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Weist Barron Hill

In our classes at WBH we'll help you develop your talent in all areas of on-camera acting. Our school has trained and launched thousands of actors from all over the country. Our experienced instructors include our Executive Director, a veteran, awardwinning TV producer, as well as working casting directors. We teach our own method to help you learn to express your own unique style, give you the opportunity to become comfortable performing on-camera and expand your contacts with industry professionals in our agent and casting director showcases. • • • • • • •


WORKSHOPS ON-CAMERA T V COMMERCIAL WORKSHOP - This workshop covers everything you need to win auditions and perform in commercials. Novices and professionals learn at their own level to achieve a truly natural delivery and feel comfortable working on camera with props, cue cards, improvisation, cold reading, the proper approach to interviews, auditions, photographs, unions, agents, effective resume preparation and many other subjects which will help you become more successful. Also included, is a 140 page ten-session textbook. You will perform on camera with videotape playback, and be critiqued in every session. You are exposed to the experience of actual auditions as we introduce you to four top agents and casting directors, who conduct the final session of the workshop. Sessions are two hours long twice a week for five weeks, or once a week for ten weeks, plus 20 free hours of on-camera practice. ADVANCED ON-CAMERA COMMERCIAL &IMPROVISATION WORKSHOP - This workshop is designed to give actors constant on-camera practice and intensive coaching. Actors will work on all possible types of commercial auditions with special emphasis on dialogue and no dialogue improvisation, group scenes, doubles, cue card practice, use of blocking, props, building a repertoire of characters, successful interview techniques and more. The workshop is two hours long, once a week and includes showcases with top commercial casting directors and agents.

ACTING WORKSHOPS ON-CAMERA T V, FILM, SOAP OPERA, SITCOM WORKSHOPS - These workshops are conducted in our multi-camera video studios for actors who wish to master acting for film, as well as the unique style and requirements of the three camera technique used in night-time and soap opera TV shows. The enrollment is limited so that each actor appears at least twice in on-camera scenes in each session, and is critiqued in depth. Emphasis is placed on mastering cold readings, script and character analysis and auditioning techniques. Your own videotape, directed by the instructor, may be prepared during the workshops. Many new faces have worked in TV and film for the first time due to the professional training received in this workshop. Showcases with agents and casting directors are included with this workshop. ADVANCED ACTING CONTINUING WORKSHOP - This workshop enables advanced actors to experience continuing on-camera practice and intensive coaching. Scenes from TV shows, films and plays are performed first as cold readings, then worked on until both actor and director feel they are perfected. The workshop is three hours long once a week, and limited to twelve actors so that each works on camera at least twice, and up to four times in every session. Showcases with agents and casting directors are included with this workshop.

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Weist barron hill  
Weist barron hill  

WBH is the longest running on-camera acting school in the US (since 1956), offering in depth training, information, and guidance to help act...