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Rich Insights (group work)2011.09-2012.02

Context mapping

“Exploring inner

balance of young professional women�

The project aims at gaining insights about how young female professionals experience their inner balance. The researchers aim to define elements that cause balance or unbalance and find out how these elements work on ladies. Besides, the team also needs to propose strategies that help ladies to achieve their ideal level of balance. In addition, opportunities for Philips to produce balanced lifestyle are recommended in the end.

“Exploring inner balance of young professional women� The project is divided into seven main steps as the figure illustrates: focusing, recruiting participants, sensitizing, generative session, transcription, analysis and infographics.


Recruiting participants


Generative session





Recruiting participants The team invites eight young ladies to participate in our research. All of them are from 25 to 35 and have full time jobs.

In the project beginning, the team discusses and defines the objective of this project (framework), the way to sensitize the participants (sensitizing), and the goals of the session (creative session). In the session, the facilitator guides the participants to discuss from the elements influencing their inner balance to their values about balanced life, and the sensitizing aims to prepare the participants for the session.

“Exploring inner balance of young professional women�

Sensitizing Before the session, participants are given the sensitizing packages to warm up and it takes one week. They are asked to spend 10 to 20 minutes per day to finish the exercises on the booklet. These exercises are all related to the main research topic, from easy to into-depth. Inside the package there are seven objects as the downside figure illustrates.





Personal inform


The sensitizing booklet is the most essential part in this package. The team aims to make it attractive so that participants are engaged in the exercise. The figures show some examples of booklet pages.

Daily exercise

“Exploring inner balance of young professional women”

Generative session The session lasts approximately three hours. It starts from sharing the quotes of inner balance on the booklet. Then the collage assignments are carried out, and the participants are asked to present factors that affect their inner balance as well as strategies they use to achieve inner balance. In the presentation, ladies are encour­aged to discuss the reasons behind each factor and strategy. At the end of the session, they share tips of keeping inner bal­ance to others.

Transcription The creative session is video tapped and transcribed. When the team works on the transcriptions, they highlight interesting quotes, which they regard that can contribute to the results.


In the analysis step, the team aims at categorizing the common factors which influence ladies’ emotions, linking adjusting strategy with ladies’ personalities and targeting potential opportunities for Philips. Based on the transcriptions, the team writes down interpreta­tion for interesting quotes. Next to that they category all interpretations cards into themes.

“Exploring inner balance of young professional women�

Infographics Personas In the data analysis, the differences and similarities between the eight participants are studied. Their characteristics are extracted, compared and grouped. Next to that the team creates three personas to present three distinct personalities: Doer, Thinker and Dreamer. The factors which affect inner balance and strategies that are taken to deal with unbalance problems are related to the three personas. It is worth mentioned that the characteristics of personas are extracted from several participants, thus a lady can also have a combination of personas. For example, someone acts like a Doer in 90 percent time and in other time she acts as a Dreamer.

“Exploring inner balance of young professional women” Strategies Although strategies from each persona for achieving inner balance differ a lot, they can still be classified into five main groups: escaping, rewarding, self reflection, support and distraction.

The strategies are put in a two-dimensioned graph, in which the team links up three personas with strategies which they prefer. Factors The figure states the factors influencing young ladies’ inner bal­ance and they’re classified into three categories based on where they come from. Some factors cause only positive or negative emotions, however, more factors cause both emotions, depending on the personalities of ladies and scenarios at that time.

Inner balance of young professional women (User research)  

Young professional women are faced with pressures from work, family, relationship and others. This project (with Philips) aims to study what...

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