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s she got to the steps outside their brownstone, Lois glanced at her watch; it was 7:10 pm. She just now realised that she had been at the search for over 6 hours. She wouldn’t give up though, not on Clark. She mindlessly plodded up the steps, and turned the key in the door. The house was in darkness and everything looked as it had that morning when she’d left. She opened the living room door, and put her bag and keys down on the table with a sigh. She felt like she had the weight of the world on her shoulders. Flicking on the light as she had done a thousand times before, and then she heard a noise like someone sniffling coming from the dining room. As tired as she was, she now had renewed energy. She ran toward the dining room, and then she seen him. There he was, still dressed in the red and blue, curled up in a ball, sitting on the floor with his back resting against the doorframe between the dining room and the kitchen. His hands were in a tight grip around his knees and he was rocking slowly back and forth. Lois stopped dead in her tracks, still trying to take in this sight. “Clark!” Lois exclaimed, barely believing her eyes. “Oh my God Clark, what’s happened to you?” She said frantically as she moved nearer to him, and knelt down next to his shivering body. Clark didn’t respond he didn’t even look up from his glance which was fixated on the floor. Now Lois was scared, she had a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach. She placed her hand lovingly on his cheek, noticing that his skin felt cold and clammy. Then she ran her fingers through his now unkempt hair. She placed her other hand under his chin, and tried to tilt his head to look at her. “Clark? Clark look at me.” She said gently. He glanced up for a second, and swallowed hard. “Lois.” He whispered through his sobs, looking at her as if he had just seen her for the first time since she walked in. Even her gentle touch didn’t stop his trembling. “Clark, can you tell me what’s wrong? Please?” She asked, while trying to sound as calm as possible. “Lois, I........ I........” He tried to get the words out through his tears. As scared as Lois was, she knew she had to be there for Clark. She had never seen him in a state like this before, and she couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Even his previous encounters with Red Kryptonite hadn’t done this. She thought to herself that maybe if she could placate Clark somewhat, and find out what this terrible news was, that maybe she could start to help him. After all she was better being proactive at finding a solution than standing idly by and doing nothing.

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She shifted her position on the floor, she was now directly in front of Clark. Then she placed both of her hands on top of his, which were still wound tightly around his knees. “Now Clark, whatever it is you can tell me. Lord knows between the two of us we’ve been in worse jams than this before.” Clark exhaled sharply. “I don’t know what’s wrong.” Clark’s voice was trembling. “Is it something to do with what happened in the park?” Lois asked, trying to sound soothing. Clark nodded. ’m hearing things.” Clark managed to blurt out. Lois was puzzled. “What do you mean “hearing things,” with your super hearing; doesn’t that happen all the time?” “Not like this.” “Ok Clark,” Lois said as she caressed his arm. “Let me in; tell me what’s going on. I want to help you.” “I don’t think you can Lois.” Clark’s last statement sent a chill down her spine. She thought that there was nothing that they couldn’t face together, and now he was trying to shut her out. She wondered if maybe he was trying to be her hero once again, even in his distressed state, perhaps he was trying to protect her from the reality of his situation. Or was this more serious than she ever imagined? Lois wasn’t sure, but right now it was paramount to get to the bottom of Clark’s problem. So she persisted, as gently as was possible for her. “Clark I want you to listen to me. We’re in this together, whatever has happened, we will face it together. Now, I’m not moving from this spot until you tell me everything.” Lois’ eyes stayed firmly on Clark, but he didn’t return her glance. He was breathing heavily and then he spoke: “Lois I’m scared. I can’t switch off my hearing. I thought someone was out to get me, but now I’m not sure. I’ve lost control.” Clark sobbed. Lois looked at Clark, it was a good thing that he hadn’t looked up and seen her expression. She was stunned. She had never heard that crack in his voice before; she had never truthfully seen him scared either. At this point the details were sketchy, and Clark wasn’t making a whole lot of sense, this coming from a man, who truly had a gift for putting words together to form the most beautiful and poetic descriptions that Lois had ever read. Clark certainly was better at writing mood pieces than she was. Lois’ writing got to the facts; Clark’s tugged at the heartstrings. Yet now here he was, hardly able to string two words together, and those that he did, weren’t making much sense, only raising more questions in Lois’ mind. She was afraid that if she pestered him with too many questions that he might clam up again after he had started to open up a little. Lois had to fight her inquisitive

nature; there was more at stake here than getting the story, much more. “Go on.” She urged him lovingly. “I can hear it over and over again.” Clark was still looking at the floor and now shaking his head as if in disbelief. “Someone knows who I am and....... and........” Now he looked directly at her making eye contact for the first time since she had knelt down beside him to offer comfort and support. His eyes were wide and piercing right through her with his stare when he said: “I think they want to kill me.” CHAPTER 5 It had been 3 hours since Clark’s startling confession, and Lois was still reeling from the impact. She had coaxed him up from the floor, though he moved like a mere mortal twice his age, and not with his usual agility. She had watched him steady himself against the dining room table; she had been heartbroken at this sight as he had all the coordination of someone who was extremely intoxicated, so she took his hand and led him into the living room. She had been surprised at how icy his hand had felt, only for the fact that Clark was in motion walking behind her, she would have checked his pulse, just in case. She had tried to get him to relax; but it proved to be an almost herculean task. Clark was wound tight, he couldn’t even stand still, and he was shaking the entire time he had been on his feet. She had gestured to him to sit down in the recliner. Lois had tried to massage his shoulders, but well they didn’t call him the “Man of Steel” for nothing, as his body was so tense that her fingers couldn’t manipulate his impenetrable skin, never mind sooth his weary muscles. She thought back over the evening’s events. Clark had explained everything to her, as best as he could do given his current state. He told her how his super hearing and x-ray vision had kicked into overdrive and how he could hear over and over again “We must kill Superman”. TO BE CONTINUED


Superman was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Characters as portrayed in this story are from the TV show "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman", and are the property of D.C. Comics, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and December 3rd Productions. "Lois & Clark" was developed for television by Deborah Joy LeVine. The element of Silver Kryptonite was taken from the TV show "Smallville", an episode entitled "Splinter" written by Steven S. DeKnight and Tim McCanlies. No copyright infringement is intended. This is a non profit work.

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