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Internationalization (group work) 2011.04-2011.06

Expand LEGO in Japan

“Website localization

and Based of the Pyramid (BOP) product strategy design�

In the project, the team is assigned to set up a new product development department in Japan for Denmark brand LEGO. Due to the different context between the two countries, the team needs to look at the cultural implications that the new department has to deal with based on the Geert Hofstede culture model. To communicate the new products to local market, the team needs to adjust the website to the local context and explore the Base of the Pyramid (BOP) market.

“Website localization and Based of the Pyramid (BOP) product strategy design”

Website localization criteria

Localization examples

When the LEGO website is adjusted to Japanese context, the local situation and culture should be taken into consideration. The table below lists five values of Hofstede’s dimensions for Japan, and the consequences for website design. Most attention should be paid on the consequences of last three values because they are extremes on the scale. Besides, Japan is a typical high text country, thus animations and collectivism images should be frequently used. Furthermore, symbolism of colors should be checked.

Another way to investigate the Japanese culture in websites is to look for examples and compare this with Dutch websites. First, local Japanese websites are being analyzed and compared with Dutch websites. After that, websites of international companies in Japan and the Netherlands are compared to each other.

“Website localization and Based of the Pyramid (BOP) product strategy design�

Website redesign

Based on the previous research, the team redesigns the original LEGO website of Japan to adapt it to the online graphic design that Japanese people are used to. The figure below shows screenshot of redesigned website homepage. For better illustrations, some details of the redesign are emphasized and compared to the original one.

“Website localization and Based of the Pyramid (BOP) product strategy design”

BOP Strategy Design A very large part of the world economic pyramid is for the Base of the Pyramid. Although Japan has emerged as the most developed nation in Asia, some Japanese are currently suffering from poverty. Currently many children in Japan are living under extraordinary level of poverty. The team proposes the “LEGO Second-hand Transit Shop” to solve the problem. It is a service that helps recycling and exchanging toys. When children grow up, the old LEGO toy can be returned to the store instead of being abandoned. People would get part of the refund for returning the old LEGO and buy second hand LEGO with a reasonable price. In this way, all children can afford toys from LEGO. Scenario

Website localization of Lego (Interface design)