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China User Experience Design Award 2009.09-2009.10 (group work) Entry Award

Online Community website design

“Tuitui website

interface design”

“Tuitui Website” is an online community for people to speak out their frustrated experiences. People build emotion“walls” to present their sorrow and break down the “walls” with strangers by communicating with others to defuse frustrated experiences. At the same time, they seek for people with the same goal to improve themselves together. The online community website design won the 2009 Entry Award of China User Experience Design Award.

“Tuitui website interface design”

Research Target users • Young people, age from 15 to 35 • Internet users • Emotion fluctuation • No one to talk to • Various entertainments

Design Website value

Interview insights

The power of listening helps people get rid of sadness.

Faced with troubles that People pay little attention cannot be shared with friends, to what happens after they people turn to Internet for help. offer a favor.

Rich interactions help to solve problems in communication.

People are curious about event's follow-up but they do not want to offend people involved.

Website structure

“Tuitui website interface design� Main Page demonstration

Online community website design (Interface design)