of whom you are- A Prince who is worthy of honor by others. Be eager to learn from all other people, have open mind, appreciate the wisdom in every human being and know that each of us have something special to teach others and that we in turn

have much to learn from others. Maintain constant and complete self control over all self-destructive internal impulses that wants to master your soul . Count your blessings daily and rejoice in the things that God gives you, giving thanks to Him. God will continue to favor you with knowledge, wisdom, understanding, intelligences, and discernments in your future endeavor. Your “ Mom” Queen Adefala Pour STEPHANIE STEVANOVICH: Avec le succès de la gradation, vient plus de défis et de possibilités dans la vie. Face à eux deux avec le meme zèle et de détermination, comme vous l’avez toujours fait. Félicitations pour votre diplôme et meilleurs voeux pour votre vie dans l’avenir. Vous avez obtenu un grand success! Ta Prof, Madame Adefala. To the Senior class of 2011… It’s fitting that we both will be going out together. This class is very special to me because we started together 4 years ago together and will be leaving together as well… You all hold a special place in my heart, and I will never forget you! Whether I know you from the field, court, pool, or classroom, I will never forget you. I want to send a special shot out to my Senior Athletic Training students. You already know that you are my second family. I will miss you, and wish you all well. - Mr. Williams Congratulations Seniors of 2011! You’re the Best! Best wishes to you in your future endeavors. Remember life is as good as you make it .I speak a successful life of joy,peace and happiness to each of you. You are a product of the choices you make now and in the future, so make good ,smart choices and you’ll accomplish much. Hope you remember the fun and creative times we shared in Ceramics and Sculpture! Remember you’re in it to win it! Blessings, lol- D. Davis Ceramics/Sculpture

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Lariat Post Issue Number 4  

Lariat Post Issue Number 4

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