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I am on the road, off to paint the world. Paint for Life. Paint for Soul. Paint will cure pain, And no more sorrows stay.

Hi, I am {Cloudie} Both an artist and a storyteller.

<MISS CHUCHU>_Color water_2013



MOBILE PHONE +886-958-667-459

“Art is a magic, having the positive power to change the world. It makes you smile, while making you cry. Most important of all, art can touch your heart, the deepest one in soul. Therefore, I will keep painting all my this life.”

EDUCATION B.A., Department of Journalism, National Chen-Chi University_2006-2010 [Major Programs] International Communication ; Advertising ; English

LANGUAGES Mandarin Chinese(Native) English(Fluent)) Japanese(Beginner)

SKILLS Free-hand Sketch Oil painting Water painting Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Adobe Flash Adobe Premiere

<MISS HANOKO>_Color Pencil_2013

ILLUSTRATIONS Pencil/Watercolor/Oil/Mixed “Nature alway brings us good inspirations.”

{This Is Cloud on The Road} Pencil/Photoshop_2013

:: PICTURE SAYS :: This is cloud on the road, where our dreams belong. Hey, we almost get there! Let's swim to the colorful Sky!

{Be With You}

Pencil/Photoshop_2013 :: PICTURE SAYS :: "DON'T PANIC. I will give you a hug." :: CONCEPT:: We were born alone, passed away alone, therefore, getting along well with ourself would become a lifetime homework for us, and only ourselves could overcome our own fears. Face ourself, and hug the terrified child inside us. In this way, we could become stronger.

{Blooming Girl}

Watercolor/Japanese Paper/Color Pencils 100*100 mm :: PICTURE SAYS :: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Butterfly only comes to the blooming one.â&#x20AC;? If you could love yourself, giving yourself courages to do anything, live up your life. Then, you will find your life is full of good things.

{Set Off to Future}

{Dance With Me}



:: PICTURE SAYS :: You Jump, I Jump. Here We Go to the Whole New World!

:: PICTURE SAYS :: Hold me tight and keep dancing all night. Endless dance of happiness.

{Shall We Talk in The Air} Pencil/Photoshop_2013

:: PICTURE SAYS :: I talk to you, because I care you. I talk to you, because I miss you. I talk to you, because I like you. When talking to you, I can feel you are right beside me. Thus, Shall we talk in the air?

{Come to Me} Watercolor_2012

:: PICTURE SAYS :: From far far away, I saw you come to me with smile. A very sweet one. I am in the water, and I am in love.


Watercolor_2013 :: PICTURE SAYS :: The very next morning, you sent me the moon and the rose, which are my favorites.

{Nature Beauty} Watercolor_2013

:: PICTURE SAYS :: Plant a tree on my head that will remind me of being wise and strong. Plant a flower on my mind that will remind me always to be kind.

{Happiness is Coming} Oil Painting_2013 H800xW350 mm (A PAIR)



I want to bring you all the good things, because you are really special to me. This is my good luck charm for you.

She came to me through the Peace Lily after the pouring rain, passing a hydrangea to me while tenderly saying "It's your turn. This is the Happiness for you."

{Picnic with Wind } Oil Painting_Canvas_2011 H15.5XW22.5cm

:: PICTURE SAYS :: WIth blue sky and scattered white clouds floatingin the summer breeze. We dream between the bread-and-butter life. Let's Picnic with Wind. :: CONCEPT:: I will try my best to hug my dreams(the sky inside) in this real world(the sandwiches).

{I Am An Apple}

Oil Painting/Paper/Photoshop_2012 :: PICTURE SAYS :: “I WILL BE A GOOD ORANGE BEFORE TURNING RED.” The Orange thought it was an apple in disguise, living with oranges. :: CONCEPT:: “You are what you are” is much more important than what others think you are . Just believe in yourself,and set yourself free.

STORY TIME Picture Book/Stories

â&#x20AC;&#x153;I have hundreds of stories to tell the world. Not only painting, but also storytelling.â&#x20AC;?

{The Little Monster} Pencil/Photoshop_2013 :: STORY TIME ::

“Most of the time, we just mistake our shadow for fear.” Little girl found a scary Monster which following her everyday, everywhere. She tried her best to run away from it, in the end, she finally realised that what she kept getting rid of was not the Monster,but herself.




I saw a monster, huge and dark.


It grinned at me in the day.


It hid behind the corner at night.


I tried my best running away from it, but never could I get rid of it. Fear seized me anywhere.


Until the end of the road. There was no way to run but only looking back. I found nothing but myself. I just mistook my shadow for fear.

Hi, Shadow. (or Me)


Sorry for misunderstanding you. You might have suffered much more lonesome than me.

Although I might feel like crying when hugging you, I would like to give you the warmest hug since we are one in fact.


I wish you could become a smiling shadow. "Let's hand in hand, and no more sorrows stay." We will be HAPPY.


{Bluebird Robe} Watercolor_2013

:: STORYTIME :: Little girl found a magic Bluebird Robe, which was said to bring her happiness. However, nothing happened until she started dancing, she could fly. Everyone appreciated her pretty dance in the sky. She got chances to become rich and famouse. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Is this Happiness?â&#x20AC;? :: CONCEPT :: Bluebird is just the symbol of good luck charm, and you are the key to become happy.

BASIC SKILLS Hand-free Sketch

“Peple and Nature are my favorite things to draw.”

{Sketch-People} Pencil/Charcoal Pencil_2004-2013

{Sketch-Still Paingting} Charcoal Pencil/Watercolor_2004-2007

{PAINTING} Watercolor/oil {A Father} Watercolor_2013(Left) {Shall We Dance} Oil_2013(Right)

{PAINTING} Watercolor/oil

{Green Day} Watercolor_2013(Left) I cannot help but smile when hearing your voice. Everything blossoms at the moment. Here you come, my king. {Calling of the wind} Watercolor_2013(Right) 風の声を聞きつけました。 だから私はここにいる。 Here I am, hearing the calling of the wind.

{PAINTING} Watercolor/oil {Rose the Riddle} Oil_2011(Left) {The Day You Were Born} Oil_2011(Right)

Cloudie_Weiyun Chang_Illustration Portfolio_2013  

I am on the road, off to paint the world. Paint for Life. Paint for Soul. Paint will cure pain, And no more sorrows stay. Hi, I am {Cloudie...

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