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“The challenges confronting America's competitiveness and technological leadership are among the greatest we have faced in our lifetime.� - Bill Gates

No Longer Second to None America is no longer among the top 10 nations with the most college graduates. We are: •

in High School Completion

in College Completion

in Mathematics

in Science

* Ranking among the 30 industrialized OECD countries

Arizona Ranks Next to Bottom

among U.S. states for the percentage of students going on to college.

of Arizona’s high school graduates do not pursue any additional education.

Educating the Next Generation

Goals of “Getting AHEAD” • Increased Partnership between universities and community colleges to provide: • Improved coordination, planning and governance • Broader geographic access for student convenience • Seamless credit transfer between community colleges and universities • Lower-cost options through campus partnership

Driving Motivation & Demand Fastest Growing Careers, 2008-2018 Profession

Degree Required

Biomedical Engineers

Bachelor’s degree

Network Systems & Data Analysts

Bachelor’s degree

Dental Hygienist

Associate’s Degree

Environmental Engineering Techs

Associate’s Degree

Physician’s Assistant

Master’s degree

Biochemists & Biophysicists

Doctoral degree

Athletic Trainers

Bachelor’s Degree

US Department of Labor Statistics, "Occupational Employment Projections to 2018," published in the November 2009 Monthly Labor Review

Financial and Economic Constraints • Families and students under increased pressure from stagnant economy • State support of university system reduced • Community Colleges facing reduced state and local funding sources

Financial Constraints General Fund Appropriations for the Arizona University System as a Percent of Total State Appropriations 1 20.00%




P e r c e n t



10.5% 10.00%



4.00% 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 1 Excludes Capital Appropriations

Fiscal Year

The University System’s Higher Education Goals METRIC



Adults with bachelor’s degrees in Arizona



Bachelor’s degrees produced annually



College-going rate (from K-12)



Community college transfers



Community college transfers to earn bachelor’s degrees



Total undergraduate enrollment



Calls for Change

Develop more affordable, predictable and sustainable models of higher education for Arizona students and parents.

System Architecture Reform

Higher Education Funding



• Lowest Tuition

• Higher Tuition

Very High Research • Highest Tuition

Higher Education as a Funding Priority Arizona’s Current Higher Ed Funding Priorities

Funding Priorities Needed to Achieve Greater Degree Production

Only new enrollments (not total enrollments) are rewarded

Total enrollments rewarded

There are no incentives for performance completion or achieving transfer successes

Performance incentives specifically for completion, retention and transfer successes

Formulas do not provide relevant mission differentiation

Funding formulas that recognize and reward mission differentiation and product innovation

Funding, tuition and financial aid decisions are not aligned

Strategic alignment of state funding, tuition and financial aid decisions

Not directly tied to economic development

Incent programs needed for workforce competitiveness and economic development.

Progress ProgressintoAction Date

Increased Productivity from 2007 through 2009

Total enrollment (CC)

+ 11%

Total enrollment (U)

+ 6%

Four-year graduation rate (CC)

+ 4.5%

Community college transfers

+ 8.3%

Freshman retention (U)

+ 1.5%

Six-year graduation rate (U)

+ 2.4%

Bachelor degrees awarded

+ 8.8%

Associate degrees awarded

+ 6.9%

AACovenant Arizona Covenant with With Arizona • To students – commit to providing an affordable, accessible and high quality education anywhere in the state. • To citizens – pledge to create efficient and productive system that leads to effective economic growth for the state and ask that you hold us accountable. • In return – ample and sustained investment in higher education.

Fundamental change requires strong community support. We need your support, input and voice.

Getting Ahead  

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